Chapter 141 Fawn

The strong man was kicked by Su Yu, and flew out nearly a hundred meters away before falling on the ground.

The audience was silent, everyone's eyes widened, and see Su Yu as looking at the ghosts.

Fuck, how can this young man do this? --the thoughts in everyone's hearts.

Hundreds of kilograms of a brawny man flew away with one foot, and flew hundreds of meters away? Is it a dream?

"I said, I own the final say, does anyone disagree? Stand up."

Su Yu's voice sounded in everyone's ears.

Immediately, everyone shivered and started shaking their heads one by one.

How dare anyone disagrees?

Disagree? That strong man is a living example.

"Very good!" Su Yu nodded in satisfaction, sometimes resorting to force was wrong, but sometimes it was the most effective method.

Su Yu didn't care if these people obeyed their hearts. All he wanted was temporary unification. With his powerful strength, he would suppress the gradual and burgeoning malice here and prepare for going out of this place together.

Ma Xiaoyu also shocked. She didn't expect Su Yu to be so powerful, she was so scared that she recalled that she had robbed Su Yu before, she felt that she was lucky to be alive now.

Of course, after being shocked and scared, Ma Xiaoyu's remaining excitement. Su Yu will be the boss here. Who will dare to bully her since then?

Ma Xiaoyu almost wanted to laugh out.

"Thank you for your mercy!" The strong man returned, trembling in front of Su Yu, and said gratefully.

The trembling was because of Su Yu's power, and she was grateful for Su Yu's mercy.

Though the strong man flew hundreds of meters away, in fact, the strong man only suffered a little skin trauma.

The strong man is not a fool.

Although he has been the boss for a few days here, his head is still sober, knowing that Su Yu did not mean to hurt him, but used him to deter everyone.

"Ok!" Su Yu said, and did not give a good look to the strong men and other people. These strong men and women are here definitely bullied others. But not a big mistake in this situation, so Su Yu chose to show mercy.

Su Yu said: "You all have food in your hands?"

The strong man heard the words and thought for a moment, and nodded hurriedly, "Yes, we have some, I'll get it for you!"

The strong man secretly said, Su Yu was really similar to them. Only for food?

"Stop!" Su Yu slapped him on the head of the strong man, and said, "What do you think? Do you think I'm like you? I want to be the boss because of the food?"

"No! Of course not!" The strong man was almost thrown to the ground by Su Yu, and continuously said no. But in his heart was different, not for food, but for justice? Hum, justice has disappeared here.

Su Yu glanced at the strong man. Although he did not have the ability to read the mind, he could also know what he thinks now.

But Su Yu did not care much. He said loudly: "I know that many people now hide food, I don't care how you got it before, I now ask, no, it is an order.

I now order you to take out all the food you have hidden, and you are not allowed to leave a little, take them out, and share it with the old and young women at the scene. It is not a big problem if a man eats less than two meals. "

Everyone heard the words and looked at Su Yu. Some people were excited, some upset, and all kinds of expressions were there.

Ma Xiaoyu cheered, "Yeah, Yeah! Xuan Zhen!"

Su Yu patted Ma Xiaoyu's head and said, "Okay, child, now I give you a task to collect the food that was hidden by then, and then distribute it to the children and women and the elderly."

"If they don't give me!" Ma Xiaoyu said, tilting her head.

"Don't give?" Su Yu loudly said, "If they don't give, it's the same as the fate of the boat!"

There was a half-hull hull beside Su Yu. As Su Yu said these words, his fist punched out.

In the eyes of everyone, Su Yu's fist was like a blasting shell, banging on the half of the hull.

The crowd did not understand what Su Yu meant. With a bang, the half of the ship's hull was instantly scattered, and the shock wave spread out. Many people nearby were directly impacted by the shock wave and flew out.

The shock wave calmed down after a while, but the scene was still silent. Before Su Yu punched the strong man to fly away a hundred meters away, it was shocking enough, but compared to this punch, it was nothing.

The people who were a little dissatisfied just now wiped out the dissent in their heart, and no one dared to confront such a strong person.

The strong man shivered and almost couldn't hold back the urine. If this punch hit him, he suspected that he might have a broken body.

"Come on, little girl, I don't think anyone dares to refuse this time, I kind of expect someone to dare to refuse!" Su Yu rubbed Ma Xiaoyu's hair and grinned and smiled at everyone.

The strong men and other people looked at Su Yu's smile, all shivered. They take out the food, not even dare to leave any residue. Holding the food both hands to Su Yu.

"Boss, we've handed all of this, absolutely nothing left."

"Yes, yes, we dare not stay!"

Su Yu nodded indifferently, then said coldly: "What do I need to do next, do I need to teach it?"

"NO! NO!" The strong man nodded again, took out the food and ran to the women, the elderly and the children, stuffed the food in their hands, and the expression on his face was charming and kind.

The elderly, women, and children are stunned. They never expected that these 'big men' would face themselves so flattering.

"Thank you!"

"Thank you!"

"Thank you, uncle!"

"Good guy."

"Thank you, brother!"

The old man, child, and woman all knew what was the cause. Looking at the food in their hands, they were in a state of excitement.

"Well, eat the food, you can only have strength if you are full!" Su Yu nodded expressionlessly.

Then Su Yu found a clean place to sit down nearby, with the corner of his mouth raised silently. Doing good deeds, and being thankful was really good!

Hold back and can't laugh!

Su Yu withdrew the smile from his mouth. At this moment, he should maintain a high-cold attitude. He can't be too easy-going, so that those strong men always scared of him.

"Come here!" Su Yu beckoned to the strong man.

"Here we are!" The strong man said with excitement and came to Su Yu, With a charming smile on his face, which made Su Yu speechless.