Chapter 140 I Own The Final Say

"Too fast, this guy is too good to run away? When will we be possible to catch up?" Xuan Shui looked helplessly at the fast-moving behemoth in the water.

Xuan Shui and others chased after seeing the strange figure, but they did not catch up with the monster. The monster leads them all in a circle in this mysterious water.

And every time when the violent storm started, a wave of sneak attacks were made, which annoyed the three.

The most important thing is that Su Yu hasn't been seen for such a long time. All are worried about Su Yu's safety.

Xuan Nv's eyes flashed fiercely, a long sword came out of the sheath. The ice power broke out, and an ice sword fell towards the lake below.

"Absolutely frozen!" Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded above Lake Ozawa.

Kaka ~ Icelight fell into the lake water, and the chilly cold air erupted. Instantly, the lake in one hundred square meters was frozen into ice.

The huge monster was frozen in it instantly.

Xuan Nv was impatient and began to attack.

When Xuan Nv shot, Xuan Shui and Xuan Mu also cooperated tacitly and began to kill the monster.


And just when Xuan Nv and others start to kill the monster, Su Yu also started to act. Under the lead of Ma Xiaoyu, he found the settlement of the missing person.

These missing people have already ganged up and split into groups of various sizes, and they are not too far away from each other.

This is convenient for Su Yu, after all, Su Yu does not have the time to go find them, one by one.

If Su Yu want to lead all of them out this place, he must first unify them all, instead of dispersing them.

If there is enough time, the best way to talk with them one by one.

But Su Yu now wants to find a way out sooner, and then leaves here, without that patience, and even without that time.

So Su Yu thought of a more direct way, which is to talk with them all, but the way he talks with his fist.

As for whether it will have a bad effect?

Of course, there will, but Su Yu doesn't care. What Su Yu has to do now is to integrate all these people and then lead them out of the place.

As for what these people think about him, Su Yu doesn't care.

Because after taking all these people out of there, these ordinary people are deleted by the memory eraser, and everything will be forgotten.

Therefore, Su Yu didn't even care about the means he would take now. A special situation needs special means.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Su Yu has to beat everyone one by one, Kicking down the strongest leader is enough.

Near the settlement, Ma Xiaoyu walk away from Su Yu a little bit, and asked: "Do you really want to go? Want to unify here?"

Su Yu told his plan to Ma Xiaoyu. Of course, he didn't say that much, just that he wanted to unify here, and then he can own the final say here.

Although Ma Xiaoyu is young, she already knows a lot and basically understands everything. At first, when she heard Su Yu's plan, she felt that Su Yu was crazy, too delusional, and would be killed.

But she still can't persuade Su Yu, and could only bring Su Yu here. But she really doesn't want to see Su Yu killed, and advised again, "Well, let's go back. What's the point of unifying here? It's not fun at all, Hehe, I know you're kidding. "

"Kidding? Would I come here if I were joking?" Su Yu laughed, knowing that Ma Xiaoyu was worried about him.

"If you do that, you will be killed. If you die, where do I go to find food ... to eat!" Ma Xiaoyu took Su Yu's arm and said that she would not let Su Yu go any further.

Su Yu reached out and patted Ma Xiaoyu's small head, and said, "Kill me? Oh, they can't do it, rest assured, I can fight them all, and it's not a problem for me.

You just wait for me to unify this place, good girl, you just wait here and see my victory! "

Having said that, pulling Ma Xiaoyu's small hand away and heading towards the settlement, Ma Xiaoyu stomped to show her regret, and then quickly followed.

Since she can't persuade Su Yu, Ma Xiaoyu could only follow Su Yu's wishes and follow along.

Su Yu didn't know what Ma Xiaoyu was thinking in her small brain now. If he knew it, he would be speechless.

Ma Xiaoyu didn't follow Su Yu closely. She didn't want to be implicated so she stands in a long distance.

Ma Xiaoyu saw that Su Yu came to the center of the settlement. When Su Yu came, few people paid attention to Su Yu. These people's clothes and faces were not clean. Now Su Yu hasn't gotten much better. So dirty that they did not know who is who if not too familiar with someone.

However, soon, nearly 1,000 people who were present soon locked their eyes on Su Yu.

Because Su Yu started talking, Su Yu shouted, "Everyone listens to me. From now on, here, I own the final say!"

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was silent, and they all looked at Su Yu shocked. Where did the psychiatric patient come from?

Ma Xiaoyu covers her face with her hand and said, "Oh, I feel so shameful, this opening statement is so awkward."

Su Yu did not care about them, raised an eyebrow and said, "Are you all deaf? Didn't you hear what I said?"

I said, I own the final say here, whoever refuses, just stand up! "

This time the audience was boiling. Nearly a thousand people started to shout, very noisy.

"Isn't this a fool? Or a psychiatric patient? He will be killed!"

"Keep away from him, beware of his blood spread on our cloth!"

"It's over, a good guy, become crazy after staying here only a few days!"

"Fuck, where's the stupid from here? It's so stupid. Whoever beats him down and let him know who is the boss here."

The last two-meter-tall man came to Su Yu and said in a snorting voice: "Boy, do you want to be the boss? What is the point here?"

Su Yu glanced at this man with extremely pretentious eyes: "Who are you? Where is your boss? You are not qualified."

Fuck! The strong man is angry, this guy is too pretentious, right?

"You are looking for death!" The strong man sighed angrily, without talking nonsense, his fist slammed into Su Yu's head.  

Seeing this, someone in the crowd applauded and hoped that the strong man would give Su Yu a lesson.

There are also some who can't bear it. They spread their five fingers, covered their eyes, and couldn't bear to look.

However, the next moment, all were startled and stunned, looking at Su Yu like a ghost.

Can it be done by a human?

Su Yu punched first, and kicked the strong man's stomach.

With a muffled noise, the strong man flew out like a cannonball, ten meters, twenty meters ... fly away ~