Chapter 14 Investigation

"This is Xiaoyan Village? This ..." Looking at the ruins in front of him, Su Yu was stunned.

Although there have been some descriptions in the case file, the scene was still shocked.

Xiaoyan Village has become a ruin, and almost all the houses have collapsed as if struck by a war beast.

Xiaoyan Village has been completely quarantined by the local police and warning signs can be seen everywhere, but because the case has been transferred to the Monsters Detective Bureau, police officers have evacuated when they arrived and handed the scene to them.

"Go, look inside!" Xuan Nv's face grew colder.

Then the three crossed the isolation zone and entered the interior of Xiaoyan Village, which was even more shocked. Spilled blood was everywhere on the broken wall.

"Damn it! These monsters are extremely brutal. We must find those monsters as soon as possible, and absolutely must not allow the tragedy to happen again!" Xuan Mu looked at the scene in front of him, with hate in his eyes and said.

Su Yu was silent. Although he had been met different monsters twice, although shocked, he felt just the same.

However, this time is different. Although he has not seen these monsters this time, Su Yu have deeply realized the ferocity of the monsters.

Looking at the back of Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu, there was a little admiration in his hearts. They had been fighting those terrible monsters, and they just pay silently.

Of course, though admiration, Su Yu's idea of leaving the Monsters Detective Bureau has not changed. After seeing the ferocity of the Monsters, Su Yu's idea of leaving even more urgent.

Although he had dreamed of becoming a hero, when it came true, he found out that it requires sufficient courage and brave to be a hero.

Not everyone can be a hero!

Su Yu prefer to be an ordinary person, living an ordinary life!

The three went around in the village and found no useful clues. Most of the useful clues were already available in the case file, but it was not enough for us, and still, they did not found out what's kind of monsters did the crime this time.

Xuan Nv asked: "Where is the informant now? Where is a survivor now?"

Xuan Mu replied: "The informant Li Ergou is now staying at the local police station. And as for the survivor Wang Tiezhu, because police are afraid that the survivor Wang Tiezhu is insane due to the cause of excessive fright. They sent him to a mental hospital for treatment. Should we go and see?

Xuan Nv groaned a bit and said, "Well, we should see the two. Although the case has roughly understood, there are still some confusing things. The evidence is not enough to prove what's kind of monsters did the crime this time? In case there is any omission, please ask them for details again. "


At the local police station, the three met Li Ergou in a single cell. This guy was too scared, and they begged the police to lock him in the cell.

"You are Li Ergou? Did you called the police?" Xuan Mu looked at his skinny body. He looked more than forty years old. Actually, Li Ergou was only twenty years old.

"Yes, yes, I called the police. Are you also police comrades? Did the murderer catch it?" Li Ergou asked with a trembling voice, looking at their eyes with expectations.

Xuan Mu said, "It is under investigation, and now you need to take new notes. I ask you to answer, you know, we must tell the truth, this will help us to detect the case."

Li Ergou: "OK, OK!"

Xuan Mu: "When did you report the crime?"

Li Ergou: "Just this morning, this morning, when I returned to the village, I saw... saw that the village was gone. There was blood everywhere in the village. There was so much blood that the villagers were gone. Only Wang Tiezhu survived. But he was crazy, and I didn't know anything ... "

Half an hour later, the three came out of the police station with frowning frowns. There were no new clues at Li Ergou, and the case was still unable to progress.

At the time of the incident, Li Ergou was in the city and had no idea that a disaster had occurred in Xiaoyan Village.

Xuan Mu rubbed her eyebrows with a headache and said, "It looks like I just have to ask Wang Tiezhu, but ..."

Xuan Mu did not continue to talk, asking a mentally disordered person is not a good choice. Maybe only some nonsense is asked, and it is more likely to stimulate the patient's condition.

"No, but you must find these monsters as soon as possible and obliterate them. It is likely that these monsters will commit another crime." Xuan Nv said with an absolute tone: "Go, go to talk with Wang Tiezhu!"

In the mental hospital, the three met Wang Tiezhu. In a room, Wang Tiezhu shivered in the corner, his eyes widened, and he kept mumbling about something.

"Is the patient always like this? What is he talking about?" Xuan Nv glanced at Wang Tiezhu and asked the doctor next to her.

Doctor: "Well, this is always the case when the patient comes, no noise, but it is hiding in the corner, as if hiding from some terrible monster, and he keeps talking about cannibalism?"

"Well, I see. Thank you, doctor, can we stay with the patient alone?" Xuan Mu asked.

The doctor hesitated: "Well, yes, don't irritate him. The patient's mental state is very unstable now!"

"Well, I know, thank you, doctor!" Xuan Mu nodded and watched the doctor leave.

Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu looked at each other, Xuan Mu said to Wang Tiezhu: "Wang Tiezhu, are you listening? What happened last night?"

Wang Tiezhu's shivering body stopped, then he screamed, holding his head, "Don't, don't come over, don't eat me, don't ..."

Xuan Mu: "Eat you? What is going to eat you, do you see it?"

Wang Tiezhu: "Giants, attacking Giants, they came, they really exist, Aunt Li, Wang Aunt, Widow Zhang, they were all eaten, crunchy, crunchy, they were all eaten, hahaha, oh They have eaten up all the children, and they will eat me next time, ha ha ha, oh, all dead ... "

Attacking Giant?

Su Yu, Xuan Nv, and Xuan Mu were speechless. How could this be related to a cartoon animation?

"No!" something flashed suddenly in Su Yu's head.

"What's wrong, Xuan Zhen? What did you find?" Xuan Mu asked, Xuan Nv also looked at Su Yu.

Su Yu felt the sight of the two people, he swallows and said: "Two leaders, have you noticed that Wang Tiezhu mentioned women and children only, where did the men in that village go? Are there no men in Xiaoyan Village? "

Xuan Mu's brow frowned slightly and speculated: "Xiaoyan Village had male adults, but these men in Xiaoyan Village were not in the village at the time of the incident, so Wang Tiezhu did not mention them?"