Chapter 139 Xiaoyu

"Okay, let's continue. I have no question now. So please just tell me everything here, yes, don't forget to introduce yourself." Su Yu rolled his eyes. Why you don't wanna admit that you are a girl.

The little child thought for a while, like an adult and then said: "My name is Ma Xiaoyu, I am twelve years old, and I am from Lake Osawa Village. My mother told me that girls must protect themselves when they are outside, so I pretend to be a boy here.

I don't know where it is, nor do I know how to leave here.

We have been stuck here for several days.

It's big and small here, oh ... That's all I know. "

"Are you from Lake Osawa Village?" Su Yu raised an eyebrow. He did not expect that this little girl turned out to be a Lake Osawa villager, "Well, your mother is right. Girls must protect themselves outside.

By the way, how did you get here? "

Ma Xiaoyu nodded and shook her head. "I sneaked into a cruise ship to play that day, and the ship suddenly overturned. After I fell into the water, something in the water seemed to be dragging me. I was here after waking up."

Su Yu heard that, and his heart beat faster. He said secretly, is this little girl in front of him one of the missing persons? So are other missing people here?

Is it said that the missing persons have not been swallowed up by that monster? Why are they here?

But this little girl is too naughty. How dare you sneak up on a cruise ship alone!

Su Yu understood that Ma Xiaoyu was a naughty child.

Su Yu said: "You said 'we', right? There are others here? How many people? Do you know?"

"Yes, there are many people, some are those tourists on our ships, some are those tourists on other ships." Ma Xiaoyu nodded and said.

Su Yu heard joyful news. Apparently, this is the case. Although he now seems to be in trouble, he also accidentally found the missing people. Although he didn't know how he appeared here, it was good luck that he didn't die.

Su Yu glanced at Ma Xiaoyu. Since this little girl is one of the missing persons, he can't let her leave. He must find a way to take her out safely.

Just when Su Yu thinking how can he persuade Ma Xiaoyu to together with him, Ma Xiaoyu's stomach made noise.

"Are you hungry? Can't find food here?" Su Yu asked with a smile.

Ma Xiaoyu covered her stomach and said, "I haven't eaten for two days. Of course, I'm hungry. When I find food here, the adults would take away my food. I can't beat those people, so I ..."

"So? Only came out to rob?" Su Yu knocked on Ma Xiaoyu's small head: "Do you know how dangerous it is to do this? You are lucky enough to meet me, if you really meet a bad person, what should you do?"

Ma Xiaoyu didn't say anything. She only touched her stomach, its cooed. Su Yu touched his forehead helplessly. From the afternoon yesterday to the present, he has not eaten a meal. He is also hungry at the moment. He said, "Well, come with me, I'll take you to find food. "

Su Yu remembered that there seemed to have some fish, shrimp, and crabs in the place where he came.

"Really?" Ma Xiaoyu heard his words, his eyes widened, and then warned: "Do you have any bad ideas for me? My mother said, there are many strange uncles outside."

Em ~ Su Yu almost spit out mouthful blood and pointed to her, "I'm a strange uncle? Hey, how am I like a strange uncle? Ah? I'm young, OK!"

Ma Xiaoyu tilted her head and said, "So strange old brother?"

"I ... you ..." Su Yu couldn't say a complete word for a long time. This child is very irritating. He pointed his finger at Ma Xiaoyu, and then he shook and said, "If you like to follow, follow me. If you don't, I will eat it myself."

Saying that, Su Yu stepped in the direction of the step, Ma Xiaoyu made a grimace behind Su Yu, jumping behind Su Yu. Only fool not to go!

Soon, Su Yu returned to the place where he fell. In a puddle, Su Yu caught a big carp, a handful of shrimp, and a few crabs.

"Crab? Whoa ..." Su Yu looked at the big crabs and made a noise. He couldn't afford to eat crabs before, now he has money, but he did not remember to eat crabs. So Su Yu didn't expect that he would eat crabs in this place.

The nearby, Ma Xiaoyu was drooling, and her eyes were staring. She didn't expect that Su Yu could really find something to eat, and she made up her mind to rely on Su Yu and treat him as her temporary meal ticket. At least Su Yu looked like a good person.

Su Yu felt something, looked at the little child, and then began to search around. In the wreckage nearby, Su Yu found something useful, raised a pile of the bonfire, and started to grill.

Although the cooking skills were average, at least, these are cooked. In the end, they were all fulled. Ma Xiaoyu ate a lot, her belly rounded. She lay on the ground with a happy face.

"Well, kid, I ..."

"Don't keeps call me kid, I have a name!" Ma Xiaoyu interrupted Su Yu's words indignantly.

Su Yu rolled his eyes, thinking about this child, who is not big, but there are have tempers. He said, "Okay, kid. You said you could find food here. How did you find it?"

Ma Xiaoyu gave Su Yu a dissatisfied glance, and said, "Like the way you found this food. There will be floods from time to time, and many fish, shrimps, and crabs will appear. Now people here rely on these to live.

However, there is not much food brought by each flood, and it is not enough for everyone to eat, except for some people. For most people, eat only one meal a day, so they are always hungry.

I miss my mom, I miss the food that my mom made.

Some adults are bad. In order to be full, they grab others' food.

After each flood, they fought to rob those fish. "

Su Yu heard and became silent. Has the situation here become such a bad situation?

Su Yu once watched a novel and a movie, telling what happened to a group of people after the disaster, showing the evil of human nature.

Apparently, after a few days, the evil inside of these troubled people has been revealed. Due to the shortage of food, they have a tendency to kill each other. Here seems to be the same case.

But this is also the ending here because he comes. He will end all this, and bring all the people here safely.

No way out?

It doesn't matter, then find a way out. Su Yu believes that he can take all trapped people out of here by virtue of his current strength.