Chapter 138 Imp

Su Yu disappeared. The three were silent, they were also anxious.

The three were about to look for Su Yu, but at this time, a huge shadow quickly swam under the three's feet.

"The monster?" Xuan Shui said. The appearance of this monster is too coincident.

How to do? Are they chasing this monster or looking for Xuan Zhen? Xuan Shui looked at Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv also had a tangled face. After thought for a few seconds, she bit her teeth and said, "Follow the monster and complete the task.

With Su Yu's current power, even if he encounters the enemy, he can escape and complete the mission. We can go to find Su Yu after the mission. "

Then, the Xuan Nv starts to chase after the monster.

Xuan Shui and Xuan Mu looked at each other with shrugs, and sighed for Su Yu. God bless you, Xuan Zhen. And then they also start to chase after the monster.


"It hurts ..." Su Yu sucked in the cold air and got up from the ground. Although his body tough enough now, when he fell, Su Yu still hurts.

After stretching his body a bit, Su Yu calmed down and observed the surroundings. It was very dim here, but he could still see things. The sky was not visible here. It is just like a huge cave.

There is some wreckage around him, like a destroyed ship. In addition, Su Yu also saw many fishes, shrimps, crabs, etc. in the puddle.

"What is this place?" Su Yu frowned, how could he appear in such a place after being swallowed by the wave?

"Is this the bottom of the lake?" Su Yu touched his chin, guessing, but it still needs to be verified.

Su Yu didn't stop here, and quickly found the exiting place.

"Go look inside!" Su Yu said, stepping forward to the depths.

With the continuous deepening, Su Yu found more and more wrecks, mostly shipwrecks, and many building wrecks.

"Huh?" Su Yu suddenly frowned, feeling that someone was spying on herself. Is there anyone else? Su Yu calmly walked forward.

Su Yu could feel that the person who spied on him secretly tracked up him. Su Yu didn't care about him. Su Yu wanted to see what this person wanted to do!

"Don't move, raise your hands!" Soon after, Su Yu felt a sharp hard object around his waist, and a tender voice sounded.

Robbery? Su Yu frowned, finally knowing what the people who followed him secretly wanted to do.

Su Yu obediently raised his hand and said, "Okay, I have already raised my hand, don't get excited!"

Obviously, Su Yu was relieved when he heard the people behind him. Su Yu laugh out. This guy is definitely a novice.

"You, what are you laughing at? No, don't laugh! Take out all your food. I know your adults must have food.

Otherwise, I will kill, no, I will hit you! "That childish voice sounded.

Su Yu chuckled and asked, "Master Robber, do you want me to raise my hand or let me put my hand down and take it out?"

"..." The robber was silent, apparently caught in a struggle.

Su Yu has no mood to tease the guy behind him. He turned around instantly, grabbed what was on his waist, looked at the robber, and said, "Child, you are so young, you have learned to rob?

It was a child who robbed Su Yu, looking at the height of 11 or 12 years old, covered with stains. Su Yu couldn't see what he was wearing and what he looked like.

The robber was obviously frightened by Su Yu's reaction. He did not respond at all when his weapon was caught by the people in front of him.

Then the robber made an instant decision, released his weapon, turned and ran. He knows that he is not the opponent of these adults at all, and it is impossible to sneak attack. It is best to choose to run as fast as he can.

However, as soon as he turned around, he felt a pain in his back and neck, and a strong hand grabbed him. Then he was lifted up. The child was scared, punching and kicking Su Yu, "Let me go, let go of me, you big badass, you adults are big baddies."

"You scold me for being a big bad guy? Child, you robbed me just now, it seems you are doing bad things? Who is more like bad guys!" Su Yu's wrists moved and the child turned to himself.

First, a pair of big eyes reflected in Su Yu's eyes, even in the dim, this pair of eyes are bright.

But at this moment this pair of big eyes were full of tears. He was about to cry.

Su Yu was speechless, as if he had bullied him, scratched his head and said, "Hey, why don't you talk? Who on earth is more like a bad guy!"

The robber first poted his mouth and then silent, he showed a stubborn face. However, Su Yu stared at him, and soon, his little face pulled down and said in a crying voice: "I'm sorry, I'm just too hungry."

Then the robber's tears were like a flood, and he began to weep.

Su Yu was suddenly stunned, helpless, and said, "Hey, what are you crying for? It's me who should crying, I ... don't you cry, okay? Still cry?"

Su Yu rubbed his ears. The child's voice was so bright that his eardrum was hurt.

"Shut up!" Su Yu shouted helplessly: "If you crying again, I'll hit you!"

Sure enough, this intimidation was very useful. The child stopped crying and looked at him with big eyes full of grievances.

Su Yu sighed: "Don't cry, you answer me a few questions, and I will let you go, okay? I put you on the ground, you are not allowed to run away! If you can, you nod. "

The little child nodded fiercely, Su Yu rolled his eyelids, and placed the little child on the ground and said, "Okay, I'll ask you the first question now, do you know where this is?"

"I don't know!" The child shook the head.

"Then you know how to get out of here?" Su Yu asked again.

"I don't know!" The little child continued to shake the head, and looked at him with the same look as looking at an idiot.

Su Yu's forehead with blue veins jumped, he asked: "Little child, why are you looking at me with that look?"

The little child pouted, "You're stupid, if I knew how to leave here, I would have already left!"

Su Yu was speechless and pinched his eyebrows to ease the embarrassing: "Okay, next question, girl, what's your name? Where is it?"

"I'm not a girl, I'm a boy!" The little child's pupils shrank sharply, and she jumped.

"Come on!" Su Yu pouted and said, "I'm not blind, don't you see that you are a boy or girl?"

"Okay, I'm a girl!" The little child muttered.