Chapter 137 Devil's Triangle

The whole night was calm. When the sun jumped up from the horizon, Su Yu and others in the temple opened their eyes almost at the same time.

After a night of adjustment and rest, the four spirits have returned to their best state.

"Let's go, it's time to solve that monster! Xuan Shui?" Xuan Nv said.

"I have been monitoring the situation in the nearby waters, and the monster has not come out in that special waters." Xuan Shui said.

The four walked out of the temple and looked at the special waters.

It is daylight, and the water area looks no different from other places.

But the four could still feel that the waters had been releasing a wave that made them uncomfortable.

Su Yu walking on the water surface, forming layers of ripples on the water surface. Xuan Mu flying in the air felt amazed when he saw this.

At this moment, they have not entered the mysterious waters, so several people are not so careful and cautious.

Xuan Shui asked in curious: "Xuan Zhen, how did you walk on the water?"

To say that standing on the water was really not difficult for him. On the day he has the super power of water, he can walk on water.

Because of this, Xuan Shui can more clearly see that Su Yu can walk on the water surface, just like on land, which is completely different from him.

"I use the shock power!" Su Yu said, without concealing, raised one foot and said, "Look, I covered a thin layer of shock power on the soles of my feet and made it shake very quickly.

The reason that ordinary people cannot walk on the water is not because of weight, but because they are too slow. If a person can stand on the water with a very fast frequency, they can walk on the water.

Now I have replaced the pedaling frequency with the shock power, so that I can walk on the water."

Xuan Shui and others heard the words suddenly, they all understood. The principle can be simple, but it is extremely difficult to achieve.

Especially when they saw that ripples were almost invisible under Su Yu's feet, they knew that the shock frequency of the shocking power under Su Yu's feet was extremely high.

They talked and entered the mysterious waters.

It seemed as if there was a clear dividing line.

Su Yu at the moment felt a clear difference.

At this moment, the four of them felt as if they had walked into an electrostatic field, and their bodies felt like they were overpowered.

"Be careful, it makes me very uncomfortable, absolutely weird," Xuan Mu said.

They nodded slightly, and their expressions became serious.

"Xuan Shui, can you feel where the monster is?" Xuan Nv asked.

Xuan Shui: "The interference is too strong here, I can only feel a vague direction."

Xuan Nv nodded gently, "That's enough, complete the task as soon as possible, leave here, so as to avoid extra troubles."

Xuan Shui took the lead first. He led Su Yu and others toward that monster's hiding place.

They actually have the same doubt in their hearts. What the monster is? Is it the monster from this devil's triangle, or is it from other waters?

Although in doubt, they didn't say a word. Completing the task is the primary goal. As long as the task is completed, these doubts naturally have the answer.

The answer can be found by exploring the monster's memories. However, the premise is also to complete the task, they can bring the sealed monster back to the bureau or kill it and back with the monster's brain tissue.

"It's foggy, be careful!" Su Yu reminded when a faint black mist suddenly appeared in all directions.

Huh ~ Suddenly a violent wind emerged out of nowhere. Their clothes are blowing, and the wind reached the eighth level in an instant.

And the wind is still increasing.

Geez! The calm water surface started to waved suddenly, the waves were surging, and the waves were higher and higher.

The black mist also became dense, and the tumble was like ink flowing. Su Yu was already hard to see his five fingers. Let alone to see others, even if in the vicinity, Su Yu could not see other people.


A thunderous thunder sounded, and then heavy raindrops of beans dropped from the sky, covering the sights.

The wind is howling, and the mysterious waters are stormy. It is like the doomsday is here.

Howl ~ Squeak!

There was a terrifying howl in the darkness and a boat rupture sounded.

Bang ~ A huge wave suddenly hit, Su Yu can not stand straight, in an unstable position.

With a brief pass, Su Yu fell into the water. Su Yu swam vigorously, rushed out of the water again, and the next moment, Su Yu was stunned.

There was a behemoth in front of him. It was a tattered wreck, full of algae.

"Is this brought up by the strong waves from the bottom of the lake?" Su Yu was surprised, the broken ship wandered past Su Yu and plunged into the darkness.

But at this moment, Su Yu was creepy. The moment the broken ship was completely inserted into the darkness, Su Yu saw a huge human face suddenly appear on the stern and smiled strangely at him.

"What the hell?" Su Yu shivered, "Did you see just now, leaders?"

Su Yu's voice was obscured by the sound of violent wind and rain. So they made no response at all. Su Yu had no choice but to carefully sense the existence of the Xuan Nv and others, very vague. They are not too far away, but they are not close.

Su Yu had to walk on the waves and walk towards the person closest to him. The person seemed to be Xuan Mu, but it was a bit unclear. The interference with perception was too serious here.

Su Yu just stepped on a few steps, and saw a green figure in the dark, flying towards the distance. Su Yu hurriedly beckoned and shouted: "Xuan Mu, I am here, wait for me!"

However, as soon as he shouted, an abrupt change suddenly occurred. Su Yu's feet suddenly appeared a huge vortex. Suddenly, a powerful suction force acted on Su Yu's body. Su Yu shouting could only be overwhelmed by a wave sound.

The moment Su Yu disappeared, the vortex disappeared.

In the distance, Xuan Mu turned back suddenly, looking at the place where Su Yu disappeared, and said to himself: "Eh? Is someone just called my name just now? It seems to be Xuan Zhen's voice. Where is he, why I can't see others?"

Xuan Mu looked around and couldn't see anyone at all, scratched his head and said, "A hallucination? This place is really weird. Forget it, go to find Xuannu first, and complete the task so that we can leave here."

The storm came suddenly and quickly, just a few minutes later, the calm again.

The Xuan Nv three quickly joined together, and then found that Su Yu was gone.

The three rose into the air, overlooking the waters, but Su Yu could not be seen at all, as if it disappeared out of thin air.

Where did Su Yu go?