Chapter 136 Stone Statue

Pa pa pa ... Su Yu bounced on the water, rushing into the distance with water drifting.

Stepped back thousands of miles away by the shock wave of terror, Su Yu just stood on the water again, spitting out blood.

Su Yu looked at the giant tail in shock and lost his calm, shouted: "Damn, why didn't it die?"

Not only did it not die, Su Yu even felt that the monster seemed a little stronger.

The three figures flew towards Su Yu, and looked at the monster that rushed out of the lake with a serious look.

Xuan Shui said: "Damn, this guy didn't get hurt at all, all of our attacks were in vain!"

"It's the mud on it. The mud on it absorbs our attacks!" Xuan Mu said: "If we want to kill it, we must break through the mud on its defense."

Xuan Nv looked coldly at the monster, also had a headache. She did not expect that the mud on the monster turned out to be so scary.

"Human, trash, clear!" The monster's voice sounded, its bloody eyes stared at the four tightly.

The giant tail swayed, breaking through the lake and rushing towards the four people. As it moved, huge water waves surged in all directions and shot down towards the four people.

Shoot~ Su Yu gave a punch and shattered a wave.

"Ding!" Xuan Shui burst into a shout, the water super power erupted, and the waves fell back into the lake with his voice.

"Again!" Xuan Nv said at this moment, she didn't believe their attack would be of no use.

The three were a little stunned, then no objection, the four began to shoot.

Green Dragon-Bondage!


Cold gravity ice cutting-heavy pressure, frozen!

Big Fist Boxing-Su Yu fixed his fist and shattered it.

However, soon the monster reappeared in front of the four, roaring and attacking the four.

"Uh? Weakened this time?" Su Yu noticed a difference. This time the monster didn't become stronger. The monster became weaker after reappearing.

Xuan Nv also felt the change of the monster, and her eyes lit up: "Continue to attack, our attack is still effective, it is weakening, and the mud on its body is dissipating!"

Ok ~ The next four people start to fight again with this monster. Although each time their attack damages the monster is very small, but the accumulation of less will still cause great damage to the monster, even kill the monster.

"Hoo!" Su Yu panted after ten minutes and looked at the monster that had shrunk for several laps. "It seems a bit of challenging to kill it!"

This is not because Su Yu wanna say something disappointing. The other three also smiled wryly. The cost of these attacks is not small. They consumed a lot of super powers. Even if they are exhausted, they may not be able to kill the monster.

But they have no other way but to continue to grind.

"Oh? What's going on? Why did the monster stop?" Xuan Shui wondered. In the distance, the monster that had rushed towards them suddenly stopped in the lake, a flash of confusion appeared in its blood-colored eyes.

The four looked at each other, but they did not know how the monster suddenly became like this. The four were all alert to prevent the monster from sudden attack.

However, just when the four were alert, the monster suddenly plunged into the lake and disappeared.

All were stunned.

"Catch up, it wants to run!" Xuan Nv came back and yelled immediately: "It may have reached its limit!"

Xuan Nv was chasing in the direction of the monster leaving.

Bang ~ Xuan Shui fell into the water, and said, "I follow it in the water, and you chase it on air!"

Xuan Mu rises in the air and chases towards Xuan Nv.

Su Yu, on the other hand, ran on the lake, raised high waves behind him like a white dragon.

After running for half an hour, Su Yu stopped abruptly, where Su Yu suddenly felt ominous.

The three also stopped, appeared beside Su Yu, and looked a little serious above the waters not far away.

"The monster has entered the water area in front, and the breath seems to disappear from time to time!" Xuan Shui said.

"The water area in front of makes me feel bad. Where is the monster?" Xuan Mu said and rubbed the fine hairs that erected on his body.

Su Yu took out his mobile phone and checked the map, and said solemnly, "There should be a devil' triangle in Wu Di's description!"

"Is the Devil's Triangle? Sure enough, it's special. No wonder there is no one living near here. It really feels bad? What caused it?" Xuan Shui said.

Roar ~

Suddenly a roar rang, and a hundred meters before Su Yu's four people, a big wave suddenly rose, and then quickly step back.

"Did that monster caused it?" Su Yu looked at the waves.

Then the place not far away suddenly hurled a strong wind, and the waves were soaring, where the sky and the lake turned black like a thick black painting, and even the moonlight couldn't shine at all.

At the same time, a variety of strange calls came out.

Amazingly, just a few meters away, the place where the four stood is totally different from the Devil's Triangle, Like two different worlds. The place the four stood was calm, and the cold moonlight was falling.

A few minutes later, the scene in front of the four completely disappeared, and the calm within the Devil's Triangle was restored, no different from that of other places in Lake Osawa.

Bad feeling!

The Devil's Triangle gives the three bad feelings.

"Leader, are we going to chase it now?" Su Yu asked.

Xuan Nv thought for a moment and said, "No, let's find a place to restore our power. When we're fully recovered, it's not too late to chase it!"

Su Yu heard a sigh of relief, and was really worried that Xuan Nv rushed straight into it carelessly. the Devil Triangle made him feel very dangerous.

"There is a temple there, let's go take a rest there!" Xuan Nv looked around and found an island in the lake. There is a building on the island, a quaint temple.

The three had no opinion, and soon came to this small island with an area of ​​less than one thousand square meters.

"Town X Temple?" Xuan Shui read the name on the plaque of the temple, but the middle word was missing, and no one knew what the name of the temple was.

"Does it make sense to build a temple here? Who would come here to pray for the blessing?" Xuan Mu looked at this long-lost temple and wondered. He felt it is very strange that the temple was built here.

"Maybe it was built for the sake of peace!" Su Yu said, stepping into the temple, the temple looked extremely broken outside, but the inside was ok, it was a good place to rest.

"Just rest here!" Xuan Nv nodded with satisfaction, sweeping out a clean place and sitting cross-legged, she is recovering her super power silently.

The other three didn't waste any time. They found a place casually, closed their eyes, recovering their super power.

The temple became quiet again.

None of them found that the moonlight was falling from the ruined roof, and it shone on the stone statue on the shrine in this temple, and the stone statue moved slightly.