Chapter 135 Blue Dragon

"It's really heavy taste, what kind of monster is it?" It can even eat that old garbage. Su Yu asked and his scalp tingle.

At the same time, Sy Yu doesn't know if it is an illusion. He felt that the strangeness feeling coming from the monster seemed to strengthen after it devoured the garbage.

"Start!" Xuan Nv's voice sounded before Su Yu's careful induction and reflection.

The next moment Su Yu felt that his body was falling at a rapid speed, and he understood that it was Xuan Nv who released the gravity power control.

It also shows that Xuan Nv is trying her best.

This monster's rank is already at the Black level, or at least the Black level.

Very strong, they felt at the moment when this monster appeared, and the pressure increased sharply.


Su Yu fell heavily on the lake, and water splashes immediately.

However, Su Yu did not sink into the water, but stood on the lake steadily.

Seeing this, Xuan Nv was relieved and understood that the new move by Su Yu should be that he could stand on the water.

Xuan Shui and Xuan Mu were both shocked when they saw this. They did not know how Su Yu managed to stand on the water.

If there is no monster needs to be handled with, Xuan Shui and Xuan Mu would rush towards Su Yu and ask how Su Yu did it.

"Kill!" Xuan NV took the lead in the fight. She took a long sword out of the sheath and slammed. The cold sword light shone above Lake Osawa.

With a bang, the huge sword cut on the monster which is like a mud ox, sinking the lake and disappeared instantly.

Seeing this, Xuan Nv stunned, and then shouted: "Boom!"

Click! Then place that was just cut by Xuan Nv's sword just froze the ice, and the ice cones sprang out.

"Roar ~"

The monster uttered a painful roar, and its huge bloody eyes looked at the four humans: "Trash, clear!"

The lake exploded and the water splashed, and the monster moved. Thousands of tons of lake water flew to the sky and smashed towards the four people.

At the same time, the frozen ice on the monster all collapsed, and Xuan Nv's attack did not cause any substantial damage to the monster.

A strong, chaotic atmosphere erupted from the monster.

Hearing strange words, the four were speechless. This guy was scolding them as trash?

"Rise! Fall!" Xuan Shui was angry, and the light blue lights on his body were in full bloom. With the sound of Xuan Shui, those lake water flying to the sky suddenly stopped in mid-air, and then the water flowed back to the Lake Osawa.

"Go!" Xuan Mu waved with both hands, and numerous green light spots fell on the monster. Immediately, there were countless buckets of vines growing on the monster, and the monster was tightly entangled.

But the next moment, Xuan Mu's face changed. The vine on the monster was quickly dying and then turned into mud which is the same mud on the monster.

"What the hell! What rotten mud? Even my vines can be transferred into rotten mud?" Xuan Mu exclaimed, and then volleyed toward the monster with his hands in the air. "Green Dragon! See if you can attack the monster."

The emerald green vines rushing out of Xuan Mu's hands, and then the vines rose in the wind and turned into a turquoise dragon.

The green dragon swings its tail, and then appears next to the monster, tightly entangles the monster, the mouth of the dragon bites fiercely on the monster, and numerous mud splashes.

"Roar!" The monster growled in pain.

"Up, I'll see what kind of monster you are!" Xuan Mu roared, full of green hair, standing upright, and his hands held up.

The green dragon groaned and burst into the air, dragging the monster out of the lake to reveal the whole monster.

The part that was originally on the lake looked big enough, and at this moment all exposed. Only one-third part of the monster's body showed on the lake. The monster has a  length of more than two hundred meters.

"Roar ~ Trash, clear!"

The monster roared, twisted its body, a huge force burst, and the green dragon wrapped around it immediately made a crack sounds.

Xuan Mu's face changed slightly, shouted, "I can't trap it for a long time!"

"Water knife!" Xuan Shui shouted, his palm slammed as a knife, and chopped from the bottom to the monster. The lake boiled, soaring into the sky, and instantly condensed into a giant water knife to chop the monster.

Hmm ... huge waterjets are chopping around this monster.

At the same time, Xuan Nv's attack came. Xuan Nv waved her sword. Both two super powers broke out at the same time, converging in this sword.

"Gravity Ice Cut!"

Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded through the void, and fell on the monster like a shooting star.

There were numerous splashes of mud. The next moment, the cold power broke out horribly, and the huge monster was frozen into an ice sculpture.

"Xuan Zhen!" The three shouted together.

"I am coming!" Su Yu shouted. Su Yu, who had never shot, finally waited for the last shot.

Blue halo and blue lightning were intertwined in Su Yu's body, and his dual super powers broke out at this moment.

Su Yu's figure was running fast on the lake, and the high water waves set off behind Su Yu.


Su Yu stepped on the surface of the lake, and the water surface with a range of 100 square meters sank a few meters deep.

Su Yu rose like a shell into the sky and headed for the monster.

"Big Bang!"

Su Yu roared, punched out, punched through the air, and banged heavily on the monster's eyebrow.

Uh ~

The loud noise rang through.

Hum ~

At the same time, the horrible shock power broke out, with a clicking sound, the sound of glass shattering, and cracks spread from Su Yu's fist as the starting point, covering the entire monster.

Uh ~

The next moment, the air broke apart, and the monster seemed to explode all over, turning into huge pieces and falling into the sky, dropping into Lake Ozawa.

Boom boom ... the roar continued, water jets rising into the sky.

"Good!" Xuan Mu sighed excitedly, this time they are working well, ending the battle in just a few minutes.

Xuan Nv, Xuan Shui, and Su Yu are all happy. The monster is very strong, but it has not been able to show its powerful strength. They have been defeated by the cooperation of several people, which shows that everyone is getting more and more tacit understanding.

"Okay, the mission is over ..." Xuan Nv was watching the gradual restoration of the calm surface of the lake, and she was about to announce that the mission was complete.

Bang ~

The lake exploded violently, and a huge mud-covered tail was drawn out of the lake and swept towards the four people.

When the crisis came, the four quickly avoided the distance. The giant tail was pumped where the four had just stood.

Rumbling ... the lake was all exploded, and the shock waves of terror scattered.

The four were hit by a shock wave.