Chapter 134 The taste is really heavy

"Let's go!" Su Yu tapped Wu Di's shoulder and said, it's time to act.

"I'll along with you!" Wu Di said, "Bring me."

"No, just stay at home. It's too dangerous. It's inappropriate for you to do it!" Su Yu refused immediately, and at the same time gave Xuan Mu a wink. Xuan Mu nods.

Wu Di was anxious and loudly said, "You are kicking down the ladder. It is my message to you. You cannot leave me like this."

Su Yu said with a smile: "Don't say that it's like we are abandoning children and wife. Dealing with water monsters is not playing games. You have done enough, the rest is left to us. You can sleep well at home, and then you will find out that everything will be better.

Oh, yes, be confident, don't compare yourself to a ladder! "

Wu Di: "..."

Su Yu patted Wu Di's shoulder and left with Xuan Shui and Xuan.

Wu Di was about to chase them out, but a powerful palm was pressed against his shoulder, and Xuan Mu's face had a kind smile. He said: "Come on, stop chasing, look here!"

Click ~ A flash of light passed away in Wu Di's house, Wu Di's memory of the water monster has been deleted.

"It's done?" Su Yu asked, looking at Xuan Mu as he came out.

Xuan Mu nodded gently: "Well, Wu Di can still lead the normal life of ordinary people in the future, and his memory about us has been deleted."

Su Yu nodded. This result was the best for Wu Di. Forgetting some things can reduce the burden.

Looking at Xuan Nv, Su Yu said: "Leader, what about the next instruction? What to do next?"


At night, the sky is full of stars, a breeze blows, and the moonlight sprinkles the entire lake.

There were several dark shadows over Lake Ozawa dragging a large black spot, and walking towards the deeper part of Lake Ozawa.

These shadows were not others, but Su Yu, Xuan Nv, Xuan Shui, and Xuan Mu. At the moment, the faces of the four were somewhat distorted.

"What the hell, Xuan Shui. Where did you find the rubbish? Yuck! It is too smelly?!" Su Yu's muffled voice sounded, and several layers of masks couldn't stop the death odor.

Xuan Shui heard it. He smiled and said, "Duh, I especially find this old garbage. It's not easy, Geez, the smell ~"

Xuan Mu also retched, and said, "Shut up, Xuan Shui, it's disgusting. Damn, what kind of monster is interested in the garbage? The taste is really heavy."

"Put the rubbish on that tidal flat, and we'll just wait." Xuan Nv's eyes suddenly flashed, pointing at a tidal flat in the lake, she couldn't stand the smell anymore. She felt that she smell like garbage.

"Okay!" The three them agreed very decisively. Quickly, the four speeded up to fly above the tidal flat and threw a large container of garbage onto the tidal flat.

Then the four fled away quickly until they could not smell the disgusting smell.

"Will it appear?" Xuan Shui doubted it!

"We can only wait!" Xuan Mu shrugged. "It doesn't matter if it doesn't show up. Then we can go and see the demon triangle, maybe there will be other clues there."

"Xuan Zhen, please be careful later. If the monster is really attracted, I must beat it. By then, I may not be so delicate to control the gravity power for you to fly." Xuan Nv reminded.

"It's okay, leader. If you fight, you can just drop me down the ground. Although I can't fly, it doesn't mean that I won't have combat power when I get into the water. I will let you see my new moves." Su Yu smiled and said, a look of confidence on his face.

Although Su Yu is floating in the sky, Su Yu is still unable to fly. He is now flying under the control of Xuan Nv's gravity power.

"Well! Be careful when that happens!" Xuan Nv nodded, looking at Su Yu. She chose to believe in Su Yu.

As the minutes passed, the smell of old garbage spread away.

In a special water area, a pair of blood-red washbasin-sized eyes opened sharply in the dark, and a behemoth that could not see the appearance moved, and the clear water became extremely turbid instantly.

"Trash, clear!" A deep voice made from the behemoth.

The behemoth stretched its body and swam quickly in the lake, at a speed of at least hundreds of kilometers per hour, but at such a speed and such a large body, swimming in the lake did not cause any waves in the lake.

Quietly, this behemoth swam quickly towards the beach where the garbage was thrown.

"Is this a good method? Can it lure to that monster?" Half an hour passed, and the surroundings were still calm, Xuan Mu frowned.

"Don't worry, keep waiting!" Xuan Nv said coldly, like a fairy under the moonlight.

Su Yu didn't say anything, and quietly felt everything around him, and suddenly felt an extremely chaotic and energetic breath coming quickly to there.

Su Yu just opened his mouth and Xuan Shui said, "Here, the monster really appeared."

Xuan Mu immediately straighten his body, and Xuan Nv put her hand on the hilt.

Wow ~

There was no wind and waves in Lake Osawa. In front of Su Yu, a few dozen meters high waves suddenly set off, and the calm water boiled instantly.

A behemoth suddenly emerged from the lake, yelling with his mouth wide open.

"Roar ~"

The horrible sound waves spread out in all directions, and the powerful power of the sound waves can be felt for a few kilometers, and countless fish and shrimp in Lake Osawa were stunned by sound waves at this moment.

When seeing this behemoth, Su Yu and others exclaimed in their hearts.

"What is this stuff?"

"Fuck, is this mud become monster?"

"Ah, disgusting, what kind of monster is this guy?"

The monster that appeared in front of them was huge. Those exposed to the water were tens of meters high and no less than ten meters thick.

This monster's whole body looks like a long strip of mud.


The next moment, this huge monster smashed into the lake, the mud and the lake took off and flew to high altitude, and Su Yu and the four quickly avoided.

"Trash, clear up!"

A low voice sounded into Su Yu's ears.

The next moment, the four of them saw the strangely opened mouth gnawing towards the container containing garbage.

When a loud noise, a huge container, together with a large piece of tidal flat, were swallowed into the mouth by the monster as if a black hole. A large container of garbage disappeared instantly.