Chapter 133 Trash

Wu Di trembled slightly and said loudly, "No, I don't. I think they are alive, but ..."

"But what? Why is a big man so feminine, can you say it decisively! If you want Wang Changlin to come back, tell us everything you know so that we may have a chance to save them, you know?" Xuan Shui was annoyed.

"Don't worry, don't get angry. Xuan Shui you sit down first, I think Wu will figure it out soon!" Xuan Mu held Xuan Shui down.

"Huh, I'm angry, you know, time is limited." Xuan Shui snorted coldly.

"Let 's say, maybe Wang Changlin still alive. But if you delay one more minute, their chance of survival is one point less." Su Yu sat beside Wu Di and patted Wu Di's shoulder.

Wu Di was silent for a while, and thought something, his voice was a little dull: "Okay, I said, that day, Uncle Wang and I went to work normally, rowing a boat to our work area to pick up the garbage that tourists discarded in the lake.

At first, there was nothing, everything was calm, but ... suddenly a loud noise came, a cruise ship overturned, and all the tourists fell into the water.

After that, something terrible happened, and all the tourists and boats disappeared quickly on the lake.

Uncle Wang who jumped into the water to save people immediately disappeared and never came up again.

I also want to go down to save people, but I'm scared, I run away, I pretend to be sick, I'm scared that others will blame me, ah ...

Damn it, I was so happy that I am alive,

Every day I can recall it that Uncle Wang struggling on the lake.

They're all blaming me, why didn't I rescue them, I damn it, oh ... "

Su Yu slapped Wu Di's shoulder and said, "What are you crying for? Are you blaming yourself? It's normal being afraid of death.

There is nothing wrong with you rejoicing for being alive. Everyone is afraid of death. You are instinct to run away from danger.

You are not a super man, what can you do even if you enter the water to save people?

No, you are more than just an extra piece of meat to the monster.

Now that you are alive, then cherish your precious life. If Wang Changlin really died, would he blame you? Do you think Wang Changlin really wants you to torture yourself like this now? No, he won't. Think about it! "

After speaking, Su Yu stopped talking with Wu Di, and Xuan Nv didn't talk. The room was quiet.

A few minutes later, Wu Di wiped his tears fiercely and looked at Su Yu said: "You're right, I am just torturing myself, I think so, if, if Uncle Wang, something really happened, I should cherish my life.

What you wanna know, I will tell you everything as long as you wanna know. I can do anything you ask me to do. "

The four of them glanced at each other, and all smiled: "Rest assured, we won't let you do dangerous things, but just want you to guide for us, and tell us the things you met before the accident.

Talk about the situation of Lake Osawa. Is there any special place in Lake Osawa, such as a place large enough to hide?

Oh, by the way, did anything strange happen to Lake Osawa before the disappearance of people?"

Wu Di thought for a few seconds and said: "Lake Osawa is too big. The area of the smallest lake is 500 square kilometers, and the largest one more than 4,100 square kilometers. No one can familiar every part of Lake Osawa, not even me.

If you're looking for someplace special, Lake Osawa really has a special place, but it's far from where the accident happened. "

"Oh? Where?" Su Yu asked with interest.

"Lake Osawa Devil's Triangle!" Wu Di said with a solemn expression: "It is a taboo for Lake Osawa. Although Lake Osawa was developed into a scenic tourist area, not all places have been developed.

The Devil's Triangle has not been developed, and now it retains its original style, and even no residents live near it.

It is rumored that demons live there, and as long as any ship enters the area, they will be destroyed by the demons.

Of course, these are just legends. I have never been there, and I don't know if it is true or fake. "

Wu Di stopped here and said, "You said, did the devil run out of the devil's triangle?"

Su Yu patted Wu Di's shoulder and said, "You think so much! Tell me something else, is there anything strange these days?"

"Trash!" Wu Di shouted suddenly, with an excited expression: "Yes, trash, trash these days is a bit strange."

Su Yu and others were startled by Wu Di's sudden yelling. Why suddenly talk about the garbage? What strange about garbage?

Wu Di grabbed Su Yu's arm and said, "Trash, trash, haha, I know how to find that monster."

Su Yu's face is like a poker face. Su Yu almost wants to punch him. Why grab his arm and say garbage, what do you mean? Su Yu is trash?

Xuan Shui and Xuan Mu try to hold back their laughing sound but failed. Xuan Nv's eyes were winked and also smiled. It was interesting to see Su Yu's poker face.

Taking a deep breath, holding back the impulse to hit someone, Su Yu said: "Calm down, Wu Di, what is the relationship between trash and finding monsters?"

"Huh, yes, calm down, calm down, I need to calm down!" Wu Di exhaled, calming down after a while: "Did you just ask me, did something strange happen to Lake Osawa? Trash, these days somewhat strange. "


The four were still confused, and Su Yu frowned. "So, what are weird about trash?"


Wu Di nodded, and spent a few minutes to tell the incidents that suddenly reduce the trash in Lake Osawa these days, there is always garbage lost, and he saw on the lake that the garbage suddenly disappeared into the water.

The four of them heard it clear, and Xuan Nv said, "Do you mean that the sudden loss of trash is related to strange ... water monster?"

"Well, I think this is the case. As long as there is garbage, or maybe, no, it will definitely lure the water monster out." Wu Di nodded.

Su Yu and others exchanged their eye sights, Xuan Nv said: "Okay, this method can be tried!"

Although Xuan Shui feels that somewhat are not reliable, at least there is a way to try it. It is reasonable if it is not unsuccessful, and success is naturally the best.

After all, Xuan Nv turned and left, she had to think about how to act. First of all, the problem is how to get enough trash.