Chapter 132 Sneaky

"Guider?" Wu Di paused, then continued to walk inside the room, waving his hand: "You go find someone else, I'm not comfortable now, I just want to take a good rest, you go, go, let me be alone and quiet! "

Outside the gate, the four looked at each other.

After Wu Di entered the room, Xuan Nv said: "How?"

"Wu Di really has a problem. You look at him, he is so irritable that he hasn't slept for at least a few days. If he can't sleep, it means that something in his heart keeps trouble him!" Xuan Shui said.

"Well, that's right, it seems that what happened that day is not as what Wu Di said." Xuan Mu nodded.

"What do you think we should be done next? Go straight in and ask?" Xuan Nv asked. She reaches out and pushes open the door. Although Wu Di was locked from the inside, the door was the same as opened for Su Yu and others.

"Don't, if we go inside and ask him directly, it is possible to drive him crazy. Wu Di is already on the verge of mental breakdown. We have to let him be willing to speak. It's useless if he really doesn't wanna say. "Su Yu hurriedly stopped Xuan Nv and said.

"What then?" Xuan Nv raised her eyebrows.

"Wait!" Su Yu said and smiled mysteriously.

"What are you waiting for?" Xuan Shui asked.

"When Wu Di came out by himself, I took a chance to look in the courtyard just now and found that Wu Di's shoes had fresh dirt and hadn't dried out completely, which means that Wu Di hadn't stayed at home all the time.

Let's wait for him now to see where he is going? "Su Yu laughed.

"Whoa! Xuan Zhen, you can find such small details, really amazing!" Xuan Mu gave Su Yu a thumbs up, admiring. He found nothing.

Xuan Nv snorted softly: "Trouble!"

Of course, though Xuan Nv said so, and she still hid in a hidden place.

Subsequently, the three of them also found a place to hide. In this way, the four almost waited until dawn.

When the four were about to fall asleep, the door of Wu Di's house was quietly opened quietly. Wu Di was carrying a backpack and wearing a black mask walking towards Lake Osawa. So sneaking, it's not like to do something good.

Su Yu and others were sober for a moment, their eyes were bright. Then they followed quietly behind Wu Di.

An hour later, Wu Di came to a place far away from Lake Osawa Village and stopped. He looked around and found no one, then he put down the mask and backpack.

The four people hidden in a secret place saw Wu Di's every move. Looking at Wu Di's careful act, Xuan Shui licks his lips and said, "It's a little too careful."

"Shh, see what he is going to do." Su Yu gestured carefully, although they were hidden in a secret place, they should also be careful.

Then, Wu Di started to take things from the backpack. There are fruits, incense, paper money, and a bottle of wine and various drinks, the number is quite a lot, Su Yu even saw coca-cola, vodka, etc..

"Sacrifice?" the four were surprised, when they saw this scene. Sacrificing for whom?

Wu Di took out the lighter and lit the paper money, the scented candle, and then started crying in the direction of Lake Osawa, kowtowed and crying: "Uncle Wang, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's not because I don't want to save you. I'm sorry, I'm just afraid, I'm too afraid. I can't go into the water. I would die if I go down into the lake like you.

Forgive me, please forgive me. It is not that I don't want to save you, but that I am unable to save you. I am timid and I dare not go down into the water.

Forgive me, okay, don't bother me please, I can't stand it anymore, I don't want to die!

Ah ... I don't want to die, I am a coward. Damn it ~ But I don't want to die! "

Su Yu appeared in front of Wu Di and asked: "Dead? Who wants to kill you? Who entangles you? Can you talk to us?"

The four of them watched for a while, listening to Wu Di's bubbling. It was clear that Wu Di knew the situation at the time, so he showed up and no longer hid.

Wu Di's cry stopped abruptly, and he looked at the four suddenly appearing in horror, eyes rounded: "You, you, why are you here? You ..."

"We are following you. Now, we would like to ask why you are here? Hehe, I can tell you, what you said, we all heard, very clearly. Is Wang Changlin's death related to you? Did you kill them? "Xuan Shui asked, pretending to be fierce.

Wu Di's pupils shrank sharply into the size of a pinhole, and somewhat hysterically shook his head: "No, it's not me, I didn't kill Uncle Wang, their death has nothing to do with me. It, it, it, all killed by the water monster, ah ... not me! "

Wu Di stood up abruptly and ran towards Lake Osawa Village.

But as soon as he ran out two steps, Wu Di felt a pain in his neck, and then he knew nothing.

Xuan Zhen knocked him to make him sleep.

"Fuck, Xuan Zhen, how did you let him in a coma? I still have questions to ask him!" Xuan Shui said anxiety.

Su Yu rolled his eyes and said, "Come on, let you ask him? Don't you see he is almost going to crazy? He hasn't taken a good rest for a long time. Let him sleep for a while, have a rest. We can then ask him after he wakes up. "

Xuan Shui scratched his head awkwardly, "Sorry, I am in a hurry!"

Two hours later, at Wu Di's house, the sun had risen, and the sun was shining on Wu Di's face.

Wu Di snorted softly, woke up with a frown, and rubbed his neck with one hand vigorously: "Hiss, it hurts, what's wrong? Where am I now? What happened last night?"

"Wake up? You wake up early than I expected, good physical quality!"

"!!!" Wu Di was startled when he heard the sound, popped up from the bed, looked at the four in horror, and stunned, "You ..."

"Oh, it looks like you recalled everything, now you can tell the truth to us? What did you see? What exactly did you mean the water monster you said? Water monster, did you see it?" Su Yu said with a smile.

"I don't understand what you're talking about? You go out, you are not allowed to enter my house again, go out!" Wu Di growled.

"Oh, you are very cunning. The last night you scared as if a mouse? Why can you so brave in the day? Is the sun gives you courage? And you won't be afraid anymore?" Xuan Shui said coldly.

Wu Di snored, and a look of fear appeared on his face.

Su Yu continued: "Say it, we all heard last night. Do you have to keep this secret in your heart all the time? Let yourself be tortured so that you can feel better? Speak out, maybe Wang Changlin and others still alive. Or at least we can find their bodies? Do you want to see them all become wandering souls after died? "