Chapter 131 Testy

"But you can't see it, let alone no water monster. Even if it is true, you can't see it." The middle-aged uncle said again.

"Oh? What do you mean by this, uncle?" Su Yu did not refute the uncle's words.

"Into our village, there are two roads, one is a land road, the other is a waterway. The waterway leads directly to Lake Osawa, and it has been completely blocked. But only the waterway is blocked. The land road to the Lake Osawa did not block. "said the uncle.

Xuan Mu nodded and said, "Uncle, do you believe there is a water monster in Lake Osawa?"

"Where are any monsters? I have lived here for a lifetime, and my ancestors have lived here for generations. It has been hundreds of years. If there were monsters, would we still not find them? Is it right?" Middle-aged uncle said it. Su Yu and others surprised.

Xuan Shui said: "Then how did we hear that there were cruise ships sinking in Lake Ozawa and many tourists were missing? What is the reason for this?"

"Who knows the truth? I haven't seen it with my own eyes, but there is such a statement, but no one knows the details."

Su Yu stroked his chin and said, "Uncle, do you think there are no monsters in Lake Ozawa, so why is there news of monsters?"

"Hype!" The middle-aged uncle's words are quite fashionable, saying: "The high probability is used to hype to attract tourists. I don't think it is a bad thing. The more tourists, the higher my income."

Well, this uncle is definitely a sincere uncle, and he dares to say the truth.

Su Yu said: "Uncle, do you know, is there anyone who knows very well about the Lake Ozawa in your village? Please tell us about it!"

The middle-aged uncle thought for a moment and said, "There are really two people like this in our village. The two of them are sanitation workers on Lake Ozawa. They float on Lake Ozawa all day.

Are you looking for them? "

After hearing the words, the four looked at each other, and Su Yu nodded: "Well, we are very curious about this, so if we want to walk around the Lake Ozawa, we need a guide who is familiar with the local situation."

The middle-aged uncle nodded suddenly and said, "I won't introduce you to them. but I can give you the addresses of both of them. You can ask them to be your guides!" "

"Thank you, uncle!" Su Yu said to the Uncle, with a smile.

After dinner, the four of them walked towards the house of the two according to the address given by the middle-aged uncle. The target characters were Wang Changlin and Wu Di.

"There is no need to go to Wang Changlin's family. This person is on the list of missing persons. He is the sanitation worker of the Lake Osawa Environmental Protection Department. We can go directly to this young man named Wu Di!" Xuan Nv crossed out Wang Changlin's address.

"Wang Changlin is missing? People in the same village don't know?" Su Yu was surprised.

"The news should have been blocked by the relevant local authorities." Xuan Nv faintly said.

"Is that right? We can inquire about it, I can ask for the information about this young man named Wu Di through the relevant local departments, it may help us." Xuan Mu said.

"Hmm!" Xuan Nv nodded and agreed.

Soon, the relevant information was transmitted to Xuan Mu's mobile phone. Xuan Mu frowned and said, "Wu Di and Wang Changlin are colleagues working together!"

Xuan Mu continued explained, "They are not an acquaintance. They were picking up garbage on Lake Osawa together. Using the words of the uncle just now, two people float on the lake together all day. "

The three all understood. Xuan Shui said, "Wang Changlin is missing. Why isn't he missing? Didn't the local staff find anything wrong?"

Xuan Mu looked at the data again and said, "They have investigated. The report says that on the day Wang Changlin disappeared, Wu Di happened to be uncomfortable, so he returned back halfway, and then did not leave his house for a day. "

"Is there evidence to prove what Wu Di said is true?" Xuan Nv frowned, and she felt that Wu Di might have some problems.

"Well, there is evidence. On that day, someone did see Wu Di went to work with Wang Changlin, and then Wu Di returned alone with a pale face and stayed in his own home for a day."

Su Yu stroked his chin and said, "Wu Di may know something. He happened not feeling well that day. It was a bit too coincidental."

"It's a real coincidence or a fake coincidence, and we'll know when we meet him!" Xuan Nv faintly said.

Talking, the four came to Wu Di's home. Wu Di was a single young man, and his parents were not living here, so Wu Di was here alone.

"Is Wu Di at home?" Su Yu knocked on the door of the room. It took a while, the footsteps come.

With a creak, the door opened a wide gap, a young man showed up, with an unkempt face, bloodshot eyes, and heavy dark circles under his eyes.

"Who are you looking for?" Wu Di asked, with a strong tone and a sense of impatience.

Su Yu raised an eyebrow and said, "Are you Wu Di, are we looking for you!"

"Looking for me? Are you from the authorities? I have already said everything. I was uncomfortable that day, so I came back early. I will go back to rest, you can go away now." Wu Di said, and then he closed the gate.

However, with Su Yu's palm against the door, Wu Di found that he could not close it with all his strength.

Su Yu laughed. It would be a joke if Wu Di was able to shut down the door. Su Yu's current strength is not something that Wu Di, this ordinary person, can compete with.

Wu Di pushed harder and did not close the door successfully, and then suddenly broke out, shouting: "What are you doing? Don't bother me anymore, okay? I want to sleep, I want to sleep! I really don't know anything Ah ~ ah ~ ah ~ "

The sudden outbreak of Wu Di made the four people embarrassed. The four eyes exchanged. Su Yu helplessly spread out hands. It was not his business.

"Go away, don't bother me anymore, I have already said everything I know. I'll need to rest now. You can do whatever you want." He yelled. Wu Di's emotion seemed to calm down, facing the four and said, then turned towards the room.

Su Yu and Xuan Shui glanced at each other, Xuan Shui said, "Brother, you misunderstood us. We are just tourists, not from the authorities, we just came here and asked if you can be a guide for us. People in your village said that you are the one who knows the best around Lake Osawa. "