Chapter 130 Water Monster

"Holiday?" Su Yu looked at Xuan Laogua who had just stopped him, and was surprised: "Boss, are we have any holidays?"

Xuan Nv and the others looked at Xuan Laogua with a look of wonder, when did our bureau have holidays?

Xuan Laogua's face was red. He said, "Oh, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. I think I should give everyone a rest. Please don't treat me as an unscrupulous boss. I am not that kind of person. "

Everyone said: No, you are!

Xuan Shui even directly stretched out his hand and said, "Boss, if the earth does not explode, we do not take a holiday, whoever wants to take this holiday, you give it to anyone!"

Holiday? No one believes its a pure holiday, you are a bad cunning old man.

Xuan Tu and others are shaking their heads again and again. Vacation? Haha, there is absolutely no existence in the Monsters Detective Bureau. The vacation is a big trap. Whoever wants to take a vacation will prepare to jump into the trap.

Xuan Laogua heard this, his face dark, and said, "Xuan Shui, I decided. I'll give you this leave. You have to take the holiday."

Xuan Shui instantly turned into a bitter face, almost anxious to slap himself— Why are you take the conversation?

"Xuan Zhen and Xuan Nv, stop practicing. Both of you, take a break, can't you take a break?" Xuan Laogua looked at Xuan Nv and Su Yu again: "You two go out to play, relax, relax. And I have chosen a place for you to take the holiday, how about Lake Ozawa? "

"Boss, let's just talk straight away, what happened to Lake Ozawa?" Xuan Nv frowned.

Xuan Nv does not believe that Xuan Laogua would let them go to Lake Ozawa to travel.

"Okay!" Xuan Laogua heard the words and spread his hand, "It seems that I can not trick you guys anymore. It is really not to Lake Ozawa to travel but to handle a case. Lake Ozawa occurred in a strange incident. Humans get hurts. "

After hearing that, everyone was standing up, Xuan Mu said: "What strange thing"

"This is the case data from the relevant department over Lake Ozawa. Look at it.

The monster is unknown.

So far, ten cruise ships have been attacked by the monster, and the cruise ships are disappeared in the lake.

The tourists who fell into the water were also swallowed by the lake. So far, thousands of tourists have disappeared.

In order not to cause panic, the relevant local authorities have completely blocked the Lake Ozawa area.

Your mission is now to go to Lake Osawa, find this monster to kill it. Rescue the missing tourists.

At the same time, find out how this monster appeared in Lake Osawa and why it attacked humans. "Xuan Laogua said.

"Boss, I took this task with Xuan Zhen, just relax!" Xuan Nv glanced at the case data afterward.

"Haha, okay, this case will be handed to Xuan Nv, you pick two more people to form a team with you to complete this task with you." Xuan Laogua laughed.

Su Yu twitched the corner of his mouth. Do you view taking the task as relax?

However, Su Yu was unable to refuse, and Xuan Nv is still his leader. Su Yu can only obey orders.

Xuan Nv nodded softly: "Okay, boss!"

Then she looked at Xuan Shui and others: "This time it is likely to involve underwater combat, so Xuan Shui must follow, and water generate wood, Xuan Mu also follow us to complete the task."

Xuan Mu nodded and said, "Okay, I'm fine."

"Okay, I'll join your group!" Xuan Shui spread his hands and sighed, and sighed again for this year's Mid-Autumn Festival.

The four did not delay time, packed up their gear and were sent to the Lake Osawa area by Xuan Kong.

"Lake Osawa is here? Beautiful scenery! I like it here." Xuan Shui opened his arms, cheering in front of the wide Lake Osawa, and the breeze with thick wet rushed towards him. It makes him feel very comfortable.

Not only Xuan Shui, Su Yu, Xuan Nv, and Xuan Mu also felt comfortable while coming here.

Su Yu stretch a bit, and the exhaustion brought by the training disappeared: "Are we going into dive into the lake now to look for that monster?"

Xuan Nv shook her head and said, "No, although we don't know what the monster is, it was extremely cunning and careful. According to the information, no one has discovered its true appearance since the case occurred.

It stays alert to danger and never shows up when facing danger.

It is difficult to find for us to find it directly. Lake Osawa is too big, and the search time is too long.

I think we should take a look at the nearby villages now to understand the situation, what do you think? "

"Know about the situation first. I think it would be better to find a local who knows the situation of Lake Ozawa!" Xuan Mu said.

Xuan Shui took out a map of the Lake Osawa area and said, "Let's go to this Village. This village is very close to the location of many incidents. Maybe the villagers of Lake Osawa Village know something."


Lake Osawa Village is a village around Lake Osawa. When Lake Osawa was not developed into a scenic tourist area, it was just an ordinary small village, relying on fishing and farming for a living, it was a small fishing village.

However, after Lake Osawa was developed into a scenic tourist area by local authorities, Lake Osawa Village has undergone earth-shaking changes and has benefited greatly. It has become a well-known affluent village near and far, and the population has also increased significantly. There are nearly tens of thousands of people.

Although it is still called a village, it is already the size of a town.

When the four of them came here, Lake Osawa Village was very lively, and pedestrians could be seen everywhere, and many of them were backpackers.

Su Yu and others were surprised when they saw this situation. Isn't Lake Osawa blocked? Why are there so many tourists?

At this moment it was time for dinner. The four of them went to a farmhouse and ordered a table of food before eating.

Of course, eating is not just to fill their stomachs, mainly to inquire about the news.

The middle-aged uncle served the dishes, and they exchanged glances. Su Yu said to the man, "Uncle, isn't the Lake Osawa blocked? Why are there so many tourists?"

The middle-aged uncle gave Su Yu a surprised look and said, "Why are you here? That's the reason why are they here?"

Su Yu froze for a moment, and immediately realized that the middle-aged uncle regarded them as ordinary tourists. Su Yu said: "Uncle, you have misunderstood, we are not here to travel."

"I know!" The middle-aged uncle waved his hands and said, "They are not here to travel, you all come to see the monsters!"

Su Yu raised a frown. Has the news of monster attacks on human beings spread?

Looking for the water monster? The courage of these people is really big, Su Yu is speechless, is the water monster beautiful or charming?