Chapter 13 Greed

Wang Tiegai's eyes filled with tears, and complained "Village chief, you know I am stupid, please do not knock me again. The more you knocked, the more stupid I will be!"

Li Zhangu rolled his eyes at Wang Tiegai and looked at Zhao Dayou: "Tell the legends to these guys, what are some legends of our Xiaoyan Mountain?"

"Uh!" when suddenly mentioned, he scratched his head. "Village chief, you mean the legend that Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain?"

"Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain, what is that?" Wang Tiegai interjected.

Li Zhangu glanced at Wang Tiegai and said, "In our village, there has always been a legend that Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain, but it is actually a huge rammed mound. Do you know what rammed earth is? In short, Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain, but a huge ancient tomb and the rammed soil is so thick that it turns into a mountain! "

Li Shuzhu swallowed and muttered: "The village chief, you mean, Xiaoyan Mountain may really be an ancient tomb, it is not a legend, this hole is leading to the tomb?"

Li Zhangu smoked and then said: "Well, it should be so, the landslide, exposed the hole that might lead to the tomb. This cave may be a corridor of the tomb at that time, or it may be a hole left by a grave robber. It's hard to say! "

Li Shuangzhu's eyes lit up: "What are we waiting for, the village chief? Go in quickly. There should be many treasures in such a large tomb. Our village is getting rich !?"

Li Zhangu's eyes flickered, and he flicked the cigarette pot without talking.

Wang Tiegai said, "No, Shuangzhu, we cannot make this ill-gotten gain. I think we should report it to the relevant department, right?"

"Stupid! Wang Tiegai, you are really stupid. No wonder you have become poorer and poorer. In front of you is a great opportunity to make a fortune. Do you still want to go to the relevant department? You, so stupid! I am so angry with you!"

Li Shuangzhu cursed, his eyes glanced at the mouth of the cave.

Zhao Dayou also breathed a little hurriedly: "No, you can't report it to the relevant department. Xiaoyan Mountain is the mountain of our Xiaoyan Village. Anything in the mountain should belong to our Xiaoyan Village. When it is reported to the relevant department, we can get nothing!

Tiegai, don't talk first. I know that you are kind and your thoughts are right, but you also have to think about your old mother, who has been sick for a long time!

Why? Not because of no money! Moreover, you are in your thirties, and you haven't got married. Why? Because you don't have money!

Now you have a chance to get rich, aren't you stupid?"

"Think about it, if you have money, your mother can go to the city to see a doctor, you can marry a beautiful wife, and you can have a baby."

Wang Tiegai flushed, looked at Zhao Dayou and others, and then said, "I, I listen to the village chief!"

After hearing that, Zhao Dayou, Li Shuangzhu, and others were relieved and focused on Li Zhangu. Li Zhangu refilled a pot of cigarettes, lit it, and gritted his teeth: "Don't report it!"

"Awesome, village chief, you are the best and the most enlightened village chief I have ever seen!"

Zhao Dayou and others were also smiling, only Wang Tiegai felt unhappy.

Looking at the villagers, Li Zhangu's heart was a bit heavy, because he knew that his decision was wrong, but he did not overcome the greed in his heart, and he was also afraid.

In the village, not only Wang Tiegai's family is poor, everyone in the whole village bore endless of poverty-stricken. They all say that they rely on mountains to eat mountains, but Xiaoyan Mountain is really a bit desolate and can't support a village.

And now, an underground treasure that might be full of treasures was in front of him, and he didn't want to let go.

"Okay, don't make a noise. Now we go back to the village. If we want to get rich, let's get rich together. Go back to bring good tools, and dig out the treasure as fast as possible!" Li Zhangu took out the ash from the pipe and ordered.

"Yes, the village chief is right!"

"Go, go back now, call everyone, today we are poor, tomorrow we are rich!"

A group of people hurrahed towards Xiaoyan Village at the foot of the mountain. No one heard a heavy breathing sound coming out of the black hole when they were away.

If Li Zhangu and others heard it, the following thing might not happen, but it's a destiny.

Soon, Li Zhangu and others just returned to the village. Li Zhangu convened a meeting of the whole village and informed everyone of the news that Xiaoyan Mountain was a tomb, and they will discover it secretly.

Immediately, the entire village was happy but also felt scared. At this moment, there was an opportunity to get rich. No one would be willing to give up. They all agreed with Li Zhangu's decision.

Li Zhangu gave an order, and soon all the young men were gathered to the tomb. Basically, all the young male adults in the village joined. This arrangement was decided by Li Zhanguo's order, otherwise, the old ladies would like to go to discover it in person.

After everyone had a simple meal, Li Zhangu took everyone to Xiaoyan Mountain. They were so excited when they thought that they immediately became rich!

As for the women in the village, they were busy preparing a meal to celebrate after the men left. They were decided to eat poultry, But before, they would only to sell poultry, even if they were going to die.

From the perspective of everyone in Xiaoyan Village, it's almost time to get rich and no need to wait.

The village was cheerfully preparing to celebrate. Li Zhangu also took the men from the village and came to the cave again. After digging the cave with tools, they entered it one by one.


As night fell and the lights came on, Xiaoyan Village was filled with enticing aromas of meals.

The women sat together laughing and chatting, looking forward to the days after getting rich, one after another.

"Whoa, how many treasures can you say in that tomb? How much gold will there be, and if there is too much gold, I will melt it and make it a big gold chain to wear it."

"With the fortune, our whole family has moved into the city. Being a city man, we should be living in a comfortable house!"

"My first thing, I have to let my son marry a wife first and give birth to a grandson!"

The women talked about the lots of things, the time passed quickly, and the night was already deep, but still, no one came back, and finally, someone panicked. It's weird, something is not right. Even if there are too many antiques or golds, it doesn't take suck a long time to come back!

Some women began to discuss, preparing to let a few bold go into the mountains to see what's going on, but just before they had discussed it, there was a scream in the village!