Chapter 129 Is It?

A place that wants to become a scenic tourist area, in addition to having a unique natural humanistic style, also has a condition that is security. If the security is not up to standard, it will not become a scenic tourist area to receive tourists.

Lake Osawa can become a natural scenic tourist area, and its safety is naturally needless to say. It has been investigated for a long time that there is no large-scale fierce aggressive aquatic life in the lake.

Therefore, Wu Di only thought that the huge black shadow he had just seen was because he was dazzled. Although he was shocked, Wu Di continued to work.

"Wu Di, don't you feel a little strange these days?" Uncle Wang, a middle-aged man, said suddenly while watching the lake.

Wu Di said, "Strange? I don't feel anything strange!"

"No!" Uncle Wang shook his head and said, "There are absolutely strange things. I have never seen fish and water birds these days. Although they are rare, I can always see them.

However, I have never seen these days.

The most important thing is that the amount of garbage has been reduced recently, and it is not a small size. If we usually do, we have now transported several ships of garbages to the garbage boat, right?

A whole morning passed now, this boat isn't full yet. Isn't it weird? "

Wu Di's heart beats faster suddenly, remembering the previous thing of the plastic bag being dragged and disappeared in the water, and then smiled and said, "Uncle Wang, isn't it good to have less rubbish? This does not mean that the quality of tourists has improved!"

Uncle Wang raised an eyebrow. Of course, it is a good thing that the quality of tourists has improved, but they can only improve gradually, it will not suddenly improve a lot, right?

Uncle Wang wondered the reason and have no result. He scratched his head: "Maybe, let's go. Let's send the garbage to the garbage boat first, and then we will go ashore to eat."


"Ah ~"


When uncle Wang was about to send these garbage to the boat, and not far away, there were huge splashes of water, as well as shouts and exclaimings.

"No, someone has fallen into the water!" Uncle Wang shouted loudly.

A hundred meters away from the two, a yacht was shaking violently on the water, and tourists were thrown up and dropped into the Lake Osawa.

The sound of screaming and helping sounded one after another.

Save people!

This is the first thought of Wu Di and Uncle Wang.

The two men shook paddles desperately, and the boat quickly headed towards the incident site. Uncle Wang jumped into the water immediately and started to rescue the tourists who fall into the water. Fortunately, these tourists were wearing life jackets and were not life-threatening.

If it is the usual time, Wu Di is definitely the first to rescue these people, but today he hesitates. Uncle Wang has saved two people, Wu Di is still hesitating.

"Junior Wu, stop get dazed? Save people!" Uncle Wang shouted, frowned when he saw Wu Di staying still, why was Wu Di so weird today?

"Ah? Oh, I know!" Wu Di responded, watching Lake Osawa, which he usually loved, with a feeling of fear in his heart.

After taking a deep breath, Wu Di jumped into the lake to participate in the rescue!

After half an hour, all the tourists who fell into the water were rescued successfully and safely. Except for some people get frightened and a few people sips of lake water, everyone was fine.

The relevant departments launched an investigation. However, after some investigations, nothing was gained.

As for why the cruise ship suddenly swayed violently on the calm lake, a so-called expert gave a statement on the day that it was caused by a sudden water vortex at the bottom of the lake.

After that, after the tourists were persuaded and received corresponding compensation, the incident was resolved on the same day, and everyone didn't care much about it.

Wu Di and Uncle Wang came home from work in the evening. Uncle Wang didn't feel this thing happened strangely. It was not unusual for him to see tourists falling into the water.

Only Wu Di has been absent-minded, and his fear of Lake Osawa has deepened.

Because when entering the water to save people, he seemed to see a huge black shadow flashing away at the bottom of the lake.

Wu Di's mind hovered the huge dark shadow the whole night, can not fall into sleeping, and went to work the next day with dark circles.

"Ah, junior Wu, young people must learn to control themselves too, don't be too indulgent. Otherwise, you will regret it when you get old." Uncle Wang looked at Wu Di's dark circles and laughed.

Wu Di smiled and said, "Uncle Wang, not what you think. I lost sleep last night and didn't sleep all night."

"Young man, I understand, uncle was young before!" Uncle Wang said with a vague smile.

What do you know, what are you thinking about! Wu Di rolled his eyes, got into the boat, and found a clean place to lie down and said, "Uncle Wang, I'll hold it for a while, you wake me up at the workplace!"

"Okay, go to sleep!" Uncle Wang smiled. He treating Wu Di as his own child, so Wu Di wanted to have a nap, and he had no opinion at all.

However, Wu Di just lay down, and noise came out.

"Uncle Wang, what's going on there? What's happening over the garbage ship?" Wu Di asked.

Uncle Wang shook his head first and then said, "Let's go and see !?"

Without waiting for Wu Di to agree, Uncle Wang had already shaken the paddles. They will know what had happened as soon as he asked.

It turned out that all the garbage on the garbage boat had disappeared. It was about a dozen tons of garbage, which was to be delivered to the garbage dump today.

Uncle Wang was speechless. After watching it for a while, he shook his head and left. He said, "People are variety today, and now people even steal garbage?"

Wu Di didn't speak, and his heart became even more disturbed. The huge shadow hovering in his head became clearer.

The same weird thing happened again the next day, and the garbage collected was stolen again, but still couldn't find out how the thief transported the garbage, and didn't even understand why the thief doing this.

Because the trash was lost, the relevant personnel in the Lake Osawa tourist area did not choose to report to the relevant department.

In order not to affect tourists coming to travel, this strange news was also blocked.

Officials in the Lake Osawa Tourist Area thought that the thieves would stop their hands, but since the day the garbage was stolen, the garbage collected every day would be stolen.

At the same time, these days, tourists fall into the water every day. The reasons are basically the same. It is because the cruise ship suddenly shakes violently and the tourists fall into the water.

However, there have been no casualties, so it has not attracted much attention.

It was not until that day that a cruise ship suddenly overturned, and all the tourists fell into the water. After the cruise ship sank in Lake Osawa and disappeared, the incident suddenly upgraded.

"It's it, it's it, it must be it!" Wu Di murmured in his mouth when he saw the scene, his spirit became a bit abnormal.