Chapter 128 Lost Trash

Although Su Yu convinced Xuan Shui, in the end, Su Yu did not hear the secret.

Because Xuan Nv returned, the timing was just right, and Xuan Shui was not given a chance to say the secret at all.

"Leader, I heard that you went home to rest. Why did you come back so soon?" Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv, except for her pale face, she was very good in spirit. Su Yu finally felt relieved.

"It's boring to stay at home, so I come to work. I heard you just woke up. How do you feel?" Xuan Nv asked, looking at Su Yu as well as relieved.

"I feel good!" Su Yu said.

"Very good!" Xuan Nv nodded, and then she shows the attitude of leader: "You have to pay attention in the future, don't violently run your super power, it is too dangerous. Your final result is absolutely dead if Xuan Guang did not find us in time. "

Su Yu recalled the memory, tremored, and the feeling of super power running away was really not good. He said, "Yes, leader, I will never let my super power run away again."

"Okay, now that you know, you can do whatever you want.

By the way, isn't Xuan Yi saying she wants to check your body?

You go to find her and I want to see what has changed to you. "Xuan Nv waved her hands.

"Okay!" Su Yu responded, as if he is returning back to the time when he came to the bureau at the beginning. But quietly, change was already happening.

Half an hour later, Su Yu looked at his medical examination report in surprise, and Xuan Yi and others looked at Su Yu with horror.

Because Su Yu's medical examination report is too abnormal. Compared with the last time, all the data have undergone tremendous changes.

Su Yu has become stronger, and it is not a little, but a leap-forward improvement. Previously, Su Yu's grade was at most Yellow level seven or six, but now Su Yu's data has reached the Yellow level one, even to the limit of Yellow level one.

In other words, Su Yu's further improvement is entering the Black level.

"No, why? Why? Why did Xuan Zhen catch up with me after just two periods of sleep? It's not fair!" Xuan Shui shouted, thinking about the sweat and effort he put in to promote to Yellow level one. Xuan Shui almost wanna cry and complain about God's injustice.

Others are the same, when looking at Su Yu. They are also very envy.

All of them have to spend a lot of sweat to reach this level!

However, everyone also knows that although Su Yu's grade is improving very fast, he risked his life. He almost lost his life twice, which is not so lucky for anyone.

Most people are more recognizing Su Yu, and with the feeling of blessing when seeing Su Yu's rapid improvement in power.

However, some people are not happy about that. After all, not everyone is very generous.

However, the slightest bit of unhappiness in these people's hearts also disappeared. A thing happened, that is, Su Yu's power could not fly, Xuan Shui and others thought it was funny.

Although everyone knows that some special powers can not fly, everyone has never seen it, and Can't fly even become a legend. But now living examples appear in front of them.

The only bad effect brought about by Su Yu's rapid upgrade is also disappeared because of Su Yu's power defects.

This is good for unity within the Monsters Detective Bureau.

Su Yu now could feel every slight change in the Monsters Detective Bureau that was so small that even themselves did not perceive.

After leveling up, Su Yu found that he was extremely keen on his surroundings, and he could immediately perceive something bad to him.

But Su Yu is still a little depressed because he wants to fly too!

Who hasn't thought that flying freely in the sky?

However, Su Yu is an open-minded person. Just a few days, he feels satisfied with this situation, though sometimes he still feels a little upset.

Su Yu is very easy to satisfy. Life is good enough for Su Yu now. Su Yu didn't expect too much. His parents are healthy and he is still alive.

Of course, Su Yu is not without other desires. Su Yu's biggest desire is to become stronger. The kind of powerlessness facing danger in the mission is unforgettable. Su Yu does not want to experience it again.

So when life calmed down, Su Yu began to exercise madly, tormented his body, and took out unprecedented enthusiasm in order to be stronger enough.

Not only Su Yu, but also another person, Xuan Nv is also practicing madly.

The sudden dark event greatly affected Su Yu and Xuan Nv.


The water is gleaming, and the laughter of tourists is floating on Lake Osawa, and a yacht is intertwined with the lake like a fish.

The breeze came slowly, hitting everyone's faces with damp water vapor, there was an unspeakable comfortable feeling.

The picture is beautiful at this moment.

However, there is also an unpleasant thing. Some tourists are of poor quality, the garbage in their hands is discarded randomly, and then falls on the lake with the wind.

"These people are really annoying. How can they litter at will?" A young man in a small boat curses when he saw the garbage falling from a yacht.

This young man is called Wu Di, a villager in a village near Lake Osawa, and also a member of the Lake Osawa Environmental Protection Organization.

To put it more bluntly, Wu Di is responsible for the environmental sanitation of Lake Osawa.

Wu Di is sitting in a boat which is a tool for working on the lake. His main responsibility is to pick up the trash left by tourists on the lake.

There is already a pile of garbage on the boat, but this is only a small part, and more garbage has been sent to a garbage boat next to it.

"Junior Wu, don't complain. It's pretty good now. These tourists' quality has improved a lot. You need to be calm down and don't be angry. "

A middle-aged man sits next to him, smiled and said that his attitude, very peaceful. He has seen too many,  so he doesn't felt very anger anymore.

Wu Di pinched his lips and said, "Okay, uncle Wang, you swipe to the left, there is trash there."

"Okay!" Uncle Wang responded and shook for a moment, and the small boat wandered past.

Wu Di picked up the pliers and was going to clamp the plastic packaging bag, but he hadn't touched it yet, there was a splash of water there, and the plastic packaging disappeared on the lake.

Wu Di froze for a moment. What was dragging the garbage away?

At that moment, Wu Di seemed to see a huge black shadow passing downstream.

That thing died away, but Wu Di felt much bigger than those yachts.

Wu Di was startled, his forehead was full of cold sweat, but he didn't say anything. Because Wu Di knew that even if he said it, no one would believe it.

Although Lake Ozawa is large, it has long been found that there are no giant strange creatures, otherwise, it would not be a scenic tourist area.