Chapter 127 Afraid The Air Is suddenly Quiet

"Ah ~ this is comfortable!" Su Yu stretched a little, waking up from drowsiness, without the discomfort of a long sleep. He felt very comfortable, full of strength all over his body.

"Where is this? What about my clothes?" Su Yu opened his eyes and froze, his body was smooth without wearing a cloth.

"Wake up? Get dress since you wake up, your clothes are next to you, I'll go out first." Xuan Yi's voice sounded, and then the footsteps went away, the voice getting smaller and smaller: "It's strange, Why does the thing, the cocoon, on Xuan Zhen's body disappear every time? Hey, I really want to dissect him ... "

"???" Su Yu groaned for a few seconds, immediately remembering what happened before his coma, and knew what he was like now.

Cocoon? It is true that he is now in the cocoon. Su Yu looked at his intact body and realized that his power of generating a cocoon to self-healing started again after coma.

Su Yu exhaled a stale air, stretched out his hands, and rippled, and the glare of the sunshine into the eyes, which made Su Yu squint—this is in the medical room of Xuan Yi?

There was no other person in the medical room. Quietly, Su Yu picked up the clothes next to him and quickly put them on. He stood on the ground and moved his body. He didn't feel anything wrong. The recovered physical body was indeed full of strength.

"Did I become stronger again?" Su Yu shook his fist.

"Xuan Zhen? Did you wear it? I went in if you were dressed, and said," Since you wake up, let me check your body and give you an inspection report. "Xuan Yi's voice rang outside the door, interrupt Su Yu's thoughts.

"Ah? Ah, well dressed, you can come in!" Su Yu said it immediately.

Then Xuan Yi pushed in, and behind her is Xuan Huo, Xuan Guang, and others. Xuan Mu came to Su Yu and punched Su Yu. "What happened, Xuan Zhen? What's going on? In two months, you almost died twice. Do you really want to live here? "

Upon hearing this, Su Yu smiled bitterly and said, "I don't want to. But the opponents so strong every time.

By the way, how many days have I been unconscious this time? "

"Seven days, just like last time, after seven days you became intact again. What is going on with your body? I'm envious. If I have your self-healing power like this, I can definitely accomplish more and more difficult missions. "Xuan Tu envied.

Xuan Yi rolled his eyes aside and grabbed Xuan Tu's ears, "What? Xuan Tu, what do you mean by that? Is it because you think that my medical skills are not strong enough? I didn't heal you for any injuries. Are you missing arms or legs?

Are you still want Xuan Zhen's self-healing power? OK, next time you get hurt, I don't have time to treat you. "

"Don't, please, I said something wrong! You are the best? Your treating power is the best in my heart."

Though I said, I don't want Su Yu's self-healing power. Every time he almost makes himself half-dead. Why would I want it? I definitely don't want it! "Xuan Tu quickly said.

"Hum, that's good talk." Xuan Yi snorted and released Xuan Tu's ear.

Su Yu's face was dark. He felt speechless to Xuan Tu.

Su Yu looked at Xuan Guang and Xuan Huo: "What was the situation like when I was unconscious that day? Did the Shadow man been caught?"

"Well, caught it, and the trial is over, the death penalty is suspended." Xuan Guang said.

Su Yu is very happy and clenched his fists when heard that the Shadow man was caught. That guy was so hateful. If he ran away, it would be an unhappy thing.

As for the fact that the Shadow man was sentenced to death, Su Yu was not surprised. Those crimes committed by Shadow man numerous.

Su Yu glanced around for a round, frowned and asked, "Where is my leader? Why isn't she here?"

Su Yu didn't see Xuan Nv in the crowd.

"Well, you finally realized that Xuan Nv is not here. I thought you forgot Xuan Nv!" Said Xuan Yi, a little angry tone.

Su Yu surprised, how did when he mentions Xuan Nv, the attitude of Xuan Yi changed?

"Don't worry, Xuan Yi and Xuan Nv are good girlfriends. Xuan Nv is a little unhappy because Xuan Nv gets harmed for protecting you!" Xuan Shui said gently near Su Yu's ear.

Su Yu heard the words stunned, and then worried: "Is Xuan Nv seriously hurt? Where is she now?"

"Okay, Xuan Nv didn't save you in vain. You also know to care about Xuan Nv. Rest assured, I can save her. Xuan Nv just went home to rest, but she didn't have your super self-healing power. "Xuan Yi said.

Su Yu breathed a big sigh of relief: "Xuan Nv is home? Well, right, where is Xuan Nv's home? I want to see her."

As soon as Su Yu said this, the room became extremely silent, looking at him strangely.

Su Yu was numb by the scalp when seen by everyone. He swallowed the saliva: "What? Is there something wrong with what I said?"

"No, no, you're right!" They said, then turned away one by one, even Xuan Yi also go away.

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. Why they acting like this if there were no problems. Su Yu looked at the crowd, grabbed Xuan Shui, and pinched his neck and said, "Xuan Shui, Is anything wrong that I say I'm going to see Xuan Nv? ”

"Xuan Zhen, you let go, ye, let go, damn, have you become stronger again?" Xuan Shui struggling Su Yu's arm, but couldn't move, his heart was shocked.

"Don't want to change the talking subject, I will let you go when you answer." Su Yu grasped harder. Xuan Shui is a big mouth. It is the easiest way to know a secret from Xuan Shui.

"Ok, ok, can I tell you that. Ok?" Xuan Shui was helpless, feeling that his neck was going to be severed.

"Then say quickly, what the hell is it? If you say it I will buy you a big meal." Su Yu laughed.

Xuan Shui rolled his eyes and said, "Come on, last time you said it. But you did not buy me the meal."

"Have I said that?" Su Yu raised an eyebrow, he really couldn't remember, and then waved his hand: "Okay, even if I said, you remember ... No, I remember you said you will buy me a big meal??"

Xuan Shui's eyes were widened, and felt that Xuan Zhen was no longer respect him as a senior. He pointed at Su Yu, and finally exhaled, "Yes, Xuan Zhen, Let's go over this first. It doesn't matter who owes a big meal. "

"Yes, that's not important, say it quickly, I know you want to say it also." Su Yu emphasised.

Xuan Shui heard it and then stare hard at Su Yu: I'm not that kind of person.

Su Yu stared back: No, you are!