Chapter 125 Bright

Watching Su Yu also fainted, Xuan Guang is speechless, and then waved his palm gently, a soft light power put Su Yu and Xuan Nv side by side, he whispered softly: "Have a good rest, the rest Just leave it to me! "

Then Xuan Guang's expression becomes cold. He looked at the Shadow man, "You hurt my two lovely juniors like this?"

"Just you?" Said Shadow man, looking at Xuan Guang's face, showing a disgusting look. He hated the power of Xuan Guanglu.

"Yes, you will die!" Xuan Guang's voice was cold.

"It's up to you?" Shadow man tilted his head, and yelled at the Night Demon lying on the ground: "Waste, can't get up and kill him!"

"Hou ~" The Night Demon who was turned on the ground by Su Yu uttered a low roar after the shadow voice fell, and his huge body sat up fiercely from the ground.

Its chest was hitten by Su Yu, and black blood flowed.

But this Night Demon seemed to feel no pain, and when he sat up, he attacked Xuan Guang.

Xuan Guang stepped back, and his figure flashed in front of the Night Demon, kicking on the Night Demon's chin, and letting its body stop suddenly.

At the same time, countless rays of light converge in Xuan Guang's hands.

Xuan Guang's palm was gently printed on the Night Demon's brows.

A light sword stabbed from the back of the Night Demon.

Huh, ~ Night Demon's head spontaneously ignited without fire, and the huge Night Demon became a pile of ashes.

"The waste should look like a waste, isn't it?" Xuan Guang retracted his palm and looked at the Shadow man.

Only one shot?

The Shadow man's pupil narrowed, and said, "It is true, the waste should be discarded. Are you Xuan Guang of the monsters detective bureau?

"No more nonsense, aren't you also at the Black level? I'm curious, it shouldn't be difficult to kill my two juniors with your strength and the waste you cultivated, but it's not ... what are you thinking? "Xuan Guang said.

"Oh, what I am thinking? You can guess!" Shadow man smiled.

Xuan Guang's mouth cocked, "I don't like to use my brain very much. I think you better tell me yourself!"

"Oh? Really? If you want me to speak, it depends on whether you have that ability!" Shadow man said it, his face gloomy.

The two men's momentum rose, the coercion diffused, and they began to collide in the void, generating electricity in the void, making a loud noise.

The confrontation between the two actually began when Xuan Guang appeared, including the confrontation between words.

It was just that the two hadn't found the flaw in the other side, so they didn't fight immediately.

At this moment, Xuan Huo is still looking for the end of the maze, feeling this two powerful coercion, suddenly changed color, looking at the direction of the arena: "Xuan Guang is also there, who is the other coercion? Is it ... "

Xuan Huo finally felt wrong at this moment, and the whole body was burning with raging flames, regardless of burning through the walls, and heading towards the arena quickly.

"Damn, why I followed what Shadow man said? Xuan Huo, Xuan Huo, why are you so stupid?"

Xuan Huo was annoyed, feeling the increasing coercion coming from the two people, feeling uneasy in my heart.

He felt Xuan Guang's coercion including anger.

Xuan Guang just a gentle person, rarely gets angry, angry every time companions were wounded.

He sensed the breath of Xuan Zhen and Xuan Nv before. but now, their breath is getting weaker and weaker.

How about Zhen Xuan and Xuan Nv?

Combined with anger Xuan Guang, Xuan Huo have a bad feeling.


Just then, a huge roar resounded in the ground, in the perception of Xuan Huo, the two powerful coercion has finally collided together.

"Damn, Xuan Zhen, Xuan Nv, you can not... Ah!" Xuan Huo bites his lips, faster gallop toward the underground arena.

Xuan Huo's perception was right. After a brief confrontation, both Xuan Guang and Shadow man, could not able to detect each other's flaws. So they can only start to fight without a delay.

They have no expenses of a collision, the power of Xuan Guang and Shadow man in the air and suddenly the collision, and instantly the whole arena into two-part, half-light and half-dark.

Both of them are evenly matched, no one stronger or weaker.

"Judgment of light!" Xuan Guang reached out and grabbed, a huge sword of light condensed in the air and blasted towards the Shadow man.

The Shadow man was also caught in the volley, and the shadow of the arena began to twist, turning into black snakes devouring between the lights: "Shadow swallow!"

The Sword of Light and the Black Serpent collided in the air, and an explosion suddenly occurred, and both annihilated.

Uh ~

Xuan Guang's figure flickered at this moment, and his body seemed to dissipate into the light, and then appeared in front of the shadow out of thin air. Xuan Guang's feet poked toward the Shadow man's throat, and the power of light gathered on Xuan Guang's feet, like a shining star.

Uh ~

The Shadow man kicks out his leg, and the two people's legs collided in the air, making a sound of gold and iron impact.

The explosion of the power of light and the power of shadow exploded, and the two flew out simultaneously.

Then the two rushed towards each other again.

Boom boom ... Several explosions occurred in the collision between the two, and huge pits were scattered throughout the arena.

When Xuan Huo came here, he saw this scene.

However, Xuan Huo didn't care too much about the battle between Xuan Guang and Shadow man, and he comes to care Xuan Zhen and Xuan Nv firstly.

Seeing that the two were not in danger, Xuan Huo was relieved.

But soon replaced by anger, Su Yu's injuries were too serious.

Xuan Huo said hatefully: "Damn, all blame me. If I can find something wrong earlier, this will not happen. Xuan Zhen and Xuan Nv, waiting, I will avenge you!"

After said that, Xuan Huo rushed to fight with Shadow man, the flames were burning all over, and the hair was burning, reaching out and grabbing a flame spear appeared in the hands of Xuan Huo.

"Dead!" Xuan Huo shouted, and the flame spear pierced the Shadow man's chest.

Shadow man has long noticed Xuan Huo, so he has been guarding against Xuan Huo. When he saw Xuan Huo stabbed at him, he sneered, holding the power of the thick shadow on the palm toward Xuan Huo's spear.

Shadow snorted in his heart. A man at Yellow level one dared to shoot at him. Are you think entering the Black level is as easy as get a McDonald's gift?

Shadow man didn't care much about Xuan Huo, now only the man at the Black level can qualify to fight him.

But the next moment, the Shadow man's face changed. Ow! With a soft sound, he felt a pain in the palm of his hand, and Xuan Huo's spear pierced his palm.

Shadow man screamed in shock: "Have you entered the Black level?"

At the same time, Shadow man pulled back abruptly, avoiding the attack that Xuan Guang followed, staying away from Xuan Guang and Xuan Huo. Looking at the two, his facial expression extremely gloomy.