Chapter 124 Runaway

"Emm? What's going on? Dead is not a painful thing?"

Su Yu closed his eyes and waited for a long time. He didn't feel the death coming. He was surprised and couldn't help but open his eyes and looked.

Then Su Yu's eyes narrowed slowly, a slender figure blocked in front of him, a huge black sharp claws came out of Xuan Nv's abdomen, and blood dripped from the claws.

The hot blood dripped on Su Yu's face, Su Yu's body could not help shaking, his eyes were a little bit wet.

How could this be? Why is this happening?

Suddenly Su Yu's thoughts were disordered and replaced by fear, not for fear of his own life, but for fear that Xuan Nv would passes away.

"Oh, Su Yu, I failed to protect you last time in the bone lands, this time I won't let you die!" Xuan Nv was weak, and then Xuan Nv's gravity broke out, Su Yu felt like he was flying out, getting farther and farther from the Xuan Nv.

At this time, the gods in Su Yu's eyes regrouped and realized what the Xuan Nv was going to do. At the last moment, the Xuan Nv also wanted to send him away.

Bang ~

A huge sound erupted in Su Yu's body. At this moment, Su Yu's body flashed blue electric light and blue halo.

With a click, the air around Su Yu shattered, and the gravity power surrounding him also shattered together. Su Yu fell heavily to the ground, but the next moment Su Yu stood up from the ground and then stepped towards Xuan Nv.

"Don't!" Xuan Nv shouted at this, knowing what happened to Su Yu's body. These are two super powers that violently run in Su Yu's body, completely violently run, which is likely to cause self-explosion or self-destroyed.

This is far more horrible than the land of bones.

"Shut up, woman!" Su Yu shouted, hearing Xuan Nv's words, "woman, I can't protect you yet, I'm a man, I don't want a woman to protect me, ah, it hurts! "

Every time Su Yu takes a step, he will leave a bloody footprint on the ground.

Two kinds of super powers run in his body, and the horrible power almost tore off Su Yu's muscles and skin. At this moment, Su Yu's whole body was covered with cracks, and blood flowed continuously along the cracks.

Alas ~ Su Yu's figure disappeared the next moment.

Then the ground where Su Yu just stood shattered, forming a deep pit with a diameter of more than ten meters, and a spider-like crack spread out in all directions.

That was caused by Su Yu stepping on the ground.

A figure appeared in front of the Night Demon's eyes, and a blue figure appeared in front of it. It immediately became angry, and the huge claws were about to fall toward Su Yu.

However, just when it was about to move, it suddenly felt a pain in its paws, and the body involuntarily stepped back.

Night Demon stumbled a bit, because it saw that one of its fingers, that is the missing-finger which stabbed Xuan Nv's body, was instantly broken by Su Yu.

"Roar ~"

Ten fingers connected, this pain is horrible, the Night Demon scream out the earth-shattering pain.

Then the Night Demon became furious, and a black light erupted on its body. It has only one thought, killing Su Yu!

"Xuan Zhen ..."

"Shut up, woman, don't be die, otherwise I won't be contented if I died!" Su Yu gritted his teeth and rushed to the Night Demon. At this time, the severe pain made Su Yu's mind not to think a lot, just want to break and destruction.

"Go to hell!" Su Yu flashed and then stand in front of Night Demon, slamming a punch on Night Demon's chest, making a huge sound of gold iron and iron fighting.

Then the sound of dense glass shattered, the crack shrouded the Night Demon, and the air shattered. The Night Demon's huge body was directly flying away, and the tough skin on its chest was also shattered.

And Su Yu is even worse. After punching out, although the running power in the body was released a lot, the physical strength of Su Yu couldn't bear the explosion of such powerful force. The flesh on the arm that punched out collapsed directly. Broken, leaving only white bones, and the bones were also covered with cracks.

"Enough, Xuan Zhen, you will die if you go on like this!" Xuan Nv roared, pulling the Night Demon's huge fingers from her abdomen, and immediately sealed the wound with a little recovered ice power to prevent the wound from expanding and bleeding shock.

Although the treatment was correct, Xuan Nv still felt black in front of her eyes, and fainted for a while, clenching her teeth to prevent herself from passing out.

"Not enough!" Su Yu shouted, not that he didn't want to stop, but couldn't stop. At this moment, Su Yu felt like he had exploded. He didn't release all the running power in his body, he only had one consequence, Boom. And then there is nothing left.

"Fuck, I will definitely not erupt next time!" Su Yu scolded in his heart, and was extremely speechless. He didn't want to make his power run that fiercely without his control. He was meant to erupt within his body's limitation, just like that time in the bones land.

But when mobilizing the power in the source of super power, the two super power went away uncontrollably.

Su Yu felt very wronged. If he died, it may be a big joke.

While thinking in this way, Su Yu kept punching toward the Night Demon, and each punch would burst out a blood flower shot, which was Su Yu's own flesh and blood.

Immediately, Su Yu waved out a thousand punches, and most of his flesh broke from Su Yu's body. His arms, chest, and flesh had all disappeared, and Su Yu's lively beating internal organs exposed.

At this moment, Su Yu's body looks like a blood-stained skull, which looks terrible and abnormal.

However, Su Yu is still punching regardless of it. At this moment, the huge Night Demon has been turned to the ground by Su Yu, and there is no power to fight back.

Again, it's not that Su Yu didn't want to stop, but that Su Yu couldn't stop at all, and the running power dominated his constant attack.

Boom boom!

The ground was roaring, and the ground in the entire arena was constantly sinking, which was continuously bombarded by Su Yu's huge forces.

"Enough!" Suddenly, a gentle voice sounded in Su Yu's ears, which suddenly made Su Yu's gradually lost spirit, and the constant bombardment motion stopped abruptly.

Just then, Su Yu felt that a pair of warm big hands grabbed his fists, leaving him no chance to punch.

At the same time, Su Yu felt a warm force covering his body, rushed into his body, and gently calmed down the power of his abruptly.

"Xuan Guang?" Su Yu glanced up at the man who suddenly made him stop.

"Well, it's me. I don't think it's too late!" Xuan Guang smiled mildly.

Su Yu smiled bitterly: "You can only take the dead bodies of me and Xuan Nv, if you come a minute later!"

Bang, Su Yu exhausted, sitting on the buttocks of the Night Demon, his fingers couldn't move anymore: "Where is Xuan Nv?"

"Her condition is much better than you, but she lost a little more blood. When she saw me, she fell into a coma!" Xuan Guang rolled his eyes. Your condition is much worse and you care about others?

"That's good!" Su Yu heard a sigh of relief, and then he fell into a coma.

Xuan Guang: "???"