Chapter 123 Trauma

"Okay!" Su Yu replied, without any hesitation, a bright blue halo bloomed throughout his body, and his fist was like a little blue sun.

Huh! Su Yu punched in the air!

The buzzing force of humming, the sound of cracking of the glass sounded, with Su Yu's fist as the center, countless cracks began to spread, covering the whole arena.

The next moment, the air broke apart, the rumbling, and the arena began to shake like an earthquake, and cracks appeared on the arena and the stands.

The statues of the Night Demons ice sculpture shattered in the shock, shattered into fragments on the ground.

The horror of the shock power began with the center of the arena spreading in all directions, shaking for a few kilometers.

The battle on the ground was over. Zhang Xianmin and others were about to enter the villa, and the ground suddenly shook.

"Earthquake?" Zhang Xianmin exclaimed, the villa in front of him was shaking violently, but the quality was very good, except for some broken glass, there was no damage.

There is no need to keep the light, Xuan Guang flickered and then stand in front of Zhang Xianmin and others.

"What's going on? Is this an earthquake caused by Su Yu's shock power? Did Su Yu and Xuan Nv meet a strong enemy?" Xuan Huo frowned, burning a Night Demon into ashes.

At this point, Xuan Huo was still on its way to find the end in the maze.

"Wow, oh, oh ~" The Shadow man's voice sounded again: "Good strength power and good cooperation, you guys can even kill so many of my pets in an instant, your members of the Monster Detective Burea are so strong! Xuan Nv, are you going to the next level, to the Black level?

But unfortunately, you may never advance to the Black level, you will die here today! "

"Hum, you can try!" Xuan Nv hummed coldly, and stood up from the ground. Although her ice super power was exhausted, there was still some gravity power, not without the power of a battle.

Su Yu also consumes a lot of power, and he took two deep breaths to calm down, and said, "Leader, the Shadow man may have other preparations!"

"Roar!" when Su Yu said this, a huge roar sounded, and Su Yu's ears buzzed.

"Hahaha!" the Shadow man laughed loudly, and he said, "You are very lucky, my latest pet has been completed, and I will let it play with you!"

Su Yu flashed his eyes and said, "Shadow man, you have been delaying time? To improve your pet?"

Shadow man whispered: "Oh? How did you guess? Yes, I have been delaying time, otherwise, you would have found me long ago, I don't want you to come across my pet before my pet is finished it's upgraded "

"Huh, Even if you expose yourself, you still wanna delay time for your pet to upgraded. It seems that you really love your pet!" Su Yu hummed.

Shadow smiled and said, "I hope you will let me discover more deficiencies ... go, my baby, kill them!"

Huh! Boom! Boom……

The sound of heavy footsteps sounded, the ground was trembling, and a bang, the wall on the side of the arena burst suddenly, and a huge figure nearly ten meters high came out of the broken wall, extremely fierce. The breath surged towards Su Yu and Xuan Nv.

This is an enlarged version of the new type of Night Demons, but it is only four or five features similar to the new Night Demons. These Night Demons are more different. The dark skin is gone. Instead, it is a piece of black steel-like plate, covering the whole body, it seems to put a thick layer of armor on it.

"Black level monsters?" Xuan Nv's expression became dignified, and she felt threatened from these huge Night Demons.

"No, no, it's a little bit weaker the Black level monsters, but it's almost, it should be enough to kill you!" Shadow man shook his head.

"Roar ~" Night Demons growled in a low voice, and rushed towards Xuan Nv and Su Yu, and the speed turned out to be incredible, only leaving a shadow when moving.

In a moment, the Night Demon had appeared beside Su Yu.

Su Yu was shocked in his heart, he had to evade at the next step, but he could not avoid it at all.

Because the speed of the Night Demon is too fast, Su Yu's movements are like slow motion in the eyes of the Night Demon.

When Su Yu evaded, a huge hand came toward Su Yu.

Suddenly, Su Yu felt like he was hit by a moving car.

Hey ~ Su Yu's body is like being hit by a baseball and flying out.

Su Yu's figure flickered, and he banged against the wall of the arena. The wall of the arena was immediately smashed by Su Yu.

"Wow ~" Su Yu immediately spit blood, and was totally stunned. He felt like the whole body's bones were broken by this claw. It took a long time for Su Yu to wake up, but he couldn't stand up.

"Fuck, the gap is too big!" Su Yu scolded in his heart, feeling powerless again, realizing he was still too weak.

Coughing blood in his mouth, he looked at Xuan Nv, who was already fighting with the huge Night Demon.

Bang Bang Bang ...

The shock wave of terror spread around the two. The earth cracked and shattered during the battle between the two. The entire arena was shaking violently, and huge stones fell from overhead from time to time.

The place going to collapse.

"Damn, won't they know we are going to be buried alive in this way?" Su Yu couldn't help but think, if this place collapsed, Su Yu knows that it is very difficult to survive with his current physical condition. He has to go outside.

It's too dangerous to stay here.

And in his current situation, staying here can not have any help, but become a burden for the Xuan Nv, leaving is the best choice.

In addition, Su Yu also went to find support, Xuan Guang, and Xuan Huo.

Xuan Guang is not showing out, its reasonable, because he is in the outside of the villa. But why Xuan Huo didn't show up for such a long time, it really made him speechless.

"What's going on Xuan Huo? Why he did not come here, here made such a big movement? What the hell is he doing?"

Su Yu frantically think, distracting himself, and letting himself forget a little pain.

The Xuan Nv who was fighting with the Night Demon over there saw Su Yu sober up, and couldn't help relieved.

At that moment, Xuan Nv thought Su Yu had been killed, and almost wanna be mad.

Fortunately, feeling that Su Yu had a voice, she kept her calm.

Watching Su Yu move towards a distance at this moment, Xuan Nv guessed Su Yu's thoughts, and the attack that was launched immediately became more fierce-entangle the Night Demon, and give Su Yu enough time to leave.

"Night Demon, leave that woman alone and kill the man!" At this time, the Shadow man's voice sounded, and he also noticed Su Yu's thoughts. Naturally, he would not let Su Yu leave, and gave the order to the Night Demon.

Hearing the order, a fierce light flashed in the Night Demon's eyes, and the huge body disappeared beside Xuan Nv, and appeared next to Su Yu.

Brutal murderous energy shrouded Su Yu. Su Yu was stiff. Looking at the huge claws, Su Yu could only close his eyes in pain, think: I am going to die!