Chapter 122 Absolutely frozen

Su Yu's brain is moving at a high speed. He doesn't want to see Xuan Nv be completely angry because he doesn't want to be affected.

Suddenly, Su Yu saw the oil lamp on the wall flash suddenly, and said, "Leader, oil lamp, light, fire, burn my shadow, burn the lines!"

Su Yu shouted in a mess, but Xuan Nv understood, the cold expression on her face receded. She waved her sword, lights flickered, and oil lamps were chopped down by Xuan Nv from the wall, and some fell on Su Yu's shadow, some fell on the thin line connected to Su Yu's shadow. The fire ignited on the ground, and the blazing fire illuminated the channel.

Su Yu's body shook, and the black line connected to Su Yu's shadow broke.

Immediately Su Yu felt relaxed for a while, and the control of the body returned.

Xuan Nv comes to his side.

"Do you know how he controls you? Be careful, don't be controlled any more!" Xuan Nv asked.

Su Yu groaned for a second and said, "It should be related to his infiltrating into my shadow, and you must be careful, leader!"

Xuan Nv nodded gently, and then the sword swept away, and the flames on the ground floated upwards and flew towards the Shadow man. The flames were like scattered flowers from heaven, and the fire light shone the shadows in the channel very little.

The Shadow man jumped in the shadows, and quickly walked away. The Shadow man's voice came: "Haha, I won't play with you anymore, goodbye!"

"Chase, don't let him run away!" Xuan Nv said with a cold expression, and chased quickly toward the Shadow man.

Su Yu could only follow closely, saying, "Leader, be careful!"

The Shadow man's retreat was too abrupt, and Su Yu think there may be traps in it.

"Ok, I know!" Xuan Nv answered, but her body didn't stop at all. The Shadow man jumped very fast in the shadows, and soon disappeared in the eyes of the two, but there was a breath sense remaining. Xuan Nv and Su Yu don't worry that they can not find the Shadow man's trace.

One minute later, Su Yu and Xuan Nv stood in front of a stone gate, and the breath of Shadow man disappeared behind the gate.

Xuan Nv winked at Su Yu. Su Yu understood it, and a blue halo appeared on Su Yu's body.


Su Yu punched the stone gate with a punch and made a muffled sound.

Om ~ the shock power surges, and the sound of cracking of the glass continues to sound. With Su Yu's fist as the center, cracks spread and spread over the stone gate.

The next moment the stone gate crashed, the stones flew towards the stone gate, and at the same time, there was a roar inside.

The two beams of searchlights hit Su Yu and Xuan Nv. Su Yu and the two seemed to be standing under the spotlight on the stage.

Su Yu can't help squinting his eyes before he can see the situation inside the door, and he hurried to take a breath.

Behind the gate turned out to be a huge arena, with facilities such as stands, and it was similar to the Roman arena.

However, the audience on the stand was not human, but a new type of Night Demon with a tall body. When they saw Su Yu's pair of dark eyes, he opened his mouth and growled at Su Yu.

"Roar ~" The growl was deafening.

There are too many monsters, there are at least a few hundred, or even a thousand.

Su Yu couldn't help but swallowed, and said, "Fuck, this lunatic, how can he support so many Night Demons?"

Xuan Nv looked coldly: "We must not let these Night Demons appear on the ground, otherwise it will be a disaster for Nanquan City!"

"Welcome, welcome both of the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau to my private arena. The two of you are the first players to participate in my private arena as humans." The Shadow man's voice resounded in the arena.

Su Yu walked around the arena for a round and found the Shadow man's figure. He stands on the high stand plate. There was a window in which the Shadow man held a heated commentary with a microphone.

Xuan Nv also found the Shadow man, immediately flying into the sky, rushing towards the Shadow man. However, when she flying over the stands, the new type of Night Demons jumped and launched an attack on Xuan Nv, pushing Xuan Nv back to the platform.

The Shadow man smiled: "Don't be so anxious, if you want to catch me, you need to defeat my little cutes!"

"Roar ~" The new Night Demons snarled together as if to respond to what the Shadow man said.

"Then the game will begin!" Said the Shadow man again, with a bang, and a huge, heavy slate fell and blocked the exit.

The words of the Shadow man were like a signal. As soon as they landed on the ground, the Night Demons in the stands rushed towards Su Yu and Xuan Nv.

"Kill!" Xuan Nv sighed coldly, the sword swept, gravity launched at the same time, and dozens of Night Demons were chopped and blasted by Xuan Nv, falling down and leaving a dark blood rain.

Su Yu also did not hesitate to kill the Night Demons, but Su Yu's power is not strong enough. It does take much effort to deal with ordinary Night Demons for Su Yu, so it is extremely laborious to deal with these new Night Demons.

The danger levels of the new type of Night Demons are generally in Yellow level seven which is equivalent to Su Yu's current level. Su Yu can deal with one or two at the same time.

When Xuan Nv killed ten, Su Yu was able to kill one, which was based on the fact that Su Yu's dual powers broke out.

"Xuan Zhen, jump, the higher the jump, the better!" Suddenly, Xuan Nv shouted at Su Yu.

Su Yu heard the words for a while, then looked at Xuan Nv who started to freeze all over the body, knowing that Xuan Nv was about to launch a big attack.

Immediately, Su Yu no longer hesitated, kicking his legs violently on the ground, and the ground slammed a big pit. Su Yu's body rushed upward like a missile.

With a bang, Su Yu went out into the ceiling with both hands and hung himself in the air.

At the moment Su Yu jumped, Xuan Nv's long sword swept immediately, and the gravity sword spread rapidly around, pushing all the rushing Night Demons away.

Swept ... the Night Demons fell down on the ground and the stands.

Xuan Nv's attack did not stop. After sweeping out some of the nearby Night Demons, Xuan Nv's sword fiercely plunged into the ground, and an extremely cold broke out around the Xuan Nv.

"Absolutely frozen!"

Xuan Nv's cold voice resounded in the arena.

Kakaka ...

The frosty air quickly permeated, and the passing place quickly condensed into a thick layer of ice.

The Night Demons turned into a lifelike ice sculpture.


Su Yu fell from the top of the shed and fell to the ground, shivering and hugging his arms and said, "Hiss, so cold, ~ are you okay, leader?"

"Fast, Xuan Zhen, use the shock power, with the greatest shock power to attack, the Night Demons are not dead!" Xuan Nv's face was pale and slightly weak, and the absolute freeze instantly exhausted Xuan Nv's ice super power. Xuan Nv's face looks very weak now.