Chapter 121 Shadow Man Manipulation

Su Yu shook his head, left the strange feeling behind his head, and said, "Good leader, just look at me!"

Then Su Yu smashed the wall more hard, but the speed of progress was slowed down, because more and more new types of night demons were encountered. Even Xuan Nv, need to take some efforts to beat them down.

In this regard, Su Yu and Xuan Nv were not disappointed, and they speculated that the direction forward was correct.

Otherwise, why would they encounter so many night demons?

With a bang, another wall was smashed into a big hole by Su Yu. Su Yu had just stepped into the new passageway, and felt great danger. Su Yu fall down to the left on the ground immediately.

At the same time, Xuan Nv's voice also sounded: "Xuan Zhen, be careful!"

Sa ~ Su Yu immediately felt cold on his neck, and then heat, blood spurted out.

A wound appeared on the right side of Su Yu's neck. Su Yu's tough skin didn't seem to have any effect under the sudden attack!

"The response is fast. Should I say that he is indeed the man of the Monsters Detective Bureau? Ah ha ha ha ..." A laugh sounded.

"Shadow man? You finally gave it up?" Xuan Nv stepped in front of Su Yu, watching the Shadow man, sneered, thinking that Su Yu was right, and really forced the Shadow man out!

Su Yu stood up from the ground with a look of fear in his face. Fortunately, he responded fast enough, otherwise, his head would be cut off.

"Yeah, I didn't want to come out, but you guys broke my rules of the game so much, how can I stay calm?" the Shadow man said, his body disappeared in a shadow under the oil lamp.

The razor-sharp blade came from behind him, and Su Yu's fist wrapped with a blue electric shine, turned back and punched.

With a bang, Su Yu's fist exploded from behind and appeared on the short knife.

The Shadow man jumped out of the shadow behind Su Yu and attacked Su Yu again.

Su Yu has directly punched the knife away, and Shadow man's body also flew back and disappeared in the shadow, and then appeared in another shadow. The shadow said: "Oh, the response is fast enough!"

"Be careful, his ability should be the shadow jumping or the like, within a certain range can jump and move in the shadow!" Xuan Nv arrived at the side of Su Yu, while a sword stabbed into the Shadow man,


A large round hole was punctured in the wall by Xuan Nv.

"Yeah!" Su Yu nodded, more and more cautiously, the Shadow man disappeared again.

At this time, Su Yu slammed into his own shadow. Suddenly, there was another loud noise. Su Yu and Shadow man's meet again. The Shadow man jumped out of Su Yu's shadow, and the short knife cut to Su Yu's neck again.

Dong, Su Yu's fist smashed the Shadow man. When the Shadow man fell on Su Yu's shadow as if the sound of water drops dripping into the water, and the body of the Shadow man merged directly into Su Yu's shadow.

Sa, a sword light slashed across, a sword mark appeared on the ground. Xuan Nv shot the shadow, but it did not play any role, and the Shadow man was unharmed.

Upon seeing this, Xuan Nv humming coldly, and then chopped again., but chopped down into the shadow. With a loud noise, a fist shining blue electric spark hit the sword.

"Xuan Zhen, what are you doing?" Xuan Nv asked, her face changed immediately. Because Su Yu was the one who punched.

"Leader, it's not me, my body is out of control, damn it! Leader, he is running away!" Su Yu shouted loudly, his body jumped out of control, and punched Xuan Nv again.


Xuan Nv horizon her sword to block Su Yu's punch. The cold air on the sword made Su Yu's fist appear a layer of frost.

Xuan Nv leaped backward, avoiding Su Yu's other fist, and looked at the shadow that emerged from a shadow: "This is you? What did you do to Su Yu?"

"Guess!" Shadow man said with a grin.

He flicked his fingers, Su Yu's body couldn't help but move, and flung towards Xuan Nv in a strange posture.

"Hideaway, leader!" Su Yu shouted, trying to control his body, but the Shadow man totally controlled Su Yu's body and rushed towards Xuan Nv. Some postures that couldn't be done before are all done now.

However, it is very unpleasant. In addition to the humiliation of being manipulated, there are also pains. Some postures that cannot usually be done. At the moment, it is not a painful word to describe.

"Ah, the splits ~"

Ka ~ Su Yu suddenly did a big split and almost crying out in pain, his eyes rounded.

"Ha..." Seeing this scene, Xuan Nv almost laughs out, but immediately she walked back to avoid the attack manipulated by the Shadow man, looking coldly at the Shadow man: "You controlled the shadow of Xuan Zhen? "

"Hmm? Have you seen it? Is my Shadow manipulation very artistic?" The Shadow man smiled, and fingers twitched, and a thin black line emerging from the Shadow man's fingertips and connected to Su Yu's shadow.

What kind of action the Shadow man makes? Su Yu's body follows what kind of action.

These postures are difficult to do.

Su Yu's painful tears were coming out. He watched at Xuan Nv and said, "Leader, can we stop talking with him first? Beat him, my body is painful now!"

Xuan Nv glanced at Su Yu, then silently nodded, cutting her sword to the Shadow man, but Su Yu's figure was directly in front of the Shadow man, Xuan Nv was surprised, and hurriedly changed the attack direction.

With a bang, a huge crack appeared directly on the ground next to Su Yu.

"Xuan Zhen, do you want to die?" Xuan Nv yelled, and almost cut Su Yu into two halves.

Su Yu said with a grievance, hey, I didn't want to block the sword!

The Shadow man is laughing: "Hahaha, fun, really fun, do you think it is fun?"

"You shut up!" Xuan Nv shouted, the gravity power started, and with a bang, pressed the location of the Shadow man out of a deep hole, but it did not hurt the Shadow man, and the Shadow man appeared in another shadow in advance.

"Haha, angry now?" The Shadow man continued to laugh, and at the same time controlled Su Yu to pounce on Xuan Nv, his fists hit like raindrops, his fist broke through the channel, leaving holes in the channel.

In order not to hurt Su Yu, Xuan Nv can only defend or evade. She was beaten by Su Yu for a while, and her face became colder and colder.

Su Yu was very close to Xuan Nv at this moment, and he could clearly see the change of Xuan Nv's look. Seeing this, Su Yu could not help but start to chill from the bottom of his heart.

"Not good!"

Su Yu screamed in his heart, knowing that Xuan Nv is about to very angry, thinking is moving fast. How to get rid of the current predicament? When Xuan Nv gets irritated, even if her attack does not come to him, he will be affected.