Chapter 120 Maze

"Xuan Zhen, walk with me, Xuan Huo alone!" Xuan Nv glanced at the passage in front of her, and chose a drill directly.

Seeing this, Su Yu was speechless. This woman is really arbitrary. Can't you make a discussion with me before the act?

Of course, although Su Yu thought so, he was not slow at the foot, and hurried to follow her.

Xuan Nv is much stronger than him, so it is safer to follow her.

It's not scary to meet the night demon Su Yu, but in case of unluck, meet the Shadow man, it's bad, he has no confidence to be the opponent of the Shadow man.

This self-knowledge Su Yu still has.

As Su Yu's voice disappeared into the dark channel, Xuan Huo standing in place shrugged helplessly, and then chose a channel and walked in.

The Shadow man looked at this scene through monitoring, he smiled and said, "The game has begun, please let me enjoy it. I hope there is enough time."

Speaking of this, the Shadow man pressed a button in front of him, and the night demons who were detained in the maze were released, and various traps were opened one by one.


Su Yu followed behind Xuan Nv and entered the passageway. The passageway was not low, but rather tall, four feet high.

And it is not dim. After entering the passage, there is light on the wall. On the walls on both sides, a lamp like an oil lamp lights up dim every five meters.

Vaguely, Su Yu could hear a roar coming from the passage.

Uh ...

While walking, the mechanism launched somehow. Arrow rain sprayed out from the walls on both sides.

For ordinary people, such traps may be very dangerous, but for super men like Su Yu and Xuan Nv, these arrow rains have not enough to hurt the two people.

Arrow Rain was directly still in the air by Xuan Nv's gravity power, and then fell on the ground.

"Hum, a boring little trick!" Xuan Nv snorted, her footsteps kept running, and she pushed across, all kinds of traps such as rolling stones, sinking, flames, and falling rocks could not stop Xuan Nv's steps.

Su Yu followed behind Xuan Nv, and he didn't have to do anything to go deep the channel.

However, Su Yu did not feel happy about it, but felt strange.

Doesn't the Shadow man know that these traps can not harm them?

Really don't know the fact, Su Yu didn't believe it. But the shadows man did just that, using these small means to deal with them.

What the hell did the Shadow man wanna do?

Su Yu frowned, watching the Xuan Nv rushing towards the front, Su Yu suddenly thought of the purpose of Shadow doing this.

Su Yu said immediately: "Leader, stop, don't be fooled by the shadows. He deliberately used these small means to deal with us, in order to let us go at his pace."

"Huh?" Hearing Su Yu's words, Xuan Nv stopped immediately, and Su Yu almost bump on her.

"Xuan Zhen, what do you mean?" Xuan Nv said coldly.

"I mean, we can't do as what the Shadow man said. Didn't you find out, leader? After we entered this underground maze, we have actually been acting in accordance with the Shadow man's arrangement. He said that he was waiting for us at the end of the maze. Come on.

Who knows the truth? What if the Shadow man is not there?

Even if he is telling the truth, the Shadow man is now in this maze, do we really want to try to walk each channel?

When will it be finished? One day or two days? We don't know at all.

I think we can't go according to his arrangements. He hopes that we will try each channel and waste our time. Then we just don't follow his ideas. What does he not want us to do? "

"So what do you want to do?" Xuan Nv frowned.

Su Yu grinned, "Look at me next!"

When speaking, Su Yu faced the wall, and then punched on the wall with a thump, and Su Yu hit a hole in the wall, leading directly to the passageway next door.

The hitting sound passed through the channel. Xuan Huo, who is obedient to find the end of the maze, paused and frowned, and said, "Is it Xuan Zhen? Did they fight?"

After all, Xuan Huo shook his head and didn't think too much about it. He continued to move along the passage, and his body was full of flames, burning down all traps.

At the same time, the Shadow man, who is watching this scene through surveillance, suddenly jumped up from his chair and said, "Fuck, why didn't this bastard walk as usual? How could he suddenly break the wall, did he find something?"

Then, he looked at a huge glass tube behind him. It was a huge petri dish, which was cultivating a brand-new Night Demons. It was already three meters high before he had grown tall, and the black skin had disappeared and replaced by a steel-like skin, just like wearing heavy armor.

"It takes another hour ... is that guy a coincidence to broke the wall? It should be a coincidence!" the Shadow man said, sitting back on the chair.

But just sitting down, a loud noise came again, and the whole maze shook slightly.

"What the fuck, this bastard is definitely intentional. He must have seen that I was delaying time." The Shadow man bounced again, and this time he cursing: "Bastard, why can't you be stupid, waiting for the brand new gift I prepared for you?

Damn, I hate these smart guys the most, and the worst things happen.

No, you can't let him hit here directly!

Ah ~ how does this jerk feel that I am in this location?

Hey, it looks like before the new pet is completed, only I personally ended up playing with them. Damn, I really don't want to move. "

In the monitoring picture, Su Yu blasted a large hole in the wall with one punch, directly crossing each channel, he did not follow the channel at all, and did not go towards the center of the maze.

Coincidentally, Su Yu's direction is exactly where the Shadow man is at this moment. To the Shadow man, the Shadow man will not believe that there is such a coincidence.

"Xuan Zhen, is there any purpose for you to do this? Didn't you feel anything?" Xuan Nv followed behind Su Yu, frowning and asked, not understanding what the intention was that Su Yu did not walk down the channel but kept hitting the wall.

After hearing the words, Su Yu said after a moment, "No, I didn't feel anything, but I couldn't bear the Shadow man pushing me to walk ahead.

Hit the wall? Apart from hitting the wall here, it seems that there is nothing else I can do? The worst thing we can do here, isn't it?

If the shadows man was really here, wouldn't he just sit by and watch me destroy his estate?

Even if he gave up, if we ruined here, we would be able to force him out, wouldn't we? "

"Roar ~"

Just as Su Yu's feet stepped from one channel to another, a new type of Nocturne appeared in front of Su Yu, snarling and rushing towards Su Yu.

With a bang, Xuan Nv's long sword came out of the sheath, and one sword split the Night Demon in half. She said, "Xuan Zhen, do as you think. I'm responsible for your safety. You just have to open the road!"

Su Yu: "???"

How can he feels warm-hearted, must be an illusion!