Chapter 12 New Case

Su Yu didn't know if Xuan Laogua was scaring him, but he was really scared. He wasn't afraid of getting hurt, but he was afraid he would explode. He didn't even dare to imagine the scene. He asked: "Boss Does it mean that I don't have any problem if I don't use super power? Then, let me go home, I will not use super power anymore! ”

Xuan Laogua: "???"

Did I mean something like this? Are you still thinking about leaving the Monsters Detective Bureau? Xuan Laogua was speechless after hearing Su Yu's words.

After a while, Xuan Laogua replied: "You may not completely understand what I mean, and it will not hurt you if you don't use super powers in the short term. However, your shock power has been increasing slowly. When it increasing to the limit of cell capacity, you can explore even if you don't use super power! "

Su Yu showed a pale face when he heard the words of Xuan Laogua, asked, "According to what you said, can't I survive anyway? Do you have any way to solve my problem?"

"It's very simple. Your body is not strong enough. You need to exercise more and increase your physique. Xuan Nv, you will be responsible for Su Yu's exercises!" Xuan Laogua said.

Xuan Nv: "Ok, boss!"


Because this word, ‘you are not strong enough, you need to exercise more and increase your physique.' then Su Yu started a hell-like life.

For a few days, Su Yu was really painful and happy, training was painful, but the gain was happy.

In the 500-square-meter underground training room, Su Yu's special training also began.

"A thousand frog jumps, a thousand sit-ups, a thousand pull-ups ... plus a fifty-kilometer long run, Xuan Zhen, this is what you are training today!" Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded.

Su Yu's face suddenly twisted, and his expression was like eating some disgusting thing. He said, "Leader, are you kidding me? This is more than double the amount of training yesterday. This training gonna end my life! "

Xuan Zhen, Su Yu's code, like Xuan Nv, Xuan Laogua, Xuan Dian, etc., is a code that every member of the Monsters Detective Bureau must have, starting with Xuan.

Because Su Yu has a shocking power, Su Yu's code name is Xuan Zhen.

When he owned the code name Xuan Zhen, it means that Su Yu has become a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau. And now he has other equipment, a memory eraser.

At the same time, the weapon requested by Su Yu is also being manufactured. Su Yu has tested it and his shock power can be attached to the weapon to attack.

"Do it!" Xuan Nv only said it coldly.

Su Yu pouted his lips. Although Xuan Nv has only two words, he got used to her personality, after more than a week training, and Su Yu can guess Xuan Nv's idea more or less.

If I didn't follow her order, it may result in more severe penalties.

"Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, your training is paused, and a new case has occurred!" Su Yu was about to start training, and Xuan Dian's voice sounded from the horn in the training room.

Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv, she said: "Special training is suspended, come back to continue, go!"


"Look at the file information in front of you, this is the case, who are you going to?" In the conference room, Xuan Laogua looked at us with a serious look: "This case must be handled quickly, the target is very different, and the solution is to obliterate! "

Everyone glanced at the file information in front of them, they were stunned, and the plan was completely justified. Because dozens of people in Xiaoyan Village were killed by a monster.

When the monster kills human beings, the plan of the Monster Detective Bureau is basically obliteration. Once this monster kills a person, it will continue to kill, and it won't stop, so the level of social harm is high.

"Boss, my team wants to solve this case!" Xuan Nv looked at the case data and decided, regardless of Su Yu's opinion.

"Okay, I'll give this case to your team, but Xuan Mu will follow your team to solve this case this time. This time there may be more than one monster, one more person and one insurance. Xuan Mu, if there is no objection, you and Xuan Nv will act together!" Xuan Laogua decided in this way.

"Yes, guarantee the completion of the task and protect humanity!" Xuan Nv stood up and saluted.

A roar broke the silence in the early morning and awakened the villagers of Xiaoyan Village at the foot of the mountain.

The lights gradually turned on in the dark, and the noise of people echoed in the small mountain village.

"What happened, what exploded?"

"Fuck, startle me. I was having a nice dream, Damn it!"

"Look, the Xiaoyan Mountain become shorter? The voice came from Xiaoyan Mountain."

"Is it a landslide? The village chief, what's happened?"

"Everyone goes back to sleep. Xiaoyan Mountain is still a long way from our village. Even a landslide will not endanger our village. When it dawns, we will organize people to go up the mountain to see if it is a landslide!"

Under the call of the village chief of Xiaoyan Village, the lights in the village gradually dimmed, but the people in the village were inadvertently sleeping. The next day, they all got up very earlier, when the sky was just bright.

The people in the village all gathered together. Li Zhangu, the village chief of Xiaoyan Village, said: "It seems that everyone was not asleep. Li Shuzhu, Wang Tiegai, and Zhao Dayou ... you guys follow me into the mountain now, see what happened to Xiaoyan Mountain. Others, do what you guys should do.

Prepare the food and we'll eat it when we get back! "

Li Zhangu held the cigarette bag in his hand and had a smoke.

Li Zhangu was very prestigious in this remote small village of Xiaoyan Village. He said, and the villagers immediately followed suit.

Li Zhangu and his seven villagers from Xiaoyan Village also set off immediately, heading for Xiaoyan Mountain. When the day was bright, the group entered Xiaoyan Mountain.

"Village chief, it really is a landslide. Look at it!" Li Shuzhu, a villager, pointed to a mountain road with obvious signs of a landslide.

When the villagers of Xiaoyan Village heard about it, they were all relieved. Although it had long been guessed that it was a landslide, it was uneasy to stay calm, if they did not see it for themselves.

Li Zhangu laughed: "Okay, let's go back, rest assured this time!"

Li Zhangu was about to turn around to go home, but at this moment, Wang Tiegai exclaimed loudly: "Wait a moment, the village chief, there is a cave!"

After hearing these words, the villagers of Xiaoyan Village were all stunned, and then startled, and looked in the direction that Wang Tiegai said. Sure enough, there was a dark hole in it, which was half-covered by earth and stones. If you did not search, it's hard to find.

"Damn, Tiegai your eyes are sharp, we haven't seen it yet, only let you see it!" Zhao Dayou hugged hard on Wang Tiegai's head and looked at Li Zhangu and said, "Village chief, we can't go up and have a look?"

Li Zhangu pondered for a moment: "Well, let's take a look, even if I don't take you to see, you guys will go there by themselves, right?"

Wang Tiegai and Zhao Dayou and others all smiled.

"Let's go, see early and return early, I am hungry now!" Li Zhangu patted on the heads of several people and walked towards the mysterious cave first.

A few minutes later, a group of villagers came to the entrance of the cave, removed the earth and stone at the entrance of the cave, and roughly exposed the entire opening of the cave. A faint rancid smell drifted from the cave.

Zhao Dayou covered his nose and said, "What's the smell, village chief? Something seems to be rotten. Can you see what kind of cave it is? Bear's or something else?"

Li Zhangu did not answer immediately, but looked at the cave, his brows tightened and tightened, and for a while, he said: "This is not an animal cave, but it was artificially excavated.  Look at these places, the trace looks a bit big for the excavation marks! Why is this? "

"Artificial? Who would be bored to excavate a cave in this mountain!?" Wang Tiegai said.

"You stupid guy, I had told you to read more books, it can make you clever. If you did so, you won't be so stupid now! Do you forget some legends of Xiaoyan Mountain?" Li Zhangu knocked Wang Tiegai's head with a cigarette rod.