Chapter 119 Basement


Su Yu kicked open the door of a room, and then rushed into it. This is a room of about 100 square meters. The room is luxuriously decorated and has an independent bathroom.

There was someone in this room, a middle-aged man with a big belly, but he was dead, his body was covered with blood, his chest was opened by the sharp claws, and there was a mess in it as if there were many things missing.

"This is ... a member of the 'Trafficking'? His organs were taken away by the night demon?" Su Yu was startled when he saw the body.

Then he shook his head. This man has deserved it. He sells other people's organs, but in the end, he loses his own organs.

Later, in the remaining rooms, Su Yu saw other members of other 'Trafficking' organizations, without exception, were killed by night demon, no, they should have been killed by the Shadow man.

The Shadow man wanna get rid of them as soon as they have done their jobs?

Or the Shadow man just wanna kill those people who can be evidence witnesses.

Su Yu don't know.

But in either case, Su Yu was made aware of the horror of the Shadow man. He is definitely a cruel man.

Soon, Su Yu searched all the rooms on the left. Except for some people who had died from the 'Trafficking' organization, no Shadow man was found.

As a result, Su Yu returned to the lobby to meet with Xuan Nv. At this moment, the sound of gunfire outside was still loud.

When Su Yu returned to the hall, Xuan Huo was also talking with Xuan Nv.

Xuan Huo asked, "Are there any gains?"

"No, no Shadow man was found."

Su Yu shook his head and said, "I did find the people of the 'Trafficking' organization, but they were all killed!"

"The house over there was also a member of the 'Trafficking' organization and was also killed." Xuan Nv said.

"The current crime group "Trafficking" organization not only does not help the shadows man, but becomes a burden. Removing them is inevitable. Its a retribution! "Xuan Huo said.

"Go, the Shadow man must still be hiding somewhere in the manor house, you must find him as soon as possible, maybe the Shadow man is now ready to abscond!" said Xuan Nv, and then she searched elsewhere in the villa.

Su Yu and Xuan Huo glanced at each other. Without wasting time, they started a search.

The villa is too big and there are too many rooms.

At the speed of three people, it took only half an hour to search half of the room in this huge villa.

"No, if we continue to search all the rooms in this way, the Shadow man may have already run away!" The three met again, Xuan Huo said, frowned.

"What to do? Give up? Or ..." Su Yu asked with a frown.

"I think we shouldn't look up, but we should look down. If the Shadow man wants to escape, it should be safest to escape from the underground. And this guy likes to raise Night Demons, maybe it is the same as Night Demons who like to live in the dark underground. "Xuan Huo analyzed.

"Then search down!" Xuan Nv said, then the three of them returned to the first floor and found a staircase leading to the underground.

Entering into one of the cold atmospheres, the underground black hole is difficult to see.

Su Yu wondered: "The Shadow man should still be a human? How does he like to live in such an environment? And how can he escape from underground? It's far away from the urban area, and there is no underground drainage system in the underground. If any, It's only within the range of this manor? "

"Xuan Zhen, you're right, but don't forget that the Shadow man is not an ordinary person, but a super man, and also raised a group of night demons. Night Demons is a group of monsters living underground, good at digging holes!

Moving underground is hard for ordinary people, but not so much for the Shadow man. "Xuan Huo said.

Talking, the three walked into the basement, feeling colder.

Huh ~ A fireball burns out of thin air, dissipating the darkness and coldness around.

The manor's underground building and the building on the ground are completely in two styles. The upper building is beautiful, and the lower building looks much older.

It feels like a vampire movie in the basement of an old castle, like a pile of huge stones.

Several people did not find that there were lighting facilities such as electric lights. Apparently, the people who designed the basement did not want to install electric lights and other lighting tools when they were built.

They saw the infrared monitoring probe in the corner of the underground. The red indicator light flickered and was running.

"It looks like the Shadow man should be right here!" Xuan Huo said with a smug smile.

Xuan Nv nodded, not seeing Xuan Huo's pride, yelled: "Well, Xuan Huo, please analyze what channel we will take to find the Shadow man next?"

"Eh!" Xuan Huo hesitated for a moment, and he becomes silent, looking at more than twenty channels around him for a while. What a peculiar thing! Why ask him to analyze?

Xuan Huo took a deep breath, cursing the Shadow man. Why design such a complicated construction of a basement? Maze!


Just then a loud laugh sounded, and suddenly a voice came out in the darkness, Su Yu jumped in fright, looked at the source of the sound, immediately relieved. He saw an audio sound hung on the wall.

Laughter emanated from the audio sound at this moment.

"Welcome all the comrades of the Monsters Detective Bureau to my manor? It really flattered me!"

"Shadow man?" Xuan Huo narrowed his eyes, said.

Shadow man smiled: "You are ridiculous, don't you come to me?"

"Since you know who we are, you should also know why we came to you. If you are smart enough, it is best to appear in front of us!" Xuan Huo said.

The Shadow man was silent for a while, and then burst out a series of laughs: "Hahaha, I laughed to death, are all the people in the Monsters Detective Bureau as innocent as you? Or do you catch the fools before? Wanna catch me, you guys need to find me first.

Oh, by the way, I have left a lot of gifts for you, I hope you will have a good time when looking for me.

To give you a hint, I am in one of the passages in front of you, I am waiting for you at the end of the maze! "

Uh ~

The shadow man's voice dropped, and the audio sound exploded, forming a huge spark.

Su Yu took a step back, avoiding the splashing sparks, and said, "Leader, can the Shadow man speak credibly?"

Xuan Nv gently shook her head and said, "This is not an untrustworthy thing, but something we have to choose. If we want to catch the Shadow man, we must go through this maze, even if there are traps, we must go!"

Xuan Huo twitched his cheeks, and said in secret that this was really a maze, and he was despite the bad habits of Shadow man.

Xuan Huo sighed: "Xuan Nv is right. There are only two roads in front of us. There is only one way to go or not to go ... No, the correct way is one way, that way!"