Chapter 118 Villas

"Nice, so, eh? No, it's not fast enough and needs to be strengthened!"

"Is the body size too large to lose agility? It looks like the body size should also be reduced?"

"Further, the night realm must also be strengthened. They were restrained by light, and it was imperfect."

"Oh, by the way, the move to open the laparotomy and laparotomy should also be improved. It is too bad, far worse than the original."

Shadow man saw the battle through surveillance, whispering as he collected data, recording the next modification plan of the Night Demon.

However, when the Shadow man was almost collecting enough data, the surveillance screen turned into snowflakes one after another, and the Shadow man gets angry: "Damn, which jerk has broken the surveillance probe?"

Crackling, Shadow man's fingers flipping and hitting the keyboard to start a more hidden camera, but the picture just appeared, a large fist appeared in the picture, with a click, the monitoring screen became snowflakes.

This started the Shadow man, and his body could not help sideways to avoid.

The next moment, Shadow man get very mad, but he was scared by someone from the surveillance?


Su Yu retracted his fist, frowning at the smashed slumped camera.

Although the camera installed is normal at this age, there are too many cameras in this manor. When entering the area of the manor, Su Yu felt that he was observed from all directions with a gaze, which made Su Yu feel a little upset.

So while fighting a new type of Night Demon, while quickly destroying the camera, Su Yu didn't want to expose himself to the eyes of the enemy.

"Xuan Zhen, what are you doing?" Xuan Huo grabbed a Night Demon, and the flames were burning, burning it into coke. When seeing Su Yu's action, he asked angrily.

These new types of Night Demon danger levels have generally reached Yellow level seven. Although it is nothing to people who are strong as Xuan Nv, it is still a little tough for Su Yu.

Under such circumstances, Su Yu should not be distracted. So Xuan Huo was a little angry and speechless.

"Ah? Huh!" Su Yu heard the words of Xuan Huo, froze, and was slapped on the shoulder by a paw of Night Demon, and flew out instantly.

Bang~ Su Yu, who smashed a spray pool, stopped, and he gnawed his teeth in pain, saying, "Someone is watching us!"

When speaking, he has rushed towards that Night Demon, and that Night Demon also roared towards Su Yu.

Bang ~ Su Yu's fists struck, hitting the two huge claws of Night Demon, making a muffled sound, the ground under Su Yu's feet instantly cracked, and Su Yu's legs sank into the ground instantly.

"Go away!" The blue arc on Su Yu's body jumped suddenly, and he suddenly lifted the Night Demon and took off into the sky.

Uh ~

When Su Yu was about to punch out, a cold light flashed when this Night Demon struck a fatal blow, and the Night Demon immediately turned into an ice sculpture and fell to the ground and shattered.

"Don't be distracted when fighting!" Xuan Nv appeared beside Su Yu.

"I know!" Su Yu nodded and said, "Leader, the Shadow man I feel is watching us in the dark somewhere in the manor, maybe looking for our weakness!"

Xuan Nv heard it, glanced at the manor's villa and said, "Go, kill him!"

Then Xuan Nv volley, a powerful sword slashed in the direction of the villa.

Alas ... a Night Demon was crushed into a meat pie under the sword chop of Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv's figure flickered, and killing towards the villa.

Su Yu stepped on her feet, the ground cracked, and his body rushed out like a bombshell, closely behind Xuan Nv.

"Don't be reckless, get rid of the outside Night Demons ... It's so fast! Why can't you listen to me finish it?" Xuan Huo saw Su Yu rushing out and yelled, but they still have entered the villa.

Bang, a huge gunshot sounded, a black blood flower bloomed on the head of a Night Demon, a bowl-sized hole appeared on the head of the Night Demon, this Night Demon was headshot!

"This is ..." Xuan Huo stunned.

Bang ... the huge gunfire sounded one after another, and a blood flower blossomed on the Night Demon's body.

"Mr. Xuan Huo, leave these monsters to us. You go to the villa to help your companion. It is the most important thing to catch the Shadow man!" Zhang Xianmin shouted and came to Xuan Huo's side.

"But ..."

"Don't worry about us, we have special weapons to kill these aliens. You can rest assured to help your companions!" Zhang Xianmin shouted, meanwhile, the pistol in his hand was firing.

Although the power of the pistol can not cause damage to the Night Demon, the impact is enough to hinder the movement of the Night Demon.

He was Xuan Huo still a little hesitant, and Zhang Xianmin said, "Mr. Xuan Huo, don't underestimate us. We have also solved many weird cases. You have already started, and we can handle the remaining monsters."

Da da da……

The intensive gunfire began to ring through, and before the sight was blocked, Zhang Xianmin and other relevant personnel did not dare to shoot at will. At this time, the darkness had been cleared, and the relevant personnel could finally aim and fire.

Yellow-orange bullets hit the Night Demons, and the Night Demons yelled constantly. Then they broke through the defense and shattered the Night Demons.

In the face of the metal torrent, the new type of Night Demon is not so powerful.

Xuan Huo now believed that the firepower of Zhang Xianmin and others was sufficient to cope with these Night Demon outside the villa, so he no longer hesitated, rushing towards the villa. At the same time, he shouted at Xuan Guang loudly: "Xuan Guang, you are here to keep the light, I went in and help Xuan Zhen and Xuan Nv. "

"Okay!" Xuan Guang nodded, knowing his current responsibility is to maintain to crash the Night Demon's realm, to prevent the Night Realm from returning, and to block the sight of Zhang Xianmin and others.


Xuan Huo rushed into the villa, and fire pillars sprang out of the ground, burning the Night Demons who had stopped him into coke.

In the villa, Su Yu and Xuan Nv stood in a magnificent hall. Su Yu said, "Leader, how do we act? This villa is a bit big!"

Su Yu looked to the sides. There was a long corridor on both sides of the hall extending to the distance. One side of the corridor was a window, one side was a room, and the door of one room was closed. There are dozens of rooms.

And this is only a small part of the room in this villa.

Finding the Shadow man in so many rooms is not an easy task.

Xuan Nv groaned and said: "Let's find it separately. You go to the left and I go to the right. The Shadow man is very strong. If you do meet him, you must give me a signal!"

"Okay!" Su Yu nodded and ran towards the corridor on the left, while listening carefully to the surrounding sounds, but suddenly the gunfire swelled, making Su Yu's idea of finding the Shadow man by hearing fail.

This also made Su Yu realize that this ability is flawed. Hearing can only be used when waiting relatively quietly, such as when used in dense gunfire, so hearing just gunfire. Line pictures cannot be formed at all.