Chapter 117 Shadow manor

Outside the Shadow manor, the four and Zhang Xianmin have arrived at the scene.

This manor covers an area of 320 acres. It is not too big or too small. It is also a famous manor in the Donglu area.

But no one thought it was an evil organization's den.

At this moment, the Shadow manor has been completely blocked by the relevant local authorities, and the relevant personnel with live ammunition and firearms have standby on the post.

Various equipment vehicles, almost one after another, surrounded the entire estate, and there were helicopters and drones hovering in the sky.

This is to prevent the monsters from the manor and the principal offender, the Shadow man to escape.

Seeing this arrangement, Su Yu thinks, how much money would this burn?

In Su Yu's opinion, even if they don't help them, the local authorities may be able to win the Shadow man with that equipment.

Su Yu looked manor which covered darkness, "Why don't the Shadow man run? How can they be blocked in the manor? With the power of Shadow man, wouldn't he notice such a big movement?

Zhang Xianmin said with a smile: "Of course, the Shadow man is aware of our movement, but the Shadow man is very arrogant. He did not choose to run away, maybe because of his confidence in his strength!"

"Roar ~"

There was a terrifying roar in the darkness, and Su Yu and others frowned. This roar was far from the roar of the Night Demon.

Are there any other monsters in the dark?

Su Yu's hearts were beating, Xuan Huo said, "Mr. Zhang, do you know what this monster in the dark looks like?"

"I don't know!" Zhang Xianmin shook his head with a bitter smile: "Every time our people just entered the manor, they have no time to bombarded it. The monster was fast and they could not shoot at all."

Xuan Huo nodded and looked at Xuan Guang and said: "Xuan Guang, we should to remove this darkness and reveal the original appearance of the manor!"

"I can try it!" Xuan Guang groaned. "The area of night here is much weaker than that in the air-raid shelter. With the current sunlight, I should be able to clear it."

"Then try it, if it can be cleared, it is best, if not, it doesn't matter," Xuan Huo said.

"Then I went, and you pay attention to preparations, even if I can clear it, I can't maintain it for a long time, and hurry up!" Xuan Guang said this, then vacated and took off to the top of the manor.

Xuan Guang looked at the darkness below and took a breath: "Light shines!"

Xuan Guang's hands clasped, and then his hands were pulled away from both sides. Xuan Guang's super power was launched, and countless rays of light appeared between Xuan Guang's hands, forming a ball of light. As the ball of light grew larger, the light ball emitted The light is also getting stronger and stronger, and the brightness in the blink of an eye has surpassed the sun in the sky, and it is still being strengthened.

Under this intensity of light, the darkness surrounding the manor began to melt away, revealing the original appearance of the manor.

Beautiful, just like a gorgeous palace!

"How much wrongdoing has this Shadow man made?" Su Yu grinned at this.

"Hands-on!" Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded. She had already rushed out to fight with a monster with a similar appearance to that of Night Demon, but with twice the size.

The next moment, there was a boom, the two collided together, making a huge bang.

What surprised Su Yu was that the monster had a fight with Xuan Nv, but it was not at a disadvantage.


At the same time, in a room full of screens on the ground floor of the manor, the Shadow man watched everything on the ground through monitoring, watching Xuan Nv and Night Demon fighting, and said with some excitement:

"Come here, come here, the bastard of the Monsters Detective Bureau really comes, hehe, let you taste the power of the new type of Night Demon I have cultivated."

The reason why Shadow man didn't run away was because of the confidence in his own strength, and the other side also wanted to revenge on Su Yu and others.

Although those Night Demons killed by Su Yu and others were nothing to him.

But that was also a loss, Shadow man was unwilling not to take revenge.

Of course, the main reason is that Shadow man wants to experiment with how strong the new type of Night Demon you have cultivated, and what are the shortcomings.

Shadow man has been cultivating Night Demon, probably because of his ability, he has a paranoid liking for Night Demon.

However, the Night Demon was too weak for him, and he was a bit disgusted at the same time, so he has been experimenting to cultivate the Night Demon he wanted. Not long ago, he finally cultivated a group of powerful new Night Demons.

The new type of Night Demon has greatly improved in various abilities compared with the original Night Demon, and can defeat the original Night Demon easily.

And the new type of Night Demons also overcomes the weakness of the fear of the sun and can move freely in the sun.

However, the Shadow man is still not satisfied with the new Night Demons, and there are many shortcomings that need to be tested. In the battle, he can find the shortcomings of the new Night Demon more easily, so as to improve it and cultivate a stronger and more perfect Night Demon.

And ordinary combat can not let the new type of Night Demon expose its shortcomings at all, and need to find some powerful enemies for the new type of Night Demon.

So Shadow man had a plan, and released a group of ordinary Night Demons in the Donglu province. While collecting materials, they attracted Su Yu and others.

In the past, the materials collected were secret operations and small scale, so it did not cause much panic, and was regarded as a general crime by the locals.

However, in order to find a powerful opponent for the new type of demon, while the Shadow man expanded the collection of materials, it also allowed the action to surface.

Rebuilding Night Demon requires material, and those organs lost by the victim is part of the material.

Of course, not all organs are suitable for Night Demon improving materials, only a few are suitable, and most are inappropriate.

The proper one Shadow man will stay.

What is inappropriate is to sell it through the "Trafficking" organization, after all, it takes a lot of money to improve the Night Demon.

As for the conflicts and quarrels with Hei Yan and others, it was also a part of his plan. He knew that the Ravens had promised him to join him only to use him and cultivate him into a chess piece that attracted firepower.

But the Shadow man didn't care, anyway, he was also using the reputation of the Ravens to strengthen himself.

Today, when he feels that he is about to get rid of the Raven organization, he has a scene of arguing with Hei Yan and others. He just made a performance as Raven's plan!

Without the influence of the Raven, Shadow man can formally make some plans he wants.

To put it bluntly, Raven and Shadow are calculating each other, and Su Yu and others are borrowed sword for both sides. As for who this knife will cut, it depends on the facts.