Chapter 116 Intelligence

After listening to Hei Yan's words, the Raven smiled and said, "Shadow has not really joined the organization sincerely. He just acted by the name of the organization. He has been on the edge of the organization for many years. I must guard against him a lot."

Hearing that, Hei Yan and others were all heart-beating, Hei Yan was puzzled: "In this case, why do leaders want to condone the development and growth of Shadow man? Isn't it better to remove them from our organization early? The" trafficking "created by shadows man is already very powerful! "

"Our organization has been very closely watched by the Monsters Detective Bureau. Naturally, if we need to get out of the sight of the Monsters Detective Bureau,  we need people or organizations that can attract the firepower of the Monsters Detective Bureau."

Raven paused and said, "That would make it easier for us to move on. Now Shadow man and his" trafficking "have met the conditions. And Shadow man wants to take this opportunity to get rid of the organization. Why not do we? "

"You mean, the Shadow man is pretending to be angry?" Hei Wu said.

"At least half of it is, but it doesn't matter. If he wants to go, let it go!" Raven smiled.

"Hey, poor guy!" The transparent man smiled, and he had seen the end of the Shadow man.

The Raven swung his head and jumped his feet. "Don't talk about the Shadow man, Hei Yan, did you use the Core of the Flame?"

"Well, it's already used. I'm already at the Black level. How does the leader know that the Core of the Flame can let me breakthrough the Yellow level?" Hei Yan said.

"Breakthrough is just fine, only the Black level will be eligible to participate in the plan in the future!" Said the Raven, turning his head and looking at the ghost-spider and others with three eyes: "You must hurry up!"

The transparent man grinned and said, "Be assured, leader, I feel that I can step into the Black level tomorrow!"

Ghost-Spiders and others have also vocalized that they will break through to the Black level in recent days.

Hei Yan think secretly: Raven didn't directly answer my question?

"Very well, you should act according to your original plans. When the time comes, it's time for us to rule the world, and now we should leave. It's no longer safe here." The Raven nodded contentedly, and then in the eyes of Hei Yan and others, the crow turned into a piece of feather and disappeared.

Subsequently, Hei Yan and others left the house one after another.

Soon after Hei Yan and others left, Su Yu and others came here.

Looking at the empty room, Xuan Guang frowned. "Xuan Huo, who told you that Xuanyan is in Nanquan City? Is there any special meaning to Raven's presence here at this time?"

Xuan Huo shook his head: "I don't know who it is. It was just an ordinary person who passed on the message. You also saw it. The note only said that Xuan Yan and the Ravens had a secret rally here.

However, regardless of the truth of this news, the person who sent us the message has some understanding of Xuan Yan, us, and the Raven.

He knows that once we get the news about Xuan Yan, we will come here to check whether it is true or not. "

"So what is the purpose of his doing this? Want to divert our attention?" Su Yu wondered.

"Xuan ... Hei Yan has indeed stayed here!" Xuan Nv said at this time: "There are some flames left here, but it has gone far!"

Su Yu was shocked. Hei Yan really stayed here? The identity of the messenger is worth pondering.

Jingle Bell!

Xuan Huo's telephone rang. When Xuan Huo looked at the calling man, he said, "It looks like there is news!"

Xuan Huo's voice sounded: "Xuan Huo, we have just discovered the deep memory of the Night Demon Queen, and we already know where the Night Demons of Donglu Land came from, and they have others.

It is a well-known local evil organization--Trafficking!

The name of the leader of this organization is called the Shadow man. Coincidentally, this Shadow man is also a member of the Raven. "


Hearing the words Raven, the four' pupils shrank a little. With conjecture, was Xuan Yan and others here because of the Shadow man, their members were here in Nanquan City?

The four of them quickly communicated with their eyes, and Xuan Huo informed Xuan Laogua what he just got.

Xuan Laogua heard it, and remain silent and then said, "The person who sends you information is likely to be the enemy of the Raven, and of course it does not rule out other possibilities.

Be vigilant, the person who relays the message is probably trying to get rid of the raven with the help of our bureau!

Since Raven's members have left, so let go of the Raven for the time being, and focus on the task at hand, and cooperate with the relevant local authorities to arrest the organization "Trafficking". Your task is to deal with the monsters that may appear at any time.

In the memory of the Night Demon Queen, they are only a part cultivated by Shadow man, and some special Night Demons have been cultivated by the Shadow man in other hidden places.

If you can, grab the Shadow man, he has the information we need!

Specifically, how to cooperate with the relevant local authorities, you now go to XXXX to find a person named Zhang Xianmin. He will tell you how to do it. Remember that you only need to be responsible for what you need to be responsible for. "

"Yes, Boss!" The four responded.

After Xuan Laogua hung up the phone, the four quickly left here and started to act.

Half an hour later, the four came to the place mentioned on the Xuan Laogua on the phone. This is an abandoned factory building, and it feels like a secret connection in the movie—either an abandoned factory building on the rooftop, or an unfinished building.

"Thank you, guys. I think your boss has already introduced me. I'm Zhang Xianmin. I'm not in a position to disclose specific details. No need for nonsense, I will arrange your tasks in the next few days! "

Zhang Xianmin was a very serious person who had just met this way without many greetings.

"Mr. Zhang, please, we obey the arrangement!" Xuan Huo nodded.

When Zhang Xianmin heard this, he secretly relieved. Before that, he worried that Su Yu and others were the kinds of people who would not obey the arrangement.

He quickly said: "The crime organization has rapidly developed on the land of Donglu province in recent years. As long as it makes a profitable business, it does it no matter how evil it is.

In recent years, we have been collecting relevant evidence and intelligence. Not long ago, you gave us the core information!

Let us finally have the conditions to arrest them, but because it involves super power men and monsters, we need your assistance! "

"What do we need to do?" Xuan Guang said.

"Here is the shadow estate of the headquarters of the crime organization. Their chief, Shadow man, and some important related evidence, as well as the most important personnel of the crime, are among them. Our personnel has surrounded it, but our people cannot rush into it. Monsters are wandering among the estate! "

Zhang Xianmin took out a tablet computer and opened a video. The place in the video should be a manor house, which has been surrounded by local police officers. You can see the lights shining.

From time to time, the sound of gunfire sounded, and in addition, screams were heard, and sometimes huge black shadows were seen flashing in front of the camera.

The deeper situation inside the manor is invisible, because it is completely shrouded in darkness, which is the Night Realm of Night Demon!