Chapter 115 Shadow Man

The Night Demon's nest is very large, occupying a large part of the ear chamber, like a small hill, painted in black, with football-sized holes in it, densely packed, which can definitely make people with dense phobias sick.

At this moment, the Night Demon's nest seemed to breathe. It was expanding and contracting, and each time there was a football-sized black egg squeezed out of a certain hole, it slammed into the ground and fell into two halves, a small Night Demon full of mucus. The monster will be born from it.

Soon there was a small group of little Night Demon in front of everyone's eyes, but there was no breath just after crawling out of the egg.

Xuan Huo said: "The Night Demon Queen is afraid. This is its stress response. She is desperately breeding offspring to protect herself. Unfortunately, no other Night Demon cares, these little Night Demons are born and die in the next moment!"

"Direct kill them or seal back?" Xuan Kong asked.

Xuan Nv groaned and said, "Seal, and brought back to the bureau. This Night Demon appeared in Nanquan City with some oddities. Let Xuan Yi or the boss take a look. See if they can get any useful information from its mind. Xuan Huo, what do you think? ? "

"Well, just do that. Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu are brought these back to the bureau, we will stay in Nanquan City for a while to see if there will be a sudden dark again. If not, we will go to other cities in Donglu to help other colleagues resolve the dark incident. "Xuan Huo nodded.

Then Xuan Nv's long sword came out of the sheath, and one sword cut to the Night Demon's nest.

Just a flash of cold light, and the Night Demon's Nest was divided into two, revealing the Night Demon Queen inside.

Compared with other Night Demons, the Night Demon Queen is slightly ugly to cute, and can be described as ugly, with small body size, half the size of a normal Night Demon, and a black pipe and Night Demon extending from the abdomen. Nests are connected.

Apparently, the Queen of the Night Demon was frightened, with a wide mouth, eyes rounded, and it took only a while to make a harsh scream.

But the next moment came to an abrupt halt, Xuan Kong threw out the seal stick cleanly, stabbed the Queen of the Night Demon, and sealed it.

Subsequently, the corpse of the Night Demon of the bomb shelter was cleaned up and returned to the surface. Xuan Tu launched his power. He sealed all the dug holes of the bomb shelter and the dug holes dug by the monsters.

They split. Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu returned to the Monsters Detective Bureau with the sealed Night Demons, while Su Yu and others continued to stay in Nanquan City, while looking for the existence of other Nocturnes. Or they are kind of traveling in Nanquan City.

Also waiting for news from the bureau.


In a hotel, Xuan Huo put down the phone in his hand and said: "Two news, the good news is that the sudden dark incidents in other cities in Donglu province have been resolved quickly, basically all have been completed, and both have found the Night Demon's Nest. This time the sudden dark event can basically be declared over.

However, the bad news is that none of the victims' organs were found, nor where did the Night Demon enter the city, and how did it multiply and grow. "

Xuan Guang touched his chin and said, "Now it seems that we can only wait for the real good news from the bureau."

"Well, I feel that this case is not as simple as it is now. There may be other people behind these Night Demons. Now it is time to see if they can get any useful information from the Night Demons' mind. This is the only useful clues! "Xuan Huo said.


And when Xuan Huo discussed the problem, in a dim room, several figures were sitting quietly at the table, watching a shadow-like figure yelling and destroying items in the house.

There was a loud noise, and the table in front of several figures was smashed by the palm of the shadow man.

"Damn, I'm so mad, these bastards have killed all my lovely pets!

Ah ~ unforgivable, unforgivable!

Hei Yan, Hei Wu ... Why don't you do anything to help me?

As long as we work together, there is a complete opportunity to kill all the bastards of the Monsters Detective Bureau in Donglu province! "

The shadow man looked around at Hei Yan and others, and said excitedly.

Hei Yan, Ghost-Spider, and others were unmoved, with expressions that were indifferent.

"Okay!" The shadow man nodded heavily, pointed his right hand at Hei Yan and others, and sneered: "Okay, good, you guys don't help me, right, I'll do it myself, without you, I can also kill them all. hum ~ "

The shadow man snorted and shook his hand, then Hei Yan said: "Shadow man, I advise you to dispel the idea of revenge on the Monsters Detective Bureau. Now we are not in full combat with them. I don't want you broke your organization's plan! "

Shadow man heard it, paused, and then laughed, "Plan? Hahaha, shit plan, you are just a bunch of cowards, I am ashamed to be with you, I will leave ~"

"Shadow man, what do you mean by this?" The Ghost-Spider suddenly opened eight eyes and looked at Shadow man coldly.

"What do I mean? Literally, what do you think? Why? Don't you dare to do anything to the Monsters Detective Bureau, do you want to do it to me? Ghost-Spider, you can try it!" Shadow man said coldly.

"Forget it, Ghost-Spider, let the shadows man leave. Still, the plan is not the time to start a full-scale war with the Monsters Detective Bureau!" Hei Yan said lightly.

Shadow man looked at Hei Yan, and then snorted coldly, disappearing into the shadow of the room.


The shadow man had just disappeared, and a three-eyed crow flew out of the shadow man and landed on Hei Yan's shoulder.

"See the Raven Chief!" In the room, when Ghost-Spiders, Hei Wu, and the transparent man saw the three-eyed crow, they immediately stood up to show their respect.

"Sit down!" Said the three-eyed crow, and the raven waved his wings gently.

"Yes!" The Ghost-Spider and others sat back in their seats.

"The Raven leader, really let Shadow man leave like this? He may have raised the idea to betray us, will he be resentful because of this, and sell our intelligence to the Monsters Detective Bureau, thereby destroying our plan? Hei Yan asked.

"Let him go, only he can't destroy our plan. All he knows is the surface of the plan. What he knew is less than one-tenth of all of you here. Even if he really betrays us, it is nothing to our plan. "The Raven said lightly.

Hei Yan and others heard the words, and they understood it completely.

Hei Yan frowned: "Leader, you have been taking precautions against the shadow man for a long time? He has long thought of defecting organizations?"