Chapter 114 Night Demon Queen

After hearing Su Yu's words, everyone's eyes were bright. Can the technology of blocking entrances and exits be compared with the technology of building shelters at that time?

The great probability is impossible. As far as they know, there are many bomb shelters in Hua, but most of them are blocked. However, most of them are simply plugged with cement bricks and finished.

It doesn't make sense that the Great Foshan's air-raid shelters will use special technology to block entrances and exits. Unless they are really unlucky.

Xuan Huo said to Xuan Tu: "Xuan Tu, it's yours!"

"Okay, leave it to me in a moment. As long as the materials at the entrance and exit are not mixed with special substances, I can open it without much effort!" Xuan Tu patted the fat road of his chest again.

According to the diagram, they found a passage to the underground air-raid shelter, but it was blocked and filled with cement.

Xuan Tu stepped forward and said, "Nice, just ordinary cement!"

Then, the earth super power was launched, and the cement blocking the basaltic soil flowed like water. An oblique downward channel appeared in front of everyone.

As they went deeper into the ground, the Night Demon's breath became more intense.

"Ready, the air-raid shelter is down!" Xuan Tu whispered a minute later.

Everyone was ready when they heard what Xuan Tu said. With a click, the last layer of cement blocked in front broken and exposed the dark and empty air-raid shelter below, and a special smell came to their faces.

At the same time, everyone rushed in at full speed, and Xuan Guang first launched his move. The endless rays of light began to shine, suddenly appearing like a round of the sun, showing the dark empty underground air-raid shelter.

"Ah ~"

"Ah ~"

The unique screams of Night Demons continuously sounded, burned by the light emitted by Xuan Guang, and the body began to emit billowing white smoke.

"Fuck, so many?" Su Yu could see the situation in this huge air-raid shelter, and couldn't help exclaiming. About a hundred of Night Demons screamed and ran away in pain, avoiding the sudden light.

"Xuan Tu, you stay outside, add a layer of defense to the air-raid shelter, block all the entrances and exits, and don't let the Night Demons run out." After Xuan Huo roared, he killed a Night Demon!

The fist burning with flames, pierced the Night Demon directly, and burned into ashes!

"Understand ... the earth cage, seal!"

Xuan Tu responded loudly, his hands clasped tightly together, and the earth was glowing with yellow light. The soil was surging and the earth shuddered inconceivably.

It can be seen that the soil around Xuan Tu starts to flow, and then turns into hard rocks, forming a huge stone shield to cover the entire underground air-raid shelter without leaving a trace of a void.

"Kill!" Su Yu sighed and killed a Night Demon. The shock power was not used, only pure strength power, and using the muscule man's punching skills, boxing power broke out only in the Night Demon's body.

With a loud noise, a fist burst, blasting a Night Demon's chest into a huge hole, and black blood splattered.

Xuan Nv, Xuan Kong, Xuan Huo, Xuan Guang are also struggling to kill, and every time a move is made, a Night Demon dies in their hands.

The killing efficiency of the crowd was horrible, and soon more than a dozen corpses were carried under their feet. Within a few minutes, the Night Demon in the air-raid shelter was almost half less!

On the one hand, it's because the Xuan Nv and others are very strong, on the other hand, because the Night Demon was restrained by the light of Xuan Guang, they just wanted to avoid the light and did not fight back.

When everyone thought they could solve these Night Demons so easily, a sound like a tiger roaring sounded in the underground air-raid shelter.

With the sound of this roar sounds, those rushing Night Demons were calmed down by moment, and a mass of darkness began to emerge from these Night Demons.

Endless darkness continued to spread from Night Demon's body, fading the light from Xuan Guang.

Soon, the light from Xuan Guang could only cover a range of fewer than ten meters, and everything else was covered by darkness.

This is the Darkness Realm of Night Demon, and the sudden dark on the ground is also the formation of this Darkness Realm of Night Demon, but it is a little different.

Instantly, everyone except Xuan Guang was engulfed in darkness.

Fortunately, everyone is experienced, and Su Yu has experienced invisible battles.

So everyone didn't have any panic, they were still calmly fighting.

In addition, each person has his or her own way to lock in the position of the Night Demon. Although invisible, it does not prevent everyone from killing the enemy.

Fighting still hasn't stopped, but the efficiency is much lower. In the darkness continued to spread from Nocturne's body, fading the light from Xuan Guang.

Fighting still hasn't stopped, but the efficiency is much lower. In the Night Realm, the Night Demons launched a counterattack, causing a lot of trouble for Xuan Nv and others. Everyone encountered at least ten Night Demons siege.

The moment Su Yu was swallowed by darkness, he closed his eyes, and a line formed the world to reappear in Su Yu's mind.

Su Yu was able to 'see' the fight of Xuan Nv and others and Night Demon, and also 'see' some Night Demons sneaking towards him, trying to give him a fatal blow.

Naturally, Su Yu would not wait for the attacks of these Night Demon. The Night Demon shot first, as the saying goes first to attack can take the upper hand.

Su Yu moved, his figure flashed next to a Night Demon, punched it, hit it on the ugly head of the Night Demon, and the punch broke out in its brain, making its brain paste.

That Night Demon died instantly!

Bang, it fell straight to the ground, black blood flowing from its seven holes.

Su Yu did the same and began to specialize in the Night Demon's brain. Each punch can take away the life of a Night Demon.

Soon Su Yu's feet had more than a dozen Night Demons' corpses.

The fighting lasted for about five minutes, and the roar and fighting sounds in the underground bomb shelter disappeared.

After the battle ended, hundreds of Night Demon were killed by Su Yu and others.

The moment the last Night Demons were beheaded, the light once again illuminated the dark air-raid shelter,

At this time there was only black blood on the ground and Night Demons' corpse.

"Is that just a cry or something?" Su Yu asked, looking at the air defense channel leading to the other ear chamber.

"It should be the cry of the Night Demon Queen!" Xuan Guang said.

"Queen of the Night Demons?" Su Yu raised an eyebrow.

Xuan Guang explained: "Night Demons have a similar social structure to the bee colony. The Night Demon Queen is equivalent to the queen bee in the bee colony. Its main role is to breed offspring, but it is stronger than the queen bee!

Go, I'll take you to see what the Night Demon Queen looks like. "

When speaking, Xuan Guang took Su Yu toward the ear chamber.

There was a Night Demon in the ear chamber that was not killed. He hid in the ear chamber to protect the Night Demon Queen. When they entered the ear chamber, the living Night Demon began to attack them, but it was killed by a smashing.

Soon, the Night Demon in the ear chamber was also cleaned up, leaving only a huge Night Demon nest in the ear chamber!