Chapter 113 Found

Upon hearing Xuan Nv's comment, Su Yu suddenly realized what is the key point, and then he felt a headache.

If the source of the Night Demons in Nanquan City is really in Foshan, then it can be said that the Night Demons really find a good place to hide.

Su Yu and others will not dare to do their best in the battle. If anyone accidentally destroys those places of interest, no one can afford this responsibility.

"What do you do? These Night Demons really smart, do they have such wisdom?" Su Yu said.

Although the Night Demons showed extraordinary fighting wisdom in battle.

But after all, the Night Demons are monsters. How could it be so clear to understand human habits and thinking?

Is it a coincidence or something, and what is the hidden meaning in it?

Su Yu thought so.

"Explore first, make sure the location of these Night Demons, it is best not to in the Great Foshan. But if it is, we can only think of a way out" Xuan Huo said.

Su Yu nodded, and now it can only be so, but the possibility of Nanquan City's Night Demons source in Greater Foshan is extremely high.

The four ran fast, and after half an hour, they came to the vicinity of Greater Foshan.

The four did not dare to be too close. If the Night Demons were really here, if the two sides met, fighting would inevitably occur. Even carefulness, they would inevitably cause damage to those buildings.

"The Night Demon's breath is getting stronger here, it seems that the source of the Night Demon in Nanquan City is here!" Xuan Guang perceived the breath and said.

"Go, let's go back to the ground and ask the relevant local authorities to fully understand the underground structure of the Greater Foshan. Besides, the schematic diagram of the drainage system in hand is not enough. I heard that there are many underground facilities here in Greater Foshan.

Night Demon doesn't necessarily have its nest in a sewer. "Xuan Huo said.

Xuan Nv and Su Yu did not object. The four found a well and returned to the ground. Then they contacted the relevant local authorities and obtained all the information they wanted.

Then the four had more headaches, because the underground structure of Greater Foshan was more complicated than expected. Underground drainage systems, underground transportation systems, and underground shelters have existed for a long time.

"What to do now? How to determine where is the Night Demon?" Su Yu looked at the maps of various underground facilities in Foshan Avenue. Su Yu never thought that the various underground facilities in a city would be so complicated.

"The exclusion method can be used. Firstly, the gas and water pipeline systems can be ruled out. It is difficult for Night Demons to move freely in it and cannot survive in it. Secondly, rule out the underground transportation system, because the Night Demons are hard to hiding and survive.

At present, there are only two places, the underground drainage system, and the air-raid shelter system, which are difficult to judge.

Now, we can only determine where the Night Demon has built his nest by checking it in person. "Xuan Huo said.

"Well, wait until Xuan Tu comes over. He can help consolidate the earth and buildings and reduce the vibration." Xuan Guang said.

Xuan Nv nodded and said, "I have informed Xuan Tu, and Xuan Kong will send him over soon!"

A few minutes later, Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu arrived, and when he saw him, they asked, "What's the matter? I didn't understand it on the phone."

Xuan Huo tells them the whole experience, and gave a brief overview of the situation. Then Xuan Tu patted his chest and said, "Rest assured, the defense is left to me. As long as you don't explode recklessly, I can guarantee that everything on Greater Foshan will be intact! "

Hearing the words, Xuan Guang laughed: "Xuan Tu is really more and more reliable!"

"That's right, I'm making progress!" Xuan Tu smiled and scratched his hair.

"Very good, then it's not too late, let's go!" Xuan Huo glanced at everyone and waved his hand.

A total of six people entered the sewer, and then walked under the Great Foshan. A few minutes later, the six arrived at the intersection, where everyone felt an unusually strong sense from the Night Demons, even the smelly groundwater can't hide the breath of the Night Demons.

However, Su Yu and others searched here for a long time and found no Night Demon's lair.

"It's impossible. The Night Demon's breath is so strong here, why can't there be traces of Night Demon? Is the previous analysis all wrong? Or, the Night Demon knew that we were here, so they evacuated in advance?" Xuan Huo frowned.

Xuan Guang and others didn't say anything, and they were not in a very good-looking. They had made so many preparations before. If the Night Demon really left first, then many things would be useless.

Su Yu frowned, and flashed in his head: "Xuan Huo, take out the schematic diagram of the underground drainage system and the local air-raid shelter!"

When Xuan Huo heard Su Yu's asking, without too much nonsense, he pushed the two pictures into Su Yu's hands and asked, "Xuan Zhen, did you think of it?"

Su Yu took the drawing, found a clean place, and put the two drawings side by side. First, he pointed to the schematic diagram of the drainage system and said, "Leader, look, where is the intersection of the line, it's here, right?"

"Yes, here!" Xuan Huo nodded.

"That's right!" Su Yu smiled, then pointed at the underground air-raid shelter and said, "Look, at the corresponding position, there should be an air-raid shelter in our place, right?"

Xuan Guang heard the light flash in his eyes and said, "I see, Xuan Zhen, you mean that the Night Demons are in our place, but not in the sewer, but in the underground air-raid shelter."

Speaking of it, Xuan Guang stomped and then said, "Those Night Demons are at our feet!"

"Yes, I suppose so!" Su Yu nodded. The underground bomb shelter was built deep underground, much deeper than the underground drainage system.

"Then how do we get in?" Xuan Kong frowned. "The underground air-raid shelters in the early years should have been sealed up already? We don't know where the Night Demons dug the passage. It would be too hard to find it. It needs a lot of time. "

As soon as the words came out, Xuan Huo, Xuan Guang, and Xuan Nv all frowned. The air-raid shelter was a special facility and the construction process was very special. It's really hard to get in even if they can rely on some scientific means and some super powers mean. Unless an accurate entry is found.

"It's okay, even if we can't find the way in which the Night Demons can enter and exit, we can still enter it." Su Yu said: "The process of underground construction is special, but it does not mean that the technology of blocking the entrance is special, we only need to find the blocked entrance. There is a great chance to reopen! "

Xuan Huo and others brightened their eyes, and Su Yu was right. They missed a thing. Can the technology of blocking of the entrance and exit be compared with the technology of building an air-raid shelter?

Most cases are not possible!