Chapter 112 Greater Foshan

All of this happened very fast as if a long time has passed, but the time has actually passed in less than three minutes.

There are still a few minutes before the darkness disappears. Su Yu spent a few times in dealing with the Night Demon in this building.

Each Night Demon killed averages one minute. Su Yu wasted a lot of time to deal with the second Night Demon, or he will be faster.

While sealing the Night Demon's corpse, Su Yu looked at the darkness outside the window and said to himself: "What's going on with them? They should be faster?

The words had just fallen, the light was bright and the darkness disappeared.

"It's over?" Su Yu froze, then quickly walked outside the building.

At the gate, the four regrouped, Xuan Guang smiled and said, "I killed the last Night Demon here, huh, huh."

"Senior Xuan Guang , how do you know that you killed the last Night Demon here? Should we kill the Night Demon in about the same time?" Su Yu asked.

"Simple, the darkness will disappear only after the last one dies. After I killed that Night Demon, the sky became bright! Okay, how many monsters did you kill this time? I killed five! "Xuan Guang said.

Xuan Huo said: "I have four!"

Xuan Nv: "Three!"

"I'm also three!" Su Yu scratched his head and said, a little smug, the same as Xuan Nv!

"Is there a total of fifteen?" Xuan Guang touched his chin and said, "Right. It's the most suitable number for the Night Demon combination!"

"No matter what, let ’s talk about what you found. How did these Night Demons appear? This is the key. Finding the source can completely solve this sudden incident. What we have done is only a temporary solution!" Xuan Huo said.

"Well, yes, but I didn't find anything unusual." Xuan Guang said.

"Nothing!" Xuan Nv shook her head.

The three looked at Su Yu and Xuan Huo said, "Xuan Zhen, how about you? It's up to you now!"

When he heard Xuan Huo's words, Su Yu rolled his eyes and felt a lot of pressure. Then he began to think about every detail carefully, and said after a while: "There is nothing special, no clues ... No, the last one I killed the Night Demon, the Night Demon was dragging a person downstairs... "

"That means, the path through which the Night Demon took the victim downstairs!" Xuan Guang narrowed his eyes.

"Sewer?" Su Yu and Xuan Nv said at the same time.

"It should be so. These Night Demons cannot appear out of thin air for no reason. They are lived underground and afraid of the sun. They can never come from the air. There is only one path to the underground." Xuan Huo said: " But there is still a question, how could these Night Demons appear underground?

You need to know that when this city is being built, the underground is specially reinforced. Theoretically, such monsters as Night Demon will not appear in the city directly from the underground. "

Xuan Guang laughed and said, "Xuan Huo, you still tend to think too much. I still appreciate you when you first came to the bureau. You are motivated, well, don't think about it so much. What is the reason?  Why not go down to see it??"

Xuan Huo smiled bitterly: "I'm used to it, I don't want to make any mistakes ... forget it, don't mention the previous things, let's go, solve the source of the Night Demon as soon as possible, and give Donglu Province a safe environment!"

When speaking, Xuan Huo goes first ahead, walk towards groundwater well.

Xuan Guang shook his head slightly, sighed slightly, and quickly followed, Xuan Nv flashed her eyes, and Su Yu said, "Let's go, we will follow."

Nanquan City has a long history, so the underground drainage system is very developed.

Of course, it's complicated enough,

People with the best sense of direction will also quickly lose their way, when entering this place without a map.

Fortunately, the Monsters Detective Bureau has the special authority and can bring up a comprehensive schematic diagram of the underground drainage system of Nanquan City for use.

"Here is where we are right now. A sudden dark incident just happened!

This is the restaurant where we ate that day, and also the place where the first dark incident happened in Nanquan City.

This is the second, the third ... "

The four did not start searching without a direction. After obtaining the map, Xuan Huo marked the places where the sudden dark incidents occurred on the map, and then connected these points to the lines. Finally, most of the points were connected. The lines meet in one place!

"Great Foshan?" They uttered their voices at once.

"Will it be here? There are so many people in Greater Foshan every day." Xuan Nv raised doubts.

"Is there any difference in Foshan?" Su Yu was at a loss, except familiar with his hometown, he was not familiar with other places. Seeing Xuan Nv's reaction, her look shows that the Great Foshan is a famous place.

"Great Foshan is a very famous tourist attraction in Nanquan City. It is located south of Nanquan City and close to the city center. It is 285 meters above sea level and covers an area of 110 hectares. Have you heard of the three famous places in Nanquan City? Xingguo Temple in Nanquan City is on this Great Foshan! "Xuan Guang said.

"Oh!" Su Yu just responded, he didn't feel anything about it, he had never heard of any famous places!

When Xuan Guang saw this, he asked, "Xuan Zhen, would you be an otaku before?"

Su Yu said in angry: "Who is the otaku? I just don't like going out."

All the otaku said so, Xuan Guang blinked and did not continue on it, but instead looked at Xuan Huo: "What is the probability that the source of the Night Demons are in this Great Foshan?"

"Very possible!" Xuan Huo smiled bitterly.

Xuan Guang pated his forehead, and said in pain: "That is troublesome, these monsters are really good at looking for a place."

Su Yu puzzled: "What's the trouble? Didn't the last Bone Land incident also happen in the scenic area? Isn't it resolved safe and sound?"

"Different!" Xuan Nv said: "The last time the Dalong Mountain Bone Land incident happened in a scenic area, but it was already close to a no-man's land. Don't say people, there are no buildings. And the fighting broke out in the land of bones, so there is not much damage and influence on real life.

But the Great Foshan is different. There are places of interest in the Great Foshan. Although there may be no one to travel now, the building is still there. If the source of the Night Demon is really in the Great Foshan, once there is a battle, the Night Demons will be damage the Great Foshan's building.

That way, even if the mission is completed, we and the Monsters Detective Bureau will get relevant accountability. "