Chapter 111 Emotionless

While Su Yu lamented that the Night Demon was ugly, he attacked. The blue arc jumped on his body and then he punched in the belly of the Night Demon.

At this moment Su Yu used the power-up skills learned from the muscule man.

With a bang, Su Yu's fist hit the Night Demon's abdomen severely.

Immediately, the Night Demon was beaten into a prawn-shape, and the horrifying punches came out of the fist. The sounds of cracking bones could be heard.

Dark blood squirted from the Night Demon's wide mouth.

Su Yu punched in one punch, punched next tightly, hit the Night Demon's chin, and interrupted the Night Demon's scream.

Uh ...

Su Yu's fist fell like raindrops, and leave a residual image when hitting the Night Demon, more than a dozen punches per second.

Until this Night Demon has no breath he stops.

Bang ~ The Night Demon's body fell to the ground and made a muffled sound. Su Yu shook the blood on his fist and said, "This Night Demon is really not very strong!"

Su Yu judged that this Night Demon is at best Yellow level eleven and so on, much weaker than him.

Su Yu grabbed it around his waist, took the seal stick in his hand and sealed the Night Demon's body into the seal stick, leaving only some dark blood on the ground, representing the Night Demon existed here just now.

Alas ~ Just when Su Yu had just sealed the Night Demon's body in the seal stick, a sound of breaking air came from a distance, and an object crashed onto Su Yu.

Su Yu punched out subconsciously, and hit the impacted object.

"No!" Su Yu didn't feel well when he saw what the object was.

Bang ~ The dry powder fire extinguisher was blown by Su Yu in one punch. A large amount of dry powder exploded and slowed down the entire corridor. Su Yu's sight was blocked. He accidentally inhaled the dry powder and immediately coughed.

be cheated!

Su Yu instantly realized that he underestimated the Night Demon's wisdom. What it has done was obviously to distract him.

At this moment a dark shadow emerged from the darkness, into the area where the light shone.

It was a Night Demon, who flew straight at the light, and shot out the light with a sharp claw. Suddenly the corridor fell into the darkness.

At this moment, Su Yu understood that the Night Demon had planned to extinguish the light in his hands from the beginning, but did not expect that Su Yu was so strong that he would direct kill a Night Demon in person.

Uh ~ the next moment, Su Yu was hit with a blow, and the whole person flew out, smashed from the second floor to the first floor, and hit the ground form a humanoid pit.

"Fuck!" Su Yu turned up from the big pit, and could not help cursing.

However, the next moment was hit with a heavy blow, and he flew out again. This time it was hit again before landing.

The gurgling sound resounded in the darkness, and Su Yu was overwhelmingly hitten by a Night Demon at this moment. The Night Demon completely in the dark, his strength rose sharply.

In particular, it was much faster, making Su Yu unable to counterattack at all, and each attack would fail.

When hitting the right, Night Demon appeared on the left.

Su Yu arched his arms to protect his important part from being attacked, while calming herself down.

At the moment, the reason why Su Yu can't capture the Night Demon's figure is that in addition to the speed of the Night Demon becoming faster, the more fundamental reason is that Su Yu can't sense where the Night Demon is and cannot see where the Night Demon will attack.

Now Su Yu is almost a blind man!

Fortunately, Su Yu has always kept in mind the words of Xuan Huo.

"Attentively, with ears ..." Xuan Huo's words flowed through Su Yu's mind. No matter how the Night Demon attacked at this moment, Su Yu remained motionless, closed his eyes and carefully sensed the existence of the Night Demon, and the movement of the Night Demon.

When the same sense is lost, you will find that the other sensory sensitivity will increase exponentially, especially when you calm down and feel it. Su Yu heard the small friction sound of Night Demon stepping on the ground. The sound of the wind moving fast.

After being beaten for almost a minute, Su Yu finally can capture the Night Demon move. Although Su Yu still can not see, in Su Yu's mind, there was another view. The whole building seemed blurred, and only the outline of the line remains.

In the same way, things in this building, as well as people and Night Demon, have become lines.

The Night Demon's claws came silently, grabbing at Su Yu's neck. At this moment, Su Yu could hear the Night Demon crack his mouth and laughed silently.


At this moment, Su Yu's arm moved slightly, blocking in front of the Night Demon's claws, and the claws collided to make a muffled sound.

Su Yu heard the smile on Night Demon's face stiffen, and an ugly face was full of incredible looks.

Sa ~ Su Yu then reached out a big hand and grabbed the Night Demon's big face and said, "Can't believe I can find you? Hehe, it doesn't matter, you hit me for so long, it should be my turn now!"

Sa ~ Su Yu's fist shot out quickly, like a shelled shell, and the rubbing air made a harsh noise.


Su Yu's boxing hit the Night Demon's chest, slamming it down, the horrible punch broke the Night Demon's heart, and punched the Night Demon to death.

Similarly, Su Yu sealed the body in a seal stick, and then continued to explore.

But this time it was a lot simpler. The sole of the foot stepped on the ground and made a sound. In Su Yu's mind, the sound became a circle of lines that spread out.

Impacted on the object and fired back.

At this time, Su Yu mastered the technique of turning around and positioning, which humans did not have.

Suddenly, Su Yu knew what was going on inside the building. How many people were doing it, Su Yu knew everything.

This experience surprised Su Yu, feeling a bit similar to echo positioning, but Su Yu could not maintain this state for a long time, and it is likely that it will not be felt in the next second.

So, Su Yu didn’t waste a second.

"Surely there is a Night Demon !?" Su Yu heard the presence of the Night Demon on the fifth floor, and rushed towards the fifth floor. The Night Demon was dragging a man downstairs.

The first floor and the second floor ... A man and a monster met unexpectedly on the staircase platform on the third and fourth floors.

This time, the Night Demon didn't growl, gently lowered the man in his hand, and silently rushed towards Su Yu. He wanted to kill Su Yu in one hit. In the eyes of Night Demon, Su Yu didn't find its existence at this moment.

However, it never thought that Su Yu had 'seen' it in his heart.

Su Yu's feet moved to avoid the attack of the Night Demon, and at the same time, he raised his leg and hit the Night Demon with a strong knee. Su Yu's knee banged against the Night Demon's abdomen, and the horrible force directly broke the spine of the Night Demon.

But at this time, the Night Demon did not die, and screamed extremely painfully.

"Ah ~"

"Let's die!" Su Yu shouted coldly, punched out, and blasted towards the falling Night Demon.

With a snapping sound, Su Yu boxed and shattered the Night Demon's neck bone!

At this moment, Su Yu is like a killer with no emotion. He shot fiercely and kills in one shot!