Chapter 110 Night Demon

"Did you see that thing?" Su Yu asked, looking at the darkness ahead.

"Cough ... no, I didn't see it, I didn't see anything." The man thought Su Yu was asking him, and coughed immediately.

Su Yu gave him a kick: "Idiot, I didn't talk to you. Run, why don't you keep running? Where can you go?"

"Well, Xuan Zhen, you tie him up and throw it under the light source, and wait for the police to deal with him, let's go after that guy now!" Xuan Huo said.

"Yeah!" Su Yu nodded, take the man's cloth off, left only pants, and tied the man up with his own clothes, and then Su Yu threw him back to the front desk.

As for how this man would be treated by the angry woman, Su Yu didn't bother, he deserved it.

"Leader, what was that thing just now?" Su Yu asked, returning to the team.

Although it was just a glance just now, Su Yu also took a look at the monster, and used a word to describe it—ugly, the whole body was darker than coal, and the upper body was like a huge bat without long hair and no wings.

The lower body is like limbs of a hairless cat, so there is basically no sound when walking.

"Night Demon, a kind of monster living in the underground space!" Xuan Guang said: "Strange, how did the Night Demon appear on the surface on earth? They are very afraid of light, even a flash of light is sufficient to burn them. Exposure to the sun is tantamount to suicide for them."

"No matter what the reason is, now that we know that this dark event is related to Night Demon, then we are going to kill the Night Demon here and not let them escape.

Then consider how these Night Demon came to the surface and where they came from. "Xuan Nv said.

"Okay, just do it this way. These monsters are not strong enough, so they usually act in groups and act in sudden darkness. The night monsters here are definitely not one or two. Within this range, There are at least ten Night Demons.

I think we should act separately and hunt the Night Demon here, and kill the Night Demon here! "Xuan Guang groaned after a while and said.

"Well, it's more efficient!" Xuan Huo agreed.

"I have no opinion," Xuan Nv said coldly.

Su Yu raised an eyebrow and said, "Yes, but I need a light to illuminate. If nothing is visible, I can't kill the Night Demon."

Em, by the way, why not use enchantment ball to take these Night Demons into the dimension space. Is it easier to kill them?"

Xuan Huo shook his head and said, "The enchantment ball is not omnipotent. The breath of those Night Demon has been completely integrated with this darkness, connected into one piece. The enchantment ball captures only a single monster's breath. But like this, when they connected as a whole, it is difficult to capture, and difficult to pull them into the dimension space!

So when you wanna do something, you must pay attention. This is the real world. You cannot cause too much damage to this world. Do not use shock power. "

"Okay, I see!" Su Yu nodded.

"Well, let's break up now. The Night Demon in this building will be handed over to Xuan Zhen to clean up. Xuan Nv and Xuan Huo we will go to several other residential buildings!" Xuan Guang began to allocate and gave them a light ball.

Before separation, Xuan Huo specifically instructed: "Xuan Zhen, don't rely too much on the light. Although the Night Demon is afraid of light, it does not mean that the Night Demon will not destroy the light. though this Night Demon runs away, it is not necessarily because of the light,  it was more likely because it felt the breath of us.

When fighting, the No. 1 attack target may not be you, but the light. Once the light is destroyed by the Night Demon, then you must adapt to fight at the fastest speed when you can not see the enemy.

With your heart, with your ears, with all the senses that can sense the outside world, you can sense everything around you, and the existence of the enemy. "

"Thank you, Xuan Huo!" Su Yu said sincerely, and then squinted at Xuan Nv, you see how Xuan Huo guide me? And see what you have done?

Feeling Su Yu's gaze, Xuan Nv hummed coldly: "If you lose, you will learn it."

Su Yu think secretly:  is this woman too irresponsible? If it is not a loss, what if I get killed?

Su Yu doesn't want to argue with Xuan Nv, and started searching in this building with a light ball in his hand.

After Su Yu left, the three also quickly left.


"Small Night Demon, Night Demon, where are you? Come out and I will kill you!" Su Yu dragged the light ball in his hands, whispering on the way, showing some frightening atmosphere in the quiet corridor.

There are a lot of people in this building. Although Su Yu's voice is not too loud, there are a lot of people who can hear Su Yu's voice. The people who hear Su Yu's voice are all more frightened and hiding. The atmosphere was frighting, and they did not dare to say anything under the lights.

This has caused Su Yu a lot of things. If these ordinary people walk around in the dark, they will cause him a lot of trouble.

At least this time, the only ones who dare to walk in the dark, except for some particularly daring, were the Night Demon.

Xuan Huo said that Su Yu was in his heart, so although there was a light in his hand to illuminate, Su Yu didn't rely on his eyes to find the trace of the Night Demon.


When Su Yu walked from the first floor to the stairs on the second floor, Su Yu's footsteps went out slightly, he heard a small breathing sound in his ear, this breathing sound came from the stairs.

This is the breathing sound of the Night Demon, Su Yu judged, because humans do not emit such long breathing sounds, breathing for nearly ten seconds.

Want to sneak up on me?

Su Yu smiled in his heart and looked at the light in his hand. Su Yu threw the light in the hand toward the second-floor corridor, and at the same time, Su Yu stepped on the corridor and rushed to the second floor with the light.

"Ah ..."

Showed by the light, the Night Demon hidden in the stairs on the second floor made a painful roar, the sound was extremely harsh.

The Night Demon was burned by the light, and his body was billowing with white smoke as if he was about to spontaneously ignite. When he kicked his feet on the ground, he would hide into the darkness.

But at this time, Su Yu's speed was obviously faster. The moment the light hadn't landed, he was close to the Night Demon, and he could even feel the airflow from the Night Demon's breath hitting his face.

"So ugly!" It's getting closer. Su Yu is sure that the Night Demon is ugly. He almost wants to vomit. I really want Xuan Jin to come and take a look, Su Yu thought.

Night Demon: "..."