Chapter 11 Don't Want To...

Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded in his ears, but at this moment her voice was so pleasant.

In fact, Su Yu has already reached a limit, but he has been squeezing his energy.

Looking at the figure of Xuan Nv, Su Yu's nervous mood was relaxed, his body softened, and then he collapsed to the ground, saying, "So glad you are here, I thought you abandoned me. "

"Shut up!" Xuan Nv's mouth twitched, and the words were unpleasant.

Then the Hairy Giant Ape became the object of venting the anger of Xuan Nv, and Su Yu also saw how powerful Xuan Nv was.

Xuan Nv, what a powerful woman!

Su Yu was trembling. It was only a few seconds, and the Hairy Giant Ape was beaten.

The Hairy Giant Ape was sealed in a Seal Stick.

"How do you feel?" Xuan Nv came to Su Yu and asked.

"I feel weakness, the whole body hurts as if my body was torn!" Su Yu said I didn't feel anything during the fight, now it really hurt, especially the right arm, which hurt into the bone.

"Oh, that's not a big deal. This phenomenon is just caused by the excessive use of super power. It's okay to take a break. As for the wound, it will be cured, go to find Xuan Yi for treatment. Now, get back to the bureau.".

Su Yu's face changed, "I don't want to..."

Xuan Nv: "???"

Don't want to ... what?


Two hours later, they returned to the Detective Bureau.

Upon entering the door, a cheer was heard in the ears of the two. It was a Xuan Yi who appeared in front of Su Yu in the shape of a ghost and said with bright eyes: "It's great, Su Yu, you are injured, come here. Let me check you out! "

Su Yu almost had a crooked nose. Listen to what this person can say?

"Oh, I said I don't want to see him!" Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv with a sad look on his face, and then there was no room for resistance.

Xuan Nv blinked, glanced at Xuan Yi, and finally understood what the 'I don't want to.. ' means in Su Yu's mouth was.

Xuan Nv: "Oh."


Not to mention that Su Yu was brought into the operating room by a Xuan Yi and how he was researched. After Xuan Nv scorned Su Yu, she came to the boss's office and found Xuan Laogua.

"Glad you come back? Sit, what is kind of monster, and how is Su Yu performing?" Xuan Laogua motioned for Xuan Nv to sit down.

Xuan Nv did not sit, she stood and reported: "The task is simple, and the target is a Hairy Giant Ape at Yellow level seven, which has been sealed and sent to the sealed office. As for Su Yu's overall performance, his ability to accept is quite good, and his courage is acceptable. But he is a little bit naughty. "

Xuan Nv then got through the cases one by one.

"Do you mean that Su Yu's super power not only has the power of shock but also another kind of power?" Xuan Laogua asked in amazement.

"What I have observed is that the blue light is a manifestation of the power of shock, and something like blue lightning is a manifestation of another power, but the two are the same color, so whether it is me, or you or anyone else has ignored it, only thinking that Su Yu has only a kind of super power! "Xuan Nv said.

"Hehe!" Xuan Laogua smiled and said, "It really looks like this. No wonder I always think there was something wrong before. If Su Yu is a dual-power person, then everything was right.

Su Yu's second power should be the type of power enhancement, so he has just awakened the super power, and the power is so great.

However, according to your words, Su Yu did not use his super powers well, it should be related to his physical weakness.

Xuan Nv, Su Yu is the second dual-power person beside you. He is still your subordinate. What do you think? "

"Nothing!" Xuan Nv said.

"Uh, okay, you should tell Xuan Yi soon, and ask him to do a detailed examination of Su Yu, and then bring the result report and Su Yu here, and I will make a new training plan based on Su Yu's report.

Then you train Su Yu! "Xuan Laogua thought for a while.

"Yes, boss!" Xuan Nv responded and turned away.


An hour later, Xuan Nv came to Xuan Laogua's office again with the report and Su Yu, who was recovered back to normal as before.

Xuan Laogua looked through Su Yu's medical examination report, sometimes frowning and thinking, sometimes his face was happy, and he kept pounding on the desk.

There were only three sounds of breathing in the office, and the atmosphere was tense. Su Yu looked at the changing expression of Xuan Laogua. He said, "Is there something wrong with my body? I am feeling not bad!"

Xuan Laogua made a glance at Su Yu and said, "Don't be so nervous, your report says it's okay. Don't worry, you first listen to me. According to your latest report, you have more than one super power. However, the problem exactly lies in your dual-power.

Your first super power is the power of shock, which comes from Earthquake Beast. The power of the Earthquake Beast to fuse with you is different from other super man. Ordinarily, super man have single super power source only, the dual-power also has only two super power sources. But the super source in your body can be said to be countless. How many cells in your body means how many super sources you have.

However, though you have countless sources of super power, it didn't mean that your power is stronger than an ordinary super man with only one super power source. The strength of super power is not related to the amount of super power source!

Just like the light emitted by ten thousand fireflies, it also can not compare to the light emitted by the sun. "

"Eh! I thought the more the source of the super power, the more powerful I am!" Su Yu smiled awkwardly.

"It's true that you understand it this way, but it doesn't apply to you. Your super power comes from the Earthquake Beast. Yes, theoretically, you have many super power sources. A cell is an super power source. As a matter of fact, however, you have only one super power source, and that is your physical body.

Your second power is strength power, and the source of strength power is completely integrated with your cells and physical body.

So, more strictly, you have only one source of super power, it's your own body. "Xuan Laogua said.

Su Yu didn't quite understand, and asked, "I'm able to understand each word, but it's a bit confusing when they come together. Can you tell me what my problem is? And how to solve it?"

"Your problem is that your physical body is too weak. If you don't strengthen your physical body, it's nothing if you don't use the super power, but you will be easily injured if you use it, even exploding directly!" Xuan Laogua looked at Su Yu.