Chapter 109 Scum

The four rushed into the darkness, as if into the abyss.

Darkness, everything is invisible. Su Yu can clearly feel that Xuan Nv and others are not far from his side, but they are invisible to the naked eye as if there is a thick black cloth in front of his eyes.

"Where are you?" Su Yu asked.

A bright light appeared in the vicinity, illuminating a distance of more than ten meters, and the figures of the Xuan Nv appeared in the bright range.

Xuan Guang held the light in his hand and said, "This darkness should be an extension of the power of darkness. Be careful, do not to leave the area of light, there is something peeping in the darkness."

Xuan Nv said: "Can you expand the range of light?"

"Of course!" Xuan Guang nodded, the light in his hand flew up, suspended above the heads of the four, just like a small sun, lighting up a few tens of meters, and now the four were in front of a building. Just half of the door was shrouded in it.

Su Yu looked to the distance and frowned, "Why is there no light at all? It should not be so dark."

Xuan Guang shook his head and said, "It's not because the lights are not turned on, but we can't see them even if they are turned on the light. The lights can only illuminate a certain range, beyond which we can't see them.

For example, our light now only has a range of tens of meters, but out of this range, you can't see the light here! "

Su Yu nodded, and said, "Xuan Guang, how can we find the monster in the darkness? Why can't I perceive the monster's breath? After entering the darkness, the monster's breath seems to have disappeared."

"It's not gone, it's that the monster's smell has been completely integrated with this darkness. Have you heard the word olfactory adaptability? In a flower-filled environment for a long time, you will not feel the floral fragrance. Perception is also In this way, all the darkness is all weird breath, and it is normal that we can not perceive the monster's breath, so don't always believe in perception. "Xuan Huo taught Su Yu a little experience.

"I see!" Su Yu nodded, the perception was not everything.


Just then, a scream came into everyone's ears, right in the building in front, and then the four rushed into the building.

The hall has a light, usually, the entire hall can be illuminated at ordinary times, but at this moment it illuminates a small area near the light, the light like a firefly.

And the light can only be seen in close proximity, and no light can be seen without entering the area.

Four people followed the voice to find the screaming person. This was a reception in the lobby, a female staff member.

At the moment, there are still a dozen people behind the small bar, sitting on the ground, holding their knees, one by one curled up, shrinking themselves into balls.

These men and women looked at the four who came in with a light fairway.

Xuan Guang didn't care what they thought, and frowned, "Who shouted just now? Why shout?"

Hearing Xuan Guang's asking, these people reacted. A woman blushed and said, "I, I shouted. Someone touched my butt just now, I was startled, there is a satyr."

As soon as this word came out, all the people present changed their faces, and the women were as far away from the men as if these men were poison scorpion.

The faces of the men were also extremely shocked, and the eyes looking at each other were extremely skeptical.

"Scum!" Xuan Nv said coldly, looking at these men, full of disgust.

Xuan Huo was so angry that he looked at the men and said, "Really, still thinking about taking advantage of girls at this time?!"

Speaking of this, Xuan Huo looked at the harassed woman and said, "You should report to the police when the sudden darkness is over.

Here are just a few men, we can find out after a search ..."

"Oh, oh!" The woman nodded, and said, "Well, I'll call the police when it's over. Who are you?"

"We are a special person in charge of this special case, and the specifics are inconvenienced to be revealed!" Xuan Guang said, then took a dip in his arms and pulled out a light fairway again: "This is a high-tech product, which can be used in a certain time. The inside glows. I will leave one for you, and you just stay in this light area, the bad guys won't attack the people in the light area. "

With that said, the light fairway floated above their heads.

They look straightly at the light fairway. Though they did not know how Xuan Guang did it, they did not think this is super powers, just thought that this is really a high-tech product. In fear, most people's IQ plummeted.

At this moment, a man behind the bar, while everyone was attracted by the light, turned over and jumped into the darkness.

Everyone couldn't help but be stunned, and then came to understand that the man who jumped into the dark should harass the scum of the woman.

"Is this a confess without a trail?" Su Yu said.

"Ah, bastard, you stop!" The woman turned back and immediately chased out with a loud roar, dare to touch her ass? Really looking for death!

Xuan Huo quickly caught the impulsive woman and said, "Calm down, stay here and don't move, let us go after him!"

Xuan Huo and others looked at each other, then rushed into the darkness.

The man jumped into the darkness and regretted immediately. He could not see anything. Only walking by memory and hoping to escape from here, he can't be caught by the police. This would have a great impact on his future work and life!

"Damn bitch, isn't it usually wearing a seductive cloth to seduce man, I just touch her butt, why shout so loudly!" The man walked like a blind man, whispered in his mouth, not blame himself, but blame the woman for seducing him.

"Oh? I don't remember there is a wall here!" The man was surprised when he felt a cold, hard object.

Then the man's heart pumping hard. He knows he might come across the person of the crime organization. It is rumored that the person of the crime organization cut off the human body organ in the dark.

The man turned to run, but the next moment he felt suffocated, and his cold and powerful hands gripped his neck.

"Let me go, you, this bastard!" The man started punching and kicking at the 'person' in the dark, but the man desperately found that the 'person' had no other response at all, but the big hand that gripped his neck is getting harder.

When the man felt that he was about to be so finished, the man suddenly felt a bright light in front of him. 'The person' holding his neck seemed to be very afraid of the light, and even screamed to release him and escape into the darkness.

'The person' was too fast, and he didn't even find out what 'the person' looked like.