Chapter 108 Xuan Guang

Surrounded by lotuses and willows on three sides, half mountain and half city lake, this is the Nanquan City.

When he came to Nanquan City, Su Yu can use only one word to describe it, that is, beautiful!

Nanquan City is a famous historical and cultural city in Kyushu and an excellent tourist city in Kyushu. Many tourists come to visit all year round.

But in recent times, the entire Nanquan and even the entire Donglu province have been deserted.

The usual bustling airport is now very quiet. Only a few passengers, and basically they are flying out Donglu Province

There are definitely a few people like Su Yu who are flying to Nanquan at this time, and the airport staff frequently gives the three people a strange look.

In the strange eyes of these airport staff, the three finally waited for Xuan Guang.

Xuan Guang looks like a man in his thirties, wearing a white trench coat, with a slight smile on his face, and his temperament gives a gentle feeling.

"Xuan Huo, Xuan Nv, I haven't seen you in a long time!" Xuan Guang and Xuan Huo hugged, and then he smiled at Xuan Nv.

"Haha, I haven't seen you for a long time. You should be able to stay in Hua for a while, right?" Xuan Huo smiled.

"Yes, It's been a long time!" Xuan Nv nodded faintly.

"Well, I should be able to stay for at least a month or two!" Xuan Guang chuckled: "This time I can take a good rest!"

"That's good, come, Xuan Guang, I can introduce you to the newcomers in our bureau"

"No need for introduction, I know him, he is Xuan Zhen, right? I'm Xuan Guang, I'm glad to meet you!" Xuan Guang interrupted Xuan Huo and stretched out a hand.

"Xuan Zhen, it's nice to meet you too!" Su Yu said and shook hands with Xuan Guang gently.

"Xuan Guang, have you finished all your missions in the polar region this time?" Xuan Huo asked.

"Well, it's over, but it took a lot of effort to wipe out those' Auroras '. At least a few months' time, no new 'Auroras' will come out and make a mess! "Xuan Guang nodded lightly.

"Xuan Guang, as for this mission, Xuan Huo has already told you, right? What do you think?" Xuan Nv asked.

Xuan Guang shook his head and said, "No clues at this time. What caused this incident is uncertain, and their power is dark.  But why these monsters dig out some of the internal organs of the victim?"

Su Yu said, "Will it be a habit of them? Or ... edible to them?"

Under the gaze of the three, Su Yu continued, "Isn't it possible? I see some biographies of gods and ghosts have the habit of eating human internal organs differently, so I wonder if this is the reason."

Xuan Guang touched his back neck and said, "It's possible, there are all kinds of monsters ... I can now imagine this scene that the monsters are eating a human. It's so disgusting! Don't talk about it, for now, we should eat dinner first." Xuan Guang said so.

Talking, a few people left the airport and spent a lot of effort to find a car to go to the city center. It also took a lot of effort to find a restaurant that opened normally.

Due to the effects of the sudden dark incident, the downtown area that was originally crowded with people was also very depressed, and there were not many people on the street.

There are only four guests in the restaurant, just Su Yu, Xuan Nv, Xuan Huo, and Xuan Guang.

There was no extravagance, and the four just ordered a few special dishes and ate.

Several people talked as they ate, but they didn't talk about the secret core issues, but just talked about the impact of this sudden dark incident on Donglu Province.

This restaurant is run by a middle-aged couple. When the four people ate, the couple sat the next table in case they four have any need. So she heard what the four were talking about. A female shopkeeper is a talkative person. When she heard Su Yu and others talk about how much impact the incident has brought to the local economy, she interrupted Su Yu's words.

She said, "Guests, you're right. The bastards who made this incident are really hateful. In the past, people came and went on the streets are tourists. Now sometimes, even cats can't see now.

We were afraid of being suddenly enveloped by darkness and then disappearing. When we came back, there was part of our bodies missing.

These damn, damn bastards must go die. Hurry to seize them and return the former Nanquan City back to us.

We still have to do business. The previous' turnover was at least five digits. Now a few hundred yuan a day, we don't make money at all."

Listening to the words of the female shopkeeper, the four were not feeling been bothered. Since they had no clue, It may have some clues to hear what the locals said.

Su Yu asked: "Madam, have you encountered or seen sudden darkness?"

"I have not in person. Did you see the cold drink across the street? There was a sudden dark in that place. At that time, there were two little girls drinking cold drinks. After the sudden dark disappeared, the two little girls disappeared.

The next day, I found the two who are in a coma on the street. I heard that the two little girls had lost one kidney and one had half a liver.

Those people who made these are so evil. Those little girls were hurt by those bastards. Those evils should be killed a thousand times. "

The female shopkeeper pated her thighs angrily.

"That lady, who do you think can do such sin?" Su Yu asked again.

"Who else? It's the infamous" trafficking "organization. They have such high science and technology. But they don't do good things, but only do bad things. They are so stupid!" said the female shopkeeper.

A meal was passed. Although there was not much gain, they were also known that the impact of this incident on the land of Donglu was greater than they expected.

Su Yu and others all have a sense of urgency. They must kill the monsters that caused the case quickly, and they must give the people in Donglu Province a safe living environment.

After having dinner, Su Yu and others walked along the empty streets. At this moment, they did not know how to find the monsters that caused the case. They could only use the most stupid method to find it.

Try your luck.

The probability of a sudden dark phenomenon in Nanquan is highest in Donglu province.

It happens at least five times a day.

Although it is unlikely for them to encounter a sudden dark phenomenon in the large area of Nanquan City, they can only do that.

On the first day, four people did not encounter this sudden dark. Although three sudden dark phenomena occurred in Nanquan City in the afternoon, the sudden dark phenomenon disappeared when they arrived. Except that they could feel a little weird atmosphere left on the scene, there were no other clues at the scene.

However, the effort was worth. In the afternoon of the next day, the four of them finally saw the sudden dark phenomenon with their own eyes. A building was swallowed up by darkness immediately before their eyes, and then spread. The area of the last residential area was completely shrouded in the darkness.


The four looked at each other and stormed into the darkness without any hesitation.