Chapter 107 Sudden Darkness

After the black coffin organized a raid and interception, Ao Tian finally realized how dangerous he is now.

Although he still yearns for the interesting world outside, for the sake of his valuable life, Ao Tian becomes abnormally honest in the next few days, and he goes nowhere only stayed in the Monsters Detective Bureau.

It wasn't until three days later that several 'people' who exuded strong and hidden Dragon Coercion appeared in the bureau, and Ao Tian left the Bureau, and no one knows where he was going.

However, everyone understood that Ao Tian followed his dragon compatriots back to the Dragon Nest.

For the departure of Ao Tian, the crowd was not unreluctant, but was a bit happy.

Ao Tian is big trouble for anyone in the bureau.

Although the black coffin was run away, the number of people staring at the Monsters Detective Bureau every day has not decreased. The number of people who go to the pharmacy to buy medicine is several times more than usual. Some people even go to the pharmacy to buy medicine seven or eight times a day. Fools can also know that the other party has a problem.

After Ao Tian left, Su Yu and others were relieved. This kind of task was the first time for the four of them. Protecting someone was more tiring than killing someone directly.

The four of them vowed in their hearts that if they still have such a task in the future, whoever loves to pick up, they will absolutely not pick up.


Although it is autumn, the weather in September is still hot, the sun is shining, and pedestrians hurry on the street.

Many women are holding sun umbrellas, but they can only block the sun, but they cannot resist the high temperature.

"Ah ~ it's September. Why is it still so hot? It feels hotter than in summer. It seems that the temperature has been more than 30 degrees in recent days. How can people live!" A beautiful girl muttered, complained.

"Yeah, it would be nice if it can be cloudy now, so that it can be cooler!" Said another beautiful girl with a smile.

The girl's voice had just fallen, and another girl could not help but scream in surprise.

"Oh? Xiao Ya, you see if it's dark ..."

The girl hadn't finished speaking, and her eyes were completely dark, and she could see nothing. The little sister near her had disappeared. She was about to shout. A cold and hard palm covered her mouth. Then she knows nothing.

On this day, a strange phenomenon appeared on the ground in Donglu province, Hua, that is, some areas suddenly entered the night, and the duration was very short, only lasted for about five minutes each time.

However, after each darkness, there will be a disappearance of people, and the missing people will reappear the next day, but a part of their organ is missing for no reason, their organs were stolen!

However, the missing people were not aware of what happened, not even the relevant memories.

Because of this, people in Donglu province are scared. Few people dare to go out for shopping, for fear of encountering sudden darkness.

Relevant local authorities have identified it as a new type of high-tech crime and it is related to a criminal organization that has been pursued.

However, with a continuous investigation, things have become more and weirder, and gradually beyond the control of ordinary people.


In the conference room of the Monsters Detective Bureau, Xuan Laogua was explaining the case to everyone, and he concluded: "This Donglu province sudden dark incident has so far had more than 500 victims, which has a great impact.

It caused immeasurable economic losses to the entire Donglu province.

Now what we need to do is to stop the expanding of the impact of the incident, and find out exactly who did it, and find the body organs lost by the victim. do you understand? "

Everyone said in unison: "Understand, boss!"

Xuan Laogua nodded gently: "Except for those who have a case and who must be left in the bureau, all of them go to Donglu province to investigate and resolve the matter. A group of four, you yourself decide how to form a team.

Well, the rest of the time is up to you! "

Then Xuan Laogua left the conference room, and immediately the room became noisy and began to form teams. Many people came to ask Xuan Nv if she willing to team up with them to complete this task.

However, they were all rejected by Xuan Nv. As for Su Yu, there was no right to speak at this time. Just be obedient to what the leader said!

"Xuan Nv, team up?" Xuan Huo asked in front of Xuan Nv at this time.

Seeing Xuan Huo invited Xuan Nv to form a team, Su Yu froze slightly, he remembered that there was some misunderstanding between Xuan Nv and Xuan Huo because of the Hei Yan. Except for the last Xinyang fire incident, the two were not in cooperation again.

Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv, and wondered what Xuan Nv would say. Su Yu believed that Xuan Nv was more likely to refuse.

Xuan Nv looked up at Xuan Huo coldly, and did not talk with Xuan Huo.

Xuan Huo smiled bitterly: "Don't refuse, my power and his power are very useful in the dark!"

"You mean, Xuan Guang?" Xuan Nv looked at Xuan Huo and frowned. "I remember Xuan Guang went to the polar mission."

"The task had been completed. I got in touch with him. After returning to Hua, he will go to Donglu province first. If we cooperate, I will take you to find him!" Xuan Huo said.

Xuan Nv groaned for a while and said, "Okay, you can team up!"

Xuan Huo said with a smile: "Okay, you need to prepare before you leave. I'll contact Xuan Guang and agree on where to gather!"

After Xuan Huo turned and left, Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv. She said: "Xuan Huo is right. No matter it is his power or Xuan Guang power, it will be of great use in this mission, in the dark. We probably don't see anything, it would be much easier with them! "

Su Yuming understood that the reason why Xuan Nv promised Xuan Huo's teaming was entirely from the perspective of practicality.

In other words, Xuan Huo and Xuan Guang are both bulbs that are big and easy to use.

Su Yu held his chin for a while and thought that it was very interesting. He wondered if Xuan Guang and Xuan Huo knew Xuan Nv's thoughts and how they felt.

Half an hour later, the three gathered, and Xuan Huo said: "I discussed with Xuan Guang, we should gather in Nanquan City, Nanquan is a frequent place for sudden dark events, it may be easier to investigate some, Of course, the danger may be higher.

Xuan Nv, what's your opinion, if you think it's inappropriate ... "

"No need to change. If I choose, I will choose also Nanquan City. Just gather there. Did you buy a ticket?" Xuan Nv interrupted Xuan Huo's words.

"I have already bought it. I can pick up the ticket now when I go to the airport. It is now 8:20. The departure time of the plane is 9:20. After two hours, we can arrive at Nanquan Airport and Xuan Guang arrives at 12:00. "Xuan Huo said.

"Okay, let's go now!" Xuan Nv said without any hesitation.