Chapter 106 An Insensitive Man who Does Not Understand Women

After Su Yu screamed, he knelt on the ground weakly, his eyes blurred.

Seeing this, Mi Xin pouted and smiled, "No man has been able to stand in front of me for thirty seconds!"

Then, walking towards Xuan Nv with enchanting steps.

"Mi Xin, what did you do to Su Yu?" Xuan Nv chopped the Snake Girl to the ground, and asked.

"Slumbering in the beauty lead a hero to the tomb, he will die in happiness, giggle, you see how good I am to him, this heroic mound I rarely use for men!"  Mi Xin smiled.

However, the next moment of laughter came to an abrupt end, because a hot and powerful hand grabbed her ankle.

Looking down, Mi Xin's eyes widened suddenly, exclaiming exclaimed: "No way, how can you still move? Are you not a man?"

Su Yu gasped in his mouth and roared loudly, "I am a man, a pure straight man, I am an insensitive man who does not understand women~"

An insensitive man who does not understand women~

An insensitive man ~

Man ~

Ah ~

Su Yu's roar resounded for thousands of kilometers, and echoes formed in the dense forest. All the people present were clearly heard.

At this moment, everyone's eyes are complex when looking at Su Yu.

Is it necessary for you to yell proudly even if you are an insensitive man who does not understand women?

"???" The heart was stunned by Su Yu's yelling at such a close distance, forgetting to break away from Su Yu's palm, the next moment Mi Xin realized how terrible it was to be caught by a strength super man.

Suddenly, Mi Xin felt great pain in her body. Because Su Yu grabbed her ankle and smashed her to the ground severely.

Bang, a muffled sound resounded in the dense forest, and Mi Xin in Su Yu's hands was like a rag doll.

Fighting elsewhere has stopped and everyone is staring at the scene with wide eyes.

"What the..., Xuanzhen is really an insensitive man. How can he resist her temptation and still smash her like this?" Xuan Tu said the mood at the moment. Such a beautiful woman, if he were Xuan Zhen, he would be hard to fight with her.

The enemy, Bao Po, also nodded very agreeably at this moment, this man is too insensitive, he absolutely has no girlfriend.

After a short time of surprised, Xuan Nv had a little smile on her face. She didn't know why she suddenly felt a little happy, and then the back to her fighting, and beat Snake Girl.

Snake Girl: 〒 ▽ 〒

Bang, a huge muffled sound resounded in the dense forest, and Mi Xin was lying motionless in the big pit. The pain in the body was not the most painful, and the damage to the mind was the reason for the collapse of Mi Xin.

In the past, her power was a sharp knife to fight with men, but recently, she has been a series of defeats in the past few days. She felt speechless and words flashed in her mind and yelled: "These damn bastards, Are they have only muscles, but no brain? ... "

A spit of blood spurted out and then she passed out.

"Oh! Woman !?" Su Yu sneered, with his hands on hips, wanna defeat him? How dare you underestimate me?

Su Yu took two breaths, took out a seal stick again, sealed Mi Xin in it, and looked at the three battlefields still in battle. His mouth tilted upwards. He had already sealed two enemies, only he did it. You guys are ... weak!

Not good, I am a little arrogant!

Su Yu suddenly woke up, covered his mouth, patted his heart that had just been so arrogant.

In the next second, Xuan Nv's side also ended the fight. The Snake Girl was defeated and sealed by Xuan Nv, less than a minute, only 46 seconds.

At present, only Black Coffin and Bao Po have not been sealed.

At this point, Bao Po's brain was also sober. Now this situation was completely unknown to him in advance. Their fight didn't last a long time, and Ci Shou, Mi Xin, and Snake Girls have been defeated and sealed!

Now the situation has changed. The Monsters Detective Bureau is in the upper hand. Bao Po can't help but swallowed, looked at the Black Coffin, and said, "Boss, this ..."

"Ha ha ha, Black Coffin, you have already seen the situation at this time, you have no chance of winning, and we will catch you and send you guys to trial!" Xuan Kong laughed.

The Black Coffin sighed, his body flickered away from the attack of Xuan Kong, appeared next to Bao Po, his palm rested on Bao Po's shoulder, and the figure flashed again in a distant place far away from Xuan Nv and others, with Bao Po.

The Black Coffin said: "Yes, we lost the play, and we lost miserably, but sent us to go back for trial? Hehe, I'm afraid you think too much, I want to go, no one of you can keep me. "

Xuan Kong didn't speak because the Black Coffin was telling the truth. Unless the Black Coffin was willing, otherwise no one could send Black Coffin to the trial. The Black Coffin was absolutely capable of escape. No one can stop him.

Black Coffin continued: "Xuan Kong, don't be complacent. This time we lost, but it doesn't mean that you can always win. We will definitely make a comeback."

Black Coffin looked at Su Yu angrily, coming to the other side, his original plan was perfect, and the chance of successfully getting dragon core was extremely great. At least before the battle with Xuan Kong and others, the plan was perfect.

However, it was unexpected that the great situation was completely destroyed by a newcomer of the Monsters Detective Bureau. Su Yu was clearly not strong, but how could he defeat his two capable subordinates one after another?

Don't mention the depression in the Black Coffin heart. Getting the dragon core is impossible now. Black Coffin has decided to retreat. If he keeps entanglement, he may even have to be sealed here. This is not what he wants.

Xuan Kong heard it, and snorted: "A comeback? When will you come back? You will still be defeated in our hands by then."

The Black Coffin didn't mean much argument. A Black Coffin appeared, and the Black Coffin and Bao Po were loaded into it. Then it disappeared into the ground. Only the voice of the Black Coffin came: "Xuan Kong, treat my partner well, they just temporarily living in your bureau, one day I will rescue all my partners. "

Xuanzhen heard it, snorted, can anyone get into our Bureau? How dare you say that?

They are not afraid of the Black Coffin, only afraid that the Black Coffin would not dare to come. As long as he came, all the people in the Black Coffin will be caught.

Xuan Tu sat on the ground with his butt, panting, "It's over? I'm exhausted!"

Xuan Tu actually reached the limit before, but just insisted on it. At this moment, he can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

"Well, it's gone, but it's not the time to rest. We should go back to the bureau now!" Xuan Kong said.

With the departure of the Black Coffin, the forces such as blockade space have disappeared, and the space door can be opened. Xuan Kong used his last little super power to open the space door. Through the space door, four people and one dragon returned to the bureau.