Chapter 105 Strokes

Ci Shou exploded suddenly with itself as a bomb, and the explosion swallowed Su Yu. The tilted balance once again restored its balance.

The billowing smoke was permeating, and it was impossible to see the situation inside. The hearts of Xuan Nv and others were hanging, and it was unknown whether Su Yu was still alive.

Hearing Bao Po's mad words, Xuan Tu was extremely irritable, and roared, "Bao Po, go to the hell ... stab!"

Xuan Tu's palms pressed against the ground, the soil super power erupted suddenly, the earth surged, and stone cones rushed out of the ground and rushed towards Bao Po.

Bao Po continuously punched on top of a stone cone, breaking it apart.

"Cough ..." At this time, a cough sounded, and everyone was stunned. Looking at the billowing smoke, who can still alive?

"Hiss ~ It hurts, why are you guys like to explore? Why don't take life seriously? Life is so wonderful!” The sound came from the smoke, all at once recognize who is speaking.

Bao Po and other people of Black Coffin's faces became gloomy, and the attacking move of the Black Coffin was incoherent at this moment.

On the faces of Xuan Kong and others, a look of surprise and happy bloomed.

Because they had seen Su Yu stepping out of the smoke and carrying the unconscious Ci Shou.

At the moment, both of them were in shattered clothes, bloody on their bodies, and looked miserable.

However, everyone present could feel that the only miserable person was Ci Shou, and the vitality seemed to go out at any time. As for Su Yu, it was only a flesh wound.

"Abominable, this can't be, how could this be?" Bao Po saw Su Yu stepping out of the smoke area completely, and he can't believe it.

When Xuan Nv saw this, she was relieved, and her tone was still cold: "Since it's okay, seal Ci Shou, then come here to help!"

Speaking, Xuan Nv fought with Mi Xin and Snake Girl again.

Su Yu curled his lips and said in his heart: this woman is really not tender at all. Didn't you see that he was almost killed?

No matter what he thinks, Su Yu grinned on his face: "Okay, leader, here I come!"

Su Yu acted swiftly to seal Ci Shou, and then rushed to the battlefield of Xuan Nv.

"Hahaha, Black Coffin, it looks like your calculations have failed. Do you still have hope?" Xuan Kong smiled at the Black Coffin, and Su Yu won. The balance is leaning towards them.

At this moment, as long as Su Yu restrains the Mi Xin, Xuan Nv will soon defeat the Snake Girl.

In fact, Su Yu act as what Xuan Nv said. Mi Xin is stronger than Snake Girl, but not too much. The reason why she was able to entangle with Xuan Nv for so long was that Mi Xin's super power had a great influence on Xuan Nv. So Xuan Nv can't end this fight as soon as possible.

"Ms. Mi Xin, aren't you going to play with me? I'm here, ha ..." Su Yu laughed, rushed to Mi Xin, and raised his fist.

Mi Xin is very mad. Are you here to play with me?


Mi Xin waved her whip towards Su Yu, and at the same time, the whip danced like a snake and attack towards Xuan Nv. But a large hand reached out and caught the whip.

"You ..." Mi Xin startled, not even seeing how Su Yu grabbed her whip.

"Miss, it's wrong to be half-hearted!" Su Yu laughed, and at the same time, he yanked hard, and the huge force directly lifted Mi Xin forward, and at the same time, Su Yu's other hand fisted into the air.

The buzzing force of humming, the sound of cracking of the glass kept ringing, and cracks were scattered in the void around Su Yu's fist, and then the air broke apart.

"Huh ~" A sullen murmur was sounded, Mi Xin stunned and flew out.

She turned over in the air to release Su Yu's attacking power, and squatted down on the ground, charming eyes stared at Su Yu and said: "I underestimated you."

Bang~ Su Yu squeezed the whip in his hand firmly. But the next moment, the whip turned it into a pink mist. This whip is transformed by the power of Mi Xin. According to information, this whip is called the whip of infatuation. As long as someone hit by the whip, the one will quickly be controlled by Mi Xin.

Su Yu said: "You have underestimated me a lot!"

"Then I'll give it a try!" Mi Xin gave a fascinated smile. Her pair of long legs slamming on the ground, rushing towards Su Yu, a whip appeared on her palm lightly.

With a squeak, and the long whip was flying towards Su Yu, but in the middle of attacking Su Yu, the long whip suddenly changed its direction and flying towards Xuan Nv not far away.

Clicking, the sound of broken glass sounded, the crack shrouded the long whip, and then the long whip shattered.

"Miss, I said that, it's wrong to be half-hearted." Su Yu's figure stood in the middle of Mi Xin and Xuan Nv.

Obstructed by Su Yu again, Mi Xin changed her face immediately and said: "It seems that I can only beat you before I can play with Xuan Nv!

With a twitch at the corner of his mouth, Su Yu felt a hint of danger. The woman finally takes him seriously. Su Yu glanced at Xuan Nv's side helplessly.

"One minute, fight with this woman for one minute!" Xuan Nv noticed Su Yu's gaze, and said while slamming on the Snake Girl. Xuan Nv was not influenced by the poisonous mist that troubled Su Yu all the time. As soon as the Snake Girl sprayed out the poisonous mist, it was frozen into the ice by Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv's ice is capable of restraining the Snake Girl's poisonous mist.

And the snake is very afraid of the cold breath, even if the Snake Girl is not a real snake, she is also a bit afraid of the cold. She is naturally suppressed by Xuan Nv's power. Snake Girl can only exert 70% or 80% of her power.

Su Yu took a deep breath, looked at Mi Xin, and hooked his fingers and said, "Then come here!"

"Hmm, your power is not enough, but my confidence is quite enough. I will send you to hell within 30 seconds." A snorting sound, the whip appeared in the hand again, and pumped towards Su Yu.

"Miss, don't you have any other tactics? It's always this one. It's unrealistic to try to beat me in thirty seconds!" Su Yu laughed, but it didn't mean that he looks down on Mi Xin. The blue halo was big, and Su Yuzheng hit the air with a punch.

Om ~ the shock power surges, and the sound of glass shattering sounds. Under Su Yu's control, dense cracks spread from Su Yu's fist as the center and spread toward Mi Xin.

The next moment, the air shattered, and the whipping whip shattered again, breaking into pieces in the air.

However, the broken whip didn't dissipate quickly, but turned into pink snakes of different sizes in the air, flung its tail, dragged red rays in the air, and rushed towards Su Yu.

Su Yu didn't respond in time at all, the pink snakes hit him, and then disappeared into the body.

"Ah ~" Su Yu called, his face turned red.

"Xuan Zhen!" seeing this, Xuan Nv shouted.