Chapter 104 Human Bomb

Xuan Nv grabbed a void against the Snake Girl and yelled, "Gravity! Mi Xin, come here!"

The next moment, the Snake Girl screamed and flew towards Xuan Nv, caught by Xuan Nv's gravity.

The Snake Girl apparently did not expect that Xuan Nv could spare her energy to attack while fighting with Mi Xin.

"Xuan Zhen, Ci Shou's power is not great here, I will hand him over to you to end the battle at the fastest speed, seal it, and then bring it back to the bureau to convict him for his crime. "Xuan Nv said while battling. Snake Girl was dumbfounded.

Su Yu felt very joyful when he heard these words, Ci Shou's power was useless here, how much combat power can be left after fighting with Xuan Nv?

Su Yu saw the hope of victory in this battle and immediately rushed towards Ci Shou that had just landed on the ground.

Ci Shou spit out blood again, it was purely because of aggrieved, and he was totally powerless in this fight.

"Ah, damn!" Ci Shou yelled in depression, and think that participation in this battle was really a wrong decision. The most important thing is, when was his turn into a weaker?

Well, Su Yu think so.

Ci Shou looked at Su Yu who was running excitedly towards him.

But no matter what Ci Shou thinks, how angry, Su Yu already start to battle with him at this moment.

Su Yu didn't want to die, and didn't want Xuan Nv and others to die. Then he had to choose to defeat the enemy. The blue halo and blue arc appeared at the same time on his body. The dual powers erupted, jumping up, throwing his fists at Ci Shou that had just stood.

With a muffled sound, Su Yu's fist fell on the arms crossed by the magnetic hand. At this moment, Su Yu used the skills learned from the muscle man.

Huge power exploded on the body of Ci Shou, there was no unnecessary waste of power, and the force penetrated through the physical body of Ci Shou, and Ci Shou was spitting blood again.

This is not over yet. With a buzzing sound, shock power surged, and the sound of cracking and crackling of the glass sounded, and cracks began to spread around Su Yu's fist as the center, covering Ci Shou.

The air broke down the next moment, and Ci Shou's entire hand was blasted up. Bloodstains appeared on Ci Shou's body, and blood flowed out.

"Ah!" Ci Shou screamed in pain, and then fell to the ground. Ci Shou was very powerful, but at this moment, it was of little use here. Su Yu directly penetrated his defense.

Although the physical strength of Ci Shou is also much stronger than the ordinary people, it is still far worse than the strengthening super man in terms of physical strengthening.

Under the outbreak of Su Yu's dual powers, he hit Ci Shou with a single blow!

From the time Xuan Nv and Su Yu communicated and exchanged opponents, it seemed a long time, but in fact, it was very short. In total, it was less than two minutes. Therefore, Black Coffin and Bao Po saw what happened here.

They saw that Ci Shou was severely hit by Su Yu, and they all changed their faces. They knew that the balance had changed. Ci Shou can't lose this battle. Both Bao Po and the Black Coffin began to break out. They wanted to get rid of the entanglement of Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu to rescue Ci Shou.

But Xuan Tu and Xuan Kong laughed, obstructing the two with all their power.

"Black Coffin, you lost. Have you thought about this situation?" Xuan Kong laughed, and the force of erasing the space attacked the Black Coffin.

Although he could not see the expression of the Black Coffin, Xuan Kong could still feel the anxiety of the other side, which made him very happy.

Xuan Kong continued: "Why not speak? Is it already speechless? Even though there are a thousand tricks, you can't win!"

"Xuan Kong, you talk a lot? Do you think that this will shake my determination, or distracting my mind?" The voice of the Black Coffin came from under the black robe. No one can read his mind.

"You are wrong, Xuan Kong. Before we started, we had made expected the worst situation, no matter how much we paid, we got the dragon core!" the Black Coffin continued.

Xuan Kong heard it, frowned and avoided another attack, and said, "Oh, how do you plan to solve the current situation?"

"Ci Shou, do you know how to do it?" Black Coffin suddenly yelled at Bao Po that was entangled in Xuan Tu.


Hearing Bao Po's shout, Xuan Tu, Xuan Nv, and Xuan Kong all heard the words. Is there another trap awaiting?

Su Yu naturally heard the roar of Bao Po, and he was also confused, and he knows he should be careful in his heart, but he still rushed towards Ci Shou, and the seal stick appeared in his hand.

Regardless of his conspiracy?

Must to seal Ci Shou.

Ah, Ci Shou fell to the ground, splashing a lot of dead branches and leaves. Naturally, Ci Shou also heard what Bao Po said just now, and his eyes suddenly became fierce. Looking at Su Yu, he showed a firm look again.

The next moment, Ci Shou bounced from the ground, and did not retreat. One hand grabbed at Su Yu and one hand grabbed at the seal stick. He grinned and said, "Haha, Xuan Zhen, go with me!"

"Su Yu retreats!" Xuan Kong yelled as if he understood something.

But it was too late, because at this moment, Ci Shou's right hand had caught Su Yu's left wrist, and Ci Shou's left hand caught the Seal Stick

Su Yu was also aware of it. A dangerous breath permeated from Ci Shou, and it was uploaded from the right hand of Ci Shou.

Ci Shou's right hand now emits a weird red light and is expanding rapidly!

"Let go!"

Su Yu shouted. He responded very quickly. When he saw this, he kicked him out directly. This time, Su Yu didn't use the muscle man's power skills.

And just after flying out, Ci Shou's right hand has swelled to a limit, and then a blast exploded, and a cloud of fire enveloped Su Yu and Ci Shou.

"Su Yu!" Xuan Nv, Xuan Kong, Xuan Tu shouted.

"Damn, the Black Coffin, you guys are really cruel. They turned their part of the body into a bomb?" Xuan Kong screamed angrily, looked angrily at the Black Coffin, and launched a fierce attack on the Black Coffin.

"I said, we will do whatever it takes to get dragon core!" The Black Coffin said coldly.

"Black Coffin, you better hope that Xuan Zhen is okay, otherwise, you fled to the ends of the earth, and our Monsters Detective Bureau will arrest you." Xuan Kong said.

"Ah ha ha ha ha ~ Xuan Huo, did you see that, then my latest masterpiece, right, after you hurt me, my ability mutated, can transform a human body into a bomb, Xuan Huo, I would like to turn you into a bomb too! "Bao Po laughed, and a loud blast smashed the huge palms on the sides of his body.

Xuan Tu was so angry that he shouted, "I'm Xuan Tu, a fat man, your brain is really damaged by Xuanhuo. I will kill you and revenge for Xuan Zhen!"