Chapter 103 Change

Bang ~ A huge explosion occurred, and a round figure flew backward from the exploding black smoke.

"Haha, little fat man, you can't beat me down, you are far worse than  Xuan Huo. If you are killed, don't complain!" Bao Po stepped out from the smoke and dust,  with a smile on his mouth, then punched to Xuan Tu, his fist flashing spark.

"Hum, only after you can beat me, it's too early to claim the winner and loser!" Xuan Tu said, a thick earth shield condensed in front of him.

However, when Bao Po hit the shield, the shield exploded. More accurately, where Bao Po punched will be exploded later. Bao Po's power is an extremely dangerous power.

"Huh! Fine, I'll kill you. I haven't killed anyone in the Monsters Detective Bureau ever!" He snorted.

"Then you can try it, but the chance of being killed may be higher, Dragon Rock Pillar!" Xuan Tu said, hooking his fingers upwards, and a huge dragon-shaped rock pillar rose from the ground where Bao Po stood.

Bao Po was aware of the danger in advance, and the body sideways avoided the attack, while sweeping one leg away, sweeping the stone pillar.

Bao Po holds the broken stone pillar and smashed into Xuan Tu: "Go to hell!"

Dangerous red light bloomed on the stone pillar, and then exploded, and the shock wave of the explosion was shrouded to Xuan Tu.

Bang ~

A huge blaze of fire appeared in the jungle, engulfing an area of hundreds of meters around the jungle.

The fire and smoke dispersed, and a soil cover with a diameter of about five meters appeared on the ground, covered with cracks. The soil cover shattered the next moment, and the figure of Xuan Tu appeared from inside, and his face was a little pale.

Obviously, the explosion just brought a lot of influence to Xuan Tu.

However, Xuan Tu did not choose to retreat, but launched an attack.

The palms of Xuan Tu were closed together, and a pair of huge stone palms appeared from the ground and shot towards the blast from both sides.

Xuan Tu shouted lightly: "Big Buddha!"

With a loud noise, Bao Po was closed between the palms.


"Small space stripping technique!" Xuan Kong shouted, and opened his hands in an eight shaped, forming a rectangular hollow cover to the black coffin.

"Empty coffin!" black coffin pushed in the palm of his hand, and a black coffin appeared in front of him, stopping Xuan Kong's attack.

Alas ~ The two made a harsh noise when they collided together, then both disappeared.

The figure of black coffin moved, grabbed Xuan Kong in a void and yelled, "Buried coffin!"

When the sound sounded, a black coffin appeared out of thin air, and filled Xuan Kong.

The next moment, the black coffin broke, and Xuan Kong stepped out of it. He turned his fingers into claws, scratched against the black coffin, five claw marks appeared out of thin air, and the split void went towards the black coffin.

The battle between Xuan Kong and the black coffin is not as fierce as the battle between Bao Po and the Xuan Tu, but the degree of danger is more severe.

The damage of space super power is absolutely powerful. If one move failed to deal with, either died or disabled.

Therefore, the two are extremely careful when fighting, so the fighting rhythm seems very slow.

In a short period of time, no one knows who will win.

Of course, it may also be because the black coffin did not give out all his power. After all, there are rumors that the level of the black coffin has reached the Black level.


Unlike Su Yu's seemingly evenly matched battle, Xuan Nv's one-on-two battle is showing a trend that Xuan Nv is in an upper hand. Xuan Nv's one-on-two battle is overwhelming.

Both Mi Xin and Ci Shou are angry.

It is not that the two are too weak, but that the Xuan Nv is too strong, and the Xuan Nv broke out in the beginning.

Xuan Nv is extremely skilled in the use of two super powers, and has played a combat power of 1 + 1 far greater than 2.

In addition, Ci Shou's power cannot be used in the dense forest at all. Ci Shou's power is similar to that of Magnetic King. Only in the place with metal can a powerful combat force erupt.

But here is the tropical rain forest, there is no metal at all, and the power of Ci Shou almost becomes a decoration here. But it still useful sometimes, if it is not Ci Shou's power, from time to time, can control the metal sword in the hands of Xuan Nv, and make Xuan Nv strong attacks missed many times. Maybe Mi Xin and Ci Shou were defeated by Xuan Nv.

At this moment, Mi Xin and Ci Shou can only maintain the battle with Xuan Nv.


After avoiding the poisonous mist, Su Yu took a chance to glance at other members, watching the situation of Xuan Kong and others, and breathe a sigh of relief.

At least on the surface, the two sides are now evenly matched as a whole.

However, Su Yu knew that this might be an illusion, because everyone had consumed a lot of power before. In terms of the current fighting intensity, everyone might not be able to persist for too long.

If you want to break the situation, one side must have one win in a battle.

Xuan Kong?

Xuan Tu?

Or Xuan Nv?

As long as one triumph in one battle, the situation can change a bit.

But Su Yu looked at Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu. It was too difficult for the two to defeat the opponent!

Especially Xuan Kong, form looking at the ground and trees that were erased from time to time, Su Yu secretly worried about Xuan Kong.

Xuan Nv's chances of defeating the opponent are the greatest among the three, and Su Yu can only hope at Xuan Nv at this moment.

As for himself, Su Yu has no confidence in himself, and a draw with Snake Girl is already the limit.

Even if the Snake Girl is injured, it is extremely difficult to defeat the Snake Girl.

This was just a few seconds of what Su Yu saw and his own analysis, and then Su Yu quickly returned to his battle and fought with the Snake Girl.

The poisonous mist of the Snake Girl is a great trouble for him, he dare not fight with the Snake Girl in a close distance at all.

Su Yu dare not bet his skin can resist the poisonous mist of the Snake Girl.

Just in case, if he can't resist it, his own life may be ended up here.

Su Yu think, it's okay to die here. But he can't let the Snake Girl go to join any battle, it will break the balance at this moment, which will directly lead to the defeat of the whole team.

As a result, the mission fails, and Ao Tian will be killed by the black coffin!

Therefore, Su Yu dare not act rashly now.

Su Yu himself didn't find out that somewhen, he was caring about not only himself, but began to think about his companion, thinking about the task, thinking about the whole team.

Just when Su Yu was struggling with the Snake Girl, Xuan Nv called Su Yu's attention lightly: "Xuan Zhen, exchange opponents!"

"???" Su Yu heard a word. Exchanged his opponent? Which one to exchange?

The next moment, Su Yu knew, and saw the Xuan Nv suddenly waved with a sword, and a gravity shroud on Ci Shou. Then Ci Shou spits out blood, flying towards him.

Su Yu understood what Xuan Nv's meaning, and after a hard fight with the Snake Girl, rushed towards Ci Shou.

The Snake Girl naturally won't let Su Yu do what he wants, swimming and chasing towards Su Yu.

However, at this time, Xuan Nv shot again. While fighting with Mi Xin, she grabbed a void against the Snake Girl and yelled, "Gravity! Mi Xin, come here!"