Chapter 102 Battle

Lol, ~ Xuan Tu and Xuan Kong laughed loudly when they heard what Su Yu said. Xuan Nv also laughed.

Originally, they saw Su Yu talk with Mi Xin. They thought that Su Yu was fascinated by Mi Xin.

And they did not expect Su Yu to be like this.

A little naughty!

However, it feels very cool. Should the woman behind meet this kind of person for the first time?

Xuan Kong, Xuan Tu, and Xuan Nv all looked back, Mi Xin's face was indeed extremely red.

"I want you to die!" Suddenly, how Su Yu dared to joke with her.  She is so charming, no one treats her like this.

"Don't you, don't you said I can say anything?" Su Yu replied, running faster, this woman goes crazy.

"Xuan Kong, you can't run away here! Haven't you found out yet?" The black coffin shouted at this time, while calming Mi Xin's anger.

As the words came out, Xuan Kong asked, "What the hell did you do?"

"What did I do?" Black Coffin grinned and said, "I made a lot of arrangements to prevent you from running away. I know that you will go in the direction of Hua once you run away, so the road to Hua was blocked. On the ground, including the blockade in the sky, there is no way for you to run away.

Of course, you can also choose to change your way. But your super power is not enough to change to another way, right?

Therefore, you now have the only one choice, fight against us, fight for your life, and the winner will leave.

Or, if you hand over the dragon, we can live in peace. "

The black coffin is getting to the point. It is the worst choice for Xuan kong and others.

Xuanzang's face turned gloomy. In fact, he had noticed it before a long time, but he didn't expect it to be true. He should change the retreat plan when he noticed it.

"This is not your fault, Xuan Kong. We have no choice. We can only go back to the nearest road. Keep alert, there must have traps on this way, we have to choose to go this way, right?" Xuan Tu said it when he perceived Xuan Kong's regrets.

"Well, Xuan Tu is right. We are already in the trap, and I would choose to go back.

If we choose to go in another direction, the situation maybe even worse. We are not familiar outside Hua.

Although the gangsters before were fiercely hunted down, it was obviously a tactic forcing us ran in this way. If we did not choose to go in this direction, they would force us to go in this direction. "Su Yu said.

"There's no need to blame yourself, it's a tough battle!" Xuan Nv said coldly.

Hearing the words, Xuan Kong's eyes were shining, and he smiled: "Yes, you are right, we have never been afraid to battle with anyone in battle!"

During the conversation, Su Yu and others have traveled a few miles in the dense forest, and more than ten kilometers away from the state border of Hua.

But Su Yu and others stopped here because they realized that the danger was hidden ahead.

Xuan Tu uses his super power. A bulge appeared on the ground tens of meters ahead.

The next moment there was a big bang there, a huge flame rose, and numerous earth and stones flew up.

"There are a lot of mines buried in the road ahead, and they are very powerful. They should be intentionally made." Xuan Tu said.

"Can't fly away, they blocked the skyspace, and the black coffin is not lying." Xuan Kong looked up at the sky and said, "It looks like you have arranged a lot for the day.

Ha hahaha...

The black coffin and others appeared not far from Su Yu and others, and the black coffin said: "Of course, how can we not make arrangements if we want to battle with the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau?

"So, should we feel honored?" Xuan Kong's tone rose with coldness, knowing that this battle was inevitable.

"If you can feel it!" The black coffin spread his hands, his movements, and tone of the limbs showing his arrogant.

"Little fat man, how powerful are the mines I made?" Bao Po laughed. The field ahead was laid out with mines made by him. In order to get these mines, he started to generate them long ago.

"Just so so!" Xuan Tu snorted, but he knew for sure why the power of the mines was so great.

"Kill!" The black coffin screamed suddenly.

"Kill!" Xuan Kong also yelled and fight with the black coffin.

Xuan Nv's long sword came out of the sheath and directly faced Mi Xin and Ci Shou. She needs to handle the pair of two. Only in this way could the two sides' combat power be leveled.

"Little fat man, let's play!" Bao Po blasted the ground, and the ground hummed to the blast.

Su Yu set the ball aside, looked at the cold Snake Girl, and took a deep breath: "Want dragon core? Defeat me!"

Uh ~

Su Yu stepped heavily, a big pit appeared under his feet, and his body rushed towards the Snake Girl like a bombshell.

Snake girl hissed in her mouth, her lower body quickly deformed, her legs turned into long snake tails, and she pulled toward Su Yu like a steel whip.


Seeing this, Su Yu punched and collided with the tail of the Snake Girl, making a loud muffled sound.

Su Yu's body was directly pumped out by the huge force, and he flew out ten meters away before falling.

The Snake Girl was the same and blown out by the huge punch.

Of course, this is not to say that Su Yu and the Snake Girl are comparable in power. It seems that they are evenly matched, but only because Su Yu's power is pure strength power. So Su Yu's power greater.

However, after this attack, Su Yu also knew that the Snake Girl was stronger than him and would not be much better than him. The rank was at most Yellow level three, and it would not be higher.

This is still several levels higher than Su Yu, it is not easy to offset the gap.

And Su Yu also felt that the Snake Girl's injury did not seem to be cured.

Su Yu guessed that the injures left by the muscule man were not recovered. After all, the muscle man nearly killed the Snake Girl not long ago. Such an injury is not easy to heal.

"Snake girl, are the injuries left by the muscule man, right?" Su Yu laughed, and rushed towards the Snake Girl again, his fist broke, and he hit the Snake Girl like an air cannon!

Hearing Su Yu's words, the Snake Girl's face changed immediately, a flash of fear flashed in her eyes, and she said, "Don't mention him!"

The Snake Girl flicked her tail to break Su Yu into the air and evacuated.

Su Yu's eyes lit up: "You are afraid of him? Did he almost kill you?"

"Shut up!" The Snake Girl shouted again, her body swimming quickly approaching Su Yu, her head also changed into a snake-like creature at this moment, and opened a mouthful of poisonous mist to spray towards Su Yu.

Su Yu tipped to the ground, and quickly retreated, avoiding the area covered by poisonous mist.

Zizi ~

The area covered by the poisonous mist even the air emits noisy and corroded sounds, showing the strong toxicity.

Su Yu frowned with a headache, not sure if his skin toughness can withstand the poisonous corrosion.

The battle with Snake Girl is not easy to fight-looking at the poisonous mist, Su Yu thought so.