Chapter 100 Calculation

Su Yu and others smiled when they heard the words, Xuan Kong said: "Su Yu, you continue to say what you haven't finished just now, I feel like I have a new idea!"

"Okay!" Su Yu nodded and continued: "What I said just now is that ordinary people are useless to get the dragon's flesh and bones. More accurately, they don't know how to use it, and it's like a trash ... a furnishing! "

"Hum!" Ao Tian snorted loudly.

Xuan Kong smirked abruptly: "Su Yu, I know what you think. You mean that the person of the black coffin must provide additional methods of using the dragon body."

"Yes, only in this way can Ao Tian be more valuable!" Su Yu said with a loud voice.

Xuan Nv said at this time: "It seems that the black coffin has mastered the means of artificially creating super power men!"

"Huh?" Su Yu asked in curiosity: "Leader, artificial?"

"Yes, yes!" Xuan Kong took the conversation: "But such technology is difficult, the success rate is very low, and some methods also violate some taboos, such as the use of dragon blood to create dragon blood warriors, once found will be subject by the Dragons, of course, the people who use this method will also not be forgiven by the dragons.

The Dragons do this to deter others and let others don't dare to kill ​​the dragons. "

"Is that so? Ao Tian." Su Yu asked.

"Well! If someone wants to build a dragon blood warrior with dragon blood and other things, he will indeed be hunted down by all dragons!" Ao Tian said.

Su Yu nodded, but he did agree with the dragons' idea.

Buzz ...

Just then, dozens of black spots in the distant sky came quickly, making a humming sound.

Then a blaze of fire burst out from the black dot!

"Crane, gunship? Are all these things used?" Xuan Tu could not help but cursed, and then ran away.

The same is true of several people in Su Yu, sweating coldly.

Boom boom ... One after another fireball rose in the jungle, and a series of explosions happened beside Su Yu and others.


"Hahaha, blast, blast, damn blow them away, these guys are really resistant!" In a huge camp, a special uniform with a beard in the center's military account looked at the screen, laughed.

There are other people wearing special military uniforms. These people do not look like soldiers, but instead, look like bandits.

These people are also laughing, these fierce bandits are exactly those who are the gangsters of the poison triangle. Today they are all gathered together because of an interest they can't refuse, that is, they can become super power men and build a super power man groups of their own.

There are other people in the camp. If Su Yu and others are here, they will be able to recognize at a glance that these people are the black coffin organization. In addition to the muscle men who betrayed the black coffin, Bao Po, Mi Xin, etc. are here.

The bearded man smiled for a while and looked at the black coffin that had been shrouded in black robes: "Black coffin leader, what do you think of our people and their equipment?"

"Although the equipment is not the best, the subordinates are the most fierce warriors. If they can get the dragon blood, they must become an invincible team!" the last words are faked, the dragon blood fighters are powerful, but they are only better than ordinary people.

Invincible? Hehe, the black coffin was said just to the bearded man and others.

From the perspective of the black coffin, when the bearded man and others created the Dragon Blood Warrior, they were basically sentenced to death, sooner or later.

In addition, the Monsters Detective Bureau will not let them go.

Cooperation does not exist. The black coffin is just making use of the bearded man and others.

A group of gangsters who can only fight, only the value used by him, the black coffin glanced at the bearded man and others, sneered in his heart.

"Hahaha!" The bearded man laughed again, feeling very happy. In the current situation, it seems no problem to kill Su Yu and others. Su Yu, four super power man, that dragon, they can get them all!

As for cooperation with the black coffin? Hehe, the bearded man smiled, and the method of creating the Dragon Blood Warrior was already in use, and he will not cooperate with the black coffin, of course, he will kill the black coffin.

If it were not for the black coffin members to have super powers, the bearded men would like to do it now, and then the black coffin will be destroyed here. Then the other bandits here will be killed, and they will directly be the king in the poison triangle.

"Congratulations!" The black coffin smiled.

"The black coffin leader, how long do you think we need to kill the four?" The bearded asked again.

"Kill?" Hearing this, the black coffin leader smiled.

The beard frowned and said unhappily: "What do you mean? Black coffin leader, what's so funny on earth?"

"Sorry!" The leader of the black coffin said, "I hope you don't mind, but what do you seem to have misunderstood? The super power men are not so easy to kill. They can escape.

Although your members are powerful, they are still a lot worse for the super power men.

If the super power men are easy to kill, there is no need for you to create Dragon Blood Warriors.

Those with super powers are very different from ordinary people. "

The somewhat angry bearded man and other bandits had heard the words of the black coffin and pondered for a while, all agreeing with the words of the black coffin.

If the super power men are not strong and are easy to die, then they really don't need to build any Dragon Blood Warriors.

The bearded man laughed: "So how can you kill them and grab that dragon?"

The other bandit leaders in the military camp hear the words and looked at the black coffin and others.

The black coffin smiled and said, "Oh, when the time comes, we will naturally attack!"

When speaking, the black coffin stood up and said to Bao Po: "It's our turn now!"

"Yes, boss!" Bao Po screamed.

"Giggle, I am looking forward to it!" Mi Xin smileed, the bearded man and others in the military camp couldn't help but swallow a spit, this woman is really a fairy.

Ci Shou frowned and said, "I didn't have a chance to fight last time, this time I can finally have a good fight!"

Snake Girl smiled and didn't say anything, but her forked tongue stretched out and licked her lips.

"Come on, surprise the people in the Monsters Detective Bureau!" The black coffin waved, and the black coffin turned into a stream of light before the bearded man and others, who did not even notice how the black coffin and others left.

The bearded man saw, this light flicker in his eyes, no one know what he was thinking!