Chapter 10 Fight with Hairy Giant Ape

Xuan Nv laughed when she heard Su Yu's words. Of course, she was laughed at, but no one could see it because she wore a mask.

Now Xuan Nv's impression for Su Yu was that he has a little bit smart and more adaptable for change, and now more naughty!

Then she watched Su Yu chasing by the Hairy Giant Ape, he jumped from one side to the next side, like a monkey. He got more and angrier, but did not show it, but was waiting.

Xuan Nv looked at him, Su Yu seemed to be quite happy, though he has been suppressed by the Hairy Giant Ape. In her opinion, Su Yu lacked fighting skills and experience.

This was indeed the case. Su Yu wasted too much physical strength. He was even tired after being chased for a while, and his movements were dull and deformed.

"Leader, What should I do? I'm going to die!" Su Yu shouted, and of course, he should ask for help at this time.

It's a pity that Su Yu underestimated Xuan Nv's patience. She had no intention of shooting as if she hadn't heard his words.

Seeing this, Su Yu cursed secretly, and the Hairy Giant Ape seized the opportunity between distractions. A thick drum stick came to Su Yu's front. The evil wind blew his face. Su Yu could not avoid it. He crossed his arms to his chest.


As soon as Su Yu made a defensive action, he was hit straight, and his body flew out like a ball.

It's so painful. Su Yu felt that both arms were can't move. It was like being hit by a car. The strength of the Hairy Giant Ape was too great.

Bang, Su Yu's body stopped when he hit his body against a big tree. The big tree was shaken by the bumps, the leaves kept falling down. He almost sprayed out blood.

"AH!" The Hairy Giant Ape yelled, and it knew a principle,  continuing his victorious pursuit, striding toward Su Yu.

With a shout, the bone stick smashed towards his head. Su Yu didn't dare to make a hard defense and rolled away to avoid its attack.

With a click, the bone stick hit the trunk, and the tree, thick as an adult' legs, was broken immediately.

Su Yu took a sigh of coolness. The Hairy Giant Ape was really too strong, but Xuan Nv seemed to say that the Hairy Giant Ape was only the weakest of the monster.

And the weakest monster was so strong, Su Yu couldn't imagine how strong other monsters would be? Would it like an Earthquake Beast?

And how powerful the Earthquake Beast was in the monsters?

Thinking about this, Su Yu felt that his future in the Monsters Detective Bureau was gloomy and full of life and death crisis.

Sure enough, he still wants to go home and stayed silent. Killing someone or been killed was not his wish, and the idea of leaving the detective bureau became clearer.

"Su Yu, use your ability. You can cope with the Hairy Giant Apes. The more afraid you are, the less chance you will win in this fight. You can be the opponent of the Hairy Giant Ape. If you keep hiding, there will be only one consequence— You will be killed by the Hairy Giant Ape." Xuan Nv's voice came.

Su Yu's facial expression changed. What did the woman say? Has she cursed him to death?

"Where is that woman?" Su Yu was hide from the Hairy Giant Ape, thinking. He can only hear the voice of Xuan Nv, but he could not see the figure of Xuan Nv.

Damn it, Su Yu gritted his teeth. Xuan Nv was hateful, but this Hairy Giant Ape was even more hateful. Why kept chase him only. There was a fragrant young lady hidden here, why not go after her! ?

"Damn it, fight!" sweat dripped from his cheeks, and his physical strength was almost exhausted. If he didn't fight back at this time, it would be too late. Su Yu dare not entrust his life to the cold woman.

In life, Su Yu was a bold person, so after making a decision, he just made his action, no longer ran away. He looked for an opportunity to fight back when he avoided the Hairy Giant Ape's attack, but he looked very embarrassed from avoiding.

"Are you finally going to fight back?" Xuan Nv hidden in a secret place, watching Su Yu's reaction, whispered softly, her concentration was more concentrated.

"Left, right, left, right ..." Su Yu observed the attacking numbers of the Hairy Giant Ape. He found out that there were no fighting skills in attacking, except that the left and right slaps were smashing up and down and the speed was not fast.

However, it has immense power. If he was smashed, he would be absolutely painful. If he was smashed to the important body place, his life might be endangered.

Su Yu adjusted his breathing. he didn't know how long it took. Finally, he seized a chance and recalled the feeling of yesterday when his super power broke out.

An inexplicable power flowed through the body as if it appeared from every cell of his body, and then gathered together and attached to his fist.

A faint blue halo wrapped his fist, and there was a flash of blue lightning jumping on Su Yu's fist.

Su Yu smashed in a punch to the drum stick waved by the Hairy Giant Ape!

Huh! Hum!

The fist and the bone collided together, first a muffled sound, and then the blue halo on his fist burst fiercely.


The sound, like ice and glass, shattered, slender cracks appeared and spread into the air.

Then, a force of concussion suddenly surged, rushing towards the drum stick of the Hairy Giant Ape!

Kaka! !!

At this moment, the incredibly hard stick was disconnected by a hard shock and turned into bone pieces flying in all directions.

"Oh!" The Hairy Giant Ape was dumbfounded, and it stared at Su Yu, seemed to know the human in front of him in another way, and realized that the human in front of him seemed to be hard to be bully.

However, a fierce gas flashed, and the Hairy Giant Ape punched his chest, made a gurgling sound, and rushed to Su Yu again, raised his arms and attacked Su Yu again.

"Get away from me!" Su Yu's confidence increased at this moment, and he did not retreat, with his fist punching to the Hairy Giant Ape.

Kaka! !!

The force of the shock came out, and the crack appeared again. Su Yu first hit the fist of the Hairy Giant Ape.

"Howl ~" At the moment the sound appeared, the Hairy Giant Ape also screamed at the same time, the huge body flew out and sprinkled the blood all the way.

Of course, Su Yu was also getting hurt. He felt a great pain, his fist and arm were hurting a lot, blood leaked out, and the skin was cracked in many places. Both got injures, and no one won.

"Hiss ~ It hurts!" Su Yu looked at his body fist. His fist was numb.

But Su Yu didn't have time to care about his injury. Even though the Hairy Giant Ape had been injured by him. This fighting aroused its fierceness. After landing, he rushed towards Su Yu again, its eyes became blood red, and a breath of breath bloomed.

Su Yu's heart was stunned, his heart almost jumped out, and he hurriedly gathered the power of shock again. When he was about to punch again, a slender figure appeared in front of him.


Xuan Nv's voice sounded in Su Yu's ear.