Chapter 1 Weird Case

Case Number: 20190710

Case Name: Earthquake Shake

The object of this weird case: Earthquake Beast

Levels of danger:???

Hazard level:???

Recorder: Xuan Kong

Treatment plan: Seal? ? ? Obliterate? ? ?

Case overview:

At 06:24:48 on May 18, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 10 kilometers.

At 10:18:31 on May 19, a magnitude 3.1 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 10 kilometers.

At 1:50:21 on May 28, a magnitude 5.7 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 13 kilometers.

At 14:36:33 on May 29, a magnitude 3.7 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 12 kilometers.

At 13: 00:22 on May 31, a magnitude 3.6 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 07 kilometers.

On June 03, 01:47:12, a magnitude 4.0 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 12 kilometers.

At 1:43:13 on June 28, a magnitude 3.0 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 14 kilometers.

At 09:13:24 on June 25, a magnitude 4.5 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 10 kilometers.

At 15:57:53 on July 09, a magnitude 4.0 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 09 kilometers.

As of 16:30:15 on the 10th, there were 72 earthquakes in Jisong City, with a maximum magnitude of 5.7 and the minimum magnitude of 1.9.

Earthquake is one of the natural disasters, and it occurs all over the world. It is a form of movement of the earth’s crust.

However, not all earthquakes were caused by natural causes. Jisong City was not located in a multi-seismic zone. In theory, no earthquakes would occur, and even if it occurred, it should not occur so frequently.

The occurrence of the Jisong earthquake was not in line with common sense and was an abnormal phenomenon. The bureau immediately ordered an investigation. After several days of investigation and detection by staff, it was determined that the Jisong earthquake was not a natural cause. It caused by the monster.

This monster was a kind of worm-like, blue crystal-like creature that lives underground, very clever, understands human’s language, and was good at hiding.

This monster had never had a record before, and even the well-known boss of the bureau, Xuan Laogua has never seen such a creature. He speculates that this was a new monster that has just been born.

Because of this strange special power, Xuan Laogua personally named it as Earthquake Beast.

In order to prevent the Earthquake Beast from causing more and larger earthquake disasters, Xuan Laogua ordered four people, Xuan Kong (myself), Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, and Xuan Mu, to arrest and seal the Earthquake Beast.

It took us four full days to drive Earthquake Beast from the underground and lead it to the ground. When the Enchantment was opened and the seal was about to be captured, an accident happened ... Earthquake Beast was gone!



Case Number: 20190712

Case name: Mysterious Savage Attack

The object of this weird case: Hairy Giant Ape

Levels of danger: yellow level seven

Hazard level :☆

Recorder: Xuan Nv

Treatment plan: Seal

Case overview:

On July 10, a case of a strange attack on a human village was transferred to our bureau.

With the on-site investigation, Xuan Nv (myself) and an intern went to this village together.

After on-site inspections and descriptions by local villagers, it was determined that this was indeed an attack caused by a monster, which was a Hairy Giant Ape with a level of danger at one.

The Hairy Giant Ape is a humanoid creature, but it was not an ordinary ape, but a monster.

Hairy Giant Ape’s wisdom was equivalent to a human ten-year-old child, who can use and make tools, and was extremely aggressive!

Hairy Giant Ape attack humans more often, because of humanoid reasons, they were often regarded as savages.

It was determined that it was a monster attack, and considering the damage and impact caused by the Hairy Giant Ape to the local area, the bureau decided to seal the Hairy Giant Ape.

In order to test the power of the intern and to help him adapt to his super power that has just been obtained, the intern would handle the case himself.


Case Number: 20190717

Case name: Giant Incident

The object of this weird case: Ancient Giant

Levels of danger: Yellow level seven

Hazard level :★

Recorder: Xuan Mu

Treatment plan: Obliterate

Case overview:

In the early morning of July 15, Xiaoyan Mountain suddenly collapsed, revealing a mysterious cave.

The villagers of Xiaoyan Village discovered this deep cave at 7 am that day and thought it was an ancient tomb.

Because it is said that Xiaoyan Mountain was not a mountain at all, but a huge rammed mound and a huge ancient tomb was buried underground.

The villagers were greedy for money, and the first time they found a hole, they did not call the police. Instead, they organized a group of people to explore it first, hoping to discover antiques and make a fortune.

However, throughout the day, night came, and many villagers who entered the mysterious cave did not return.

When the anxious waiting villagers noticed that things were bad and just about to report to the police, they found that there were three huge and incomparable figures appearing in the village. The villagers observed that the huge figure has five meters tall.

Then the terror came, three huge figures attacked Xiaoyan Village, the house collapsed, and villagers died after being attacked by the giant, and then taken away by the giant.

On July 16, Li Ergou, a villager from Xiaoyan Village, returned to the village and found the village’s tragedy. He extremely scared and immediately called the police. The local police station immediately called the police went to the village. The police quickly arrived at the scene of the crime and took evidence.

In a house ruin, Wang Tiezhu, a villager from Xiaoyan Village, was rescued. He was in a state of insanity due to excessive fright. Unconsciously, he intermittently described the situation that occurred on the night of the 15th.

After analysis and speculation, as well as on-site evidence collection, the police restored the general incident process.

Because the monster had been involved, the case was immediately transferred to our bureau. After our bureau received the report, Xuan Mu (myself), Xuan Nv, and Xuan Zhen immediately rushed to Xiaoyan Village for an on-the-spot investigation. They saw Li Ergou at the police station and Wang Tiezhu at the hospital.

After understanding, the three entered the cave that day, and deep inside the cave, they found three giants who had woke up from ancient times.

Because of its catastrophic and other reasons, the Ancient Giants were killed, and their body was sealed and brought back to the bureau for research to investigate the reasons why the Ancient Giants have survived to this day, and why they recovered from this era.

In addition, they brought all the monsters' bodies to the bureau!

They destroyed the giant cave after killing three Ancient Giants, and the memory of related ordinary people such as Li Ergou and Wang Tiezhu was eliminated, so the giant attack did not spread.

The incident has been successfully resolved so far, however, some of the murals in the caves of ancient giants were telling people, seeing pictures in the murals ... hope to attract attention!