Monsters Around Us

Author: Jiu Shou Kun Peng Translator: Bluehat Description: When you look up at the stars, have you ever thought that there is a monster looking at you? When you pass by someone, have you ever thought that it cast a greedy eyes on your flash and blood? Humans are not alone, monsters are around us.

Chapter 1 Weird Case

Case Number: 20190710

Case name: Earthquake Shake

Object of this weird case: Earthquake Beast

Levels of danger:? ? ?

Hazard level :? ? ?

Recorder: Xuan Kong

Treatment plan: Seal? ? ? Obliterate? ? ?

Case overview:

At 06:24:48 on May 18, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake occurred in Jisong City,with a focal depth of 10 kilometers.

At 10:18:31 on May 19, a magnitude 3.1 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 10 kilometers.

At 1:50:21 on May 28, a magnitude 5.7 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 13 kilometers.

At 14:36:33 on May 29, a magnitude 3.7 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 12 kilometers.

At 13: 00:22 on May 31, a magnitude 3.6 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 07 kilometers.

On June 03, 01:47:12, a magnitude 4.0 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 12 kilometers.

At 1:43:13 on June 28, a magnitude 3.0 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 14 kilometers.

At 09:13:24 on June 25, a magnitude 4.5 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 10 kilometers.

At 15:57:53 on July 09, a magnitude 4.0 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 09 kilometers.

As of 16:30:15 on the 10th, there were 72 earthquakes in Jisong City, with the maximum magnitude of 5.7 and the minimum magnitude of 1.9.

Earthquake is one of the natural disasters, and it occurs all over the world. It is a form of movement of the earth’s crust.

However, not all earthquakes are caused by natural causes. Jisong City is not located in a multi-seismic zone. In theory, no earthquakes will occur, and even if it occurs, it should not occurred so frequently.

The occurrence of the Jisong earthquake is not in line with common sense and is an abnormal phenomenon. The bureau immediately ordered an investigation. After several days of investigation and detection by a number of staff, it was determined that the Jisong earthquake was not a natural cause but asupernatural cause.

This monster is a kind of worm-like, blue crystal-like creature that lives underground, very clever, understands human’s language, and is good at hiding.

This monster has never had a record before, and even the well-known boss of the bureau, Xuan Laogua have never seen such creature. He speculate that this is a new monster that has just been born.

Because of this strange special power, Xuan Laogua personally named it as Earthquake Beast.

In order to prevent the Earthquake Beast from causing more and larger earthquake disasters, Xuan Laogua ordered four people, Xuan Kong (myself), Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, and Xuan Mu, to arrest and seal the Earthquake Beast.

It took us four full days to drive Earthquake Beast from the underground and lead it to the ground. When the Enchantment was opened and the seal was about to be captured, an accident happened ... Earthquake Beast was gone!



Case Number: 20190712

Case name: Mysterious Savage Attack

Object of this weird case: Hairy GiantApe

Levels of danger: yellow level seven

Hazard level :☆

Recorder: Xuan Nv

Treatment plan: Seal

Case overview:

On July 10, a case of a strange attack on a human village was transferred to our bureau.

With the on-site investigation, Xuan Nv (myself) and interns went to this village together.

After on-site inspections and descriptions by local villagers, it was determined that this was indeed a attack cause by monster, which is a Hairy GiantApe with a levels of danger at one.

The Hairy GiantApe is a humanoid creature, but it is not an ordinary ape, but a monster, which belongs to the demon.

Hairy GiantApe’s Wisdom is equivalent to a human ten-year-old child, who uses and makes tools, and is extremely aggressive!

Hairy GiantApeattack humans more often, because of humanoid reasons, they are often regarded as savages.

It is determined that it is a monster attack, and considering the damage and impact caused by the Hairy GiantApe to the local area, the bureau decided to seal the Hairy GiantApe.

In order to assess the power of the interns and to adapt them to the extraordinary power that has just been obtained, the interns will handle all the hands-on cases.


Case Number: 20190717

Case name: Giant Incident

Object of this weird case: Ancient Giant

Levels of danger: Yellow level seven

Hazard level :★

Recorder: Xuan Mu

Treatment plan: Obliterate

Case overview:

In the early morning of July 15, Xiaoyan Mountain suddenly collapsed, revealing a mysterious cave.

The villagers of Xiaoyan Village discovered this deep cave at 7 am that day and thought it was an ancient tomb.

Because it is said that Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain at all, but a huge rammed mound, and a huge ancient tomb is buried underground.

The villagers were greedy for money, and the first time they found a hole, they did not call the police. Instead, they organized a group of people to explore it first, hoping to discover antiques and make a fortune.

However, throughout the day, night has come, and many villagers who entered the mysterious cave did not return.

When the anxious waiting villagers noticed that things were bad and just about to report to the police, they found that there were three huge and incomparable figures appearing in the village. The villagers observed that the huge figure has five meters tall.

Then the terror came, three huge figures attacked Xiaoyan Village, the house collapsed, andvillagers died after being attacked by the giant, and then taken away by the giant.

On July 16, Li Ergou, a villager from Xiaoyan Village, returned to the village and found the village’s tragic condition. He extremely scared and immediately called the police. The local police station immediately called the police went to the village. The police quickly arrived at the scene of the crime and took evidence.

In a house ruin, Wang Tiezhu, a villager from Xiaoyan Village, was rescued. He was in a state of insanity due to excessive fright. Unconsciously, he intermittently described the situation that occurred on the night of the 15th.

After analysis and speculation, as well as on-site evidence collection, the police restored the general incident process.

Because the monster had been involved, the case was immediately transferred to our bureau. After our bureau received the report, Xuan Mu (myself), Xuan Nv, and Xuan Zhen immediately rushed to Xiaoyan Village for on-the-spot investigation. They saw Li Ergou at police station and Wang Tiezhu at hospital.

After understanding, the three entered the cave that day, and deep inside the cave, they found three giants who had woke up from ancient times.

Because of its catastrophic and other reasons, the Ancient Giants were killed, and their body were sealed and brought back to the bureau for research to investigate the reasons why the Ancient Giants have survived to this day, and why they recovered from this era.

In addition, they brought all the remains of the village to the bureau and burn them the bodies!

The giant cave was destroyed after killing three Ancient Giants, and the memory of related ordinary people such as Li Ergou and Wang Tiezhu was eliminated, so the giant attack did not spread.

The incident has been successfully resolved so far, however, some of the murals in the caves of ancient giants are telling people, seeing pictures in the murals ... hope to attract attention!

Chapter 2 Foreign Object Into My Body

Bang ~

Accompanied by a loud roar, the earth shook violently, and a scream sounded on the lively street.

But after a few seconds, it just calmed down, and some flustered people immediately calmed down, do what they should be done!

In less than three months, the Jisong people have experienced nearly a hundred earthquakes, and they get used to earthquakes.

And Su Yu did not take the earthquake seriously, he was born with a big heart, as long as he did not really fall into the sky, he can remain calm.

At this moment he is holding a dinner he just bought and ready to have a meal. As an unfamed online writer, he wanted to have a good meal, but it is not easy thing. Today he spent a large amount to buy the dinner, cause he received his royalties!

“People today, happy today ...” Su Yu hummed the song and walked towards the 300-month rental house three steps at a time.

But he didn’t find out that the bustling night market just behind him had suddenly disappeared.


Another loud noise came, as if it exploded in my ears. Su Yu was finally startled this time, and said, ”What the motherfucking, another earthquake? Why Mr. Earthquake is so diligent ...”

Before the words were over, Su Yu couldn’t help stunning while watching the situation in distance, and the earthquake didn’t happen.

The reason for the huge roar was that a ten-story high-rise building not far from him collapsed instantly.

"The shopping mall collapsed?” Su Yu opened her mouth wide and feel so surprised that he nearly want to through away hisdinner to the ground. There was nothing more astonishingthan this situation, not even the earthquake.


At this time, a huge abnormal noise was generated, like the sound of a mirror shattering. A building next to the shopping mall cracked like a mirror, and then the building fell to the ground and the ground shook.

"Shake power?”

This scene in front of him gives Su Yu a very familiar feeling. He is kind of a half otaku, and the anime is a must-see, especially in the episode of One Piece. The scene in front of him and the white beard in the anime use the shock. The picture formed by the power is really similar.

The bang ~ the ruins were cracked, and the reinforced concrete spread out, like raindrops splashing in all directions, ”What the hell! ”Su Yu screamed and evaded to avoid the continuous falling foreign objects.

“What was that thing just now?” Su Yu shuddered hiding in a corner. When the ruins were cracking, he saw a blue monster and got out of the ruins.

That thing is huge, like a big bug, it has a blue crystal body, with four small feet under its belly, and coral-like things on its head.

The thickness is about one meter and the length is unknown, but the part I saw just now is already about three meters.

This is a big guy, a big bug!

What the hell is that, Su Yu very confused at the moment?

Is there such a thing in the world?

For a while, Su Yu felt a sense of subversion of the world view, and instantly imagined a lot, for example, this monster was cultivated by a certain evil scientist, and then ran out of the lab out of control.

"Xuan Kong, don’t let this creature run away, stop it!”

"Xuan Mu, use your power to trap it and limit its range of activity.”

"Xuan Dian, paralyze it with your current, I will implement the seal!”

A female voice rang, crisp but the sounds too cold, making people who hear the voice feeling of being in the cold wind.

Su Yu raised a his eyebrow. He didn’t care much about the sound. There were many people who sounded good, but they didn’t necessarily has a good appearance. Su Yu was concerned more about the content.

power? What power? Su Yu was even more confused.

At that moment, Su Yu suddenly felt that something was coming out of the ground under his buttocks, and he arched to the ground. Su Yu saw that something like a vine was coming out of the ground.

And after the vines got out of the ground, they twisted like snakes, and quickly became thick and entangled, and for a while, many vines were intertwined into a huge green vine cage.

Su Yu looked at everything blankly, and his world view was overturned more completely. At this moment, he was stand out of the vine cage, but he could see the situation inside the cage through the gap of the cage.

At the moment, in addition to the big blue bug, there are three men and one women in the cage. They are dressed in similar clothes, but unfortunately he can’t see their looks, because the four people’s faces are covered with a white faceless mask.

One of the men’s hands waved, and dozens or hundreds of vines emerged from the ground, sweeping towards the big blue worm. In a blink of an eye, the big blue worm was bound by the vine.

However, the big blue worm’s body twisted and clicked, and the space around him seemed to crack like glass,and the vines bound to it also shattered instantly.

The big blue bug instantly recovered its freedom, its body twisted, like a big snake, and it was about to run away.

However, the moment the blue worm acted, another man walked with countless electric current, pointing to the blue worm.

There was a thunder, a thunderous sky, a lightning burst from the air, and it fell on the big blue bug.


The big blue worm’s whole body was smoky, making a painful howl. After being struck by lightning, the body seemed to be stiffer.

At this moment, the woman moved, her palm was scratched against the void, and a sharp-pointed object appeared in her hands. Her body fluttered against the blue worm, and when she came to the blue worm, she raised her arm to the big blue bug.

But just touched the blue worm’s body, the blue worm resumed its normal action and a hissing again, its body glowed blue light.

Clicking, the sound of mirror fragmentation sounded again, and the range was huge, covering hundreds of squares, and three men and one woman were also shrouded in it.

The next moment, the space seemed to break apart like a mirror. Three men and a woman were like struck by lightning, they all moaned, and it could be heard by Su Yu, even in the distance.

At the same time, the four could nothing but flew out.

The big blue bug seized this opportunity and fled quickly, and the direction of the escape was Su Yu. Su Yu’s first thought when he saw this was also fleeing, but the speed of the blue big bug was beyond his imagination. At that time, the big blue bug clicked and broke the cage and hit him.

Suddenly Su Yu felt like he was hit by a train, her body seemed to be fragmented, and Su Yu was in a coma immediately.

But what Su Yu didn’t see was that the moment the big blue bug hit him, it seemed like the fish was in the water, and after a little ripple, it disappeared.

Chapter 3 Anatomize and Slice

"Aw ~ It hurts, where is this, am I dead? I was the first person in the world who was killed by a worm?"

A whole white into the eyes, and it seemed that he could still feel the pain when he was hit, and Su Yu couldn't help but grind his teeth.

But soon, Su Yu realized that he was still alive, and he saw the whole white is the white light. Su Yu looked away and found herself in a hospital-like room.

Su Yu breathed out, "It looks like I was taken to the hospital by someone. Are those four weirdo? Who are they?"

Recalling everything he saw before the coma, Su Yu still felt incredible. Such a picture would only appear in fantasy works. He never thought that he would really see that kind of scene.

Su Yu sat still, and after thinking for a while, he was ready to get up, but the next moment Su Yu was shocked, he found that he couldn't move at all, and his body was firmly tied to the bed.

Su Yu immediately felt that something was wrong. How could a normal hospital securely tie the patient to the bed?

Su Yu's heartbeat speed up and his breathing was quick. He only thought of one possibility. He was abducted. He looked at the surroundings.

Su Yu found that this was not a hospital ward at all. Not far from him, there were various similar equipment in the operating room of the hospital, and many strange equipment.


Su Yu has only one idea now, but how to escape from here? He remembered that the big blue bug might be the product of an experiment. Su Yu was more worried, but didn't want to be treated as a laboratory mice.

Just then, Su Yu heard the sound of talking, and he was scared not to move. He closed her eyes and pretended that he hadn't woken up yet.

"Xuan Yi, is that boy waking up now? Did you find anything wrong at him?"

"In theory, he should wake up now. I performed a full body check on him before, but I haven't found any abnormalities for him, which is no different from ordinary people.

“Xuan Kong, you said that you saw the Earthquake Beast penetrate into Su Yu's body? Are you watching it wrong? "

Su Yu heard the words of Xuan Yi, and he became even more tense. The organization was very powerful. They even knew what his name was.

"Please, even if you don't believe what I said, then you should believe what Xuan Nv, Xuan Mu, Xuan Dian said. They saw it, and for a moment, the beast hit Su Yu and disappeared.

The Earthquake Beast does not have space power and cannot disappear without reason. If it is not that, I have no idea where the Earthquake Beast has gone. "

"Well, Xuan Kong is right. The Earthquake Beast did penetrate into Su Yu's body. But the Earthquake Beast was so huge, so long,  how did it get into Su Yu's body?"

"Let's not talk about this first, boss, don't you say that ordinary people will not be pulled into the dimension space after the enchantment is expanded? Now, why this situation happened to ordinary people like Su Yu? He is the first one, so what next time? What will happen? Fortunately, there were no casualties this time. "

"Ahem, Xuan Nv, don't be angry. There is absolutely no problem with the enchantment ball. This time it was just an accident. I also checked the enchantment ball you used. Well, it's my fault, Xuan Nv, don't stare at me! "

Kaka! The door opened, and Su Yu heard footsteps from six people.

Huh? How can I feel it? Su Yu couldn't help but be surprised.

But he didn't have much time to think, because he felt that six people's eyes were staring at him tightly.

Su Yu was a little nervous and couldn't help swallowing the drool. He heard a voice, it sounds like an old man, said, "Su Yu, since you wake up, don't pretend to sleep, don't move your eyes, and don't swallow your saliva. . "


Su Yu opened her eyes and laughed, "You are so amazing. You know that I was pretending sleep. Good morning, everyone!"

Su Yu looked at the six people around him and felt like a little white rabbit surrounded by six hungry wolves.

Talking to him was an old man who looks like fifty to sixty years old, wearing a white coat with many stains on it, his hair looking messy and a bit shaggy.

This old man is the 'boss' of the other populations!

The old man on the left-hand side of the old man is a big boy with a big smile, giving a close feeling, that is, the hair is too thick.

The second person on the left hand side of the old man is a handsome guy with eyes, his hair is neatly combed, and he looks like an elite in the society. He looks at Su Yu, wearing a half smile, and his eyes have arcs of current jumping.

The third place on the left of the old man looked like experienced vicissitudes of his life, very manly.

The old man on the right-hand side is a beautiful woman with red lips, wearing a white coat, but it is open, revealing all the body, just one word, hot!

Su Yu looked at the last person, and his breathing was delayed for a while. An appearance that didn't resemble a human face appeared in front of his eyes. She was beautiful, like a fairy fairy.

But she was too cold, even if there was no communication, Su Yu could feel the cold of the other party.

"Good morning? It's not on the morning, you've been unconscious for a whole day, and it's night now." Xuan Laogua said, with a smile on his mouth.

"Is it? I've been in a coma for a day?" Su Yu was startled and blinked. "Thank you for saving my life, I will thank you forever, but I want to go home, you see if you can untie me and let me go home? "

"Oh ..." Xuan Laogua shook his head and said in a voice: "No, you saw something what you shouldn't see? you are just in bad luck!"

Su Yu heard that, and his heart was cold. Are these people really planning to kill him?

"No, you can't do this. It's illegally imprison. Let me go. I don't remember anything. I can't remember what happened before. I have severe amnesia!"

Su Yu said that, and he was struggling, trying to break the shackles, and driving the whole bed to make noise.

Xuan Laogua and others laughed and watched Su Yu's action. Only Xuan Nv had the same expression as an cold ice which has been frozen for thousands of years.

But soon, all six mysterious people changed their faces slightly, because Su Yu's body changed during the struggling. The blue light like lightning flashed on Su Yu's body.

Xuan Laogua exclaimed slightly, "I know where the Earthquake Beast has gone, and it is already integrated with Su Yu !!!"

Mysterious doctor licked his red lips and said, "I think I should anatomize and slice his body!"


The blue rays of Su Yu's body exploded violently, and the sound of the broken mirror sounded densely.

Chapter 4 Super Power

Lying on the bed, Su Yu stared blankly at the ceiling. Su Yu felt sad when he thought of the scene just now.

What the fuck! Why these people together stop me from escape!

Is it necessary to deal with me like this, I am a rookie newcomer? what? Is there any humanitarianism?

When special power was generated and broke out in the body, Su Yu felt it. At that moment, he felt that he had a chance to escape, and then he did not know how to get super power to succeed.

But the cruel reality told him that in front of this group of people, he was still a rookie and was defeated in an instant.

At this moment, Su Yu felt powerless, which was a side effect after the outbreak of super power.

Though Su Yu just now has no strength to move, fortunately, Normal speaking is still okay. The mysterious old man just looked at him. Su Yu said, "Leader, can't you let me go? I really know nothing!"

"Don't be nervous, lad!" Xuan Laogua smiled and patted Su Yu: "We don't hurt people, don't be afraid. Actually, originally, I was going to let you go, those words that I said before just want to scare you.

As long as you agree to sign a confidentiality agreement, you can leave but to promising not to disclose anything you see in any way, and we will not hurt ordinary people.

But ah, I didn't expect you to have super power. Sorry, we have to control those super power that we noticed, so ... "

Su Yu is very frustrated, because he can't move yet, otherwise he will slap himself a few slaps to wake himself up, why should he struggle to escape? If he wasn't struggling, perhaps super power would not be discovered. Why did he have to try to escape?

"Leader, can't you discuss this matter? I'm innocent, please let me go, I don't mean to have a super power." Su Yu begged the old man and expected him able to let him go.

But the old man was more stubborn than he imagined, and the mysterious old man shook his head and said, "Impossible, you want to leave unless you die, or we will beat you into an immovable vegetative? You choose one."

Fuck, is there any difference between these two choices, Su Yu scolded in his heart, the latter choice feels worse than the previous choice.

"It was discovered this time. In Su Yu's blood sample, super power was detected, and his condition is special. There is a source of super power in every cell, but unfortunately, not found any traces of the Earthquake Beast! "

Xuan Yi's voice sounded, wearing high heels,  walking to the front of Xuan Laogua, handed him an inspection report, and then stared at Su Yu and said: "I think it's better to slice him for research!"

What the fuck ~ Are you all devil?

Su Yu felt at this moment he was in the devil's lair.

Xuan Laogua looked through the inspection report and said, "From his report, Earthquake Beast and Su Yu are completely integrated, or Su Yu's body has completely devoured the Earthquake Beast. Boy, I give You have one more choice. If you don't want to die, join us. The power of the extraordinary is terrible. I will not let a person who has not mastered the power of the extraordinary return to the world of ordinary people. "

Su Yu swallowed and said, "Leader, is there no other choice? You should have investigated me, and you should know that I am a person who does not like change in particular. Let me go, I promise you, I won't use this extraordinary power? "

"No, you just give up your unrealistic idea." Xuan Laogua said toughly, and then he paused a little, and said in a different tone: "Actually, it is good to join us. Thought we were looked like this, in fact, we are a regular unit. Joining us not only has many benefits such as five insurances and one fund, the basic salary is 10,000, and there are high bonuses for out-of-town tasks ... "

"Leader, stop!" Su Yu said aloud, interrupting Xuan Laogua's words, and scared everyone in the room. Su Yu grabbed the old man's hands: "Leader, my good leader, oh no, I should call you boss, in fact I have been looking for this great job, ha ha ha, I think this job is really suitable for me, ha ha ha ha, is it possible for me to join the job immediately? "

The six strange people in the room were silent. Looking at Su Yu's different attitude, they were stunned.

Six: This guy is changing too fast, right?

Xuan Laogua found that Su Yu didn't seem to think the same as he thought, he felt regret and said, "Su Yu, don't worry, you can think about it carefully, I will give you two days ..."

"I had decided, is there still such a good job to consider? Can you pay me the wages in advance first?" Su Yu laughed, his eyes became star eyes.


Maybe it was the first time Xuan Laogua met someone like Su Yu, and Xuan Laogua responded after a while and said, "We don't talk about the salary for the time being, and it is not possible to pay the salary in advance. I will arrange someone take you to study. "

Without giving Su Yu a chance to speak, Xuan Laogua looked at the others in the house and said, "Who wants to bring an intern, Xuan Yi is in charge of back office, and he has no time to take him to study. Who wants to teach this intern?"

Xuan Yi: (╬ ̄  ̄) I really want to make a research to him, why not give me a chance?

Xuan Kong said: "No, I can't take teach him, I don't have enough time, my work is busy!"

Xuan Mu quickly refused: "Please don't look at me, you know my personality, I don't know how to teach intern!"

Xuan Dian: "I am also responsible for back office. It is not suitable to teach intern. I don't have extra time to teach him."

Xuan Laogua looked at the Xuan Nv who had not spoken and said: "Xuanvu, you teach this intern!"

"Ah?" Xuan Nv immediately refused: "I don't want it!"

Xuanlao showed a mad face pulled: "Don't make a fool, Xuan Nv, this is an order. You must teach him. I am your leader, the order must obey!"

Xuan Nv:o(*≧д≦)o!!

Su Yu swallowed aside, and her heart was quite speechless: What's the matter, am I so unpopular?

Xuan Nv glanced at Su Yu coldly, and then took a deep breath: "Okay, I obey orders!"

Xuan Laogua smiled immediately and said, "That's right, okay, now do what you should do. Su Yu, take a good rest here. After recovering, you can go to found Xuan Nv, and she will tell you what you need to do!"

Chapter 5 This Woman Is Not Someone To Be Trifled With!

Two hours later, Su Yu returned to normal, there's no other abnormalities in his body, except that he felt very hungry.

There was no way to escape, let alone a cold woman waiting for him outside the door.

"Rested?" After Su Yu got up and got off the ground, Xuan Nv pushed the door directly and looked at him coldly. "Since you have recovered, then I will tell you ..."

Speaking of this, she paused and said, "This is the first time I have taught an intern, so I don't know what to do. If you want to know what you can ask, I will answer. You can't ask. I will add. "

Su Yu felt that Xuan Nv is a cold-hearted woman, but it seems not true. He thought for a moment and said: "Well, leadership, what is the name of this organization? What this organization for?"

"It is a private organization, but also have very close cooperation with officials, the organization name is now Monsters Detective Bureau, this is just a name.

The organization has been existing for a long time, I do not know when this organization appeared, who founded it. Before the name is called Monster Detective Bureau, it was called as World Xuan School, World Qi School before! "

"What is the main work of our organization? Is handle monsters our job?" Su Yu thought of the big blue bug, still feeling a bit scared at the moment.

"Ah, yes, our job is to find monsters, as long as there are monsters tend to make things or harm to people, we will immediately make judgments, based on its levels of danger, hazard level, to seal it or kill it! "

"So all the monsters are true? What refers to monsters?" Su Yu said.

"Monsters refers to creatures other than humans and ordinary animals, like ghosts, demons, extraterrestrial creatures. These things you have heard are all monsters.

In addition to the above-mentioned processing methods, we also have another dealing method in the face of monsters. As long as monsters comply with human law, we will treat them equally.

However, there are very few monsters who can live peacefully with human beings. For example, the kind of monsters and human beings who become friends and lovers in film and television dramas is bullshit.

One of the rules of our bureau to get along with monsters is that those who are not our human are sure to be of a different heart and ambitions!”

One thing you must remember that when encountering monsters, don't be fooled by monsters!

Do you have any other questions? "

Su Yu's mouth was slightly open, still feeling a little confused, and asked, "Leader, do many things in myths and legends actually exist?"

"Well, myths and legends are all based on some monsters descriptions, and even many myths and legends were written down by seniors in the organization and later spread, such as Shan Hai Jing, Qi Men Dun Jia ... The seniors of the organization or some other superman. "

Su Yu heard it. It seems that there are some superman who do not belong to our organization. Then said, "Leader, are there any superman besides our organization?"

"Of course, although our organization has a long history and many members, there are still many superman who are not members of organization.

In the future, if you encounter other superman, you must also be careful. In addition to targeting other kinds of monsters, our work must sometimes also target the superman. Even many superman are more terrible and harmful than many monsters."

"Leaders, do you know how many members does our organization have now?"

"I don't know, I have never seen them all! Anything else to ask?" Xuan Nv frowned slightly, staring coldly at Su Yu, looking cold in his heart.

There were still a lot of questions to ask, but after seeing each other's eyes, Su Yu shut up wisely, she obviously felt impatient!

Su Yu smiled and said, "No, no more!"

"It's good if you don't have it, since you are already a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau, then go get a combat suit and equipment and follow me!" Xuan Nv said it, then turned and left, regardless of Su Yu's reaction.  

Su Yu found out that she was only wearing a pair of flat shoes, but her height was about the same as his. Although he is not very tall, he is not short. It's 180cm!

Su Yu hurried to keep up. Behind Xuan Nv, Su Yu frowned, thinking about her current situation.

Uh ~

Su Yu suddenly hit a soft object and suddenly woke up from thought. It hit Xuan Nv. Su Yu said embarrassedly: "Uh, this, I was sunk in my deep thought,"

Su Yu's voice grew fainter and fainter, both mentally and physically feel cold, as if the endless cold came out of Xuan Nv to frozen his body.

Xuan Nv said coldly: "Don't distracted again, remember?"

"Remember, remember, remember!" Su Yu's teeth trembled, but he scolded secretly. She must be sick, and she looks like a fairy beauty, but she is a devil, I just get distracted a moment?


Xuan Nv snorted, turned around and ignored Su Yu, and came to a place where the equipment sign was hung. Here, the door was invisible, only a window was visible, and the window was not transparent.

Xuan Nv came here, knocked on the window, and said, "Xuanvu brought the intern ready to pick up suit and equipment!"

The window opened with a click, and a silvery suitcase came out of the window, and then the window closed.

Su Yu raised her brow straight, didn't she have any communication?

It feels weird and strange all over this strange investigation, not a permanent place.

"Take it, this is your equipment. It's basically in it. Combat suits, masks, enchanting beads, watches ... no weapons. After training and see what weapons are suitable for you. Then make them for you. Or you don't want to use weapons!" Xuan Nv shoves the suitcase into Su Yu's arms.

Su Yu immediately fell down and almost fell. The weight of the suitcase exceeded his imagination, almost fifty kilograms!

Xuan Nv pretend didn't see it, and continued: "Well, you can go home now, come here on time tomorrow, and bring your watch back when you go back. It is a communicator and we communicates through the watch!"

"Can I go back?" Su Yu asked, after hesitated.

"Is it possible that you won't be able to sleep here?" Xuan Nv said coldly.

"Hey, then I'll leave the leader!" Su Yu reacted, hey smiled, turned away and left, his mind has been chaotic, and he needs to calm down before going back, and then consider what to do.

"Stop!" Xuan Nv's voice came again.

Su Yu chuckled in her heart, turned around and smiled: "Leader, what else do you have to command?"

"Don't think about escaping, as long as you are not dead, you can't run. Your previous performance can't fool me. If you dare to escape ..."

Xuan Nv did say anything else, but turned and left.

Su Yu opened her mouth, and for a long while she whispered, "This woman is not someone to be trifled with!"




Chapter 6 Equipment

"Is this a joke? Didn't the shopping mall collapse, how could it still stand here? Is everything dreaming?" Su Yu looked at the shopping mall in front of him and scratched his head. He clearly remembered that the shopping mall was collapsed.

"That's all true, but it happened in another space, this is not the collapsed shopping mall." A slightly voice said beside Su Yu,

"It's you? Xuan Kong, why are you here?" Su Yu looked around, it was the very manly vicissitudes man.

"I'm just passing by!" Xuan Kong laughed.

I don't believe it.

Su Yu raised an eyebrow and said, "Oh, isn't it? It was a coincidence that it was passing." Humph, passing? It is surveillance!

When they were speaking, Su Yu just turned around and walked towards his rental house. The voice of Xuan Kong behind him came again: "Go back to open the box, familiarize yourself with the equipment, there are instructions for use, look at it and you will know how to use it!"

Su Yu didn't reply, but just shook her hand gently, which was farewell to Xuan Kong.

Back in the rental room, although it was already night, Su Yu did not have any drowsiness. In less than two days, after so many things, it would be strange if Su Yu could still sleep.

Well, he was actually slept too long at the Monsters Detective Bureau, and Su Yu must admit it.

"Looks like it's a bit difficult to escape!" Su Yu sighed. The appearance of Xuan Kong gave Su Yu a new understanding. Although he had already returned home, he had always been under the control of the Monsters Detective Bureau.

Moreover, the most important thing is that Su Yu didn't know where to go. Running back to his hometown would bring danger to his family, which is absolutely impossible.

Running to another place, Su Yu was sad to find that he had no travel expenses, and he was a poor man.

"Forget it, keep the status for the time being, and see if there are any reasonable reasons to leave the Monster Detective Bureau in the future!" Su Yu patted his face and said, he really don't want to work in the Monsters Detective Bureau. Fighting is too dangerous!

Su Yu was not a belligerent man by birth. His wish was world peace. He didn't like fighting.

Su Yu looked at the suitcase next to him, and threw it to the ground. He slammed into the bed, ignored the case, and slept again.

Five seconds, Su Yu,  fell asleep again ...

Time passed quickly, and one night had passed.  In the morning, Su Yu was still asleep. But at this time, Su Yu heard ringing bells.

Su Yu sat up and said, "Gee, who is it, who won't let me sleep in the morning?"

I picked up my phone and glanced at the clock. It's five o'clock. I didn't set an alarm myself. I looked around and found that the sound came from the silver suitcase. I remembered everything that happened before last night, and mourned: "It wasn't a dream!"

Opening the suitcase, I found the source of the sound, which was emitted from a watch. The screen of the watch displayed the word "Xuan Nv". A cold face seemed to appear in front of him. Su Yu shivered, instantly awake.

After turning on the watch, there was a cold voice of Xuan Nv: "Get up! Come up and come to the Bureau, give you an hour, if you don't come on time, you will see...bye!"

"Motherfucking ... Is this woman sick? Will she go to work at five?" Su Yu's watch on the phone has been hung up, and Su Yu's cheek a little twisted.

Of course, scolding only, Su Yu didn't have any grievances, or was not dare to complain. He simply washed himself, and then prepared to change into combat uniforms, bring equipment, and prepare to go to work.

"This suit should be the work clothes!" Su Yu looked at the combat uniform in the suitcase. Su Yu remembered that Xuan Nv and others were wearing uniform clothing, the styles were similar, and only some small details were different.

There are five types of equipment in the suitcase: combat uniforms, enchantment ball, watches, masks, and seal stick.

Among them, the combat suit is not only has clothes, but also has a pair of shoes, such as lace-up shoes that are like sports shoes and leather shoes. They are black and look good in style.

There is also an equipment manual.

"Combat suit, weighing forty kilograms? Is this clothes? Damn, waterproof and fireproof? Automatic cleaning, it has this function? The defense is strong? How strong! Why the person who wrote this manual cannot say in detail? "Su Yu looked at the instructions in the instruction manual.

However, though complaining, and Su Yu couldn't help but marvel. The equipment in this suitcase was just like a magic weapon in myth.

Watches are the most common, that is, capable of communicating, transmitting information, and so on.

Combat uniforms can provide powerful defense. After the enchantment ball is deployed, it can pull monsters into the another dimension space to fight, and the damage caused by the battle cannot affect the reality.

Faces have the power to hide the breath and reduce the sense of existence. After wearing a mask, ordinary people can be ignored by their presence, which prevents ordinary people from being seen by their ordinary faces when they travel.

The seal stick is a strange treasure. As long as the monster is hit by the seal stick, no matter how strong the demon or ghost is or not, it will be sealed.

"Forget it, take it first, in case they ask me wearing it!" Su Yu said. After reading the instructions, Su Yu still brought this equipment to go to the bureau. He won't dare to judge blindly.

After eating a bit of food in a hurry, Su Yu was following the direction of the Monsters Detective Bureau in his memory. It was very dark last night, so he didn't see the full picture of the Monsters Detective Bureau.

Su Yu never expected that this place turned out to be a pharmacy. Although it was still early, the pharmacy had already opened. Su Yu saw the woman from Xuan Yi and was busy working in the pharmacy.

"Well, is this really a Monsters Detective Bureau?" Su Yu entered the pharmacy and greeted Xuan Yi.

Xuan Yi whispered, the moment he saw Su Yu, his eyes were flashing with joy, watching Su Yu was like watching the body ready to be anatomized.

Xuan Yi smiled and said, "This is our building. The first floor is just a pharmacy. Up and down are our place. You know, there are some things that cannot be placed on the public."

A clear female voice came from the entrance to the second floor: "Come, come up! I will officially train you, and then I will take you to understand how to finish your task. Now come here, right away! "

Su Yu squinted his teeth, then walked towards the second floor with his suitcase.

The women above are not easy to get along with, it is better not to mess her mad.

Chapter 7 Rich Women

"Leader, I am coming!" Su Yu ran back upstairs, acting very positively, Xuan Yi shook his head and looked away.

Su Yu didn't care how the Xuan Yi would look at himself. Anyway, now Su Yu has to be obedient. After getting familiar with them, the next thing is waiting for the opportunity to escape.

"Oops, all the leaders are here!" Going up to the second floor, there is a huge conference room, and Xuan Dian, Xuan Kong, Xuan Laogua and others are here.

"Come here, Su Yu, sit next to your leader and let's have a morning meeting first!" Xuan Laogua greeted.

Su Yu sat down and greeted to Xuan Nv next to him, but the response was just a cold face. Su Yu had to shrug her shoulders to resolve the embarrassment.

Xuan Laogua seems get used to this situation. Xuan Laogua continued: "These days are not too peaceful. The frequency of weird case is getting higher and higher. I won't say anything more. Let's work hard to resolved these weird case immediately.

Keep your losses to a minimum! "

"Yes, boss!" Xuan Dian, Xuan Kong and others shouted loudly, shocking Su Yu, he could not help grinning, feeling very passionate.

"Okay, the spirit is very good. Now that you are so energetic, there is a weird case for you guys to do. Have a look. Who want to solve it?" Xuan Laogua's face was full of smiles.

"What kind of case?" Xuan Mu asked.

"It's hard to say what the specific case was. Lijia Village was attacked by something unknown. It was transferred to our office by the local police station. It is unclear whether it is a weird case.

However, since it has been transferred to our bureau, you'd better to go and see. If it is, you need to solve it. The solution is by your judgement.

Oh, by the way, this is the information transmitted by the police station, take a look! "Xuan Laogua shook his head, and finally threw a file on the table.

"There is so little information?" Xuan Kong glanced, frowning. "Is it a joke by someone deliberately? No one was injured, and no one died, but some animals were lost. It felt like a thief did it? Can it be related to weird case? "

"Well, it's possible like Xuan Kong said. But it's best to have a look. It's a help for police. Who would go?" Xuan Laogua looked around again.

Xuan Kong, Xuan Mu, and Xuan Dian, all shake their heads to show that they were not interested. In this case, it was clear that this case might be a joke. It's a waste of time. Xuan Mu said: "Let other people in the bureau go to have a look. Well, is anyone near Lijia Village? We need to spend three hours to go to there. Xuan Kong, have you ever been to the Lijia Village! ? "

Xuan Kong: "No."

Xuan Nv frowned slightly, and said, "I take this case, and I can bring the intern to the field to investigate." Said by Xuan Nv. She stood up and took the information in her hands to show her determination. Su Yu saw that, he inhaled, and secretly said that the woman take the case initiative?

It's okay to take the initiative, but this is obviously not a good case. It look like everyone else are don't want to solve this case.

Well, Su Yu didn't care about the case. He cared about the thing that Xuan Nv will take him together. But he just wants to be a idler.

At this moment, Su Yu's mood was complicated.

Hearing the words of Xuan Nv, all present except Su Yu were frozen for a while. Xuan Laogua said: "Is it too early to bring intern to the scene on his first day at work? I think we should train him and adapt him to his super powers. "

Su Yu: Yes, yes, old man, you are right. Hurry up and criticize this woman.

Xuan Nv: "Since you asked me to led intern, how to train new people, then I have the final say. Practice is the most effective training method.

Moreover, even if this case is an weird case, it's not too dangerous, and it is suitable for training intern. "

"This ..." Xuan Laogua opened his mouth. It's not a good thing to ask intern to the scene at his first day at work. And In fact, it did not meet the requirements. He want to refuse but compromised finally when seeing Xuan Nv's eyes. "Okay, just do what you say, but you have to keep the intern absolutely safe."

Xuan Nv did not replied to Xuan Laogua, but said to Su Yu: "Put on your combat uniform and equipment, I will wait for you downstairs, be quite!"

Then, she got up and left with the case information.

Su Yu want to cry, and his heart was sorrowing: Can't you insist on your stand? You are her leader.

Facing Su Yu's eyes, Xuan Laogua smiled awkwardly: "Well, Su Yu, go with Xuan Nv, rest assured, it will be fine. Although it did not meet the requirements, but Xuan Nv's super power is enough for this case! "

Then Xuan Laogua no longer went to see Su Yu's eyes, and glanced at the others: "The meeting over."

Then he ran back to his office.

Su Yu was stunned, how did members have more power than boss in the bureau?

"Su Yu, hurry up, don't let Xuan Nv wait for a long time, she has a bad temper, just bear it!" Xuan Kong patted Su Yu's shoulders and got up to leave. The voice came: "Walk a few more places today, again a busy and happy day. "

Xuan Dian and Xuan Mu also left, patted Su Yu's shoulder.

Su Yu is speechless, what is this? comfort?

Thinking of Xuan Nv's cold face, Su Yu could not help but shivered, holding a suitcase, and got into a room with no one.

Five minutes later, Su Yu seemed like a another man, and he could be described in one word, handsome!

Su Yu did not expect this combat suit to be so handsome on his body, but it was a bit heavy.

Count the other equipment for a full 100 kilograms. If some other weapons added in the future, the weight will have to be increased.

Not dare to delay too much time, Su Yu quickly went downstairs, the downstairs pharmacy was still only Xuan Yi.

"Well, you are very handsome. After returning from the case, let my check your body !?" Xuan Yi looked at Su Yu from up and down, eyes widened.

Su Yu's mouth twitched, and he got out of the way: This female want to have something with me, not a chance!

Then, Su Yu boarded a Mercedes-Benz with surprised, and there was a glamour girl with dark glasses—Xuan Nv!

Su Yu didn't expect that Xuan Nv is a rich women, and Su Yu was very surprised.


Chapter 8 Start On A Journey To Lijia Village

It had been half an hour since the car had set off, but the inside of the car became very quiet, and only two people's breathing sounds could be heard.

Obviously did not turn on the air conditioner, but Su Yu still felt a hint of coolness.

It was a little awkward. Xuan Nv was not the kind of person who could chat at first glance, and Su Yu didn't know how to talk to Xuan Nv.

However, Su Yu first start the conversation, "Leader, it is a good car, is it Mercedes, is there a fuel leak?"

Xuan Nv: "..."

"Hmm, it doesn't seem to leak oil. It seems this car costs a lot of money. Is it more than one million yuan? Is it your own car?"

Xuan Nv: "..."

Su Yu swallowed and said, "How long will it take for the leader to go to Lijia Village? Do you say that this time will be an weird case? What kinds of monster will be"

Xuan Nv: "Want to talk, right? I'll tell you the rules of action, remember two things, thought careful and act bold!"

Su Yu: "???"

Though a little confused, but this cold woman finally talks.

However, Su Yu obviously overestimated the Xuan Nv. Yes, Xuan Nv talked, but only said this sentence along the way, a total of nineteen words, an hour and a half journey.

Hey ~ Su Yu was awkward!

"Get off!" The car stopped at the side of the road. Xuan Nv finally said: "The Lijia Village is here."

"That's Lijia Village? It doesn't look strange at all, oh, I can smell the food, they are cooking." Su Yu looked at the village in front, Lijia Village had less than a hundred households, and the construction was irregular, standing at the entrance of the village can see the entire village in sight.

Lijia Village's cooking smoke, vegetables swaying, and children's laughter came from time to time, just a quiet and ordinary village.

"Follow me!" Xuan Nv said, moving her legs toward this village. The two long legs are really long.

"What's happened in this village? Who is the reporter?" Xuan Nv asked suddenly.

"Ah?" Su Yu paused, a moment's silence, and then realized that Xuan Nv is test him.

Su Yu thought for a moment and said: "The informant is Li Fugui, 53 years old, and the location of the case is also at his house. Look, Here is the Li Fugui's house, located at outside the village, and there are lots of chickens outside. He is a professional chicken farmer as the case file shows  ... "

The two came to Li Fugui's house. The courtyard door was open. There was a dirt dog in the courtyard. They were very alert. They just came to the door and the dirt dog was a loud dog barking: "Bark! Bark! Bark ! "

"What a dead dog is biting. Don't bark, fuck. Why didn't you bark last night?" A violent middle-aged male voice sounded, accompanied by a bang. A balding man just opened the door and walked out, with his arm bandaged.

When the dog whimpered, it got into the kennel, and the balding man still had to scold it again, but when they saw Su Yu, more precisely, he saw the Xuan Nv, and then he just stopped and asked, "Who you are? "

"You are Li Fugui? We came here to investigate the case. My colleague should have told you yesterday. Today we will come again!" Xuan Nv asked coldly. Li Fugui trembled and immediately be polite.

Li Fugui smiled and said, "Yes, yes, the comrades of the police did tell me yesterday, but you two does not wearing an uniform, so ..."

"Don't ask, where was the scene where the case was found, take me there!" Xuan Nv glanced at Li Fugui.

"Yes, sir, I will take you two to the scene of the crime, it is on my No. 1 chicken farm. Leaders, you don't know, my chickens died so strange. Within one night, something unknown killed hundreds of chickens, but the dead dog didn't even bark, this dog is so useless! "

Li Fugui led the two to the No. 1 chicken farm. Suddenly, a disgusting smell rushed and stimulated, Su Yu feels like to vomit.

Su Yu glanced at Li Fugui and Xuan Nv, both of them stay stable, Su Yu deeply admired.

One may be get used to it, the other may be facial paralysis!

"Look at the two, these chickens are the ones killed by the monster last night. They didn't have any wounds, but they did die. How could a monster not do it? Hey, leader, did you checked ? And did you find out anything? Who did it? Who can compensate for my loss! "

Li Fugui continued to chatter.

Neither Su Yu nor Xuan Nv ignored him. After entering, he was attracted by a large footprint. Unlike humans, it was similar to the ape, but it was much larger than the mountain gorilla's footprint.

There are also a few gray hairs in the footprints, which are very long, and 20 centimeters long.

"Did you see something?" Xuan Nv asked Su Yu.

"Footprints?" Su Yu thought for a while and replied seriously, and he saw that this was a footprint.

Xuan Nv: Hey!

Su Yu's body was cold, and he secretly said that this woman was angry?

Xuan Nv didn't talk to Su Yu, but said to Li Fugui: "Mr. Li, have you saw that thing last night? Did anyone else saw it besides you? Is there anyone there? "

"It was so dark last night that I couldn't see clearly, but the thing was not human anyway, and the whole body was covered with hair. I bumped into it when I fell down, and only I saw it . My wife and child returned to my mother-in-law a few days ago, no, why did you asked me this? You must give me a reason as soon as possible, I am still waiting for compensation! "Li Fugui said.

When hearing this words, Su Yu smiled. It turned out that his wife was not at home. No wonder he stared at Xuan Nv just now!

"That's fine, Mr. Li, look at this thing in my hand!" Xuan Nv said, holding a marker-like thing on her hands.

When heard it, Su Yu and Li Fugui subconsciously followed the order and looked at it.

There was a crackling sound, and there was a burst of strong light at the top of the ‘mark pen'. Su Yu was screamed by the strong light, and the tears flowed, saying, “Damn it, what is this?”

It took a while for Su Yu to return to normal, and when he looked up, he saw Xuan Nv's eyes, without the slightest emotion: "Have you spent time to familiar the equipment last night?"

Su Yuxi smiled: "Last night ..."

Xuan Nv: "Warn once and deduct the corresponding bonus for this time, and next time, deduct the bonus and deduct the corresponding salary!"

Su Yu was stunned, this woman is really strict, he said so in his heart. He made a promise, "Leader, I promise I won't make the same mistake again. I will be familiar with the equipment when I go back.

But what is this, leader? Why it feels like so... It like something in the movie. "

Chapter 9 Hairy Giant Ape

"It's the memory eraser!" Xuan Nv stared at Su Yu, then looked at Li Fugui: "Li Fugui, you didn't see a monster last night, just an orangutan ran into the hen house to kill your chicken. You can get the corresponding compensation from the local authorities ... and be nice to the dog, remember!"

Su Yu: "???"

This woman is still warm-hearted inside.

Li Fugui said dully, "Remember!"

Xuan Nv: "Remember, then go back to sleep, we have never came to your home!"

"Okay, sleep, sleep ..." Li Fugui muttered out of the hen house.

Su Yu was stunned. This memory eraser was a bit overbearing, but Su Yu was upset and asked: "Leader, why don't you use this equipment to clear my related memories, can I go home anymore?"

Xuan Nv looked at Su Yu coldly and said, "The memory eraser is only useful for ordinary people. Go, follow me into the mountains and look for that monster!"

As soon as Xuan Nv's palm waved, an invisible force passed by, and the underground footprints disappeared.

Su Yu raised an eyebrow, and suddenly thought of one thing: "Leader, I only have five pieces of equipment in my suitcase, and I don't see a memory eraser !?"

Xuan Nv: "... Shut up!"

She forgot that the memory eraser can only be worn by full members, and Su Yu is not a full member strictly!

Su Yu: "???"


"Leader, do you know what kind of the monster killed these chicken?" Su Yu asked on the way into the mountain, his voice was a little different, because he put on a mask.

Don't ask why we didn't wear it before, but now we put it on when on the way go to the mountains. I need to follow whatever the leader say. Obedient.JPG!

"Hairy Giant Ape, a monster, is a kind of low-risk and low-hazard monster. Similar cases have happen from time to time, because it walking upright, using tools, etc., they are often regarded as savages.

IQ is the equivalent of a human child around ten years old, and the smarter ones not only use tools but also make tools.

Although it is said to be a low-risk, low-hazard monster, it is also extremely scary for ordinary people.

Li Fugui is very lucky, but just hurt his arm. The Hairy Giant Ape is a very offensive monster. There is basically no way for ordinary people to survive. "

When Xuan Nv talked about the related monsters knowledge, she obviously became more patience.

Su Yu scratched his head and said, "It sounds no different from a chimpanzee?"

"Well, they are all close relatives. There is no difference. The Hairy Giant Ape is transformed from apes such as chimpanzees, just like ordinary people become super man!" Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu nodded, he understood that it is an evolutionary variation, just like super man.

The two were moving fast, equivalent to the speed of ordinary people running at full speed. Su Yu had just been a super man a few days, and his physical fitness had become super strong. He had fifty kilograms of equipment on him, and soon it was adapted.

Of course, it is impossible to adapt completely, Su Yu is not so strong as Xuan Nv. So when he ran for more than ten minutes, Su Yu also panted heavily and sweated her forehead.

"Leader, can we rest for a while?" Su Yu shouted, feeling that he would be died if he didn't take a break, and admired at the same time, Xuan Nv's face didn't turned into red or gasped, as if nothing had happened.

"Okay, then take a break!" Xuan Nv stopped and said, but her eyes flashed an unknown light.

"Is she will so nice, she agreed so easily?"

Su Yu feel amazing, this is totally inconsistent with Xuan Nv's style!

In normal times, Su Yu may think more, but this time he is really tired and has no energy to think more.

Just next to a big tree, Su Yu leaned against the trunk and sat down, restoring strength.

But just sitting down, a bad wind came over his head, and a huge black shadow fell on his head.

At this moment, Su Yu felt something wrong, life and death crisis. His potential erupted, he stood up, he rolled forward five meters away.


A roar also sounded behind Su Yu, the earth and stones splashed.

Su Yu looked there intently, he couldn't help taking a sip of cold air. At the place where he had just sat down and rested, a monster, over two meters tall and covered with long hair was standing there, holding a bone stick. He grinned at him and grunted.

At its feet, a bathtub-sized pit is so obvious.

Su Yu couldn't help but tremble. If he was stood there and didn't rolled forward, this stick can beat him to a meat sauce.

This is the monster—Hairy Giant Ape!

"Leader, I found the it!" Su Yu shouted. This monster is too dangerous. I am only an intern and it is good to leave it to Xuan Nv to handle. I think I can only cheer for Xuan Nv on the side, and don't disturb Xuan Nv's fight with monster.

"Leader?" Su Yu did not get a response and shouted again, but where is the Xuan Nv!

Ran away? Left him alone? wanna to kill me by accident?

In an instant, Su Yu thought a lot.

"Ah ~" didn't get a response from Xuan Nv. The Hairy Giant Ape was extremely exciting. He roared, rushed to him with a big stick, and then smashed his head.

"I ... fight with the Ape?  Or away?" Su Yu was startled and turned and ran. Fighting is indeed very impossible thing, the ape is so aggressive. And his wish is world peace, he doesn't want to fight.

The key point was that the Hairy Giant Ape is terrifying, and Su Yu was scared, he was just an ordinary person. But his legs were not frightened, still can escape from ape's stick attack, and his receptive and psychological abilities were already very strong.

Xuan Nv watched Su Yu's action secretly, she was satisfied with Su Yu. At least Su Yu's courage was recognized. Xuan Nv has seen many intern get scared when they encounter monster for the first time on mission. Soft legs are basic thing.

Of course, though satisfied with Su Yu's action, Xuan Nv will never show up. To become a member to her team, he must be stronger.

Thinking about it this way, she watched Su Yu scurrying around and said: "Don't run away, fight with it!"

"Leader? save me! Leader, it is a monster!" Su Yu didn't even hear what Xuan Nv was saying. He was relieved, when hearing the voice of Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv: "???"

Why is there a sense of "Journey to the West"? monkey called his master?

Xuan Nv: "I said won't fight with it. This is a test for you and allows you to understand the way Monsters Detective Bureau's work as soon as possible!"

"I don't want to know!" Su Yu was almost crying, “how long has the Hairy Giant Ape not have a shower, really. It smells bad!”

Chapter 10 Fight with Hairy Giant Ape

Xuan Nv laughed when she heard Su Yu's words. Of course, she was laughed at, but no one could see it because she wore a mask.

Now Xuan Nv's impression for Su Yu is that he has a little bit smart and more adaptable fro change, and now more naughty!

Then watched Su Yu chasing by the Hairy Giant Ape, he jumped from one side, to the next side, like a monkey. He got more and more angry, but did not show it, but was waiting.

Xuan Nv looked at he, Su Yu now seems to be quite happy, though he has been suppressed by the Hairy Giant Ape. In her opinion, Su Yu lacks fighting skills and experience.

This is indeed the case. Su Yu wasted too much physical strength. He was even tired after being chased for a while, and his movements were dull and deformed.

"Leader, What should I do? I'm going to die!" Su Yu shouted, and of course he should ask for help at this time.

It's a pity that Su Yu underestimated Xuan Nv's patience. She had no intention of shooting, as if she hadn't heard his words .

Seeing this, Su Yu cursed secretly, and the Hairy Giant Ape seized the opportunity between distractions. A thick drum stick came to Su Yu's front. The evil wind blew his face. Su Yu could not avoid it. He crossed his arms to his chest.


As soon as Su Yu made a defensive action, he was hit straight, and his body flew out like a ball.

It's so painful. Su Yu felt that both arms were not his own. It was like being hit by a car. The strength of the Hairy Giant Ape was too great.

Bang, Su Yu's body stopped when he hit his body against a big tree. The big tree was shaken by the bumps, the leaves kept falling down. He almost sprayed out blood .

"AH!" The Hairy Giant Ape yelled, and it know a principle,  continuing his victorious pursuit, striding toward Su Yu.

With a shout, the bone stick smashed towards his head. Su Yu didn't dare to make a hard defence and rolled away to avoid its attack.

With a click, the bone stick hit the trunk, and the tree, thick as an adult' legs was broken immediately.

Su Yu took a sigh of coolness. The Hairy Giant Ape was really too strong, but Xuan Nv seemed to say that the Hairy Giant Ape was only the weakest of the monster.

And the weakest monster is so strong, Su Yu can't imagine how strong other monsters will be? Will it like a Earthquake Beast?

And how powerful the Earthquake Beast is in the monsters?

Thinking about this, Su Yu felt that his future in the Monsters Detective Bureau was gloomy and full of life and death crisis.

Sure enough, he still want to went home and stayed silently. Killing someone or been killed were not his wish, and the idea of leaving the detective bureau became clearer.

"Su Yu, use your ability. You can cope with the Hairy Giant Apes. The more afraid you are, the less chance you will win in this fight. You can be the opponent of the Hairy Giant Ape. If you keeps hide, there will be only one consequence— You will be killed by the Hairy Giant Ape." Xuan Nv's voice came.

Su Yu's face expression changed. What did the woman say? Was she cursing him to death?

"Where is that woman?" Su Yu hiding from the Hairy Giant Ape, thinking, he can only heard the voice of Xuan Nv, but he could not see the figure of Xuan Nv.

Damn it, Su Yu couldn't help gritting her teeth. Xuan Nv was hateful, but this Hairy Giant Ape was even more hateful. Why kept chase him only. There was a fragrant young lady hidden here, why not go after it! ?

"Damn it, fight!" sweat dripped from his cheeks, and his physical strength was almost exhausted. If he didn't fight back at this time, it would be too late. Su Yu dare not entrust his life to the cold woman of Xuan Nv.

In life, Su Yu is a bold person, so after making a decision, he just made his action, no longer ran away. He looked for an opportunities to fight back when he avoided the Hairy Giant Ape's attack, but he looked very embarrassed from avoiding.

"Are you finally going to fight back?" Xuan Nv hidden in a secret place, watching Su Yu's reaction, whispered softly, her concentration was more concentrated.

"Left, right, left, right ..." Su Yu observed the attacking numbers of the Hairy Giant Ape. He found out that there was no fighting skills in  attacking, except that the left and right slaps were smashing up and down and the speed was not fast.

However, it's has immense power. If he was smashed, he would be absolutely painful. If he was smashed to the important body place, his life might be endangered.

Su Yu adjusted his breathing. he didn't know how long it took. Finally, he seized a chance and recalled the feeling of yesterday when his super power broke out.

An inexplicable power flowed through the body as if it appeared from every corner of the body, between every cell, and then gathered together and attached to the fist.

A faint blue halo wrapped his fist, and there was a blue lightning jumping on Su Yu's fist.

Su Yu smashed in a punch to the drum stick waved by the Hairy Giant Ape!

Huh! Hum!

The fist and the bone collided together, first a muffled sound, and then the blue halo on his fist burst fiercely.


As the sound, like ice and glass shattered, slender cracks appeared and spread into the air.

Then, a force of concussion suddenly surged, rushing towards the drum stick of the hairy Giant ape!

Kaka! !!

At this moment, the incredibly hard stick was disconnected by a hard shock and turned into bone pieces flying in all directions.

"Oh!" The Hairy Giant Ape was dumbfounded, and the it stared at Su Yu, seemed to know the human in front of him in another way, and realized that the human in front of him seem to be hard to be bully.

However, a fierce gas flashed, and the Hairy Giant Ape punched his chest, made a gurgling sound, and rushed to Su Yu again, raised his arms and attacked Su Yu again.

"Get away from me!" Su Yu's confidence increased at this moment, and he did not retreat, with his fist punching to the Hairy Giant Ape.

Kaka! !!

The force of the shock came out, and the crack appeared again. Su Yu first hit the fist of the long-haired Giant ape.

"Howl ~" At the moment the sound appeared, the Haired Giant Ape also screamed at the same time, the huge body flew out and sprinkled blood all the way.

Of course, Su Yu was also get hurt. He felt a great pain, his fist and arm were hurting a lot, blood leaked out, and the skin was cracked in many places. Both got injures, and no one won.

"Hiss ~ It hurts!" Su Yu looked at the bloody fist. Su Yu was numb.

But Su Yu didn't have time to care about his injury. Even though the Hairy Giant Ape had been injured by him. This fighting aroused its fierceness. After landing, he rushed towards Su Yu again, its eyes became blood red, and a breath of breath bloomed.

Su Yu's heart was stunned, is heart almost jumped out, and he hurriedly gathered the power of shock again. When he was about to punch again, a slender figure appeared in front of him.


Xuan Nv's voice sounded in Su Yu's ear.


Chapter 11 Don't want to...

Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded in her ears, but at this moment her voice was so pleasant.

In fact, Su Yu has already reached a limit, but he has been squeezing his energy.

Looking at the figure of Xuan Nv, Su Yu's nervous mood was relaxed, and when he reached the limit, his body softened, and then she collapsed to the ground, saying, "So glad you are here, I thought you abandoned me. "

"Shut up!" Xuan Nv's mouth twitched, and the words were unpleasant.

Then the Hairy Giant Ape became the object of venting anger of Xuan Nv, and Su Yu also saw How powerful Xuan Nv was.

Xuan Nv, what a powerful women!

Su Yu was trembling. It was only a few seconds, and the Hairy Giant Ape was beaten.

The Hairy Giant Ape was sealed in a Seal Stick.

"How do you feel?" Xuan Nv came to Su Yu and asked.

"Some weakness, the whole body hurts, as if my body torn!" Su Yu said, I didn't feel anything during the fight, now it really hurts, especially the right arm, which hurts into the bone.

"Oh, that's not a big deal. This phenomenon is just caused by the excessive use of super power. It's okay to take a break. As for the wound, it will be good to go to Xuan Yi for treatment. Now, get back to the bureau." .

Su Yu's face changed, "I don't want to..."

Xuan Nv: "???"

Don't want to go back? Or don't want to rest?


Two hours later, they returned to the Detective Bureau.

Upon entering the door, a cheer was heard in the ears of the two. It was a Xuan Yi who appeared in front of Su Yu in the shape of a ghost and said with bright eyes: "It's great, Su Yu, you are injured, come here. Let me check you out! "

Su Yu almost had a crooked nose. Listen to what this person can say?

"Oh, I said I don't want to see him!" Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv with a sad look on his face, and then there was no room for resistance.

Xuan Nv blinked, glanced at Xuan Yi, and finally understood what the 'I don't want to.. ' means in Su Yu's mouth was.

Xuan Nv: "Oh."


Not to mention that Su Yu was brought into the operating room by a Xuan Yi and how he was researched. After Xuan Nv scorned Su Yu, she came to the boss's office and found the Xuan Laogua.

"Glad you come back? Sit, what is kind of monster, and how is Su Yu performing?" Xuan Laogua motioned for Xuan Nv to sit down.

Xuan Nv did not sit, she stood and reported: "The task is simple, and the target is a Hairy Giant Ape at Yellow level seven, which has been sealed and sent to the seal office. As for Su Yu's overall performance, his ability to accept is quite good, and his courage is acceptable. But he is a little bit naughty. "

Xuan Nv then goes through the cases one by one.

"Do you mean that Su Yu's super power not only has the power of shock but also another kind of power?" Xuan Laogua asked in amazement.

"What I have observed is that the blue light is a manifestation of the power of shock, and something like blue lightning is a manifestation of another power, but the two are the same color, so whether it is me, or you, or anyone else has ignored it, only thinking that Su Yu has only a kind of super power! "Xuan Nv said.

"Hehe!" Xuan Laogua smiled and said, "It really looks like this. No wonder I always think there was something wrong before. If Su Yu is a dual-power person, then everything has right.

Su Yu's second power should be the type of power enhancement, so he has just awakened the super power, and the power is so great.

However, according to your words, Su Yu did not use his super powers well, it should be related to his physical weakness.

Xuan Nv, Su Yu is the second dual-power person besides you. He is still your subordinate. What do you think? "

"Nothing!" Xuan Nv said.

"Uh, okay, you should tell Xuan Yi soon, and ask him to do a detailed examination of Su Yu, and then bring the result report and Su Yu here, and I will make a new training plan based on Su Yu's report.

Then you train Su Yu! "Xuan Laogua thought for a while.

"Yes, boss!" Xuan Nv responded and turned away.


An hour later, Xuan Nv came to Xuan Laogua's office again with the report and Su Yu, who was recovered back to normal as before.

Xuan Laogua looked through Su Yu's medical examination report, sometimes frowning and thinking, sometimes his face was happy, and he kept pounding on the desk.

There were only three sounds of breathing in the office, and the atmosphere was tense. Su Yu looked at the changing expression of Xuan Laogua. He couldn't help but said, "Is there something wrong with my body? I am feeling not bad!"

Xuan Laogua made a glance at Su Yu and said, "Don't be so nervous, your report says it's okay. Don't worry, you first listen to me. According to your latest report, you have more than one super power. However, the problem exactly lies in your dual-power.

Your first super power is the power of shock, which comes from Earthquake Beast. The power of the Earthquake Beast to fuse with you is different from other super man. Ordinarily, super man have single super power source only, the dual-power also has only two super power sources. But the super source in your body can be said to be countless. How many cells in your body means how many super sources you have.

However, though you have countless sources of super power, it didn't means that your power is stronger than ordinary super man with only one super power source. The strength of super power is not related to the amount of super power source!

Just like the light emit by ten thousands of fireflies, also can not compare to the light emitted by sun. “

"Eh! I thought the more the source of the super power, the more powerful I am!" Su Yu smiled awkwardly.

"It's true that you understand it this way, but it doesn't apply to you. Your super power comes from the Earthquake Beast. Yes, theoretically, you have many super power sources. A cell is an super power source. As a matter of fact, however, you have only one super power source, and that is your physical body.

Your second power is strength power, and the source of strength power is completely integrated with your cells and physical body.

So, more strictly, you have only one source of super power, its your own body. "Xuan Laogua said.

Su Yu didn't quite understand, and asked, "I'm able to understand each word, but it's a bit confusing when they come together. Can you tell me what my problem is ? And how to solve it?"

"Your problem is that your physical body is too weak. If you don't strengthen your physical body, it's nothing if you don't use the super power, but you will be easily injured if you use it, even exploding directly!" Xuan Laogua looked at Su Yu.

Chapter 12 New Case

Su Yu didn't know if Xuan Laogua was scaring him, but he was really scared. He wasn't afraid of getting hurt, but he was afraid he would explode. He didn't even dare to imagine the scene. He asked: "Boss Does it means that I don't have any problem if I don't use super power? Then, let me go home, I will not use super power anymore! ”

Xuan Laogua: "???"

Did I mean something like this? Are you still thinking about leaving the Monsters Detective Bureau? Xuan Laogua was speechless after hearing Su Yu's words.

After a while, Xuan Laogua replied: "You may not completely understand what I mean, and it will not hurt you if you don't use super powers in the short term. However, your shock power has been increasing slowly. When it increasing to the limit of cell capacity, you can explode even if you don't use super power! "

Su Yu showed a pale face when he heard the words of Xuan Laogua, asked, "According to what you said, can't I survive anyway? Do you have any way to solve my problem?"

"It's very simple. Your body is not strong enough. You need to exercise more and increase your physique. Xuan Nv, you will be responsible for Su Yu's exercises!" Xuan Laogua said.

Xuan Nv: "Ok, boss!"


Because this word, ‘you are not strong enough, you need to exercise more and increase your physique.' then Su Yu started a hell-like life.

For a few days, Su Yu was really painful and happy, training was painful, but the gain was happy.

In the 500-square-meter underground training room, Su Yu's special training also began.

"A thousand frog jumps, a thousand sit-ups, a thousand pull-ups ... plus a fifty-kilometer long run, Xuan Zhen, this is what you are training today!" Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded.

Su Yu's face suddenly twisted, and his expression was like eating some disgusting thing. He said, "Leader, are you kidding me? This is more than double the amount of training yesterday. This training gonna end my life! "

Xuan Zhen, Su Yu's code, like Xuan Nv, Xuan Laogua, Xuan Dian, etc., is a code that every member of the Monsters Detective Bureau must have, starting with Xuan.

Because Su Yu has an shock power, Su Yu's code name is Xuan Zhen.

When he owned the code name Xuan Zhen, it means that Su Yu has become a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau. And now he has another equipment, memory eraser.

At the same time, the weapon requested by Su Yu is also being manufactured. Su Yu has tested it and his shock power can be attached to the weapon to attack.

"Do it!" Xuan Nv only said it coldly.

Su Yu pouted his lips. Although Xuan Nv has only two word, he got used to her personality, after more than a week training, and Su Yu can guess Xuan Nv's idea more or less.

If I didn't follow her order, it may resulted in more severe penalties.

"Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, your training is paused, and a new case has occurred!" Su Yu was about to start training, and Xuan Dian's voice sounded from the horn in the training room.

Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv, she said: "Special training is suspended, come back to continue, go!"


"Look at the file information in front of you, this is the case, who are you going to?" In the conference room, Xuan Laogua looked at us with a serious look: "This case must be handled quickly, the target is very different, and the solution is to obliterate! "

Everyone glanced at the file information in front of them, they were stunned, and the plan was completely justified. Because dozens of people in Xiaoyan Village were killed by monster.

When monster kill human beings, the plan of the Monster Detective Bureau is basically obliteration. Once this monster kills a person, it will continue to kill, and it won't stop, so the level of social harm is high.

"Boss, my team want to solve this case!" Xuan Nv looked at the case data and decided, regardless of Su Yu's opinion.

"Okay, I'll give this case to your team, but Xuan Mu will follow your team to solve this case this time. This time there may be more than one monster, one more person and one insurance. Xuan Mu, if there is no objection, you and Xuan Nv will act together!" Xuan Laogua decided in this way.

"Yes, guarantee the completion of the task and protect humanity!" Xuan Nv stood up and saluted.

A roar broke the silence in the early morning and awakened the villagers of Xiaoyan Village at the foot of the mountain.

The lights gradually turned on in the dark, and the noise of people echoed in the small mountain village.

"What happened, what exploded?"

"Fuck, startle me. I was having a nice dream, Damn it!"

"Look, the Xiaoyan Mountain become shorter? The voice came from Xiaoyan Mountain."

"Is it a landslide? Village chief, what's happened?"

"Everyone goes back to sleep. Xiaoyan Mountain is still a long way from our village. Even a landslide will not endanger our village. When it dawns, we will organize people to go up the mountain to see if it is a landslide!"

Under the call of the village chief of Xiaoyan Village, the lights in the village gradually dimmed, but the people in the village were inadvertently sleeping. The next day, they all got up very earlier, when the sky was just bright.

The people in the village all gathered together. Li Zhangu, the village chief of Xiaoyan Village, said: "It seems that everyone was not asleep. Li Shuzhu, Wang Tiegai, and Zhao Dayou ... you guys follow me into the mountain now, see what happened to Xiaoyan Mountain. Others, do what you guys should do.

Prepare the food and we'll eat it when we get back! "

Li Zhangu held the cigarette bag in his hand and had a smoke.

Li Zhangu was very prestigious in this remote small village of Xiaoyan Village. He said, and the villagers immediately followed suit.

Li Zhangu and his seven villagers from Xiaoyan Village also set off immediately, heading for Xiaoyan Mountain. When the day was bright, the group entered Xiaoyan Mountain.

"Village chief, it really is a landslide. Look at it!" Li Shuzhu, a villager, pointed to a mountain road with obvious signs of landslide.

When the villagers of Xiaoyan Village heard about it, they were all relieved. Although it had long been guessed that it was a landslide, it was uneasy to stay calm, if they did not to see it for themselves.

Li Zhangu laughed: "Okay, let's go back, rest assured this time!"

Li Zhangu was about to turned around to go home, but at this moment, Wang Tiegai exclaimed loudly: "Wait a moment, village chief, there is a cave!"

After hearing this words, the villagers of Xiaoyan Village were all stunned, and then startled, and looked in the direction that Wang Tiegai said. Sure enough, there was a dark hole in it, which was half covered by earth and stones. If you did not searching, it's hard to find.

"Damn, Tiegai your eyes are sharp, we haven't seen it yet, only let you see it!" Zhao Dayou hugged hard on Wang Tiegai's head and looked at Li Zhangu and said, "Village chief, we can't go up and have a look?"

Li Zhangu pondered for a moment: "Well, let's take a look, even if I don't take you to see, you guys will go there by themselves, right?"

Wang Tiegai and Zhao Dayou and others all smiled.

"Let's go, see early and return early, I am hungry now!" Li Zhangu patted on the heads of several people, and walked towards the mysterious cave first.

A few minutes later, a group of villagers came to the entrance of the cave, removed the earth and stone at the entrance of the cave, and roughly exposed the entire opening of the cave. A faint rancid smell drifted from the cave.

Zhao Dayou covered his nose and said, "What's the smell, village chief? Something seems to be rotten. Can you see what kind of cave it is? Bear's or something else?"

Li Zhangu did not answer immediately, but looked at the cave, his brows tightened and tightened, and for a while he said: "This is not an animal cave, but it was artificially excavated.  Look at these places, the trace looks a bit big for the excavation marks! Why is this? "

"Artificial? Who would be bored to excavate a cave in this mountain!?" Wang Tiegai said.

"You stupid guy, I had told you read more books, it can make you clever. If you did so, you won't be so stupid now! Do you forget some legends of Xiaoyan Mountain?" Li Zhangu knocked Wang Tiegai's head with a cigarette rod.

Chapter 13 Greed

Wang Tiegai's eyes filled with tears, and complained "Village chief, you know I am stupid, please do not knock me again. The more you knocked, the more stupid I will be!"

Li Zhangu rolled his eyes at Wang Tiegai and looked at Zhao Dayou: "Tell the legends to these guys, what are some legends of our Xiaoyan Mountain?"

"Uh!" when suddenly mentioned by village chief, he scratched his head. "Village chief, you mean the legend that Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain?"

"Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain, what is that?" Wang Tiegai interjected.

Li Zhangu glanced at Wang Tiegai and said, "In our village, there has always been a legend that Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain, but it is actually a huge rammed mound. Do you know what rammed earth is? In short, Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain, but a huge ancient tomb, and the rammed soil is so thick that it turns into a mountain! "

Li Shuzhu swallowed and muttered: "The village chief, you mean, Xiaoyan Mountain may really be an ancient tomb, it is not a legend, this hole is leading to the tomb?"

Li Zhangu smoked and then said: "Well, it should be so, the landslide, exposed the hole that might lead to the tomb. This cave may be a corridor of the tomb at that time, or it may be a hole left by a grave robber. It hard to say! "

Li Shuangzhu's eyes lit up: "What are we waiting for, the village chief? Go in quickly. There should be many treasures in such a large tomb. Our village is getting rich !?"

Li Zhangu's eyes flickered, and he flicked the cigarette pot without talking.

Wang Tiegai said, "No, Shuangzhu, we cannot make this ill-gotten gain. I think we should report it to the relevant department, right?"

"Stupid! Wang Tiegai, you are really stupid. No wonder you have become poorer and poorer. In front of you is a great opportunity to make a fortune. Do you still want to go to the relevant department? You, so stupid! I am so anger about you!"

Li Shuangzhu cursed, his eyes glanced at the mouth of the cave.

Zhao Dayou also breathed a little hurriedly: "No, you can't report it to the relevant department. Xiaoyan Mountain is the mountain of our Xiaoyan Village. Anything in the mountain should belong to our Xiaoyan Village. When it is reported to the relevant department, we can get nothing!

Tiegai, don't talk first. I know that you are kind and your thoughts are right, but you also have to think about your old mother, who has been sick for a long time!

Why? Not because of no money! Moreover, you are in your thirties, and you haven't got married. Why? Because you don't have money!

Now you have a chance to get rich, aren't you stupid?"

"Think about it, if you have money, your mother can go to the city to see a doctor, you can marry a beautiful wife, and you can have a baby."

Wang Tiegai flushed, looked at Zhao Dayou and others, and then said, "I, I listen to the village chief!"

After hearing that, Zhao Dayou, Li Shuangzhu, and others were relieved and focused on Li Zhangu. Li Zhangu refilled a pot of cigarettes, lit it, and gritted his teeth: "Don't report it!"

"Awesome, village chief, you are the best and the most enlightened village chief I have ever seen!"

Zhao Dayou and others were also smiling, only Wang Tiegai felt unhappy.

Looking at the villagers, Li Zhangu's heart was a bit heavy, because he knew that his decision was wrong, but he did not overcome the greed in his heart, and he was also afraid.

In the village, not only Wang Tiegai's family is poor, everyone in the whole village bore endless of poverty-stricken. They all say that they rely on mountains to eat mountains, but Xiaoyan Mountain is really a bit desolate and can't support a village.

And now, an underground treasure that might be full of treasures was in front of him, and he didn't want to let go.

"Okay, don't make a noise. Now we go back to the village. If we want to get rich, let's get rich together. Go back to bring good tools, and dig out the treasure as fast as possible!" Li Zhangu took out the ash from the pipe and ordered.

"Yes, the village chief is right!"

"Go, go back now, call everyone, today we are poor, tomorrow we are rich!"

A group of people hurrahed towards Xiaoyan Village at the foot of the mountain. No one heard a heavy breathing sound coming out of the black hole when they were away.

If Li Zhangu and others heard it, the following thing might not happen, but it's a destiny.

Soon, Li Zhangu and others just returned to the village. Li Zhangu convened meeting of the whole village and informed everyone of the news that Xiaoyan Mountain was a tomb, and they will discover it secretly.

Immediately, the entire village were happy but also felt scared. At this moment, there was an opportunity to get rich. No one would be willing to give up. They all agreed with Li Zhangu's decision.

Li Zhangu gave an order, and soon all the young men were gathered to the tomb. Basically, all the young male adults in the village joined. This arrangement was decided by Li Zhanguo's order, otherwise the old ladies would like to go to discover it in person.

After everyone had a simple meal, Li Zhangu took everyone to Xiaoyan Mountain. They were so excited when they thought about that they immediately became rich!

As for the women in the village, they were busy in preparing meal to celebrate after the men left. They were decided to eat poultry, But before, they would only to sell poultry, even if they were going to dead.

From the perspective of everyone in Xiaoyan Village, it's almost time to get rich and no need to wait.

The village was cheerfully preparing to celebrate. Li Zhangu also took the men from the village and came to the cave again. After digging the cave with tools, they entered it one by one.


As night fell and the lights came on, Xiaoyan Village was filled with enticing aromas of meals.

The women sat together laughing and chatting, looking forward to the days after getting rich, one after another.

"Whoa, how many treasures can you say in that tomb? How much gold will there be, and if there is too much gold, I will melt it and make it a big gold chain to wear it."

"With the fortune, our whole family has moved into the city. Being a city man, we should be living in the comfortable house!"

"My first thing, I have to let my son marry a wife first and give birth to a grandson!"

The women talked about the lots of things, the time passed quickly, and the night was already deep, but still no one came back, and finally someone panicked. It's weird, something is not right. Even if there are too many antique or golds, it doesn't take suck a long time to come back!

Some women began to discuss, preparing to let a few bold go into the mountains to see what's going on, but just before they had discussed it, there was a scream in the village!


Chapter 14 Investigation

"This is Xiaoyan Village? This ..." Looking at the ruins in front of him, Su Yu was stunned.

Although there have been some descriptions in the case file, the scene was still shocked.

Xiaoyan Village has become a ruin, and almost all the houses have collapsed, as if struck by a war beast.

Xiaoyan Village has been completely quarantined by the local police and warning signs can be seen everywhere, but because the case has been transferred to the Monsters Detective Bureau, police officers have evacuated when they arrived and handed the scene to them.

"Go, look inside!" Xuan Nv's face grew colder.

Then the three crossed the isolation zone and entered the interior of Xiaoyan Village, which was even more shocked. Spilled blood was everywhere on the broken wall.

"Damn it! These monsters is extremely brutal. We must find those monsters as soon as possible, and absolutely must not allow the tragedy to happen again!" Xuan Mu looked at the scene in front of him, with hate in his eyes and said.

Su Yu was silent. Although he had been met different monsters twice, although shocked, he felt just the same.

However, this time is different. Although he have not seen these monsters this time, Su Yu have deeply realized the ferocity of the monsters.

Looking at the back of Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu, there was a little admiration in his hearts. They had been fighting those terrible monsters, and they just pay silently.

Of course, though admiration, Su Yu's idea of leaving the Monsters Detective Bureau has not changed. After seeing the ferocity of the Monsters, Su Yu's idea of leaving even more urgent.

Although he had dreamed of becoming a hero, but when it came true, he found out that it requires sufficient courage and brave to be a hero.

Not everyone can be a hero!

Su Yu prefer to be an ordinary person, living a ordinary life!

The three went around in the village and found no useful clues. Most of useful clues were already available in the case file, but it was not enough for us, and still they did not found out what's kind of monsters did the crime this time.

Xuan Nv asked: "Where is the informant now? Where is a survivor now?"

Xuan Mu replied: "The informant Li Ergou is now staying at the local police station. And as for the survivor Wang Tiezhu, because police are afraid that the survivor Wang Tiezhu is insane due to the cause of excessive fright. They sent him to a mental hospital for treatment. Should we go and see?

Xuan Nv groaned a bit and said, "Well, we should see the two. Although the case has roughly understood, there are still some confusing things. The evidence is not enough to prove what's kind of monsters did the crime this time? In case there is any omission, please ask they for details again. "


At the local police station, the three met Li Ergou in a single cell. This guy was too scared, and they begged the police to lock him in the cell.

"You are Li Ergou? Did you called the police?" Xuan Mu looked at his skinny body. He looked more than forty years old. Actually, Li Ergou was only twenty years old.

"Yes, yes, I called the police. Are you also police comrades? Did the murderer catch it?" Li Ergou asked with a trembling voice, looking at their eyes with expectations.

Xuan Mu said, "It is under investigation, and now you need to take a new notes. I ask you to answer, you know, we must tell the truth, this will help us to detect the case."

Li Ergou: "OK, OK!"

Xuan Mu: "When did you report the crime?"

Li Ergou: "Just this morning, this morning, when I returned to the village, I saw... saw that the village was gone. There was blood everywhere in the village. There was so much blood that the villagers were gone. Only Wang Tiezhu survived. But he was crazy, and I didn't know anything ... "

Half an hour later, the three came out of the police station with frowning frowns. There were no new clues at Li Ergou, and the case was still unable to progress.

At the time of the incident, Li Ergou was in the city and had no idea that a disaster had occurred in Xiaoyan Village.

Xuan Mu rubbed her eyebrows with a headache and said, "It looks like I just have to ask Wang Tiezhu, but ..."

Xuan Mu did not continue to talk, asking a mentally disordered person is not a good choice. Maybe only some nonsense is asked, and it is more likely to stimulate the patient's condition.

"No, but you must find these monsters as soon as possible and obliterate them. It is likely that these monsters will commit another crime." Xuan Nv said with an absolutely tone: "Go, go to talk with Wang Tiezhu!"

In the mental hospital, the three met Wang Tiezhu. In a room, Wang Tiezhu shivered in the corner, his eyes widened, and he kept mumbling about something.

"Is the patient always like this? What is he talking about?" Xuan Nv glanced at Wang Tiezhu and asked the doctor next to her.

Doctor: "Well, this is always the case when the patient comes, no noise, but it is a hiding in the corner, as if hiding from some terrible monster, and he keeps talking about cannibalism?"

"Well, I see. Thank you doctor, can we stay with the patient alone?" Xuan Mu asked.

The doctor hesitated: "Well, yes, don't irritate him. The patient's mental state is very unstable now!"

"Well, I know, thank you, doctor!" Xuan Mu nodded and watched the doctor leave.

Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu looked at each other, Xuan Mu said to Wang Tiezhu: "Wang Tiezhu, are you listening? What happened last night?"

Wang Tiezhu's shivering body stopped, then he screamed, holding his head, "Don't, don't come over, don't eat me, don't ..."

Xuan Mu: "Eat you? What is going to eat you, do you see it?"

Wang Tiezhu: "Giants, attacking Giants, they came, they really exist, Aunt Li, Wang Aunt, Widow Zhang, they were all eaten, crunchy, crunchy, they were all eaten, hahaha, ohh They have eaten up all the children, and they will eat me next time, ha ha ha, oh, all dead ... "

Attacking Giant?

Su Yu, Xuan Nv, and Xuan Mu were speechless. How could this be related to a cartoon animation?

"No!" something flashed suddenly in Su Yu's head.

"What's wrong, Xuan Zhen? What did you find?" Xuan Mu asked, Xuan Nv also looked at Su Yu.

Su Yu felt the sight of the two people, he swallow and said: "Two leaders, have you noticed that Wang Tiezhu mentioned women and children only, where did the men in that village go? Are there no men in Xiaoyan Village? "

Xuan Mu's brow frowned slightly and speculated: "Xiaoyan Village had male adults, but these men in Xiaoyan Village were not in the village at the time of the incident, so Wang Tiezhu did not mention them?"

Chapter 15 Cave

After Xuan Mu said, the three pairs of eyes were all bright, and Xuan Nv groaned. "It's very possible. Although there is a lot of blood in the village, if you carefully think about it, it doesn't match the population of Xiaoyan Village."

Then she looked at Wang Tiezhu and said, "Wang Tiezhu, what about the men in Xiaoyan Village? Did they let the Giants eat? Where are they? Why didn't they find them in the village?"

"Tomb, big tomb, there is a big tomb in the mountain, getting rich, ha ha ha, we're going to be rich, the village chief is taking people into the mountain to find treasure, and money, I'm getting rich. No one came back, everyone did not return! "Shouted Wang Tiezhu.

After hearing these words, the eyes of the three were light up, they finally asked for some useful information, but that's all. Wang Tiezhu was insane and said those words were already the limit. No matter how they lure him, he was repeated the same words.

Xuan Mu outside the hospital analyzed: "Although Wang Tiezhu didn't say much, it was extremely useful. Li Zhangu, the village chief of Xiaoyan Village, and all the men in their village went to the tomb, and they were not in the village when the incident occurred.

Although the time when Li Zhangu and others went out to dig the tomb and the time of the Xiaoyan Village incident did not exactly match, I felt there was an inevitable connection between the two. "

"You means that these monsters who committed the crime in Xiaoyan Village may be something ran out of the tomb?" Su Yu suspected.

"Maybe true, maybe wrong, we should go and see!" Xuan Nv decided, the three drove back to Xiaoyan Village again, and the closest mountain to Xiaoyan Village is Xiaoyan Mountain. The three guessed that the mountain with the tomb should be Xiaoyan Mountain.

The three men climbed up the mountain, and soon found sporadic traces. The traces were very inconspicuous. If these traces were not observed by Xuan Mu carefully, the three may not find it.

Xuan Mu pointed at a shrub saying: "There are things passing here. These shrubs are different from other shrubs. Well, there are also in front, just connected into a route."

Su Yu glanced at a glance. How could he can not see the difference between these bushes?

Xuan Nv looked for a while and said, "Well, it's really a little different. These bushes have been moved away, and then moved back!"

"???" Su Yu: I am so curioud about the bushes, how could you see the differences, grandmaster?

"Dig it out!" Xuan Nv said, flipping her palms, and a long sword came out from somewhere unknown. There showed a cold light, and then the ground was cracked, a huge crack that was half a meter wide and a dozen meters long.

Su Yu was startled. This woman was too violent and too powerful. Just a slight wave of the sword could cause such a result. Su Yu could not imagine what this woman would do with a full blow.

He was more certain of the thought in his heart, this woman is not someone to be trifled with, the consequence might be miserable.

"There is blood! Sure enough, these monsters were in this Xiaoyan Mountain!" Xuan Mu interrupted Su Yu's thought.

Looking at it, Su Yu can really saw scattered blood in the cracks. Although not many, it was enough to explain a lot.

Of course, Su Yu couldn't see anything deeper.

"These monsters should have the ability related to the earth and soil system!" Xuan Nv said.

"???" Su Yu felt more confused about Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu's words, but how did you see that thing with bare eyes?

However, Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu apparently did not have the thought of taking care of Su Yu, and did not explain it at all. Xuan Nv stamped her feet gently, and the crack was closed with a bang. She said, "Go, these monsters is not far away from here."


Xuan Mu and Xuan Nv all along the way, based on the obvious traces, soon came to the place where the landslide of Xiaoyan Mountain yesterday, but at this time it was completely different from when Li Zhangu and others came.

The exposed hole had disappeared and was covered by thick earth and rocks again.

Xuan Mu looked at the hillside in front of him: "These monsters are inside this hillside. I can already feel the fluctuation of super power. Wait a minute, I'll find where the entrance is."

Xuan Mu's hand was lifted, and the green light dots waved out and fell on the hillside. A green plant grew on the hillside. After a few seconds, Xuan Mu said loudly, "I found it, and I was there, Xuan Nv, it's your turn! "

A green plant suddenly grew, and in the blink, it grew into a sturdy little tree.

"Okay, I will finish this!" Xuan Nv said, and the sword in her hand came out of the sheath again. In Su Yu's horrified eyes, the hillside shook involuntarily, rumbling, and the earth and stones flew under an invisible force.  Then fell down aside.

In a blink, a huge cave appeared in front of him, with a diameter of about ten meters.

As soon as the cave was exposed, a rancidity and bloody smell would come out, and there was a power that made Su Yu's heart tremble.

"Su Yu,  be careful, this time these monsters are not easy to deal with!" Xuan Nv faced Su Yu and said.

Su Yu almost burst into tears: Sister, do you still remeber that I am here?

"Huh!" Su Yu nod his head, then hid his body behind Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu, you guys are strong, you go first!

Xuan Mu looked at Su Yu, interesting! Then he said, "Xuan Nv, I go ahead to explorer. You are in charge of the alert. Su Yu is behind you. Be careful"

"Lead on, leader, I will obey orders!" Su Yu replied that he was happy.

"Ha ha!" Xuan Nv smiled coldly, and Su Yu shivered.

When Xuan Mu saw this, he shook her head gently, and then stepped into the cave. The green light spot fell on the ground, and a small vine grew out, spreading out to the depth of the cave first.

These vines are an like a probe for Xuan Mu to perceive information.

The cave is obliquely downward, but the slope is very slow. After walking for ten minutes, the three did not reach the end of the cave. At this time, the three were completely in the dark. The three turned on the lighting tools carefully, watching everything in this cave

"There are murals here!" Su Yu first discovered and said to Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu: "Come on, the above description should be the scene of ancient human life, but I felt something weird? Is ancient humans live in that way? "

Upon hearing this, Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu came to Su Yu's next and illuminated the light source on the mural, which was more conducive to observation.

Xuan Mu observed it with a serious look for a while and said, "No, the painting on this mural is not human."

"Not human?" Su Yu said in surprise: "Are you kidding? Why isn't this mural painting human? Isn't it exactly the same as human?"

"Well, it's true, it is not human. Ancient legends may be true." Xuan Nv also said with a heavy voice.