Monsters Around Us

Author: Jiu Shou Kun Peng Translator: Bluehat Description: When you look up at the stars, have you ever thought that there is a monster looking at you? When you pass by someone, have you ever thought that it cast greedy eyes on your flash and blood? Humans are not alone, monsters are around us.

Chapter 1 Weird Case

Case Number: 20190710

Case Name: Earthquake Shake

The object of this weird case: Earthquake Beast

Levels of danger:???

Hazard level:???

Recorder: Xuan Kong

Treatment plan: Seal? ? ? Obliterate? ? ?

Case overview:

At 06:24:48 on May 18, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 10 kilometers.

At 10:18:31 on May 19, a magnitude 3.1 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 10 kilometers.

At 1:50:21 on May 28, a magnitude 5.7 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 13 kilometers.

At 14:36:33 on May 29, a magnitude 3.7 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 12 kilometers.

At 13: 00:22 on May 31, a magnitude 3.6 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 07 kilometers.

On June 03, 01:47:12, a magnitude 4.0 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 12 kilometers.

At 1:43:13 on June 28, a magnitude 3.0 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 14 kilometers.

At 09:13:24 on June 25, a magnitude 4.5 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 10 kilometers.

At 15:57:53 on July 09, a magnitude 4.0 earthquake occurred in Jisong City, with a focal depth of 09 kilometers.

As of 16:30:15 on the 10th, there were 72 earthquakes in Jisong City, with a maximum magnitude of 5.7 and the minimum magnitude of 1.9.

Earthquake is one of the natural disasters, and it occurs all over the world. It is a form of movement of the earth’s crust.

However, not all earthquakes were caused by natural causes. Jisong City was not located in a multi-seismic zone. In theory, no earthquakes would occur, and even if it occurred, it should not occur so frequently.

The occurrence of the Jisong earthquake was not in line with common sense and was an abnormal phenomenon. The bureau immediately ordered an investigation. After several days of investigation and detection by staff, it was determined that the Jisong earthquake was not a natural cause. It caused by the monster.

This monster was a kind of worm-like, blue crystal-like creature that lives underground, very clever, understands human’s language, and was good at hiding.

This monster had never had a record before, and even the well-known boss of the bureau, Xuan Laogua has never seen such a creature. He speculates that this was a new monster that has just been born.

Because of this strange special power, Xuan Laogua personally named it as Earthquake Beast.

In order to prevent the Earthquake Beast from causing more and larger earthquake disasters, Xuan Laogua ordered four people, Xuan Kong (myself), Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, and Xuan Mu, to arrest and seal the Earthquake Beast.

It took us four full days to drive Earthquake Beast from the underground and lead it to the ground. When the Enchantment was opened and the seal was about to be captured, an accident happened ... Earthquake Beast was gone!



Case Number: 20190712

Case name: Mysterious Savage Attack

The object of this weird case: Hairy Giant Ape

Levels of danger: yellow level seven

Hazard level :☆

Recorder: Xuan Nv

Treatment plan: Seal

Case overview:

On July 10, a case of a strange attack on a human village was transferred to our bureau.

With the on-site investigation, Xuan Nv (myself) and an intern went to this village together.

After on-site inspections and descriptions by local villagers, it was determined that this was indeed an attack caused by a monster, which was a Hairy Giant Ape with a level of danger at one.

The Hairy Giant Ape is a humanoid creature, but it was not an ordinary ape, but a monster.

Hairy Giant Ape’s wisdom was equivalent to a human ten-year-old child, who can use and make tools, and was extremely aggressive!

Hairy Giant Ape attack humans more often, because of humanoid reasons, they were often regarded as savages.

It was determined that it was a monster attack, and considering the damage and impact caused by the Hairy Giant Ape to the local area, the bureau decided to seal the Hairy Giant Ape.

In order to test the power of the intern and to help him adapt to his super power that has just been obtained, the intern would handle the case himself.


Case Number: 20190717

Case name: Giant Incident

The object of this weird case: Ancient Giant

Levels of danger: Yellow level seven

Hazard level :★

Recorder: Xuan Mu

Treatment plan: Obliterate

Case overview:

In the early morning of July 15, Xiaoyan Mountain suddenly collapsed, revealing a mysterious cave.

The villagers of Xiaoyan Village discovered this deep cave at 7 am that day and thought it was an ancient tomb.

Because it is said that Xiaoyan Mountain was not a mountain at all, but a huge rammed mound and a huge ancient tomb was buried underground.

The villagers were greedy for money, and the first time they found a hole, they did not call the police. Instead, they organized a group of people to explore it first, hoping to discover antiques and make a fortune.

However, throughout the day, night came, and many villagers who entered the mysterious cave did not return.

When the anxious waiting villagers noticed that things were bad and just about to report to the police, they found that there were three huge and incomparable figures appearing in the village. The villagers observed that the huge figure has five meters tall.

Then the terror came, three huge figures attacked Xiaoyan Village, the house collapsed, and villagers died after being attacked by the giant, and then taken away by the giant.

On July 16, Li Ergou, a villager from Xiaoyan Village, returned to the village and found the village’s tragedy. He extremely scared and immediately called the police. The local police station immediately called the police went to the village. The police quickly arrived at the scene of the crime and took evidence.

In a house ruin, Wang Tiezhu, a villager from Xiaoyan Village, was rescued. He was in a state of insanity due to excessive fright. Unconsciously, he intermittently described the situation that occurred on the night of the 15th.

After analysis and speculation, as well as on-site evidence collection, the police restored the general incident process.

Because the monster had been involved, the case was immediately transferred to our bureau. After our bureau received the report, Xuan Mu (myself), Xuan Nv, and Xuan Zhen immediately rushed to Xiaoyan Village for an on-the-spot investigation. They saw Li Ergou at the police station and Wang Tiezhu at the hospital.

After understanding, the three entered the cave that day, and deep inside the cave, they found three giants who had woke up from ancient times.

Because of its catastrophic and other reasons, the Ancient Giants were killed, and their body was sealed and brought back to the bureau for research to investigate the reasons why the Ancient Giants have survived to this day, and why they recovered from this era.

In addition, they brought all the monsters' bodies to the bureau!

They destroyed the giant cave after killing three Ancient Giants, and the memory of related ordinary people such as Li Ergou and Wang Tiezhu was eliminated, so the giant attack did not spread.

The incident has been successfully resolved so far, however, some of the murals in the caves of ancient giants were telling people, seeing pictures in the murals ... hope to attract attention!

Chapter 2 Foreign Object Into My Body

Bang ~

Accompanied by a loud roar, the earth shook violently, and a scream sounded on the lively street.

But after a few seconds, it just calmed down, and some flustered people immediately calmed down, do what they should be done!

In less than three months, the Jisong people have experienced nearly a hundred earthquakes, and they got used to earthquakes.

And Su Yu did not take the earthquake seriously, he was born with a big heart, as long as he did not really fall into the sky, he can remain calm.

At that moment he was holding a dinner he just bought and ready to have a meal. As an unfamed online writer, he wanted to have a good meal, but it was not an easy thing. Today he spent a large amount to buy the dinner, cause he received his royalties!

“People today, happy today ...” Su Yu hummed the song and walked towards the 300-month rental house three steps at a time.

But he didn’t find out that the bustling night market just behind him had suddenly disappeared.


Another loud noise came as if it exploded in my ears. Su Yu was finally startled this time, and said, ”What the motherfucking, another earthquake? Why Mr. Earthquake was so diligent ...”

Before the words were over, Su Yu couldn’t help stunning while watching the situation in distance, and the earthquake didn’t happen.

The reason for the huge roar was that a ten-story high-rise building not far from him collapsed instantly.

"The shopping mall collapsed?" Su Yu opened his mouth wide and felt so surprised that he nearly want to throw away his dinner to the ground. There was nothing more astonishing than this situation, not even the earthquake.


At this time, a huge abnormal noise was generated, like the sound of a mirror shattering. A building next to the shopping mall cracked like a mirror, and then the building fell to the ground and the ground shook.

"Shake power?"

This scene in front of him gave Su Yu a very familiar feeling. He was kind of a half otaku, and the anime was a must-see, especially in the episode of One Piece. The scene in front of him and the White Beard in the anime use the shock power. The picture formed by the power was really similar.

The bang ~ the ruins were cracked, and the reinforced concrete spread out, like raindrops splashing in all directions, "What the hell! " Su Yu screamed and evaded to avoid continuous falling foreign objects.

“What was that thing just now?” Su Yu shuddered to hide in a corner. When the ruins were cracking, he saw a blue monster and got out of the ruins.

That thing was huge, like a big bug, it had a blue crystal body, with four small feet under its belly, and coral-like things on its head.

The thickness was about one meter and the length was unknown, but the part I saw just now was already about three meters.

This was a big guy, a big bug!

What the hell was that Su Yu very confused at the moment?

Was there such a thing in the world?

For a while, Su Yu felt a sense of subversion of the world view, and instantly imagined a lot, for example, this monster was cultivated by a certain evil scientist, and then ran out of the lab out of control.

"Xuan Kong, don’t let this monster run away, stop it!”

"Xuan Mu, use your power to trap it and limit its range of activity.”

"Xuan Dian, paralyze it with your current, I will implement the seal!”

A female voice rang, crisp but the sounds too cold, making people heard the voice felt standing in the cold winter.

Su Yu raised his eyebrow. He didn’t care much about the sound. There were many people who sounded good, but they didn’t necessarily have a good appearance. Su Yu was concerned more about the content.

Power? What power? Su Yu was even more confused.

At that moment, Su Yu suddenly felt that something was coming out of the ground under his buttocks, and he arched to the ground. Su Yu saw that something like a vine was coming out of the ground.

And after the vines got out of the ground, they twisted like snakes and quickly became thick and entangled, and for a while, many vines were intertwined into a huge green vine cage.

Su Yu looked at everything blankly, and his world view was overturned more completely. At this moment, he was stand out of the vine cage, but he could see the situation inside the cage through the gap of the cage.

At the moment, in addition to the big blue bug, there were three men and one woman in the cage. They were dressed in similar clothes, but unfortunately, he didn't saw their looks, because the four people’s faces were covered with a white faceless mask.

One of the men’s hands waved, and dozens or hundreds of vines emerged from the ground, sweeping towards the big blue worm. In a blink, the big blue worm was bound by the vine.

However, the big blue worm’s body twisted and clicked, and the space around him seemed to crack like glass, and the vines bound to it also shattered instantly.

The big blue bug instantly recovered its freedom, its body twisted, like a big snake, and it was about to run away.

However, the moment the blue worm acted, another man walked with countless electric current, pointing to the blue worm.

There was a rumble of thunder, a thunderous sky, a flash of lightning burst from the air, and it right pointed toward the big blue bug.


The big blue worm’s whole body was smoky, making a painful howl. After being struck by lightning, the body seemed to be stiffer.

At this moment, the woman moved, her palm was scratched against the void, and a sharp-pointed object appeared in her hands. Her body fluttered against the blue worm, and when she came to the blue worm, she raised her arm to the big blue bug.

But just touched the blue worm’s body, the blue worm resumed its normal action and hissing again, its body glowed blue light.

Kaka, the sound of mirror fragmentation sounded again, and the range was huge, covering hundreds of squares, and three men and one woman were also shrouded in it.

The next moment, space seemed to break apart like a mirror. Three men and a woman were struck by lightning, they all moaned, and it could be heard by Su Yu, even in the distance.

At the same time, the four flew out.

The big blue bug seized this opportunity and fled quickly, and the direction of the escape was Su Yu. Su Yu’s first thought when he saw this was also fleeing, but the speed of the blue big bug was beyond his imagination. At that time, the big blue bug clicked and broke the cage and hit him.

Suddenly Su Yu felt like he was hit by a train, his body seemed to be fragmented, and Su Yu was in a coma immediately.

But what Su Yu didn’t see was that the moment the big blue bug hit him, it seemed like the fish was in the water, and after a little ripple, it disappeared.

Chapter 3 Anatomize and Slice

"Aw ~ It hurts, where is this, am I dead? I guess I am the first person in the world who was killed by a worm?"

A whole white into the eyes, and it seemed that he could still feel the pain when he was hit, and Su Yu couldn't help but grind his teeth.

But soon, Su Yu realized that he was still alive, and he saw the whole white is the white light. Su Yu looked away and found herself in a hospital-like room.

Su Yu breathed out, "It looks like I was taken to the hospital by someone. Is those four weirdoes? Who are they?"

Recalling everything he saw before the coma, Su Yu still felt incredible. Such a picture would only appear in fantasy works. He never thought that he would really saw that kind of scene.

Su Yu sat still, and after thinking for a while, he was ready to get up, but the next moment Su Yu was shocked, he found that he couldn't move at all, and his body was firmly tied to the bed.

Su Yu immediately felt that something was wrong. How could a normal hospital securely tie the patient to the bed?

Su Yu's heartbeat speeds up and his breathing was quick. He only thought of one possibility. He was abducted.

Su Yu looked around and found out that this was not a hospital ward at all. Not far from him, there were various similar equipment in the operating room of the hospital, and much strange equipment.


Su Yu has only one idea now, but how to escape from here? He remembered that the big blue bug might be the product of an experiment in this hospital. Su Yu was more worried but didn't want to be treated as laboratory mice.

Just then, Su Yu heard the sound of talking, and he was scared not to move. He closed his eyes and pretended that he hadn't woken up yet.

"Xuan Yi, is that boy waking up now? Did you find anything wrong at him?"

"In theory, he should wake up now. I performed a full body check on him before, but I haven't found any abnormalities for him, which is no different from ordinary people."

"Xuan Kong, you said that you saw the Earthquake Beast penetrate into Su Yu's body? Are you watching it wrong? "

Su Yu heard the words of Xuan Yi, and he became even tenser. The organization was very powerful. They even knew what his name was.

"Excuse me, even if you don't believe what I said, then you should believe what Xuan Nv, Xuan Mu or Xuan Dian's word. They also saw it, and for a moment, the beast hit Su Yu and disappeared.

The Earthquake Beast does not have space power and cannot disappear without reason. If it is not that, I have no idea where the Earthquake Beast has gone. "

"Well, Xuan Kong is right. The Earthquake Beast did penetrate into Su Yu's body. But the Earthquake Beast was so huge, so long,  how did it get into Su Yu's body?"

"Let's not talk about this first, boss, don't you say that ordinary people will not be pulled into the dimension space after the enchantment is expanded? Now, why this situation happened to ordinary people like Su Yu? He is the first one, so what about next time? What will happen? Fortunately, there were no casualties this time. "

"Hmm, Xuan Nv, don't be angry. There is absolutely no problem with the enchantment ball. This time it was just an accident. I also checked the enchantment ball you used. Well, it's not my fault, Xuan Nv, don't stare at me!"

Kaka! The door opened, and Su Yu heard footsteps from six people.

Huh? How can I feel it? Su Yu felt surprised.

But he didn't have much time to think, because he felt that six people's eyes were staring at him tightly.

Su Yu was a little nervous and couldn't help swallowing the drool. He heard a voice, it sounds like an old man, said, "Su Yu, since you wake up, don't pretend to sleep, don't move your eyes, and don't swallow your saliva... "


Su Yu opened his eyes and laughed, "You are so amazing. You know that I was pretending to sleep. Good morning, everyone!"

Su Yu looked at the six people around him and felt like he was a little white rabbit surrounded by six hungry wolves.

Talking to him was an old man who looks like fifty to sixty years old, wearing a white coat with many stains on it, his hair messy and a bit shaggy.

This old man was the 'boss' of the others!

The old man on the left-hand side of the old man was a big boy with a big smile, giving a close feeling, and his hair was too thick.

The second person on the left-hand side of the old man was a handsome guy with eyeglasses, his hair was neatly combed, and he looks like an elite in society. He looked at Su Yu, wearing a half-smile, and his eyes have arcs of current jumping.

The third place on the left of the old man was a middle-aged man who looked like experienced vicissitudes, very manly.

The old man on the right-hand side was a beautiful woman with red lips, wearing a white coat, but the coat was open, revealing her figure, just two words to describe, hot women!

Su Yu looked at the last person, and his breathing was delayed for a while. An appearance that didn't resemble a human face appeared in front of his eyes. She was beautiful, like a fairy.

But she was too cold, even if there was no communication.

"Good morning? It's not on the morning, you've been unconscious for a whole day, and it's night now." Xuan Laogua said, with a smile on his mouth.

"Is it? I've been in a coma for a day?" Su Yu was startled and blinked. "Thank you for saving my life, I will thank you forever, but I want to go home, you see if you can untie me and let me go home? "

"Oh ..." Xuan Laogua shook his head and said in a voice: "No, you saw what you shouldn't see? you are just in bad luck!"

Su Yu heard that, and his heart was cold. Are these people really planning to kill him?

"No, you can't do this. It's illegally imprisoning. Let me go. I don't remember anything. I can't remember what happened before. I have severe amnesia!"

Su Yu said that, and he was struggling, trying to break the shackles, and driving the whole bed to make noise.

Xuan Laogua and others laughed and watched Su Yu's action. Only Xuan Nv had the same expression as a piece of cold ice which has been frozen for thousands of years.

But soon, all six mysterious people changed their faces slightly, because Su Yu's body changed during the struggling. The blue light like lightning flashed on Su Yu's body.

Xuan Laogua exclaimed slightly, "I know where the Earthquake Beast has gone, and it is already integrated with Su Yu !!!"

Xuan Yi licked his red lips and said, "I think I should anatomize and slice his body!"


The blue rays of Su Yu's body exploded violently, and the sound of the broken mirror sounded dense.

Chapter 4 Super Power

Lying on the bed, Su Yu stared blankly at the ceiling. Su Yu felt sad when he thought of the scene just now.

What the fuck! Why these people together stop me from escape!

Is it necessary to deal with me like this, I am just a rookie? Is there any humanitarianism?

When special power was generated and broke out in the body, Su Yu felt it. At that moment, he felt that he had a chance to escape, and then use super power to get succeed.

But the cruel reality told him that in front of this group of people, he was still a rookie and was defeated in an instant.

At this moment, Su Yu felt powerless, which was a side effect after the outbreak of super power.

Though Su Yu just now has no strength to move, fortunately, normal speaking was still okay. The mysterious old man just looked at him. Su Yu said, "Leader, can't you let me go? I really know nothing!"

"Don't be nervous, lad!" Xuan Laogua smiled and patted Su Yu: "We don't hurt people, don't be afraid. Actually, originally, I was going to let you go, those words that I said before just want to scare you.

As long as you agree to sign a confidentiality agreement, you can leave but promise not to disclose anything you saw in any way, and we will not hurt ordinary people.

But, I didn't expect you have super power. Sorry, we have to control those super power that we noticed, so ... "

Su Yu was very frustrated because he can't move yet, otherwise he will slap himself a slaps to wake himself up, why should he struggle to escape? If he wasn't struggling, perhaps super power would not be discovered. Why did he have to try to escape?

"Leader, can't you discuss this matter? I'm innocent, please let me go, I don't mean to have a super power." Su Yu begged the old man and expected him able to let him go.

But the old man was more stubborn than he imagined, and the mysterious old man shook his head and said, "Impossible, you want to leave unless you die, or we will beat you into an immovable vegetative? You choose one."

Fuck, is there any difference between these two choices, Su Yu scolded in his heart, the latter choice was no worse than the previous.

"It was discovered this time. In Su Yu's blood sample, super power was detected, and his condition is special. There is a source of super power in every cell, but unfortunately, not found any traces of the Earthquake Beast! "

Xuan Yi's voice sounded, wearing high heels,  walking to the front of Xuan Laogua, handed him an inspection report, and then stared at Su Yu and said: "I think it's better to slice him for research!"

What the fuck ~ Are you a devil?

Su Yu felt at this moment he was in the devil's lair.

Xuan Laogua looked through the inspection report and said, "From his report, Earthquake Beast and Su Yu are completely integrated, or Su Yu's body has completely devoured the Earthquake Beast. Boy, I give You have one more choice. If you don't want to die, join us. The super power is very strong. I will not let a person who has mastered super power return to the world of ordinary people. "

Su Yu swallowed and said, "Leader, is there no other choice? You should have investigated me, and you should know that I was a person who did not like a change in particular. Let me go, I promise you, I won't use this super power again! "

"No, give up your unrealistic idea." Xuan Laogua said toughly, and then he paused a little and said in a different tone: "Actually, it is good to join us. Thought we were looked like this, in fact, we are a regular unit. Joining us not only has many benefits such as five insurances and one fund, but the basic salary also is 10,000 and there are high bonuses for an out-of-town case ... "

"Leader, stop!" Su Yu said aloud, interrupting Xuan Laogua's words, and scared everyone in the room. Su Yu grabbed the old man's hands: "Leader, my good leader, oh no, I should call you boss, in fact, I have been looking for this great job all the time, hahaha, I think this job is really suitable for me, ha ha haha, is it possible for me to take the job immediately? "

The six strange people in the room were silent. Looking at Su Yu's different attitude, they were stunned.

Six: This guy was changing too fast, right?

Xuan Laogua found that Su Yu didn't seem to think the same as he thought, he kind of felt regret and said, "Su Yu, don't worry, you can think about it carefully, I will give you two days ..."

"I had decided, is there still such a good job to consider? Can you pay me the wages in advance first?" Su Yu laughed, his eyes became star eyes.


Maybe it was the first time Xuan Laogua met someone like Su Yu, and Xuan Laogua responded after a while and said, "We don't talk about the salary for the time being, and it is not possible to pay the salary in advance. I would arrange for someone to take you to study. "

Without giving Su Yu another chance to speak, Xuan Laogua looked at the others in the house and said, "Who wants to bring an intern, Xuan Yi is in charge of the back office, and he has no time to take him to study. Who wants to teach this intern?"

Xuan Yi: (╬ ̄  ̄) I really want to make a research to him, why not give me a chance?

Xuan Kong said: "No, I can't take teach him, I don't have enough time, my work is busy!"

Xuan Mu quickly refused: "Please don't look at me, you know my personality, I don't know how to teach intern!"

Xuan Dian: "I am also responsible for the back office. It is not suitable to teach interns. I don't have extra time to teach him."

Xuan Laogua looked at the Xuan Nv who had not spoken and said: "Xuan Nv, you teach this intern!"

"Ah?" Xuan Nv immediately refused: "I don't want it!"

Xuanlao showed a mad face said: "Don't make a fool, Xuan Nv, this is an order. You must teach him. I am your leader, the order must obey!"

Xuan Nv:o(*≧д≦)o!!

Su Yu felt quite speechless: What's the matter, am I so unpopular?

Xuan Nv glanced at Su Yu coldly, and then took a deep breath: "Okay, I obey order!"

Xuan Laogua smiled immediately and said, "That's right, okay, now do what you should do. Su Yu, take a good rest here. After recovering, you can go to found Xuan Nv, and she will tell you what you need to do!"

Chapter 5 This Woman Is Not Someone To Be Trifled With!

Two hours later, Su Yu's body returned to normal, there were no other abnormalities in his body, except that he felt very hungry.

There was no possibility to escape, let alone a cold woman waiting for him outside the door.

"Rested?" After Su Yu got up and got off the ground, Xuan Nv opened the door directly and looked at him coldly. "Since you have recovered, then I will tell you ..."

Speaking of this, she paused and said, "This is the first time I have taught an intern, so I don't know what to do. If you want to know anything, you can ask, I will answer. If you didn't ask. I will add. "

Su Yu felt that Xuan Nv is a cold-hearted woman, but it seems not true. He thought for a moment and said: "Well, leadership, what is the name of this organization? What this organization for?"

"It is a private organization, but also have very close cooperation with officials, now the organization name is Monsters Detective Bureau, this is just a name.

The organization has been existing for a long time, I do not know when this organization appeared, who founded it. Before the name is called Monster Detective Bureau, it was called World Xuan School, World Qi School before! "

"What is the main work of our organization? Is handle monsters our job?" Su Yu thought of the big blue bug, still feeling a bit scared at the moment.

"Ah, yes, our job is to find monsters, as long as there are monsters tend to harm people, we will immediately make judgments, based on its levels of danger and hazard level, to seal it or obliterate it! "

"So all the monsters are real? What refers to monsters?" Su Yu said.

"Monsters refers to creatures other than humans and ordinary animals, like ghosts, demons, extraterrestrial creatures. These things you have heard were monsters.

In addition to the above-mentioned processing methods, we also had another dealing method in the face of monsters. As long as monsters comply with human law, we would treat them equally as human.

However, there were very few monsters who can live peacefully with human beings. For example, the kind of monsters and human beings who become friends and lovers in film and television dramas was bullshit.

One of the rules of our bureau to get along with monsters was that those who were not our human were sure to be of a different heart and ambitions!”

One thing you must remember that when encountering monsters, don't be fooled by monsters!

Do you have any other questions? "

Su Yu's mouth was slightly open, he still felt a little confused, and asked, "Leader, do creatures in myths and legends actually exist?"

"Well, myths and legends are all based on some monsters descriptions, and even many myths and legends were written down by seniors in the organization and later spread, such as Shan Hai Jing, Qi Men Dun Jia ... "

Su Yu heard it. It seemed that there was some super man who did not belong to our organization. Then said, "Leader, are there any super man beside our organization?"

"Of course, although our organization has a long history and many members, there are still many super man who are not members of the organization.

In the future, if you encounter other super men, you must also be careful. In addition to handling other kinds of monsters, our work must sometimes also need to handle the super man. Even many super man is more terrible and harmful than many monsters."

"Leaders, do you know how many members does our organization have now?"

"I don't know, I have never seen them all! Anything else to ask?" Xuan Nv frowned slightly, staring coldly at Su Yu.

There were still a lot of questions to ask, but after seeing her eyes, Su Yu shut up wisely, she obviously felt impatient!

Su Yu smiled and said, "No, no more!"

"It's good if you don't have any other question since you are already a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau, now go get a combat suit and equipment, follow me!" Xuan Nv said it, then turned and left, regardless of Su Yu's reaction.  

Su Yu found out that she was only wearing a pair of flat shoes, but her height was about the same as his. Although he is not very tall, he is not short. His height reached 180 cm!

Su Yu hurried to keep up. Behind Xuan Nv, Su Yu frowned, thinking about his current situation.

Uh ~

Su Yu suddenly hit a soft object and suddenly woke up from his thought. He hit Xuan Nv's body. Su Yu said embarrassedly: "Uh, sorry, I was sunk in my deep thought,"

Su Yu's voice grew fainter and fainter, both mentally and physically feel cold, as if the endless cold came out of Xuan Nv to frozen his body.

Xuan Nv said coldly: "Don't distracted again, remember?"

"Remember, remember, remember!" Su Yu's teeth trembled, but he scolded secretly. She must be sick, and she looks like a fairy beauty, but she is a devil, I just get distracted a moment!


Xuan Nv snorted, turned around and ignored Su Yu, and came to a place where the Equipment sign was hung. Here, the door was invisible, only a window was visible, and the window was not transparent.

Xuan Nv came here, knocked on the window, and said, "Xuan Nv brought the intern ready to pick up suit and equipment!"

The window opened with a click, and a silvery suitcase came out of the window, and then the window closed.

Su Yu raised his brow straight, didn't they have any communication?

It felt weird all over this bureau, it's not a good place to stay permanently.

"Take it, All your equipment, basically, in it. Combat suits, masks, enchanting beads, watches ... no weapons. After training, we will consider what weapon is suitable for you. Or you don't want to use weapons!" Xuan Nv shoves the suitcase into Su Yu's arms.

Su Yu immediately fell down and almost fell. The weight of the suitcase exceeded his imagination, almost fifty kilograms!

Xuan Nv pretend didn't see it and continued: "Well, you can go home now, come here on time tomorrow, and bring your watch back when you came to the bureau. It is a communicator and we communicate through the watch!"

"Can I go back?" Su Yu asked after hesitated.

"Is it possible that you won't be able to sleep here?" Xuan Nv said coldly.

"Hey, then I'll leave, leader!" Su Yu reacted, smiled, turned away and left, his mind has been chaotic, and he needs to calm down before going back, and then consider what to do.

"Stop!" Xuan Nv's voice came again.

Su Yu chuckled in his heart, turned around and smiled: "Leader, what else do you have to command?"

"Don't think about escaping, as long as you are not dead, you can't run away. Your previous performance can't fool me. If you dare to escape ..."

Xuan Nv didn't say anything else but turned and left.

Su Yu opened his mouth, and for a long while he whispered, "This woman is not someone to be trifled with!"


Chapter 6 Equipment

"Is this a joke? Didn't the shopping mall collapse, how could it still stand here? Is everything dreaming?" Su Yu looked at the shopping mall in front of him. He scratched his head. He clearly remembered that the shopping mall was collapsed.

"That's all real, but it happened in another space, this is not the collapsed shopping mall." A slight voice sounded beside Su Yu,

"It's you? Xuan Kong, why are you here?" Su Yu looked around, it was the very manly vicissitudes man.

"I'm just passing by!" Xuan Kong laughed.

I don't believe it!

Su Yu raised his eyebrow and said, "Oh, isn't it? It was a coincidence? Passing by?" Humph, passing? It is surveillance!

When they were speaking, Su Yu just turned around and walked towards his rental house. The voice of Xuan Kong behind him came again: "Go back to open the box, familiarize yourself with the equipment, there were instructions for use, look at it and you would know how to use it!"

Su Yu didn't reply but just shook his hands gently to say goodbye.

Back in the rental room, although it was already night, Su Yu did not have any drowsiness. In less than two days, after so many things, it would be strange if Su Yu could still fell asleep.

Well, he has actually slept too long at the Monsters Detective Bureau, and Su Yu must admit it.

"Looks like it's a bit difficult to escape!" Su Yu sighed. The appearance of Xuan Kong gave Su Yu a new understanding. Although he had already returned home, he had always been under the control of the Monsters Detective Bureau.

Moreover, the most important thing was that Su Yu didn't know where to go. Running back to his hometown would bring danger to his family, which was absolutely impossible.

Running to another place? Su Yu was sad to find that he had no travel expenses, and he was a poor man.

"Forget it, keep the status for the time being, and see if there are any reasonable reasons to leave the Monster Detective Bureau in the future!" Su Yu patted his face and said, he really didn't want to work in the Monsters Detective Bureau. Fighting was too dangerous!

Su Yu was not a diligent man by birth. His wish was world peace. He didn't like fighting.

Su Yu looked at the suitcase next to him and threw it to the ground. He slammed into the bed, ignored the case, and slept again.

Five seconds later, Su Yu,  fell asleep again ...

Time passed quickly, and one night had passed.  In the morning, Su Yu was still asleep. But at this time, Su Yu heard ringing bells.

Su Yu sat up and said, "Gee, who is it, who won't let me sleep in the morning?"

He picked up his phone and glanced at the clock. It's five o'clock. He didn't set an alarm himself. Su Yu looked around and found that the sound came from the silver suitcase. He remembered everything that happened before last night, and mourned: "It wasn't a dream!"

Opening the suitcase, Su Yu found the source of the sound, which was emitted from a watch. The screen of the watch displayed the word "Xuan Nv". A cold face seemed to appear in front of him. Su Yu shivered, instantly awake.

After turning on the watch, there was a cold voice of Xuan Nv: "Get up! Come to the bureau, give you an hour, if you don't come here on time, you will know...bye!"

"Motherfucking ... Is this woman sick? Will she go to work at five?" Su Yu's watch on the phone has been hung up, and Su Yu's cheek a little twisted.

Of course, scolding only, Su Yu didn't have any grievances or was not dare to complain. He simply washed, and then prepared to change into combat uniforms, bring equipment, and prepare to go to work.

"This suit should be work clothes!" Su Yu looked at the combat uniform in the suitcase. Su Yu remembered that Xuan Nv and others were wearing uniform clothing, the styles were similar, and only some small details were different.

There were five types of equipment in the suitcase: combat uniforms, enchantment ball, watches, masks, and Seal Sticks.

Among them, the combat suit did not only have clothes but also has a pair of shoes, such as lace-up shoes that were like sports shoes and leather shoes. They were black and looked good in style.

There was also an equipment manual.

"Combat suit, weighing forty kilograms? Are these clothes? Damn, waterproof and fireproof? Automatic cleaning, it has this function! The defense is strong? How strong! Why the person who wrote this manual cannot say in detail? "Su Yu looked at the instructions in the instruction manual.

However, though complaining, and Su Yu marveled. The equipment in this suitcase was just like a magic weapon in myth.

The watch was the most common, that was, capable of communicating, transmitting information, and so on.

Combat uniforms can provide a powerful defense. After the enchantment ball was deployed, it can pull monsters into another dimension space to fight, and the damage caused by the battle cannot affect reality.

Mask has the power to hide the breath and reduce the sense of existence. After wearing the mask, ordinary people can ignore our presence, which prevents ordinary people remember our faces.

The Seal Stick was a strange treasure. As long as the monster was hit by the Seal Stick, no matter how strong the monster was or not, it would be sealed.

"Forget it, take it first, in case they ask me wearing it!" Su Yu said. After reading the instructions, Su Yu still brought this equipment to go to the bureau. He won't dare to judge blindly.

After eating a bit of food in a hurry, Su Yu was following the direction of the Monsters Detective Bureau in his memory. It was very dark last night, so he didn't see the full picture of the Monsters Detective Bureau.

Su Yu never expected that this place turned out to be a pharmacy. Although it was still early, the pharmacy had already opened. Su Yu saw the woman from Xuan Yi and was busy working in the pharmacy.

"Well, is this really a Monsters Detective Bureau?" Su Yu entered the pharmacy and greeted at Xuan Yi. Xuan Yi whispered.

The moment he saw Su Yu, his eyes were flashing with joy, watching Su Yu was like watching the body ready to be anatomized.

Xuan Yi smiled and said, "This is our building. The first floor is just a pharmacy. Up and down are our places. You know, there are some things that cannot be placed on the public."

A clear female voice came from the entrance to the second floor: "Come, come up! I will officially train you, and then I will take you to understand how to solve the weird case. Now come here, right away! "

Su Yu squinted his teeth, then walked towards the second floor with his suitcase.

The women above were not easy to get along with, it was better not to mess her mad.

Chapter 7 Rich Women

"Leader, I am coming!" Su Yu ran back upstairs, acting very positively, Xuan Yi shook his head and looked away.

Su Yu didn't care how the Xuan Yi would look at himself. Anyway, now Su Yu has to be obedient. After getting familiar with them, the next thing was waiting for the opportunity to escape.

"Oops, all the leaders are here!" Going up to the second floor, there was a huge conference room, and Xuan Dian, Xuan Kong, Xuan Laogua and others were here.

"Come here, Su Yu, sit next to your leader and let's have a morning meeting first!" Xuan Laogua greeted.

Su Yu sat down and greeted to Xuan Nv next to him, but the response was just a cold face. Su Yu had to shrug his shoulders to resolve the embarrassment.

Xuan Laogua seemed to get used to this situation. Xuan Laogua continued: "These days are not too peaceful. The frequency of weird case is getting higher and higher. I won't say anything more. Let's work hard to resolve these weird cases immediately.

Keep the losses to a minimum! "

"Yes, boss!" Xuan Dian, Xuan Kong, and others shouted loudly, shocking Su Yu.  He could feel their passionate.

"Okay, the spirit is very good. Now that you are so energetic, there is a weird case for you guys to do. Have a look. Who wants to solve it?" Xuan Laogua's face was full of smiles.

"What kind of case?" Xuan Mu asked.

"It's hard to say what the specific case was. Lijia Village was attacked by something unknown. It was transferred to our office by the local police station. It is unclear whether it is a weird case.

However, since it has been transferred to our bureau, you'd better go and see. If it is, you need to solve it. The solution is by your judgment.

Oh, by the way, this is the information transmitted by the police station, take a look! "Xuan Laogua shook his head, and finally threw a file on the table.

"There is so little information?" Xuan Kong glanced, frowning. "Is it a joke by someone deliberately? No one was injured, and no one died, but some animals were lost. It felt like a thief did it? Can it be related to a weird case? "

"Well, it's possible like Xuan Kong said. But it's best to have a look. It's help for police. Who would go?" Xuan Laogua looked around again.

Xuan Kong, Xuan Mu, and Xuan Dian, all shake their heads to show that they were not interested. In this case, it was clear that this case might be a joke. It's a waste of time. Xuan Mu said: "Let other people in the bureau go to have a look. Well, is anyone near Lijia Village? We need to spend three hours to go there. Xuan Kong, have you ever been to the Lijia Village!? "

Xuan Kong: "No."

Xuan Nv frowned slightly, and said, "I take this case, and I can bring the intern to the field to investigate." said Xuan Nv. She stood up and took the information in her hands to show her determination. Su Yu saw that he inhaled, and secretly said that the woman takes the case initiative?

It's okay to take the initiative, but this was obviously not a good case. It looked like everyone else was not wants to solve this case.

Well, Su Yu didn't care about the case. He cared about the thing that Xuan Nv would take him together. He just wanted to be an idler.

At this moment, Su Yu's mood was complicated.

Hearing the words of Xuan Nv, all present except Su Yu were frozen for a while. Xuan Laogua said: "Is it too early to bring intern to the scene on his first day at work? I think we should train him and adapt him to his super powers. "

Su Yu: Yes, yes, old man, you were right. Criticize this woman.

Xuan Nv: "Since you asked me to led intern, as for how to train Su Yu, I have the final say. The practice is the most effective training method.

Moreover, even if this case is a weird case, it's not too dangerous, and it is suitable for a training intern. "

"This ..." Xuan Laogua opened his mouth. It's not a good thing to ask the intern to the scene on his first day at work. And In fact, it did not meet the requirements. He wants to refuse but compromised finally when seeing Xuan Nv's eyes. "Okay, just do what you say, but you have to keep the intern absolutely safe."

Xuan Nv did not reply to Xuan Laogua, but said to Su Yu: "Put on your combat uniform and equipment, I will wait for you downstairs, be quick!"

Then, she got up and left with the case information.

Su Yu almost want to cry, and his heart was sorrowing: Can't you insist on your stand? You were her leader.

Facing Su Yu's eyes, Xuan Laogua smiled awkwardly: "Well, Su Yu, go with Xuan Nv, rest assured, it will be fine. Although it did not meet the requirements, Xuan Nv's super power is strong enough for this case! "

Then Xuan Laogua no longer went to see Su Yu's eyes, and glanced at the others: "The meeting over."

Then he ran back to his office.

Su Yu was stunned, how did members have more power than the boss in the bureau?

"Su Yu, hurry up, don't let Xuan Nv wait for a long time, she has a bad temper, just bear it!" Xuan Kong patted Su Yu's shoulders and got up to leave. 

Xuan Dian and Xuan Mu also left, patted Su Yu's shoulder.

Su Yu was speechless, what was this? comfort?

Thinking of Xuan Nv's cold face, Su Yu could not help but shivered, holding a suitcase, and got into a room with no one.

Five minutes later, Su Yu seemed like another man, and he could be described in one word, handsome!

Su Yu did not expect this combat suit to be so handsome on his body, but it was a bit heavy.

Count the other equipment for a full 100 kilograms. If some other weapons added in the future, the weight would have to be increased.

Not dare to delay too much time, Su Yu quickly went downstairs, the downstairs pharmacy was still only Xuan Yi.

"Well, you are very handsome. After returning from the case, let me check your body !?" Xuan Yi looked at Su Yu from up and down, eyes widened.

Su Yu's mouth twitched, and he got out of the way: This female want to have something with me, not a chance!

Then, Su Yu boarded a Mercedes-Benz with surprised, and there was a glamour girl with dark glasses—Xuan Nv!

Su Yu didn't expect that Xuan Nv was a rich woman, and Su Yu was very surprised.


Chapter 8 Start On A Journey To Lijia Village

It had been half an hour since the car had set off, but the inside of the car became very quiet, and only two people's breathing sounds could be heard.

Obviously did not turn on the air conditioner, but Su Yu still felt a hint of coolness.

It was a little awkward. Xuan Nv was not the kind of person who could chat at first glance, and Su Yu didn't know how to talk to Xuan Nv.

However, Su Yu first started the conversation, "Leader, it is a good car, is it Mercedes, is there a fuel leak?"

Xuan Nv: "..."

"Hmm, it doesn't seem to leak oil. It seems this car costs a lot of money. Is it more than one million yuan? Is it your own car?"

Xuan Nv: "..."

Su Yu felt awkward and said, "How long will it take for the leader to go to Lijia Village? Do you say that this time will be an weird case? What kinds of monster will be"

Xuan Nv: "Want to talk, right? I'll tell you the rules of action, remember two things, thought careful and act bold!"

Su Yu: "???"

Though a little confused, this cold woman finally talked.

However, Su Yu obviously overestimated the Xuan Nv. Yes, Xuan Nv talked, but only said this sentence along the way, a total of nineteen words, three hours journey.

Hey ~ Su Yu was awkward!

"Get off!" The car stopped at the side of the road. Xuan Nv finally said: "The Lijia Village is here."

"That's Lijia Village? It doesn't look strange at all, oh, I can smell the food, they are cooking." Su Yu looked at the village in front, Lijia Village had less than a hundred households, and the construction was irregular, standing at the entrance of the village could see the entire village in sight.

Lijia Village's cooking smoke, vegetables swaying, and children's laughter came from time to time, just a quiet and ordinary village.

"Follow me!" Xuan Nv said, moving her legs toward this village. The two long legs were really long.

"What's happened in this village? Who is the reporter?" Xuan Nv asked suddenly.

"Ah?" Su Yu paused, a moment's silence, and then realized that Xuan Nv was test him.

Su Yu thought for a moment and said: "The reporter is Li Fugui, 53 years old, and the location of the case is also at his house. Look, Here is the Li Fugui's house, located at outside the village, and there are lots of chickens outside. He is a professional chicken farmer as the case file shows  ... "

The two came to Li Fugui's house. The courtyard door was open. There was a dirt dog in the courtyard. They were very alert. They just came to the door and the dirt dog was a loud dog barking: "Bark! Bark! Bark ! "

"What a dead dog is biting. Don't bark, fuck. Why didn't you bark last night?" A violent middle-aged male voice sounded, accompanied by a bang. A balding man just opened the door and walked out, with his arm bandaged.

When the dog whimpered, it got into the kennel, and the balding man still had to scold it again, but when they saw Su Yu, more precisely, he saw the Xuan Nv, and then he just stopped and asked, "Who you are? "

"You are Li Fugui? We came here to investigate the case. My colleague should have told you yesterday. Today we will come again!" Xuan Nv asked coldly. Li Fugui trembled and immediately be polite.

Li Fugui smiled and said, "Yes, yes, the comrades of the police did tell me yesterday, but you two does not wearing an uniform, so ..."

"Don't ask, where was the scene where the case was found, take me there!" Xuan Nv glanced at Li Fugui.

"Yes, sir, I will take you two to the scene of the crime, it is on my No. 1 chicken farm. Leaders, you don't know, my chickens died so strangely. Within one night, something unknown killed hundreds of chickens, but the dead dog didn't even bark, this dog is so useless! "

Li Fugui led the two to the No. 1 chicken farm. Suddenly, a disgusting smell rushed and stimulated, Su Yu feels like to vomit.

Su Yu glanced at Li Fugui and Xuan Nv, both of them stayed stable, Su Yu deeply admired.

One may be getting used to it, the other may be facial paralysis!

"Look at the two, these chickens were killed by the monster last night. They didn't have any wounds, but they did die. How could a monster do it? Hey, leader, did you check? And did you find out anything? Who did it? Who can compensate for my loss! "

Li Fugui continued to chatter.

Neither Su Yu nor Xuan Nv ignored him. After entering, he was attracted by a large footprint. Unlike humans, it was similar to the ape, but it was much larger than the mountain gorilla's footprint.

There were also a few gray hairs in the footprints, which were very long, and 20 centimeters long.

"Did you see something?" Xuan Nv asked Su Yu.

"Footprints?" Su Yu thought for a while and replied seriously, and he saw that this was a footprint.

Xuan Nv: Hey!

Su Yu's body was cold, and he secretly said that was this woman angry?

Xuan Nv didn't talk to Su Yu, but said to Li Fugui: "Mr. Li, have you saw the incident last night? Did anyone else saw it besides you? Was there anyone else?"

"It was so dark last night that I couldn't see clearly, but the thing was not human anyway, and the whole body was covered with hair. I bumped into it when I fell down, and only I saw it. My wife and child returned to my mother-in-law a few days ago, no, why did you ask me this? You must give me a reason as soon as possible, I am still waiting for compensation! "Li Fugui said.

When hearing these words, Su Yu smiled. It turned out that his wife was not at home. No wonder he stared at Xuan Nv just now!

"That's fine, Mr. Li, look at this thing in my hand!" Xuan Nv said, holding a marker-like thing on her hands.

When heard it, Su Yu and Li Fugui subconsciously followed the order and looked at it.

There was a crackling sound, and there was a burst of strong light at the top of the ‘mark pen'. Su Yu was screamed by the strong light, and the tears flowed, said, “Damn it, what is this?”

It took a while for Su Yu to return to normal, and when he looked up, he saw Xuan Nv's eyes, without the slightest emotion: "Have you spent time to familiar the equipment last night?"

Su Yuxi smiled: "Last night ..."

Xuan Nv: "Warn once and deduct the corresponding bonus for this time, and next time, deduct the bonus and deduct the corresponding salary!"

Su Yu was stunned, this woman was really strict, he said so in his heart. He made a promise, "Leader, I promise I won't make the same mistake again. I will be familiar with the equipment when I go back.

But what was this, leader? Why it feels like so...  like something in the movie."


Chapter 9 Hairy Giant Ape

"It's the memory eraser!" Xuan Nv stared at Su Yu, then looked at Li Fugui: "Li Fugui, you didn't see a monster last night, just an orangutan ran into the hen house to kill your chicken. You can get the corresponding compensation from the local authorities ... and be nice to the dog, remember!"

Su Yu: "???"

This woman was warm-hearted.

Li Fugui said dully, "Remember!"

Xuan Nv: "Remember, then go back to sleep, we have never come to your home!"

"Okay, sleep, sleep ..." Li Fugui muttered out of the hen house.

Su Yu was stunned. This memory eraser was a bit overbearing, but Su Yu was upset and asked: "Leader, why don't you use this equipment to clear my related memories, can I go home anymore?"

Xuan Nv looked at Su Yu coldly and said, "The memory eraser is only useful for ordinary people. Go, follow me into the mountains and look for that monster!"

As soon as Xuan Nv's palm waved, an invisible force passed by, and the underground footprints disappeared.

Su Yu raised an eyebrow, and suddenly thought of one thing: "Leader, I only have five pieces of equipment in my suitcase, and I don't see a memory eraser!?"

Xuan Nv: "... Shut up!"

She forgot that the memory eraser can only be worn by full members, and Su Yu was an intern, not a full member strictly!

Su Yu: "???"


"Leader, do you know what kind of monster killed these chicken?" Su Yu asked on the way into the mountain, his voice was a little different because he put on a mask.

Don't ask why we didn't wear it at starting, but now we put it on when on the way go to the mountains. I need to follow whatever the leader says.


"Hairy Giant Ape, a monster, is a kind of low-risk and low-hazard monster. Similar cases have happened from time to time, because it walking upright, using tools, etc., they are often regarded as savages.

IQ is the equivalent of a human child around ten years old, and the smarter ones not only use tools but also make tools.

Although it is said to be a low-risk, low-hazard monster, it is also extremely scary for ordinary people.

Li Fugui is very lucky but just hurt his arm. The Hairy Giant Ape is a very offensive monster. There is basically no way for ordinary people to survive. "

When Xuan Nv talked about the related monster's knowledge, she obviously became more patience.

Su Yu scratched his head and said, "It sounds no different from a chimpanzee?"

"Well, they are all close relatives. There is no difference. The Hairy Giant Ape is transformed from apes such as chimpanzees, just like ordinary people become a super man!" Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu nodded, he understood that it is an evolutionary variation, just like super man.

The two were moving fast, equivalent to the speed of ordinary people running at full speed. Su Yu had just been a super man a few days, and his physical fitness had become super strong. He had fifty kilograms of equipment on him, and soon it was adapted.

Of course, it was impossible to adapt completely, Su Yu was not so strong as Xuan Nv. So when he ran for more than ten minutes, Su Yu also panted heavily and sweated her forehead.

"Leader, can we rest for a while?" Su Yu shouted, feeling that he would die if he didn't take a break, and admired at the same time, Xuan Nv's face didn't turn into red or gasped as if nothing had happened.

"Okay, then take a break!" Xuan Nv stopped and said, but her eyes flashed an unknown light.

"Is she will so nice, she agreed so easily?"

Su Yu felt amazed, this was totally inconsistent with Xuan Nv's style!

In normal times, Su Yu may think about the reason, but this time he was really tired and has no energy to think more.

Just next to a big tree, Su Yu leaned against the trunk and sat down, restoring strength.

But just sitting down, a bad wind came over his head, and a huge black shadow fell on his head.

At this moment, Su Yu felt something wrong, life and death crisis. His potential erupted, he stood up, rolled forward five meters away.


A roar also sounded behind Su Yu, the earth and stones splashed.

When he looked there intently, Su Yu took a sip of cold air. At the place where he had just sat down and rested, a monster, over two meters tall and covered with long hair was standing there, holding a bone stick. He grinned at him and grunted.

At its feet, a bathtub-sized pit was so obvious.

Su Yu trembled. If he was stood there and didn't roll forward, this stick can beat him to a meat sauce.

This was the monster—Hairy Giant Ape!

"Leader, I found it!" Su Yu shouted. This monster was too dangerous. I was only an intern and it was the right choice to leave it to Xuan Nv to handle. I think I can only cheer for Xuan Nv on the side, and not to disturb Xuan Nv's fighting with the monster.

"Leader?" Su Yu did not get a response and shouted again, but where was the Xuan Nv!

Ran away? Left him alone? wanna kill me by accident?

In an instant, Su Yu thought a lot.

"Ah ~" didn't get a response from Xuan Nv. The Hairy Giant Ape was extremely exciting. He roared, rushed to him with a big stick, and then smashed his head.

"I ... fight with the Ape? Or away?" Su Yu was startled and turned and ran. Fighting was indeed a very impossible thing, the ape was so aggressive. And his wish was world peace, he didn't want to fight.

The key point was that the Hairy Giant Ape was terrifying, and Su Yu was scared, he was just an ordinary person. But his legs were not frightened, still can escape from ape's stick attack, and his receptive and psychological abilities were already very strong.

Xuan Nv watched Su Yu's action secretly, she was satisfied with Su Yu's action. At least Su Yu's courage was recognized. Xuan Nv has seen many interns get scared when they encountered monsters for the first time on a mission. Soft legs were basic things.

Of course, though satisfied with Su Yu's action, Xuan Nv would never show up. To become a member of her team, he must be stronger.

Thinking about it this way, she watched Su Yu scurrying around and said: "Don't run away, fight with it!"

"Leader? save me! Leader, it is a monster!" Su Yu didn't even hear what Xuan Nv was saying. He was relieved when hearing the voice of Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv: "???"

Why is there a sense of "Journey to the West"? Did monkey call his master?

Xuan Nv: "I said I won't fight with it. This is a test for you and allows you to understand the way Monsters Detective Bureau's work as soon as possible!"

"I don't want to know!" Su Yu was almost crying, "how long has the Hairy Giant Ape not have a shower, really. It smells bad!"

Chapter 10 Fight with Hairy Giant Ape

Xuan Nv laughed when she heard Su Yu's words. Of course, she was laughed at, but no one could see it because she wore a mask.

Now Xuan Nv's impression for Su Yu was that he has a little bit smart and more adaptable for change, and now more naughty!

Then she watched Su Yu chasing by the Hairy Giant Ape, he jumped from one side to the next side, like a monkey. He got more and angrier, but did not show it, but was waiting.

Xuan Nv looked at him, Su Yu seemed to be quite happy, though he has been suppressed by the Hairy Giant Ape. In her opinion, Su Yu lacked fighting skills and experience.

This was indeed the case. Su Yu wasted too much physical strength. He was even tired after being chased for a while, and his movements were dull and deformed.

"Leader, What should I do? I'm going to die!" Su Yu shouted, and of course, he should ask for help at this time.

It's a pity that Su Yu underestimated Xuan Nv's patience. She had no intention of shooting as if she hadn't heard his words.

Seeing this, Su Yu cursed secretly, and the Hairy Giant Ape seized the opportunity between distractions. A thick drum stick came to Su Yu's front. The evil wind blew his face. Su Yu could not avoid it. He crossed his arms to his chest.


As soon as Su Yu made a defensive action, he was hit straight, and his body flew out like a ball.

It's so painful. Su Yu felt that both arms were can't move. It was like being hit by a car. The strength of the Hairy Giant Ape was too great.

Bang, Su Yu's body stopped when he hit his body against a big tree. The big tree was shaken by the bumps, the leaves kept falling down. He almost sprayed out blood.

"AH!" The Hairy Giant Ape yelled, and it knew a principle,  continuing his victorious pursuit, striding toward Su Yu.

With a shout, the bone stick smashed towards his head. Su Yu didn't dare to make a hard defense and rolled away to avoid its attack.

With a click, the bone stick hit the trunk, and the tree, thick as an adult' legs, was broken immediately.

Su Yu took a sigh of coolness. The Hairy Giant Ape was really too strong, but Xuan Nv seemed to say that the Hairy Giant Ape was only the weakest of the monster.

And the weakest monster was so strong, Su Yu couldn't imagine how strong other monsters would be? Would it like an Earthquake Beast?

And how powerful the Earthquake Beast was in the monsters?

Thinking about this, Su Yu felt that his future in the Monsters Detective Bureau was gloomy and full of life and death crisis.

Sure enough, he still wants to go home and stayed silent. Killing someone or been killed was not his wish, and the idea of leaving the detective bureau became clearer.

"Su Yu, use your ability. You can cope with the Hairy Giant Apes. The more afraid you are, the less chance you will win in this fight. You can be the opponent of the Hairy Giant Ape. If you keep hiding, there will be only one consequence— You will be killed by the Hairy Giant Ape." Xuan Nv's voice came.

Su Yu's facial expression changed. What did the woman say? Has she cursed him to death?

"Where is that woman?" Su Yu was hide from the Hairy Giant Ape, thinking. He can only hear the voice of Xuan Nv, but he could not see the figure of Xuan Nv.

Damn it, Su Yu gritted his teeth. Xuan Nv was hateful, but this Hairy Giant Ape was even more hateful. Why kept chase him only. There was a fragrant young lady hidden here, why not go after her! ?

"Damn it, fight!" sweat dripped from his cheeks, and his physical strength was almost exhausted. If he didn't fight back at this time, it would be too late. Su Yu dare not entrust his life to the cold woman.

In life, Su Yu was a bold person, so after making a decision, he just made his action, no longer ran away. He looked for an opportunity to fight back when he avoided the Hairy Giant Ape's attack, but he looked very embarrassed from avoiding.

"Are you finally going to fight back?" Xuan Nv hidden in a secret place, watching Su Yu's reaction, whispered softly, her concentration was more concentrated.

"Left, right, left, right ..." Su Yu observed the attacking numbers of the Hairy Giant Ape. He found out that there were no fighting skills in attacking, except that the left and right slaps were smashing up and down and the speed was not fast.

However, it has immense power. If he was smashed, he would be absolutely painful. If he was smashed to the important body place, his life might be endangered.

Su Yu adjusted his breathing. he didn't know how long it took. Finally, he seized a chance and recalled the feeling of yesterday when his super power broke out.

An inexplicable power flowed through the body as if it appeared from every cell of his body, and then gathered together and attached to his fist.

A faint blue halo wrapped his fist, and there was a flash of blue lightning jumping on Su Yu's fist.

Su Yu smashed in a punch to the drum stick waved by the Hairy Giant Ape!

Huh! Hum!

The fist and the bone collided together, first a muffled sound, and then the blue halo on his fist burst fiercely.


The sound, like ice and glass, shattered, slender cracks appeared and spread into the air.

Then, a force of concussion suddenly surged, rushing towards the drum stick of the Hairy Giant Ape!

Kaka! !!

At this moment, the incredibly hard stick was disconnected by a hard shock and turned into bone pieces flying in all directions.

"Oh!" The Hairy Giant Ape was dumbfounded, and it stared at Su Yu, seemed to know the human in front of him in another way, and realized that the human in front of him seemed to be hard to be bully.

However, a fierce gas flashed, and the Hairy Giant Ape punched his chest, made a gurgling sound, and rushed to Su Yu again, raised his arms and attacked Su Yu again.

"Get away from me!" Su Yu's confidence increased at this moment, and he did not retreat, with his fist punching to the Hairy Giant Ape.

Kaka! !!

The force of the shock came out, and the crack appeared again. Su Yu first hit the fist of the Hairy Giant Ape.

"Howl ~" At the moment the sound appeared, the Hairy Giant Ape also screamed at the same time, the huge body flew out and sprinkled the blood all the way.

Of course, Su Yu was also getting hurt. He felt a great pain, his fist and arm were hurting a lot, blood leaked out, and the skin was cracked in many places. Both got injures, and no one won.

"Hiss ~ It hurts!" Su Yu looked at his body fist. His fist was numb.

But Su Yu didn't have time to care about his injury. Even though the Hairy Giant Ape had been injured by him. This fighting aroused its fierceness. After landing, he rushed towards Su Yu again, its eyes became blood red, and a breath of breath bloomed.

Su Yu's heart was stunned, his heart almost jumped out, and he hurriedly gathered the power of shock again. When he was about to punch again, a slender figure appeared in front of him.


Xuan Nv's voice sounded in Su Yu's ear.


Chapter 11 Don't Want To...

Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded in his ears, but at this moment her voice was so pleasant.

In fact, Su Yu has already reached a limit, but he has been squeezing his energy.

Looking at the figure of Xuan Nv, Su Yu's nervous mood was relaxed, his body softened, and then he collapsed to the ground, saying, "So glad you are here, I thought you abandoned me. "

"Shut up!" Xuan Nv's mouth twitched, and the words were unpleasant.

Then the Hairy Giant Ape became the object of venting the anger of Xuan Nv, and Su Yu also saw how powerful Xuan Nv was.

Xuan Nv, what a powerful woman!

Su Yu was trembling. It was only a few seconds, and the Hairy Giant Ape was beaten.

The Hairy Giant Ape was sealed in a Seal Stick.

"How do you feel?" Xuan Nv came to Su Yu and asked.

"I feel weakness, the whole body hurts as if my body was torn!" Su Yu said I didn't feel anything during the fight, now it really hurt, especially the right arm, which hurt into the bone.

"Oh, that's not a big deal. This phenomenon is just caused by the excessive use of super power. It's okay to take a break. As for the wound, it will be cured, go to find Xuan Yi for treatment. Now, get back to the bureau.".

Su Yu's face changed, "I don't want to..."

Xuan Nv: "???"

Don't want to ... what?


Two hours later, they returned to the Detective Bureau.

Upon entering the door, a cheer was heard in the ears of the two. It was a Xuan Yi who appeared in front of Su Yu in the shape of a ghost and said with bright eyes: "It's great, Su Yu, you are injured, come here. Let me check you out! "

Su Yu almost had a crooked nose. Listen to what this person can say?

"Oh, I said I don't want to see him!" Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv with a sad look on his face, and then there was no room for resistance.

Xuan Nv blinked, glanced at Xuan Yi, and finally understood what the 'I don't want to.. ' means in Su Yu's mouth was.

Xuan Nv: "Oh."


Not to mention that Su Yu was brought into the operating room by a Xuan Yi and how he was researched. After Xuan Nv scorned Su Yu, she came to the boss's office and found Xuan Laogua.

"Glad you come back? Sit, what is kind of monster, and how is Su Yu performing?" Xuan Laogua motioned for Xuan Nv to sit down.

Xuan Nv did not sit, she stood and reported: "The task is simple, and the target is a Hairy Giant Ape at Yellow level seven, which has been sealed and sent to the sealed office. As for Su Yu's overall performance, his ability to accept is quite good, and his courage is acceptable. But he is a little bit naughty. "

Xuan Nv then got through the cases one by one.

"Do you mean that Su Yu's super power not only has the power of shock but also another kind of power?" Xuan Laogua asked in amazement.

"What I have observed is that the blue light is a manifestation of the power of shock, and something like blue lightning is a manifestation of another power, but the two are the same color, so whether it is me, or you or anyone else has ignored it, only thinking that Su Yu has only a kind of super power! "Xuan Nv said.

"Hehe!" Xuan Laogua smiled and said, "It really looks like this. No wonder I always think there was something wrong before. If Su Yu is a dual-power person, then everything was right.

Su Yu's second power should be the type of power enhancement, so he has just awakened the super power, and the power is so great.

However, according to your words, Su Yu did not use his super powers well, it should be related to his physical weakness.

Xuan Nv, Su Yu is the second dual-power person beside you. He is still your subordinate. What do you think? "

"Nothing!" Xuan Nv said.

"Uh, okay, you should tell Xuan Yi soon, and ask him to do a detailed examination of Su Yu, and then bring the result report and Su Yu here, and I will make a new training plan based on Su Yu's report.

Then you train Su Yu! "Xuan Laogua thought for a while.

"Yes, boss!" Xuan Nv responded and turned away.


An hour later, Xuan Nv came to Xuan Laogua's office again with the report and Su Yu, who was recovered back to normal as before.

Xuan Laogua looked through Su Yu's medical examination report, sometimes frowning and thinking, sometimes his face was happy, and he kept pounding on the desk.

There were only three sounds of breathing in the office, and the atmosphere was tense. Su Yu looked at the changing expression of Xuan Laogua. He said, "Is there something wrong with my body? I am feeling not bad!"

Xuan Laogua made a glance at Su Yu and said, "Don't be so nervous, your report says it's okay. Don't worry, you first listen to me. According to your latest report, you have more than one super power. However, the problem exactly lies in your dual-power.

Your first super power is the power of shock, which comes from Earthquake Beast. The power of the Earthquake Beast to fuse with you is different from other super man. Ordinarily, super man have single super power source only, the dual-power also has only two super power sources. But the super source in your body can be said to be countless. How many cells in your body means how many super sources you have.

However, though you have countless sources of super power, it didn't mean that your power is stronger than an ordinary super man with only one super power source. The strength of super power is not related to the amount of super power source!

Just like the light emitted by ten thousand fireflies, it also can not compare to the light emitted by the sun. "

"Eh! I thought the more the source of the super power, the more powerful I am!" Su Yu smiled awkwardly.

"It's true that you understand it this way, but it doesn't apply to you. Your super power comes from the Earthquake Beast. Yes, theoretically, you have many super power sources. A cell is an super power source. As a matter of fact, however, you have only one super power source, and that is your physical body.

Your second power is strength power, and the source of strength power is completely integrated with your cells and physical body.

So, more strictly, you have only one source of super power, it's your own body. "Xuan Laogua said.

Su Yu didn't quite understand, and asked, "I'm able to understand each word, but it's a bit confusing when they come together. Can you tell me what my problem is? And how to solve it?"

"Your problem is that your physical body is too weak. If you don't strengthen your physical body, it's nothing if you don't use the super power, but you will be easily injured if you use it, even exploding directly!" Xuan Laogua looked at Su Yu.

Chapter 12 New Case

Su Yu didn't know if Xuan Laogua was scaring him, but he was really scared. He wasn't afraid of getting hurt, but he was afraid he would explode. He didn't even dare to imagine the scene. He asked: "Boss Does it mean that I don't have any problem if I don't use super power? Then, let me go home, I will not use super power anymore! ”

Xuan Laogua: "???"

Did I mean something like this? Are you still thinking about leaving the Monsters Detective Bureau? Xuan Laogua was speechless after hearing Su Yu's words.

After a while, Xuan Laogua replied: "You may not completely understand what I mean, and it will not hurt you if you don't use super powers in the short term. However, your shock power has been increasing slowly. When it increasing to the limit of cell capacity, you can explore even if you don't use super power! "

Su Yu showed a pale face when he heard the words of Xuan Laogua, asked, "According to what you said, can't I survive anyway? Do you have any way to solve my problem?"

"It's very simple. Your body is not strong enough. You need to exercise more and increase your physique. Xuan Nv, you will be responsible for Su Yu's exercises!" Xuan Laogua said.

Xuan Nv: "Ok, boss!"


Because this word, ‘you are not strong enough, you need to exercise more and increase your physique.' then Su Yu started a hell-like life.

For a few days, Su Yu was really painful and happy, training was painful, but the gain was happy.

In the 500-square-meter underground training room, Su Yu's special training also began.

"A thousand frog jumps, a thousand sit-ups, a thousand pull-ups ... plus a fifty-kilometer long run, Xuan Zhen, this is what you are training today!" Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded.

Su Yu's face suddenly twisted, and his expression was like eating some disgusting thing. He said, "Leader, are you kidding me? This is more than double the amount of training yesterday. This training gonna end my life! "

Xuan Zhen, Su Yu's code, like Xuan Nv, Xuan Laogua, Xuan Dian, etc., is a code that every member of the Monsters Detective Bureau must have, starting with Xuan.

Because Su Yu has a shocking power, Su Yu's code name is Xuan Zhen.

When he owned the code name Xuan Zhen, it means that Su Yu has become a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau. And now he has other equipment, a memory eraser.

At the same time, the weapon requested by Su Yu is also being manufactured. Su Yu has tested it and his shock power can be attached to the weapon to attack.

"Do it!" Xuan Nv only said it coldly.

Su Yu pouted his lips. Although Xuan Nv has only two words, he got used to her personality, after more than a week training, and Su Yu can guess Xuan Nv's idea more or less.

If I didn't follow her order, it may result in more severe penalties.

"Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, your training is paused, and a new case has occurred!" Su Yu was about to start training, and Xuan Dian's voice sounded from the horn in the training room.

Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv, she said: "Special training is suspended, come back to continue, go!"


"Look at the file information in front of you, this is the case, who are you going to?" In the conference room, Xuan Laogua looked at us with a serious look: "This case must be handled quickly, the target is very different, and the solution is to obliterate! "

Everyone glanced at the file information in front of them, they were stunned, and the plan was completely justified. Because dozens of people in Xiaoyan Village were killed by a monster.

When the monster kills human beings, the plan of the Monster Detective Bureau is basically obliteration. Once this monster kills a person, it will continue to kill, and it won't stop, so the level of social harm is high.

"Boss, my team wants to solve this case!" Xuan Nv looked at the case data and decided, regardless of Su Yu's opinion.

"Okay, I'll give this case to your team, but Xuan Mu will follow your team to solve this case this time. This time there may be more than one monster, one more person and one insurance. Xuan Mu, if there is no objection, you and Xuan Nv will act together!" Xuan Laogua decided in this way.

"Yes, guarantee the completion of the task and protect humanity!" Xuan Nv stood up and saluted.

A roar broke the silence in the early morning and awakened the villagers of Xiaoyan Village at the foot of the mountain.

The lights gradually turned on in the dark, and the noise of people echoed in the small mountain village.

"What happened, what exploded?"

"Fuck, startle me. I was having a nice dream, Damn it!"

"Look, the Xiaoyan Mountain become shorter? The voice came from Xiaoyan Mountain."

"Is it a landslide? The village chief, what's happened?"

"Everyone goes back to sleep. Xiaoyan Mountain is still a long way from our village. Even a landslide will not endanger our village. When it dawns, we will organize people to go up the mountain to see if it is a landslide!"

Under the call of the village chief of Xiaoyan Village, the lights in the village gradually dimmed, but the people in the village were inadvertently sleeping. The next day, they all got up very earlier, when the sky was just bright.

The people in the village all gathered together. Li Zhangu, the village chief of Xiaoyan Village, said: "It seems that everyone was not asleep. Li Shuzhu, Wang Tiegai, and Zhao Dayou ... you guys follow me into the mountain now, see what happened to Xiaoyan Mountain. Others, do what you guys should do.

Prepare the food and we'll eat it when we get back! "

Li Zhangu held the cigarette bag in his hand and had a smoke.

Li Zhangu was very prestigious in this remote small village of Xiaoyan Village. He said, and the villagers immediately followed suit.

Li Zhangu and his seven villagers from Xiaoyan Village also set off immediately, heading for Xiaoyan Mountain. When the day was bright, the group entered Xiaoyan Mountain.

"Village chief, it really is a landslide. Look at it!" Li Shuzhu, a villager, pointed to a mountain road with obvious signs of a landslide.

When the villagers of Xiaoyan Village heard about it, they were all relieved. Although it had long been guessed that it was a landslide, it was uneasy to stay calm, if they did not see it for themselves.

Li Zhangu laughed: "Okay, let's go back, rest assured this time!"

Li Zhangu was about to turn around to go home, but at this moment, Wang Tiegai exclaimed loudly: "Wait a moment, the village chief, there is a cave!"

After hearing these words, the villagers of Xiaoyan Village were all stunned, and then startled, and looked in the direction that Wang Tiegai said. Sure enough, there was a dark hole in it, which was half-covered by earth and stones. If you did not search, it's hard to find.

"Damn, Tiegai your eyes are sharp, we haven't seen it yet, only let you see it!" Zhao Dayou hugged hard on Wang Tiegai's head and looked at Li Zhangu and said, "Village chief, we can't go up and have a look?"

Li Zhangu pondered for a moment: "Well, let's take a look, even if I don't take you to see, you guys will go there by themselves, right?"

Wang Tiegai and Zhao Dayou and others all smiled.

"Let's go, see early and return early, I am hungry now!" Li Zhangu patted on the heads of several people and walked towards the mysterious cave first.

A few minutes later, a group of villagers came to the entrance of the cave, removed the earth and stone at the entrance of the cave, and roughly exposed the entire opening of the cave. A faint rancid smell drifted from the cave.

Zhao Dayou covered his nose and said, "What's the smell, village chief? Something seems to be rotten. Can you see what kind of cave it is? Bear's or something else?"

Li Zhangu did not answer immediately, but looked at the cave, his brows tightened and tightened, and for a while, he said: "This is not an animal cave, but it was artificially excavated.  Look at these places, the trace looks a bit big for the excavation marks! Why is this? "

"Artificial? Who would be bored to excavate a cave in this mountain!?" Wang Tiegai said.

"You stupid guy, I had told you to read more books, it can make you clever. If you did so, you won't be so stupid now! Do you forget some legends of Xiaoyan Mountain?" Li Zhangu knocked Wang Tiegai's head with a cigarette rod.

Chapter 13 Greed

Wang Tiegai's eyes filled with tears, and complained "Village chief, you know I am stupid, please do not knock me again. The more you knocked, the more stupid I will be!"

Li Zhangu rolled his eyes at Wang Tiegai and looked at Zhao Dayou: "Tell the legends to these guys, what are some legends of our Xiaoyan Mountain?"

"Uh!" when suddenly mentioned, he scratched his head. "Village chief, you mean the legend that Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain?"

"Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain, what is that?" Wang Tiegai interjected.

Li Zhangu glanced at Wang Tiegai and said, "In our village, there has always been a legend that Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain, but it is actually a huge rammed mound. Do you know what rammed earth is? In short, Xiaoyan Mountain is not a mountain, but a huge ancient tomb and the rammed soil is so thick that it turns into a mountain! "

Li Shuzhu swallowed and muttered: "The village chief, you mean, Xiaoyan Mountain may really be an ancient tomb, it is not a legend, this hole is leading to the tomb?"

Li Zhangu smoked and then said: "Well, it should be so, the landslide, exposed the hole that might lead to the tomb. This cave may be a corridor of the tomb at that time, or it may be a hole left by a grave robber. It's hard to say! "

Li Shuangzhu's eyes lit up: "What are we waiting for, the village chief? Go in quickly. There should be many treasures in such a large tomb. Our village is getting rich !?"

Li Zhangu's eyes flickered, and he flicked the cigarette pot without talking.

Wang Tiegai said, "No, Shuangzhu, we cannot make this ill-gotten gain. I think we should report it to the relevant department, right?"

"Stupid! Wang Tiegai, you are really stupid. No wonder you have become poorer and poorer. In front of you is a great opportunity to make a fortune. Do you still want to go to the relevant department? You, so stupid! I am so angry with you!"

Li Shuangzhu cursed, his eyes glanced at the mouth of the cave.

Zhao Dayou also breathed a little hurriedly: "No, you can't report it to the relevant department. Xiaoyan Mountain is the mountain of our Xiaoyan Village. Anything in the mountain should belong to our Xiaoyan Village. When it is reported to the relevant department, we can get nothing!

Tiegai, don't talk first. I know that you are kind and your thoughts are right, but you also have to think about your old mother, who has been sick for a long time!

Why? Not because of no money! Moreover, you are in your thirties, and you haven't got married. Why? Because you don't have money!

Now you have a chance to get rich, aren't you stupid?"

"Think about it, if you have money, your mother can go to the city to see a doctor, you can marry a beautiful wife, and you can have a baby."

Wang Tiegai flushed, looked at Zhao Dayou and others, and then said, "I, I listen to the village chief!"

After hearing that, Zhao Dayou, Li Shuangzhu, and others were relieved and focused on Li Zhangu. Li Zhangu refilled a pot of cigarettes, lit it, and gritted his teeth: "Don't report it!"

"Awesome, village chief, you are the best and the most enlightened village chief I have ever seen!"

Zhao Dayou and others were also smiling, only Wang Tiegai felt unhappy.

Looking at the villagers, Li Zhangu's heart was a bit heavy, because he knew that his decision was wrong, but he did not overcome the greed in his heart, and he was also afraid.

In the village, not only Wang Tiegai's family is poor, everyone in the whole village bore endless of poverty-stricken. They all say that they rely on mountains to eat mountains, but Xiaoyan Mountain is really a bit desolate and can't support a village.

And now, an underground treasure that might be full of treasures was in front of him, and he didn't want to let go.

"Okay, don't make a noise. Now we go back to the village. If we want to get rich, let's get rich together. Go back to bring good tools, and dig out the treasure as fast as possible!" Li Zhangu took out the ash from the pipe and ordered.

"Yes, the village chief is right!"

"Go, go back now, call everyone, today we are poor, tomorrow we are rich!"

A group of people hurrahed towards Xiaoyan Village at the foot of the mountain. No one heard a heavy breathing sound coming out of the black hole when they were away.

If Li Zhangu and others heard it, the following thing might not happen, but it's a destiny.

Soon, Li Zhangu and others just returned to the village. Li Zhangu convened a meeting of the whole village and informed everyone of the news that Xiaoyan Mountain was a tomb, and they will discover it secretly.

Immediately, the entire village was happy but also felt scared. At this moment, there was an opportunity to get rich. No one would be willing to give up. They all agreed with Li Zhangu's decision.

Li Zhangu gave an order, and soon all the young men were gathered to the tomb. Basically, all the young male adults in the village joined. This arrangement was decided by Li Zhanguo's order, otherwise, the old ladies would like to go to discover it in person.

After everyone had a simple meal, Li Zhangu took everyone to Xiaoyan Mountain. They were so excited when they thought that they immediately became rich!

As for the women in the village, they were busy preparing a meal to celebrate after the men left. They were decided to eat poultry, But before, they would only to sell poultry, even if they were going to die.

From the perspective of everyone in Xiaoyan Village, it's almost time to get rich and no need to wait.

The village was cheerfully preparing to celebrate. Li Zhangu also took the men from the village and came to the cave again. After digging the cave with tools, they entered it one by one.


As night fell and the lights came on, Xiaoyan Village was filled with enticing aromas of meals.

The women sat together laughing and chatting, looking forward to the days after getting rich, one after another.

"Whoa, how many treasures can you say in that tomb? How much gold will there be, and if there is too much gold, I will melt it and make it a big gold chain to wear it."

"With the fortune, our whole family has moved into the city. Being a city man, we should be living in a comfortable house!"

"My first thing, I have to let my son marry a wife first and give birth to a grandson!"

The women talked about the lots of things, the time passed quickly, and the night was already deep, but still, no one came back, and finally, someone panicked. It's weird, something is not right. Even if there are too many antiques or golds, it doesn't take suck a long time to come back!

Some women began to discuss, preparing to let a few bold go into the mountains to see what's going on, but just before they had discussed it, there was a scream in the village!


Chapter 14 Investigation

"This is Xiaoyan Village? This ..." Looking at the ruins in front of him, Su Yu was stunned.

Although there have been some descriptions in the case file, the scene was still shocked.

Xiaoyan Village has become a ruin, and almost all the houses have collapsed as if struck by a war beast.

Xiaoyan Village has been completely quarantined by the local police and warning signs can be seen everywhere, but because the case has been transferred to the Monsters Detective Bureau, police officers have evacuated when they arrived and handed the scene to them.

"Go, look inside!" Xuan Nv's face grew colder.

Then the three crossed the isolation zone and entered the interior of Xiaoyan Village, which was even more shocked. Spilled blood was everywhere on the broken wall.

"Damn it! These monsters are extremely brutal. We must find those monsters as soon as possible, and absolutely must not allow the tragedy to happen again!" Xuan Mu looked at the scene in front of him, with hate in his eyes and said.

Su Yu was silent. Although he had been met different monsters twice, although shocked, he felt just the same.

However, this time is different. Although he has not seen these monsters this time, Su Yu have deeply realized the ferocity of the monsters.

Looking at the back of Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu, there was a little admiration in his hearts. They had been fighting those terrible monsters, and they just pay silently.

Of course, though admiration, Su Yu's idea of leaving the Monsters Detective Bureau has not changed. After seeing the ferocity of the Monsters, Su Yu's idea of leaving even more urgent.

Although he had dreamed of becoming a hero, when it came true, he found out that it requires sufficient courage and brave to be a hero.

Not everyone can be a hero!

Su Yu prefer to be an ordinary person, living an ordinary life!

The three went around in the village and found no useful clues. Most of the useful clues were already available in the case file, but it was not enough for us, and still, they did not found out what's kind of monsters did the crime this time.

Xuan Nv asked: "Where is the informant now? Where is a survivor now?"

Xuan Mu replied: "The informant Li Ergou is now staying at the local police station. And as for the survivor Wang Tiezhu, because police are afraid that the survivor Wang Tiezhu is insane due to the cause of excessive fright. They sent him to a mental hospital for treatment. Should we go and see?

Xuan Nv groaned a bit and said, "Well, we should see the two. Although the case has roughly understood, there are still some confusing things. The evidence is not enough to prove what's kind of monsters did the crime this time? In case there is any omission, please ask them for details again. "


At the local police station, the three met Li Ergou in a single cell. This guy was too scared, and they begged the police to lock him in the cell.

"You are Li Ergou? Did you called the police?" Xuan Mu looked at his skinny body. He looked more than forty years old. Actually, Li Ergou was only twenty years old.

"Yes, yes, I called the police. Are you also police comrades? Did the murderer catch it?" Li Ergou asked with a trembling voice, looking at their eyes with expectations.

Xuan Mu said, "It is under investigation, and now you need to take new notes. I ask you to answer, you know, we must tell the truth, this will help us to detect the case."

Li Ergou: "OK, OK!"

Xuan Mu: "When did you report the crime?"

Li Ergou: "Just this morning, this morning, when I returned to the village, I saw... saw that the village was gone. There was blood everywhere in the village. There was so much blood that the villagers were gone. Only Wang Tiezhu survived. But he was crazy, and I didn't know anything ... "

Half an hour later, the three came out of the police station with frowning frowns. There were no new clues at Li Ergou, and the case was still unable to progress.

At the time of the incident, Li Ergou was in the city and had no idea that a disaster had occurred in Xiaoyan Village.

Xuan Mu rubbed her eyebrows with a headache and said, "It looks like I just have to ask Wang Tiezhu, but ..."

Xuan Mu did not continue to talk, asking a mentally disordered person is not a good choice. Maybe only some nonsense is asked, and it is more likely to stimulate the patient's condition.

"No, but you must find these monsters as soon as possible and obliterate them. It is likely that these monsters will commit another crime." Xuan Nv said with an absolute tone: "Go, go to talk with Wang Tiezhu!"

In the mental hospital, the three met Wang Tiezhu. In a room, Wang Tiezhu shivered in the corner, his eyes widened, and he kept mumbling about something.

"Is the patient always like this? What is he talking about?" Xuan Nv glanced at Wang Tiezhu and asked the doctor next to her.

Doctor: "Well, this is always the case when the patient comes, no noise, but it is hiding in the corner, as if hiding from some terrible monster, and he keeps talking about cannibalism?"

"Well, I see. Thank you, doctor, can we stay with the patient alone?" Xuan Mu asked.

The doctor hesitated: "Well, yes, don't irritate him. The patient's mental state is very unstable now!"

"Well, I know, thank you, doctor!" Xuan Mu nodded and watched the doctor leave.

Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu looked at each other, Xuan Mu said to Wang Tiezhu: "Wang Tiezhu, are you listening? What happened last night?"

Wang Tiezhu's shivering body stopped, then he screamed, holding his head, "Don't, don't come over, don't eat me, don't ..."

Xuan Mu: "Eat you? What is going to eat you, do you see it?"

Wang Tiezhu: "Giants, attacking Giants, they came, they really exist, Aunt Li, Wang Aunt, Widow Zhang, they were all eaten, crunchy, crunchy, they were all eaten, hahaha, oh They have eaten up all the children, and they will eat me next time, ha ha ha, oh, all dead ... "

Attacking Giant?

Su Yu, Xuan Nv, and Xuan Mu were speechless. How could this be related to a cartoon animation?

"No!" something flashed suddenly in Su Yu's head.

"What's wrong, Xuan Zhen? What did you find?" Xuan Mu asked, Xuan Nv also looked at Su Yu.

Su Yu felt the sight of the two people, he swallows and said: "Two leaders, have you noticed that Wang Tiezhu mentioned women and children only, where did the men in that village go? Are there no men in Xiaoyan Village? "

Xuan Mu's brow frowned slightly and speculated: "Xiaoyan Village had male adults, but these men in Xiaoyan Village were not in the village at the time of the incident, so Wang Tiezhu did not mention them?"

Chapter 15 Cave

After Xuan Mu said, the three pairs of eyes were all bright, and Xuan Nv groaned. "It's very possible. Although there is a lot of blood in the village, if you carefully think about it, it doesn't match the population of Xiaoyan Village."

Then she looked at Wang Tiezhu and said, "Wang Tiezhu, what about the men in Xiaoyan Village? Did they let the Giants eat? Where are they? Why didn't they find them in the village?"

"Tomb, big tomb, there is a big tomb in the mountain, getting rich, ha ha ha, we're going to be rich, the village chief is taking people into the mountain to find treasure, and money, I'm getting rich. No one came back, everyone did not return! "Shouted Wang Tiezhu.

After hearing these words, the eyes of the three were light up, they finally asked for some useful information, but that's all. Wang Tiezhu was insane and said those words were already the limit. No matter how they lure him, he was repeating the same words.

Xuan Mu outside the hospital analyzed: "Although Wang Tiezhu didn't say much, it was extremely useful. Li Zhangu, the village chief of Xiaoyan Village, and all the men in their village went to the tomb, and they were not in the village when the incident occurred.

Although the time when Li Zhangu and others went out to dig the tomb and the time of the Xiaoyan Village incident did not exactly match, I felt there was an inevitable connection between the two. "

"You mean that these monsters who committed the crime in Xiaoyan Village may be something ran out of the tomb?" Su Yu suspected.

"Maybe true, maybe wrong, we should go and see!" Xuan Nv decided, the three drove back to Xiaoyan Village again, and the closest mountain to Xiaoyan Village is Xiaoyan Mountain. The three guessed that the mountain with the tomb should be Xiaoyan Mountain.

The three men climbed up the mountain and soon found sporadic traces. The traces were very inconspicuous. If these traces were not observed by Xuan Mu carefully, the three may not find it.

Xuan Mu pointed at a shrub saying: "There are things passing here. These shrubs are different from other shrubs. Well, there are also in front, just connected into a route."

Su Yu glanced at a glance. How could he not see the difference between these bushes?

Xuan Nv looked for a while and said, "Well, it's really a little different. These bushes have been moved away, and then moved back!"

"???" Su Yu: I am so curious about the bushes, how could you see the differences, grandmaster?

"Dig it out!" Xuan Nv said, flipping her palms, and a long sword came out from somewhere unknown. There showed a cold light, and then the ground was cracked, a huge crack that was half a meter wide and a dozen meters long.

Su Yu was startled. This woman was too violent and too powerful. Just a slight wave of the sword could cause such a result. Su Yu could not imagine what this woman would do with a full blow.

He was more certain of the thought in his heart, this woman is not someone to be trifled with, the consequence might be miserable.

"There is blood! Sure enough, these monsters were in this Xiaoyan Mountain!" Xuan Mu interrupted Su Yu's thoughts.

Looking at it, Su Yu can really saw scattered blood in the cracks. Although not many, it was enough to explain a lot.

Of course, Su Yu couldn't see anything deeper.

"These monsters should have the ability related to the earth and soil system!" Xuan Nv said.

"???" Su Yu felt more confused about Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu's words, but how did you see that thing with bare eyes?

However, Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu apparently did not have the thought of taking care of Su Yu, and did not explain it at all. Xuan Nv stamped her feet gently, and the crack was closed with a bang. She said, "Go, these monsters are not far away from here."


Xuan Mu and Xuan Nv all along the way, based on the obvious traces, soon came to the place where the landslide of Xiaoyan Mountain yesterday, but at this time it was completely different from when Li Zhangu and others came.

The exposed hole had disappeared and was covered by thick earth and rocks again.

Xuan Mu looked at the hillside in front of him: "These monsters are inside this hillside. I can already feel the fluctuation of super power. Wait a minute, I'll find where the entrance is."

Xuan Mu's hand was lifted, and the green light dots waved out and fell on the hillside. A green plant grew on the hillside. After a few seconds, Xuan Mu said loudly, "I found it, and I was there, Xuan Nv, it's your turn! "

A green plant suddenly grew, and in the blink, it grew into a sturdy little tree.

"Okay, I will finish this!" Xuan Nv said, and the sword in her hand came out of the sheath again. In Su Yu's horrified eyes, the hillside shook involuntarily, rumbling, and the earth and stones flew under an invisible force.  Then he fell down aside.

In a blink, a huge cave appeared in front of him, with a diameter of about ten meters.

As soon as the cave was exposed, rancidity and bloody smell would come out, and there was a power that made Su Yu's heart tremble.

"Su Yu,  be careful, this time these monsters are not easy to deal with!" Xuan Nv faced Su Yu and said.

Su Yu almost burst into tears: Sister, do you still remember that I am here?

"Huh!" Su Yu nodded his head, then hid his body behind Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu, you guys are strong, you go first!

Xuan Mu looked at Su Yu, interesting! Then he said, "Xuan Nv, I go ahead to explorer. You are in charge of the alert. Su Yu is behind you. Be careful"

"Lead on, leader, I will obey orders!" Su Yu replied that he was happy.

"Haha!" Xuan Nv smiled coldly, and Su Yu shivered.

When Xuan Mu saw this, he shook her head gently and then stepped into the cave. The green light spot fell on the ground, and a small vine grew out, spreading out to the depth of the cave first.

These vines are like a probe for Xuan Mu to perceive information.

The cave is obliquely downward, but the slope is very slow. After walking for ten minutes, the three did not reach the end of the cave. At this time, the three were completely in the dark. The three turned on the lighting tools carefully, watching everything in this cave

"There are murals here!" Su Yu first discovered and said to Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu: "Come on, the above description should be the scene of ancient human life, but I felt something weird? Are ancient humans live in that way? "

Upon hearing this, Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu came to Su Yu's next and illuminated the light source on the mural, which was more conducive to observation.

Xuan Mu observed it with a serious look for a while and said, "No, the painting on this mural is not human."

"Not human?" Su Yu said in surprise: "Are you kidding? Why isn't this mural painting human? Isn't it exactly the same as a human?"

"Well, it's true, it is not human. Ancient legends may be true." Xuan Nv also said with a heavy voice.


Chapter 16 Mural

Hearing Xuan Nv's words, Su Yu's body shook slightly: "What legend?"

Xuan Nv did not speak, and Xuan Mu aside said: "That is already an extremely old legend. It is rumored that at the beginning of the world, the world and other species have not yet existed, but a race has appeared, which is the first race to live in this land.

This race is a group of ancient Giants, Xuan Zhen. If you look at this mural, it should describe the life of the Giant at the beginning.

At first, they were few numbers, but the Giants themselves were extremely powerful, allowing them to survive the harsh natural environment at the beginning of the world. "

The three continued to walk along the cave and soon saw the second mural.

Su Yu heard Xuan Mu's words and said, "This picture should describe the life of the Giants after the most difficult situation, right?"

"Yeah!" Xuan Mu nodded. "Not only that, you see here, other creatures have begun to appear on this painting."

Su Yu looked at the second mural, it turned out that other creatures appeared in this second painting, which was many huge beasts.

The next few paintings describe how Giants fight or enslaved beasts and transformed nature.

Until the ninth painting, the content of the mural has changed again. By the ninth painting, the number of Giants has been extremely increased, and it became a tribe.

The subsequent murals describe the civil war of the Giants. There are many powerful Giants in the murals. They are the leaders of their respective tribes and have the power to change the world. The Giant's civil war lasted a long time.

Until one of the most powerful Giants appeared, the tribe that led it defeated other Giant tribes and completed the unity of the Giants.

"Look at this mural. This is the picture of the strongest Giant ascending the throne after the Giants end the civil war. He was so powerful, even a single mural to describe this!".

Xuan Mu nodded his head lightly and said: "Of course it's the King of Giants, he was the first to establish a strong civilization on the ancient earth.

His people extremely worship their king, and it is normal to describe it with a whole single mural!"

"There are other creatures appearing." Xuan Nv stood in front of the next mural.

After hearing the words, Su Yu and Xuan Mu walked over, Xuan Mu looked for a while and said, "The content of this painting spent a long time interval! See, the Giant is in the middle, and there are other races outside the Giant.

The closest to the Giant is the beasts, and then the other races.

This painting should describe the sequence of racial birth dates, the sooner they appear closer to the Giant. "

"Really? Then let's see when humans appeared? Maybe we can find the origin of humans?" Su Yu smiled and looked up carefully.

"You can not find it, here, the human race appeared on the fourth floor, not too late, not too early, go, go and see the next mural!" Xuan Mu pointed to the mural.

Su Yu grinned and said, "This stickman represents a human race? The painting is too casual, right?"

Xuan Mu grinned and said, "It's good to paint. The human race in ancient times was very weak."

As the three came to the next mural, all three frowned.

The description of this mural made all three extremely uncomfortable. This is a bloody, violent and cruel painting.

It depicts images of the Giant race enslaving other races and feeding on other races.

All races were slaughtered in captivity like beasts and put on the Giant's table!

Xuan Nv's face looked extremely cold, and the frost condensed on the ground, saying, "The Giant race should be destroyed!"

"You are right!" Su Yu trembled his teeth and stood away from Xuan Nv, the coldness made him unbearable.

"Huh!" Xuan Nv glanced at Su Yu's face, snorted coldly, and stop releasing the cold air!

"Look!" Xuan Mu stand before the next mural and beckoned to both of them: "All other races were fighting against the Giant race !"

This mural is very large, describing a picture of a frightful war!

The race slain by the Giant race fought against the Giant race.

Countless souls died in this battle, and the body and blood covered the entire world.

The whole mural is scarlet.

"Well? Why not? As a result, the Giant race defeated?" Su Yu wondered.

This mural is incomplete, it's only describes ended here abruptly when the war was the worst-there!

Xuan Mu scratched his head and said, "Maybe the war is the most critical time, the artist did not come and paint the next thing at that time.

The war should be won by all races, otherwise, the human will no exist till now.

Unfortunately, don’t know what happened to the king of the Giant? "

"Pity? Aren't there any ancient Giants alive right now? Just ask the alive Giants, if you really wanna know the result!" Xuan Nv said coldly.

Xuan Mu paused for a moment, slop his hand, and smiled: "Hey, yes, Xuan Nv, you are right ... eh? Be careful, we are almost there, there are several alive Giants in front!"

"How many?" Xuan Nv asked.

Xuan Mu: "Three, only three have been detected so far!"

Xuan Nv: "How dangerous is it?"

Xuan Mu: "You and I should be able to deal with it easily, Xuan Zhen is not an opponent!"

Xuan Nv nodded, then looked at Su Yu and said: "When we fight, you should pay attention to your safety yourself, don't impeding us!"

Su Yu heard it and his lips twitch, this woman speaks as ruthlessly as ever, but he could only endure because he can not beat Xuan Nv!

Su Yu only nodded and replied: "Understood, I promise I won't impede you from obliterating the Giant!"

I said in my heart: I will hide far away when you are fighting!

"Don't think about hiding, yes, don't hinder me, but it does not mean that you can be lazy and do nothing. Do you have to look for opportunities to fight yourself? Only by fighting more monsters can your power be improved faster, and you can get involved in bigger cases! "

Xuan Nv's voice penetrated into Su Yu's ears, and immediately annihilated Su Yu's idea of hiding!

Su Yu: "..."

Xuan Mu patted Su Yu's shoulder with a smile: "Relax, it's okay, just follow us and find a chance to fight!"

Su Yu is speechless. Is this a matter of finding a chance to fight? Can’t you just let me stay away from the fighting, and just let me look your fighting aside?

Su Yu glanced bitterly at Xuan Nv, and said in his heart, "Woman, I will remember it!"

Xuan Nv turned a blind eye to Su Yu's resentment and said, "Go now! Remember, if necessary, open the enchantment and pull the Giants into the dimension space!"

Xuan Nv said that, and then rushed out, and had fallen into the darkness.

"Follow me!" Xuan Mu dropped the two words and followed Xuan Nv.

Seeing this, whispered cursing, he catches up his step!

Chapter 17 Xuan Nv Was So Cool!

"This ... so beautiful!" After walking through the dark corridor, Su Yu suddenly saw a bright light.

In front of Su Yu is a huge underground cave, and the rocks in the cave are milky white and exude a faint fluorescence.

Therefore, the entire underground cave is bright enough. Not far from Su Yu, Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu also stare at it all.

There are many pillars of different thicknesses in the cave that are vertically connected from the cave top to the ground like pillars supporting the dome.

"What kind of landform is this?" Su Yu wondered. It was the first time I saw such a strange landform.

Xuan Mu shook his head slightly, and he looked surprised, saying, "This may be the landform that has been preserved from ancient times to the present!"

Xuan Nv didn't speak, but stared at a huge stone pillar, and said softly, "Be careful, the Ancient Giant is here!"

As soon as Xuan Nv's voice sounded, a loud roar sounded in the cave, coming from behind the huge stone pillar.


The huge roar sounded like a wolf and a tiger, deafening, and the whole cave seemed to tremble in the roar!


Heavy footsteps sounded, and three huge figures appeared from behind the stone pillar. He rushed towards Su Yu with a big stride, and roared in a language that Su Yu did not understand!

Seeing this, Su Yu just gasped and said, "Is this the ancient Giant? It's so tall, it really is a Giant!"

The three Giants are extremely tall, the shortest is 5 meters tall, the tallest one is close to 6 meters, and the height of the two-story building.

"Wow, Giant, Ah, I didn't expect to have a chance to see such legendary creatures. If they were brought back, the Xuan Laogua and Xuan Yi should be very happy! Unfortunately, I just don't know what they are talking about." Xuan Mu called, looking at the three Giants is as if like looking at three collectibles.

"Don't care, follow the plan!" Xuan Nv said lightly, with a sword out of her sheath in her hand, jumping from the ground, and her body flew to against the Giant.

Xuan Mu shrugged, "Okay, I obey orders!"

Xuan Mu's body emits a bright green light, and the entire person becomes green. Numerous green light spots wave out and fall on the ground. Immediately above the ground, there are countless thick vines that grow like pythons, rushing towards the three Giants.


Suddenly a roar sounded, like a big bang, and the shock waves of terror spread.

At this moment, Xuan Nv collided with the six-meter-tall Giant, and Xuan Nv's sharp sword was chopped on the Giant's fist, making a huge sound.

The Giant's fist was tougher than the imaginary. He suffered a sword from Xuan Nv, but he had just a wound that was several tens of centimeters long. There was blood flowing out and it was red.

Such a long wound can only be considered a skin trauma to the Giant.

Xuan Nv struck the Giant once, her body flew back and fell to Xuan Mu's side, and said, "Be careful, the Giant's defense is very strong. It will be difficult to kill in one hit!

Xuan Mu, cooperates with me, bind the Giants with your vines, and give me a little time to re-attack! "

Then the long sword returned to the sheath and made a sword-drawing action. Su Yu was obviously able to feel a strong force converging on the black sword of Xuan Nv, which was amazing.

"OK!" Xuan Mu yelled, and his hands were slapped on the ground. Numerous green rays poured into the ground. The vines became fierce and twirled like a green wave to the three Giants.

"... # 2 # ¥% 2" The three Giants spoke unclear meaning words, rushed forward, and slammed into the green vine waves, and suddenly the vines were broken by the impact.

However, there are too many vines rushing to them, though they have broken many vines, the three Giants were destroying far less than the speed of Xuan Mu making, and they were drowned in the rushing vines in a blink.

Soon, they were being tied up, and couldn't escape immediately.

"Xuan Nv!" Xuan Mu yelled again.

The Xuan Nv who stood still before heard the words of Xuan Mu, her eyes burst into bright light, even the mask could not cover it, the sword came out of the sheath, slashing into the three giants.

"Gravity Sword!" At the same time, Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded.

Ohm ~~~

At that time, a buzzing sounded in the air, and a huge transparent arc-shaped slash flew from Xuan Nv's sword.

The oppressed air wailed to make this sound.

The speed of slashing is actually extremely fast, and in a short time, it falls to the three giants.

The roar rang, and the tenacious vines were crushed into nothingness by the gravity of Xuan Nv, and then banged on the three giants without hindrance.

Huh! Huh! Huh!

The three giants immediately flew out in a bow shape, and the sound of crackling in the bones echoed in the cave. The three giant giants also had cracks on their iron-like flesh, and countless blood splashed out.

The three giants were chopped and bombarded by gravity for several hundred meters. They stopped until they hit the cave walls, and three huge potholes crashed. Then they fell down from the stone wall like three piles of mud.

"Finish!" Xuan Mu clapped his hands and stood up from the ground.

"Let's go, seal their bodies and take back to Monsters Detective Bureau!" Xuan Nv's sword returned to the sheath, took out the Seal Stick and walked towards the three Giants, and at the same time said to Su Yu: "Su Yu, go and find out if there is any surviving villager of Xiaoyan Village in this cave, if not, bring their bodies back! "

Hearing Xuan Nv's words, Su Yu came back from his thought, he was stunned at Xuan Nv's fighting. Su Yu didn't want to admit that he was shocked by Xuan Nv. The Gravity Sword of Xuan Nv was so cool!

In addition to cool, Su Yu couldn't find out what words to describe correctly.

At that moment, the woman was really cool!

Of course, in addition to being shocked, Su Yu also felt that her hopes of leaving the Monsters Detective Bureau were getting slimmer and weaker. Its members were so strong, he was difficult to escape.

It can only escape with wisdom, not fight against. Su Yu thought so in his heart and set as his guideline for his future actions.

"Ok!" Though thought these in his heart, his mouth was sweet, trotting away towards the giant pillar that appeared next to the giant, but just a few steps away, Su Yu just felt a strong wave of power from the ground, and Xuan Nv walked on it.

After feeling the power fluctuation, the brain hasn't had time to think, but Su Yu's body is moving and fling towards Xuan Nv!

Chapter 18 Dance Of The Earth

Suddenly, Su Yu burst into a powerful force and flew towards Xuan Nv. The training results these days are immediately reflected.

Suddenly the speed of the eruption reached an extreme, and only a flash of shadow could be seen.

Even when Xuan Mu and Xuan Nv didn't realize, Su Yu had already rushed to Xuan Nv.

Seeing this scene, Xuan Mu was very surprised. Xuan Nv was a little dazed at first, then was angry and kicked Su Yu with her gravity leg.

However, at this moment, a thunderous sound, a thigh-thick stone cone emerged from the ground and stabbed Su Yu's back at a very fast speed.

Bang ~ stone cone has great power, and made a large wound on Su Yu's back together with a loud noise, directly knocking Su Yu and Xuan Nv out.

"Xuan Zhen, Xuan Nv!" Xuan Mu screamed and waved her arms. Several vines flew out of his cuffs and flew towards Su Yu and Xuan Nv. They were caught by the vine before they even landed to avoid secondary injuries.

"Ah ~" When his body stopped, Su Yu spit out blood, all sprayed on the mask of Xuan Nv, no drop wasted.

Fortunately, the defensive force of the combat suit is strong, otherwise, Su Yu will be dead like a barbecue skewer. Because the internal organs were injured by powerful forces, Su Yu vomited blood.

Because Xuan Nv wore the mask, Su Yu couldn't see her expression, but Xuan Nv was motionless as if stiffened. It took a while for Xuan Nv's cold voice to sound again: "Xuan Zhen, are you a fool? Are you nosy? Am I need your help? "

After hearing the words of Xuan Nv, Su Yu, who was not very comfortable at first, almost wanna spit out blood again. I did not need gratitude, but I did not wanna blame.

Su Yu was also angry, said: "You think I am willing to save you? This is a natural reaction of my body, otherwise, I would not save you, good intentions can not get a good result!"

Xuan Mu saw that Su Yu and Xuan Nv could still quarrel, then he was relieved at the moment. If they wanna quarrel with each other, it was all right.

But Xuan Mu was also speechless. It should be a romance story, how can Su Yu and Xuan Nv be so different? He patted his forehead and stopped thinking about other things, and asked, "Hey, are you two still wanna quarrel for a while? Can we solve the case first?"

Xuan Nv snorted, no longer quarreled with Su Yu, turned and looked in the direction of the three Giants, but the ice-cold atmosphere on her body became more and more intense. The ground around Xuan Nv was frozen a dozens of meters thick ice, spreading.

Su Yu had stand away from Xuan Nv, so as not to be accidentally injured by Xuan Nv, and he also looked at the three Giants. The three giants who broken down by Xuan Nv just now stood up. Su Yu horrified: "This is too resistant, How can they still stand up after such a serious injury? "

"Roar ~" The three giants roared, their eyes were red, their bodies glowed with earthy yellow light, and they staggered towards Xuan Nv.

The three giants wobbled as if they would fall at any time but somehow gave Su Yu a very dangerous feeling.

That seems to fall at any time, at this moment seems to be full of a special rhythm, the whole earth seems to be breathing ups and downs with the Giant's movements.

"This is the dance of the earth!" Xuan Mu exclaimed, "Be careful, this is the dance of the earth. The giant who dances the earth and the giant who does not dance the earth is different. They will be stronger! "

"Dance of the earth? What is that?" Su Yu was puzzled and asked.

Xuan Mu quickly explained: "The dance of the earth is a special dance that is good enough to communicate with the power of the earth and gains the blessing of the power of the earth, the strength will be greatly improved.

According to legend, the dance of the earth is the dance of war and sacrificial dance of the ancient Giants. I did not expect that it really existed. No wonder It was said that the ancient giants are the darlings of the earth! "

Su Yu still confused when hearing these words. So he decided to remember what he said first, and looked at Xuan Nv, Xuan Nv made a move. She whispered, "Sneak attack? It's shameless! Give me a kneel!"

Om ~ boom!

At this time, a buzzing sounded in the air, and the horrible field of gravity bloomed from the body of Xuan Nv.

The ground beneath Xuan Nv's feet immediately dropped one meter deep. The three Giants rushing towards this side were also overwhelmed by gravity. They knelt on the ground and couldn't move forward!

"You can go to die!" The Xuan Nv stepped forward to the three giants, and the frosty air of her body rushed out to the three giants.

The sound of Kakaka kept ringing, and the thick ice kept condensing on the three giants.

Soon, ice condensed on the necks of the three Giants. The three Giants looked at Xuan Nv, Xuan Mu, and Su Yu with resentful eyes, and said, "Human, I ... will ... come back!"

After that, the three Giants were completely frozen.

Su Yu heard the giant's words, and asked with a little surprise: "The giant could not speak our language a few minutes ago? How could they said now...?"

"Well, they were speaking our language. It seems that the ancient giants are much smarter than they thought. It didn't take long to learn to say our language!" Xuan Mu emphasized.

Xuan Nv looked at the ancient giant that had been transformed into an ice sculpture and said coldly, "Return? You will never have a chance again!"

When they were peaking, Xuan Nv took out the Seal Stick again. This time there were no accidents. The dead could not die anymore. The three Giants transformed into ice sculptures were sealed into the Seal Stick.

"Let's go and see if there are any survivors!" Xuan Mu patted Su Yu's shoulder and said, they searched for a long time without finding any survivors. Dozens of people in Xiaoyan Village except Li Ergou and Wang Tiezhu has died.

Behind that huge stone pillar, they found a lot of clothes and blood and bones on the ground. The whereabouts of the villagers in Xiaoyan Village, combined with some of the murals, are self-evident.

After the villagers' clothing and broken bones were incinerated on the spot, the three left this strange underground cave, and then Xuan Nv and Xuan Mu used their power to completely seal the cave and then headed for the bureau.

The three were speechless all the way. When they were about to return to the Bureau, Xuan Nv finally said, "Xuan Zhen, the training will continue after returning!"

Hearing this, Su Yu's face was turned to dim, and his heart roared endlessly: This is her personal revenge for my words.

Xuan Mu laughed out, and patted Su Yu's shoulder before getting out of the car, "Come on, I support you in my heart, Xuan Nv, I suggest strengthen training intensity!"

Su Yu: "..."

Xuan Mu, I am fucking to thanks your suggestion and your ancestor!

Chapter 19 Xuan Kong's Super Power

[According to the latest news from Today's News Station: At 2.28 am today, the contact of the deep blue fishing vessel was interrupted. At 5.21 am, the deep blue fishing vessel was found by relevant departments. At the time of discovery, there was no one on board and all personnel on board missing.

This is the fourth incident in recent days that the mysterious disappearance of personnel occurred at sea, and the relevant departments have not yet given exact information.

We will continue to follow the report. I am the reporter ...]

In the canteen of the Monster Detective Bureau, Su Yu ate a hearty meal. Su Yu had a high-tense training in the past two days. He needed lots of food to replenish his energy while watching the latest news broadcast on TV while eating.

Not far away, Xuan Mu, Xuan Nv, and others were eating and watching the news. However, just after the meal was half-eaten, Xuan Laogua came to the cafeteria with a serious look: "Meet in the meeting room in five minutes!"

Su Yu and others heard the words for a moment and immediately understood that a new case had occurred and that the case was serious.

Xuan Nv and others immediately stopped eating and walked towards the conference room. Su Yu had no choice but to quickly grab two mouthfuls food and went to the meeting.

In the meeting room, except for some out-of-office tasks and specialized personnel, most personnel of the Monsters Detective Bureau were basically there, with a rough number of nearly 20 people.

This was the first time Su Yu has seen so many people in a meeting with the Monsters Detective Bureau. Su Yu knew only a few people.

It was not that Su Yu was not in a group, but that so many people were not seen at all in ordinary times, and they did not know where so many people were usually staying.

Xuan Laogua knocked on the table and said, "All here? Okay, the meeting starts.

Have you seen the news these days? Our new case is the disappearance of maritime personnel on the television news.

This is a big case. The relevant departments and leaders hope that our bureau will handle this case as soon as possible, find and rescue all the missing people! "

"Boss!" Xuan Mu interjected: "Isn't the missing person at sea an ordinary disappearance case? Isn't it that the missing people were all kidnapped by pirates?"

"The news that missing personnel at sea were kidnapped by pirates is just a rumor on the internet. This is not the case. There is no piracy in that area. Pirates in other areas have never entered that area.

Relevant departments have classified this case as a weird case and handed it over to our bureau. As for whether it is related to weird cases, it needs to be verified.

However, the case has been handed over to our bureau, and we must solve it. Xuan Shui has just processed another weird case over there and has now started investigating this new case.

Now we still need several comrades to go to work together. Whoever wants to go? "

"Me!" a cold voice sounded.

Su Yu heard that voice, he patted his forehead painfully, because it was Xuan Nv speaking.

Too positive, Xuan Nv was too enthusiastic about the case. As soon as there was a case, Xuan Nv would be the first to respond, Su Yu did not know how Xuan Nv felt, but Su Yu felt exhausted these days.

On average, one case would be given out every day. The most important thing was that even if they finished a case, he would continue to train, so Su Yu became tired every day.

Xuan Laogua frowned slightly, " Xuan Nv, you just completed a case yesterday, don't you need to take a break?"

"Don't need!" Xuan Nv answered coldly.

Su Yu almost wanna cry. You didn't wanna rest, but I wanna rest. I looked at Xuan Nv with a frustrated face: "Leader, I think the boss is right, you need to take a break."

Xuan Nv looked coldly at Su Yu and Xuan Laogua. Both of them subconsciously shivered.

Xuan Laogua immediately said: "I didn't say anything, you can choose by yourself."

Xuan Nv stared at Su Yu's eyes for a while and said, "If you want to rest, you can rest, you don't have to follow me to solve the case!"

Su Yu almost yelled with joy, but after saw Xuan Nv's cold eyes, he realized that if he believed what she said he would be a fool!

It may be true he did not need to go to solve the case, but it would definitely be suffered to stay in the Bureau. The training intense will definitely increase exponentially. With a positive look, Su Yu patted his chest and said, "Leader, what are you talking about? ?

You went out to solve the case, how could I stay in the bureau? Am I that kind of person? No!

Leader, I tell you, even if you ask me to stay at the bureau, I will also go, you can't stop me! "

Xuan Nv: "..."

Hu ~ Su Yu exhaled a long breath and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

Xuan Laogua, Xuan Mu and others secretly gave Su Yu a thumbs up: Brother, terrific, you survived again!?

Xuan Laogua coughed and said, "Okay, so, Xuan Nv, you take Xuan Zhen to join Xuan Shui together to solve this case. Go now!"

Hula ~ Everyone was scattered. There were only Xuan Nv and Su Yu in the meeting room.

Su Yu smiled awkwardly: "Leader, how do we get there? By plane or by high-speed rail? I'm booking tickets online now. The city closest to the incident should be Liancheng. The distance is a little far away. The plane is more appropriate transportation, it can be faster. "

"Don't need to worry, dress your combat suit and let Xuan Kong take us over!" Xuan Nv stood up and said, "You have five minutes to prepare!"

Then she left the conference room with two long legs, leaving Su Yu alone with an almost crying face in the conference room, but he didn't dare to delay any minute, hurriedly dressed the combat suit and went to find Xuan Nv.

If he later for one minute, the training intense would be doubled when he back to the bureau.


"Liancheng? I have been to Liancheng a few times, and I can take you there!"

Five minutes later, Xuan Nv took Su Yu to the handsome uncle Xuan Kong. Xuan Kong heard Xuan Nv's request and nodded.

Su Yu was confused. How can Xuan Kong send them over? Was it faster than a plane?

"Xuan Zhen, follow me!" Xuan Nv said to Su Yu, Su Yu nodded.

A minute later, Su Yu opened his eyes wide and saw Xuan Kong gently hit a ring finger, a light gate appeared out of thin air, stood on the ground, and Xuan Kong greeted gently: "Mr. Madam, please come in! "

"Go!" Xuan Nv whispered coldly, awakening Su Yu, who was in a hurry, followed quickly, and within seconds, the two entered the light gate.

There was a slight light changed in front of him, and the scenery was a change. Su Yu had already come to another place. Su Yu was no longer an intern who knew nothing about super power. He can guess the type of Xuan Kong's super power was the space!

Chapter 20 Yacht

Looking at the environment around, Su Yu didn't have time to be surprised. Xuan Nv said, "This is the Xuan Kong’s power, the door of space. As long as Xuan Kong has visited, Xuan Kong can open the door of space to shuttle through space. "

The door of space behind was quickly dissipating. After hearing the words of Xuan Nv, Su Yu remembered why Xuan Mu and others had asked Xuan Kong if he had been to a certain place.

At that time, Su Yu didn't understand the reason, but now he understood.

Su Yu was somewhat envious of Xuan Kong's power. This ability was convenient, and it was necessary for home travel.

It's a perfect tool for escape!

"Leader, is this a city even here?" Su Yu asked, looking around and not feeling the life of the big city.

"Well, it's Liancheng, but we are located should at a relatively remote place, so it's easy to open the door of space at any time!" Xuan Nv nodded.

"Leader, what do we do next? Do you want to contact Xuan Shui?"

"No need, he's here!" Xuan Nv said, looking at a puddle of water not far from the two, and said, "Xuan Shui, come out, I saw you!"

The sound of the water sounded, and Su Yu saw the thin water trail suddenly turning up, like a fountain spouting a high water column, and transformed into an adult shape. "Still can not hide from your eyes, next to you is the newcomer Xuan Zhen in the bureau? "

A man with black hair, wearing a combat suit and faceless mask appeared in front of the two.

Su Yu could not see his eyes, but Su Yu felt that Xuan Shui was looking at him.

"Xuan Shui, don't chat nonsense, don't waste time. How many days have you been in Liancheng? What do you think about the disappearance of maritime personnel? Are there any clues?" Xuan Nv asked.

"Xuan Nv, you are still the same, do you have to work so hard?" Xuan Shui shrugged helplessly.

"That's none of your business. Say what you should say." Xuan Nv said, with a cold air spreading from her body.

"Okay, okay, I will say the clues I found." Xuan Shui raised his hands and surrendered, "I investigated the case of the water monster only yesterday, but I also paid attention to this case of missing personnel at sea.

Although there is no exact news, I have heard some related legends. "

"What legend?" Xuan Nv raised her eyebrows asked.

"The legend of the sea monster. It is said that 321 people who disappeared at sea were captured by the sea monster. Their minds and behaviors were controlled by the sea monster and then they followed the sea monster.

By the way, there is also a legend about a mysterious island. It is said that there is a mysterious island in the sea near Liancheng.

That island sometimes appeared, and sometimes it suddenly disappeared. This time, so many people disappeared. Some people said that they were on the mysterious island and then disappeared along with the mysterious island.

Although it is a legend, I think you can follow these two legends to find out. What do you think? Xuan Nv! "Xuan Shui said.

Xuan Nv: "Yes! Did Xuan Shui go to the sea where the people disappeared? I heard that the mysterious disappearance of the people happened in the same sea area, and not too far away from here."

Xuan Shui: "No, with my current power, I can't survive in the sea for a long time. Because of the impact of the case, although there are ships out to sea, no ships are willing to go to that sea area where other ships disappeared, all are afraid of a mysterious disappearance in the sea.

Oh, by the way, I've been to those ships and I found nothing. There are no useful clues, and I did not feel the super power on it!

To get useful clues, we must go to the real crime scene to see!"

Xuan Nv nodded slightly, then took out the phone and made a phone call: "Okay, the yacht is ready, we will go to the sea in a moment, and strive to solve this case as quickly as possible."


The port of Liancheng was very lively. Although the mysterious disappearance of maritime personnel occurred not far from Liancheng, it did not cause any particularly bad impact on Liancheng. Instead, more people who loved the mystery case came to Liancheng.

Although no ship dared to go to the sea where the ship personnel disappeared, there were still many people going to the sea. Even if they could not go to that sea, there were still many people who were willing to take a look from afar.

Because of this, Liancheng ushered in a new tourist peak.

Of course, none of this was about Su Yu. Standing on the pier, Su Yu looked at the luxurious yacht in front of him. Su Yu once again realized that Xuan Nv was rich. This woman was extremely rich. She just made a phone call, the private yacht was in place.

"Come on, let's go up, let's take this yacht to the area where the crime occurred. It's not too far away. This yacht is enough for us. Although it's not very good, the time is tight, just use it for the time being!" Xuan Nv said and boarded on this small private yacht.

Xuan Shui may have been used in this situation. He got on the yacht very naturally, and said indifferently: "Well, this yacht is enough, the size is just right, you and I can drive!"

Only Su Yu was a little amazed. He got on the yacht carefully, stepping on the yacht.

Buzzing ~

The engine of the yacht started with a slight buzzing sound, and then sailed into the sea, getting faster and faster, and headed towards the sea where the incident happened.

After a while on the yacht, Su Yu calmed down and had time to visit the yacht. Although not too big, this yacht has all the necessary parts, such as bedrooms, restaurants, etc..

In the case of abundant materials, there were no problems for seven or eight people living at sea for more than ten days. Su Yu wanna say the rich were different than the poor!


Well, it took at least seven or eight hours to reach the target sea area, and Su Yu started to enjoy it.

This was a luxury yacht. Although the world was large and the population was large, how many people had taken private luxury yachts. If he missed this time, there may be no next time. Su Yu did not want to miss it.

Time passed quickly. After three meals on the yacht, they finally approached the target sea area, and a few people who had a relaxed look became serious.

It was not that they feel the danger. This was their working attitude. This was a state of entering work.

Xuan Shui was driving the yacht, and soon entered the target sea area, but the yacht did not stop but headed for another place. Xuan Shui stopped the yacht when he reached that point. He said, "According to the coordinate, here was the place where the cruise ship stopped for no reason, and the people on board should also disappear here.

Then the cruise ship wandered with the current until it was found. "

Xuan Nv nodded, and then closed her eyes to sense, and then she opened her eyes and said, "I can't feel the sense of super power, it may be passed too long, it has completely dissipated, go to the next incident!"

Chapter 21 Mysterious Island

For five full hours, the three almost walked around the whole incident area.

The four incidents area were all carefully inspected for any change, even the underwater.

But still nothing was found, and there was no trace of the sense of super power.

"Hmm? Is it really what the pirates did this time, as the internet rumor said?" Xuan Shui said with annoyance, although it wasn't irritating, it was frustrating not to get the slightest clues.

Xuan Nv didn't speak, she just looked at the sea blankly, thinking about something, and then said after a while: "Staying at sea for two days, if it is a weird case, it will appear again. If it's still no strange thing happened, go back to the bureau."

Su Yu had no objection to this decision. He can eat and drank on the yacht, and his training stopped temporarily. He wanted to stay at sea for a few more days if it's possible.

On the first day, the sea was calm, and even the larger sea breeze did not blow up. The sea and the sky were connected, and only the arrogant seagull flew by from time to time.

The next day a breeze was blowing on the sea, the water was wavy, the air became extremely refreshing, and the night fell. The three who did not find any weird thing decided to rest for another night before returning to the bureau.

Just as the three of them went to sleep, the heavy fog suddenly rose on the sea, and the air became extremely humid, hot and stuffy, and the three all woke up.

"Why did it suddenly fog up? It can't happen this time, the temperature difference between night and day is not big, and it shouldn't be foggy!" Xuan Shui said unhappily.

"This fog is a little strange!" said Xuan Nv, with a serious expression: "Be careful, maybe what we have to wait for is finally here!"

"Is it a monster? Why didn't you sense the super power?" when heard Xuan Nv's word, Xuan Shui became serious, unhappy instant disappeared on hid the face,

"There is something in the fog!" Su Yu looked at the foggy road, a huge shadow looming in the fog.

Needless to say, Yu Xuan and Xuan Nv and Xuan Shui also discovered the huge shadow. Xuan Shui said, "What's that? It's big, should we go in and see?"

"Okay, leader, this fog is too big. If we go into it, we may not be able to see anything, maybe we will lose our way, or will we wait for the fog to dissipate during the day?" Su Yu objected.

The strangeness of the fog and huge shadow, Su Yu was still careful. In case it was a trap, he rushed in without any thought, he would encounter any danger. Su Yu didn't want to make an adventure with his own life.

"Xuan Zhen, what you said makes sense, I know what your concerns are, but I'm afraid that after the fog dissipates, the truth will also dissipate with it!" Xuan Shui said.

Su Yu heard silence, and Xuan Shui also made sense. The shadow appeared with the fog, then it may disappear with the fog. If it disappeared, the two days were in vain.

Su Yu and Xuan Shui each have their own opinions. No one can persuade anyone in a short time. In the end, they looked at Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv made the final decision, how to act? Xuan Nv owns the decision.

Xuan Nv frowned, thinking for a moment and said, "Launch a flare first and see if you can see the situation in the fog, then make a decision."

"Okay!" Su Yu responded, and found the flare in the yacht, and then he shot at the direction of the shadow.

The flares flew in the air, emitting dazzling white light, and the light dispelled the darkness. The three of them were finally able to see the shadow for a while, which was a huge island.

The three glanced at each other, all saying: "Mysterious Island?"

Xuan Shui said excitedly: "Is there a mysterious island? The mysterious island appeared, and the missing person is on this mysterious island? The mysterious island disappeared, and they disappeared with it!"

Su Yu was also slightly agitated, lamenting that what he had experienced was getting more and more strange, and even such a large island in front of his could suddenly appear.

Xuan Nv was very calm and said: "Go, take a look on the island, the mysterious island appears in this area, it is likely to be related to the case. This is the only useful discovery so far. We must go and have a look, even if it is dangerous. Xuan Shui, drive the yacht! "

"Ok!" Xuan Shui answered, and soon the engine of the yacht was buzzing. The yacht slowly and firmly sailed towards the mysterious island. It seemed that the distance was very close, but after half an hour, the yacht close to the mysterious island.

Find a suitable place to stop the ship, the three walked to the mysterious island!

[I'm so lonely and so boring, who can talk to me and chat?]

"Huh?" Su Yu suddenly hesitated a moment when his feet were stepping on the beach of mystery island, and he heard something.

"Xuan Zhen, what's wrong with you? Hurry up to keep up, don't fall behind here!" Xuan Nv's voice came.

"Nothing!" Su Yu turned back and looked around but found nothing, then ran two steps to keep up with Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv: "Let's search along this beach first, and if we don't find any clue, we will enter the island to search!"

Xuan Nv looked at the time and said, "It's about to dawn, I hope I can find something today."

"Ah?" Xuan Shui walked forward, and on the beach not far away, he found a lot of crooked ovens.

Xuan Shui said: "Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, look, this is an oven. If you still remember the sign on it, it is the same sign of the cruise ship. Sure enough, the disappearance of cruise ship personnel is related to this mysterious island.

But what about people? Where are the hundreds of people? "

Xuan Shui looked around and wanted to find all the missing people, but there was not even a ghost, let alone the missing person.

Su Yu and Xuan Nv came to Xuan Mu's side, looking at the crooked but not messy oven and other tools. Xuan Nv said: "It seems that the tourists of the cruise ship wanted to have a party on this mysterious island, but it seems that something happened just during the party! "

"They got caught? They got caught by the savages on the mysterious island?" Su Yu said.

Xuan Nv heard the words and glanced at Su Yu, but Xuan Nv wore a mask and Su Yu could not see it, otherwise, he would be surprised.

Xuan Nv: "It's not that they were taken away, it's more likely they left voluntarily. Although they look cluttered here, there are very neat and no signs of fighting. Those tourists left voluntarily, so no accident. They are marching towards the island. "

"Voluntary? Hundreds of people are voluntary? Is this ... a little impossible, right?" Su Yu said in surprise.

"Whether it is voluntary or not is not important, we just bring those people back, just ask them then!" Xuan Nv said, looking at the center of the island, she waved gently: "Go!"


Chapter 22 Discord

This mysterious island occupied a large area, and there were forests, mountains, rivers, and streams. Following the remaining traces, the three entered the mountain forest from the beach on the seashore.

[ I'm so lonely and so boring, who can talk to me and chat? ]

Suddenly, Su Yu heard similar words again, but when Su Yu tried to listen carefully, he never heard again.

Looking at the two people who were not aware of it in the front, Su Yu thought that he had a hallucination. The sound was not small. There was no reason that only he could hear it, but others could not hear it.

Whoa ~

As the three walked, a dark shadow emerged from the mountain forest. It turned out to be a wild boar that was nearly two meters tall and weighed more than two thousand kilograms.

This wild boar was extremely dangerous even if an ordinary person holds a gun in his hand. But in front of the three, beat the wild boar was just like eating a piece of cake! A water sword shot from Xuan Shui's hands, cutting a huge wound on the boar's body.

Blood spurted out instantly.


The wild boar screamed, his little eyes were full of fear, and the beast's intuition was very keen, and it immediately realized that the three humans in front of him were not able to deal with, and immediately turned around and ran.

"Eh, now, even animals know that they can beat weak and afraid of strong!" Xuan Shui said, watching the wild boar running towards the depths of the forest. Xuan Shui didn't want to kill the wild boar.

However, at this moment, a cold light flashed away, and a sigh, a sharp arrow shot from the darkness, hit the wild boar, the archer's arrow was very accurate, and an arrow was shot into the wound caused by the Xuan Shui. A wild boar killed in one hit.

A sharp arrow entered the body, straight through the heart, the wild boar just screams but loses its voice.

The sudden changes made the three startled by surprise. They didn't expect there were other people hidden in the dark. Xuan Shui immediately yelled, "Who? Come out, or don't blame me if I kill you by accident!"

Xuan Shui looked at the direction of the arrow, and the super power was running, the water vapor condensed among Xuan Shui's hands, and he could launch an attack at any time.

"Who am I? I also wanna ask who you are and why did you appear on our island?" A man's voice sounded, and a figure came out slowly behind a big tree.

Looking at the man walking behind the big tree, the three felt a strong sense of discord about their clothing style.

At this time, the sky was already bright, and the other person's appearance and clothing could be clearly seen.

The man who walked out was wearing a suit and pedal shoes, which were obviously modern clothes, but the other person was wearing a hat made of animal bones and fur and wearing bone jewelry elsewhere.

The three looked at each other, and Su Yu said with a smile: "We are tourists, and we are out sea for fun, then just happened to see an island here, so we came up and looked. Bro, what to call you?"

"Oh? Are you coming from the mainland? We meet people like you from time to time here, let's go, I will take you to our tribe to see it!" the strangely dressed man said.

"Haha, thank you, bro ..."

"My name is Mark, just call me Mark!" Mark laughed, showing talkative sense.

"Okay, Mark. How old are you this year, have you always lived on this island?" Su Yu asked, following Mark, it seemed like gossip, but he was quickly gathering intelligence.

Xuan Nv and Xuan Shui did not speak, but just watched Su Yu's action, and they felt something weird about Mark.

Mark said: "Well, we have lived on this island for generations. I have never left this island. You are lucky today. If you didn't encounter me, you would be very unlucky to meet the wild boar. It's dangerous. "

"Yes, yes, Bro, you are very good at shooting arrows." Su Yu quickly flattered, "What do you do?"

"My work? I'm just the captain of our hunting team. Every day the task is hunting. If not, how do you think my archery was practiced?" Mark said, and when he raised his archery, his face showed a sense of complacency.

"Come, brother, take a hand and take this wild boar back to the tribe with me ... Well, you have great strength!" Mark came to the wild boar and said, the boar's taste was excellent, and we won't throw it away.

"Hey, I have nothing, but my strength." Su Yu smiled, wondered why Mark lied, though it was true that he was good at shooting arrows.

But Mark said that he was the captain of the hunting team and hunted every day, but Su Yu did not think so.

Although Mark's clothing was a little dirty, he was very clean on the whole, his skin was white and smooth, and it's an impossible thing if he hunted every day.

If he throws away the messy clothes on Mark, he was just a man who lived in an urban city and had nothing to do with savages or tribe people.

Su Yu was a little confused as to why Mark wanted to lie, and it was still such an easy-to-see lie, but he lied so naturally.

Was this the thing that if you want to deceive others, you need to first deceive yourself?

Su Yu scratched his head. After walking for an hour on foot in the mountain forest, four people finally passed through the mountain forest and came to an open area.

This area had a simple wooden and grass-made house, and from a distance, they can hear people talking.

Mark smiled and said, "That's my tribe. Go, go to my house. I'll cook this boar and make a wonderful boar feast for you. I promise you will like it."

"Ha ha ha, thank you, Brother Mark, we are looking forward to it!" Su Yu laughed.

"Yes, I am looking forward to it!" Xuan Shui said.

Xuan Nv just nodded, it was a sign of approval.

Approaching the tribe, someone immediately found Mark and the huge wild boar. Of course, Su Yu and the three were not ignored.

"Ha ~ Mark, have you hunted the wild boar again? It's amazing, you should really be the captain of the hunting team."

"Mark, will you have a boar feast for a while? I'll be at your house for a while."

"Well, Mark, who is behind you?"

Mark responded: "They are my friends, from mainland tourists. I met them when I happened to be hunting a boar. I will make a wild boar feast to treat my friends. Whoever wants to eat wild boar feast are welcomed to my house! "

The three of Su Yu kept smiling and nodded to those people, but the sense of discord became stronger, because the so-called tribal people in front of them all dressed like Mark, wearing modern clothes, and some women even wearing evening dress!

Hey, what the hell?

The three questioned at this moment.

Of course, the three have slowly got an answer in their hearts.

Chapter 23 Butterflies

After tasting a rich boar feast, the three were arranged to rest in a room.

Through the window, the three saw the people outside were busy building their homes. Xuan Nv said, "Xuan Zhen, what do you think?"

"They should be the missing people, but they seem to have forgotten their original identity. I think their memory that has been tampered with, kind of like the memory eraser!" Su Yu thought after a while and answered.

Xuan Shui said: "It's very similar but different. Although the memory eraser can erase and tamper with the memory, it can only erase or tamper with the memory for a period of time. It cannot tamper for more than seven days.

According to their situation, this is not only the memory of a period of time that has been tampered with, but the memory of the whole life has been tampered with. They completely forgot their identities, which is not a memory eraser can do. "

Xuan Nv: "Anyway, all the missing people were found. This is a good thing. The rest of the thing for us is how to take them away and restore their original memories.

If these people return to modern society with the current memories, it will definitely cause riots!"

"Um, just do what you say!" Su Yu responded.

"Well, Xuan Nv, make a plan. With their current memory, we can't take them away, and we will even be resisted. Since we cannot force them to follow us, it is the most important to restore their memory! "Xuan Shui said.

Xuan Nv: "Yes, you are right. I guess these people lose their memory after coming to the island. We have to figure out how their memory has been tampered with. We need to find the reason before we can solve it. So we have to search the entire mysterious island!

Then, we leave here to find clues! "

"Ok!" Su Yu and Xuan Shui answered.

Afterward, the three of them stayed for a while, then said goodbye to Mark and others, and left the so-called tribe where Mark lived.


All three searched for clues on the mysterious island for a whole day but found no clues. Mysterious Island is like an ordinary island, except that the scenery is particularly beautiful, there is nothing unusual.

"What to do?" Xuan Shui said while sitting, it was already dark, and it was difficult to continue to find clues. He continued to say, "Xuan Nv, there is no other way now, what about we forcibly take these people away? Call the boss and ask him to send someone to help us! "

Xuan Nv: "I can't get through. I've tried it. After we got on the island, the communication was completely isolated from the outside world, and there was no signal from the satellite phone!"

"What?" Xuan Shui heard this and hurriedly took out his mobile phone, and he didn't have any signal at all, exclaimed: "It seems that this mysterious island can not only appear after a mysterious disappearance, but there are also other mysterious things!"

"Two leaders, shall we leave the mysterious island first and return to the yacht. When we stay out of the influence of the mysterious island, maybe we can call the bureau and ask for support?" Su Yu said.

"Huh? That's a good idea. Then, one of us go back to the yacht and report the incident to the bureau. The remaining two will continue to look for clues to see if we can find the reason." Xuan Shui whispered softly.

When Xuan Nv heard the words, she was about to agree, but her expression changed: "Wait a minute, the situation has changed!"

After hearing Xuan Nv's words, Su Yu found out the surroundings changed. The mist appeared, the thick white mist was flowing under his feet, and the dense fog covered the ground, he couldn't see what was under his feet at all.

"What's that?" Su Yu's pupils shrunk slightly, and in the dark countless light, spots appeared, flying towards them. Su Yu looked it carefully, these were a group of transparent butterflies.

The butterflies are not big, each is the size of a finger, but the number is extremely large. When flying towards them, it is as if the stars in the galaxy are moving.

Xuan Nv and Xuan Shui also found out, Xuan Nv said: "Don't let butterflies touch you!"

Although Xuan Nv didn't know how the danger these butterflies are, she felt that something bad would happen if she was touched by these butterflies.

The three of them moved quickly and distanced themselves from the flying butterflies. Su Yu asked, "Two leaders, what are these butterflies? Why should we avoid them? Are they also monsters?

"I don't know, but I didn't feel that they had vital signs, they were like dead!" Xuan Shui replied, his brows frowning, which was also the first time he had encountered this situation.

Xuan Nv shot, the sword came out of the sheath. She waved her Gravity Sword toward these butterflies.

Within the attack range of Gravity Sword, the big trees and rocks were crushed into pieces, and those transparent butterflies were also crushed, but after a second, the broken butterflies would reappear.

"These butterflies are indeed not creatures, but transformed from spiritual power!" Xuan Nv said.

"What?" Su Yu was very puzzled.

Xuan Shui was very surprised and said, "This is impossible. How much spiritual power is needed to materialize so many butterflies?"

"I don't want to believe it either, but this is the case. These butterflies are all transformed by spiritual power. Be careful, there is a monster in a mysterious island has strong spiritual power." Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu said: "The two leaders, what are we going to do now? It's not the right time to talk about these things. We will be caught by these butterflies sooner or later! Also, what is the spiritual transformation? Can you two explain it?"

Xuan Shui replied: "It's very simple, isn't your profession a web writer? Think about it yourself and use your imagination!"

Su Yu raised an eyebrow and said, "Are these butterflies imagined by some monster?"

"Yes, that's what it means. Although these butterflies are not real, they are not much different from what they really are. And the monster's spiritual power is very powerful. When the monster uses spiritual power, then this monster is very powerful. "Xuan Shui nodded and answered.

Su Yu wanted to ask a more detailed question, which was interrupted by Xuan Nv. Xuan Nv said, "Let's get to the treetops. The height of these butterflies is limited to no more than three meters. If we move on the treetops, we don't need to worry about what kind of side effects will these butterflies bring to us!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Xuan Nv's figure fluttered, and she flew straight up into the sky, her feet on the treetops.

The whole person shook gently with the treetops. This scene resembled a figure in movie Crouching Tigers.

Su Yu looked dully: You come down, tell me how did you get to the treetop? How can I get to the treetop?


Chapter 24 The Third Time

Xuan Shui smiled, and the whole body became water. A big hand composed of water grabbed Su Yu. Xuan Shui said, "I'll take you up!"

Xuan Shui turned into the water go up along the trunk and soon came to the top of the tree, standing tall. At this time, Su Yu's vision was extremely wide, and he was surprised: "Is this true? Are the butterflies were all over the island? "

Although standing at the height, it is impossible to see all the places of the mysterious islands, but you could also see a large area.

But he was shocked, thinking that the transparent glowing butterfly was only near them.

I didn't expect to see all the butterflies were spread over the island, and there were all glowing.

"This ..." Xuan Shui was stunned when he saw this scene, and said, "Is it this special thing covering the entire mysterious island, isn't it? How much spiritual power is needed? How can I find the real monster?"

Xuan Nv said: "Under this circumstance, it can't be found now. We can only wait for these spiritual butterflies to dissipate. There is no way for the monster to release spiritual butterflies all the time.

We just need to wait until the spiritual butterfly disappears and finds the real monster! "

"Leader, we'll just wait on the tree?" Su Yu asked it didn't feel good to be trapped.

"No, let's take a look at Mark's tribe. Their memory has been tampered with, most likely because of this spiritual butterfly!

In addition, we need to ask if they know any strange places on the island. Maybe they can find the location of the real monster! "Xuan Nv said, then her figure flutters, jumping on the treetops in the distance."

"Sit tight, I'm going to drive!" Xuan Shui laughed loudly, and he cuddled Su Yu like a big monkey and moved fast in the forest.

An hour later, the three came to the tribe described by Mark again. At this time, the lively tribe was much quieter, because no matter whether it was a person or other chickens, ducks and geese in the tribe, they were in a state of sleep.

Sure enough, as Xuan Nv said, Mark's tribe was also full of countless spiritual butterflies at this moment.

Those spiritual butterflies fluttered in the tribe, colliding with people from time to time, and then immersed in people's bodies.

"It seems that Mark's memory problem is indeed related to the spiritual butterfly. Fortunately, we have not been touched by the spiritual butterfly. Otherwise, we may lose our memory?" Xuan Shui said in this scene.


At this moment, the whole island made a roar and trembled violently, but it stopped immediately, and then nothing seemed to happen.

But the change still happened, the countless spiritual butterflies began to dissipate slowly, and Mark and others also woke up one by one and started to live up to their own affairs as if nothing had happened.

The three of them looked at each other, and found Mark again, and asked Mark if he remembered what happened before and whether he remembered the glowing butterfly.

Mark said: "Butterfly, a glowing butterfly? How can there be such a butterfly in the world? Your eyes must be dazzled. I have lived on the island for so many years and have never seen it before?"

"Okay, maybe we're dazzled. Brother, do you know what is strange about the island? We want to see it! It's not easy to meet such an island on this sea, I want more Look. "Su Yu asked with a smile, shifting the question.

"A peculiar place? There is no particular place on the island. If anything, it is a stone mountain that rises from the sea every now and then, just south of the island." Mark said.

"Stone Mountain?" Su Yu's eyes lit up, and Su Yu continued: "Brother Mark, every once in awhile, how long is that time, when will the next Stone Mountain rise?"

"That can't be said precisely, the interval between Stone Mountain's rise is not necessarily, sometimes it will rise once a day or two, sometimes it will not rise once every few years, all depends on luck, maybe you will get there You can see it. It's all inaccurate! "Mark said.

"Thank you, Brother Mark, these are very useful to us!" Su Yu thanked them, and the three of them left and walked towards the south of the island. They didn't know what was there, and they didn't know whether Mark's words were true or false.

But this is the only clue at present. Whether it is true or not, whether there is a so-called Stone Mountain, you need to take a look. In case it is useful?

[ I'm so lonely and so boring, who can talk to me and chat? ]

Before reaching halfway, Su Yu heard a strange voice again. Su Yu asked again this time: "Did the two leaders really not hear anything?"

"Huh? What did you hear?" Xuan Nv stopped and stared at Su Yu: "Have you heard it before, did you hear the voice again?"

"Yes, this is the third time. I originally thought it was a hallucination, but it is impossible to have hallucinations three times in a row. The voice said that she was so lonely and bored and she wanted to talk to someone!"

Xuan Shui: "Nothing else? Can you talk to her?"

Su Yu shook his head: "No, I can only listen to her words, but I can't talk to her. Two leaders, is it possible that talking in my ears is the monster who releases the spirit butterfly?"

"It's very possible!" Xuan Nv said: "Can you tell where the sound came from?"

"No, the sound appeared directly in my ear, but it became clearer and clearer. The first time I heard the sound was when we first arrived on the island, the sound was not very clear.

The second time was when we entered the forest, and this is the third time, three times in total, the voices became clearer the third time. "Su Yu said the time and place where he heard the strange sound.

"Is it clearer and clearer?" Xuan Nv groaned slightly. "It seems that you are getting closer and closer to the real monster of the voice!"

Su Yu and Xuan Shui glanced at each other, Su Yu said: "Leader, you mean that monster is in the south?"

Xuan Nv nodded, and Su Yu said with joy: "That's right, what are we waiting for? Leaders, let's go, find the monster that might solve the memory problem of Mark and others, and take them home!"

Then Su Yu just after taking two steps, the abnormal changes suddenly occurred, and the earth shook violently as if a major earthquake had occurred.

However, Su Yu, who had the shock power, immediately discerned that it was not an earthquake. The next moment Su Yu looked at the sky, his face became horrible, his mouth widened, but he couldn't make any sound.

Chapter 25 Ancient Monster

"What's the matter, Xuan Zhen ... fuck!" Xuan Shui asked when he noticed something unusual about Su Yu, then he astonished widen his eyes!

Xuan Nv didn't say anything, but there was a hint of astonishment on the cold face. She opened her small mouth slightly when looking at the distance!

Boom boom!

The roar rang and the earth shuddered. In the distant sky, the three saw a waterline with white spray.

Then a curtain of water was formed, which was getting higher and higher, and finally, the sky was connected with seawater.

"There is also seawater spreading in other directions, damn it, the seawater is going to submerge this mysterious island, we have to retreat!" Xuan Shui roared loudly, the island trembled, even more, the sound of the waves was deafening.

Water screens covering the sky appeared in more than one direction, and the entire mysterious island was surrounded by water screens.

"Well, Mark! What about them!" Su Yu shouted, "They are in danger!"

His leg already ran toward Mark's tribe, leaving phantom.

"Xuan Zhen ..." Seeing this, Xuan Shui startled. He did not expect that Su Yu cared more about others instead of himself! Among the three of them, he was the first one to consider other's safety at this time!

Xuan Nv didn't say anything, but looking at Su Yu's moving direction. She views Su Yu in a new light.

The next moment, Xuan Nv moved, her body flew out, chasing towards Su Yu.

"Xuan Zhen, stop!" After a few seconds, Xuan Nv caught up with Su Yu. She started her gravity field, setting Su Yu directly in place.

"Let me go, Xuan Nv, what are you doing? Mark is in danger!" Su Yu angered.

Although Su Yu was shouted at Xuan Nv, Xuan Nv was not angry, and her voice seemed to be softer: "Calm down, Xuan Zhen, look around. There is no danger. The sea has not flooded this mysterious island. Do you remember? It's said that the mysterious island always disappears?

Now this situation seems to be the reason why the mysterious island always disappears. "

"???" After hearing what Xuan Nv said, Su Yu calmed down and looked around again. He could see the curtain of water, looking up, and he could only see the endless water, stuttering: " Here, what's the situation, the seawater hasn't dropped? "

The entire mysterious island was surrounded by seawater at the moment, but it was blocked by an invisible force.

Although I don't know what the reason is, at least Mark and others are not in danger, and Su Yu relieved.

Xuan Shui down from the big tree and said, "Now the entire mysterious island is already below the sea surface, and it is still deepening. A strong and super power has blocked the seawater out of the surface.

The reason why the mysterious island can appear and disappear mysteriously is that it can sink into the sea and rise to the sea. "

Xuan Nv: "Do you tell where the super power came from?"

Xuan Shui reached out a guide and said, "There it is!"

Hearing that, Su Yu looked in the direction that Xuan Shui was pointing to. He was shocked and asked, "What is that? When did it appear?"

A huge black shadow appeared outside the water curtain, because the thick water curtain, it was not clear what the black shadow really looks like, but there was a huge fluctuation of vitality.

Su Yu remembered Mark's words: "Shouldn't that be the stone pillar Mark said? Is it alive?"

Xuan Shui nodded and said, "Well, it is alive. To be more precise, the entire mysterious island is alive. At that moment, I felt that this mysterious island is a living huge monster. We are now on its back!

That stone pillar is nothing else, but the neck and head of the monster! "

"What?" Su Yu said with a wide-open mouth. "Xuan Shui, aren't you kidding me? The mysterious island is alive. How big is this monster? How can there be such a big monster in the world?"

Xuan Nv answered: "Yes, Xuan Zhen, have you forgotten the Ancient Giants on the murals? This mysterious island is probably the Ancient Giant that has survived to this day."

"..." Su Yu was silent, it was really possible, and in this case, there were many places that can't be understood before, such as mysterious island can appear and disappear in the ocean.

Xuan Shui said: "If this mysterious island is an ancient monster, then the spiritual butterfly can appear across the island. This explanation can make sense.

In addition to the powerful physical body, the spiritual power of the ancient monsters are also powerful. "

Su Yu has calmed down at this moment and said, "That is to say, the disappearance of Mark and others and the memory problem were all caused by this mysterious ancient monster? Great, since this is the case, we will have a good time with this ancient monster, let it restore the memory of Mark's and others'. "

"Well, go!" Xuan Nv nodded lightly, the figure fluttered, moving towards the monster's head.

Su Yu and Xuan Shui kept up. The three were very fast speed. It took a little time for the three to get closer to the head of the monster. The sea was less than half a meter away.

When I leaned in, I barely glanced at the monster's head. On the whole, it was a giant turtle head.

The three people who have traveled almost all over the mysterious island already have an overall outline of this ancient monster. The image of this ancient monster is a huge incomparable turtle.

However, its back is not so obvious high bone but tends to be flat.

[ I'm so lonely and so boring, who can talk to me and chat? ]

When he came near the monster's head, Su Yu heard the previous voice again, more clearly. At this moment, Su Yu understood that what he heard was the voice of this ancient monster.

The three looked at each other, and Xuan Shui said, "ancient monster, please float up immediately and return to the sea to solve the memory problem of Mark and others!"


There was no response, the monster was still diving, and Xuan Shui was annoyed a little: "ancient monster, stop your action now, immediately, immediately, warn once, do not follow the requirements, and don't blame us when we attack you!"

The monster still did not respond and continued to dive. Xuan Shui was embarrassed at this moment. He uses a huge spear of water, condensed in the air. As long as Xuan Shui thought of attacking, the spear would attack towards the ancient monster.

"Wait a moment, leader. It may not hear what your words, it seems to be sleeping now!" Su Yu said.

"Asleep?" Xuan Shui said, looking at the monster's head, the monster was moving its body with their eyes closed.

Chapter 26: The Monster Wake Up

Xuan Shui's expression was a little embarrassing. What he had said was to a sleeping guy. This was just the same as a blind man using a candle -- a total waste.

The next moment, Xuan Shui was about to shoot out his spear to awaken the monster.

"Don't be impulsive!" Xuan Nv's voice sounded, preventing Xuan Shui's action. Although she did not felt strong super power from this ancient monster, it gave her a strong sense of oppression. The attack was likely to irritate it.

It was very dangerous to irritate such an ancient monster. Moreover, in the sea, if a large fluctuation caused by such a huge ancient monster may cause a tsunami. The current position was not far from the coastline. If a tsunami was generated, it was likely to give the coast area caused disaster.

Xuan Nv was thought about whether to open up a different dimension space enchantment and draw the ancient monster into it.

However, among the back of the ancient monster, there were 321 ordinary people, so Xuan Nv gave up this idea.

Ordinary people would not be drawn into the dimensional space. Once the ancient monsters were drawn into the dimensional space, 321 ordinary people such as Mark will be directly exposed to the deep sea.

At the current depth of the sea, ordinary people would be killed by the pressure of powerful water instantly.

Xuan Shui heard Xuan Nv's words, and although the attack stopped, the spear did not disperse, and said, "Without attacking it, how could we wake up this monster? when did it wake up? And how to solve the memory problem?"

Xuan Nv shook her head gently and said, "Attack is the last resort. Attacking it will probably irritate it. We may not get hurt, but those ordinary people are in danger. Have you considered the consequences?"

Xuan Shui groaned and dispersed the spear: "Then what good way do you have? Without waking it up, the monster would take us to an unknown place."

"Xuan Zhen, haven't you said that you can hear the sound of ancient monsters? Try to communicate with him and see if you can wake it up." Xuan Nv said.

Suddenly @, Su Yu stunned, it took a while to respond: "Ah? Leader, do you let me communicate with it? How should I communicate with it, I have not learned the foreign language of the ancient monster! Is it too late for a cram school now? "

Xuan Nv: "..."

Xuan Shui: "..."

"Hoo!" Xuan Nv sighed softly, and said, "Teach? Which tutor teaches the monster language? Stop joking, hurry up, and try to communicate until you wake up the monster. "

Su Yu opened her mouth, and saw Xuan Nv's cold eyes, and immediately shifted her eyes to the monster's head.

Communicate? How to communicate? He has no idea at all, what can he do? Shout!

Taking a deep breath, Su Yu just opened his mouth and shouted: "Monster, wake up, get up, the sun is raised, your mother is calling you to go home for breakfast! Get up, your ass is on fire! "

Xuan Shui covered her face aside, feeling shameful, but no one else was nearby.

Xuan Nv also has a dull face, and regrets to ask Su Yu to wake up the monster. This person is mentally retarded except for naughty?

Just as Xuan Nv was about to stop Su Yu, there was a sudden light bloom on the dark seafloor, and there seemed to be two moons in the darkness.

Xuan Shui paused, watching the two moons indefinitely, "Oh, my boy! It worked?"

Xuan Nv was speechless, she did not expect that Su Yu can really wake up the monster.

Those two rounds of the moon were not really moons, but the eyes of ancient beasts. When its eyes opened, it was lighted like a moon.

The ancient monster had moved its neck and began to move in the dark sea. It moved toward the 'island' like a huge snake, and soon passed through the water curtain and came to the people.

"So big!" Su Yu's first impression of the monster's head was big, too big, just like a big mountain, and the two nostrils of the black hole were like two bottomless caves.

The air flowing from the nostrils, like a typhoon of class 12, instantly blows Su Yu up.

But when he was blown away, Su Yu was settled by Xuan Nv's Gravity Field. She used gravity's power to set him in place, there is no need to worry about the air blown out by the monster.

"Try to communicate with it and see if it can give the memory Mark and other back?" Xuan Nv ordered.

"Okay, leader!" Su Yu shouted, took a deep breath, calmed his shocking mood, and then had the mood to carefully look at the monster's head in front of him.

In addition to being large, the beast's head is faint as a whole. At the same time, many animal head features can be seen on its skulls, such as a dragon head and a turtlehead, and a bit of a crocodile. In the meantime, Su Yu saw the shape of more than a dozen species of animals.

Of course, its not the right time for Su Yu to observe the face of the ancient monster. Su Yu knew what he had to do, but he still asked Xuan Nv: "Leader, What do you want to do with this ancient monster? To seal ... or ..."

This question is very important to Su Yu. Xuan Nv heard the words and looked at Su Yu with surprise. "It depends on the situation, it doesn't hurt human life. If it can guarantee that the same thing will not happen again, and it can solve the memory problem, we can let it go.

Otherwise, we have to seal it or obliterate it ... "

Hum ~

Xuan Nv just finished speaking, Su Yu just felt a majestic fierce gas burst, the light was a little bit brighter, the giant monster's two huge eyes, and the pupils erected into two lines.


The three saw anger in these eyes. The three of Su Yu were startled and then reacted. The beast could understand what they said. Obviously, the word "kill" by Xuan Nv made it a little angry.

When Xuan Nv was aware of this, she was shocked at first, then was a joy, and looked at the beast and said, "Very well, you can understand my words. Then, I will speak straight. Please think carefully. If you don't agree, don't blame me for attacking you! "

As soon as Xuan Nv finished speaking, she released the Gravity Field and instantly covered the entire mysterious island!

The ancient monster noticed the action of Xuan Nv, and its head pulled back fiercely, agitating the wild wind, but the most important thing was that Su Yu saw a trace of fear in the eyes of the monster.

Su Yu is a little surprised, is Xuan Nv so scary? Did the ancient monster feel scared?

How strong was Xuan Nv?

Su Yu was very curious, and at the same time, his emotions were a little complicated. The stronger Xuan Nv was, the more difficult it was for him to leave the Monster Detective Bureau.

Chapter 27 Fighting is not the only way to solve the problem

"How? Do you agree with the conditions I said?" Xuan Nv stared at the ancient monster tightly.

"Meow-meow ... Meow-meow ......"

Su Yu: "???"

Xuan Nv: "???"

Xuan Shui: "???"

What the hell is this? The three of them surprised at its sound. How could such a huge ancient monster said so cute sound!

After a while, Xuan Nv finally accept the fact, and asked, "Xuanzhen, what does it mean? Hurry up and translate it."

Su Yu understood its meaning. Although he didn't know what the reason was, he understood. He said, "It says it can't be. Although it can solve the memory problem, it can't guarantee that similar things will never happen again.

It said that it was uncontrollable. Once it fell asleep, it would be like that, it would attract people to it, and the spiritual butterfly would appear, changing the memory of the creatures on it. "

Xuan Nv raised a brow and looked at the Ancient Beast and said, "So you don't intentionally leave people on the island ... your back? Then you say you feel bored and lonely, and you want to chat? These people are not the ones you brought to chat with you? "

Ancient beast: "Meow meow!"

Su Yu continued to translate: "It said that it did not catch anyone on it, those people came to his back by themselves. It said that he wanted to find someone to chat with, but no one can understand what it said. It's useless to grab them! "

Geez ~ Su Yu paused when translating that word, no one can understand what the ancient monster said, so how did he understand?

The three pairs of eyes of Xuan Nv and Xuan Shui, an ancient monster, are staring at Su Yu at this moment.

Su Yu almost want to cry: "I want to know also, leader!"

"Well, Let 's not discuss how did Su Yu understand the words of ancient monsters! For the time being, let's talk about how to deal with the ancient monster! ancient monsters, according to you, when you are asleep, you can't control your spiritual power from forming a spiritual power butterfly, affecting the memory of others, right? "

The ancient monster nodded gently, indicating that he agreed with Xuan Nv's statement. Although he only nodded gently, the figure was too large, so he nodded gently and still caused a powerful storm.

"Very good. In this case, I will give you two ways now. The first one that we will seal you. As long as you are sealed, this will not happen. The second way is that you do not sleep! As long as you stay awake, there will be no current situation. "Xuan Nv gave the ancient monsters two choices.

The ancient beast shook his head and said, "Meow meow ..."

Although Xuan Nv can't understand the language of the ancient monster, she can also understand the meaning of ancient monsters. Immediately, the momentum of Xuan Nv erupted suddenly and said, "Since neither way is chosen, I can only force you to be sealed! "

When hearing that, the ancient monster was angry, and the powerful momentum broke out, colliding with the momentum of Xuan Nv.

There was a thunderous sound, and the seawater overhead was divided into two under the strong momentum of the two as if the columns were split apart, and the atmosphere was suddenly tense!

"Stop! Don't fight, we can talk to find a solution!" Su Yu said hastily, and his head was full of sweat instantly.

If they were fighting, it would cause a casualty. Moreover, there were so many ordinary people on its back.

"Chat? What else do you want to say? Fighting can solve it. Pull it into the dimension space. The fluctuation of the battle will not affect the real world. If you are worried about ordinary people, it doesn't matter, I can protect them! Xuan Shui said. He was more support for fighting.

After hearing Xuan Shui's words, Su Yu was anxious and said, "Don't worry, two leaders. Don't be angry. Although fighting can solve the problem, it is not the only way to solve it. There must be other ways. Yes, we just didn't find the solution for the time being. "

"We don't have so much time to spend here. It's an ancient monster, we can not let it go. This time, hundreds of people were missing, and there may be more next time!" Xuan Nv said: "So, It 's better to seal it.”

"Stop, do not worry, let me think about it, let me talk to it again, if there is no other way, then follow your leader's will, but there are other ways, we need to try! Fighting is not a good thing, isn't it? "Su Yu persuaded patiently.

Xuan Nv thought for a moment and said, "Okay, I'll give you ten minutes to communicate with it. After ten minutes, if there is no other way, then I have to do it. Xuan Shui, you go to make preparation first, once we start fighting, your task is to protect ordinary people. "

"Okay!" Xuan Shui nodded, then turned into a light and shadow, and went to the place where Mark and others located at a very fast speed.

Su Yu didn't wanna waste time, and said to the ancient monster that was going to be furious: "ancient monster, calm down first. Now I ask you a few questions. You have to answer me honestly, ok?

OK, it looks like you know what I mean, then I ask you, do you have to sleep?"

ancient monster: "Meow meow meow meow!"

Xuan Nv: "What does it say?"

Su Yu translated: "It says it doesn't have to sleep, but it's just too boring to have to sleep. It doesn't know what it can do but sleep to pass the time!"

When Xuan Nv heard the words, her eyes brightened, "Is it just for this reason? If it is only for this reason, then it is easy to handle, Xuan Zhen, I will give you a task now."

"What?" Su Yu looked a little scared by Xuan Nv, feeling unlucky, and said, "Leader, what task do you want to give me?"

Xuan Nv: "Isn't it saying that it wants to find someone to chat with? It happens that you can communicate with it, then you can chat with it, so it will not fall asleep"

"Ah? Leader, do you mean that you will leave me alone here to chat with it, and then spend the rest of my life. Let me be accompanied by an ancient monster, and wander around the sea together with it from now on?" Su Yu said with a sad face.

"..." Xuan Nv: "What are you talking about? I just temporarily asked you to accompany it to chat and relieve its boredom. When we bring Mark and others back safely, I will find the boss to solve this matter, I think the boss can solve this very well! "

ancient monster: "Meow meow meow meow!"

"Fuck, you agree, are you happy with the decision? Brother, have you asked me if I agree? Well? What are you talking about? you can go back with me? You can't, you are so big, you can't follow us back to the bureau. Ah? You have this skill?" Su Yu looked at the ancient monster in shock.

Then Su Yu proudly looked at Xuan Nv and said: "Leader, things are perfectly solved, it said that it can be smaller and come back to the Bureau with us! Leader, I am right, fighting is not the only way to solve the problem!"

Xuan Nv  ̄へ ̄: Why is there a sudden urge to hit Su Yu, when seeing his proud expression?



Chapter 28 Rainstorm

In the office, Xuan Laogua looked at the three, and then looked at the little turtle crawling leisurely on the table, and said, "I know, all did a very good job, especially Xuan Zhen would like to praise.

It was great to solve this case without a fight.

Of course, Xuan Shui and Xuan Nv also performed very well. They also get praised. It is a big credit for you to bring all the 321 missing persons back safely. Let me think carefully about what rewards should be given to you. "

"Boss, let's not talk about rewards. Now you should worry about how to solve the problem of this ancient monster. Once it falls asleep, its spiritual power will spread involuntarily and form spiritual butterflies.

With its spiritual power coverage, half of Jisong City may be shrouded by then. Xuan Zhen cannot always chat with him, he also needs work and rest! "Xuan Nv Road.


Su Yu heard Xuan Nv's words and gave her a surprised look. Is this woman concerned about him? This was an illusion, it must be an illusion. Su Yu pouted his lips.

"Rest assured, this problem is very easy to solve, as long as Island Turtle wear a piece of equipment to prevent the spreading of spiritual power, the production process is also very simple." Xuan Laogua answered.

"Island Turtle? Do you mean this ancient monster?" Su Yu asked.

Island Turtle: "Meow Meow Meow!"

Xuan Laogua nodded: "Well, it is an Island Turtle, a kind of ancient monster. It is also a very rare species in ancient monsters. It is also a very mild monster. I did not expect that this case was caused by an ancient monster.

By the way, Xuan Zhen, when it 's okay, you will be responsible for chatting with the Island Turtle. Because of its scarcity, the Island Turtle is a kind of monster that likes chatting very often. Since you bring it back, you are responsible for it! "

Island Turtle: "Meow Meow Meow!"

Su Yu: "???"

Well, did I find another task by myself?

So, from now on, Su Yu's desk was filled with a small fish tank. A strange-looking turtle lived in the fish tank, "Meow Meow Meow!" from time to time.


"It's so boring, it looks like it's going to rain, Xuan Zhen, Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian ... what are we going to eat today at noon? Eating in the cafeteria, or order takeaway? Does anyone want to order takeaway? I'm placing an order now so that the food delivery brother's cloth won't be wetted by heavy rain! "Xuan Mu looked at the time and said.

Xuan Nv: "Canteen!"

Xuan Dian: "I order takeaway. Our chef seems to be in a bad mood these two days!"

Xuan Nv: "Then I also order takeaway."

Xuan Shui: "I don't care, but count me for a takeaway!"

"Xuan Zhen, would you order a takeaway?" Xuan Mu shouted, and Su Yu, who was reading a story for Island Turtle, was shocked. Yes, Su Yu was reading a story for Island Turtle, or a novel.

Listening to online novels is now the biggest hobby of Island Turtle. Fortunately, Su Yu also liked to read novels.

"I want to, I don't matter what kind of food as long as the quantity enough." Su Yu replied, and then continued to read novels for Island Turtle.

"Understand!" Xuan Mu answered, then began to order, and knew what Su Yu meant. He still had a lot of exercise in the afternoon, and he had to take good nutrition.

When there is no case, the Monsters Detective Bureau can be said to be relatively quiet and boring. This was the moment. After they ordered the takeaway, the office area is quiet again, except for Su Yu's low reading.

Huh ~ There was a strong wind outside, and the clouds were densely covered. Soon, heavy raindrops fall down and heavy rain comes.

The lights turned on to drive away from the darkness, Xuan Mu muttered, "Fuck, it's too time for the rain? The delivery brother may take a long time to arrive, I hope he doesn't fall!"

Xuan Mu came to the window and looked out through the window, only to see the heavy rain falling like a waterfall. The rain was just a while behind, and the road was already flooded.

Suddenly a flash of lightning flashed across it, as if the sword of light breaking through the darkness, shining the whole sky like snow.

"I am coming!" Xuan Mu answered a phone call, and through the window, he saw a few brothers delivering food came downstairs. Rumbling, a huge thunder sounded, and the buildings were shaking.

Xuan Mu didn't care much, trotting along all the way to get takeaway.

"Meow Meow!" when hearing the thunder sound, the Island Turtle called out a little, looked at the place where the lightning fell, and gave a curious glance, then continued to listen to the novel.

The time passed quickly, and the time for meals and noon breaks passed quickly, but the heavy rain was still falling. Although the city's drainage system has been perfected, the water still accumulated to the calf depth on the road in the face of such heavy rain.

However, everyone didn't care about it, they did what they should do after eating. As for Su Yu, he put aside the work of reading novels and came to the training room to start a new exercise, running with a weight of 300 kg, frog jumping, push-ups, etc..

Su Yu was constantly training to strengthen his physical body. Su Yu didn't want to die of a physical explosion someday, so without the urge of Xuan Nv, Su Yu has done it very seriously. After all, this was a matter of life, Su Yu had to be serious.

Su Yu exercised for nearly two hours. When Su Yu stopped exercising and was ready to rest, the rainstorm outside also stopped instantly, and the weather began to clear.

But at this moment, Xuan Dian's voice sounded in the speaker: "Xuan Nv, Xuanzhen, coming to the meeting room, we have a new case!"

When heard those words, Su Yu was speechless. It seems that every time he exercised, a new case would happen, but he has been idle for several days. When he heard of a new case, Su Yu not only did not feel the pain but felt happy.

At the moment when such emotions appeared, Su Yu was shocked, sweating, and felt that there was something wrong with him, how could such emotions appear?

Have I adapted and enjoyed this challenging life?

Su Yu was a little frightened, shook his head vigorously, and reconfirmed the idea of ​​leaving the Monsters Detective Bureau.

Xuan Nv's voice sounded: "Xuan Zhen, what are you thinking? Hurry up, go to the conference room with me!"

"Okay, leader!" Su Yu turned back, cleaned his sweat at will, and went to the conference room.

Soon, the two came to the meeting room, and Su Yu suddenly found out that there were many people in the meeting room, and there were many unseen faces.

The two sat in their seats, and after a while, the meeting officially started.

Xuan Laogua said: "Just now during the heavy rain, a new weird case occurred. Now I will send several comrades to the scene to deal with this case.

This case is initially evaluated. The danger level is yellow level one, and the danger level is ★★ , a very dangerous case ... "

Chapter 29 Corpse Dragon

"Dad, do we really want to go?" Lu Fangcheng looked helplessly at the father Lu Eryuan walking in front of him and asked.

"Of course I have to go. Maybe what treasures are falling from the sky. I haven't heard of anyone getting rich by meteorites. This time may be the one that fell in the reed pond is a meteorite.

Hurry, maybe someone else will pick it up. Lu Eryuan said without looking back.

Lu Fangcheng couldn't help rolling his eyes and said, "Dad, do you think it's possible, how can a meteorite drop here, it's a flash of huge lightning.

Having said that, you just have to pick up a meteorite. What are you doing with so many fishing nets? "

Lu Eryuan: "Well, aren't you getting stupid for studied too much? It is a great chance of fishing after rain. Even if there is no meteorite, we can go fishing. We can't go home empty-handed this time, right? My son!"

“……”Lu Fangcheng: "Dad, you really think thoroughly!"


So the two walked towards the depths of the reed pond, leaving deep and shallow footprints. Just after the rainstorm, the water in the reed pond was already deep, and the road to the depths was really difficult to walk.

Fortunately, Lu Eryuan has rich experience. He can always find a good path. After a long muddy road, they finally reached the depth of the reed pond.

"Dad, did you smell anything? Stop here and we turn back?" Lu Fangcheng sniffed, wrinkling his nose.

"Well, there seems to be a smell, but it's okay, this should be caused by the ozone formed after the lightning!" Lu Eryuan also smelled, said.

Lu Fangcheng was stunned. My dad still knew this knowledge?

"His ~" Suddenly Lu Fangcheng heard the sound of his father Lu Eryuan breathing inhale, standing motionless in front of him.

Lu Fangcheng, just about to ask, when he saw the scene in front of him, he was shocked and said, "What is this ...?"

An open field in front, but in the center of the entire reed pond, which was the lushest reed, at this moment there was no reed.

In its place was a scorched land with an area of at least a few kilometers.

In the center of the scorched earth was a large pit, and in the large pit was a huge object emitting a dark green light.

Standing on the scorched earth, the smell was more intense, and there was a feeling of dizziness when you smell it.

"What's that?" Lu Eryuan said, "How do you feel? It's not a good thing."

"Well, Dad, I feel the same way, I think I'd better go home!" Lu Fangcheng said, looking at the dark green behemoth, he had a creepy feeling.

Speaking, the two wanted to leave quietly, but at this moment, the dark green behemoth moved, sat up from the big pit, and only half of its body remained in the big pit.

Their pupils dilated at this moment. After seeing the appearance of the giant, the two stunned, "Dragon? Dragon, dragon ... Is it a dragon?"

I saw the behemoth like a dragon which seemed only live in mythology, with a body like a snake, abdomen with claws, horns on the head, green body, red eyes.

The body had a disgusting slime dripping, and at the moment it moved, the stench diffused and the green mist spread around!

A huge roar came from the mouth of the huge creature. The terrifying sound wave spread, spreading at a speed of 340 meters per second. Within a few seconds, Lu Fangcheng and Lu Eryuan were directly blown away by the sound. When they were blown out in the air, the two were vomiting blood.

"Son, run away, go back and call the police!" Lu Eryuan got up from the ground, not caring about his eyes, nose, ears all dripping blood. He pulled up the unreacted Lu equation and turned away.

Lu Eryuan thought that the two of them were dead this time. Not only would he die, but also his son! But he didn't expect that after they had run out for hundreds of meters, the horrible monster like a dragon was not chased after them, but a roar was sounded.

Lu Eryuan didn't know what the reason was. He led Lu Fang, who was already unconscious, ran to his home. After running home, he ignored the frightened wife, hurriedly called the police, and then passed out.

Half an hour later, a large number of staff from related departments came here to block the entire reed pond, and the people in Lu Eryuan's family and even the entire village were isolated.

When Su Yu and Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian and Xuan Huo came here, they saw this scene. Everyone on the scene was wearing an isolation suit and a gas mask.

The four were fully armed and equipped when they came. After the four showed their relevant documents, they entered the blockade.

"Is this poisonous gas?" Su Yu asked with a frown.

After entering the reed pond, their face was a change. A faint green mist was floating in the entire reed pond, and it was the only green that could be seen in the entire reed pond.

The lush green verdant reeds had long disappeared and turned into the mud of the place, with a foul smell.

Xuan Huo ignited a cluster of flames and burned a ray of green mist. A large amount of black smoke was immediately emitted. He said: "This is not a simple poison, but a violent corpse poison. This task It really dangerous.

Everyone pay attention, don't breath in corpse poison breath! If infected with corpse poison, it will be troublesome, maybe you will become a walking dead! "

Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, and Su Yu heard all the important points. They didn't need Xuan Huo to say that they were also guarded. This time the equipment also has the ability to defend in this area. As long as you were careful, you can easily defend the corpse's poison gas.

"Ang ~"

Speaking, a loud roar came from a distance. Although it was far away, it still felt like something was yelling in the ear.

When Su Yu heard this roar, he asked, "Dragon? Is there really a dragon in this world?"

"Well, there are not only a lot of them but also many types of dragons. According to the brief description of the reporter, the dragon that fell this time should be a dragon in Eastern mythology, but some kind of bad change has taken place, it became a corpse dragon, it is no longer living! "Xuan Huo nodded and walked in the direction of the corpse dragon.

Xuan Huo continued: "According to the reporter, this corpse dragon should have just been transformed and cannot move, so it did not kill the reporter. It is now a good time to kill or seal you. If the transformation is over, it would be difficult to deal with! "

Chapter 30 Black Coffin

"Xuan Huo, why does the dragon become a corpse dragon? The corpse dragon is not a good thing!" Su Yu puzzled.

"All dragon species can be transformed into corpse dragons. The transformation of dragon species into corpse dragons is actually a degenerate process.

There are two possibilities to transform a dragon species into a corpse dragon. One is the failure of evolution. Some dragons are not willing to die, so they want to be alive differently, so they will degenerate and transform at the end of life.

However, this kind of dragon species willing to self-degenerate is rare. The dragon species with dragon blood are extremely proud, and would rather die than fall. Second, it had unexpectedly accident, such as infection with corpses! Xuan Huo explained.

"Wow, you know a lot about Xuan Huo!" Su Yu praised, of course, it was kind of making a flatterer.

Xuan Huo grinned and waved, "This is all learned from the boss. Compared with the boss, there are many things I need to learn!"

"Well, two flattery man, if you know something that others don't know, you just show off!" Xuan Nv hummed.

Huh? Xuan Nv's mood was a bit wrong, and she always feels against the Xuan Huo. When they came to the place, Su Yu was aware of it.

Could it be the cause of the conflict between ice and fire? Su Yu thought!

Quietly came to Xuan Dian's side and asked, "Xuan Dian, ask you something."

"What's the matter?" Xuan Dian glanced at Su Yu, a little far from Xuan Nv and Xuan Huo. In case their conversation was heard by them.

"Is it my illusion? How do I feel that Xuan Nv and Xuan Huo seem to be a bit of conflict?" Su Yu whispered.

"There is no discord, but for other reasons, they seem to have discord. I can only say these, do not inquire about the deeper, if you really want to know, you should ask Xuan Nv! You are not afraid of death! "Xuan Dian shook his head slightly.

Hearing this, Su Yu's eyes flashed sharply. He was interested in the story, but after taking a look at Xuan Nv, he decided not to be curious. The more interesting gossip was not important when compared with his life.

When they were speaking, it seems like a long time has passed, but in fact, the time has passed in less than two minutes. At the speed of four people, although they are not moving at full speed, they are also close to the position of the dead dragon.

It has been covered by green mist, and the ground has been corroded into swamp mud by green corpse poison.

It can be seen that a long behemoth like a dragon was rolling in a deep pit. At first sight, Su Yu almost spit out. It was disgusting. The whole body was full of cruel green slime. Many places on the body already decayed, revealed the bones.

"This thing? Is there really a dragon species willing to degenerated into this look?" Su Yu reluctantly said this situation was no better than death.

"Of course there is!" Xuan Dian nodded. "This is not the first corpse dragon we have dealt with."

"Is this corpse dragon willing to degenerated, or is it caused by other reasons?" Su Yu asked.

"It doesn't matter what the reason is. Once transformed, the process is irreversible. Although becoming a corpse dragon is a different kind of survival, it is no longer the original one. Wisdom will be lost a lot, and it will become extremely harmful. The corpse dragon is extremely bloodthirsty and feeds on the flesh and blood of living beings.

There is only one plan for corpse dragons, then obliterate them, and do not let the corpse poison spread! "Xuan Nv said, as they approached, the otherwise calm corpse dragon began to become manic.

Xuan Huo said: "Okay, I'm ready to start. Now that he hasn't completed the transformation, obliterate it now. Xuan Dian prepares the enchantment and pulls it into the enchantment to obliterate it!"

"Okay!" Xuan Dian responded and took out the enchantment ball and said, "Ready to move ... be careful!"

When Xuan Dian said half words, his face suddenly changed, screaming loudly.


Before Xuan Dian's words were finished, a big explosion occurred near the four of them, and the fire was splashing.

Su Yu suddenly felt a huge impact on his body, then blown up, his chest was stuffy, and then he spat blood in the air.

If it weren't for the defense of a combat suit and the timely use of the shock power to offset most of the sonic shock, it would definitely be more than vomiting blood at this moment.

After gliding on the ground for a long distance, Su Yu stood firm and looked at the flames, where a tall figure emerged from the flames, who was responsible for the explosion.

The comer was a middle-aged man with white hair, with a pair of blood-colored gloves in both hands, half of his face stunned, and half of his face covered with scars. The flaming fire couldn't hurt him at all.

"Bao Po in Black Coffin?" Xuan Huo saw the middle-aged man with a shrinking pupil.

"Hehe, Master Xuan Huo of the Monsters Detective Bureau still remembers the villain, the villain is really honored!" Blast grinned, reached out and touched the scar on his face, and looked at Xuan Huo's eyes full of hate.

"Honored? I think you can't wait to kill me? Why are the scars on your face? Forgot the pain I caused to you?" Xuan Huo said.

The cold light flashed in the eyes of Bao Po, and his face became even more haggard.

"Come out, everyone else in the Black Coffin!" Xuan Dian's body around the electric power and all the electric lights shot out in all directions.

Zizi ~ The current was chaotic, and several figures appear one after another. In addition to Bao Po, there were three men and two women.

A man was as handsome as a star, dressed in a robe-like white shirt.

The last man was a tall, muscular man in a tight vest!

Two women, one was a snake woman with a snake tail, and the other was a woman with pink hair and a slender figure.

"Well, Bao Po, Ci Shou, muscles, snake girls, Mi Xin, five members of the Black Coffin appeared all of a sudden, is this a chance for us to arrest you all?" Xuan Dian snorted.

"Giggle, Dian, you still have such a murderous spirit. You scared me, my little heart is jumping very quick, I like your sound that way!" Mi Xin said with a feminine sound.

Ok? Su Su suddenly felt spirit lingering, and almost fell to the ground, but at this moment a cold air suddenly penetrated into his body with his shoulders, and immediately recovered his spirit.

Xuan Nv put a hand on Su Yu's shoulder, and Xuan Nv's voice came: "Don't pay attention to what the woman said. Her ability belongs to the spiritual category, which can deceive the mind and be her puppet!"

Hearing that, Su Yu was shocked by cold sweat, realizing that he was almost attracted by her voice, and hurriedly asked, "Who is they, leader? Are they the enemy?"

Xuan Nv: "Well, it is the enemy. The person our bureau has always wanted to arrest is an organization called a Black Coffin. Be careful. When the black coffin comes, it will add a lot of danger. Be careful!"

Su Yu felt a little warm in his heart, and the cold young lady, Xuan Nv sometimes can also take good care of others!


Chapter 31 Fight against muscle men

"Evil organization? Giggle, I didn't expect the famous Xuan Nv to say such a thing! Our Black Coffin (organization) just collected the money of the employer to solve the problem for them, how did it become an evil organization?" Mi Xin said with a giggle.

"Huh, solve the problem? Does it just solve the user's problem?! How many things have black coffin done that hurt others, don't you know it yourself? Yeah, there are a lot of members of black coffin today, so today we will arrest and seal you all! "Xuan Nv's voice was cold.


"Oh, sister Xuan Nv, you are terrible and scared me to death. If your Monsters Detective Bureau really has the ability, then try it out? Hey? Xuan Nv, who is the younger brother behind you? Wouldn't it be a new recruit forced by your Monsters Detective Bureau !? "Mi Xin looked up and down at Su Yu with curiosity.

Su Yu didn't move and didn't say a word, but silently gave her a thumbs-up: Although you are not a good person, you are right, praise one!

"Enough, Mi Xin, don't talk nonsense. Since we met today, we will have a good time with the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau. Ci Shou, you will take the matter of capturing the core of the corpse dragon!" Bao Po said, preventing Mi Xin's speaking.

Ci Shou played her hair and smiled enchantingly: "Okay, leave it to me!"

"Hey, I have been looking forward to this fighting, I have long wanted to fight with the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau!" The muscle man opened his mouth and laughed, but his eyes were on Su Yu, Xuan Nv, and others.

The snake girl vomited a Nobuko, exuding a dangerous breath on her body.


At the next moment, the man of the Black Coffin (organization) took the lead, and blasted towards Xuan Huo: "Xuan Huo, let us continue the battle that did not end before!"

"Huh!" Xuan Huo snorted coldly, burning flames around his body, raising his hand and a pillar of fire arose, pointing against Bao Po, saying, "Everyone solves them as soon as possible!"

With a bang, a fierce collision between Xuan Huo and Bao Po, a big explosion, and a small mushroom rising into the sky.

"Giggle, my sister, come here to play with me!" Mi Xin giggled and rushed to Xuan Nv, her body was filled with pink mist, and a pink long whip was drawn from the waist.

Xuan Nv spread the sense of coldness, chopped the land with a sword, and the earth condensed into frost!

"Hey, it's really troublesome, you evil illegitimate organizations can't just disappear? Really!" Xuan Dian said impatiently with a sigh as he watched the snake girl rushing towards him, but his body quickly adjusted to the fighting state.

Xuan Dian bent his palm into the shape of a claw, raised it and fell, and a clap of thunder came out of nowhere and blasted towards the snake girl.

At the same time, Xuan Dian did not panic and took out the enchantment ball to activate, and instantly brought both sides and corpse dragons into the dimension space. So that he fierce fighting won't affect the present world.

"Well, you guys took all the strong ones? Just leave me a weak chicken rookie of the Monsters Detective Bureau?" The muscle man looked at his companion who had been fighting against other members of the Monsters Detective Bureau, said dissatisfied, and then looked at Su Yu: "Boy, hopes you not to be killed so fast by me and makes me play longer! "

Su Yu felt a headache, why was he fighting again? said: "Can you not fight? Let's chat!"

muscle man: "???"

to chat with? Talk about what, how does this kid grow up? And haven't you seen the situation? He has to fight!

"Look at my fist!" The muscle man turned back and sighed angrily, striding towards Su Yu, and his big fist smashed into the air.

With a bang, it punched on the ground, and a big pit appeared on the ground.

Su Yu was unharmed and avoided early. These days of training made Su Yu stronger. His body had been a qualitative improvement in all aspects. Although the muscle man's attack was fierce, Su Yu's speed was also fast.

"Huh? The kid's speed is good. It looks like you can make me play happily!" The muscle man looked at Su Yu, the stronger Su Yu, the happier he was!

Su Yu heard what he said, he felt unhappy, what the hell were you happy for?!

"Are you really not chatting? How tired are the fights? Look at you. Fighting all day, your brain has become abnormal, have IQs been replaced with muscles?" Su Yu tried to convince him again.

For the reason of the muscle, the most annoying thing was that others laughed at him, he has muscles but has no brain. His face turned to red, and said, "Okay, good, boy, you have successfully inspired my anger. No matter what, I must kill you today, liberate one percent of your muscles! "

A heatwave emanated from the muscle man's body. The muscles on the body swelled and the skin became red.

Uh ~

The next moment, the muscle man moved, and his huge body rushed towards Su Yu at a terrifying speed.

Alas, every step of the muscle man, the sound was like a cymbal drum, making a dull sound, each foot leaving a deep pit above the ground.

Su Yu was stunned, what was this situation? He did not understand why the big man in front of him angry suddenly.

Within seconds, the muscle man had arrived in front of Su Yu, and his big fist punched at him again.

Su Yu hurriedly raised his arms to defend, with a bang, Su Yu was blasted out and flew out dozens of meters before stopping. He shook his arms. The muscle man's punch made his arm tingling.

"Hey, you're enough. If you try again, I'll be unpolite to you!" Although Su Yu didn't want to fight, he didn't want to be beaten and not fight back.

"Unpolite? Hahaha, okay, then let's see how you are rude." The muscle man laughed, snorted loudly, a large pit appeared on the ground, and the muscle man rushed towards Su Yu with the reaction force.

Seeing this, Su Yu's expression became serious, and a white mist sprayed from his mouth, splitting, blue electric light appeared on Su Yu's body, swimming over his body.

"Huh? Is the electric super man?" Seeing this scene, the muscle man thought in his mind, but the forward stance did not change in any way, and the muscles on his body swelled again—the muscle unlocked 5 percent.

Su Yu didn't know what the muscle man thought, lunging, swinging his arm back, and then punched him fiercely, banging on the fist of the muscle man who had come near.


Two fists, one big and one small, collided together instantly, and the sound of thunderous thunder sounded every moment.

A shock wave of terror formed between the two, rushing in all directions.

With a bang, the ground under the feet of the two could not bear the strength of the two and began to sink and collapse. In the rumbling, a large pit more than twenty meters in diameter appeared on the ground, densely cracked like spider webs all around.

This time, Su Yu and the muscle man were evenly matched, and both were motionless, but the muscle man's eyes were full of surprise.

Because the muscle man found that Su Yu own electrical super power, but own the strengthening super power!


Chapter 32 Dragon Flame

After the burst, the smoke rose around, the muscle man looked at Su Yu who was standing against him, his eyes were full of astonishment, and he said, "You own the strengthening super power, and it is a pure strengthening super power?

Very good, really good, let me see if your strength is strong or my muscles are strong, muscle strengthening unlocks 10%! "

Hissing, the hot steam sprayed out of muscle man's pores, and the muscles of the whole body swelled even more, and the muscles of his shoulders were even higher.

With a bang, Su Yu flew again and was bombed by the muscle man's surge in strength.

"Come, fight!" The muscle man yelled, chasing towards Su Yu, with each step a large piece of land collapsed.

Boom boom, the muscle man's double fists kept hitting, and there was a sound boom, and one punch punched toward Su Yu.

Boom, Su Yu stepped on the ground, stabilized his body, looked at the avid muscle man, Su Yu felt a terrible headache, glanced at Xuan Nv and others who were busy fighting, Su Yu knew that he could only rely on himself now.

Exhaling a white mist, Su Yu took the battle seriously for the first time, and his muscles bulged slightly. Although he was inconspicuous compared to a muscle man and even looked slightly thinner, the power of terror was surging in Su Yu's body.


The ground at Su Yu's feet collapsed, and the figure had disappeared. When the muscle man approached, his fists kept blasting out, but it was just pure strength, and the muscle man blasted.

The fists of the two's punching were very fast, forming hundreds of fists shadow, and countless fists collided in the air, making a roaring sound as if numerous bombs were constantly exploding.

Heavy shock waves continued to spread outward, and the surrounding earth was constantly cracking.

"Hahaha, it's fun, it's really fun. I still like to fight from boxing to flesh. Cool, too cool. What's your name, boy? You made me happy, you are entitled to tell your name! "The muscle man laughed, and the whole man seemed crazy.

"You don't have the right to know my name!" Su Yu replied, so he didn't tell his name to this lunatic, even if it was a code name.

The two were extremely fast and attacked fiercely, and the battlefield was constantly moving, and the ground was a mess.

At this time, when the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau such as Su Yu and members of the Black Coffin (organization) such as Bao Po were fighting fierce, Ci Shou of the Black Coffin (organization) and the corpse dragon also fought. After this time, the corpse dragon finally completed the transformation and became a real corpse dragon.

After the transformation is completed, the body of the corpse dragon was smaller, but nobody present dared to underestimate the corpse dragon that has completed the transformation.

The disgusting slime was gone, most of the flesh had disappeared, and large bones were bare.

The fearful and depressing evil breath continued to emanate from the corpse dragon, and the corpse poisonous like green clouds surrounded it.

"Ang ~" The corpse dragon roared, spit out the bitter green corpse dragon flame to burn Ci Shou. A pair of blood-stained dragon eyes were full of desire for flesh and blood.

Countless metals were constantly flying under the control of the Ci Shou's power, condensing into a huge shield blocking the body.

With a short slap, the dragon flame impacted on the shield, making a loud noise, and a huge steel shield quickly melted and corroded under the dragon flame. The dragon flame of the corpse dragon not only carried the high-temperature burning ability but also had a corpse poison with great corrosion capacity.

After the Ci Shou blocked the corpse dragon's attack, he did not choose to continue the confrontation with the corpse dragon but instead shouted: "Bao Po, Core was contaminated by the corpse poison, and it is no longer necessary. We withdraw. Let the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau accompany to play with it! "

"Withdrawal!" The muscle man who fought against Su Yu stopped the fierce attack immediately when he heard Ci Shou's words, and he uttered a safe distance from Su Yu, saying, "Boy, today I did not satisfied still, rest assured, we will see! "

Then the muscle man ran towards Ci Shou, Su Yu chased after him symbolically, not because Su Yu didn't want to chase, but because he felt the danger of muscle man, who never really showed all his power.

Su Yu has a feeling that if he chases too tightly, the muscle man may give him a hard shot. For his own life, Su Yu didn't want to adventure.

The muscle man looked at Su Yu who didn't chase very tightly, and his eyes showed a touch of disappointment. He did not expect that Su Yu was not fooled. Su Yu's power was weak still. He really didn't care much. He was confident that he can beat him to death when he uses all his power, maybe need only an erupt punching?

However, he did not want to do that. The consequences of killing a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau were serious.

However, if Su Yu really chased him closely, it is another matter.

Unfortunately, Su Yu didn't chase him closely, and the muscle man felt disappointing and cursed Su Yu's cunning.

Hearing the words of the Ci Shou, Bao Po and others also try to withdraw and gather together.

Undoubtedly, the other three people would not let this chance go away like Su Yu, let the person in the Black Coffin (organization) leave, and try to catch up with them, attacking towards them.

Xuan Huo released out a pillar of fire, flying towards Bao Po, and the pillar of fire was blown to blast by Bao Po.

Xuan Huo said coldly, "Bao Po, do you want to leave, are you a bit naive? Bao Po, didn't you just say you want to die with me? Why do you want to slip now?"

Bao Po sneer, while resisting the attack of Xuan Huo, said: "Xuan Huo, want to irritate me? Oh, useless, there is always a chance for a fight, there is no interest this time, we will not waste time here! "

Xuan Huo's face was gloomy. The Black Coffin (organization) guys were hateful. Although they were desperate criminals, they didn't work hard at any time. Only when they had enough benefits would they really work hard.

Even if it encountered a mortal enemy, if there were not enough benefits, the Black Coffin members would choose to leave instead of revenge back. The Black Coffin (organization) is an interest-oriented organization, and the Black Coffin (organization) members were always slippery and difficult to arrest.

At this moment, Bao Po and other people have to run away, Core contaminated by corpse poison has no value at all, and Bao Po did not want to waste time.

"Ci Shou, bring the corpse dragon over and let it play with the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau!" Bao Po said.

"Despicable!" Xuan Huo scolded, knowing that Bao Po's plan was to use the corpse dragon to obstruct them so that Bao Po and others have time to leave the enchantment. Though knowing that, it is difficult to stop them.

Unless, the corpse dragon can be wiped out in a very short time, before Bao Po and others leave the enchantment.

Uh ~

Hearing Bao Po's order, Ci Shou flew on, stepping on the steel he made, and behind him was the corpse dragon.

At this time, under Bao Po's intention, the two sides members plus a corpse dragon have gathered within a certain range.

The corpse dragon did not care about anything. In its eyes, both sides were food.

The corpse Dragon yelled a large mouthful of dragon flames spewed out, and within a few miles of the ground were burning green flames, covering everyone.

Chapter 33 Perfect Cooperation

The flames were approaching, and everyone didn't care about others. They released their powers and forced the flames away to prevent burns and infections.

An icy breath flashed by, the flames extinguished quickly, and Xuan Huo roared immediately: "Damn!"

Bao Po escaped his attack range while taking advantage of the gap that the corpse dragon struck, so were the snake girl, Mi Xin and so on.

A few kilometers away, Bao Po and others stood on a huge black coffin (space door) and blasted with a laugh: "All the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau, let's leave first, I hope you have a good time!"

Anyway, the five people jumped into the huge black coffin (space door), and then the Black Coffin (space door) exploded, then turned into blacklight disappeared. The five people disappeared!

"Black Coffin (name) is also here! No wonder they are so bold!" Xuan Dian said, looking at the direction in which the black coffin (space door) was dissipating, with a bit of fear.

"The black coffin (name)?" Su Yu raised an eyebrow.

"Well, he is the founder of the Black Coffin Organization, a special space super power man. With him, it is very difficult for us to kill them. No wonder Bao Po and others are not panic when they are drawn into the enchantment because Black Coffin should have thought of it long ago.

The ordinary enchantment can't stop the Black Coffin (name) from entering and exiting at all! "Xuan Dian scratched his head.

"It's useless to say more, now we should think about how to deal with this corpse dragon!" Xuan Nv said, looking at the huge corpse dragon with a serious look.

The transforming corpse dragon and the transformed corpse dragon were completely two levels in combat power. The reason why the Black Coffin (name) and other people fled immediately was that the core of the corpse dragon could not be used. The other reason was that they did not want to involved in the fighting with the transformed corpse dragon.

All looked at the increasingly violent corpse dragon, and just after the transformation, it was the time when the corpse dragon was most eager for flesh and blood.

At this moment, the corpse dragon has completely taken them as food!

"Ang ~" The corpse dragon roared, the sound waves rippled out in a circle, the body meandered, the violent power surged out, and the earth began to collapse under this violent power.

Sa ~ Xuan Nv's long sword came out of the sheath, a sword cut across, and the arc-shaped gravity cut screamed out. A blast on the corpse dragon pushed its huge body back several meters away, but it did not cause any damage to the corpse dragon.

The corpse dragon suffered a blow, its eyes became more blood red, it was screaming again and again, and the mouth opened wide again.

However, just before the flame eruption, a huge thunder column with a diameter of several meters descended from the sky, and a bang blasted on the skull of the corpse dragon. The cloud of corpse poison was instantly evaporated, and the powerful force knocked the corpse dragon from the sky above the ground.

Countless thunder and lightning constantly jumped on the body of the corpse dragon, and the body of the corpse dragon stiffly stood in the big pit.

Xuan Huo then proceeded to move, a huge fireball with a diameter of 100 meters appeared on the sky, just like another sun rising, Xuan Huo threw his hands down, and the fireball fell down.

With a loud bang, a huge explosion occurred, a pillar of fire rose into the sky, and the screams of the corpse dragon continued to scream.

When the flames dissipated, the burning flesh was blackened, and the corpse dragon with redbones appeared in front, and the fierce breath burst out. Looking at them, its eyes were endless resentment which made Su Yu sweated.

"Xuan Nv!" Xuan Huo roared.

Xuan Nv didn't answer but went straight to the corpse dragon, and the endless coldness burst from the woman, turning into an ice storm and blowing on the corpse dragon.

Visible to the naked eye, the corpse dragon was frozen into an ice sculpture, and its huge body was frozen in the ice, but that's it.

The process of breaking through the ice was fast and easy for the corpse dragon!

"It's you, Xuan Zhen, use your shock power to break this ice!" Xuan Nv shouted.

Su Yu froze and then use his shock power. The blue halo appeared on Su Yu's body, especially the fist blue halo was more intense.

Although Su Yu didn't know why Xuan Nv asked him to break the ice, he just obeyed the order.

Uh ~ um ~

Su Yu hit a punch on the frozen ice of the frozen corpse dragon, first making a muffled sound, and then the force of shock broke out.

Clicking ~ Sounds like glass shattering continuously, and numerous cracks were centered around Su Yu's fist, spreading without interruption.

Then a bang, the huge ice broke up, and the frozen corpse dragon also came out of the trap and issued an angry roar.

The corpse dragon was still that corpse dragon, but its appearance was also very tragic. The dense cracks cover the skeleton of the corpse dragon as if it was broken porcelain. It can be crushed with a little force.

Seeing this astonishment, Su Yu then understood. Quickly cooling hot metal can make the metal extremely brittle. Similarly, the rapid cooling of the bone was the same.

The successive attacks of Xuan Dian and Xuan Huo have already made the body of the corpse dragon very hot, while the attack of the Xuan Nv has quickly cooled the corpse dragon, making the originally hard bones extremely vulnerable.

And his attack, in the end, played a decisive effect, the shock power directly cracked the corpse dragon.

This was very clever attack cooperation. If they were not very familiar and experienced, they can't make such a beautiful attack at all.

Of course, this did not include Su Yu. Su Yu has only followed the order, and his fighting skills were far behind compared to Xuan Huo and others.

"Very good, continue to attack. Before the corpse dragon recovers, smash the corpse dragon, seal, and obliterate it!" Xuan Huo shouted, and the flame attack continued to blast the corpse dragon.

Because the three were attacking in a long-range, Su Yu couldn't get in at all, but could only watch while waiting for Xuan Nv's order.

While the corpse dragon was weak, the three blasted it violently. After ten minutes, the powerful corpse dragon was finally broken into pieces.

"Su Yu, go and seal the dead dragon, remember not to drop even a piece!" Xuan Nv gasped.

"Yes, leader!" After Su Yu answered, he took out the Seal Stick, then ran to the corpse dragon to start the Seal. Though the corpse dragon being broken into pieces, the corpse dragon did not die. It's still alive!

The idea of Xuan Nv and others was to bring the corpse dragon back to the bureau for research and find some available clues, such as whether the transformation of the corpse dragon was voluntary or caused by other reasons.

The body of the corpse dragon was fragmented into 121 pieces. It took Su Yu half an hour to seal all the body fragments of the corpse dragon.

Subsequently, Xuan Dian revoked the enchantment, and the four returned to the present world, but the work was not finished. Until two days later, after collecting and purifying all the corpses, the four returned to the investigative bureau and report the case and the corpse dragon. The corpse dragon was handed to Xuan Laogua and Xuan Yi for testing and research.

The result was that the corpse dragon was not degenerated by its wish but caused by other reasons. This news was shocking because this was not good news!


Chapter 34 Sheyang Village

Xuan Huo was responsible for writing the case report, Xuan Dian was to complete his own work, Xuan Nv and Su Yu have nothing to do. After coming out of the boss's office, they came to the training room to continue training.

To be more precise, Xuan Nv unilaterally asked Su Yu to train.

Xuan Nv said: "Xuan Zhen, your strength is still very weak now, you must strengthen your training. The muscular man of the Black Coffin (organization) has already noticed you, maybe he will come to you some time."

"???" Su Yu said: "Leader, you mean, that muscle man will come to trouble me?"

"Well, 80% of the possibility, the muscle man is famous for fighting, especially for the super man with similar power. His power is muscle strengthening, and you are also strength power. To a certain extent, your power is similar to his, and yours are purer.

This time he hit you without using full effort at all, otherwise, you would have been defeated. He was definitely not very enjoyable for this fighting. He will definitely come to you again. The next time he comes to you, he will not mercy for you.

If your strength grows less than he expected, he will probably kill you next time he meets.

Don't think that I am alarmist. There are already several similar cases that happened with the muscular man, and they were strength super power, and they have met the muscular man more than twice. "

Su Yu suddenly felt a headache. Why did he let the pervert pay attention? He was planning on lazy on the training, but now, it was a matter of life, and Su Yu became extremely serious.

Then, without any urging, Su Yu was sweating and exercising. Xuan Nv watched Su Yu training carefully, the proud smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.


"Dad, I'm so uncomfortable, cough, Am I going to dying!" Under the dim light, the thin little boy with an abnormal flush on his face continued to cough, lying there all over weak.

"No, my little baby boy, Li Cang is the bravest. How can you die? Father and mother will always be by your side. Don't be afraid. Cang baby will get better. Come and catch some water. Hurry up to sleep and you'll be fine tomorrow! "Li Xuan stroked the baby son's forehead in a distressed way, his forehead was very hot.

Li Cang raised his head and gave a soft hum. After being fed a sip of water, he fell asleep and kept flapdoodle.

Seeing Li Cang sleep, a middle-aged beautiful woman just couldn't help tearing her tears, clutching Li Cang's hand, she didn't dare to cry out loud, and choked, "My baby boy, dad, what do you do, why this is happening? He was fine, why did it suddenly become like this? Did the devil do this?

What to do, what the hell can I do? I can't live without my kid! "

"Don't talk nonsense, it is not the evil, it's just a high fever. This disease can be easily cured in big cities. Where do you have so many feudal superstitions?" Li Xuan whispered, emotionally irritable, looking at the burning little flushed son, he was also anxious.

Li Cang's mother was a little afraid of Li Xuan, so after Li Xuan said it, and she immediately stopped crying and hold back her tears.

Li Xuan paced back and forth on the ground, and after walking back and forth for a few laps, he said, "Child's mother, I want to go to the city overnight, buy medicines for the hurries, and even invite a doctor. You stay at home to take care of Li Cang, feed him more water! "

Hearing Li Xuan's words, she suddenly stunned and said, "No, it's too dangerous, it's too dangerous to walking in the mountain overnight!"

The place where the family located was called Sheyang Village, which was a very remote small mountain village. There was only an artificial path cut out of the cliffs connecting the outside of the mountain.


Mountain roads are extremely dangerous! Walking during the day was abnormally dangerous, let alone at night.

There were many people who fall off the cliff and fall to deaths, so when she heard about her husband's words, her first reaction was to stop him.

"I have to, I have to go, rest assured. I'm most familiar with the way up and down the mountain. I can go down even with my eyes closed, rest assured that nothing will happen. There is no time for us to waste, it can't be delayed!" Li Xuan said, packing, ready to leave.

At the same time, he also commanded: "Don't let others know that the child is getting sick, or else those people will do the "Inviting God " to cure the disease. Is that can cure disease? That is harmful! That may kill the patient whose disease can be cured! "

"Okay, I know!" she agreed.

"Let's go, remember what I said!" Lu Xuan said it again before leaving, and while it was night, he walked towards the mountain road away from the village. Li Xuan planed, he could walk down the mountain until the dawn. And he will be back home tomorrow afternoon.

As long as his wife fed Li Cang more water, they can definitely wait that he returns.

However, the plan could not keep up with the changes. When he reached the middle of the mountain, he didn't know that his son, Li Cang, suddenly became seriously ill, vomited and diarrhea, and then completely lose consciousness.

This situation scared Li Cang's mother, Li Xuan was not at home, she completely lost her mind, and she was a superstitious person, so at this moment, superstition was her only life-saving straw.

Immediately holding up his son, she ran towards the three aunts' houses in the village.

Of course, Li Cang's mother also remembered Li Xuan's words, so she was extremely quiet. She didn't want to wake everyone in the village. She resisted the cry and came to the third aunt's house. But Sheyang Village was so small, the tiniest news will soon spread out around the village!

Even news that a mosquito died in the village west, the village chief immediately knew that the mosquito was male or female.

Soon after Li Cang's mother took Li Cang to the third aunt's house, everyone in the village knew that Li Xuan's son Li Cang was sick seriously, and it might be caused by the devil.

People in the village didn't want to sleep anymore and went to the third aunt's house.

"Aunt, are you asleep? Save my son quickly, Aunt, please open the door!" Li Cang's mother slapped the door and shouted.


Soon, the door of the third aunt's room was opened, and a very very old lady with silver hair appeared in front of Li Cang's mother, her waist bend, and its body shape almost became a question mark.

The very very old woman with goose cranes was the third aunt and the so-called 'witcher' in Sheyang Village. It was the only person in the village who can "Inviting God". So everyone in Sheyang Village was in awe of the third aunt!

The third aunt raised her eyes and said hoarsely, "Li Cang's mother? What's wrong, why are you knocking my door even at night?"

Li Cang's mother immediately knelt on the ground, holding Li Cang and prayed, "The third aunt, you must save my son, you must save him!"

The third aunt heard it, a slant glance at her, didn't mean to get her up, but looked for someone behind her, and asked, "Where is Li Xuan, isn't he saying that I am a liar? Why are you asking me for saving your son? Isn't he believers in science? Huh ... "


Chapter 35 Inviting God

"Aunt Aunt, I will apologize for his father, please forgive him. His father becomes silly after going out for working. Aunt, please save Li Cang, I will give you kowtow!" she begged and did not say Li Xuan has gone to the city to buy medicine for Li Cang and wanna find a doctor treatment.

The third aunt's somber face looked a little better and said, "Li Cang's mother, you know my rules ..."

"Yes, yes, the third aunt, I know the rules. This is the bracelet that I dowry. This is made of gold!" Li Cang's mother said, took a jade bracelet from her hand, and took out a stack of a handkerchief from the waist where the paper money was handed respectfully to the third aunt.

The third aunt did not hesitate to reach out to take over, and her facial expression was a little better. She said, "You know, these are not giving for me. Remember, this is for "Inviting God".

Alright, stand up, let me have a look at Li Cang! "

The third aunts moved, came to look at Li Cang, stretched out a skeleton-like hand and touched Li Cang's forehead, then retracted like lightning: "His, it's hot, Li Cang's mother, this is the evil spirit's power! "

Immediately scared and panicked, Li Cang's mother knelt down again and begged, "The third aunt, you can rescue Li Cang. I can't live without Li Cang. As long as you save Xia Cang, I am willing to do anything."

"Get up, not so exaggerated. Although evil is powerful, and its spirit occupied Li Cang's body, it has less power than the Gods. As long as I invite the Gods down, I can easily cure Li Cang, hurry up and help me to make preparation for "Inviting God"!

Others, don't only watch, all come to help! "said the third aunt.

At this time, more and more villagers came to the outside of the third aunt's house.

Soon, a strange altar was placed in the courtyard of the third aunt.

Li Cao was placed in the middle of the altar. The third aunt wore a robe sewn by countless colorful cloth strips and stood at a table covered by a yellow cloth with incense burners, rice, buns, rice, and other offerings.

In addition, there were bells and other weird things, alas, and a peach sword!

"When I cast a spell to "Inviting God", don't all of you approach the altar, nor do you approach me, so does you, Li Cang's mother, don't disturb "Inviting God". Understood?” The third aunts said after all preparation was placed as her command.

Hearing the words of the third aunt, the people in Sheyang Village immediately quit the third aunt's courtyard and not dared to look outside the courtyard.

Even if Li Cang's mother was very worried about Li Cang, she obediently retreated at this moment.

Seeing this, the third aunt nodded in satisfaction: "Very good, Li Cang's mom, in order to make Li Cang get cured as soon as possible, I will give you something good, inviting a powerful god to drive the evil spirits away."

"Thank you, aunt, thank you!" After hearing the words, Li Cang's mother moved to tears, and kneed to thank her, and said, "Aunt, don't worry, I will definitely provide lots of tribute to the God in the future."

"It's good if you have this intention!" the third aunt nodded, her voice was serious, but she was very happy in her heart, and she succeeded in deception with only a few lies. As for the good thing she said, it was just one of the things she picked up in the mountain. It was a huge tooth, and in her judgment, it was a tooth of a wild boar.

Aunt trembled and took out a palm-sized, dagger-like tooth from her arms and placed it on the tribute table.

"Aunt, what is that? A big tooth!" a villager asked.

Aunt said with a smile: "This is not an ordinary tooth, but a tooth of a god. This is the tooth of a powerful god. Through this tooth, I can invite the master of the tooth. The great god please come down. . "

After hearing the words of Aunt, the villagers came to excited, there was a flash of fiery in their eyes. It was the teeth of the god!

But even though, no one dares to snatch.

The third aunt sneered at this: What a fool, they really believed what I said!

The third aunt coughed slightly, abandoning her mixed feelings, and she was about to start her performance.

"Inviting god"? That is of course impossible. Let me not mention whether there is a so-called god or not.

But that's not important, and the result was also not important. What's important was the process. As long as the momentum was big, the more exaggerated, the easier it will be to convince them.

She can be said to be familiar with this routine. She immediately flipped her eyelids and exposed large white eyes. She grabbed a handful of rice and dangled into the air, then grabbed a handful of paper money and threw it into the air.

"Ah ~" The third aunt suddenly yelled, and the cast began formally, shaking with a bell in one hand and a wooden sword in the other.

No one can understand.

Because of the distance, the people of Sheyang Village could not hear what the third aunt was saying, so the third aunt felt that she was speaking the incantation, and they were more awed the third aunt. However, the third aunt only murmured what would eat tomorrow!

"Ahhhhh ~ What I will eat tomorrow? I have made so much today, and I will have a nice meal tomorrow!"

"The people of Sheyang Village are so deceiving, they are really stupid!"

"Oh, it's so tired to "Inviting God" !"


About ten minutes later, the third aunt yelled, everything stopped, and it was the last part of the final stage—The God is coming!

Suddenly the third aunt yelled, shocking everyone, and then they saw that the third aunt stood upright, and the whole person changed instantly. When the third aunt spoke, everyone found her sounds have changed, and the cymbals have become much younger.

The villagers looked at each other with a look of terror in their eyes. What else need to say? Immediately crackling, all fell down to kneed.

The third aunts (pretend to be gods): "Human, as your request, God already know and read your prayers sincerely, and God will help you once to drive out evil spirits."

Then the third aunt (pretend to be gods) came to the donation table, picked up the teeth, and then said, "I will use this tooth of mine as a medium to drive out evil spirits!"

She took a step, came to Li Cang who was unconscious. She took the teeth and stroked them over Li Cang's body. Then she accidentally cut her skin with the teeth, blood leaked out, and dripped on the teeth.

It's painful, so the terrified third aunt screamed, and thrown aside the teeth. This scream frightened everyone on the scene again. It can be said that the scam has been revealed.

Chapter 36 Mom

However, the third aunt had extensive experience in cheating and deceiving, so she immediately reacted from the accident and pretended to be lying down on the ground by a powerful force. After a while, she pretended to just wake up and said, "Oh, my head hurts. This time, the gods are so powerful that I can't bear and fell in a coma?"

The third aunt stood up, dangled her waists again, came to Li Cang's side, reached out and touched, and said loudly, "Yes, the temperature has come down, the evil spirits have been expelled!"

Hearing this, Li Cang's mother immediately showed a relief smile, and hurried over to pick up Li Cang, touched his forehead, and the fever had receded, and said, "Thank God, his forehead is not so hot, thank you, the third aunt. Thank you! "

"Cang's mother, take Li Cang to go home and rest. He will be fine tomorrow!" The third aunt waved, sneering in her heart. After blowing in the mountain wind for so long, that's strange if Li Cang's forehead was still hot.

If his forehead heat again, she only needs to say that Li Cang was possessed by the new evil spirits. She was very experienced in this area.

"Thank you, aunt, Thank you!" Li Cang's mother had thanked aunt again and again, and everyone in the village praised the third aunt's power, after seeing this. At the same time, they helped the third aunt to move various altar items back to the house.

However, no one noticed that, not far from them, the teeth that had fallen on the ground, and the bloodstains on them were disappearing quickly, sinking into the teeth.

Slivers of black smoke continued to emerge from the teeth, like little snakes, constantly swimming on the teeth and a sensing wave that ordinary people could not feel continued to spread out from the teeth.

In the mountain less than ten miles away from Sheyang Village, almost at the same moment when the sensing wave appeared, countless black smoke emerged from the ground, gradually condensing into a huge black snake with nearly ten meters length.

"His ~"

The snake hissed, its sharp teeth like a dagger made people feel cold, and after the hissing sound was over, a pair of twinkling eyes with wisdom scarlet looked in the direction of Sheyang Village.

Its tongue fluttering and the tail was swung, and the huge body had already flowed out. Within a few seconds, the giant snake had swum a hundred meters, and the speed was getting faster and faster. The naked eye could only see a shadow as the wind passed.

Ten miles away was not a very close distance for ordinary people, but it was very close for the black giant snake.

Just a few minutes, the villagers just put the third aunt 's props back into the house, and the black giant snake has already arrived in Sheyang Village, and according to the induction fluctuations returned from its teeth, he accurately found the third aunt 's home.

This was a millennium snake demon, sealed under the ground. Almost a thousand years later, its seal had long been loosened slightly.

Basically, this seal was able to the death of the millennium snake demon till death, but just now, the preparation it left many years ago finally took effect. Before being killed by the seal, the snake demon took the lead to break the seal after getting the nutrition of the third aunt's blood.

However, it has spent all its energy to break through the seal and needs to eat a lot of flesh and blood to replenish energy.

When it broke the seal, the snake felt through its teeth that a large amount of flesh and blood appeared near the teeth.

It came to the house, and the dark night became its protective color. It entangled in a big tree in the third aunt's courtyard, watching the third aunt and other people filled with joy, and made a woman-like sound: "A lot of flesh and blood, I am too happy! "

Hiss ~ The black giant snake catch the third aunt within only seconds, and then swallowed the third aunt with a grunt. This happened so quickly, that the third aunt had no time to scream before she died.

Just the moment before, the third aunt was still thinking about what she would eat tomorrow, but suddenly she became the dinner of the snake.

After swallowing the third aunt, the shape of the black giant snake did not change significantly, but its scales that were grayed became black and bright.

A lot of villagers had seen this scene, but they were stunned, so they didn't make any noise. After a while, when the black snake was about to devour the second person, the villagers finally reacted and screamed. Runaway!

"Runaway, the monster is eating people!"

"Ah, the third aunt was eaten, it's over ..."

Looking at the villagers scattered ran away, Black Snake Yemenga not only was not angry but looked at all this with interest, which reminded the life before being sealed. At that time, it was hunting like this, although in the past It's been thousands of years, the prey hunted by it still escapes the same.

Yemenga somewhat recalled its past life, how carefree it was at that time, relaxing and hunting.

However, the arrival of several people has ruined its life. Thought about this, Yemenga had raised the boundless anger, growling, "People of the Xuan School, I,  Yemenga swear, I must eat you all!"

After roaring, Yemenga moved again, swimming quickly in Sheyang Village, one bite a person, then swallowed, and became the energy to supplement its origin.

The villagers ran in a panic and screamed, and more and more people in the village were heard, and then screaming run away.

Li Cang's mother hugged Li Cang and ran desperately, watching someone in the back and being swallowed by the snake, and she felt terrified.

It's impossible to run away, the speed of the giant snake was too fast, no one can run past it, Li Cang's recognized the facts, but Li Cang's didn't want to give up, because Li Cang was still in her arms.

"Son, mama will protect you, I won't let you die, absolutely not!" Li Cang's mother looked at Li Cang, her voice firmly.

Li Cang's mother looked around and saw a mouthful of a water tank filled with water. Her eyes lightened, she ran to the water tank a few steps and put Li Cang into the water tank under the chaos scene.

The water level rose, and the water surface rose to the chest position of Li Cang, which drowned most of Li Cang's body and could cover most of the breath.

"Son, goodbye!" she kissed Li Cang's forehead, tears kept flowing down, dripping into the water tank, and then she covered the water tank cap and press it with stones.

It was just that Li Cang's mother didn't hear it. The moment she closed the water tank lid, Li Cang opened his eyes slightly and called softly: Mom!

After doing all this, she looked at the snake Yemenga, which was getting closer and closer, and looked at the water tank in which her son was hiding. She picked up a stone and vigorously hit Yemenga.


The stone was smashed accurately and hit Yemenga's head, and Yemenga was extremely shocked, looking at the small human who dared to attack it.

With a grunt, Yemenga swallowed the food in his mouth and said, "Small human, how dare you attack me?"

"Fuck you, monster, I'm not afraid of you. Wanna eat me? Impossible!" she shouted and then ran away using all her energy, she could only think of pulling the snake demon's attention away as far as possible, away from her son.

Chapter 37 Moving

The next afternoon, Li Xuan gasped and walked on the mountain road back to the village.

Although he did not close his eyes the whole night and felt very tired, Li Xuan insisted on backing home immediately.

Although no doctor willing to return to the village with him this time, he brought the medicine according to Li Cang's symptoms. As long as Li Cang took the medicine, Li Xuan believed that his son's illness would be better soon.

The mountain road was rugged and difficult to walk, but it can't slow Li Cang's rush to go home. So Li Xuan spent much less time than usual on the whole journey.

Li Xuan had planned to go back to feed his son the medicine first, and then he would have a good sleep.

But as he approached the village, Li Xuan suddenly had a bad hunch. Why was he can hear a cry?

Something went wrong, something must have happened in the village, Li Xuan realized that something was wrong.

Regardless of the danger, Li Xuan ran on the mountain road, ran down, got up, ran again, and his body was full of blue and purple with injuries.

However, Li Xuan seemed to can't feel pain at this moment.

Looking blankly at everything in front of him, was this still his familiar village?

Inside the village was a white cloth, joss paper fluttered along with the mountain wind, and the villagers were crying while burning joss paper.

Li Xuan's scalp suddenly almost exploded. What happened in the village?

A few seconds later, Li Xuan thought of his wife and son at first. He ran in the direction of his home, but no one was in the house.

"My boy, where are you, I'm back!" Li Xuan shouted, running around the village, and each time he met one person, he asked if he had seen his wife and child.

During that period, he also knew what was going on in the village, and it turned out to be attacked by the monster. If it was usual time, he would think its bullshit.

But at this moment he had to believe it. He had seen the tragic situation in the village! He saw many bloodstains and many traces of giant reptiles flowing down.

But because of this, he was even more worried about the safety of his wife and his child. His chest seemed to be hard to breathe as if he was been pressed a big stone—where were you? where were you?

"Li Xuan, your son has been found!" At this time, a villager shouted. Li Xuan, who was about to pass out, was completely awake when he heard this. He rushed like wind over to Li Cang who hidden in the water tank.

In the water tank, Li Cang leaned against the water tank with a pale face, breathing sharply.

"Son, hurry up!" Li Xuan shouted, hurriedly hold Li Cang out of the water, hugged tightly in his arms, and shouted, "Hurry up, wake up, dad is here!"

"Dad !?" Li Cang finally woke up with a loud call: "Dad, I'm cold!"

"Li Xuan, hug the child, go home, change the clothes for the child, hurry! Hey, damn it, the third aunt also was eaten by the monster. If the third aunt was alive ..." a villager reminded.

"Ah, okay!" Li Xuan heard it and responded, picking up his son and walking to go home, his mind was still mixed. The liar wizard also ate by the monster?

For this moment, Li Xuan didn't know whether to be happy or sad!

When he got home, he quickly changed Li Cang's cloth to dry clothes and let him take medicine. Soon Li Cang fell asleep under the influence of the medicine.

Li Xuan touched Li Cang's forehead, and his eyes flashed with tears. He had never mentioned the child's mother before, not because he had forgotten her safety, but he dared not. He already had the answer in his heart.

He knew that his wife's character, not very smart and somewhat superstitious, but she would never leave Li Cang alone, but Li Cang's side did not see her.

Li Xuan knew that the child's mother had already become dangerous, even dead!

Of course, he still had a glimmer of hope in his mind before he got the exact answer.

"What to do? What should I do now?" Li Xuan murmured, holding his head, and was extremely flustered in her heart.

"Is Li Xuan at home? Go to the village chief's house, he have something to announce!" The villagers' voices sounded, interrupting Li Xuan's thoughts.

Some came to the village chief's house, Li Xuan found that the village chief's house was full of people inside and out, but many familiar faces did not show up.

Many villagers at the scene had red and swollen eyes, which was caused just after crying.

An old man with gray hair said, "Villagers, we all know the tragic situation that happened last night. We were attacked by a giant snake in Sheyang Village, and many people were eaten.

This time I asked everyone to come and discuss one thing, that is to move away from Sheyang Village. The snake demon came here once, it is likely that it will come again, and no one can escape from the mouth of the snake demon! "

As soon as this word came out, the villagers at the scene were in an uproar. Someone said: "Village chief, we are moving out? where are we going?"

Li Xuan was also agitated: "Move away?Why do you want to move away? What about those villagers who disappeared? You don't care about those who were eaten by the snake demon? Just let them die?"

He hasn't found his wife and he didn't want to leave!

The chief of Sheyang Village struck the crutches stiffly and said, "Li Xuan! No one is missing. Those who are not here today have been eaten by the snake demon. Your wife has been eaten by the snake demon ..."

"Impossible, you bullshit!" Li Xuan's face changed, he couldn't accept the answer!

The chief of Sheyang Village was also startled by Li Xuan's expression, but he quickly reacted and said, "Whether you believe it or not, your wife was swallowed by the snake demon. This is what the villagers saw with their own eyes. Twelve people were eaten, and your wife is one of them!

If we don't leave this time, it is likely to become the prey of the snake demon attack again and become its food! "

"Don't we avenge the killed villagers?" Li Xuan shouted.

"Revenge? How can we revenge? Who can defeat the snake demon? Is it you? Li Xuan, how to revenge? That snake demon can swallow you in one go. If the third aunt was still alive, maybe there is a way to deal with the snake demon. But the third aunt is dead.

All we can do is get out of here. and stay away from the snake demon as fas as we can.

Li Xuan, I know you want to avenge your wife, and we also want to avenge for our loved ones, but none of us can defeat the snake demon. You have not seen the snake demon, you don't know how powerful the snake demon is.

Not to mention fighting alone, even we and our entire village fight against together, we are not the opponent of that snake demon. If we go to find the snake demon to avenge, it's just going to find death.

Li Xuan, don't forget that you have to take care of Li Cang, you must not do stupid things! The chief of Sheyang Village persuaded patiently. He was really afraid that Li Xuan would avenge the snake demon. The chief did not care whether Li Xuan could find the snake and avenge for his wife or not, he was afraid that Li Xuan would anger the snake demon, and the snake demon would come to revenge the whole village.

Chapter 38 Move Out Of SeYang Village

Hearing Li Cang's name, Li Xuan's body paused, remembering that there was a sick son in the family to take care of.

Suddenly, Li Xuan holds back the urge to revenge, but his determination to avenge was unchanged.

Revenge must be paid back!

But not now. He knew that the village chief was telling the truth. He can't avenge himself on his own. Going to find the snake demon for revenge alone was almost the same as going to find death.

I have to find other forces to get revenge. Li Xuan thought so and replied: "Okay, I will listen to the village chief, move!"

However, things don't always happen according to people 's wishes. The black snake demon Yemenga didn't leave Sheyang Village far away. It had long regarded Sheyang Village as its hunting place, and Shenyang villagers as her own food.

The snake demon left before because it needed to digest the food.

Every move of Sheyang Village did not escape the observation of the snake demon Yemenga. When the people of Sheyang Village were carrying valuables to escape from here, Yemenga appeared in Sheyang Village again.

Eating more than a dozen people helped Yemenga to recover a lot, its scales became blacker and brighter, and the body size was much larger. It was more than 20 meters long from head to tail.

Hey ~ Yemenga appeared on the way and looked at its food. "Where do you want to go? My food!"

Ah ~ At the moment Yemenga appeared, the entire team of Sheyang Villagers was in chaos, screaming and fleeing.

"LoL!" Seeing this, Yemenga made a burst of weird laughter. Fear could make human flesh and blood more delicious.

"Run, run away, where you can run to?" Yemenga said, swimming with a huge body, appeared before a villager, swallowed one as soon as his head was bowed.

Like other people, Li Xuan was fleeing wildly. He was almost scared to death by Yemenga. If he had thought about revenge himself before, he definitely didn't want revenge at this moment. The power gap between the two sides was huge.

What Li Xuan wants now was to escape with his son, then report the case to the police, and find another way to get revenge.


"Xuan Zhen, come here, there is a new case!"

Su Yu was just preparing to take off his equipment and go home from work, but after hearing Xuan Nv's words, Su Yu immediately stopped taking off the equipment and hurried to the conference room.

At the same time, Su Yu thought in his heart that these monsters really did not let them rest. Just after running a case, a new case appeared, which really made him felt a headache.

Though thought about that, Su Yu was not slow at all. He quickly entered the conference room. Xuan Laogua in the seat was sitting in the first place, and the first sitting on the right was a short fat man.

Recently, Su Yu saw many members of the Detective Bureau who came back after finishing cases outside, and this short fat man was one of them.

His code name was Xuan Tu, a very kind and fat man. They have met a few times and they were an acquaintance.

So when he saw Su Yu, he greeted and said hello.

The second person on the right hand was Xuan Nv, who still has a clear and cold feeling. When she saw Su Yu coming, she signaled Su Yu to sit down. There were four people in the conference room. One was a uniformed police comrade and the other was a middle-aged uncle who seemed in a bad state of mind, one was the little boy who was held in the middle-aged man's arms.

At this moment the little boy looked dull and pale.

The last one was Xuan Yi, wearing a white coat and diagnosing a little boy.

Why they all here?

Su Yu looked puzzled.

A few minutes later, Xuanyi put away the medical equipment and said, "Mr. Li, don't worry, your son is fine. His disease only because of the high fever and being over-frightened. I will prescribe him some soothing antipyretics, just sleep well and he'll be fine! "

"Hoo ~ Thank you, doctor, thank you, doctor!" Li Xuan heard the words of Xuan Yi, and he breathed a long sigh of relief. The whole person relaxed and thanked Xuan Yi. Before, he saw that Li Cang's eyes were dull, and he was scared to death. Li Xuan managed to escape from the mouth of the snake demon. His wife has died. If there was any problem with his son, he would really unable to withstand this disaster!

"No need for gratitude. Now tell me about the case, so that we can move quickly!" Xuan Yi waved her hand gently.

Lu Xuan heard this, glanced at the uniformed police officer. The police officer said, "Mr. Li, rest assure, everyone here is dedicated to special cases. This case will be handled by them. Tell them what you had encountered! "

"Okay!" Heard the police officer said that, Li Xuan rubbed his eyes and didn't wanna his tears fall, "It's like this ..."

"Abominable, daring snake demon, it was so violent. It has to be obliterated!" Xuan Yi immediately patted the table after listening.

Others were also gloomy. We all did not expect that a tragedy happened just under our eyes, not far from the Jisong city.

"When did the case occur?" Su Yu asked.

"The night before, the black snake demon Yemenga appeared for the first time. Last night, it appeared for the second time." Li Xuan said.

"What? It's been so long, why did you report the case two days later?" Xuan Tu was surprised and heard. Su Yu was also incredible about it. It has passed a long time!

Li Xuan: "I ran out of the mountain, so it was late"

Xuan Tu said: "So it's late? Why don't you make a phone call? Isn't it easier and more convenient?"

"Telephone? I don't have a telephone!" Li Xuan said.

"He did not have a phone. Really! Sheyang Village, where Li Xuan lives, is a well-known impoverished village. Mobile phones are a" luxury "product. There is no electricity in the village, let alone report by phone?" The police officer said: "Even if there is electricity, there is no signal near Sheyang Village. So the mobile phone is only a metal box on Sheyang Village, Mr. Li Xuan had to come down from the mountains and report it in person."

"Yes!" Li Xuan nodded, and with the assistance of the police officer, Li Xuan finally told what he knew completely.

"Well, now that most of the case has been known, let's start. Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, Xuan Tu, and Xuan Yi act together.

Find Yemenga and obliterate it.

However, everything should take the lives of the people as the most important thing. Try to find the survivors and the wounded. Understand? "

"Yes!" The four responded in unison but did not dare to speak loudly because Li was sleeping.

Sure enough, Su Yu and Xuan Nv, Xuan Yi, Xuan Yi, a total of four people, drove towards the nearest place in Sheyang Village to reach the crime scene as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Xuan Kong never visited Sheyang Village, otherwise, it would be faster and not be so troublesome.

Chapter 39 The Blurred Figure

In a moist and dark cave, Yemenga raised his huge snakehead, and looked at the blurred figure that suddenly appeared in front, and asked, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

The blurred figure said: "It doesn't matter who I am, you just need to know that I'm here to save you!"

Yemenga heard it and showed a surprised expression, and then laughed: "Hahaha, save me? Are you kidding me? I am living well now, free and easy!"

Just now, Yemenga's eyes flashed maliciousness, the huge body attacked towards the blurred figure like a lightning, and the huge mouth opened up and swallowed away against the blurred figure: this guy's appearance so strange, killing him would be the best choice !!

However, Yemenga's attack failed. Its body passed through the blurred figure. It was not an entity!

"How is that possible? What is going on?" Yemenga shouted in astonishment.

"Yemenga, don't waste your efforts, I'm not in this time and space, even if you have the power to destroy the world, it won't hurt me, not even a strand of hair!" The blurred figure said calmly, suddenly, the blurry figure's tone changed fiercely: "And I can kill you!"

The blurred figure, raised an illusive palm, grabbed Yemenga.

Yemenga suddenly felt an irresistible force acting on it, and a breath of death permeated.

Fortunately, the blurred figure did not mean to kill Yemenga, and soon released Yemenga, and Yemenga's eyes were full of panic and trembling, and the blurred figure was really weird.

"Scared now? Can you listen to me now?" The fuzzy figure chuckled.

Although it was unhappy, reality told Yemenga a truth that it not the opponent of the blurred figure. Yemenga asked, "What do you mean to save me?"

Blurred figure: "Xuan School are coming here, they are meant to obliterate you!"

"Xuan School?" Yemenga yelled, and its pupils became a narrower gap, emitting a dangerous light. It asked resentfully, "Where are they? I want to kill them all, kill them all!"

The blurred figure chuckled and said, "Kills them all? Oh, so ambitious, don't joke! When you were the most powerful time in thousand years ago, you didn't kill a few people in Xuan School, let alone now, how many powers have you recovered?

If you meet the Xuanmen again, you will have only one result, die!"

Yemenga calmed down, thinking what happened thousands of years ago, its huge body shivered and said, "Even if I can't beat them now, can't I escape? One day, I, Yemenga will become stronger!"

"Escape? where can you escape to? Now, Xuan School is not like a thousand years ago. Although Xuan School has been silent in the ordinary world, its overall strength has been enhanced a lot. There are people from Xuan School around the world. You can hide your trace for a short time. Is it possible to hide for a lifetime?

Sooner or later you will be found and killed, and now only I can save you! "

Yemenga flashed in his eyes and said, "How can you save me? What do I going to give?"

Blurred figure: "Smart, you just need to give me your loyalty!"

Yemenga: "You mean you want me to submit to you?"

The blurred figure nodded gently: "Yes, you understand, but don't worry, I won't restrict your freedom. You just have to wait. When I need you, just show up!"

Yemenga didn't believe it: "It's that simple?"

The blurred figure spread his hands: "It's so simple. What else can you give?"

Yemenga heard the words, silent for a while and said, "Okay, Yemenga chose to surrender, and vowed that whenever you need me, Yemenga will appear! Next, what do you do to save me? So as not to be obliterated? "

"It's like that!"

Pha ~ The blurred figure snapped his finger and laughed.

When Yemenga heard the sound of fingers, it suddenly felt a twist of its minds, and soon recovered to normal. Yemenga did not feel any difference, and wondered: "That's it? I ..."

The next moment, Yemenga was paused, and it suddenly saw its body entangled like a mountain. Then it felt she had an extra gaze, turned the huge snakehead, and looked at it. The new gaze came out of a human female.

Yemenga remembered that the woman was the reserve food it had caught back before.

And now it feels amazing now, feeling that human female is also Yemenga.

"Does it feel amazing? Don't be surprised, that human female is you too. I used special means to split your soul into two without destroying your memory, and one was kept in your original snake body. The other one was injected into this human woman.

You now have two bodies, two lives, you lost one life, and you have another life, so you still alive!

Xuan School people will surely kill you. You cannot escape.

In this case, let them kill! After they kill you, and they would never know that you are alive!

You just need to live well as a human being, and this is how I save you. "said the blurred figure.

Yemenga was stunned by the means of the blurred figure. He can even do such a thing and felt more feared the blurred figure even more.

Yemenga lowered its body. Both bodies said at the same time: "Thanks for your help!"

The blurred figure nodded gently: "Remember your promise, Yemenga, the rest is up to you, sacrifice your snake body and keep your human body!"

The voice gradually decreased, and the blurred figure gradually dissipated.

Soon there were only two Yemenga in the cave.

Human body Yemenga said: "It's time for you to go out, take the initiative to find members of Xuan School. A body cannot be sacrificed for nothing!"

Snake body Yemenga said: "Yes, I'm gone, you can stay in this cave, waiting for the people of Xuan School to save you, after they kill me, they will definitely search the mountains for the survivors, You will continue to live as a human, waiting for revenge."

Then, the snake body Yemenga swam with its huge body, climbed out of the cave, and rushed directly to Sheyang Village.

After the snake body Yemenga left, the body Yemenga looked at her rough and tattered clothes and frowned, her body harmed. The next moment, a charming woman in a black dress appeared in the cave.

Then she found a place to lay down pretending to be in a coma, but her minds were tightly connected with the snake body Yemenga, and she could see all the things that the snake body Yemenga could see.


Chapter 40 Xuan Zhen VS. Yemenga

"What are you looking at, leader?" sitting in the car, Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv, who was holding an old photo.

"The photo of Li Xuan's wife, Liu Xiulian, was given to me by Li Xuan when we set off. He didn't believe his wife was dead, wanna us to have a look!" Xuan Nv answered and passed the photo to Su Yu.

"Oh, Brother Li is so lucky that he married such a beautiful wife!" Su Yu exclaimed.

Although Li Xiulian in the photo was not fashionable and the hairstyle was not good, she looks really beautiful.

"Huh? Really, no wonder junior Li has grown so handsome, it turned out to he looks like his mother!" Xuan Yi glanced.

"Show me!" Xuan Tu, who was driving, exclaimed. You all look at the beauty and let me drive. Why? Because of my legs short?

Though Xuan Tu had short legs, the driving skills were absolutely first-rate. And soon they came to the foot of Sheyang Village.

"This road to Sheyang Village? It's really hard for the people in Sheyang Village to get out of the mountains!" Su Yu looked at the mountain road in front of her and didn't say anything.

The road was too rugged and difficult. With his current power, when walking on this road, Su Yu was still a little nervous. He really can't imagine how the people in Sheyang Village, like Li Xuan, walked in this way.

"They had lived here for generations, they may get used to it? Villages like Sheyang are not uncommon, and they are all lived in the old forests of the deep mountains! Come on, I'll lead the way!" Xuan Tu said, not only driving but also leading the way.

The earthy yellow light illuminates on the dwarf body of the Xuan Tu. In the rumbling sound, the rocks and stones were displaced, and the difficult path becomes wide and visible to the naked eye.

"Xuan Tu, terrific!" Su Yu praised this sincerely. This power was great for building work.

The four of them hurried forward on the road built by Xuan Tu. The mountain road that originally required several hours had arrived in less than half an hour.

First saw the dilapidated Sheyang Village. After two attacks from Yemenga, Sheyang Village was really dilapidated. Many houses had collapsed, and the ground was full of huge residual traces of crawling.

"It should be a snake demon, ranging from 10 meters to 20 meters in length!" Xuan Yi said, looking at the crawl marks on the ground, looked around and then said, "Find out if there are any survivors in the village. Bring the injured here, and I will heal on the spot! "

"Good!" The three responded, spreading out, looking for survivors who might exist.

Of course, several people also know that the chances of finding a survivor were slim. If there were survivors, they may not stay in the village anymore.

Huh ~ At this moment, a demon wind blew in the sky, the sky was filled with sand and broken leaves, and a huge dark cloud in the distance float quickly towards this side. Two looming bright red light spots were in the dark cloud.

"Oh, we were meant to find it but we did not expect that this monster had come to find us itself?" Xuan Tu laughed at this: "Who will deal with this snake demon? Xuan Nv, do you wanna fight with it?"

Although the snake demon was not close yet, Xuan Tu has felt that the snake demon was not very strong, and one can deal with it alone.

Hearing the words of Xuan Tu, Su Yu didn't feel happy. He thinking Xuan Tu could fight against the snake himself. Why ask Xuan Nv? She would ask me to fight against the snake.

Su Yu had a bad presage. Sure enough, Xuan Nv said: "I won't take the fight with it, and you shouldn't take the fight also, let Xuan Zhen fight with it. He needs more opportunities to fight with different monsters."

No, I don't need it! Really!

Su Yu shouted in his heart, but on his face, smiled bitterly: "Okay, leave it to me!"

"Xuan Zhen, go ahead, please be assured. If you are injured, I will heal you. I promise that you won't die even if you want to die." Xuanyi clapped her hands and tilted her head and smiled.

Xuan Tu said: "Okay, then give it to Xuan Zhen!"

After a while, Yemenga has arrived in Sheyang Village, and the black mist has dissipated. Yemenga's huge body was displayed in front of everyone, and its body length has exceeded 20 meters.

"Ahh! A big snake, how many snake soups can it make!" Su Yu asked.

Hearing the words, Xuan Tu and others were speechless. At this time, Su Yu could think of eating after seeing the snake, he was definitely a weirdo.

"Person from Xuan School?" Yemenga looked at Su Yu and said, with its eyes full of hateful.

"You can speak?" Su Yu was surprised. Although he solved many cases, there are very few monsters can talk. Ancient giants can speak, but they do not understand.

The snake demon in front of him was the second talking monster he encountered.

"You killed the people in this village?" Su Yu asked, blue electric lights jumping on his body.

"Kill? Haha, I'm not killing. I'm just eating. They are all my food and should be eaten by me!" Yemenga laughed. "You, Xuan School person, will also become my food... "

Su Yu's face changed and he was very angry. Although his idea of ​​leaving the Monsters Detective Bureau has not changed, he has become more and more support for the idea of the Monsters Detective Bureau. Some monsters really should not be alive.

It can be said that the people in the Monsters Detective Bureau were heroes, who silently protect human beings from being attacked by monsters.

It is not difficult for Su Yu to imagine how bad this world would be without super man like Xuan Nv, and how hard ordinary people would live under the persecution of monsters.


Su Yu moved, stepped under his feet, a large pit appeared under his feet, and his body rushed towards Yemenga at a very fast speed.

"Humans, remember, I, Yemenga, killed you!" Yemenga growled loudly, the tail of the snake rushed towards Su Yu with billowing black smoke, opened its mouth and try to swallow Su Yu.

The Xuan Nv three stood watching and had no intention of doing anything.


A sound of golden iron clashes resounded, and Su Yu punched Yemenga's snake teeth as if he punched on the hard steel.

Su Yu was affected by the reaction force and stepped back.

Yemenga was also stepped back by Su Yu's punch.

The power of Su Yu's fist was not small.

Xuan Nv frowned slightly.

Xuan Nv asked: "What's wrong with Xuan Nv? Xuan Zhen's performance is good. Is there anything unsatisfactory?"

"Not about Xuan Zhen!" Xuan Nv shook her head gently. "It is a little strange for this snake demon Yemenga. It saw the four of us here, shouldn't it try to escape? It was so weak."

Xuan Nv's brow released slightly, and said, "Maybe!"

Anyway, continue to watch the battle between Su Yu and the snake demon Yemenga. In terms of overall strength, this snake demon was stronger than Su Yu, but she would only help Su Yu at critical moments!

Chapter 41 I Don't Toy With Snake

Dang Dang Dang ~ The sound of gold iron and iron clashes constantly resounded in Sheyang Village, and the impact produced constantly cracked the ground.

"It's too hard!" Su Yu said to himself, the scales and teeth of the snake demon were extremely strong, even harder than steel.

After such a long period of training, Su Yu's physical condition was not the same as that of Su Yu a few months ago, and his strength power has increased exponentially.

Although steel cannot be broken with Su Yu's one punch, it can still leave a clear mark on special steel.

However, it cannot leave any mark on the snake demon.

"Whether to use shock power ?" Su Yu thought to himself, now he was only using pure power, and the power of shock was not used.

The destructive shock power was definitely stronger than pure strength power.

Of course, this is not to say that pure power was weaker than shock power. Super powers, essentially, had no superior or inferior difference. The difference was only characteristics.

For example, Su Yu's shock power was much more destructive than other super powers because he would attach shock power when attacking. For super powers of the same force, the damage caused by shock power was often stronger than other super powers.

However, because of this, super power has limited use. In reality, it can easily cause large-scale damage.

Therefore, Xuan Nv and Xuan Laogua have warned Su Yu not to use shock power easily when it is less than necessary, otherwise, it will easily cause man-made natural disasters.

"People of Xuan School are so weak now?" Yemenga said with a smile. After fighting with Su Yu for so long, it can guess how much power of Su Yu's punching. Yemenga thinks these people of Xuan School were much worse than people of Xuan School thousands of years ago.

Although Yemenga also knew that he was much weaker than itself a thousand years ago, at this time he was also confident to kill Su Yu.

Although Yemenga tried to die as this snake body, it did not want to sacrifice in vain. No matter what, Yemenga would also want to bring someone to die together.

But with its current strength, it can only pick the weakest one, and Su Yu was exactly the weakest.

As for the other three, Xuan Yi and Xuan Tu, Yemenga did not take them into consideration. It has a feeling that its strength with the snake body was not necessarily the opponent of the three.

Su Yu ignored the words of Yemenga, and punched away the snake tail swung from Yemenga, saying, "Leader, I want to open a dimension enchantment!"

In the real world, Su Yu has some restrictions on the use of shock power, but in the dimension space, Su Yu can use all his power to fight.

Xuan Nv didn't understand what Su Yu was going to do, but she nodded immediately and said, "Permit!"

Xuan Tu heard the words and rubbed and said, "Yeah, Xuan Zhen wants to use shock power? Well, I want to see it."

Xuan Yi didn't speak, but her eyes were bright. Though she had seen the shock power before and Xuan Yi was very interested.

"Open the enchantment!" After getting the reply from Xuan Nv, Su Yu took out the enchantment ball and threw it into the air.

Yemenga was very puzzled about this. He didn't know what the enchanted ball was. There was no such thing as the enchantment ball a thousand years ago.

Yemenga regarded it as Xuan School's new attack equipment, set up a position, and the black mist swelled in preparation for Su Yuxin's new attack.

However, nothing happened, and the enchanted ball did not attack except for blooming!

"Human, are you playing with me?" Yemenga became angry, yelling at Su Yu, feeling that he had been toyed with by Su Yu.

"You? I'm not a snake charmer, I don't have the habit of toying with snakes." Su Yu said with a smile on his mouth, shaking his neck and clicking, "Are you ready to die?"

"Ha ~ the style of Xuan Zhen changed so suddenly, it became a Blood cartoon!" Xuan Tu called out and stomped lightly. A set of tables and chairs was raised from the ground, even appeared some food and drink on the table.

Xuan Tu sat on a chair said, "Come here, Xuan Nv, Xuan Yi, let's watch their fighting while eating!"

"Okay!" Xuan Yi smiled, walked to the table and sat down. She picked up an apple and ate. She waved to Su Yu and shouted, "Xuan Zhen, we are here waiting for you! Come on! Fighting! "

Xuan Nv didn't speak, but she sat in a chair silently!

Su Yu was speechless and rolled his eyes at three: "You're enough, I'm fighting hard here, but you're eating melon and fruit there! Please go to the theater Chatting. It's too inhumane, I advise you all should be a kind person!"

Yemenga was also exasperated. Why they were still chatting? Why they did not take me seriously? Those people of Xuan School thousands of years ago would dare to relax while fighting with me?

Unforgivable, Unforgivable!

Jemenga said indignantly, "Humans deserve to die!"

"Less nonsense, snake demon, come here to die!" Su Yu ticked his fingers at Yemenga: "You, come here!"

Two different blue light appeared around Su Yu's body at the same time.

Xuan Yi and Xuan Nv had seen it a long time ago, but Xuan Tu is the first time to see this, and his small eyes glared around at Su Yu and asked: "The other blue light is another power, shock power?"

Yemenga was provoked by Su Yu's provocation, and the land around his body collapsed towards the inside of the snake array, and then a gurgling sound like a spring ejected, and the huge black snake body was like a flash of huge black lightning and flew towards Su Yu. ..

With a bang, Su Yu's fist once again hit Yemenga's huge snake teeth.

There was a slight disdain in Yemenga's huge snake eyes. It has experienced Su Yu's power. Although his strength power was strong, Su Yu could not break its defense. It was difficult to defeat and kill Yemenga for Su Yu.

However, the next moment Yemenga's pupil contracted fiercely, it felt another kind of super power on Su Yu's fist, but he felt some palpitations and screamed: "Are you a dual-powered? Damn!"

"You finally realize it now? It's late!" Su Yu's fist lifted, and the force of shock on his fist surged out.

Hum ~

A buzz oscillated and spread in the air!

The next moment, with Su Yu's fist as the center, numerous cracks appeared and cracked in all directions, regardless of whether it was the sky, the earth, or Yemenga.

At the same time, the crackling sound of dense glass crackles continued to sound.

In the exclamation of Xuan Tu, the place where Su Yu stand seemed to have the sky shattered and the earth shattered.

The rumbling, the earth, and the air shook at this moment, just like an earthquake.

"Ah ~ what is this super power !?" Yemenga's scream sounded. At the moment the crack appeared, it felt a shocking force hit its body, tearing its scales and flesh.

Its proud scales and teeth had shattered at this moment, falling into pieces and falling off its body.

Chapter 42 The Big Bang

Ding Dang Dang Dang!

The scales and shards of Jemenga's body fell off and fell on the ground to make a sound of iron and iron clashes.

Yemenga made a screaming sound, and there were dense cracks on his body, and blood spewed out, forming a large blood mist.

"How is this possible?" Yemenga roared incredulously, how could the proud scale armor be so vulnerable under that super power?

"Oh, god! Xuan Zhen's shock power is so powerful. No wonder he is not allowed to use this power in the real world. It is more powerful, and it is easy to trigger an earthquake and tsunami." after seeing the miserable situation of Yemenga, Xuan Zhen said with emotion.

Xuan Nv shook her head gently, "Although shock power is very powerful, and can easily create disasters such as tsunami and earthquakes, it is not as powerful as it is now. Xuan Zhen can now inflict a blast with Yemenga. There is also the reason for his strength power. The sum of the two is that 1 + 1 is greater than 2. "

"It's also very strong, how long did he wake up to master super power? It's more than 20 days, and it's less than a month!" Xuan Yi said.

Both Xuan Nv and Xuan Tu were a little stunned. Su Yu's current strength was also far worse for them, but counting the time, Su Yu's super power was extraordinary.

Su Yu didn't know what the three were talking about. After the blow, Su Yu punched again, and this punch was just pure strength power.

However, for Yemenga, who has no scale armor defense, Su Yu's punch was totally enough.

There was a muffled sound, blood sprayed, and Yemenga's huge body was blown out.

Yemenga killed so many people, so its destiny has been set at the start. Su Yu was resentful that Yemenga killed so many people, and he did not intend to let Yemenga alive.

Su Yu rushed to Yemenga, and made a punch that made Yemenga fly away again.

Yemenga was beaten by Su Yu's series of attacks, but he did not intend to die in vain.

It was unwilling to die like this.

Although its power is much worse than it was thousands of years ago, its combat experience was still there. When Su Yu's attack came again, Yemenga became sober and made a reaction.


Yemenga changed and turned into a huge black mist, which made Su Yu's attacking finally punched in the air.

The black mist rolled around and condensed, becoming Yemenga's body again, and the wounds on its body were rapidly crusting, and new scales appeared.

Yemenga's  pupil was as red as blood, and growled, "Human, I want to eat you!"

Jemenga opened its mouth wide, and it seemed like a black hole, which suddenly produced a huge suction.

This suction acted on Su Yu's body. Su Yu's human body couldn't stop moving towards Yemenga's mouth, and his legs plowed two deep trenches on the ground.

When Xuan Nv saw this, her palm lightly rested on the hilt of the sword.

"What is this power? Devour?" Su Yu frowned softly, getting closer and closer to its mouth. When he was going to be swallowed into the belly of the snake, Su Yu punched directly in the air.

Hum ~

Click, the sound of glass shattering rang, and cracks continued to spread in the air and then shattered.

Yemenga's body was changed again, and the horrible sucking power was instant disappeared.

Bang, Yemenga smashed to the ground, splashing a large amount of dirt and dust, the scaled armor that just grew, the wound that healed again, blood oozing out, and a piece of ground was dyed bright red.

"Damn!" Yemenga's body twitched in pain, its mouth cursing. Thousands of years ago, people of Xuan School thousands of years ago didn't make Yemenga so embarrassed, and its hatred for Su Yu has grown stronger.

Yemenga would rather crush its bones, to kill Su Yu.


Yemenga's body changed into a mass of black mist again and appeared on the other side. This time, Yemenga changed the fighting method, using its power to transform the body into a black mist, constantly transforming his body between the black mist and the entity.

When transferred to the black mist, Yemenga was to avoid Su Yu's attack. Although it cannot completely ignore the damage of Su Yu's shock power, it can also reduce the damage by a few points.

When turned into an entity, it's the time for Yemenga to attack Su Yu.

Yemenga's body constantly appeared around Su Yu and then transferred into a black mist, attacking Su Yu with a snake tail.

Su Yu hit it with one punch, shock power continued to flow within his body, and the sound of broken glass continued to sound near Su Yu.

"Human, you can't kill me!" Yemenga said again after continuous transferred and converging.

"Are you sure? Turning your body into smoke and turn smoke into an entity. The back-and-forth changes in the middle cannot be unlimited? I can't kill you? It's a joke. Your body has become much smaller now? How long can you persist in this process?

And it doesn't matter if you can hold on for a long time, even if I can't kill you, I can seal you and bring back, someone can kill you! "

Su Yu sneered and took out the Seal Stick. Su Yu had already planned to change his strategy.

After fighting for so long, Su Yu had realized that it was very difficult to kill Yemenga. It was not impossible, but it's would take a long time to kill Yemenga without the help of Xuan Nv and others. The exact length of time Su Yu was not sure.

Su Yu doesn't want to waste time. Su Yu intended to seal Yemenga first, and then bring it back to the bureau. Su Yu can choose to kill it himself or someone else to kill it.

However, Su Yu didn't expect that the moment he took the Seal Stick, Yemenga went crazy. Yemenga didn't know what's Seal Stick, but it felt the sense of the Seal Stick, and naturally knew what the Seal Stick was for.

Yemenga had been sealed for a thousand years, and it was also the most painful period. Yemenga was able to sense the outside surroundings when it was sealed. For a thousand years, it was able to perceive the continuous weaker of its life every day. This was extremely terrifying. This was Yemenga‘s lifetime shadow.

At this moment, Su Yu said to seal it that stimulated Yemenga, and its spirit became crazy instantly. For Yemenga, he would rather die than being sealed. Death was better than alive if being sealed.

"Humans, let's die together!" Yemenga said, and its body swelled like a mountain instantly, and the sultry streamers flickered on Yemenga's body continuously, flowing a dangerous feeling.

"What is it?" Su Yu didn't know what was happening with Yemenga, but he realized that it was extremely dangerous, and run towards the distance without a second delay.

However, just after running less than a hundred meters away, Su Yu can felt a bright light lit behind him, even if he did not look back.


The bright light followed by a loud explosion!

Chapter 43 Li Xiulian

"Spit~" Su Yu spit out the mud, and lay on his back on the ground, breathing heavily, his sweat-soaked in the combat uniform, and his body was terribly painful.

Fortunately, he ran fast, and ran out of the explosion area in time, but was blown out by the explosion shock wave, otherwise, he would die and be seriously injured. Yemenga blew up too suddenly, giving him no time to react at all.

Not only did Su Yu fail to respond, but the three who watched the battle, Xuan Tu, and Xuan Yi also did not respond in time. When they realized, Yemenga had exploded, and Su Yu was blown out by the shock wave.

Uh ...

The three ran towards Su Yu very fast as if a wind passed. They were all relieved after seeing Su Yu was safe and sound.

Xuan Tu asked, "Xuan Zhen, what have you done to Yemenga? Why Yemenga decided to explode its body to die?"

Self-detonation was not just an explosion. The cost of self-detonation is enormous.

Ordinary death, whether it was natural death such as old death, sick death, or accidental death. Death was all physical death, but the soul was intact. Legend has it that there will be opportunities for reincarnation.

But the self-explosion of this kind of death was not only the death of the flesh but also the death of the soul.

Therefore, only in particularly extreme, one will choose to self-explosion. Otherwise, whether it was a human being or a monster, it would not choose to explode.

"What can I do to the snake demon? hiss, it hurts! I don't know what it suddenly went crazy, will the snake demon also get mental illness?" Su Yu grinned.

"It's okay, not a big deal, and it will be fine soon. The combat suit absorbed most of the impact and did not hurt your body. Hey, it's a pity ..." Xuan Yi checked Su Yu's body and said.

Su Yu: "..."

Xuan Yi, look what you say? Were you still interested in my body, even more madness now?

"Well, get up, since you are fine now. Although Yemenga exploded itself, it was equivalent to finished the obliterating task.

Although Yemenga was dead, our work was not finished.

"Xuan Zhen, put away the enchantment ball. Let's go out and search for any survivors. We also need to find out where the snake demon came from and whether there are other associates.

In addition, it seems to be hostile to our Monsters Detective Bureau. I can feel obvious hostility." Xuan Nv's cold voice sounded.

Su Yu made a move, and the enchantment ball suspended in the air fell into his hands, the enchantment opened, and the four returned to the real world and began to work—explore where the snake demon came from and search for survivors.

Two hours later, the four found out some information. They found the snake tooth picked up by the third aunt and found several survivors in Sheyang Village.

After asking some information, the memories of the villagers of Sheyang Village were erased and modified, and the survivors were finally handed over to the local authorities for arrangement.

Four people continued to search.

The four came to the small mountain cricket where the snake demon Yemenga broke the seal.

Xuan Tu said: "According to the villagers, the snake demon Yemenga appeared in the village after the "witch" third aunt"Inviting God"

 to treat Li Cang. The snake tooth was in the third aunt's yard.

I found a little clue on it and traced it back to find it here. The snake demon Yemenga appeared from here. There was a seal here, and it came out from here.

This snake tooth is the key for Yemenga to break the seal. The third aunt accidentally opened the seal of the snake demon Yemenga during the ceremony of "Inviting God", and only then created this tragedy! "

"If you don't do bad things, you won't die!" Su Yu commented.

Xuan Yi snorted: "I do not sorry for the third aunt's death. What the third aunt did a lot of damaging things, now it is just retribution. She deserves it!"

Xuan Nv's long sword came out of the sheath, and the sword cut off the land, splitting a huge gap in the mountain stream, exposing the broken seal buried in the ground.

Xuan Tu glanced and said softly, "Well, this seal was similar to Seal Stick we use today, but it is a little out of date. It looks like this snake demon was sealed by our predecessors, but Why is the seal here? Take it away, isn't it safer to seal it elsewhere? "

Xuan Yi said: "They want to take it away, but they can't take it away. The style of this seal is very old. At least it has a history of thousands of years. They don't have portable Seal Stick. So they can only seal it on spot.

The portable Seal Stick successfully came out only more than a decade ago. Before that, the seals were all sealed on spot, and the seal would automatically be released when monsters died or reached a certain time.

This monster was sealed a thousand years ago! "

"Go, let's go down and see what we can find, and eliminate all possible risks!" Xuan Nv jumped down and entered the seal.

Su Yu, Xuan Tu and Xuan Yi looked at each other, jumping down, turning on the lighting tools, and observing the underground seal that had been buried underground for thousands of years.

The underground space was not small. It was initially observed that this was a cave. The seal in thousands of years ago was laid out according to this cave, and the snake demon Yemenga was sealed in this cave.

Even thousands of years ago, the cave may be the nest where snake demon Yemenga.

"Come, there are survivors here!" Xuan Yi's voice sounded deep in the cave at this time.

The three quickly entered the cave. Sure enough, more than a dozen unconscious villagers were found deep in the cave lying on the ground.

"What's wrong with them?" Xuan Nv asked.

Xuan Yi roughly checked these people. After the check, she breathed a sigh of relief: "It's okay, it's just that their consciousness is blocked by the snake demon. Just needs to wake them up."

Xuan Tu was relieved when he heard that everyone was fine, and smiled, "This snake demon is very interesting. It seems that this cave should be the home of the snake demon, and the seal has been opened, but Yemenga still lived here.  Is it cannot bear to leave the cave? these people are the rations of the snake demon reserve! "

Su Yu shrugged and said, "Maybe so, eh?"

Su Yu gave a sudden sigh, and then he saw a beautiful woman in a black dress and asked, "Leader, do you think this woman is Li Xuan's wife?"

"Hey, it's true, Li Xuan, nice job! Li Xuan's wife is so beautiful, even more beautiful than in the picture!" Xuan Tu glanced at her, and said: "Li Xuan thinks his wife is not dead, and his instinct is really accurate!"

Xuan Nv glanced and nodded, and said lightly, "Li Xiulian!"

Chapter 44 Li Xiulian Is Not Li Xiulian

They lifted the unconscious villagers out of the cave and awakened them one by one. After using the memory eraser to modify the relevant memories. They asked the relevant local authorities to arrange for villagers' life and work and so that villagers can prepare to start a new life.

In the end, only Li Xiulian was with them, and Li Xuan and Li Cang were still in the bureau, waiting for their information. After they get to the bureau, the family finally reunited.

“Thank thee for saving thine life, I can do nothing to express my gratitude except saying thank thou. I will pray for thee all.” Li Xiulian kept expressing her gratitude all the way along.

Xuan Tu was embarrassed, especially Li Xiulian, who was very beautiful and even made Xuan Tu a little shy. He waved his hands and laughed and said, "Don't keep saying thank, save the wounded, rescue the evil, punish the evil, and eliminate monsters are what we should do, you just wait to be reunited with your husband and son. "

Xuan Yi also said while driving: "Sister Xiulian, you listen to the fat man, those are really what we should do."

Even the very cold Xuan Nv was trying to persuade her.

There was only Su Yu in the car who didn't speak. From time to time, he always looked at Li Xiulian, he felt something wrong, but he was not sure at this moment.

"Hey, what are you doing, Xuan Zhen?" Xuan Tu pushed Su Yu's arm and whispered in Su Yu's ear: "Xuan Zhen, don't keep staring at Li Xiulian. Although Li Xiulian is beautiful and attractive, I tell you, you can't make mistakes, she is a married woman! ”

"You thought too much!" Su Yu felt speechless, pushed Xuan Tu's fat body aside, and put Xuan Tu's fat face directly on the glass window, saying: "Don't make trouble, I'm thinking! "

Xuan Nv, sitting on the right side of Su Yu, heard Su Yu's words and tilted Su Yu thoughtfully, but remained silent.

After Li Xiulian glanced through the rearview mirror, she quickly shifted her eyes and looked forward.

The five quickly returned to the bureau, and then finally, the family reunion.

After that, there was no other trouble. After modifying their memory, Li's family was sent to the train station. They planned to live in other cities.

At lunch in the afternoon, they gathered at the restaurant to celebrate the completion of the case today, although the case was not difficult.

"No, I always feel wrong!" Su Yu whispered as he ate, his brows frowned and tightened, and he couldn't figure it out. Su Yu felt very wrong.

"Right? What's wrong, Xuan Zhen, it's almost an afternoon since you came back from Sheyang Village. Why are you getting more and more tangled? The case is over, are you unhappy? Although it blew himself up, Yemenga was obliterated, and you're the biggest contributor to the credit. What's so unpleasant about it? Isn't it because Sister Xiulian's leaving is upset? "Xuan Tu said with a smile.

Xuan Nv heard the words and gave Su Yu a deep look.

Su Yu didn't feel Xuan Nv's sight, he said, "Although you are my senior, you can't say that to me. Its insult my personality. Am I the kind of person who is obsessed with beautiful women?"

I'm not the same as you, Su Yu added in his heart.

Xuan Tu asked: "Why is that?"

Su Yu groaned and said, "I feel that the snake demon Yemenga is strange. I feel wrong."

"What's wrong? Yemenga's soul is gone." Xuan Tu said and felt that Su Yu was overly serious.

"I know this is the truth, but it doesn't feel right, but I didn't figure it out, let me think more!" Su Yu scratched his head.

Xuan Tu and others have rolled their eyes.

So no longer cared about Su Yu, others all ate and drink, talking.

"I know, leaders, I'm a little cluey!" Su Yu said, and finally smoothed his thoughts: "Is this snake demon Yemenga wanna suicide?

Yemenga has been sealed for thousands of years. I didn't know how long it had lived before.

This old demon's power would be very strong!

Though seal may decrease it's power greatly, Yemenga's combat experience would not be less!

Can't it see? Yemenga was not our opponent at all. Yes, I'm not that strong, but you three are very strong!

Now that it knows, why does Yemenga rush over to fight with me?

Obviously Yemenga was looking for death?

Why is it trying to die, is there any conspiracy? "

Xuan Tu bit a piece of chicken and said, "Well, you're right, Yemenga seems to be a bit of looking for death, but it died of self-explosion. Even if there is any conspiracy, no one would choose to self-explosion to die? Right?"

"Oh, Yemenga is dead, what else is there to say?" Xuan Yi waved her hand and said, "Eat meal!"

Then, Xuan Yi, Xuan Nv, and other girls in the bureau talking about skin and cosmetics.

Su Yu was speechless, didn't they care about the case? Or did he really think too much?

Shaking his head, Su Yu didn't plan to think about it anymore and concentrated on eating, but the sound of a group of women's babbles kept digging into Su Yu's ears.

"Oh, though Li Cang left here for less than two hours. I am now missing the well-behaved little guy. He's so sensible. He looks cute and looks completely like his mother. Li Xiulian is so beautiful. Not at all like a woman who lived in the mountain! "

"Yeah, yeah, Liu Xiulian's skin is good. I have spent so much money on maintenance, but my skin is not as good as her!"

"Not only is the skin good, but she is also very interesting as if she was a person who lived in ancient time. She said “thank thee for saving thine life”, is Sheyang Village so conservative?"

The speaker was careless. Listening to it intentionally.

Su Yu heard a few people talking, his mind seemed to flash an idea, and the tangled emotion had a sudden turned into a cheerful feeling. He stood up and yelled, "I know!"

"Yeah!" Xuan Tu was drinking soup, shocked by this sound, and was almost choked to death: "Ke Ke, Xuanzhen, what do you want to do? Want to scare me to death! What do you know? Anymore? "

Su Yu ignored him, said, "Leader, let's go, there is something wrong with Li Xiulian!"

"Wait a minute, Li Xiulian has a problem, what's the problem? You can make it clear!" Xuan Tu slapped Su Yu, let him sited on the chair.

"Yes, Xuan Zhen, please tell me carefully!" Xuan Nv said.

"It won be late ... forget it!" Su Yu was meant not to explain, but he couldn't move, knowing that it would be impossible to leave if he did not explain clearly, "I have every reason to suspect that Li Xiulian is not Li Xiulian."


Chapter 45 Blocking

Li Xiulian is not Li Xiulian? Everyone stared at Su Yu. Is this talking about tongue twisters?

As soon as Su Yu looked at the expressions of them, he knew that Xuan Nv and others did not understand what he meant, and said: "I mean, that person is not Li Xiulian, but the snake demon Yemenga!"

Everyone: "..."

"Xuan Zhen, you haven't got a fever. How could Li Xiulian be the snake demon Yemenga? Yemenga's soul has broken away, right in front of our eyes!" Xuan Tu shook his head, is this boy's head gets injured in fighting?

"Ah!" Su Yu said with helplessness. "What about Yemenga find a solution to live after self-explode? If Yemenga escaped by pretending death?

Don't you think it's strange? It stands out to fight for no reason, Yemenga should have left there after hiding from us, but it appeared on its own initiative, and we didn't go there. Yemenga showed up itself, it did not escape or hide after found us, but instead came to fight with me.

Is it lived enough time? If it has lived enough time, then why Yemenga breaks the seal deliberately. If it really wants to die, it can also commit suicide inside the seal!

So it's strange that Yemenga chose to fight with me and explode in front of us. Xuan Tu, you believe Yemenga is dead, Xuan Yi also believes, Xuan Nv also believes, and I almost believe it. Its plan almost succeeded, Isn't it? "

Xuan Yi: "???" Did I say I believed it?

Su Yu continued: "Is it strange about Li Xiulian? Have you realized that? She is just a woman who lived on the mountain all the time. Is the skirt a bit too fashionable for her? She looks like wearing an ancient woman's robe, but the mountain people should not wear it like that.

We have saved so many people in Sheyang Village. You all should also have an impression of what they are wearing. The gap in the wearing style between the two is too big. "

Xuan Nv, Xuan Yi, and others thought back for a moment. It's true!

"I know this is not enough to explain anything, but the way she speaks is also strange. How does Li Xiulian say 'me'? Have you noticed it? She said thee, not you. It's an ancient language.

Li Qiulian is an ordinary modern person. Even if Sheyang Village is conservative, it will not completely allow Li Xiulian to maintain the habits of ancient people. Just as you discussed before. Li Xiulian is like an ancient man.

And Yemenga has lived in ancient times a thousand years ago. Isn't it reasonable to have ancient habits?

Li Xuan and Li Xuan, the father, and son did not say 'thee'! Is it? "

The cafeteria was a little quiet at the moment, all looking at Su Yu, listening to Su Yu's analysis, but also felt that Li Xiulian had a problem.

Xuan Nv stood up and said, "Go, look for that Li Xiulian, she really has a problem!"

Su Yu: "Huh ????"

Xuan Nv snorted softly: "You won't think, only you feel that Li Xiulian has a problem, right?"

"How can it be, leader, you are so smart and smart, it must have been discovered long ago!" Su Yu immediately surrendered his hands and whispered, "I mean, can we still chase now?

"Nausea ~" Xuan Tu and others vomited and were defeated by Su Yu's shameless face. It's totally a flatter.

"Time is limited, Xuan Kong, take us to Jichang City Railway Station!" Xuan Nv said.

Xuan Kong, just entered in the cafeteria: "( ̄ (エ)  ̄) ゞ ???


[Dear passenger, this is the NB8888 train you took, and the terminal Jichang City has arrived. Please take your luggage and get ready to get off ...]

The train announcement sounded loud. Li Xiulian, oh, it should be Yemenga who had boarded on the train. Yemenga was all amazed and shocked all the way, watching around.

There was only one thought in her mind. Has humankind developed like this, only one thousand years later?

"Wife, we're here, let's get off!" Li Xuan's voice sounded, interrupting Yemenga's thoughts.

"Yeah!" Yemenga gave a slight response, looked at Li Xuan, a flash of impatience flashed in his eyes, and looked at the human boy holding her hand tightly. She wanted to swallow the two as her food.

However, she has to bear the idea. Yemenga used to live in humanity as a human, so she has a bit of experience. If you want to live like a human, you must integrate into it and learn to get along with it.

Moreover, after a thousand years, the world was completely strange to her. Yemenga must be familiar with this world and live with them, at least until she familiar with this new world.

Forget it, bear it, I can't eat them now, Yemenga thought so, and showed a gentle smile to Li Cang, rubbing the little boy's head and saying, "My son is so good, let me hugs you!"

Then the three of them got off the train and walked outside the train station.

"Just looking at her this way, I'm not sure that Li Xiulian is Yemenga!" Xuan Tu looked at the 'family of three' walking towards the station and shook his head, still unwilling to believe that Li Xiulian is Yemenga.

"If this person is a snake demon Yemenga, then where did Li Xiulian really go?" Xuan Kong asked.

"Maybe it is Li Xiulian's body, but the soul is not!" Xuan Yi said.

"What if she wasn't Yemenga? It was the second time in a short time to modify the memory, but it would have a lot of damage to the memory!" Xuan Tu said.

Su Yu tilted his eyes at Xuan Tu: Are you a contrarian?

Xuan Nv said, "Just try to verify!"

Xuan Nv took out the enchantment ball to activate. The enchantment ball lifted off, and the enchantment quickly opened. Su Su, Xuan Nv, Xuan Tu, Xuan Yi, and Yemenga were all included in the dimension space.

Xuan Kong was left outside the enchantment by Xuannu deliberately. When Xuannu entered in the dimension space, Xuan Kong's ears rang: "Xuan Kong, help take care of Li Xuan and his son!"

Xuan Kong: I have just finished being a driver, and now I am a nanny again?

Xuan Kong was speechless but still finished the task as Xuan Nv said. Xuan Kong took Li Xuan and his son left the station and came to a remote place, waiting for the result, when they were confused.

In the dimension space, Yemenga was a little embarrassed. Why people walking around are disappeared? What about Li Xuan?

At this moment, Yemenga was panicked, especially when she saw the figures of Su Yu and others, she was even more panicked, she knew that her identity might have been revealed.

But Yemenga still calmed herself, "Who are you, where are my husband and children?"

Chapter 46 Really? Mental Power?

"Quite calm, good mental quality. But at this time, if you are an ordinary woman and see that the people around have disappeared, and her husband and son have disappeared. shouldn't you be anxious? You should improve your acting skill, Yemenga!" Su Yu looked at Yemenga Road.

Yemenga heard the words for a moment, then smiled bitterly: "What are thee talking about, I don't understand?"

Xuan Nv and others didn't say anything, they just watched Su Yu performing.

Su Yu said, shaking his head and saying, "It doesn't matter if you don't understand, then you can return to the bureau to cooperate with the investigation. Everything you say will be used as a testimony ..."

"Brother, your acting skill also should be improved. Our bureau is not a police station. There is no such thing as rhetoric!" Xuan Tu's said with a smile.

"Ha? Your performance ended? It doesn't matter, Yemenga, I have to seal you first." Su Yu said, taking out the Seal Stick.

When Su Yu took out the Seal Stick, the original calm Yemenga immediately changed her facial expression and screamed, "You can't seal me again. Even if I die, I will not be sealed by you again."

With a sigh, Yemenga turned into the thick black mist on and fled towards the distance at a rapid speed.

"Well, this snake demon seems to have a great psychological shadow on the Seal Stick!" Xuan Tu said, touching his chin.

"Follow her! Arrest her, but don't hurt her. Her physical body is Li Xiulian. Maybe Li Xiulian can still be rescued. Arrest her back and let the boss take a look. Maybe there is a way to save Li Xiulian back!" Xuan Nv said.

Just finished her words, Xuan Nv flew out like a wind.

Xuan Yi giggled and flew up, not slower than Xuan Nv.

Xuan Tu's body was glowing with an earthy yellow light, and the earth begins to surge, as the waves surge towards the distance, Xuan Tu was standing on the tip of the wave and wave his hand at Su Yu: "Bye, brother! "

Su Yu: "I ..."

It 's too inhumane. Can't take him for a ride?

Su Yu can only start running with two long legs, raised lots of dust.

Soon, Su Yu saw that the three were siege Yemenga, and Yemenga looked terrified. Long fingernails came out of her fingers and buckled on her neck: "Don't come any closer, otherwise I will ruin this body. Aren't you responsible for saving people? I broke this body, and you are also murderers! "

Seeing this scene, Su Yu raised his eyebrows. For some reason, another picture appeared in his mind: the ancient bully robbed a beautiful woman, the woman did not want to go back with them and threatened the bullies with a knife in her neck.

Ah, it's so similar!

"Give up the resistance, Yemenga, you can't escape!" Xuan Tu said so, and at the same time, tall walls rose up, besieging Yemenga in the middle.

"Impossible!" Yemenga refused flatly. She knew that she would never have a good result. She knew that Xuan School would never forgive her for the mistakes she committed.

Strong nails cut through the skin, and blood flowed from Yemenga's neck. Yemenga said, "Let me go, or I will destroy this body now!"

"Don't! Stop it! You calm down first, we can let you go, but you must return Li Xiulian's body, yes, I have one more thing to ask, I wonder if you can answer?" Xuan Tu quickly said.

Yemenga groaned for two seconds and said, "What's the problem? You say!"

Xuan Nv asked: "Is Li Xiulian alive? Where is she now? Li Xiulian is this physical master."

"She's alive, her soul is still in this body!" Yemenga replied, her tone becoming impatient: "Hurry up, I'm leaving now, leave where I started!"

"As long as you agree to our conditions, you can naturally leave!" Xuan Nv said and slightly winked at Xuan Yi.

"Okay, I can promise!" Yemenga promised happily, but she didn't plan to return the physical body, because it didn't know how to leave the physical body. Just to deceive Xuan Nv and others, and seize the opportunity to leave this mysterious space, Yemenga has the confidence to escape.

"Okay, we'll let you go now, I hope you will keep your promise!" Xuan Nv said, raising her hand, facing the enchantment ball in the air. She pretended to grasp, and the enchantment ball slowly dropped.

Seeing this, Yemenga lowered her head, and a sneer appeared in the corner of her mouth: the human beings were really easy to deceive.

But at this moment, Yemenga was uneasy and screamed, "Humans, What ..."

But Yemenga didn't finish talking, and she rolled her eyes, and she fell to the ground with a bang.

"Succeed, be quick, seal Yemenga  I can't do it for the second time!" Xuan Yi's voice sounded, and she raised her hand and wiped the sweat on her forehead, panting.

Xuan Tu stepped forward to take out the Seal Stick and sealed the insensible Yemenga in it. Looking at Yemenga in the Seal Stick, he just laughed and said, "Stupid monster, how can we believe what you say?"

Su Yu clapped and applauded: "Three leaders are great. Sister Xuan Yi, it was your power that made her in a coma. How did you do that?"

What kind of power does Xuan Yi have? Su Yu didn't know it all the time. You need to find out. He was very curious about it.

Xuan Yi squinted her eyes and asked, "Why, what do you want to know about my super power? Yes, I am tired. I will tell you if you come to help me, let me lean on your body!"

Before Su Yu replied, Xuan Tu said in a hurry: "Don't let Su Yu do it, I'll come, I am good at helping people."

He said and smiled, walking towards Xuan Yi.

Xuan Yi stepped back. She reached out a hand and refused, "No, I'm almost recovered now. I don't need help!"

"Don't make a noise, put on a mask to reduce the sense of existence. I'm going to pack up the enchantment ball now. We need to return to the bureau as soon as possible and let the boss see if there is a way to take the soul of Yemenga from Li Xiulian's body! "Xuan Nv interrupted several people's joking.

Then, they put on masks. At the same time, Xuan Nv also grasped the enchantment ball and appeared in the real world. There were not many people here, so they did not attract any attention.

Then he found Xuan Kong, Li Xuan, Li Cang, and a team of seven people and one monster returned to the bureau.

Xuan Nv didn't delay, she immediately headed for the boss's office.

Xuan Yi came to Su Yu and said gently, "Sister's super power is mental power, and I would always welcome you to discuss in-depth with you the108 ways of using mental power!"

After that, she headed for Xuan Nv's direction.

Su Yu scratched his head: "Really? Mental power"

Chapter 47 No One Can Save You Even If You Keep Screaming Until Your Throat Hoarse

Su Yu didn't know how Xuan Laogua got Yemenga's soul out of Li Xiulian's body. Anyway, Li Xiulian returned to normal that night, and the family of three went to live in another city the next morning.

Su Yu's life was still the same. When there was a case, the case was performed. When there was no case, Xuan Nv was left in the training room to double the training. The sweat flowing every day can almost wet the entire training room floor.

"Xuan Zhen, stop training. Boss has a case for us. Hurry up to the meeting first!" Xuan Huo came to the training room called stop training.

Su Yu has been used to solving cases, but this was the first time that Xuan Laogua named Su Yu to solve the case.

Su Yu wondered, and he quickly washed and dressed up, and came to the conference room.

There were few people in the conference room this time, only five people in total.

"Sit down, Xuan Zhen, this case is given to four of you to solve!" Xuan Laogua said it after Su Yu entered.

Su Yu sat down, then picked up the case materials prepared in front of him, and just turned to the first page. Su Yu tremble with shock, and asked, "What, Xinyang outbreak of fire? When is this? "

At this point, Su Yu can understand why he was named to solve this case because Su Yu's hometown is Xinyang. His parents live in Xinyang. At this time, he wonders whether his parents were safe now.

"Just five hours ago, now the fire has been extinguished, Xuan Zhen, rest assure, the victim's list does not have your parent's name, you can rest assured!" Xuan Nv whispered softly.

Hu ~ Su Yu exhaled a long breath, and the suspended heart fell to the body immediately. His parents did not receive the impact.

Xuan Laogua continued: "Xuan Zhen, why this time I named you to solve this task, presumably you also know the reason, Xinyang is your hometown, and you are familiar with it, so you are intentionally asked to solve this case."

"Be seated, now that this case came to our bureau, that means the fire in Xinyang was caused by monster?" Su Yu asked.

"Well, basically be sure!" Xuan Laogua nodded his head: "Just five hours ago, Xinyang Mountain suddenly ignited a forest fire. 81 people have died on the spot, and 123 people were injured. The number of personnel is 204, all of them are nearby villagers.

After the firefighters put out the fire, they started looking for the fire point, which was in the cave where they were having 'Worship Fire' ceremony.


But the firefighters did not find any combustibles at the scene, and the fire seemed to have emerged for an unknown reason.

And some survivors described that they were having 'Worship Fire' ceremony at that time.

A total of three batches were carried out in turn to having 'Worship Fire' ceremony, the 81 people who were killed in the fire are the first batch.

The survivor said that not long after the eighty-one people entered, the cave suddenly burst into flames, burning all the people inside.

The fire was very large and fierce, just like an explosion. It exploded instantly, and a fierce flame spewed out of the cave in an instant, causing a forest fire.

Some survivors said that they saw humanoid creatures in the burning fire, and the whole body was burning with flames! "

"What?" Su Yu was too shocked. He basically just heard the first few words from Xuan Laogua and wondered: "How come so many people were killed? Why are so many people in Xinyang Mountain, what are they doing up the mountain? "

"Xuan Zhen, have you heard of the sect of the Holy Fire?" Xuan Laogua rolled his eyes helplessly, and did not plan to say it again, but asked directly.

"No!" Su Yu shook his head and said, "I have never heard of this before. What is the relationship between the sect of Holy Fire and the Xinyang fire?"

Xuan Laogua: "The people who died this time are all believers in the Holy Fire. At the time of the forest fire, they were participating in the 'Worship Fire' ceremony. How long have you never returned to your hometown, Xuan Zhen?"

Su Yu groaned and said, "I haven't gone back my hometown after the New Year, it's been almost half a year!"

"Okay, you don't know that this fire sect is also not surprising. This illegal sect appeared in Xinyang within this half-year, and its development is very secretive. If it has not happened the fire, this illegal sect may still be developing! "Xuan Lao nodded his head.

Su Yu said indignantly, "Illegal cults can kill people. Really, what is the situation, have any cult organizers been caught?"

"Well, he was caught on the spot. Master Yan Kong was on the scene when the fire broke out, er, Yan Kong Master of the sect is now controlled by the relevant departments. Before you leave, you can go to the relevant departments to get more detailed information. See if you can get more useful information from him! "

Mysterious Xuan said: "Go, find out what kind of monster did it, and solve the on the spot!"

"Yes, boss!" Su Yu, Xuan Nv, Xuan Huo, and Xuan Shui responded in unison and then walked out of the conference room. They immediately sat on the Mercedes toward the police station where Yan Kong was been controlled.

After presenting the relevant certification, the four of them soon met Master Yan Kong, a fat man with a bald head.

Before they start a conversation, master Yan Kong sat in a chair and leaned back arrogantly: "Why is someone still asking me questions? annoying, one by one. I didn't say anything and you don't expect to get any information from me. Want to condemn me, wait until you have evidence!"

After hearing the words, a few people looked at each other, and Su Yu said, "What crimes will you get, how will you be sentenced, that is not my business, that is the business of the judge, and I want to ask you now how the fire happened... "

Master Yan Kong heard that his body shivered fiercely, and a bit of fear flashed in his eyes. He bit his lips and said, "I said I don't know. You can check it yourself. Haha? Are you angry? Beat me if you can!"

With a frown, Su Yu looked up at the camera.

Xuan Huo said, "I just heard that these cameras are broken and haven't been repaired yet!"

"What the..., you can't do this to me. You are good public servants of the people, good police. You are wrong to do this. Help, someone is going to use violence, I ..." Master Yan Kong suddenly say swear words, eyes Full of fear, yelling!

"Oh, no one can save you even if you keep screaming until your throat hoarse, don't you know that the interrogation room is soundproof?" Su Yu sneered and stood up with his fists. "Yes, we are not the police!"

Master Yan Kong: "??????"

Chapter 48 Leader, You Are More Beautiful

Three minutes later, Master Yan Kong looked at Su Yu with a flattering look on his face: "Sir, what do you want to know, you asked, and I will answer. I won't bother your work!"

Looking at the Master Yan Kong who was behavior totally different from previous, Xuan Nv's eyes were full of disgust, and wanna freeze him into slag.

Xuan Huo and Xuan Shui are also full of contempt.

Su Yu had no time to talk with him, and said, "I ask you to answer, concise answer, you know?"

Su Yu showed his fist in front of Master Yan Kong.

"I know, I know!" Master Yan Kong glanced at Su Yu's fist again and again.

"Yes, there is progress!" Su Yu smiled and patted Master Yan Kong's fat face.

Master Yan Kong can only laugh silly, he hopes police will appear at this time.

Su Yu looked at him and asked: "Yan Kong, are you the founder of 'Worship Fire'? Are you the leader?"

"I am the leader, but I am not the founder of 'Worship Fire', but it originally existed. I used it for the purpose of deceiving some money. I don't know why such a big thing happen!" Master Yan Kong wailed.

"Originally? Where do you know this sect?" Su Yu asked with an eyebrow raised. Isn't this a new sect?

Su Yu didn't think that Xuan Laogua was lying to him, but Xuan Laogua didn't know that this sect had existed before!

"I saw it in Xinyang Mountain. I went to the mountain once a half year ago, and it snowed heavily, and it was getting dark, and it was not good to go down the mountain. I was going to find a sheltered place to an overnight stay, and then I found a cave.

There are some strange statues in the cave. The word "Holy Fire" is written on the door of the cave. Oh, so that I tell the believers that there is already called the Holy Fire Cave! "Master Yan Kong said.

"When is there a cave in Xinyang Mountain? Why don't I know that? I am also a Xinyang person!" Su Yu asked with a frown. Xinyang Mountain can be said to be very familiar to me. Though I can not remember all the grass and trees, if there is a cave If he did, I had already discovered it!

Master Yan Kong's eyes lit up: "Oh, guys, you ..."

"Shut up and say what you should say!" Su Yu stared at him and said.

"Yes, yes!" Master Yan Kong yelled, "You may not believe it, I don’t know when the cave appeared, but it was definitely not more than a year ago. I didn’t find a cave there a year ago! "

"So, did the cave appear out of thin air?" Su Yu rubbed her eyebrows. The longer time asked the more questions appeared.

Immediately, Su Yu no longer struggled with this issue, and then asked, "At that time, the cave exploded. You were on the scene. Tell me, what happened to the deflagration? What did you see?"

"This is really none of my business. I want to cheat on some money. I never thought of killing people. The reason they died is entirely their own. I have told them the statues in the cave have a soul. I told them to be careful when they get in the cave, but they don’t listen to me and they annoyed the King of Fire, so the King of Fire punished them! ”

When master Yan Kong said this. he looks was normal at first, but when he said the next few sentences, his look became a little crazy, almost shouting.

The four glanced at each other and knew everything they needed to know. The problems were all concentrated in the Holy Fire Cave. The monster should be the statues in the cave.

Maybe all or only one was a monster.

Of course, this was also speculation. What exactly was the situation, you need to check it on the spot.

The four did not delay for too long and continued to drive towards Xinyang.

In the car, when not far from Xinyang, the Xuan Nv who drove suddenly said: "Xuan Zhen, go from this road, the first village you pass by is your village, right? Would you like to go back and take a look at first?? "

Su Yu heard it and a little hesitation and was very excited about Xuan Nv's proposal. He hadn't returned home for six months, especially when he just heard of the fire in Xinyang. Su Yu really wanted to go home and take a look at his father and mother. Although it has been confirmed that Dad and Mom were not affected, he still very worry!

But Su Yu glanced at Xuan Nv and others. Su Yu didn't want to take them home.

He groaned a bit and said, "No, let's finish this case first and talk about it, there will be opportunities to come back in the future."

"Xuan Zhen, go home with Xuan Nv to take a look. I know you must be very worried about your parents. You can complete the case with peace after seeing your parents. Don’t worry about the Holy Fire Cave. I and Xuan Shui can go one step ahead. You can follow our footsteps later.

We went there to guarantee that monsters would not set off any trouble! Xuan Huo interjected at this time.

"I have no opinion!" Xuan Shui echoed.

Su Yu: "..."

Xuan Nv and others suddenly became so enthusiastic, Su Yu was a bit uncomfortable,

"Okay, decided!" Xuan Nv made a decision before Su Yu didn't speak.

Soon, the vehicle came to the intersection into the village. Su Yu and Xuan Nv get off, Xuan Huo and Xuan Shui continued driving.

Su Yu glanced at the Xuan Nv next to him and sighed. Now that it's this situation. A smile hung on his face and said, "Leader, walk a few hundred meters along this road, we will arrive at Wukeshu Village. "

"Ok!" Xuan Nv murmured softly, walked along the brick road, and walked towards Wukeshu Village.

Wukeshu Village was a small village with only 50 households, so it was very quiet. In addition, due to the hot weather today, it is even more difficult to see pedestrians. They all stayed at home for the summer.

"Very quiet village, the air is much better than in the city. No wonder people in the city now want to buy a house in the countryside!" Xuan Nv said and took a deep breath.

Su Yu didn't realize that the air in the countryside is fresher than the air in the city, but still said, "It is an interesting phenomenon that the people in the city want to go back to the countryside, but the people in the countryside are desperately want to live in the city."

"Different people pursue differently!" Xuan Nv thought for a while.

"Well, maybe, one has no money, want to go to the city to make money, the other is rich and want to pursue health, to put it plainly is money!" Su Yu said.

Xuan Nv heard it and glance at Su Yu, instead of continuing the topic, she said, "Which is your house?"

"That house with that red wall and the blue roof is my house. Did you see it?" Su Yu pointed it for Xuan Nv and he hadn't seen the house for half a year. It was so kind as to see it at this moment!

"It's beautiful!" Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu naturally didn't believe it, it was just an ordinary house in the countryside. Xuan Nv was speaking beautiful words. He grinned: "Thank you, leader, you are more beautiful!"

Xuan Nv: "..."


Chapter 49 My Urine Yellow, Let Me Wake It Up

Once back home, Su Yu was in a much better mood, especially when he saw his father and mother safe and sound.

But the only thing that made Su Yu uncomfortable was that Xuan Nv, a cold woman, was greatly welcomed than himself.

Su Yu felt that his parents' love had been taken away by the Xuan Nv!

Su Yu glanced at the woman next to him, thinking in his heart: Is she any better than me? Except for her beautiful face and good figure, the rest were shortcomings, okay. Why does my mother like her so much?

Xuan Nv frowned slightly and asked, "Why do you look at me like this way? Is it because you're jealous that your parents love me?"

"Oh ~" Su Yu pouted, "Hehe, leader, don't you know that my father and mother have misunderstood about something?"

Xuan Nv stunned slightly: "misunderstanding ..."

The next moment Xuan Nv's face blushed, Su Yu watched, then ran away.

With a bang, the land where Xuan Nv stood was sunk ten centimeters in an instant, and Xuan Nv's voice sounded, "Xuan Zhen, stand still!"


"Hey? Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, here I am, is Uncle Xuan Zhen's body awesome?" Xuan Huo greeted Xuan Nv and Xuan Zhen, who were walking towards the mountainside.

Hearing this, Xuan Nv's face was slightly flushed again, but then her face returned to normal quickly, Xuan Shui scratched his head: Am I dim eyesight? It's impossible, Xuan Nv can't blush.

"Well, both are very good. Xuan Huo, Xuan Shui, what did you find?" Su Yu asked, looking at the Holy Fire Cave behind them. There was no cave or anything here before in his memory. But now, there it was.

"No, we had gone inside and watched the cave, but we didn't feel the sense of monsters. It may have run away, but there are no signs of the monster's activity nearby!" Xuan Shui said.

"No? Is it because I judged wrong before?" Su Yu heard the words suddenly.

"Maybe, this time the monster may be very good at hiding whereabouts, even if it was just recently through the cave, there are not many super powers sense left in the Holy Fire Cave!" Xuan Huo nodded.

"Go in and take a look again. This Holy Fire cave did not exist here more than half a year ago. The sudden appearance here may not be unreasonable, and there may be other useful information!" Xuan Nv said, holding her sword, walked towards the Holy Fire Cave.

Holy Fire Cave was a huge cave, but the ground was extremely flat, with a large area of ​​more than 200 square meters.

On the wall of the cave was a humanoid statue with strange shapes and many fire signs.

A huge stone sculpture in the shape of a huge flame was in the center of all the stone sculptures.

This picture has a feeling of Tang monks and apprentices entering Xiaoleiyin Temple in the Journey to the West.

"No statue disappeared?" Xuan Nv asked, observing everything in the cave carefully, feeling a slight hint of super power that was quickly dissipating.

"Well, all the sculptures are here, there are no signs of missing!" Xuan Huo said.

Su Yu observed these strange statues and knock them from time to time, but no useful information was gained.

"Xuan Shui and I have tried it. Whether it's knocking or watering, the statue hasn't changed!" Xuan Huo said.

Su Yu scratched his head and perplexed: "No, according to the survivors and Yan Kong, 80% of the monsters are in these statues, and the monsters cannot appear out of thin air. Is there any secret passage like this that can hide?"

After Su Yu said that, a circle of gravity waves diffused from Xuan Nv's body, and she said, "There are no secret channels here, and these statues are all solid."

Well, another possibility was ruled out.

Su Yu felt a headache. If the monster was not found, this case cannot be resolved, and they cannot always stay here.

But also they cannot ignore this weird case. What if they left there and the monster suddenly appears again, the nearby villagers would be in great danger!

And his home, his father and mother lived not far away. Su Yu didn't want to leave such a bomb that explodes at any time. Anyway, he must find a way to find the monster.

"Have you tried enchantment ball?" Xuan Nv said.

"Have tried, no response!" Xuan Shui shook his head, too.

"Three leaders, do you remember what Yan Kong said? The reason for the case was that someone angered the King of Fire. Is this anger the key? By the way, are there any kids among the victims?"Su Yu said.

"Kids?" The three of them were all stunned when they heard that. Su Yu's thinking was so jumpy, how suddenly he mentioned kid!?

Xuan Nv also didn't understand what Su Yu was thinking, but thought back carefully: "There really is a child, the youngest of the 81 victims, only seven years old, a boy!"

"Seven years old? Really naughty age!" Su Yu said it with a sigh of emotion, then walked toward the huge flame stone sculpture in the middle, and then smelled on the stone sculpture. He was a few surprised, and then smell again.

Xuan Shui said, "Xuan Zhen, what are you doing?"

"There is a smell of urine. Although it was burned once by the fire, it still has a little smell." Su Yu stood up and patted his hands, "I already know how to find out that monster?"

Xuan Nv and others: "???"

Su Yu put his hands on the belt to untie, but the next moment Su Yu's whole body was almost frozen. He forgets that Xuan Nv was here!

Xuan Nv's cold and ruthless voice sounded, "Xuan Zhen, are you wanna die?"

Su Yu turned back his head hardly: "It's a mistake, please listen to my explanation, I already know how to find out that monster, I'm so excited, I forgot you are a woman, I'm freezing, can you stop releasing your super power? "

"Hum!" Xuan Nv hummed with a cold face, and said without emotion: "Ok, I'm going out!"

She said that, and turned away and walked away quickly, even a little flustered.

After Xuan Nv left the Holy Fire Cave, Xuan Shui and Xuan Huo came to Su Yu side and said admiringly: "Xuan Zhen, you are so bold!"

Xuan Shui looked at Su Yu with admiration: "So cool!"

Then Xuan Huo asked with hesitation: "Su Yu, this method is really okay? Is it reliable?"

"I don't know. I am not so sure. My urine yellow, let me wake it up!" Su Yu waved his hands, immediately untied the waistband, a golden liquid flowed down, so confident and proud!

Xuan Shui: "..."

Xuan Huo: "..."

Chapter 50 Flame Apostle Jax

Outside of the entrance of the Holy Fire Cave, Xuan Nv's face was a little red, and her chest undulating. Thinking of Su Yu's action, she couldn't help being angry, and gritted her teeth: "Don't you treat me as a woman?"


As soon as Xuan Nv said that, a muffled sound came, and a dazzling pillar of fire spewed out of the Holy Fire Cave.

There were three more slightly embarrassing figures, and at the same time, Xuan Nv felt that there were dozens of powerful monsters in the cave who were extremely angry.

"Ha ha ha, come out, Xuan Zhen, you are genius, you can think of this method." Xuan Huo laughed.

"Excellent, Xuan Zhen's urine is a bit too powerful, not just one but a group!" Xuan Shui followed.

"No way, I have been a little bit too pressure recently," said Su Yu, embarrassingly, scratching his head.

"Humans, you damn it, insulting the great King of Fire? We sentence you to fire and torture!" A hoarse voice came out of the Holy Fire Cave, a bigfoot, burning with flames and flowing lava, was out of the cave.

Many strange human-shaped creatures with a burning flame walked out of the Holy Fire Cave.

"These monsters are what we're searching for? How come there are so many?" Xuan Nv came aside to the three of them, the sword was out of the sheath, the cold breath on her body was diffused, and the ground was frozen with frost.

"The statues are all awakened!" Su Yu groaned. "The effect may be too powerful!"

Xuan Nv gave Su Yu an indifferent glance, and said, "Eradicate these monsters, you must not let them escape, do it!"


The four moved and rushed towards those monsters—the Fire Apostles.

"Kill all humans!" The Flame Apostle also roared, and a weapon condensing magma appeared in their hands, chopping at the four.

"Dead?" Su Yu's body surrounded by jumping blue arc, punched out, and a clang banged on a magma sword, making a sound of gold and iron clashes. Then, the sword broke and fragments spattered.

Su Yu punched, followed by another punch, and a fist slammed against the chest of the Fire Apostle.

The immense power caused the Flame Apostle's chest to burst, and a large hole was penetrated.

The next moment, the Fire Apostle's counterattack came, and a mouthful of flames was blown to Su Yu.

Huh! Su Yu kicked hard under his feet, and his body quickly retreated to avoid the blow from the Fire Apostle.

Looking at the Flame Apostle in front of him, Su Yu's eyes narrowed, and the big hole punched by him was healing fast.

"What is it? Immortal body?" Su Yu muttered, rushed forward again, threw out his leg like a whip, and kicked on the head of the Fire Apostle, and the head burst instantly.

"I'll see whether you die this time!" Su Yu said.

The headless Apostle swing twice, and then the flames of his body quickly extinguished, turning into a headless statue again, and falling into pieces of large and small pieces.

Alas, after this, Su Yu rushed to the next one immediately. Su Yu wondered, was it because that he was stronger or the Flame Apostle was weaker? Su Yu felt that it was not difficult to kill a Flame Apostle.

When Su Yu wiped out a monster, the three had killed three or four monsters respectively.

Although there were many Fire Apostles coming out of the Holy Fire Cave, according to the current speed, they can spend no more than ten minutes to kill these monsters.

"Isn't it a bit too easy?" Xuan Shui frowned, transforming a huge water hand to pour out the water on a Fire Apostle, and then he holds it fiercely and shattered into pieces.

Xuan Huo and Xuan Nv also showed their super powers. Each move could wipe out a Fire Apostle. When they heard the words of Xuan Shui, they raised their brows.

Xuan Nv asked: "How many statues were there in the Holy Fire Cave before?"

"112 statues!" Su Yu punched the Fire Apostle and said, "Now we have broken 93 statues."

Xuan Nv groaned and said, "Kill them all, no matter why this monster is so weak, wipe them out clearly first!"

Soon the Fire Apostles bursting out of the cave were all shattered and turned into pieces. Su Yu said, "There are still five statues in the cave!"

"Go, go in and see what the monster's tricks!" Xuan Huo said, at this moment they were feeling a little strange, some of the Fire Apostles were not like a monster, but some were like flames puppets.

The four stepped into the cave again, and a huge flame was burning in the flames, but it was just a flame, without the breath of life.

"You are so powerful! All the flame puppets outside have been destroyed so quickly!" The four just entered the cave, and a hoarse voice sounded.

A blazing flame monster applauded, standing under the huge flame, and there were three taller Fire Apostles in front no, it should be said to be flame puppets.

When Xuan Nv heard the words, she said with a cold face: "Well? So, you are the only monster in the Holy Fire Cave?"

"Women, you are smart!" the Fire Apostle bowed down like a gentleman saluting: "Let me introduce myself, my name is Jax, I am one of the apostles under the King of Fire. Flame puppets summoned just now were funny? "

"Damn, we were tricked!" Xuan Shui cursed.

"You are looking for death!" Xuan Huo's mood exploded directly, and a huge pillar of fire blasted out, banging at the Fire Apostle Jax.

However, the pillar of fire was just approaching Jax, one of the three huge flames in front of Jax moved, it reached out a fire sword, chopped the pillar of fire.

Jax sneered and said, "Humans, want to kill me? Beat down the three flames first."

The four's look slightly dignified, and the strength of the three flames in front of them was powerful.

Xuan Shui said: "We can separate to deal with the three flames, and the remaining one to kill Jax."

"Okay!" Everyone responded, killing the three flame puppets and Fire Apostle Jax, and there was no discussion about who would kill Jax—whoever had the chance kills Jax!

But at this moment, from the back of the crowd, a basketball-sized fireball suddenly flew and slammed.

Boom boom!

The fireball would explode, and the four were a bit embarrassed by the attack from behind but were not injured.

But their faces were changed. The fire puppets that were broken by them were all restored. They penetrated into the Fire Cave and surrounded them.

Jax's voice rang out from all its mouth: "Humans, you will be judged by the King of Fire today, especially your, detestable human!"

All the puppets looked at Su Yu with anger and glared.

Su Yu: "..."

I just urinate at you, why were you so serious about it?

Chapter 51 I Am Really A Genius

"Kill!" Roared the Fire Apostle, and the flames suddenly filled the entire Holy Fire Cave.

After receiving the order, the flames puppets rushed towards the four people like crazy, and the thousands of flame balls were smashed down towards the four.

"Open the enchantment, go to the dimension space to fight!" Xuan Nv cut off the flame balls with a sword, the power of ice bloomed, frozen the flames and several flame puppets into ice sculptures, but between several breaths, the flame puppets returned to normal again, basically can't kill.

The enchantment ball lifted off, the enchantment opens, and the four and the Fire Apostles and many flame puppets were drawn into the dimension space.

"Kill the Fire Apostle, and the flame puppets will can't move any more!" Xuan Huo said, and the fire punch continued to bombard.

"Damn, Jax is gone!" Xuan Shui cursed, and the Fire Apostle was mixed into many flame puppets, becoming one of them. These flames puppets were like Jax's avatars. They can not distinguish which was the real Jax.

"Hahaha, tiny humans, how can you know the greatness of my tribe, the flames are endless, we will live forever!" Jax's voice sounded in a flaming mouth.

Boom, the next moment, the flame puppet was blasted into pieces, and then Jax's voice sounded in the mouth of another flame puppet: "Humans, you can't kill me."

"Undead? There is no such thing as immortality in this world!" Xuan Nv's sound was chilly, the puppets near her were all frozen and can't move and then crushed by horrible gravity.

"Oh, human woman, then if you have the ability to kill me!" Jax laughed.

"Xuan Zhen, find the real body of Jax. We will deal with these flame puppets. It definitely has weaknesses. There is no perfect life in the world! There must be shortcomings in these puppets. Find them out." said Xuan Nv.

"Ah?" when Su Yu focusing on hearing what Xuan Nv's words, he was slammed by a flame puppet and was blown out, ramming the mountain wall out of a large cave.

Subsequently, the Holy Fire Cave in Dimensional Space could not withstand the aftermath of the fighting and was broken apart.

Streams of light flew from the ruins, and Xuan Shui came to Su Yu's side and asked, "Are you ok? Are you get hurt? Concentrate!"

"I know!" Su Yu answered, he also wants to concentrate! But the case came too suddenly, he had no time to prepare!

There was no time for nonsense, Jax has attached on its flame puppets, come to kill them.


The sound of glass shattering sounded. Su Yu used his shock power towards flame puppet in the dimension space, and a flame was shaken into small fragments, and the flame puppet was extinguished.

"Huh? Didn't restore" Su Yu was surprised. The flame puppet he just destroyed didn't recover as quickly as the puppet that was destroyed before. This time the puppet was really broken!

Seeing the situation on Su Yu's side, the fierce battle scene suddenly stopped for a moment, Xuan Shui said happily, "Xuan Zhen, you have found the weakness of the flame puppets?"

Xuan Nv and Xuan Huo also had widened their eyes. Except for the three large flame puppets, the small flame puppets were not so strong.

But the large number and the indestructibility were really irritating.

"I don't know how I did it. I just used the shock power, and then the flame puppets were completely dead!"Su Yu answered with a sullen expression.

Then there was another shock punch, humming, clicking, cracks covering the void, shrouding a flame, the air broke apart, the flame puppet also broke into pieces, the flame went out, and the flame puppet turned into gravels.

"Look, this is the case!" Su Yu said, "Do you see how I did it?"

Xuan Nv and others: "..."

The three and Su Yu were confused, but Jax understood how Su Yu could do it, and he could not help expressing a little panic, and then he was replaced by anger. I will kill you!"

Jax and his puppets roared together, regardless of the other three, were trying to kill Su Yu, and the overwhelmed attacking came to Su Yu!

"I ..." Su Yu was startled and ran away, and it was difficult to survive under so many attacks.


A huge explosion occurred, and a huge mushroom cloud rose into the air, which was terrible. The shock wave hit the body. Su Yu spat blood.

"Protect Xuan Zhen!" Xuan Nv said. And then appeared in front of Su Yu, blocking more attacks.

Xuan Shui and Xuan Huo came forward to fight with the flame puppets and smashed them.

The three saw Jax's action, and they were happy because they knew that the breakthrough was on Su Yu in this fighting.

Hum ~

Xuan Nv grasped her gravity sword and crushed several flame puppets. At the same time, she said to Su Yu: "Xuan Zhen, you have to think carefully, why your attack can completely destroy the flame puppets, this is the key!"

"Why? I also want to know why!" Su Yu grumbled in his heart, and he also reached out his fist to punch, and the flame puppets were completely destroyed by Su Yu.

At the same time, Su Yu's brain was running crazy, thinking about what makes his attack different.

The situations of the others attacking the flame puppets and the situations of himself attacking and destroying the flame puppets flashed in Su Yu's brain and quickly contrasted.

Could it be that the shock power has a natural restraint on flame puppets?

No, that's not right. Su Yu quickly denied this. It was definitely not because of restraint. If it was because of restraint, Xuan Shui's water power should restrain the flames.

It was humming, clicking, the sound of glass shattering, and another flame was completely destroyed by Su Yu, and the pieces hit the ground.

Seeing this, Su Yu flashed with light: Was it possible that the shock force broke something inside the flame puppet, and then completely destroyed the flame puppet?

"Xuan Zhen, have you figured it out?" Xuan Nv's voice sounded, sweeping across the sword, where gravity waves passed, more than a dozen flame puppets were crushed into tiny and incomparable fragments, and they were about to become dust!

The corner of Su Yu's mouth convulsed, and at the same time negated the idea of ​​shattering something in the flames. If so, Xuan Nv and others would have been able to find it already!

"It's not inside, it's something outside of the body!" After Su Yu denied the second conjecture, his eyes became bright.

At this time, Su Yu thought that the biggest difference between his shock power and any other power is the shock. This shock power can not only shatter physical things but also shatter air and other non-solid things, even space.

In order to verify the conjecture, Su Yu attacked, shocked the fist, buzzed, clicked, and a fine crack spread from Su Yu's fist around, covering the void, and then the void collapsed along with the flames there. The earth also cracked and undulated, like an earthquake.

"Hahaha, I know, I saw it!" Su Yu laughed loudly: "I'm really a genius!"

Xuan Nv: "..."

Chapter 52 Battle Jax

"Xuan Zhen, tell me, I'm going to be dried up soon!" Xuan Shui yelled. Water can kill the fire, and fire can also kill the water. He was the most bruised and embarrassed one among the four.

"Line, there is a line connected to the flame puppet, hidden in the void and transmitting energy to the flame puppet, cutting the line can completely destroy the flame puppet, just like this!" Su Yu did not have any hesitation, immediately said.

At the same time, a demonstration was performed, and his foot appeared next to a flame puppet, and the shock fist blasted out.

Humming ~ clicking, the sound of glass shattering, the flame puppet shattered into pieces immediately.

Because Su Yu has reminded this time, the three observed very carefully, so when Su Yu collapsed into the void, they all saw a red thread thinner than silk. Under the reflection of the firelight, it was invisible, and the red line was still hidden in the void.

"This is the case, the reason for the endless flame puppets is here, as long as we know the reason, it can be solved!" Xuan Huo said, and his hands folded together and then pulled, a flaming spear lance appeared from the void.

Xuan Huo released his fire power and soared, flames began to rise on his body, and his hair was burning up.

"He is actually Nezha?" Su Yu saw this indifferently. If he stepped on two more hot wheels under his feet, Xuan Huo was definitely Nezha at this moment?

"Look at the spear!"

Xuan Huo screamed, the spark flashed, and then the spear out like a dragon, and in a moment, 36 spears speared out!

Bang Bang Bang ...

A series of thirty-six explosions sounded, and thirty-six flame puppets were smashed by the flaming spear, while Xuan Huo broke the thirty-six red lines of energy transmission hidden in the void.

Strong, Xuan Huo was really strong!

Su Yu has been out of solving the cases with Xuan Huo several times. At this moment, Su Yu discovered that Xuan Huo had been hidden his real power. At this time, Xuan Huo slightly showed more his power.

However, Su Yu wondered, why did Xuan Huo not use all his power when fighting with the Black Coffin (organization)? Is it the tacit understanding of the two sides?

When Su Yu thought about this, Xuan Shui laughed: "Hahaha, it looks like I have to use my real power, rident, come out!"

A water-blue trident was taken out from the void. Xuan Shui grasped the trident on his hand, soaring. The water band wandered around Xuan Shui. His hair also turned into upward flowing water.

Su Yu felt that Xuan Huo and Xuan Shui were like twin brothers.

"Split the sea!" Xuan Shui swept across with the trident, and a dazzling aqua-blue light burst out from the trident. It was water energy condensing a certain limit, its so solid like a steel knife.

The water blue brilliance swept across, like a sharp blade breaking through the void, and the blue brilliance flashed away and rushed into the distance.

Wow, the fierce rushing flames swelled, and after the blue water swept through, the flame puppet's flame suddenly extinguished, and then broke into the first gravel.

It was the thirty-six flame puppets that were completely destroyed!

"Leave the rest to me!" Xuan Nv stepped forward, watching the remaining flame puppets and said with no emotion, the endless icy breath bloomed fiercely, but the icy breath was taken back into Xuan Nv's body fiercely. Her black hair suddenly covered with white crystal hair!

This time Xuan Nv didn't put out a sword, but just pointed at the flame puppets, a white light shot from her fingertips, and fell on a flame puppets.

Suddenly, the flame puppet was frozen and turned into an ice sculpture, as well as the flames on its body were frozen.

The terrible chill erupted at this time, with a buzz, a frosty spread of ice, everything that went by was transformed into an ice sculpture.

Kaka ... The cracking sound sounded in the next moment, and the flame puppets turned into scum on the ground. Even at this moment, the air seemed to be frozen and broken in the extreme cold, and a red silk thread appeared in the air. It was clearly visible.

At the same time, the horrific cold spread along the red line, and it was gradually frozen, and Xuan Nv's attack went up against the source.

The next moment, the sound of the strings breaking sounded, and Jax actively broke the red line.

"It's all up to you, the Flame Apostle Jax, tell me everything that you know. Why did the Holy Fire Cave appear in Xinyang for no reason? What's your purpose !?" Xuan Huo's spear pointed directly at Jax.

"Want to know? Oh, you can guess it yourself!" Jax chuckled, his breath gradually rising: "And you just ruined my toys, are you really so arrogant to believe that you can be my opponent?

Silly and arrogant human beings, let me show you what is real power!"

Jax stepped out one step, and the hot breath spread instantly. Within a kilometer of a circle, all combustible materials spontaneously ignited. One kilometer of the circle turned into a sea of ​​fire instantly, and the fire spread quickly.

Fortunately, this happened in the dimension space. If it happened in the real world, it was a huge disaster.

Jax stepped forward step by step, constantly releasing his super powers, the flames on his body were also more intense, the temperature was extremely high, and the rocks and stones began to show signs of melting where Jax passed.

At the same time, Jax's height is also extremely inflated. In a few steps, he becomes a ten-meter-high horrible flame monster, bending and horning straight into the sky, as if to pierce the sky.

Of course, Su Yu and others didn't look at it. When Jax moved forward, the four of them rushed towards Jax.

With a bang, the two sides collided directly, and the ground with a radius of 100 meters instantly subsided and then cracked. Numerous earth and stones lifted off at this instant.

Su Yu was the weakest. Even if he used his full strength, he was the first one blasted out by Jax.

With a bang, he flew a hundred meters and smashed a large pit on the ground and stopped.

"It's hot!" Su Yu bounced in place in the big pit, his face a little twisted, white smoke rising from his body, taking a deep breath, even can smelling a barbeque.

Although the combat suit has the function of preventing water and fire from invading, it also has a certain limit. Although it blocked a part of the attack, there still a part of the hot penetrates the combat suit and hits Su Yu's body.

Su Yu's body has been trained for such a long time, and it has been tougher, and ordinary swords were difficult to hurt him. However, the hot feeling still penetrated the combat suit. Although the flame may not bring damage, the burning pain was still painful.

The other three were much better than Su Yu. At that moment, they were fighting with Jax. The explosions were endless and the shock waves of terror were overflowing.

All the things within the thousands of square kilometers were broken. In a blink of an eye, the mountain collapsed, the river withered, flowers and trees burned to ashes.


Chapter 53 Explosion Output

Bang Bang Bang ...

There was a constant loud boom in the distance. The three cooperated with each other and started to fight around the flame apostle Jax. Su Yu could only stand aside and watch.

On that battlefield, Su Yu found that he could no longer participate in at this time, and the terror shock wave could beat him fly away every time.

After trying a few times, Su Yu just gave up and changed the mood to watch the battle like watching an on-spot movie.

Um, it's cool, it‘s fantastic. When the battle was fierce, Su Yu almost want to cheer loudly, but he was afraid to be hit by Xuan Nv after the case was resolved.

The attacking form of the Flame Apostle Jax was really strong. Jax seemed to be much stronger than the last corpse dragon. A flame giant sword has played so excellent in Jax's hands, and all the attacks were withstood by Jax.

In a one-to-three situation, the Flame Apostle Jax was not only able to defend, but also to fight back. The flame sword swept across, and the flames spread across the sky. With a bang, the Xuan Nv trio was knocked down and flew out.

Jax laughed wildly and said, "Ha ha ha, humans are really weak races, you are really too weak!"

"You are crazy!" Xuan Nv snorted coldly, and then rushed towards Jax, pointing out at Jax, and a ray of ice focused Jax's body.

Instantly, part of Jax's body was frozen, but the next moment, it was melted by Jax's high temperature.

"Woman, your move is useless to our great flame clan, don't waste any effort, your ice power is not excellent enough yet!" Jax scorned and was too lazy to guard against the attack of Xuan Nv.

"Gravity!" Xuan Nv ignored the words of Jax and attacked at her own pace. A powerful gravity was released and pressed on Jax's body.

In the beginning, the ground under Jax's feet couldn't withstand this gravity, and it suddenly sunk. Then Jax was almost half-knelt on the ground by the sudden increase of gravity.

At the same time, Xuan Huo and Xuan Shui's attack came and fell directly on Jax's body. With the roar, Jax was smashed into the bottom of the pit.

Xuan Shui said, "You are so noisy, go to hell!"

While speaking, Xuan Shui's attacks continued, and water blades were chopped towards Jax.

Xuan Huo didn't speak, but he showed no mercy, one by one, huge fireballs condensed on the flame spear, and shot against Jax like the shells, drowning Jax in the attack.


The three fought for a full minute, and there were thousands of attacks before they stopped, and the smoke was scattered, and there were only lots of pieces of debris in the huge pit.

"Dead?" Su Yu felt so funny when he saw this. Did Jax come over to perform a joke? So he was killed after saying these provocative words?

But the next moment, Su Yu saw the flames rising from the crater, and the fragments quickly closed together and turned into Jax again, and Jax laughed: "Is this all your power?

A little boring. I thought that when I appeared for the first time, there would be a competent rival. Unfortunately, human beings are really rubbish and weak.

Let us rule the world with our great flames! "

"Want to rule the world? This is the purpose of your appearance?" Xuan Nv asked, not surprised that Jax was not killed.

"How is it, not how? I've played enough with you, let's die!" Jax said, and countless flames converged between his two corners, forming a mill-ball-sized fireball.

As the flames converged, the temperature of the fireball became higher and higher, and finally turned into a blue fireball.


A blue pillar of fire spurted out, hitting Xuan Shui instantly, and then Xuan Shui continue flying away more than one hundred meters and two hundred meters, getting farther and farther, wherever it passed, the blue flame plowed the ground deep.

Jax said, "I hate water!"

Bang, Xuan Shui hit the mountain, and with a big explosion, the blue flames burned a hill directly.

The flame apostle Jax's attack did not stop. A large hand slammed out, grabbed Xuan Huo in his hand, and sneered: "Playing fire in front of our flames clan? Humans, you are too weak!"

With a bang, flame apostle Jax threw out Xuan Huo, and with a bang, the entire body penetrated into a mountain, and then the mountain was torn apart and Xuan Huo was buried in it.

"Also you, human woman! I hate you. You almost let me, the great flame apostle, knelt down. It's time to burn you into dust!" The flame apostle Jax swept across the sword and chopped against Xuan Nv's sword, and then Xuan Nv was engulfed in flames as a meteor flew out.

This may seem like a long time to say, but it actually happened a very short time.

In this short period of time, the continuous flame apostle Jax's attacking, instantly blasting the three out, and the status of the three was unknown.

Su Yu was stunned, and could not believe what he saw, and the three were defeated in an instant? Was this a joke? Was the three too weak or was the Flame Apostle Jax too strong?

"Xuan Shui!"

"Xuan Huo!"

"Xuan Nv!"

At this time, Su Yu didn't know which one to see?

Alas, a large flame sword was inserted on the ground in front of Su Yu, and the fiery flame rushed towards him. At this time, Jax stepped in front of Su Yu and looked at Su Yu with burning eyes: "You are the one that I most want to kill! You even dare to spill dirt thing on the statue of the great King of Fire, I will burn you a little bit to ashes. "

Jax grabbed and covered Su Yu under his palm.

"Fight!" Su Yu gritted his teeth fiercely. He thinks if he was caught, he would die. He decided to fight back.

The blue halo and blue arc appeared on Su Yu's body at the same time, and Su Yu hit the strongest punch he could make at this time.


Su Yu's fist blasted into the palm of Jax's hand. The powerful force and the force of shock exploded at the same time. The moment his fist punched out, the flames from Jax was fought back.


Su Yu's fist exploded in the palm of Jax. The power interacted.

Suddenly, a loud noise broke out on the ground under Su Yu's feet. The next moment, the crack filled the void and the ground. In the sound of glass shattering, the sky moved with the ground, making a rumbling sound.

The 100-meter-long earth cracked, and countless earth and stones rose into the sky.

"Open!" Su Yu roared, blasting Jax's covered big hand out, and then in Jax's surprised eyes, the big hand burst open.

"Human!" Jax roared. He didn't expect that Su Yu could hurt him. The palm of his hand healed quickly, and his palm was attacking again. He wanted to beat Su Yu, a nasty human bug, away.

Chapter 54 Brother Xuan Huo, Cranky Online

Boom! Jax pated a palm towards Su Yu, but pat an empty. He glanced into the distance and laughed suddenly: "Bug, don't run!"

Jax shook off his two long legs and chased, pulling out a long line of fire, and the ground was burning everywhere.

I would be a fool if I don't run away!

Su Yu raised her two middle fingers without turning his head back. Su Yu had reached a limit, but he still kept running, otherwise, he would die!

When watching Su Yu's two middle fingers, though Jax didn't understand the human culture, Jax can still felt Su Yu's deeply malicious and angrier, the flames condensed between the two corners of Jax's head, and then sprayed out.

Boom! boom! boom!

Jax turned into a mobile turret at this moment, chasing and blasting all the way.

Su Yu almost want to cry, but he had no tears. He felt grievances and thought that this case would not be too difficult and didn't expect this situation would happen. Is the three were still alive or dead? But Jax still chased after him, so he doesn't have time or energy to think about it.

At this moment, Su Yu swears that if he can go back alive, he must definitely think about how to quit this job. It was too dangerous. Su Yu felt that he was still inappropriate fighting. The peaceful life was his wish.


Just when Su Yu was chaotically chased by Jax, the distant mountain ruins in the distance suddenly made a roar, and a blue beam of light rose from the ruins.

A figure slowly floated from the rubble, and numerous water vapor gathered to lift the man into the air.

"Xuan Shui?" Seeing that man Su Yu's eyes flashed brightly, there was hope, and he ran towards Xuan Shui without saying a word.

"Huh? You didn't die?" Jax said with surprise. Xuan Shui can survive after bearing such a powerful blow, which surprised Jax a little.

However, Jax figured out the reason a moment later, Xuan Shui's power was water, and it was possible to use his power to weaken fire attack.

Xuan Shui glanced at Su Yu and said to Jax: "Big man, you hurt me just now. What do you think I should do with you?"

"Hahaha!" Jax laughed: "Human, do you want to fight with me? Hehe, do you have that ability?

If I were you, I would obediently hide in the rubble, waiting to escape from my attack, instead of now stupidly voluntarily sending your life to me! "

The power of the flame condensed between Jax's two horns, and the fiery red flame quickly transformed into blue, and the color became lighter and lighter, changing to another color, and the temperature became more terrifying.

Xuan Shui stepped out, and endless water vapor gathered around Xuan Shui to form a winding river. With his arms slightly raised, he would launch an attack, and the river roared.

"Jax is mine!"

However, at this moment an extremely angry voice sounded, making everyone a little stunned.

Then Xuan Shui paused and said, "Okay, I can give Jax to you. If you can't, I'll fight with it again!"

"Huh, you have no chance!" The voice sounded again, and the gurgling bubbling sounded in this place.

I saw the mountain rock that collapsed by Xuan Huo suddenly turned red, melted, forming a magma flowing around.

Boom! A flaming figure bursting through the magma straight up into the sky, the horrible temperature scattered, and the air seemed to be distorted, and there were even signs of melting.

"Xuan Huo!" Su Yu shouted in surprise at seeing the man, and he relieved that he was safer with one more workforce.

Xuan Huo ignored the words of Su Yu, and his eyes seemed to blast flames, staring directly at Jax: "Monster, how dare you say that my fire power is weak? I will defeat you with my fire power today."

Then Xuan Huo turned into a flash of light, and the then appeared in front of Jax.

Jax roared a little erratically, "Flame flash?"

"Bingo, there is a prize for you, Soaring Fire!" Xuan Huo sighed and already made a move. It was an uppercut, and a bang blasted on Jax's jaw. Magma and flames flew together. Max's jaw was blown.

At the same time, Jax's huge body was blasted up into the air, and when the altitude was still rising, there was a huge roar just below Jax, and a burst of Soaring Fire burst out from the sky.

Jax flew higher up at a faster speed.

However, Xuan Huo moved again, alas ~ the flame flashed again, and Xuan Huo appeared just above Jax's ascent.

"Dropping Flame!"

Xuan Huo punched again, slamming his hands with his fists, and slamming into Jax's body, the flame exploded on his fist, becoming a huge fireball, wrapped around Jax and smashing to the ground.


Jax fell to the ground, a big explosion occurred instantly, and a huge flame mushroom cloud vacated.

At the same time, the earth within a kilometer's radius swelled up, forming earth waves rushing in all directions, and a huge deep pit appeared.

Seeing this, Su Yu took a breath of air.

What is this? —Brother Xuan Huo, Cranky Online?

The powerful flame apostle Jax was stunned unilaterally, the fierce Xuan Huo was so powerful.

The flame mushroom cloud slowly dissipated, and Jax's broken body appeared in Su Yu's eyes, so quietly lying in the deep pit, the flames falling in his eyes were dim, showing some confusion.

Su Yu speculated that Jax was also stunned by the fierce attack of Xuan Huo, and he has not recovered at this moment!

"Jax, what do you think about my Fire Power?" Xuan Huo said, stepped on the flames in the air, watching Jax, reaching out, and the flame spear buried in magma flew back to Xuan Huo's hands.


Jax's eyes spurted two flames, and its body recovered quickly. It slowly stood up from the deep pit and looked at Xuan Huo: "Humans, I do look down on you, but you still looking for die!"

The Great Sword of Flame was shaped in Jax's hands, slashed into the volley, and a huge flame of sword slashed towards Xuan Huo.

Xuan Huo did not dodge or escape, the spear was out like a dragon.

A jingle flared above the Flame Sword, making a crisp sound, and then the Flame Sword collapsed in the air.

SaSa ~ Jax and Xuan Huo rushed to each other at the same time and launched a violent attack. The spear and the Flame Sword instantly collided thousands of times, and the strong shock wave spread out, carrying the extremely hot heat.

It seemed to be just a collision of weapons, but it was actually a collision between the two firepowers. Each move was to strike powerful firepower into the opponent's body and destroy the opponent's body.

Su Yu looked at the fierce fighting, said: "Xuan Shui, we really don't need to help Xuan Huo?"

"No need, just give it to Xuan Huo to deal with!" A cold voice sounded, Xuan Nv dropped from the air and fell beside Su Yu.

Su Yu opened his mouth, "Leader, you fly so far!"

Xuan Nv glanced at Su Yu: "Hehe, go back to double training!"

Su Yu: "..."


Chapter 55 Xuan Yan, The Former Colleague

Om ~ A spear appeared through the sky, pierced through the void, and clicked on Jax's huge body.

With a bang, Jax's huge body shattered, and only a huge head remained, the remaining body was falling on the ground.

After Jax took the blow, he was horrified because he tried to restore a new body, but a powerful force hindered his ability to recover quickly.

"It's impossible. How could a human being such powerful?" Jax yelled in disbelief with horror.

"Impossible? Humans?" Xuan Huo appeared beside the fFame Apostle Jax, and his spear pointed at Jax. "You, monsters always look down on humans, but do you forget who is the master of the world now? Now you can die! "

Xuan Huo spear was about to stab, ready to completely kill Jax, but at this moment Jax laughed, "Humans, you can't kill me, do you think I have no companion?"

As soon as Jax said this, everyone was stunned, and then felt something not good, and a crisis came from overhead.

All looked up, not knowing when the sky above everyone's head was covered by the black mist.

The next moment, countless black flame meteors fell in the sky.

Boom, boom, a violent meteor fire fell down like heavy rain, all places covered by the black mist were the attack range.

The crowd hurriedly avoided the sudden attack, but what Su Yu did not see was that at the moment when the black fire rain appeared, Xuan Nv, Xuan Shui, and Xuan Huo all changed their facial expression.

"Hahaha, well, you are really doing a good job, King's slave!" after seeing their embarrassing avoiding, Flame Apostle Jax laughed with joy: "Kill, King's slave, kill these guys. Kill them all! "

"Hehe, Flame Apostle, don't be so irritable, let's play slowly with the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau!" A chuckle appeared from the black mist, and several figures wearing black robes appeared from the black mist, and slowly fell beside Jax's head.

"Jack, you damn slave, how could you dare to disobey my order? Are you want to die?" Jax angered.

"Naturally, don't dare!" The man whispered, then gently took off the hood and continued: "I just want to have a good chat with my former friends!"

This was a very young and handsome man. After speaking, he no longer cares about Jax, looks at Xuan Nv and others, and smiles at the corner of his mouth, "My former friends, it's been a long time!"


Su Yu felt surprised, and the momentum of the three broke out their super power. That's too coercion so that Su Yu felt a sense of breathlessness. Su Yu turned his head, looking at the three: Did they know this man?

"Xuan Yan, you are a traitor, how dare to appear in front of us? Do you want to die!" Xuan Huo gritted his teeth and said.

"Traitor, damn it!" Xuan Shui said in a cold tone.

"Xuan Yan, you should die!" Xuan Nv was the most irritable at this moment because when she said it, Xuan Nv immediately rushed to the man, and the sword slashed down against the man.

'Xuan Yan? This man was once a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau? 'Su Yu thought, and at the same time glanced at the Xuan Nv who had rushed out. Was it an illusion? Su Yu seemed to see a drop of crystal tears in the corner of Xuan Nv's eyes.

Xuan Yan watched Xuan Nv who was rushing towards him. And the man in the black robe next to him stepped forward to prepare to fight Xuan Nv, but was stopped by Xuan Yan. He said, "Let me fight with her, so we can have a nice chat!"

Then Xuan Yan's figure flashed in front of Xuan Nv's body. His fist burning with black fire hit the Xuan Nv's sword, and a loud noise was heard, and the black fire on Xuan Yan's fist. The fierce eruption, Xuan Nv was immediately knocked and flew out.

"Xuan Nv, you are still so impulsive and reckless, I have taught you so many times, or haven't you remembered?" Xuan Yan said softly, and it seemed like effortless to knock back Xuan Nv.

"Shut up, Xuan Yan, I must kill you today!" Xuan Nv roared, without any ordinary calmness at all.

Su Yu was stunned. For the first time, he saw such an annoyed and reckless Xuan Nv. Was this the real Xuan Nv he knew?

Sa ~ Xuan Nv rushed and fought against Xuan Yan. Although she was powerful, Xuan Nv was suppressed comprehensively. Xuan Yan could always find Xuan Nv's flaws and obtain the greatest victory with the smallest super power output.

Su Yu said unconsciously, "How is it possible, how can this person suppress Xuan Nv comprehensively? Is this a joke?"

"There is possible. Xuan Yan knows clearly Xuan Nv's weaknesses and various fighting habits, after all, Xuan Yan was Xuan Nv's tutor, just like the relationship between you and Xuan Nv!" Xuan Shui said softly beside Su Yu.

Su Yu felt very surprised, he did not expect they were such a relationship.

Xuan Shui continued: "Oh, yes, Xuan Huo was Xuan Yan's tutor!"

Su Yu twisted his mouth and said, "So, is this Xuan Yan really a member of the bureau?"

"Was!" Xuan Shui Dao: "Xuan Yan was indeed a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau, but he has already become a traitor of the Monsters Detective Bureau, and he killed his companion. He is a wicked traitor who is worse than scum."

Su Yu's body shuddered, and he was shocked. Xuan Yan even killed his companion?

Such a guy was indeed not as good as scum. Looking at Xuan Yan, Su Yu also gives birth to an aversion.

The traitor was enough to be disgusted.

How could he even kill his companion? Xuan Yan's personality was definitely worse than pigs or dogs, no, no, that was insulting the pigs and dogs!

"Are we going to help Xuan Nv? Will she be in danger?" Su Yu said, watching Xuan Nv being suppressed by Xuan Yan.

"No, though Xuan Nv is suppressed, it doesn't matter. Xuan Yan was not stronger enough to hurt Xuan Nv, he can't do it!" Xuan Shui shook his head and said, "Let Xuan Nv deal with it, she needs to vent, she is already born long enough, let's her vent, this is a good thing!

Xuan Nv was not so cold and cheerless, she used to be so cute and lively! "

Su Yu looked at Xuan Shui and then Xuan Huo, and thought of the tears that seemed to be seen in the corner of Xuan Nv's eyes. And thought of what Xuan Shui said just now, suddenly, Su Yu's mood felt more complicated.

Was Xuannv and Xuan Yan really just the relationship between the leaders and their subordinates?

Su Yu wanted to ask, but he forced himself to ask nothing. He already had his own answer—this gossip was too complex for him to guess!

For the sake of his own life, Su Yu decided not to explorer this gossip anymore, just let the gossip rot there.

Su Yu refocused on the two at fighting!

Chapter 56 Maniac

Su Yu wanted to observe and study the battle between Xuan Nv and Xuanyan carefully, instead of exploring gossip.

However, even though you don't want to explore this gossip, someone wants to tell you.

Xuan Shui still wanna gossip and don't want to close the sluices of this conversation, and at this moment was a bit unstoppable, and continued to chat: "Hey, Xuan Zhen, do you know, in addition to the relationship of a tutor, there is actually another layer of relationship."

Somewhat Su Yu felt a toothache, and squinted Xuan Shui, wondering that I don't want to know, so don't tell me, please.

Xuan Shui: "Well, your expression shows you have a strong curiosity, okay, I can't resist, so I decided to tell you!"

Su Yu: Brother, boss, which one of your eyes can see that I am very curious? Please don't say anything. If Xuan Nv told me ‘you know too much’, wouldn’t I will die?

Xuan Shui continued: "Actually, Xuan Yan and Xuan Nv, they have something. So you can understand that both people have a good impression on each other, but they have not made a confession in public.

Most of the people in the bureau knew and were very optimistic about their relationship, and they thought that they were a good couple.

Unfortunately, when Xuan Nv was preparing to make a public confession, Xuan Yan killed a companion in solving a case and defected! "

Su Yu was too curious and asked, "Why did Xuanyan defect?"

Xuan Shui shook his head and said, "Maybe it's because of a treasure !? No one knows the specific reason. After Xuan Yan's defection, we found out that everything we knew about Xuan Yan was all his disguise, and actually, we know nothing about him.

Xuan Yan's defection was painful damage to Xuan Nv. Xuan Nv was originally a girl who loved to laugh, lively and cheerful. After the incident, Xuan Nv was somewhat self-closed, hiding her real soul with a layer of a hard and cold shell!"

Su Yu can say nothing, and looked at Xuan Nv, only to know that Xuan Nv has such a past.

Xuan Shui might have said everything he what to say, so he didn't continue to say anything, and looked at the battlefield with Su Yu.

After Xuan Nv and Xuan Yan fought fiercely again, Xuan Yan pulled back and retreated to his accomplice, laughing: "I haven't seen you for a while, Xuan Nv, your super power is getting stronger and stronger, nice job, you did not forget what I taught you."

"I'm getting stronger all the time, in order to defeat you, and revenge for Xuan Qi." Xuan Nv said and did not recklessly to chase after Xuan Yan. She can felt that several people around Xuan Yan were dangerous for her.

"Oh, it looks like you hate me very much. This is good. Hate will make a person constantly stronger. Today I came here for two things. The first thing is to see you and make a thorough farewell with my past.

The name of Xuan Yan will no longer exist, and my name will be Hei Yan in the future.

Raven (organization) Hei Yan greeted everyone in the Monsters Detective Bureau! Xuan Yan smiled, saluted slightly to Xuan Huo and others, his manners were perfect.

Xuan Yan, no, Hei Yan just finished his words, Xuan Nv, Xuan Shui, Xuan Huo's faces changed again.

Xuan Huo said: "Xuan Yan, did you even join the Raven (organization)? Good, you did very well!"

Xuan Shui sighed and said, "Xuan ... Hei Yan, you really suck, or in other words, is this the real you?"

Xuan Nv didn't speak, but her fist was clenched tight, her nails had pierced the skin, and blood dripped.

Su Yu looked blank and asked Xuan Shui quietly, "Xuan Shui, what is the Raven?"

Xuan Shui said, "Remember the Black Coffin? Raven is also a super power organization. If the black coffin is a mercenary in the super power world, it receives money to do things for employers. Then in the super power world, the raven is a bandit, thugs, the Ravens are extreme, they are all evil, a group of lunatics. "

Su Yu heard his words stunned. Lunatics are the most terrible, and lunatics with reason and strength are even more terrible.

"Damn slave, why are you still talking with them? Kill them!" Jax yelled angrily. At this moment, he still hadn't restored his body. He was getting more irritable and couldn't wait to kill Su Yu and others.

"Don't worry, dear Flame Apostle. I haven't done another thing yet!" Hei Yan smiled.

"What's the another……"

Crack, Hei Yan's palm attacked like lightning!

"Bold, you dare, you damn humans attack me, don't forget, you are the slave of the King, the King will not forgive you."

Jax yelled suddenly, his burning eyes were full of mischief and anger! The slave who had obeyed him before had even attacked him!

The four were also stunned. they did not expect that this situation would happen. Hei Yan's palm penetrated into Jax's head and gave Jax a fatal blow.

Hei Yan showed an extremely evil smile under everyone's gaze: "Apostle, now you should know the second thing I said? Kill you, take your core of fire, I have been patient for a long time. It's over now! "

"Damn, you jerk, damn slave, you betrayed the King, and the King will surely kill you." Jax yelled in horror, and he felt that the core of his flame had been captured by Hei Yan.

"King? Oh, no one in this world has enough power to be my king. Sooner or later your king will die in my hands and become a stepping stone for me to become stronger!" Hei Yan scorned.

"Stupid human, you don't even know the power of the King. When the King comes, the King will destroy everything!"

"Shhh!" Hei Yan put a finger over his mouth and said, "It's you, stupid. That you can come here is under my calculation. Is everything unexpected? Hehe, now that you know it, let's die! "

Anyway, Hei Yan pulled out his palm, and a fingernail-sized core of fire was pinched by him.

"No ..." Jax screamed, his head turned into dust and disappeared.

"Dear, isn't this core of fire beautiful? This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" Hei Yan held the core of fire, looking at Su Yu and others, with an intoxicated look on his face.

Xuan Huo was raging and said, "Hei Yan, what you just said is true? All of this is under your calculating, and the eighty-one victims are also related to you calculating?"

"Yes, so what?" Hei Yan put away the core of fire. "It's just like killing a group of ants. They should feel happy about their death because they can be part of my plan. They should be glad!"

Hei Yan was definitely a dangerous lunatic. After listening to Hei Yan's words, Su Yu felt that way.

"You are not allowed to leave today!" Xuan Huo said, turning into a flame toward Hei Yan.

Xuan Shui and Xuan Nv also shot at the same time. Su Yu saw her gritted teeth and rushed forward.



Chapter 57 There Is No One Perfect In This World

However, just as the four rushed towards Hei Yan, a black robe man next to Hei Yan gave a strange laugh and shot.

The man in black robe raised one arm and squirted a bunch of white things.

Those white things rose up against the wind, forming huge cobwebs covered the four people.

"Spider-Man?" Su Yu saw the cobwebs, screaming. and he gave a punch in the air, humming, the shock power broke out, the sound of cracking glass crackling, the crack filled the air, and then shattered.

Su Yu kept punching the cobwebs in the air, but the spider web was obviously very tough and was not broken.

Su Yu was stopped and had to pull back temporarily.

Xuan Huo on the other side was also attacked, and when he saw the attack, he already knew who shot this attack, said seriously, "Raven Ghost Spider?"

There were not many members of the Raven, but each was a lunatic and extremely powerful. One of the most powerful in Raven was Ghost Spider.

However, Xuan Huo did not stop. He shot out a pillar of fire, blasted on the spider web, burned it through, and proceeded.

Xuan Shui and Xuan Nv also shot out their super power and destroyed the cobwebs that attacked them, and moved on.

At this time, another black robe man came out of Hei Yan aside, and the man's palm waved, and a black mist-shrouded everyone.

"No, it's Raven Black Mist, back!" Xuan Huo saw this, his facial expression seemed condensed. He didn't continue to rush forward or attack but quickly retreated, evacuating the area covered by the black mist.

Xuan Shui and Xuan Nv were the same, and at the same time, they also brought Su Yu out of the envelope of black mist.

The next moment, Black Mist landed on the ground. When the black mist disappeared, Su Yu was stunned in horror. At the position covered by the black mist just now, the ground disappeared silently.

Black Mist said: "I am here, It's impossible to pass through this area!"

Su Yu swallowed and said: "What is this guy's super power? It's overbearing!"

"Black Mist have space super power. He can teleport, and also erase the things covered by black mist. Unless its power is much stronger than him, it will be erased by him. Only one with the same space super power, can compete with him! Xuan Shui replied.

"Dear, I said just now that I came here for two things. I don't mean to fight with you. Now I have finished both things, and I will not go back with you. Black Mist, Let's go! "Hei Yan said with an evil smile.

The black mist was covering Hei Huo and other's bodies.

"I not allowed!"

Xuan Nv shouted, used her gravity sword to chop at Hei Yan, but her attack failed, and Hei Yan and others disappeared.

At the same time, Su Yu breathe a sigh of relief, but he was also a little speechless, and said, "Are they slipped away? It’s too easy for them to enter and exit the enchantment, right?"

The case of the corpse dragon was the same. The people of the Black Coffin were the same, they can enter and walk away from the enchantment as their will.

"Although the enchantment ball can form an enchantment, strictly speaking, the enchantment ball is just a door to this dimension space, and it has the ability to arrest monsters into this dimension space.

There are many other doors to this dimension space. We can open them, naturally, other super power men can open them, unless we can control all the doors.

But obviously that is impossible. Fortunately, there are not many monsters that can enter this dimension space. It's rarely happened.

To put it bluntly, the role of enchantment ball is actually to open up a dimension space as a battlefield, don't let fighting affect the real world. It's not designed to trap monsters, although it has this function! Xuan Shui explained.

"Okay, let's go back to the bureau first and report the incident to the boss, and let the boss decide!" Xuan Huo said, and at the same time he gathered up the enchantment ball, and the four returned to the present world.


In the Monsters Detective Bureau.

after reporting, Su Yu came to the training room and started training actively.

Su Yu have to train actively.  Xuan Nv exudes a low pressure all over. At this time, Su Yu didn't want to irritate Xuan Nv. After Su Yu was meant to be the first one left training room after finishing the training task. Su Yu want to stay away from Xuan Nv, because it was the safest choice after hearing the gossip regarding Xuan Nv.

But Murphy's Law? Just finished a set of training, and Xuan Nv, sitting silently next to her, said suddenly, "Today we should have a real combat training."

Uh ~

Su Yu immediately started. He was about to speak against, Xuan Nv's attack came.

Five minutes later, Su Yu was covered with bruises, sitting on the ground gasping, looking at Xuan Nv with resentment in his eyes, swearing in his heart. This woman was so sick that she took him as a punching bag.

Su Yu secretly vowed in his heart that he must become stronger. It's for nothing else, only to have the opportunity to beat Xuan Nv in the future.

After the pain was relieved, Su Yu was going home, not wanting to stay with this crazy woman.

But at this time Xuan Nv spoke again: "Did Xuan Shui told you about my relationship with Hei Yan?"

"Ah? What?" Su Yu decided to pretend he knew nothing about their relationship.

"Huh!" Su Yu snorted. "He had told you everything, right? Xuan Shui is such a big mouth!"

Su Yu was a little terrified, knowing that you still ask?

"Xuan Zhen, have you ever been in love, and have you liked others?" Xuan Nv said so, shocking Su Yu.

Su Yu paused and then looked at her. What is this woman doing? So scary!

Xuan Nv didn’t care Su Yu’s reaction, or she just wanted to say it, and maybe just because she bore these words too long, “Did you know? Hei Yan used to be a perfect man in my eyes, not only handsome but also very powerful, in all aspects, extremely strong.

Not only I, but people who have contacted him would also agree that he was a perfect man.

No matter how fussy you are, or how good at finding faults in all aspects, you will also like Hei Yan. No one would be unsatisfied with Hei Yan! "

Su Yu heard these words and slant glance at Xuan Nv and said: "Perfect? There is no one perfect in this world.

All the famous big baddies in history are said to be perfect or nearly perfect.

The more perfect a person is, the more darkness hides in his heart. Once that darkness erupts, it will cause endless harm to those around him.

For example, Wu Mou, who murdered his mother, was a top A student in the eyes of others, and his filial piety was perfect in all aspects. "

Xuan Nv heard the words a little dazed. Looking at Su Yu, she did not understand how Su Yu came to such a conclusion, but Xuan Nv found that she could not refute it. After all, a living example happened to her, deeply hurt her.

Su Yu was even more scared when he was looked at by Xuan Nv, and he thought that was this woman go crazy again?

No, I must run away!

"Oh, time is up, it's off work, and gone!" Su Yu looked down at his watch, and when Xuan Nv hasn't responded yet, Su Yu run away like a gust of wind rushed out of the training room.

Xuan Nv: "..."



Chapter 58 Tours

"Everyone, follow me closely. The Dalong Mountain tourist area is in ahead, not far. Our group will carry out a three-day group building activity in the Dalong Mountain tourist area. Today we are going to take a walking tour of the Dalong Mountain to take a good look at our beautiful Dalong Mountain."

The tour guide Xiao Wu introduced the attractions vigorously, trying to attract the attention of the group, but few people listened to his introduction.

Three or five in a group, not chatting with each other, just taking pictures.

Xiao Wu looked at this group of people, felt a little helpless, and cursed the company leaders at the same time, a large group of 200 people lets him be the guide. They are really capitalists, and only knows exploitation.

The only thing that made Xiao Wu comfort was that none of these people got rid of the group without authorization, otherwise, he almost wanna quit.

Though complaining, the guide Xiao Wu still smiled on his face: "Friends, pay attention, let's go into the mountain now, please follow me, the mountain road is dangerous, pay attention to safety, do not deviate from the safe route."

Then, Xiao Wu led the way walked ahead, looking back from time to time.  They proceeded in accordance with the safe route that had been opened up.

In the first hour, nothing happened. Although the route was artificially created, the scenery was still very beautiful.

But there are too many people, and there will be many kinds of people. Some people were not satisfied with watching such artificial landscapes. They want to see real wild landscapes.

Whatever the idea was, as long as there were some who take the lead, and someone will echo. Most of them were inspired, and the people who have always followed the rules will become unruly.

Even if Xiao Wu said thousands of times, it is useless. In the end, more than half of them want to see the real wild scenery, and the remaining half of them follow the flow.

In the end, Xiao Wu had no choice but to agree to the members' requests, temporarily changed the route of travel, and walked deep into the Dalong Mountain.

Walking around, about an hour later, a group of people had walked inside the Dalong Mountain. The weather somewhat became sultry. The fog began to appear in the mountains and forests, and the sun was shining down.

Everyone was happy, those who propose to see a wild beauty were even more proud.

Only Xiao Wu felt something not right. The mist appeared so abruptly that it appeared too quickly, and he immediately decided to take the group back to the regular route.

"Guide Xiao Wu, let's play for a while, it's still early, we are not far from the regular route, and it's easy to go back."

"Yeah, tourist guide. Our group tour only happened once a year. It's not easy to encounter such beautiful scenery. We must have fun this time!"

"Please, let's play for a while, how about play half an hour more?"

All the members trying to persuade guide Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu did not flinch this time but insisted on his own thoughts, saying, "No, we can't stay here anymore. The mist is getting thicker and thicker, and we must rush back to the safe route before the mist obstructs our sight.

Its not a suggestion, I'm thinking about the safety of everyone's life. This time you listen to me, we must go back, now, immediately, immediately! "

"Okay, okay, okay, it's disappointing!"

Seeing Xiao Wu's tough attitude, the members of the regiment no longer insisted, just complained, and looked at Xiao Wu with an unhappy expression.

As if he did not see their facial expression or heard their complaining, Xiao Wu said, "Now, before we go back, I'll check the people to see if anyone has separated from the team!"

Then, Xiao Wu began to count: 1, 2, 3, 4 ... 198,199.

"Hey, what's going on? Why are there only 199? Isn't it 200?" Xiao Wu's facial expression changed.

Some people laughed, "Tourist guide, are you confused? You didn't count yourself? If you count yourself, the number of people is right!"

Hearing this, Xiao Wu was relieved, yes, exactly 200 people!

However, the next moment, Xiao Wu's facial expression changed again: bullshit, if I counted myself, it should have 201 people.

Watching Xiao Wu's face keep changing, someone teased: "Xiao Wu, have you learned Fast mask-changing? In such a short time, you have changed your facial expression several times, haha ..."

Many people also laughed, relaxing and happy.

At this moment, Xiao Wu couldn't laugh at all. He was so anxious inside that he looked at the person who laughed heartlessly and shouted, "Don’t laugh, what’s so funny? Count me, then a total of 201 people, One less! "

When the person heard Xiao Wu say this, he was a little angry, but at that time he did not wanna argue about this and said, "Xiao Wu, don't make a joke, you are counting wrong, let's count it again!"

"Yes, I should count again, I may really count wrong, 1,2,3,4 ... 189,190,190, damn, count again? I count again, 1,2,3,4  ... 168, 174, 174, how can it be less? Impossible "Xiao Wu felt very cold.

There was no sound in the tour group, and their facial expressions changed. It may be normal to miscount once, but if it miscounted twice or three times, then it is basically not miscounting, and the count number less each time.

"Guide, Xiao Zhang is missing!"

"Sister Wang is missing, just now Sister Wang was here with me!"

More and more people were disappearing. Finally, the people in the tour group found out something went wrong. The people around them were disappearing. The remaining people were increasingly panic, especially when they call for help. The equipment had failed, the panic deepened.

Looking at the beautiful old scenery, no one felt beautiful, there was only endless fear, looking around, they felt like watching the devil who eats people without spitting out their bones.

Those who disappear at first just disappeared silently. In the end, someone disappeared directly under the eyes of everyone.

"Damn, how could this be?" Xiao Wu's mind collapsed, crouching on the ground holding his head and shaking, the last person of the tour group disappeared in front of his eyes, and there was only mist in the surrounding.

Then, the figure of Xiao Wu disappeared in the mist.

Strange to say, when Xiao Wu disappeared, the fog here quickly disappeared and turned into the original look.

An hour later, the team brought by Xiao Wu did not arrive at the scheduled place. The people who were ready to meet at the scheduled place noticed something wrong and reported the situation to the travel company in a timely manner.

Xiaowu's travel company, immediately connected to Xiao Wu, only heard these words on the phone: Sorry, the user you called is temporarily out of the service area, please dial again later! Sorry ...

Something went wrong, this was the first reaction of the travel company!

Because Xiao Wu's travel company has a rule, the tourist guide must keep the phone on for 24 hours to facilitate contact at any time and report work.

In addition, the routes were all prescribed safe routes, and there were no areas without signals. There could have an accident so that his phone can not be contacted.

Immediately, Xiao Wu's travel company started a series of arrangements such as rescue and search, and also reported the matter to the relevant local authorities.


Chapter 59 legend

[ Yesterday, a 200-member large-scale tourist group disappeared in the Dalong Mountain Tourist Area of Jingnan City. So far, it has been lost contact for 20 hours.

Relevant local departments, volunteers, and the search and rescue team ... have jointly carried out the rescue. There is no news for the moment. Reporters from xxx station will report for you live! ]

Similar news has been rolling on the restaurant's TV from morning until now.

Xuan Tu watched the news and curl his lips, said: "Usually, these people who have gone missing for tourism are asking for trouble. They always wanna got the place where is obviously dangerous. Traveling is a relaxing and enjoyable thing. But they prefer to give people trouble.

They do not know how much loss will be caused by this disappearance. That is also the case for a travel company. It is really irresponsible to allocate only one tour guide to lead a team of 200 people. It is also a very basic thing to make a safe travel route. "

"Well, leader, it seems that you had experienced this situation. Why? Have you encountered such a thing?" Su Yu asked with a smile.

"I haven't experienced it personally. My friend has experienced it. He is a tour guide, so I know a little bit more about the job!" Xuan Tu said so, as for whether he said that a friend is his friend or himself, Su Yu doubt.

Su Yu didn't ask further, just eating, Su Yu felt that there would still be a big case to deal with today. This was not Su Yu's blind guess. A large group of 200 people was missing. No relevant clue has been found so far. It's weird.

Of course, this did not rule out that 200 people were trapped somewhere and have not been found for the time being.

Sure enough, as he thought, It did not pass a long time after Su Yu finished his meal, and Xuan Laogua gathered everyone in the meeting room.

The meeting was for the case that the tour group disappeared reported on TV.

"Boss, is the missing tourist team related to monsters? Did they really need our help? The local has already sent so many human and material resources to search the mountain, and the team could be found soon, I think. It is a waste of human source to ask us to search for a tour team!" Xuan Tu frowned said.

"Xuan Tu, you need to correct your attitude!" Xuan Laogua knocked at the table and said, "In terms of saving people, there is no waste! As long as it can save people!"

"Because the relevant departments asked us to help, it means that there is something weird thing with the disappearance of the tour group?" Su Yu asked after a deep think.

"Yes, Su Yu, you are clever!"


Xuan Laogua said, "Although no super power sense was found at the scene, the case is indeed strange. Although the search and rescue team did not find the missing tour group, they brought back a recording device.

What the recording reveals is worthy of further investigation, and I will play it to you now. "

Next, Xuan Laogua played the recording, and the content of the recording was a conversation between the tour guide Xiao Wu and the people in the tour group, including Xiao Wu discouraging tourists from deviating from the safe route, and finally helpless compromise, including the constant disappearance of personnel, everyone panic, and confused voice.

"This recording equipment should be left by that tour guide. Did you hear anything?" Xuan Laogua asked.

After listening to the recording, Xuan Tu whispered: Those people are really asking for trouble, they didn't listen to the opinion of their tour guides.

Su Yu raised his eyebrow. Xuan Tu's mood fluctuated vigorously about the disappearance of the tour group.

Xuan Kong sat next to Su Yu, saw Su Yu's expression, then close to Su Yu's ear and said, "Xuan Tu's previous work was a tour guide. He seems to have experienced the same thing."

No wonder, well, it was confirmed that Xuan Tu's friend was himself.

Xuan Nv said, "Although there are very few clues from the recording, there are no other sounds except natural sounds such as human voices and wind sounds. I think the disappearance of the tour group has nothing to do with monsters.

Of course, this does not rule out that the recording equipment is not good and no other sound is captured. "

What? Everyone was surprised when they heard that the search and rescue stopped.

Without waiting for everyone to ask, Xuan Laogua continued: "Stop search and rescue is a last resort. Because search and rescue personnel have also disappeared one after another.  And now, within less than a full day. More than three hundred people are missing!

Relevant departments have dared not send personnel to search the mountain for rescue. They are afraid of disappearing would continuously be increased, so they could only ask our bureau for help!"

Everyone was silent, and their expressions were solemn, and the disappearance of the personnel this time became increasingly weird.

Xuan Shui said, "This disappearance case is very similar to the case of the missing personnel at sea, both cases didn't find a breath of super power at the beginning?"


Xuan Kong nodded, but then said: "But I don't think it's related to monsters. Let's not talk about the disappearance of the tour group, just the missing search and rescue personnel.

The search and rescue personnel are not gathered to disappear collectively. When searching and rescue, the range must be widened. This range can be extremely large. If it is related to a monster, how powerful is this monster?

I think those who disappeared this time should have entered a special space through some special doors. Have you ever heard some legends of Dalong Mountain? A few thousand years ago, an army of 2,000 people also disappeared mysteriously.

I guess the missing tour group and search and rescue personnel should be missing in the same way as the missing army. "

Xuan Laogua heard the words and touched his chin. "Xuan Kong, you mean, there is another dimension space in Dalong Mountain. There is a door opened for another dimension space, and the missing people have entered it."

"Well, this can also explain why someone disappeared out of thin air. Because those people entered the other side of the 'door'. Of course, it may not the same as I guessed, we need to take a look on spot." said Xuan Kong.

"Well, in this case, Xuan Kong, Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, and Xuan Yi, you should deal with this case together. Be sure to find the missing person!" Xuan Laogua gave the order.

"Yes, boss!" Xuan Kong commanded, and Su Yu was speechless, and his foreboding was too damn accurate!

After the meeting, the four passed through the Xuan Kong's Space Gate and directly crossed the area for thousands of miles to arrived at the Dalong Mountain Scenic Resort in Jingnan City, which made Su Yu more aware of the facilitation of space capabilities in tourism.

Chapter 60 Another Dimension World

"This is the Dalong Mountain Scenic Tourist Area in Jingnan City?" Su Yu looked at the surrounding scenery softly. Through Xuan Kong's space door, they have spanned thousands of miles, and now they have reached a gazebo in the mountains.

"Well, I visited Dalong Mountain a few years ago, so my space door can open directly here!" Xuan Kong nodded.

"So cool!" Su Yu gave a thumbs up, and space power was too convenient.

"Go, let's go up to the mountains!"

"Leader, don't we need to ask for permission?" Su Yu asked.

Xuan Dian shook his head: "No, we can just go directly. Our bureau has already contacted the relevant departments for us."

Without objections, the figure of the four quickly submerged into the Dalong Mountain.

"Xuan Kong, did you find anything?"

Two hours later, the four had walked around almost half a range of Dalong Mountain, but no clues were found.

"There is very little spatial fluctuation near here, but it is difficult to catch!" Xuan Kong said.

Xuan Dian frowned, and said, "So still, no clues? How did hundreds of people disappear out of thin air?"

"No, there are still gains. At least I can be sure that there is a door to another dimension space in Dalong Mountain, which proves that my previous conjecture was correct.

However, it is impossible to find that door to the dimension space through these glimmer space power,! "Xuan Kong shook his head.

"So, we need to wait for the door to the dimension world to open by ourselves before we can enter that dimension world?" Xuan Nv raised her eyebrows.

"Almost correct, I can forcibly open the door under certain conditions!" Xuan Kong said: "We need to wait now, I hope that the door to the dimension space can be opened as soon as possible. If not, I have to find another way. "

"Xuan Kong, what do you mean? The door to another space may not be opened?" Su Yu asked, with his eyebrow raised.

"Well, these naturally generated space door that leads to the dimensional world appear randomly. There are probabilities, some exist for a long time, some exist for a short time, some space doors may be opened frequently, and some space door opens once only, then never opens again.

According to the existing clues, I can't judge which type of space door that Dalong Mountain leads to the dimension world, but the high probability should belong to the space door that is frequently opened."

"Well, what about if it's not?" Su Yu scratched his head, and there was so much knowledge about the space door?

"If it isn't, then it's troublesome. It will undoubtedly increase the difficulty for us to save people." Xuan Kong spread his hands: "That's why I said we should expect it's the frequent one."

The time slowly passed again for an hour, the hot sun was increasingly releasing heat and the mountain forest began to become stuffy and hot. Fortunately, it is August now, otherwise, the temperature will be higher and increasing the difficulty in searching.

As a few people waited in silence, Xuan Kong suddenly got up and said, "Here, the space fluctuations of Dalong Mountain have become fierce. Be prepared, we will enter a space door together, don't leave spread!"

"Okay!" The three of them responded, and Su Yu saw that white mist began to appear in the mountains, colorful under the sun, and beautiful, just like a fairyland.

Without waiting for Su Yu to appreciate it carefully, Su Yu felt dizzy and the scenery in front of her kept changing.

"Xuan Zhen, wake up, we're in another dimension space!" I don't know how long after that, Xuan Kong's voice sounded, Su Yu suddenly returned to consciousness.

"Here? We are now in another dimension space, did I just faint?" Su Yu asked.

"You didn't faint, it was just a side-effect caused by the cross-dimensional teleportation. You are transmitting for the first time, and you will not have such a side-effect after a few more teleportations!" Xuan Kong explained.

After hearing what Xuan Kong said, Yu Su Yu breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good!"

Then Su Yu looked at this dimension space. The sky was dimly covered with dark clouds, there was no sunlight and all silent. With eyes can see, this world has only three colors—black, white and gray!

The mountains were black, standing on the ground. Some were high enough, up to the sky, and some were short enough,  only 100 meters high.

The earth was white, but the earth was not pure white, but a kind of gray and a little dull white.

The entire sky was gray.

This dimension world was a dead world, extremely desolate. Looking at this desolate world, everyone felt depressed, this strange world made everyone felt a little uneasy.

"We can't stay long in this dimension space, there spread a dangerous breath everywhere, hurry up to find the missing people, and then return to the real world!" Xuan Nv's voice said solemnly.

"Well, I totally agree with this!" Xuan Dian said, looking at the white ground and saying, "Guess why the ground is white?"

"Huh?" the three were stunned. They looked at the ground carefully. Su Yu also kicked with his feet and splashed a gray smoke, but Su Yu didn't confirm what it was. Saline-alkali land?

"Fuck!" Xuan Kong said, "Are these all bone ashes?"

"Ashes? How is this possible? How many bodies would it take to cover this land?" Su Yu was frightened and retorted immediately when he heard this.

"It's really ashes!" Xuan Nv's voice calmed down, then her body flew up, and said: "Find the missing people at the fastest speed, it's too weird here!"

Huh ~ huh ~

Xuan Huo and Xuan Kong also flew up, and together with Xuan Nv, looked around to find the trace of the missing people.

Su Yu was stunned and feels abandoned again. How did they can fly up, except me?

Su Yu was extremely helpless and had to look around.


A low sound passed into Su Yu's ears. Su Yu heard it, looking at the source of the sound, and found nothing.


The sound came again, and the ground swelled a little, then calmed down again.

"What thing?" Su Yu walked over, and the blue arc began to jump and flicker on his body.


Before he got closer, the ground exploded, and the skull claws protruded from the ground. It surprised Su Yu. There was a feeling of watching a horror movie. Su Yu cursed: What the hell is that? "

At the same time, Su Yu hit with a punch towards the skull claw, like an air cannon.

With a bang, the skull's claws were broken into pieces by Su Yu.

At the same time, the three also noticed the incident on the ground. Alas, the three appeared next to Su Yu like a ghost. Xuan Nv said: "Xuan Zhen, what was that just now?"

Chapter 61 Bone Ashes Land

No need for Su Yu's answer, the next moment, the three knew what it was.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dirt kept rising from the ground, and a skeleton hand protruded from the ground.

Skeletons came out of the ground, and their eyes of the black hole ‘looked’ towards the four of Su Yu, their mouths opened and closed silently.

Then, countless skeletons rushed and attack towards the four.

"Fuck, I know what this place is!" Xuan Dian flashed blue light on his body and said, "This dimension space should be the bone ashes land, containing endless bones, where the bones would become monster, named Undead Skeleton, become a new monsters race. "

"We got troubles!" Xuan Kong said. He also heard of the legend of the bone ashes land. It is a world of the dead, an unknown place. When living creatures enter there, they will encounter endless attacks of Undead Skeletons.

"In order to save physical energy, we have to choose a direction to go forward, while looking for the missing people's trace. Xuan Kong, you should be ready to open the door of space at any time, and we will withdraw immediately after we find the survivor!" Xuan Nv said it and then took out the gravity sword, crushed and cleared all Undead Skeletons in front of them.

These Undead Skeletons looked scary, but they were actually weaker than ordinary monsters.

But there were too many, and not afraid of death. Even if they kill one, there would be more Undead Skeletons coming up, and it was difficult to really kill them.

Only by smashing the 'fire' inside the skull of an Undead Skeletons can it be truly killed, if not, it would not be killed at all.

Though their bodies were broken, Undead Skeletons can restore combat power as long as they find replacements.

"Okay!" Xuan Kong replied to Xuan Nv this way, but the next moment Xuan Kong's look changed: "No, this bone ashes land has great interference with my space power, I can't open my space door anytime, anywhere. I have to find a quiet place and take a moment to build a safe space door. "

After hearing this, Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, and Su Yu all changed their facial expression slightly. This was not good news. The door to space cannot be opened at any time, and the danger coefficient in the bone ashes land suddenly increased a lot.

"Then find the missing people, and then find a quiet place to build the  space door!" Xuan Nv thought for a moment and then said.

When they were busy killing the Undead Skeletons, they discussed and made a simple plan.

The three did not left Su Yu behind this time. Xuan Nv gently touched Su Yu's shoulder. An anti-gravity power acted on Su Yu's body. Su Yu's body also floated up like Xuan Nv, flying fast in the air.

Relative to the ground, the air was much safer.

The ground had livened up at this moment, just like the calm sea suddenly set off waves. Numerous Undead Skeletons were drilled from the ground. Those Undead Skeletons were waves.

This was a very shocking scene. In the eyes, all the bones were surging, making a clicking noise on the ground, roaring silently at Su Yu and others in the sky.

There were too many Undead Skeletons, and they were constantly coming out of the ground, and it was impossible to count how many Undead Skeletons there were.

These skulls have different shapes, including human bones, bones of various animals, and monsters. Su Yu also saw many huge giant bones.

Flying in the air did not mean that there was no danger. Undead Skeletons were diverse. Groups of skull birds had risen to the sky, flapping their wings and killing them.

At the same time, attacks from the ground also appeared. Undead Skeletons holding various bone weapons appeared-skeleton archers, skeleton spearmen, and some types of skulls that Su Yu had only seen in the game appeared at this time.

There were skull birds attacking in the sky, and there were attacks from skeleton archers and spearmen under the ground.

However, although these weapon-bearing skeletons were a bit more powerful than empty-handed skeletons, they were not much strong power.

These attacks couldn't get close to the four or hurt them. The only thing that made their headaches was that the attacks were too much, making them a bit overwhelming.

Om ~ Su Yu punched it, the shock power surged, and the sound of glass shattering sounded. The dense cracks diffused in the sky and then shattered. Hundreds of thousands of skeletons were shocked to death by Su Yu.

Here, Su Yu's shock power exerted great power. With one punch, hundreds of thousands of Undead Skeletons were shaken into pieces, together with the 'fire' of the Undead Skeletons.

Xuan Dian was like the Thunder God living in the fantasy world. Lightning was born out of thin air, and it was constantly falling, like a walking fort. The roar was endless and countless Undead Skeletons were smashed into coke and dust.

Xuan Kong's attack was silent and very strange. Su Yu saw his hands waving constantly, and invisible attacks were issued. Silently, when the invisible attack fell, a large number of Undead Skeletons disappeared, without any traces, even the ground suddenly disappeared.

This attack was very similar to the Raven's Black Mist attack, both of which were erasing all things from their attacking range!

Xuan Nv's attack was more violent and direct. She did not even wave her hands. Gravity waves were constantly emitted, crushing all the Undead Skeletons. Whether it was in the sky or in the ground, all Undead Skeletons affected by Xuan Nv's gravity waves were all laminated into powder.

Where Xuan Nv passed, it would become blankly white in the blink of an eye, and then be filled by the surging Undead Skeletons.

The four killed and killed all the way, but no one showed joy. Although they killed a lot of Undead Skeletons, it was a drop in the ocean compared to the countless Undead Skeletons, which was not worth mentioning.

What's more important was that all four can feel that the Undead Skeletons appearing at this time were getting stronger and stronger, even if they were skeletons, the skeletons appearing at this time were more than twice as powerful as the ones that appeared at the beginning.

They were not too worried about their own safety, even if there were a lot of these Undead Skeletons, and their power was constantly strengthening because it was still too early to reach a point that Undead Skeletons can threaten their safety.

Su Yu and others were worried about those missing people. Though these Undead Skeletons were not the opponent for them, a disaster for ordinary people.

To be honest, they were not so convinced that ordinary people who enter here can live, let alone fight. They might be scared almost to death after seeing these Undead Skeletons.

Even though, Su Yu and others did not intend to give up searching. Even if there was a one in ten thousand chance, they would not give up. This was the belief that the people of Xuan School have always handed down!

Chapter 62 Cosplay

Over time, the four have traveled in one direction without knowing how far, killing countless Undead Skeletons.

But still, a living person never saw it.

The only thing that changed was that the Undead Skeletons they encountered were getting stronger and stronger, exceeding the limits of ordinary people's combat power, the Undead Skeletons combat power has entered a super power rank, and the danger level was Yellow level seven.

Hey ~ Su Yu punched the fireball that came over, he was speechless, and now even the skeleton mage came out.

These skeleton mages can fire fireballs, ice bombs, wind blades, etc.

Although the power was still not so strong, the threat it brought was a lot, one fireball may not be strong alone, but when there were overwhelming fireballs, it was also extremely shocking.

"Do you see smoke rising from that mountain. And there is still fire? Am I dazzled?" Xuan Kong shouted suddenly, pointing in one direction, his voice a little excited.

When heard that, they were stunned, and the speed of the flight was reduced a lot in an instant to looking carefully.

There was a big black mountain, which was very high among the many big black mountains. It was far away from here. It was impossible to see what was on the big mountain. Anyway, Su Yu did not see fire or smoke.

In fact, Xuan Dian and Xuan Nv did not see anything in that big black mountain, but Xuan Nv decided to take a look. It was better than traveled aimlessly like now.

Xuan Nv said: "Let's go and take a look. Anyway, it's a good clue now."

All had no objection and immediately changed direction and flew towards the black mountain.

Though it looked very close, the distance from here to the black mountain was still extremely far.


"Hurry up, don't let the fire go out. Add more dry wood, cover some wet ones, make the smoke bigger, and the fire burn more. Be sure to let those who have strayed here see, so that they can come here quickly. Surely someone will come to rescue us! "A middle-aged man in an old-fashioned military uniform shouted at a young man who was also in an old-fashioned military uniform.

Beside him, there were many people in the same costumes busy, going in and out in a cave behind him, holding a handful of dry wood, and throwing them into a fire beside it.

Unfortunately, these firewoods didn't seem to be easy to catch fire. The fire was not too strong, only smoke.

However, the middle-aged man didn't seem to care about this, just excitedly command others continued to add firewood, while holding an old telescope standing on the ridge and constantly looking around.

Looking at the dense sea of skulls under the mountain, he couldn't help but feel scalp tingling, praying in his heart that those who encountered the restlessness of these undead creatures would be safe.

The middle-aged man was very excited. They have been trapped in this terrible world a very long time ago. They didn’t know how long. It’s months or years. They didn’t know, because there was no dark or day here. The concept of time did not exist here.

They felt that they might never see other people again and they would die here sooner or later. But recently, they found that people constantly wearing colorful and strange costumes appeared from the ashes plains under the mountain.

Then before the Undead Skeletons liven up, they sent people to this mountain that they took refuge in Undead Skeletons waves.

After some exchanges, they discovered that the outside world had passed for decades, and the world was changing with each passing day.

To tell the truth, they were dazed and shocked.

The outside world has changed so much. Time has passed so long. They didn't know whether they can meet the people of the year and whether they can adapt to the life of the outside world now.

Although confused, they never gave up the hope of going back, even now they have never found a way back to the real world.

Especially when seeing new people entering this world, they have increased their confidence in the possibility of going back to the real world. As long as there was a way in, there must have a way out. They were convinced that they just didn't figure it out for now.

These people wearing dark green uniforms were that army who once disappeared into the Dalong Mountain.

It's just that the outside world has passed for decades. They have only spent a few years here. Their looks have not changed much. Time has not left too many marks on their faces.

"That's ..." Wang Long took his binoculars and looked around again, and suddenly stopped in one direction, where the skeleton's attacking was extremely fierce, and there were constant attacks from the skeleton to the sky.

Originally, he only searched on the ground. After all, in his impression, people can not fly, and when people appeared on the ground, the skeletons would attack the living people on the ground.

Although some skeletons attacked something in the air a few times, it happened only rarely. Wang Long has come to this world for so long. He has only seen it several times, and the scale was very small.

At this time, Wang Long watched that there were constant Undead Skeletons attacking towards something in the air, and the scale was terrible.

This made Wang Long have to focus on the targets of the skeleton attacks, which greatly surprised him.

Because he saw four people flying in the sky. And they were gradually approaching his location very quickly.

A person can fly in the sky without any external force. If someone had said this to him before, he would never believe it and even punish him for his nonsense.

But at this moment, the fact was in front of him, and Wang Long have to believe it. People can really fly in the sky without the help of tools.

Though shocked, Wang Long can completely accept it, the skeleton frame can move, and people can fly was completely acceptable.

As the figures of the four were getting closer to the black mountain, more and more people on the mountain saw the four people, all stunned. But these people have accepted it soon just like Wang Long. After being shocked, they soon accepted it!

"Haha! There really is fire and smoke, you see there are people, haha, Xuan Kong, you are right!"

As the distance from the black mountain was getting closer and closer, a few people in Su Yu could see the situation on the mountain. They were all excited and Xuan Dian laughed.

However, a few people were a little strange. How did these wearing like people in a movie?

Su Yu muttered, "Which tourists are playing cosplay while traveling?"

Others: "..."


Chapter 63 I Bet There Are No Bullets In Your Gun

Of course, although some doubts, Su Yu did not stop his way, and soon they landed on that big black mountain and faced those in special clothes!

"Do not move, raise your hands!"

Just landed on the black mountain, they heard shouting, and aimed by guns.

They were stunned and didn't move, not because they worried about their own security, but felt puzzled. Wasn't this gun during the War of Resistance?

And it was not a prop gun. Xuan Dian, Xuan Nv, and Xuan Kong were identified immediately. At the same time, they also knew that these people wearing old military uniforms were not tourists or searchers who had disappeared before.

As for Su Yu, he didn't recognize them at all and didn't think so much, but felt that he should cooperate with them to play cosplay.

Su Yu said coolly, "I bet your guns have no bullets!"

Xuan Nv and the other three people: "..."

Wang Long: "..."

Soldiers: "..."

Wang Long sighed: "Little brother, you are really master of the gun, just a glance knows that there are no bullets in our guns. Indeed, the bullets have run out soon after coming to this world!"

"???" Su Yu raised an eyebrow. This man was deeply involved in the drama. What should I do?

Su Yu tilted her head and said to Xuan Nv: "Leader, these people should be frightened, thinking that the guy in his hand is a real gun!"

When Xuan Nv heard the words, she was able neither cry or laugh: "That's the real gun. They're not those tour groups, let alone they are playing cosplay!"

Su Yu's eyes widened slowly: Are you kidding me, leader? You just let me boast under the muzzle, and didn't stop me?

Xuan Nv didn't talk with Su Yu, but looked at Wang Long and said, "Who are you? How can you appear in this space?"

Wang Long had nothing to hide and told them directly how they entered the world.

After listening to Wang Long's story, Su Yu took a breath then said, "You are the army that disappeared in Dalong Mountain more than 80 years ago? But you, you ..."

"We look very young, right?" Wang Long took the conversation: "In fact, we were also very surprised. We didn't understand what the reason was, probably that the time here was slow, although I don't remember how long we have been in this space, it will never be too long, at most a dozen years, I think. "

Xuan Kong touched his chin and said, "It looks like that the reason is a different time flow rate, of course, other possibilities are not ruled out."

Xuan Dian asked: "Let's not talk about the problem of time flow rate, Chairman Wang Long, have you ever seen modern people like us?"

Commander Wang Long said: "Yes!"

"Commander Wang Long, where are they now?" Xuan Kong's eyes lightened, just like the old saying "One will search high and low only to find it when one least expects to."

"Uh ... they rest in the cave. Some people were injured. More people were frightened. I asked them to take a good rest in the cave. Masters, you are all come here to find them? "Wang Long replied.

"Yes, we came for them, and our task was to find them to take them back the real-world safely and leave here, Commander Wang Long, can you lead us and take a look at them?" Xuan Nv nodded gently.

"Take them away from here?" Wang Long's eyes glared round, and the soldiers next to him also widened their eyes slowly, gasping gradually, and staring at Su Yu.

Wang Long swallowed and said, "Master, do you mean that you can leave this hell-like place?"

"Well, my companion has a way to open a door back to the real world. As long as it is successfully opened, we can leave!" Xuan Nv glanced at Xuan Kong and said, Xuan Kong nodded and cooperated.

"Oooh, Wang Long burst into tears, and then the soldiers around Wang Long also started crying loudly, crying so loudly that Su Yu, Xuan Nv, and others felt uncomfortable.

After a while, Wang Long wiped his tears and said, "Sorry, Masters, we were just so excited, so happy. We have thought about how to going home all the time. Come with me, I will take you to see them. "

"Rest assured, Wang Long, we will definitely bring you back to the real world!" Xuan Nv solemnly said. Su Yu did not say anything but he can understand the mood of Wang Long and others.

Wang Long nodded, again and again, tears began to accumulate in his eyes. Su Yu could see that Wang Long was trying to hold his tears back. Wang Long led the way in front and took them to the cave.

Su Yu looked at Wang Long asked: "Wang Long, you just said that you have lived here for more than ten years, how do you live in this world? It is so desolate! What do you eat and drink? "

When hearing Su Yu's question, Wang Long finally back, saying, "Masters, you don't know, this world looks desolate as if there is nothing, just endless skeletons.

But actually it is not. It's true that there are endless ashes plain outside the black mountain, but inside the black mountain is different. We found this cave, which leads directly to the interior of this black mountain.

The inside of this mountain is another scene. There are food and drink. Although the food is single, it is enough for us to survive. After you see those compatriots, I will take you to see the inside of this mountain, you will definitely feel amazing. "

"Okay, thank you, Wang Long!" Xuan Nv nodded gently.

"Wang Long, you just call me Xuan Zhen, don't call master. I am just an ordinary person with super power, but I have not qualified the title of the master!" Su Yu said.

"No, no, you are all masters!" Wang Long waved his hands and took them into the cave.

The cave was not dark, and there were special places to burn bonfires on both sides of the cave.

Piles of bonfires lit and the light shone in the cave.

Several people observed at the cave and Su Yu asked, "Wang Long, does this cave look like this originally?"

Wang Long shook his head and said, "Yes, but in order to better life here, we have slowly dug out part of the cave these years"

Su Yu asked, "So after you came to this dimension space, you have been living in this big black mountain. Have you never left this mountain?"

Wang Long shook his head and sighed: "We once tried to leave this black mountain and find a way home, but every time we walked not far, we were beaten back by those skeletons. We can't go far away at all! Hey, look, this is the cave that fellows rested! "

Chapter 64 Fantasy Mushroom

They walked further inside of the mountain, space was larger.  And more martyrdom appeared. They followed Wang Long and talked to each other while walking. After two turns around, they finally came to a huge stone hall.

It's not clear how big it was, but the area was definitely not smaller than two football fields.

Bonfires were burning in the stone pot, and the firelight illuminates all around.

Around the bonfire, someone stood or sat or lay. Looking at the clothes of those people, Su Yu, and others breathed a sigh of relief. These were the people who disappeared in Dalong Mountain.

Some of these people seem to be in good spirits, and soon detect their arrival and glanced at them.

Others were debilitated, in a bad looking, and they did not notice Su Yu's arrival at all. Some of these people were injured, while others were excessively frightened.

Su Yu could also hear the sigh of pain and choking.

The four didn't walk in, just standing at the entrance of the cave, watching. Xuan Nv said: "How many people are there? Wang Long."

"A total of 521 people!" Wang Long immediately gave an accurate figure.

"521, leader, this number was familiar. How many people are missing?" Su Yu interjected suddenly.

Xuan Nv glanced Su Yu, and her eyes flickered a flash of cold light. She said, "The missing people are 521 people. It seems that all the missing people are here."

Xuan Kong and Xuan Dian both looked at each other and both gave thumbs up to Su Yu: Brother, you are amazing!

Su Yu noticed the meaning in the eyes of the two, with an innocent facial expression: I am amazing? Why am I amazing?

Wang Long was a little embarrassed. He didn't know what mute the four were playing, saying, "Don't you go in and see, masters? Tell them ..."

Xuan Kong raised his hand to interrupt Wang Long's words, and said, "It is not necessary for the moment, let them stay here quietly, it is not too late to notice them until the door opens. The door is not that easy to open."

"Okay, I understand!" Wang Long nodded and said, "Since that's the case, I'll take you guys to see our food. I'm sure you will be surprised. You will never think that the world have such magical things."

"Okay, please lead the way, Wang Long!" Su Yu said with a smile: "Wang Long, how did you find them? No one separated, which is really incredible, coincidence?"

Wang Long smiled and said, "I don't know the specific reason, it may be a coincidence. Although they did not enter here at the same time, the interval time is short. And, we were also entered directly near this big black mountain, so we can found them and be able to survive on this big black mountain together. "

"You all were entered directly near the black mountain in this world ?" Su Yu raised his eyebrows, and looked at the three people, wondering: "Why are we different?"

The three were also a little confused. Xuan Kong thought for a while and said, "It may be because we have super powers, so the teleportation is different."

Then they were silent, they were also not sure the answer.

They did not wanna further dig the reason, they have found all the missing people, and there were unexpected gains. As long as the space door was opened, this case was successfully solved.

Wow la la la

At this time, Su Yu heard the sound of flowing water, although it was small, it was very clear. Su Yu said, "Wang Long, is there a river in front? I heard the sound of flowing water!"

Wang Long felt amazed and said: "You are so amazing, you can hear the sound of running water from here? Amazing!"

"It's nothing!" Su Yu waved his hands, felt very embarrassed.


All people walked at a constant speed for about five minutes and came to a larger stone hall. A two-meter-wide river flowed across the ground, and the sound of the water was loud and crisp.

There was no bonfire in it, but it was not too dark. A huge variety of mushrooms grow on the ground, like a mushrooms forest, and these mushrooms also emitted a faint fluorescence, lighting this huge stone hall.

"Masters, here is where our water and food comes from. Unfortunately, this river is only formed by a small underground spring, and no fish have ever shown in this river!" Wang Long introduced their life here.

"Can these mushrooms be eaten?" Xuan Dian just asked a clear fact. If these mushrooms couldn't be eaten, people like Wang Long had starved to death.

Wang Long was a little excited: "Masters, these mushrooms are not only edible but also very delicious. As long as you can think of the flavor that these mushrooms have, you can eat everything you want, chicken, mutton, etc.

We called these mushrooms Fantasy Mushroom, isn't it amazing? This is an amazing plant. If I hadn't encountered it, I would never have thought of such a mushroom."

The four were a little confused when they heard the introduction of Wang Long, and looked at each other. They were a little skeptical of what Wang Long said. No matter how a mushroom is delicious, how can it change to various tastes?

So the four people didn't believe it!

"Masters, don't you believe what I said?" Wang Long saw their expressions and knew they didn't believe it. But he can understand, after all, these mushrooms were really amazing and hard to believe. He smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, you just taste it. Li, take the rock salt board and other tools here, I want the masters to taste my craft!"

Wang Long told the guards around him.

"Yes, Commander!" The guards who were not far behind them replied immediately.

Soon, several soldiers came from the crowd with tools such as dry wood and slate. They simply built a simple stove-like thing. A white slate was placed on top, and a bonfire was lit underneath.

"Slate barbecue?" Su Yu said surprised.

"Haha!" Wang Long laugh and said: "Yes, the tools are limited. I hope you guys will like it. Then, I will toast some!"

They looked at each other, and Su Yu said, "Then thanks for your kindness!"

"It's doesn't matter!" Wang Long said, pulled out a dagger and came to a big mushroom, and cut a few thin and uniform pieces of mushrooms.

"Masters, taste the original mushrooms first," Wang Long said, placing a few pieces of mushrooms on a heated stone slab, making a noisy sound, and a scent diffused immediately.

Wang Long turned the mushroom slices skillfully and said, "Mushrooms are easy to toast. They only need to be turned ten times in a row. They will not burn or dry. They can also absorb the salt from the salt plate. Which master wanna taste first? "


Chapter 65 Smile Gradually Metamorphosis

"I wanna try!" Xuan Nv said first, picking up a very old pair of chopsticks and preparing to pick the roasted mushrooms.

However, someone was faster. At the moment when Xuan Nv raised her hand, someone took out the chopsticks to pick the cooked mushroom and stuffed it into his mouth with a flash of lightning speed.

"Hey ~ Hey ~ It's hot, it's hot!" Su Yu's face was slightly twisted.

"Xuan Zhen, what are you doing?" Xuan Nv frowned and said coldly.

"Eh?" Su Yu's mouth was stuffed with mushrooms, and he said innocently, "Of course I eat roasted mushrooms. I'm a bit hungry, so I eat them first, leader, sorry, I want to eat more! "

Seeing this, Xuan Dian and Xuan Kong looked at each other, their eyes flashed slightly, and at the corners of their mouths a smile passed by.

Of course, there was still a little bit of worry.

Wang Long's eyes also flashed a light slightly, and then he smiled and looked at Su Yu, said: "Since you are hungry, let's eat it now, these slices are toasted!"

"Haha, then I won't be polite!" Su Yu smiled, holding chopsticks to eat, as if he was afraid of these toasted mushrooms being snatched, and eaten all the freshly toasted mushroom slices!

"Master, these mushroom slices taste good, right?" Wang Long asked with a smile.

"Yes. But it's not much different from real-world mushrooms, and it's a little less seasoning!" Su Yu made a comment. The tastes of these mushrooms were not so bad or so good. "Well, I ate some. And now I'm not so hungry. Leaders, have a try."

When Xuan Nv heard the words, she just snorted and ignored Su Yu. She picked up a slice of freshly toasted mushroom slices and tasted it slowly.

Xuan Dian and Xuan Kong both responded and ate some.

"Wang Long, you have said that these mushrooms have different tastes? Which mushrooms are chicken flavor? I want to eat chicken flavor now. You can tell me and I can cut a piece and roast it by myself!" Su Yu said.

"Master, there are no chicken-flavored mushrooms here. The mushrooms here are the same taste. But you can imagine the flavor you want to eat, so we named it fantasy mushroom! The key point is to imagine!" Wang Long said with a smile.

Su Yu: ... (⊙_⊙;) ...

"It seems that the Master didn't understand what I said, okay, I will demonstrate for you!" Wang Long said, then stood up, cut a mushroom slice from the big mushroom, and put it on the slate. "You said just now that you want to eat a chicken-flavored mushroom slice, right? Just wait a moment and I will toast it for you!"

Zizi ~ The cooking sound kept ringing, and the smell of freshly roasted mushrooms was immediately emitted. It was very fragrant, and the flavor was completely different.

Su Yu, Xuan Nv, and others were shocked because the taste was exactly the taste of roast chicken.

"How did this can...?" Su Yu's eyes widened, puzzled. It was clear that the mushroom was still that mushroom, but the taste was completely different.

"It's very simple!" Looking at Su Yu's surprised look, Wang Long laughed proudly: "It's very simple. When I roasted this mushroom, I imagined a piece of chicken, so it has the chicken flavor. You imagine it to be beef, then the taste is like beef. As long as you can imagine, it can turn into any taste.

You taste it now, and it tastes like chicken. "

Wang Long puts the freshly toasted mushroom slices on Su Yu's plate.

Su Yu was not polite. Under the gaze of the three, he picked up the mushroom and ate it, his eyes flashed, and he nodded again and said: "Well, this is really chicken, it’s amazing, not only the fragrance has changed, even the taste is changed, it’s like eating chicken, hiss ~ the name of Fantasy Mushroom is so appropriate! "

Su Yu was really shocked at this moment. What is the principle? He can eat everything he wants as long as he can imagine.

"Wang Long, can I try it for myself? How can I do it? Can you teach me?" Su Yu felt a door to the new world opened in front of him, and he was going to try this Fantasy Mushroom by himself.

"Of course!" Wang Long said with a smile: "You can cut the mushrooms yourself and roast them yourself. It is simple."

After listening to Wang Long's introduction, Su Yu immediately roasted by himself, and soon a piece of beef-flavored roasted mushrooms came out. Su Yu was really impressed with this Fantasy Mushroom. It's amazing that there was such a magic plant in this world.

The other three were also very interested. They started to roast the mushrooms they wanted to eat, and the four of them were happy for a while.

Fortunately, when the four of them were full, they did not forget their job. After half an hour of grilling, they ate a lot and then stopped.

Xuan Kong said with emotion: "If boss sees these Fantasy Mushroom, he will like it very much, but unfortunately he didn't come here with us."

"Woo ~." Su Yu said, "It's doesn't matter, we can take some mushrooms back. Can we take some Fantasy Mushrooms back to the real world?"

"I'm afraid this won't work!" Wang Long shook his head.

Xuan Kong frowned, and Su Yu also raised his eyebrows: "Wang Long, we don't need many, just several plants are enough. Such a magical plant has great research value."

"Masters, you have misunderstood what I mean. It's not that I don't allowed you to take it away. Although this Fantasy Mushroom was discovered by us, it's not ours. It doesn't matter whoever wants to take it away.

I said no, it means that it is useless to take it back. This Fantasy Mushroom can only be stored for about half an hour after being cut off from the body, and then it will become dry, and its nature completely changed.

We have also considered bringing this magical Fantasy Mushroom back to the real world if there is an opportunity. This mushroom grows extremely fast and can grow back to its original size after being cut down less than an hour.

With such a magical plant, ordinary people do not have to worry about eating, and we do not have to worry about the military's food in war.

But unfortunately, as soon as the Fantasy Mushroom leaves the range of black mountain, it will become ashes, so it can not be taken away at all, hey ~ "

Wang Long finally sighed, feeling full of loss!

"That's a pity. They can only come here to eat this mushroom!" Xuan Kong shrugged.

"Well, Wang Long, since this Fantasy Mushroom can become other delicious food, can it also become something of other flavors?" Su Yu thought of something interesting, eyes brightened.

"Theoretically possible. I haven't tried it!" Wang Long scratched his head, wondering what Su Yu was thinking. He had never tried to make this mushroom taste other than all kinds of meat.

"Hey, that's it!" Su Yu heard a smile and heard a smile, his smile gradually metamorphosis.

The next moment, a pungent odor began to permeate.

Xuan Nv and others: (ΩДΩ)! !! !!

Chapter 66 Sudden Change, Crisis

"His ~" Su Yu sucked in the cold air and bucked himself off the rock wall. With a look of grievance, he just thought about the Stinky Tofu (Smells bad fragment, but taste good). Why you are so violent, Xuan Nv?

The Xuan Nv stunned, and her face was cold at the moment, humming, "Xuan Zhen, what do you think in your head?"

"Stinky Tofu, I just missed the Stinky Tofu at the university entrance. Leader, is it wrong to want to eat stinky tofu?" Su Yu was silent.

Xuan Nv heard the words paused for a moment, then continued: "Huh, nonsense, how could Stinky Tofu be so stinky? I haven't eaten ... I have smelled."

Su Yu is helpless: "What else can it be if it is not Stinky Tofu? Canned herring? Durian? Hey,  Leader, what are you thinking ..."

"Shut up!" Xuan Nv blushed, and the Gravity Field broke out again, and Su Yu banged against the wall again.

Xuan Kong and Xuan Dian both silent, Xuan Nv was too violent!

Wang Long and others were stunned when they looked. They did not thought about much, only felt that Su Yu was particularly hard for beating.

At this time, Wang Long opened his mouth and wanted to be a peacemaker, then asked about the door which can take them back to the real world. He almost reached his patient limit.

But at this moment a loud noise came, and the whole black mountain was shaken a bit, and there were stones falling on the top of the cave.

Everyone's facial expression changed, and Wang Long even shouted, "Fuck, what's going on?"

"The leader, it is not good!" as soon as Wang Long shouted, a soldier stumbled into the cave and said, "Skeletons are attacking the mountain. There are so many that you can't see the end ..."

Wang Long's eyes glared, "Nonsense, those skeletons are afraid of this mountain. As long as they touch the stones of this mountain, they will become a pile of bones. How can they attack the mountain?"

"Commander, I didn't lie, those skeletons are really attacking the mountains, there are more terrible skeletons driving them to attack here!" The soldier hurriedly said.

Wang Long actually believed the soldiers' words long ago, because his soldiers would not lie. The reason why he said that was to worry that the four masters were afraid and thought about running away here. After all, in Wang Long's heart, they were his only hope for going home.

Wang Long was scolding in his heart. Once seeing the hope of returning home, there was such an accident, and he yelled, "Junior Liu, gather the army, get the weapons, and go out with me. We must not let those damn skeletons go up the mountain! "

"Yes, leader!" Junior Liu raised his hand in salute and shouted loudly, ran quickly outside the cave, and soon a rally sounded.

"Masters, sorry, I can't accompany you to visit this mountain anymore. I have to defend the invasion of those skeletons." Wang Long said, with his fists clenched.

Su Yu's eyes quickly exchanged a bit, Xuan Dian said, "Wang Long, if you don't mind, we also want to go out and take a look!"

The light flashed in Wang Long's eyes. He was exactly waiting for these words. He had known they were masters and had super power. Even if Xuan Dian didn't say these words, Wang Long would also find a chance of asking for help. So he said happily: "Thanks for your help! "

"Let's go, Wang Long, no need for thanks!" Xuan Dian said. "Please led the way." Wang Long was not polite to go out first, Xuan Kong and Xuan Dian followed closely behind.

Su Yu was also going to follow up but was stopped by Xuan Nv, Xuan Nv asked, "Why did you rush to eat that mushroom?"

Su Yu blinked and said, "I said it, I'm hungry, so I rushed to eat the mushrooms. Will you be angry to give me a hard time?"

"Huh, there's no truth coming out from your mouth!" Xuan Nv hummed. "You are afraid that the mushroom has a problem, so you rush to eat it, right? In fact, you don't have to do that. Even if those mushrooms are poisonous, it's not a big deal for me, Xuan Kong or Xuan Dian. As long as it is not particularly poisonous, it will have no effect on us. The stronger the power, the stronger the resistance. "

"Eh!" Su Yu scratched his head and said, "Leaders, you already know it? It can't be too careful in matters like this. Who knows if they are good people. Anyway, being careful is right. Fortunately, Wang Long and others are good guys. "

"What if they have problems? Wouldn't you be poisoned if the mushrooms were poisonous? You're not afraid of death!" Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu spread his hand and said, "Afraid, I am so afraid of death. Because of this, I rush to eat those mushrooms. If those were poisonous mushrooms, I will be the one poisoned. I am the weakest in the team, so if I poisoned, the combat power does not have much impact on our team.

And I believe that if I am poisoned, you all will save me with all your power. You guys are powerful and have rich experience in solving cases, so it is the right choice, I think.

In the reverse, if you are poisoned, to be honest, I don't know what to do! "

Xuan Nv raised her eyebrows slightly, then stretched out, and said, "I am not allowed you to do this kind of thing in the future. We are your senior leaders. No need you to take risks for us! Understand? Answer me. "

What Xuan Nv said was a decision, not a discussion. Su Yu can not refuse and helplessly said, "Yes, leader, I know, I promise not to it again in the future."

Xuan Nv hummed with satisfaction: "Remember the words, well, let's go out!"

The pace of the two was very fast, and they quickly caught up with Wang Long, Xuan Dian, and others. They came to the entrance of the cave. Outside the cave, a soldier was running nervously, quickly and orderly.

Soon everyone came to the place where Wang Long looked into the distance. The view here was excellent. Except for the back of the mountain was invisible, the other directions could be clearly seen.

"Damn, what's going on? Why are these skeletons attacking the black mountain, aren't they extremely afraid of the black mountain?" Wang Long said, through the telescope, watching countless skeletons under the mountain rushing towards the mountain, his face was incredibly pale.

Su Yu and others have excellent eyesight. They can clearly see the situation under the mountain in a long-distance without using a telescope.

The cave that Wang Long and others hid was on the mountainside, almost two-kilometer above the ground.

But at this moment, there were already a lot of skeletons that were about to reach a distance of less than one kilometer from the cave, and they were still climbing fast, and they would reach the position of the mountain pass in no time.

Su Yu heard Wang Long's words and looked at Wang Long's pale face and asked, "Wang Long, what did you just say? Those Undead Skeletons never attacked the black mountain before?"

Wang Long smiled bitterly: "Yes, this is the first time that the skeletons attacked this mountain. Those skeletons are very afraid of here. To be precise, the stones in this mountain can extinguish the fire in the skull, so skeletons have never attacked here.

This is one of the reasons why we can live in this world until now. If you look closely, you can see that as soon as the skeletons touch the mountain, the fire in their heads will go out, and then become a pile of bones."

Chapter 67 Fighting, Blocking The Enemy

After hearing the words, Su Yu and others carefully looked at the climbing Undead Skeletons, and it was found that during the climbing process, as long as they encountered the black rock, they would be scattered into a pile of broken bones and become stepping stones.

The Undead Skeletons climbing up were all stepping on the dead bones of their companions. Nine of the ten Undead Skeletons would be piles of bones, being stepping stones for one Undead Skeleton.

However, at this sacrifice, those Undead Skeletons were still climbing upwards.

Su Yu and others frowned. Although these skeletons were moving at a slow speed, it didn't take too long to climb at this speed to reach their location and start the fight.

Xuan Nv said to Xuan Kong: "Xuan Kong, how long do you need to build a stable space door?"

"It takes at least an hour, and it will take at least a few times longer if I have to spear my energy to fight!" Xuan Kong groaned and felt his super power of continuous recovery and increase in his body.

When he came to this big black mountain, because there was no battle, Xuan Kong has been secretly accumulating super powers in preparation for building a stable space door, but this dimension world was easy to come in, but it was difficult to go out.

Fortunately, he prepared before entering this space, otherwise, it was difficult to build a space door.

Xuan Nv's brow frowned slightly and she said, "Will it take so long? In this way, Xuan Kong, we will fight as soon as it happens. And you should build the space door with all your power and shorten the time as much as possible."

"Okay, you guys battle!" Xuan Kong nodded directly, then found a place to sit cross-legged, and began to speed up the construction of the space door.

Xuan Nv turned to Su Yu and Xuan Dian and said, "Prepare for the battle. Before Xuan Kong builds a space door successfully, we must not let these Undead Skeletons climb here."

Su Yu and Xuan Dian both nodded seriously.

"Well, Masters, what can we do? We can fight too." Wang Long said, somewhat embarrassed because Xuan Nv ignored the 2,000 of their manpower.

Xuan Nv didn't want ordinary people to fight. But looking at Wang Long and the soldiers behind Wang Long, Xuan Nv didn't refuse, and said, "Okay, we can fight together, my companion is building the space door, you send someone to protect him and don't let him be disturbed.

In addition, please ask a group of people to maintain order, so that we can leave this world in the shortest time after the space door is opened.

And, I and my two other companions will go down to fight the enemy, but the number of skeletons is too many, we are only three-man. There is a high probability that there will be skeletons breaking through our blockade, those skeletons need to be cleared by your team. "

"Yes, I promise to complete the task!" Wang Long responded subconsciously but quickly realized that Xuan Nv and others were not his seniors, he did not need to react that way.

However, Wang Long was the leader of the team, and he has a very high IQ and EQ. Although he was very embarrassed in his heart, he didn't show it on his face, he pretended as if it hadn't happened. Began to gave orders.

Xuan Nv didn't care how Wang Long set up the defense, and her body flew down the mountain. Su Yu and Xuan Dian hurried to keep up.

The black and the white, sharp and clear dividing line. The white was made up of skull oceans, and the black was the black mountain.

Su Yu and others stood on the front line of the skeleton ocean advancing. The Undead Skeletons felt the breath of the three's flesh and blood, and the skull oceans became more turbulent in a moment.

Countless skeletons climbed towards Su Yu and others.

"Go ahead, we must not let these Undead Skeletons hurt anyone on the mountain!" Xuan Nv said, and at the same time, a chill blew up from her body.

Xuan Nv's arms spreading to the sides, and the cold air surged from the palm of Xuan Nv to the sides. A thick ice wall quickly appeared near this black mountain, blocking the way of the sea of skulls, and the ice wall extended all the way, directly surrounding this big black mountain.

On the mountainside, Wang Long who saw this scene through a telescope was shocked by Xuan Nv's power. This is not the power of ordinary humans at all.

Others on the mountainside were stunned watching a high ice wall appear out of nowhere, forgot to do their tasks.

Fortunately, Wang Long quickly responded, and in his shouting, everyone on the mountainside also recovering themselves, and each took up their own task.

Su Yu and others did not know the situation on the mountainside. After Xuan Nv erected a huge ice wall, Xuan Dian floated up and down to the ice wall, the whole body was surrounded by lightning, thunder clouds appeared in the sky, and the thunder rang through.

There were thick electric lightning twitching in the thundercloud.

"Thunder!" Xuan Dian's fingers hooked down, and numerous thunders with the thickness of thumbs fell from the thunder cloud.

Bang Bang Bang ...

Electric lightning raged in the sea of skulls, and a loud explosion came, and countless undead skulls were hit and turned into coke, or blown up and splashed around, overturned lots of Undead Skeletons.

Some places have been blown out of the ground by the power of Xuan Dian's thunder and lightning, exposing the black rock body, but soon covered by the Undead Skeletons that followed.

Crunchy ...

Undead Skeletons had already climbed under the ice wall, and the skeleton's claws caught on the ice wall, making a harsh noise.

"I wish Xuantu was here too! He can make a black rock wall, which almost stops these skeletons for a long time without our attack!" Xuan Dian said, stood on the ice wall, and looking at the climbing Undead skeletons.

After heard Xuan Dian's words, Xuan Nv gave him a cold look. Xuan Dian immediately smiled awkwardly. Although he was right, he couldn't say it in front of the Xuan Nv who made the ice wall.

Xuan Nv said, "Xuan Tu is not here, sorry, I can only make this ice wall!"

Xuan Dian scratched his head, knowing that he was made Xuan Nv unhappy. He felt very sorry for his sharp words.

At this time, Su Yu also climbed on the ice wall, and then he took a breath of air, and there are more and more undead skulls walking to here!

Looking far away, the sea of skulls has reached the skyline.

Had no time waiting for Su Yu to take more breaths. Xuan Nv said, "Xuan Zhen, prepare to appropriately use your shock power, do not damage the ice wall, and shakedown as many Undead Skeletons as you can."

Su Yu took an embarrassing expression. It's very hard to shake appropriately, but there was no time to hesitate. A blue halo appeared on Su Yu's body, and then Su Yu punched the air in front of him!

Chapter 68 The Drama Is Just Beginning

The buzzing force of humming surged, and then the sound of glass shattering continuously sounded. With Su Yu's fist as the center, dense cracks filled the air.

Under Su Yu's deliberate control, the cracks spread in the direction of the skull oceans.

There was a click, and the air in front of Su Yu shattered, and the void seemed to shatter like a lens.

Immediately, a large amount of Undead Skeletons in front of Su Yu were collapsed, and the fire in their brain wiped out, scattered into pieces.

Rumbling ... the earth shook, and the mountain shook, as if there was an earthquake, the Undead Skeletons pyramids were unstable and immediately rolled down towards the mountain, knocking down more Undead Skeletons which was climbing up.

Like an avalanche, all the Undead Skeletons in a large range were smashed at least hundreds of meters away by Su Yu's fist.

Although the lethality was not stronger than Xuan Dian's previous attacks, it has effectively prevented the Undead Skeletons from climbing.

"Good, continue to use your shock power in another location!" Xuan Nv calmly nodded, then ordered.

Su Yu nodded and went to do it, running along the ice wall, hitting a shock punch every other distance.

Each shake power fist can rewind a large amount of Undead Skeleton hundreds of meters away.

When Su Yu and Xuan Dian attacking, Xuan Nv didn't rest idle. She didn't reach out her sword, just flipped her hands, the super power of gravity broke out, and numerous small pieces of stones in the black mountain were controlled by Xuan Nv and flew into the air Then it poured down like heavy rain.

When the stone rain fell, waves of Undead Skeletons fell down, scattered on the ground, and after a few moments, Xuan Nv caused more damage to the Undead Skeleton than Su Yu and Xuan Dian combined.

Seeing this, Su Yu and Xuan Dian looked at each other, this woman is really amazing, so powerful!

With the cooperation of the three, none of the skeletons could cross the ice wall.

However, these just a beginning, these were only ordinary Undead Skeletons were climbing up. They did not even have a weapon in their hands. They were all the weakest skeletons.

"Roar ~"

A roar rang out in the depths of the skull sea, and then the Undead Skeletons climbed more turbulently. At the same time, the climbing skeletons became stronger, and the Undead Skeletons holding various bone weapons appeared.

Skeletons that can't attack far away were coming towards the ice wall, while undead skeletons that can attack far away were continuous long-range attacks against the three people. Skeleton archers, skeleton spearmen, and skeleton mages. There were three types of long-range attacks. The Undead Skeletons launched an overwhelming attack on the three and the ice wall.

However, compared to the three-man, these attacks were still too weak, and could only cause slightly affect.

Ah, a scream came from the sky, and it was extremely harsh. A huge black shadow with a diameter of several tens of meters flew from the foot of the mountain, forming a huge parabola.

With a bang, the huge black shadow smashed onto the ice wall, the huge black shadow exploded immediately, and thousands of skeletons flew in all directions. The huge black shadow was composed of Undead Skeletons.

The huge Undead Skeletons ball hit the ice wall, the sturdy ice wall suddenly cracked, and the whole mountain was shaken for a while.

The huge Undead Skeletons balls were thrown by a giant Undead Skeletons who came from the depths of the skeleton oceans.

The giant Undead Skeleton was very tall, hundreds of meters in length, with strange bone shapes, walking upright, big in size, and short legs, but the two upper limbs were surprisingly large, with huge bone claws about the same size as its body.

If there are flesh and blood, the overall image should be similar to Baymax, of course, the upper limbs are not included.

Xuan Dian frowned and said, "It seems that this attacking was ordered by this giant Undead Skeleton!"


As if this giant Undead Skeleton noticed Xuan Dian's gaze, it roared, and in its roar, and the Undead Skeletons climbed even more fiercely.

"Yes, you are right. This time the Undead Skeletons siege may be organized by this guy. This giant Undead Skeleton is very powerful and its bones are harder than diamond ." Xuan Nv said.

The giant Undead Skeleton under the mountain, naturally, heard the words of Xuan Nv and others. And its huge upper limbs waved and grabbed lots of Undead Skeletons on the ground. Thousands of skeletons were caught on its hands.

Then his hands clasped together, and a huge Undead Skeletons ball was made, and then he hurled and was thrown into the ice wall.


The mountain was shaken again, and a section of the ice wall was cracked.

"You are looking for death!" Xuan Nv said, with a flash of cold light in her eyes. Watching the destroyed ice wall,  Xuan Nv was angered and erupted a stronger super power gravity.

There was a huge stone-like ball not far away, which has hundreds of thousands of pounds.

With a bang, this ball rose into the air and flew to Xuan Nv's head, which was dragged by Xuan Nv with one hand and raised above her head.

Seeing this scene, Su Yu was speechless. The more time Su Yu got along with Xuan Nv, the more he could feel her fierceness.

"Go, see who is more powerful!" Xuan Nv said lightly. The huge Undead Skeletons ball was thrown back with Xuan Nv's one hand, forming a perfect parabola and fell towards the foot of the mountain.

"Tusong · Tuling !?" At the moment Xuan Nv threw it, Su Yu suddenly flashes an animated picture in his head, burst out the voice to dubbing.

Xuan Nv: "..."

Xuan Dian: Cool, so naughty!

With a bang, the land had a great shook as if an earthquake. The huge ball smashed a large amount of Undead Skeletons directly.

The inertia of the huge Undead Skeletons ball did not stop, continuing rolling down forward on the ground, tens of thousands of Undead Skeletons were crushed by the huge ball into powder!Xuan Dian laughed and said, "Done, these Undead Skeletons should retreat this time?"

However, the Undead Skeletons still continued to climb upwards. The three did not need to communicate to know that it was not this giant Undead Skeleton that directed the attack, but another person ... another Undead skeleton!

Huh! Huh! Huh!

The heavy footsteps sounded from the ashes plain below the mountain, and several giant Undead Skeletons stood up from the skull oceans and approached to this mountain.

One, two, three ... There were more than a hundred giant Undead Skeletons.

Seeing this, Su Yu and others all looked stunned. And Wang Long and others on the mountainside were greatly shocked and not dare to breathe.

They have lived here for so long and have never known that there are so many types of Undead Skeletons, and there are such giant Undead Skeletons that have never been seen before.

"Is the drama just starting now?" Xuan Dian's entire body was surrounded by electric lightning, and the eyes were spraying electric lights. His expression was solemn, and the pressure increased sharply.


Chapter 69 Bone Dragon

One hundred huge Undead Skeletons, connected in a line, came towards the black mountain in heavy steps.

Huh! Boom! Boom!

The heavy footsteps sounded like drums hitting everyone’s hearts, the distance was getting closer and closer, and everyone’s emotions were getting tenser. Wang Long and others couldn’t help but sweat coldly, holding their weapons tightly, with their joints blanched.

A hundred giant Undead Skeletons came to the foot of the mountain to stand. They did not go up to the mountain. They needed more skeletons to pave the way.

They moved, grabbing their nearby Undead Skeletons, knead them into huge balls, throwing them towards the ice wall. Those giant Undead Skeletons just like hundreds of huge trebuchets in an ancient war.

"Xuan Zhen, Xuan Dian, guard the ice walls, I will down to the foot of the mountain to kill them!" Xuan Nv shouted very loudly when the giant Undead Skeletons launched an attack. Then she had flown down.

Su Yu and Xuan Dian looked at each other and then ran to each side, to smash the Undead Skeletons balls.


Su Yu leaped high on the ice wall and rushed towards an Undead Skeletons ball. The blue halo and blue electric light appeared at the same time.

At this moment, Su Yu's two super powers bloomed at the same time.

A single punch hit an Undead Skeletons ball to a diameter of tens of meters away. In the sound of glass shattering, Undead Skeletons balls fell into the ground.

And then vacated again and rushed towards another Undead Skeletons ball.

Xuan Dian was constantly generating lightning balls emitted between his hands, smashing Undead Skeletons balls into coke.

One by one, the Undead Skeletons balls were constantly smashed by the two people.

However, there were too many Undead Skeletons balls. Although the two people destroyed them quickly, they could not catch up with the balls generated by the giant Undead Skeletons.

One by one, huge Undead Skeletons balls fell down, making loud noises, and black mountain shivered continuously.

The ice wall was constantly cracked.

"Damn, we can't guard the ice wall safe this way!" Su Yu cried loudly, if it was just attacking from the ground, it wouldn't be difficult to guard the ice wall, but there were lots of Undead Skeletons balls attacking from the sky. The difficulty of guarding the ice wall increased several times in an instant.

"Guard it as far as possible, as long as you don't let the ice wall collapse on a large scale, and it's no problem if a few Undead Skeletons passed the ice wall." Xuan Dian replied loudly, and the lightning beam continued to shoot, causing explosions.

At this time, Xuan Nv has reached the side of the giant Undead Skeletons. Xuan Nv's gravity has been on the way all the time, crushing the Undead Skeletons all the way. She bumped into a giant  Undead Skeleton.

When the giant Undead Skeletons found Xuan Nv, it immediately waved the huge bone claw and shoot Xuan Nv, like shooting a fly.

However, Xuan Nv just rushed through the big claw and its body.  then it was scattered into the pieces in the ground.

These giant Undead Skeletons were indeed very strong, but they could only be ranked as yellow level one according to the level of danger, and they were weaker than Xuan Nv.

Ah, the giant Undead Skeletons, one after another, were crushed by the Xuan Nv. Su Yu and Xuan Dian suddenly felt relieved of the pressure and guard the ice wall more hard.

However, the three can't relax at all, because the Undead Skeletons rushing towards the mountain were getting stronger and stronger. In the ashes plain and the endless skeleton sea, more and more powerful Undead Skeletons began to appear. The giant Undead Skeletons before are just one of them.

"We need to change our plans!" Xuan Dian shouted when Xuan Nv returned to the ice wall: "It is difficult for us to guard this way. Now the white bones on the mountain below are thick enough, and those powerful skeletons have been able to climb to the mountain, we must change to another guard plan. "

"You said!" Xuan Nv said indifferently, sweeping the sword in her hand, pushing the gravity wave sideways, sweeping out countless Undead Skeletons and broken bones, exposing the black mountain body, but it will be covered by white bone again in the next second.

It's getting thicker and thicker, and it's getting harder and harder to sweep them out. Some parts of the mountain have piled up a few meters of white bone.

"You and I switch. I go down the mountain to stop those powerful Undead Skeletons. You and Xuan Zhen are guarding the ice wall. You can strengthen the ice wall and throw those Undead Skeletons down the mountain. You are more suitable than me to guard the wall! "Xuan Dian said.

"Okay!" Xuan Nv didn't hesitate, and immediately agreed, she has also bloomed two kinds of super powers at this moment. Gravity mainly to attack, the ice power mainly to guard. The ice wall becomes thicker and more sturdy at the same time.

Xuan Dian flew down the mountain and starting to attack those powerful individual Undead Skeletons, especially those who can conduct long-range attacks were Xuan Dian's major attacking objects.

The thunderous thunder rang through the mountain continuously, and thunder and lightning continued to fall from the sky.

Xuan Dian bathed in thunder, like a living Thunder God.

"Ang ~"


Suddenly a loud roar came, and terrifying coercion came from the distant sky.

In the distant horizon, the gray sky rolled endlessly, the gray clouds broke apart, a huge black shadow emerged from the clouds, and the next moment a flesh-free skull dragon emerged from the clouds.

The coercion suddenly increased.

"bone dragon?" Su Yu's pupils shrank sharply, and the skin was stinging under the coercion, and he felt danger.

Then one dragon head after another drew out from the clouds, and then the huge body also flew from the clouds, all of which were extremely huge. They were the kind of dragons of the western dragon, with their bones' size at least 200 meters.

On the mountainside, Wang Long and others have already been shivered on the ground and sweating coldly. Looking at the distant sky, their eyes have lost focus. It is too horrible. At this moment, Wang Long and others were firmly almost scared to death.

The three people were also under great pressure at this moment.

These bone dragons were very strong and tough.

However, in this case, the bone dragon did not make the three feel too much pressure. What really makes the three feel the pressure was the Giant that was still hidden in the clouds at this moment.

The thick bone chains were connected to the body of a bone dragon, these powerful bone dragons were just puppets controlled by a behemoth in the clouds.

At the moment when the bone dragon flew out of the clouds, the Undead Skeletons rushing towards the black mountain were all stopped as if they had pressed the pause button, and they were slamming to the ground like a domino, motionless.

Seeing this, the three of Su Yu were not happy, but had endless worries. The immobile skeletons were so motionless, indicating that something more terrible was about to appear.


Chapter 70 The King of the Undead Bone

"Ang Ang Ang ~" The roar of Bone Dragon shook everywhere, the wings of bones fluttered, and the thick bone chain of thighs was pulled straight, making a rattling noise.

The gray clouds rolled, and the behemoth hidden in the clouds finally appeared in the eyes of everyone, blooming with golden light.

Then in the roar of the bone dragons, the behemoth hidden in the clouds finally appeared in the eyes of everyone.

It was a huge golden throne, as if cast by gold, blooming in golden light, more like a golden chariot!

After appearing, it was like the golden sun suspending in the void, bringing a different color to this dark bone land.

"The King of the Undead Bone !? This land may have existed longer than imagined, and a King of the Undead Bone has even been born!" Xuan Dian returned back to side the two of them, looking at the golden throne, his voice was extremely serious.

If you look closely, you can even find that there are fine sweat beads in the forehead of Xuan Dian.

At this moment, Su Yu wanted to ask what the King of the Undead Bone was, but he couldn't make a sound with his mouth opened silently, but his eyes were inseparable from the huge throne.

More precisely, it is inseparable from the huge figure on the throne.

At the top of the huge golden throne sits an equally large golden figure. Those huge bone dragons are only the size of the King of the Undead Bone's feet.

Needless to say, it is the King of the Undead Bone in Xuan Dian's mouth. Su Yu can felt the terrifying coercion emanated from it.

The golden flame was burning in its eyes as if two rounds of a small sun.

With the throne, the King of the Undead Bone is like a mountain suppressed in the void, suppressed in the hearts of everyone.

In addition, around the golden throne, there were also Undead Skeletons with various forms. Judging from the coercion emanating from it, the danger levels were all about the yellow level one and so on.

"Fuck, Xuan Kong, hurry up, otherwise, we're all end up here!" Xuan Dian was sweating on his forehead at the moment, cursing, felt great pressure.

Xuan Nv didn't say anything, but the knuckles were also pinched and white, and ice crystals appeared on her body.

"Human!" At this time, the mouth of the King of the Undead Bone opened, and a huge sound resounded in the whole world. With the sound of this voice, heaven and earth seemed to be shaking with it: "Hand over space door, I can let you go away."

Hearing the words of the King of the Undead Bone, Su Yu and others were a little stunned, and then suddenly understood why the undead skeleton would attack the mountain, all for the space door constructed by Xuan Kong.

Now that the King of the Undead Bone has appeared, it means that the space door has been constructed. The three looked towards the mountainside. Sure enough, at the platform of the cave, a transparent space door has been erected and showed Dalong Mountain faintly scenery.

"Want the space door? Delusion!" Xuan Kong's voice sounded, the figure floating above the space door, his eyes staring directly at the King of the Undead Bone.

Seeing this, the three were joyful and quickly walked towards the mountainside and merged with Xuan Kong.

The King of Undead Bone seemed to be a little stunned, and then said, "Humans, I am kind to you, are you really wanna against me? Okay, kill all these humans for me, my soldier, and regain the space door!"

"Yes, great king!" The Undead Skeletons standing around the golden throne all uttered their voices and rushed towards the mountainside like a shadow.

The bone dragon roared and broke the bone chain to kill the people on the mountainside. At the same time, the sea of skulls on the ground surged again, all mad and rushed towards the big black mountain.

In a short period of time, the towering and solid ice walls were destroyed by countless skeletons.

"Hurry up, Commander Wang Long, with your soldiers and other compatriots, withdraw quickly and leave this place! Xuan Zhen, Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, guarding their withdrawal. Let us have a good time with these bones and skeletons. This is the first time we have met those monsters. Let us take a good look at how powerful the King of the Undead Bone is, how dare you? "Xuan Kong said loudly.

"Haha, I have the same idea!" Xuan Dian laughed, his power continued to rise, and almost to break through the level of Xuan.

Xuan Nv snorted and proved her answer with actual actions. Before Xuan Dian and Xuan Dian said their words, Xuan Nv had rushed out to welcome the powerful Undead Skeletons from the sky.

Then, Xuan Kong and Xuan Dian also flew to the sky.

Seeing this, Su Yu inhaled, these guys are really brave and powerful.

What to do? Su Yu felt a headache.

Looking at Xuan Nv and others who had been fighting with the Undead Skeletons in the sky, he was helpless, because he couldn't fly.

In addition, Su Yu also knows himself well. Those Undead Skeletons who can fly in the sky can knock him down if the Undead Skeletons want to. Anyway, Su Yu simply ignores the battle in the sky and directly sets the target on the sea of skulls that are about to climb to the middle of the mountain.

The space door not far behind, Wang Long and others who were retreating through the space door.

Never let the Undead Skeleton approach the space door.

Su Yu moved his body, two extreme powers broke out, muscles bulged, and blood beads oozed from the skin. Su Yu's body has reached the strongest state at this moment.

"Dead!" Su Yu sighed angrily and punched the mountain below his feet, his pure power and shock power erupted.

Huh! Hum ~

The sound of glass shattering immediately followed by a bang, and Daheishan shook. The mountain in front of Su Yu shattered and collapsed immediately, forming a rolling rock flowing down the mountain.

Undead skeletons that were about to rush to the mountainside were buried in the rocks and turned into dead bones. They rushed down with the rolling rocks, and all the Undead skeletons were gone wherever the black rocks passed.

Suddenly, a large sea of skulls became clear.

"Good job!"



Three voices sounded one after another. Although they were fighting the undead skeletons, Xuan Nv and others were all paid attention to the situation on the mountainside.

When they saw Su Yu's punch and cleared up the Undead Skeletons that climbed to the mountainside, They applaud for him. As to whether the destruction of the mountain will affect in the future, they don't care anymore. Wang Long and others were retreating nervously. Everyone had has gone, even if the mountain collapses, it has no effect.

Their task now is not to fight, but to stop the Undead Skeletons and give Wang Long and others time to retreat.

As for what Xuan Kong said just now to compete with the King of Undead Bone, in fact, it was a strategy to delay a little time.

Xuan Kong, Xuan Dian, and others have never seen this monster, but they also know how powerful and terrible the king is, they are not able to deal with it at all. They can just say wanna fight, but as for really want to go up to fight with the King of Undead Bone, that's a fool.

Of course, in the last resort, they will fight the King of Undead Bone.

However, at the moment, all were secretly praying that the King of Undead Bone was not smart enough to see their intention.

Chapter 71 Become A Hero

The King of Undead Bone sits on the golden throne, like a golden holy mountain to suppress the void.

His pupils burning golden flames, watched the battle in the sky and the mountain, he was a little surprised. The four humans like insects were so strong.

One in the mountain can block countless enemy attacks, relying on the terrain advantage, keeping a tight line of defense and preventing his subordinates from passing through.

However, he did not really care much about Su Yu. In his eyes, Su Yu was too weak.

What really interested the King of the Undead Bone was the other three. They fought against dozens of his subordinates without being at a disadvantage. This made him a little bit of interest and raised some vigilance against humanity.

Of course, that's it. They are still too weak to him, the King of Undead Bone looked at the other ordinary humans who had evacuated through the space door, and it decided to attack.

Although the King of Undead Bone has no real brain, he does has wisdom. He had guessed the plan of Xuan Nv and others before he ordered the attack.

He didn't take an initial attack himself before, just because he felt that his subordinates could take over the space door.

However, at this moment, the King of Undead Bone found that it took a lot of time for his subordinates to beat down these humans, and to grab the door of space.

the King of Undead Bone did not want to waste ant time. the King of Undead Bone slowly got up from the throne. A dazzling golden beam of light erupted from the King of Undead Bone.

The rumbling ... the sky was full of the coercion of the King of Undead Bone, which usually made a loud noise.

At this moment, feeling the coercion of the king of the undead bones, all the Undead Skeletons stopped for a while and stood still.

Xuan Nv, Xuan Kong, Xuan Dian, and Su Yu's facial expressions, all greatly changed and felt a fatal crisis.

They all knew that the King of the Undead had already guessed their plans.

"Humans, your power is really good among ordinary people, but I have no intention to continue playing with you anymore." the King of Undead Bone said, and then he attacked and stretched out a bone to shoot down towards Su Yu.

Or more accurately, he was attacking towards all the humans on the mountainside, he would wipe out all humans on the mountainside and rob the space door.

Seeing this scene, Wang Long and a group of ordinary people immediately felt desperate, they could not move anymore, and could only watch the attack fall and wait for death.




When Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, and Xuan Kong saw this, they were screaming in anger, erupting all their power, flying towards the mountainside, trying to stop the attack of the King of Undead Bone.

Su Yu was also pale. Looking at this giant attacking bone, Su Yu had the idea of running away and turning away. The space door was not far away from him, Su Yu was now able to escape the blow from the bone king.

However, seeing Wang Long and others behind him, the thought of running away in his heart was abandoned. If he escaped, Wang Long and others would die. But if he desperately blocked the attack, this was able to give Wang Long and others a chance to survive.

Su Yu glanced at the other three who were flying fast towards here. Su Yu decided to fight back, at least slightly blocking the blow from the King of Undead Bone, so that the other three could have time to arrive here.

"Damn it, I'll be a hero today!" Su Yu roared. Su Yu never thought of being a hero, because he was afraid of death, but at this moment he wanted to be a hero.

Two super powers surged in Su Yu's body. Su Yu kept releasing all his power, his skin cracking and blood spraying out, like a spray.

"Hahaha ~" Su Yu was in pain all over the body, but was laughing: "You damn bone, I'll punch you to call grandpa!"

Su Yu lamed his feet, and the mountain slammed down to form a large pit. However, the man blasted into the sky like a cannonball and punched out his fist to meet the attack from the King of Undead Bone.

"Xuan Zhen !!!" The three shouted with shock, Su Yu is looking for death!

"Master !!!!" Wang Long and others also yelled. Su Yu gave them confidence and was able to make a sound and move slowly. At the same time, Wang Long yelled and drove the crowd desperately, pushing the crowd towards the space door, he knew that Su Yu was trying to win more time for them.

One minute and one minute cannot be wasted. The time wasted is the murder of Su Yu.

"Huh? Interesting, even if you are so weak, but you still wanna fight back? Then I will kill you!" the King of Undead Bone softly whispered, the speed of his attack significantly accelerated.

Just a few seconds!


A loud noise rang through the world, Su Yu's fist collided with the bone of the King of Undead Bone as if bombarded on steel, making a sound of gold and iron fighting.

The bone of the King of the Undead Bone stopped slightly, and Su Yu's power was in the air.

Hum ~

The next moment, the shock power erupted, clicking and clicking, cracks began to spread, gradually covering the bones of the King of Undead Bone.

The next moment the crack broke apart, the King of Undead Bone, the flames in his eyes bounced, it felt a powerful power erupt under its bone palm, and the bone palm was bounced out of control slightly.


At this moment, the sky shook with the earth. the King of Undead Bone shooked by this sudden shock.

"Damn human bug, I underestimated on you before!" the King of Undead Bone immediately stabilized his body, looked at its bones and palms, and the flames in his eyes bounced at a rapid speed. He was kind of annoyed. The human bug caused a wound on his body, a crack appeared on his bone.



This human must die!

Then the king of the bone's attack came again with a palm, but Su Yu could not move.

After Su Yu punched the King of Undead Bone, he was shot down at a fast speed.

Directly hit the rock wall, leave a huge deep pit, the blood flowing out will stain the bottom of the deep pit red.

The whole body's bones are broken, and the skin and flesh are bursting. The whole person is like a pool of meat and mud can't move at the bottom of the deep pit. The eyes have been blurred and the consciousness has begun to dissipate.

Immediately the scenes that he has been experienced began to flash in his eyes, the most are his parents, he has not been with his parents enough time.

"Mom and dad, forgive me, and I will repay you in the next life!" Su Yu closed his eyes slowly, thinking: "Is this a hero? I don't want to be a hero in my next life!"

"Xuan Zhen!" At the moment when he completely lost consciousness, Su Yu heard a roar, which was yelled by Xuan Nv, Su Yu laughed and felt that the cold woman seemed sad, and finally, he managed to get enough time for the other three?

The bone palm continued to fall down. The bone palm was about to be punched on Su Yu and the black mountain, and suddenly the abnormal thing happened. The black mountain was buzzing and shaking, and green light rose from the mountain, hitting the King of Undead Bone.

Chapter 72 Meteorite Summon

A huge green light emanated from the mountain, soaring into the sky, just hitting the bone palm shot down by the king of bones.

Sasa, when the bone of the King of Undead Bone touched the green light, it's palm become coke, making the sound as if raw meat touched a red soldering iron, accompanied by rolling black smoke from the bone of the King of Undead Bone.

"Damn!" the King of Undead Bone retracted his palm like a lightning, and the roar rang through the entire world.

It can be seen that in such a moment of time, the golden bone of the King of Undead Bone' bone became black, like carbon.

And the Undead Skeletons who climbed to the black mountain were cleaned up at this moment. In a blink of an eye, even the ashes were not left.

The Undead Skeletons who climbed towards the mountainside before, stopped at this moment, and backed in horror.

Xuan Nv and others are a little confused at this moment. They don't know why this is happening, and why this green light will cause so much damage to the Undead Skeletons.

All they knew was that they seemed safe. the King of Undead Bone seemed to be extremely scared of the green light, and the green light did not seem to hurt them.

Uh ~

The three flew to Su Yu at a very fast speed, and they were shocked to see Su Yu, who had become a pool of flesh.

Xuan Kong reached out and tried Su Yu's breath, bitterly: "Xuan Zhen ... passed away!"

"Passed away?" Xuan Nv stunned there as if she was struck by lightning, and then shouted loudly, "Impossible, how could Xuan Zhen die?"

Xuan Nv's tears flowed down, and she felt Su Yu's sense very carefully, but finally, she couldn't feel any of Su Yu's breath.

She murmured: "Dead, he died like that. If I didn't force him to stay in the bureau, will he not die?

I know, he never thought about staying in the bureau, he wanted to leave, and I should let him leave.

How can I explain to Xuan Zhen's parents? "

Xuan Dian is also a bit unacceptable, but more rational. Looking at the King of Undead Bone preparing to attack against the green light, he said, "Xuan Nv, stop thinking about it now, all we have to do now is take Wang Long and others leave here. And Xuan Zhen should not be sacrificed in vain. "

"Yes! Xuan Dian, you're right." Xuan Nv struggling with tears, stood up and said, "Xuan Kong, Xuan Dian, you leave with Su Yu and Wang Long!"

"What about you, Xuan Nv, what are you going to do?" Xuan Dian stunned.

"I'm not willing to leave like this! Before leaving, I'll give him a small gift." Xuan Nv said with hate as she stared at the King of Undead Bone.

"Xuan Nv, you don't want to be huh ..." Xuan Dian realized what Xuan Nv wanted to do, but just stopped talking about it, Xuan Kong dragged him, shook his head, Xuan Dian saw Xuan Nv's firm look, he changed his words: "Okay, we listen to you, but you must promise me, go back to the real world intact, it is enough to sacrifice one, I don't want to ... go, Xuan Kong!"

In other words, Xuan Dian carefully carried Su Yu's remains toward the space door, and Xuan Kong started to use the space power to send the crowd into the space door.

Xuan Nv glanced at Xuan Kong and others, then floated towards the King of Undead Bone.


"Ah, damn, damn black mountain, how dare you to impede my way. Today, I must destroy you. No one can stop me, even God!" the King of Undead Bone looked at the green light and roared.

The scorched bone slowly recovered with gold light. Raising the golden scepter in his hand, he would launch an attack on the black mountain.


Suddenly the King of Undead Bone stopped and looked at Xuan Nv Road hovering in front of it: "Human bug, you didn't take the opportunity to escape?"

"Escape?" Xuan Nv looked cold, and her hair automatically waved without wind. "Why should I run away? I should kick you first."

the King of Undead Bone froze, and then laugh: "Do you human bugs like to talk big? That's why the human bug is the same, and so are you, hahaha, humans are funning!"

"Shut up, you have no right to mention him!" Xuan Nv sighed angrily, and the horrifying power of ice broke out, instantly freezing a thick layer of ice on the King of Undead Bone, causing the King of Undead Bone's movement to become extremely slow.

Immediately after, Xuan Nv launched a real attack, and this attack only restricted the actions of the King of Undead Bone.

Only then did the real killing move begin. Xuan Nv's long sword came out of the sheath, the sword pointed at the sky, the gravity wave sent from the long sword went straight into the sky, and passed through the thick cloud covered by the bones and disappeared.

"Human bug, is this your attack? Where are you attacking?" asked in confusion, although the King of Undead Bone was frozen, it didn't matter, he did not afraid at all.

Xuan Nv didn't answer, she just looked up at the sky. It is also the first time she uses this attack. She doesn't know if she can succeed.

A few seconds later, there was a smile on the corner of Xuan Nv's mouth. She succeeded and looked at the King of Undead Bone: "I hope you like the gift I gave you."

Then, Xuan Nv turned around and left. The attacking range was too large, In fact, she was also within the scope of this attack and would be affected also.

the King of Undead Bone didn't understand and was very confused. The ice layer on his body began to crack. It was about to get out of the trap and just wanna ask Xuan Nv don't run away, he felt a threat descend from the sky.

Looking up at the sky, he suddenly found that the dark clouds did not know when there was a trace of red, and it was rapidly spreading.

The next moment, the fire in the eyes of the King of Undead Bone shrank a lot. A huge meteorite was burning fiercely, breaking through the high-altitude cloud and falling towards it.

"Summon a meteorite?" the King of Undead Bone saw a meteorite larger than himself from the sky, and immediately stunned again, then realized that this was the summoned by the human woman just now, this is the real killing attacking.

The meteorite landed too fast, it was too late when the King of Undead Bone found it and wanted to avoid it.

A smash, it hit the huge golden throne instantly, and then fell on the King of Undead Bone.


Earth-shattering impacts, huge explosions, a huge mushroom cloud rising from the ashes plain, and then horrible and high-temperature shock waves swept in all directions, everything that was passed was damaged by gasification.

Xuan Nv walked into the space door the last one, and the last sight she saw was like this.


Dalong Mountain

Seeing the moment Xuan Nv's figure stepped out of the door of space, Xuan Dian and Xuan Kong breathe a sigh of relief. Xuan Kong was about to say something. Xuan Nv said, "Xuan Kong, hurry, collapse the space door! "

Xuan Kong was meant to ask what happened in that world, but when he heard Xuan Nv's words, he immediately began to collapse the space door.

The sound of a boom, together with the space door in that world, was smashed by Xuan Kong, blocking the passage of the Undead Skeletons who wanted to use the space door to come to this world.

Chapter 73 Su Yu Has Grown White Fur

The door of space shattered, dissipated in the air like stars in the sunrise, and everyone was relieved!


After a while, Wang Long and others burst into tears, especially veterans such as Wang Long hugging each other and wept silently.

Xuan Nv, Xuan Kong, and Xuan Dian were also relieved at this moment. Xuan Kong and Xuan Dian were sitting on the ground panting, regardless of their image. Their energy and power consumption was very large, especially facing the King of Undead Bone. They felt a little suffocated.

The task is completed, but there is no joy on the three faces.

Looking at Su Yu's remains, they feel sad.

After a long silence, Xuan Kong said: "I notified the local authorities to arrange Wang Long and others, and we can now withdraw."

"Well, go back, take Xuan Zhen back, and then ..." Xuan Dian nodded slightly.

Xuan Nv was silent, very remorseful in her heart.

Xuan Dian glanced at Xuan Nv, and then said, "Then we take Su Yu's body and go to Xuan Zhen's home to bury him!"

"Okay!" Xuan Nv looked up at the sky to prevent tears from flowing. "For Xuan Zhen's parents, I will apologize, let's take Xuan Zhen back, Xuan Kong, open the space door!"

"Eh?" Suddenly Xuan Kong gave a light sigh, and said, "Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, see, Su Yu has changed. He ... seems to has grown white fur?"

Hearing that, Xuan Nv and Xuan Dian stunned and looked at each other hurriedly. Both eyes were involuntarily stunned. Su Yu's body actually had a thin layer of white fluff.

"I ... what this? Or should we bury it on the spot?"

Xuan Dian was staggering.

Why this corpse has grown white fur? The corpse changed?

"Let's go back to the bureau now, let boss and Xuanyi take a look, maybe they know what's going on!" Xuan Nv's eyes were slightly bright, and her heart raised a hint of hope. Xuan Nv did not know if it was an illusion, she seemed I felt a hint of vitality appeared on Su Yu's body.

Xuan Nv can't wait and wants to return to the bureau as quickly as possible, Xuan Kong understand what Xuan Nv's though, and nods: "Okay!"

However, when Xuan Kong was about to wave his hand to open the space door leading to the Monsters Detective Bureau, an abnormality appeared. A huge roar sounded in the Dalong Mountain, and a huge bump suddenly appeared in a void, the shape of which was a huge palm bone imprint.

"The King of Undead Bone?" All were startled. Wang Long and others were paralyzed and scared.

"Human bug, I found you. You can't escape!" The voice of the King of Undead Bone sounded. Above the void, a huge skull appeared again and became clearer.

"Damn, how did the King of Undead Bone find the way to this world?" Xuan Dian shouted loudly, flying into the air, and a thunderbolt of light beamed at the King of Undead Bone, but he hit empty space.

"Useless, Xuan Dian, we can't attack him now. He is not in the same space as us now. All we see is a spatial projection of the King of Undead Bone. Don't waste your power!" said Xuan Kong.

Xuan Dian frowned: "Are we waiting for him to come out and attack again? We must not let him come out!"

"No, I won't let it come to this world, I can finish this!" A flash of fierceness flashed in Xuan Kong's eyes.

"What are you going to do, Xuan Kong? Don't do stupid things." Xuan Dian frowned.

"Haha, stupid thing? Rest assured, I won't do stupid things!" Xuan Kong smiled, and the figure flashed before the King of Undead Bone's projection.

Xuan Kong looked at the King of Undead Bone's space projection and said, "King of Undead Bone, want to come to this world, you are too naive!"

There is a strong spatial fluctuation in Xuan Kong's body, and the super space power continually gathers in Xuan Kong's hands.

"Human bug, what are you doing?" the King of Undead Bone shouted, the space projection became clearer, and various projections appeared all over Dalong Mountain. Other Undead Skeletons are also coming to this world.

"What? Don't you know that crossing space is a very dangerous thing?" Xuan Kong smiled, but its a sneer. After speaking, without waiting for the King of Undead Bone to response, Xuan Kong starts to use his space power.

Then a buzzing sounded in the void, and the void over Dalong Mountain shook endlessly at this moment, and then the space projection of the King of Undead Bone and other Undead Skeletons shattered one by one under this shock.

"Human ..." The roar of the King of Undead Bone disappeared.

"Well, I have the super space power, and dare to chase across space, you really have no brain!" Xuan Kong chuckled, then fell to the ground. Wang Long and others cheer again, the crisis is really lifted.

However, few people noticed that Xuan Kong's face was pale and terrible. Xuan Kong just said with ease. How can it be easy to fight with the King of Undead Bone?

"Xuan Kong, you haven't ..." Xuan Dian's figure flashed beside Xuan Kong, Xuan Kong spits out a spit of blood.

"I ..." Xuan Dian was been sprayed by his blood all over, but he didn't care about it. He holds the stunned Xuan Kong. After checking, Xuan Dian was relieved. Xuan Kong still alive, but just unconscious.

Xuan Dian said to Xuan Nv: "Looks like we need to go back in another way. Xuan Kong can't wake up in a short time, and can't use space power again. His space power is overdrawn very seriously."

"Okay, I'll arrange an airplane now!" Xuan Nv said, and then a phone call was made.

"Let's go, the plane is ready." Xuan Nv said so, bending over to pick up Su Yu's white hairy body, and then rushed out.

Xuan Dian picked up Xuan Kong and caught up.

Two hours later, the blocked Dalong Mountain was no longer crowded, and all personnel was evacuated from Dalong Mountain, restoring the former calm, as if nothing had happened. The Dalong Mountain Scenic Resort also reopened the next day. Receiving tourists.

One day, a transparent and fuzzy figure suddenly appeared in the void of Dalong Mountain.

He stretched out a palm as if he was stroking the void gently, and said for a long time: "Interesting, the seal has completely closed the space door leading to that land. Does Xuan School still have such a strong super man with space power? ?

However, such a seal has no effect on me. It can't stop me. "

He stepped on his feet, his body just fell into the void, and soon appeared in the land of bones, in front of the King of Undead Bone, he smiled and said, "Do you want revenge, the great king of undead bones?"

Chapter 74 Su Yu Is Naturally Heroic

In the Monsters Detective Bureau

"Come and see, one hundred dollars can look at the strangest life in our bureau. Then two hundred dollars can touch it. Quick, everyone. Hurry up, or you won't have a chance in the future. " in the training room, Xuan Tu keeps making propaganda continuously, beside him was a white cocoon.

In the past few days, this big cocoon has become a very beautiful landscape in the bureau. Everyone is curious to come and see it.

As for Xuan Tu, no one care about his words.

"Boss, how long will it take Xuan Zhen to come out of the big cocoon? It's been seven days, and is Xuan Zhen  ..." Xuan Nv outside the crowd asked Xuan Laogua.

"Ah, Xuan Nv, don't worry, I have checked him just now, although I can't find out what's inside the cocoon, the fluctuations in life have become more and more intense, Xuan Zhen will not die." Xuan Laogua has not spoken yet, Xuan Yi held up Xuan Nv's hand and said.

Then Xuan Yi looked at the big cocoon formed by Su Yu, marveled: "Boss, do you say that Su Yu is still a human? Or it becomes a cocoon? Hey, I really want to make anatomy on Su Yu's body. "

Xuan Nv heard the words and rolled her eyes, secretly thinking that in the future, Su Yu and Xuan Yi could not be left alone, it is possible that Xuan Zhen would be dissected by Xuan Yi.

Xuan Laogua said, "Su Yu is still a human, of course, but after being integrated with the Earthquake Beast, he has many other unknown powers, such as dual powers, and the power of the cocoon to heal itself now."

"Boss, what do you mean? Xuan Zhen now has three super powers?" Xuan Dian asked curiously.

Xuan Laogua shook his head and said, "No, Su Yu has two super powers still. This cocoon self-healing is not a super power. It is the same as our self-healing after injury. It is an instinct, but it's an instinct from the Earthquake Beast.

Though Xuan Zhen seemed dead, it was actually a state of false death, a protection mechanism. "

Speaking of this, Xuan Laogua was pleased: "I made Xuan Zhen join our bureau. This decision was not wrong. These tasks are enough to prove that Xuan Zhen is a suitable person to join us."

Xuan Mu said: "Well, Xuan Zhen just said that he didn't want to be a hero, but his body was very honest. Xuan Zhen was born to be a hero. I feel relieved to go out to with Xuan Zhen."

Xuan Laogua and others heard Xuanmu's words and looked at Xuanmu in surprise. They did not expect that Xuanmu's evaluation of Xuan Zhen was so high. There were few people who were born to be heroes.

"Huh? Xuan Zhen is coming out!" Xuan Laogua laughed suddenly.

Xuan Nv waited for a moment. Then she heard the crackling sound. The big cocoon placed on the ground suddenly cracked and burst, and finally burst, exposing Su Yu, who was curled up there like a baby.

The sudden explosion stunned everyone. The men were fine with it, but the women were screaming and covering their faces to escape. They saw everything.

No one expected that Su Yu would come out of the cocoon at this time, and naked.

Xuan Nv also flushed, and walked outside quickly, but took two steps to hurriedly step back and pulled out Xuan Yi went out.

Xuan Yi sometimes really can't stand her.

"Ah, don't pull me out, this body is perfect!

"No, don't you feel shy?!" Xuan Nv said.

"No, I'm a doctor. Why should I be shy?" The two women's voices drifted away, leaving only a few men in the training room.

"Hmm? Why didn't Xuan Zhen wake up?" Xuan Tu asked.

Xuan Laogua raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Xuanmu, go and give Su Yu another set of new equipment. The others go out of the training room. I will check Su Yu to see why... "

"Yes, boss!" Xuan Mu turned away and left, and the others also walked away quickly.

"Well, Xuan Zhen, there is only you and me here, and it's time to wake up!" Xuan Laogua picked up a piece of clothing to covered Su Yu's body.

Eh~ Su Yu opened his eyes, the blue light flickered in his eyes. Then he jumped up to wearing cloth very quickly.  

Su Yu looked at Xuan Laogua, said: "Boss, how do you know I wake up?"

Xuan Laogua smiled and said, "You can only lie to Xuan Mu and other people. You still need more practice if you want to lie to me.

"Hmm ..." Xuan Laogua said, looking from up to down at Su Yu, "Your self-healing ability really strong, and your hands and feet have all grown up again. No wonder Xuan Yi wants to dissect you. I'm also a bit want to dissect you. "

Su Yu said with a tremor: "Don't, boss, I might really die after dissecting."

"Okay, stop joking with you, Xuanmu will take another suit of equipment for you, then you go to find Xuan Yi to make another physical test, and then come to me with the test report." Xuan Laogua smiled and shook his head, and then headed for the door, he paused and said, "Ah, right, you don't need to return the dress to me."

Su Yu looked down and smirked, it was really inappropriate to wear this dress.

Xuan Mu took a new combat uniform to the training room after Xuan Laogua left, Su Yu quickly changed clothes and then walked into the medical room of Xuan Yi, with everyone's attention.

Xuan Yi and Xuan Nv are here. Xuan Nv's face flushed when she saw him: "Xuan Zhen, are you all right?"

"Well, it's all right. The boss asked me to come to find Xuan Yi to do a physical examination. Boss need for my test report!" Su Yu said, his expression was a little embarrassing.

"Oh, your physical body is really good. This self-healing ability is really too strong, Xuan Zhen, can I discuss a matter with you?" Xuan Yi came to Su Yu and started to manipulate Su Yu's body, pinch and grab, very excited.

Su Yu was speechless and flatly refused: "No, no discussion!"

Don't think about it, Su Yu knows that this woman, Xuan Yi, is wanting his body.

"Emm!" Xuan Nv heard the words and swiped, and then unwillingly pointed at the hospital bed, "Lie down, I'll test it for you now."

Su Yu glanced suspiciously at Xuan Yi and then lay down obediently on the bed. Xuan Yi was excited when she saw this and began to conduct a full range of tests for Su Yu. Although she couldn't dissect, she took more measurements of Su Yu's current physical data, and it is still good.

After that, Su Yu frightened until the test was completed, and was really afraid that the Xuan Yi suddenly dissected him.

Chapter 75 Ruins

"Be careful, handle lightly, everything here has a high historical value, and everything may have hundreds or thousands of history." A man in a turban and a fisherman hat shouted.

This is like a construction site, with dozens or hundreds of people carefully digging on the ground.

This is an archeological site located in Haiqing Province. Ten days ago, an archaeological team led by Professor Yang discovered ancient ruins here.

Then hired local workers and began protective excavations. After more than a dozen days of excavation and exploration, finally, they began to harvest. Some cultural relics began to be unearthed, and after the inspection and judgment of Professor Yang and others, this relic has at least two thousand years of history.

It should have existed before BC. This discovery has excited people such as Professor Yang and other archeological teams because this discovery is likely to fill some historical gaps.

The unearthed cultural relics will soon be sent to Professor Yang's tent for inventory, protective preservation, and restoration.

Professor Yang is leading several of his students, and carefully cleaning the dirt on the cultural relics, extremely careful.

"Professor!" Suddenly, the man with the fisherman's hat rushed in and took off his scarf. "Professor Yang, there is a major discovery in the ruins!"

The fisherman's hat man is young, and he looked very excited at the moment.

Professor Yang froze, and then carefully placed the magnifying glass and brush on the table, with a slightly critical tone: "Junior Wu, What can I say about you? Don't always be so rash, archeology is meticulous and boring. You must calm down."

Wu Qi scratched his head and said awkwardly, "Professor Yang, you are right, I will definitely change it in the future!"

"Come on, Wu Qi, if you can change your temperament, then I can change my gender!" the student next to him joked said.

The others laughed.

Professor Yang gently shook his head when he saw this: "Okay, don't laugh at Junior Wu, what are some important discoveries in the ruins, is it the literature?"

"No, professor!" Wu Qi shook his head. "A migrant worker just dug through the ground and exposed a hole to the ground. There seems to be a layer of ruins below the ruins."

"What?" Hearing, Professor Yang was surprised, there was a layer of ruins underneath the ruins? Professor Yang also lost his usual calmness, and hurriedly said, "Go, check it out!"

Without a delay, Professor Yang's rapid steps towards the excavation site, his speed is very fast, no one can guess that Professor Yang was already in his sixties.

Wu Qi glanced at Professor Yang's figure, and helplessly spread his hands to the others in the tent.

The others shook their heads and laughed, then quickly chased after Professor Yang.

At the excavation site, a group of migrant workers looked around and talked curiously around a dark opening to the underground.

Seeing Professor Yang's figure, the migrant worker immediately opened up a passage. Someone said, "Old professor, come and see, what a hole this is, our brother almost fell into it. This is a bit dangerous!"

"Okay, I'll take a look!" Professor Yang said, walked near the entrance of the cave, looked down, there was some darkness, the vision was not very clear, and only some smooth stone walls could be seen, it does artificial excavation markers.

"Who found this hole? Tell me how you found it!" Professor Yang did not see anything weird about the hole and asked.

"Old professor, I discovered it. I was digging at the time, and it collapsed here. I managed to crawl away and did not fell to the hole," said a wild ingenuous worker.

Professor Yang frowned slightly and did not get useful information, but he was not in a hurry. The following remains were here, and he could not run away, and then said, "Did anyone ever go down?"

Everyone shook their heads. Someone said: "If you don't come, no one dares to go down!"

Professor Yang nodded gently and began to command: "Bring me a few living creatures and throw them down to see if there is poison or air down here!"

"Professor, I have already brought it!" Wu Qi raised the cage in his hand and said, there were a few white mice in it.

"Let it go!" Professor Yang nodded with satisfaction. Although Wu Qi's temperament was a bit too lively, he was clever and reliable. So every time he comes out, he takes Wu Qi with him.

Several mouses were taken out of the cage, and their paws were tied with a thin thread. Then the people put these mouses into the hole one by one.

Five minutes later, when they pulled the thread back, they got several corpses. Everyone's face changed.

Professor Yang took gloves and took the dead mouse in his hand and looked at it and said, "There is no sign of poisoning, it has died of suffocation. It seems that the remains underneath have been buried in the ground for too long, and there is no breathing oxygen inside. Come on, Junior Wu, arrange a blower to blow the air inside the hole, and after an hour, we will continue to explore. "

"Yes, professor!" Wu Qi turned away with several migrant workers.

Professor Yang looked at the other team members and said, "Others go back to prepare, dress up the suit, and go down with me to see what happens. Don't forget to leave a few people to guard the camp!"

"Yes! Professor!" The other members of the archeological team also left.

Professor Yang glanced at the dark hole, always feeling that there would be a shocking discovery under the ground this time, and then he went back to prepare.

An hour later, Professor Yang's archeologists assembled at the entrance again, except for a few remaining men need to guard the camp. Professor Yang was also fully equipped.

Together with a few strong migrant workers, Professor Yang and others began to descend into the hole. They found that the bottom of the hole here was dozens of meters high from its ground. It's a deep hole.

Huh ...

A pipe agitated the wind and ventilated the underground ruins.

Professor Yang and others opened the lighting tools in their hands one by one and shone in the distance, and found that this should be a tunnel dug out, leading to a place where the light cannot be illuminated in the long distance.

Professor Yang reached out and touched the stone wall road: "Of course, the technology of excavating the rock wall is very high. The stone wall is very smooth. I don't know how to do it. It is not easy to excavate such a tunnel even modern technology used. "

Snap Snap ~ archeologists began to take pictures.

"Professor, let's go look inside!" Said Wu Qi, who was more interested in what the end of the tunnel was.

"Okay! Let's be careful together, there may be some traps ahead!" Professor Yang nodded and didn't waste much time at the entrance of the cave, and a group of people went towards the deep tunnel.

Everyone moved forward cautiously. They walked for more than five minutes in the tunnel of over 100 meters long.

At the end of the tunnel, Professor Yang and others all amazed involuntarily!

Chapter 76 Mysterious Stone Plate

At the end of the tunnel, there is a huge underground space, but it is not empty, because there are huge rocks standing in it.

There are boxy holes in the rock, each side is about two meters long, like a door and a window.

These stones were hollowed out and turned into rooms.

The group of people came to a four-meter-high huge stone block and entered it through the hole. There were no furnishings in it, only the carved stone bed, stone table, stone bench, etc. were integrated with the huge stone block.

Afterward, they went into other stone rooms. These rooms are the same, no big difference.

However, Professor Yang found that there are 108 rooms in these stone blocks, which are in accordance with the number of Heaven and Earth (A kind of tactical formation in Taoism), and the orientation is also corresponding to the position of Heaven and Earth.

However, they can only find this. There are no other gains beyond this. They can not tell what the era of this architecture.

Professor Yang was okay with the finding, but Wu Qi and others were inevitably disappointed.

Of course, finding a house chiseled in the stone, such a strange building can also be regarded as a big gain, at least one can add an interesting piece of information in the history of architecture.

"Well?" Wu Qi was a little not reconciled. When the others were ready to pack and go back, he himself looked around in a stone room, hoping for other findings.

He really made new discoveries, just like a blind cat run into a dead mouse.

The interior of the stone house is covered with moss-like plants, covering the ground and walls, making the original appearance somewhat difficult to identify.

After cutting out a piece of moss, Wu Qi buckled a round Stone Plate on the wall, and immediately he reported to Professor Yang.

"Wu Qi, did you find it on the wall?" Professor Yang stroked the Stone Plate in his hand and was so excited as if he got the treasure. His heart shouted even more, and his hunch was right again. This Stone Plate was a shocking discovery.

However, Professor Yang and others did not find that a strange red light flashed on the Stone Plate.

"Professor, I just found it by chance. Is this useful, Professor Yang?" Wu Qi scratched his head.

"Useful? This thing is more than words can describe? This is a shocking discovery. Look at the strange lines on the stone plate. This should be a rare ancient text. I guess it is a rare ancient civilization. As long as we can decipher the text above, we can prove that a rare civilization has existed here! "Professor Yang said it loudly, very excited.

Wu Qi and others have their eyes wide open. If they can really prove that a new civilization does exist, they can definitely make a name for themselves in history, and they are all excited. Wu Qi said: "Haha, we are going to be famous, yes. Now that there is a Stone Plate in this room, will there be in other rooms?"

Speaking of it, Wu Qi, and others, all ran into other rooms separately. After, there was laughter in the rooms.

They spent half a day rummaging through the 108 houses and found a total of 108 stone plates, with exactly one hidden in each room.

With these gains, the people went through the underground space again and carefully, and after confirming that nothing was missing, they returned to the ground.

The archeological team began a comprehensive inspection of the stone plates. The first thing to determine is the year. After the carbon 14 test, it was found that these stone plates have existed for almost 20,000 years.

This discovery surprised Professor Yang and others but also felt very unbelievable. This time is too long.

The identification result was wrong, this's Professor Yang and others' first reaction. but after many appraisals, they were convinced that the Stone Plate was something 20,000 years ago, but this made them even more surprised.

Humans did appear 20,000 years ago, and they are in the late Paleolithic period, but they have absolutely no ability to make such delicate Stone Plates.

Because they made an accurate measurement about it, the diameters of these Stone Plates are 108 mm, and their weight is surprisingly the same, they are all 108 grams, the thickness is also the same, very thin, only 1.08 mm thick, only the texture on the Stone Plates is different.

One such Stone Plate is easy to make, but 108 Stone Plates with the same diameter and the same quality but different textures are not easy to make. It is not always possible to use modern cutting-edge technology, let alone the Ancient humans in the late Paleolithic.

There is absolutely a big secret in this Stone Plate. Everyone thinks so, but what kind of secret is unknown. Everyone has searched for a whole day, but they have nothing to gain.

They speculated that only by cracking the mysterious lines or words on the stone plate, it is possible to crack the secrets contained above.

In the middle of the night, they were tired and went back to their tents one by one and began to sleep and rest.

Only Professor Yang is researching alone at night. Originally, old people sleep less than young people, coupled with excitement, Professor Yang cannot sleep even more.

Not only wasn't he tired after this day, but he became more and more energetic, without feeling any tiredness.

Professor Yang is an expert in archeology and ancient writing. After the dead of night and only one person left in the tent, Professor Yang found that his inspiration was flowing at this moment. He seemed that he could understand the lines on those Stone Plates that had left him clueless.

After clearing an open space in the tent, he began to place the stone plates in the direction in which the stones were placed.

"No, this Stone Plate should not be here, it should be here!"

"Ha ~ I'm right, this Stone Plate is here."

"This side should be here, and I'm figuring it out."

"Twenty thousand, I have waited for twenty thousand years, and finally a suitable life has appeared in front of me."

Professor Yang squatted on the floor with loose hair, playing with stone plates, his eyes were full of fanaticism, his mouth murmured, and he said some strange words that could not be heard clearly, and his eyes gave out a slight red light.

It is a pity that Professor Yang didn't notice himself weird, and no one nearby noticed the strangeness of Professor Yang. If someone can interrupt Professor Yang at this time, the next thing may not happen.

When the night was dark, Professor Yang stopped, with a crazy smile on his face. One hundred and eighty-sided stone plates were placed by him in a special orientation.

These stone plates were placed one by one. All the lines on the Stone Plate are also docked together in a strange way. The original chaotic lines at this time were like a special painting.

At the moment when the stitching was completed, the lines on the Stone Plate were lit with strange red light, and a blood-red mist sprayed from the Stone Plate It came out, gathered together, and finally fell into Professor Yang's strange look.

"Ah ~" Not long after, the screams screamed loudly before dawn!

Chapter 77 Xuan Jin

In the office, Xuan Laogua looked at Su Yu's test report, and after a long time, he said, "Xuan Zhen, you are healthier than ever before. Your physical data have been greatly improved, though you were injured this time! "

Su Yu did not feel very happy about it, he smiled bitterly, and then he didn't want a better physical body. He almost died.

Xuan Yi's eyes had bright, and said, "Boss, Xuan Zhen became stronger when he dies, or should he try it again?"


Su Yu's eyes widened and looked at the woman, Xuan Yi: Are you really a devil? Is this normal people would say?

Xuan Laogua raised his brow slightly, and touched the beard on his chin, making a contemplative appearance!

Su Yu was shocked by boss: Wouldn't you really consider letting me die again?

Su Yu felt a little tenderness in her legs and belly.

"Don't try it again, Xuan Zhen was lucky this time, but it doesn't mean he can be cured like this next time!" Xuan Nv said, Su Yu suddenly felt that this was the best word in the world. This cold woman is really nice person!

"Oh, of course I know, I'm just scaring Xuan Zhen, you see his face pale!" Xuan Laogua smiled.

Su Yu rolled her eyes, only the ghost would believe what you said, you bad old man is very bad.

Buzz ~ At this moment, a red telephone on Xuan Laogua's desk rang a harsh ringing bell.

"Hey!" Xuan Laogua's look became extremely serious at the moment the phone rang.

The three of them were about to leave the office, Xuan Laogua just hung up the phone and said, "Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen stay first, and now there is a new case for you. Especially Xuan Zhen, you must go for this mission. Xuan Yi, find Xuan Dian and ask him to come to my office! "

"Oh!" Xuan Yi replied reluctantly, and then left the office. Why didn't ask her to participate in this task? Unhappy!

"I must go for the mission? Is something wrong near my hometown?" Su Yu said in shock.

"No!" Xuan Laogua raised his hand and said, "There is no problem in your hometown. The reason why you are assigned to the task is that you should exercise more after recovered. You are more appropriate to do this task."

Su Yu: Old man, only because I can't beat you, otherwise, I really want to fight you.

"Boss, do I have a new assignment?" Xuan Dian came to the office and asked.

"Well, there is a weird case in Haiqing Province. You and Xuan Nv and Xuan Zhen go to Haiqing Province now and meet with Xuan Jin there. You can ask Xuan Jin for specifics of the case when you got there, let's go now! " said Xuan Laogua.

"Yes, boss!" The three responded aloud, and then the three left the office, quickly put on their equipment, and found the "transportation tool", Xuan Kong, and let him send them to Haiqing Province.


Xuan Kong sent the three to Ningxi, Haiqing Province, and then left. The three of them waited for Xuan Jin to come and pick them up.

Su Yu asked: "Two leaders, who are Xuan Jin?"

Xuan Nv didn't speak, Xuan Dian raised an eyebrow and said, "You will know when you see it, Xuan Jin ..."

"What's wrong with me? Xuan Dian, do you secretly say I'm handsome? Hey, don't be jealous. My beauty is something you can never reach!" A handsome young blond man walked towards the three, full of blond hair as if his head glowing.

"Well, Xuan Zhen, you know what kind of person Xuan Jin is!" Xuan Dian said helplessly.

Su Yu: "Uh!"

"Well, are you the newcomer Xuan Zhen in the bureau? Why are you looking at me like this, shocked by my beauty? Hey, ordinary people are so cute. But this is no wonder, why am I so beauty by birth! "Xuan Jin fiddle with a wipe of hair and said.

(ΩДΩ)! !! !! Su Yu determined that Xuan Jin was a narcissist!

"Oh, Xuan Nv, you are still so perfect, only people with perfect appearance will cherish each other, and you will certainly understand the distress I wake up because of my beauty every morning!" Xuan Jin said next to Xuan Nv.

Su Yu's mouth twitched. Xuan Jin is definitely a weirdo. Absolute narcissism is undoubted. This task, Su Yu has a feeling that will be very 'interesting'.

"Xuan Jin, believe it or not, if you keep talking nonsense, I will let your beauty frozen forever at this moment?" Xuan Nv coldly squinted Xuan Jin glanced, her hand was already on the hilt of the sword.

Xuan Jin laughed, and hid behind Su Yu's back and said, "Xuan Nv, life is so wonderful, but you are so irritable ... Uh, I won't say these again, okay, Xuan Nv, please don't use your sword, it is not good for others!"

"That's your car? Why is it a sports car? How much do you know about the case? Don't say you don't know anything at all." Xuan Nv stepped forward and walked towards the sports car drove by Xuan Jin.

Xuan Jin quickly stepped forward and drove the door: "Only beautiful people are qualified to ride in a car with me. Perfect lady, please get in the car!"

"Xuan Dian, what does this guy mean?" Su Yu asked, raising an eyebrow.

"He means two of us to look very ugly!"

What the hell, how did you say these words calmly?

"Hey, two ugly and weird, that sports car is yours. Don't chat and waste time. Get in the car. My handsome face can't be exposed to the sun!" Xuan Jin changed his face immediately when faced with Su Yu after Xuan Nv getting on the car.


Ugly? what the fuck, why did you call me ugly?

Su Yu was so angry. This guy is really annoying!

"Huh!" Xuan Jin didn't give Su Yu a chance to counterattack, he stooped into the sports car in front of him, and stepped on the throttle, and away.

"Let's go, just get used to it!" Xuan Dian put one hand on Su Yu's shoulder and said, with little veins popping out of his forehead.

Su Yu twitched his lips and secretly said: I don't think you get used to it.

Xuan Dian drove the care, the two chased Xuan Jin's sports car and ran on a highway toward the distance.

On the car, Su Yu asked with curiosity: "Xuan Jin is a real weirdo. Has his brain suffered any serious damage?"

Hearing the words, Xuan Dian laughed and said, "Xuan Jin's brain is indeed a bit problematic. It is his intrinsic personality. Though he has a bad personality, he is really a good guy. And exactly because of his bad mouth, he always solving tasks himself alone."

Su Yu nodded and understood.  Xuan Jin's personality, Su Yu estimated that few people could bear it.

Do not believe it? If you don't believe it, you can know by looking at the blue veins popping on Xuan Dian's forehead.

Chapter 78 Arrival At The Scene

"Haha, are you secretly saying that I am handsome? I can feel it!" Suddenly Xuan Jin's voice sounded in the car, which surprised Su Yu, thinking that Xuan Jin installed a monitoring device in the car.

Su Yu find at the source of the sound. It turned out that the sound was emitted from the on-board computer. The screen turned on, showing the situation inside the sports car in front.

"Less nonsense, talk about the case!" The cold voice of Xuan Nv came, and the temperature inside the car was somewhat lower, which was more effective than air conditioning.

"Okay, my most perfect muse, Xuan Nv. I will now say that the case took place near the Barra Mountains, where an archeological team had an accident. There were a total of 121 people except for Professor Yang. Through preliminary judgment, they were killed by a monster.

Our task is to find the monster and kill it.

The most important thing is to find the missing Professor Yang, who is a well-known archeologist and a person who has made outstanding contributions.

The superior department attached great importance to this matter and required us to find Professor Yang. "

Professor Yang's personal information pops up on the on-board computer.

"Yang Jian? Erlang Shen can't eliminate the monster?" Su Yu frowned.

When Su Yu said this, the people on both sides were silent, and then Xuan Jin laughed loudly. "Yeah, ha ha ha, Xuan Zhen, although you look ugly, you are very interesting, Yang Yan, Erlang Shen Yang Jian, Hahaha, why didn't I think of it? Whoops, no, my smooth and tender skin is wrinkled with laughter! "

Su Yu glanced at Xuan Dian silently. What's so funny about this?

Xuan Dian is very speechless. Xuan Jin is ridiculous, now it seems that Xuan Zhen is sometimes not weaker than Xuan Jin!

Xuan Dian was so tired that he wanted to retire.


Two hours later, the mountains in the distance came into view, and the highway seemed to come to an end.

"The blockade is ahead. From the point of the accident to this place, it has been blocked. There is no way. We need to get off and walk for a while. The sports car can't get through!" Xuan Jin's voice sounded again.

Su Yu felt a headache. The sports car couldn't pass. What about other cars be able to pass? Why not drive other cars?

Su Yu determined that Xuan Jin's head really has a problem.

Two cars passed a sentry post and parked the car there. The four, led by Xuan Jin, left the highway and walked towards the Barra Mountains.

Half an hour later, the four came to the site where the archeological team excavated the ruins. There are many people, the alarming lights were flashing. After Xuan Jin showed the relevant identification, the four entered the final blockade zone.

"Are you comrades in the Monsters Detective Bureau?" a male voice sounded, and a square-faced staff member approached the four.

"Yes, who are you?" Su Yu asked, and made a handshake with him.

"I am the person in charge here. If you have any questions, you can ask me!" said the square-faced staff member, looking at Su Yu at the same time. There was some confusion in his heart. He could not see any difference in the four. Are they really have super powers?

Of course, it was just a suspicion in his heart, the square-faced staff did not show it on his face. He would absolutely obey the orders of their superiors.

"Okay, lead the way, we're going to look at the corpse now!" Xuan Nv said coldly, not ask, but order.

Su Yu could only sigh that Xuan Nv sometimes had a really low EQ, and hurriedly said, "This police officer, please lead the way, yes, just ask, what else are weird about you here? What clues did you find? "

After listening to Xuan Nv's words, the tone made the square-faced staff feel uncomfortable. Although he would not make trouble for Su Yu and others, he was not willing to talk with the four more.

However, hearing Su Yu's polite tone, the little anger just rose in his heart was immediately dissipated, and smiled: "Of course, we would try our best to cooperate with you. As for the weird thing, yes, there is a special space in the ruins that are tens of meters underground, and Professor Yang and others should go down to the ruin before the accident.

This is the first weird thing.

The second weird thing is in Professor Yang's private tent, which has some weird stone plates.

As for how weird, I can't say, only you went to see it by yourself. "

"Thank you!" Su Yu thanked with a smile. Then they came to the place where the remains were displayed, lined up in several rows.

The square-faced staff continued: "The archeological team counted a total of 121, including migrant workers. Except for Professor Yang's disappearance, everyone else is already here!"

"Huh!" Su Yu nodded slightly, and they came to the displayed remains, unzipped a body bag, and observed.

Su Yu also glanced at Xuan Jin, at this moment the look of Xuan Jin was extremely solemn.

Xuan Nv said: "One blow is fatal, the monster is very powerful, not only cut off the victim's neck bone but also punched a strong blow in other places, the victim's internal organs were damaged!"

Xuan Jin continued: "Monsters have extremely sharp claws, but they are not claws of cats or canines, but claws similar to lizards and crocodiles, more like lizards. The claws are large, about three to four times the size of a human palm! "

Xuan Dian blinked and said, "The monster is very big, at least three to four meters high, and is not a small guy."

Su Yu sensed it carefully: "A peculiar breath remains on the remains, which is different from the breath of humans and monsters. It is a peculiar and extraordinary fluctuation. As for the type of monster, it is difficult to judge."

The square-faced staff was stunned, because after their field survey and technical analysis, what Su Yu and others said was roughly the same as their analysis report.

But the four just observed the remain body, and then they can get those clues. The square-faced staff believed that Su Yu and others were people with super powers, and he was shocked.

"Mr. Police Officer, take us to Professor Yang's tent to take a look. By the way, is there nothing moving in Professor Yang's room?" Su Yu said, interrupting the thoughts of the square-faced staff.

"No, please rest assured, Professor Yang's tent was like when we came, nothing moved!" the square-faced staff responded happily and took them to a dark green tent.

the square-faced staff said: "Here is Professor Yang's tent. There are no signs of fighting in the tent, and no blood has been found. I think, Professor Yang only been arrested by the monster, without any injuries or death.

The four did not pay attention to what the square-faced staff said, because when they entered the tent, their attention was attracted to the stone plates on the ground. Those stone plates had an inexplicable appeal to them.


Chapter 79 A Beam Of Light Soared Into The Sky

The square-faced staff member felt that he was ignored by Su Yu and others after entering the tent, and immediately frowned slightly: "Some of you heard what I said?"

Upon hearing the words of the square-faced staff, Su Yu and the four of them were all stunned. Then they looked at each other and realized a thing: this is not an ordinary stone plate.

Su Yu turned back and smiled, "Sorry, Mr. Police Officer, just now we were a little fascinated with the stone plate on the ground. Please tell me, where did this stone plate come from?"

"Didn't I tell you??" the square-faced staff muttered in a low voice, and then replied, "According to the archaeological team's notes, these stone plates should have been taken from the underground ruins by Professor Yang and others."

"Thank you!" Su Yu nodded and looked back at the three. "Leaders, have you found anything?"

"I need to study the stone plates carefully to judge, Mr. Police Officer, could you please find all the notes of the archeological team members? We need to look at it!" Xuan Dian said, smiling at the square-faced staff.

The square-faced staff member thought for a moment and gave a glance, and then said, "Okay, I'll find it for you, just wait for me here."

After the staff left, Su Yu said, "Okay, Xuan Dian, he has already been distracted by you. Now you can say what are these stone plates?"

"We don't know what it is, but it is definitely not an ordinary thing and it is not suitable for ordinary people to know." Xuan Dian shrugged.

"What to do? If you don't know it, I don't know anymore!" Su Yu pouted his lips.

"Open a video and ask the boss, he should know what it is!" Xuan Dian said, took out his mobile phone and opened a video call with Xuan Laogua in Jisong City.

Sure enough, Xuan Laogua was very knowledgeable and had more experience. Only one glance through the screen, Xuan Laogua said: "These stone plates are a special seal. If the quantity is correct, there should be a hundred and eight, satisfying the numbers of Heaven and Earth. "

"Well, it's really 108." Xuan Dian counted the number and then said.

"That's right!" Xuan Laogua said, "This is a special seal with a special effect. It is used to save lives. Using this seal in the case of fatal injuries will heal the injury. In theory, even if one was almost dead, as long as he had breath. Basically, he could be cured by this seal.

The only drawback is that the healing time is very slow, the short one can be hundreds or thousands of years, and the long one can be tens of thousands of years. So this seal is sometimes very useless, I haven't seen it for years!

The most important thing is that the materials used to make this seal are very scarce, and it is not easy to get all the materials to make it.

I did not expect to see it here. After the case is processed, the seal should be brought back to the bureau together. It is better not to leave this seal to the ordinary people! "

"I know, boss, do you see that there are still monster sealed in it?" Xuan Nv asked.

"The seal has been opened. The 108 stone dishes can be opened according to the way on the ground, and the monster sealed inside is released. That monster is gone, no longer in the seal!" Xuan Laogua said.

"Okay, we know. Thank you for your guidance." Xuan Dian said, and then the two parties hung up the video call.

"Everybody heard what the boss said just now, our mission goal should be the monster that ran out of the seal, now we need to determine where the monster is!" Xuan Nv said.

As soon as the words fell, exclamations occurred outside the tent, and the four rushed out of the tent immediately.

Everyone at the scene is looking at the Barra Mountains and exclaiming.

In the depths of the Barra Mountains, a beam of light soared into the sky, disappearing deep in the clouds.

"What is that?" Su Yu said.

"Go, go to the Barra Mountains!" Xuan Nv immediately said, rushing out of the blockade, if there were no ordinary people in here, she would fly to the Barra Mountains directly.

Xuan Dian and Xuan Jin did not delay, followed her immediately. Xuan Dian's voice came: "Xuan Zhen, you must put the seal away in a secret place first and catch up with us!"

"Those three people are doing ... what's that?" The square-faced staff shaking and swing came to this side, with a large number of notebooks on his hand. But he could only saw the back of the other three. He was about to ask Su Yu what had happened, then he saw the fading beam of light, exclaimed!

Su Yu stepped forward, took half of the notebook away on his hand, and sent it to Professor Yang's tent. He said, "The notebook will be placed here first, Mr. Police Officer, we need to take away these stone plates!"

"Ah?" The square-faced staff was a little bit embarrassed. These are evidence and cultural relics, which cannot be taken away casually. He wanted to refuse, but after seeing Su Yu's serious face, he immediately changed his words: "I need to apply to the superior."

"Then please hurry up, I'm in a hurry!" Su Yu said this, secretly saying this is too troublesome, it's a waste of time.

The square-faced staff immediately dialed the phone number and applied for the superior, but it took a full half an hour to get a positive answer.

Su Yu was speechless, and the efficiency was too low.

The square-faced staff member hung up the phone and said, "You can take these stone plates away, but you still need to sign a few documents!"

"Give the documents to me!" Su Yu reached out his hand directly.

The square-faced staff member apologized and smiled, "Wait a minute, on printing!"

Su Yu: ...

Ten minutes later, Su Yu can finally leave with these stone plates, carrying the stone plates and rush towards Bala Mountain.

An hour has passed since Xuan Nv and others left.

Su Yu think that maybe now Xuan Nv and others had already finished the battle with the monster.

Thought about that, Su Yu was quite happy in herself.

It's good. It's a nice thing. No need to take risks.

Of course, although Su Yu thought in this way, his pace was not slow. According to the mark left by Xuan Dian, he quickly chased and ran silently for two hours. Finally, Su Yu saw the three on a mountain peak.

Su Yu is happy and about to call them, but at this moment, the figure of Xuan Dian appeared next to Su Yu, covering his mouth and whispering: "Don't be too loud, don't be found by them. Did you successfully take the stone plates? Good job! "

Xuan Dian glanced at Su Yu's backpack, with a smile on his face.

Su Yu took away Xuan Dian's hand and said, "Xuan Dian, do we have to take away these stone plates now? Or maybe we can wait until the case is over? You don't know how long I waited for taking these stone plates away, and how many words I signed. It's too much trouble to get it! "

Xuan Dian heard a smile and said, "Get used to it. This time the process is easy and didn't take much time.

Sometimes we need to wait for a few days, and we may still not be able to get it. Also, you have to remember a thing, if we need to take away a thing, be quick, otherwise, there may have an unexpected thing, such as someone steals it, or the superior stop us to take it away. "

Su Yu heard it and gave a glance at Xuan Dian. It seemed that this guy was very experienced and asked, "Did you find Professor Yang?"

Su Yu remembers that finding Professor Yang was the most important thing.

Chapter 80 Charge Into The Enemy Camp

"We found it, but something went wrong!" Xuan Dian whispered: "Look over there, don't make a noise!"

Xuan Dian said that he force Su Yu's head to the other side and let his eyes look down the mountain.

After seeing the situation in the valley, Su Yu's pupils shrank sharply, almost wanna bursting a scream.

The scenery in the valley is really shocking. The huge valley is densely packed with horrible monsters, with scale armor, and sharp claws, at least tens of thousands of monsters.

Those monsters can be simply divided into three categories.

One is a giant lizard-crocodile-like monster that is the size of a truck.

The second type is about 1.5 meters in height. The human form, but extremely ugly, thin figure, fish-scale monsters, holding a machete-like weapon in his hands, and it is extremely fast. When they moving in the valley, only shadows can be seen.

The last kind of monsters is the monsters that were sealed in the stone plates as they analyzed before. They are giant lizard-shaped monsters that stand about three meters tall and walk upright. Though they are looked like lizards, they are more like monsters in the myths.

It has the fewest number, but it dominates, and the other two creatures show extremely respect and fear expression and behaviors under their roar.

"What are these monsters? Where did they all come from?" Su Yu said in a low voice, afraid that the monsters in the valley would hear them.

"Have you seen the black hole on the ground? These monsters crawled out of it. This big hole should have been hit by the beam of light before. Professor Yang was brought into it by a large lizard. We are now worried about how to rescue Professor Yang. It's a headache.

"Using enchantment ball, pull all these monsters into the dimension space, and then save Professor Yang!" Su Yu said.

"Already tried, but failed, there is special interference, these monsters cannot be captured into the dimension space at all." Xuan Dian shook his head with a bitter smile.

"What should we do? Leader, you say." Su Yu heard Xuan Dian's words, and he looked a little dazed and asked Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv's eyebrows frowned tightly and said, "We can only forcibly enter the cave to rescue Professor Yang! Xuan Zhen and Xuan Jin, you two acted with me, rushed into the enemy line to attract firepower, and Xuan Dian took the opportunity to enter In the hole, as long as Professor Yang is rescued, we don't have to worry about anything, kill them directly! "

"Okay, just do it like this!" Xuan Dian thought for a moment, this is no other way. They are now aiming to rescue Professor Yang, only to protect Professor Yang as much as possible.

"Then let the beautiful me give this ugly and disgusting guys a perfect death!" Xuan Jin smiled lightly.

Su Yu is speechless. I feel that this plan is a bit reckless. Can't we just call a little more people for help?

Su Yu took out his mobile phone — (F_F), there was no signal!?


But before the three of them started to act, a huge roar came out of the black hole.

With this roar, the black hole burst fiercely, and a huge claw drilled out of the black hole, breaking through the black hole.

The valley ground bulged, and a giant lizard with a body of more than 20 meters and a height of about 5 meters got out of the ground.

On its back, a Scarlet Lizard monster stood with a spear-like weapon in his hand.

"His ~" The Scarlet Lizard monster squeaked. When hearing its sound, the other monsters in the valley also followed to make a sound, hiss. And then under the observation of the four, the monsters rushing out of the valley like a torrent.

"No, these monsters are about to rush out of the Barra Mountains. Stop them. Don't let any monster run away!" Xuan Nv shouted softly, then she rushed out.

Su Yu and others were all aware of the seriousness of this problem. These monsters would be a disaster for ordinary people if they stormed into human cities.

Without any hesitation, the three jumped straight from the mountain.


Su Yu fell down like a meteorite and smashed onto a giant lizard-shaped monster. Its scales smashed and its blood and sprayed wildly, the giant lizard-shaped monster gave a painful roar.

However, the giant lizard-shaped monster did not die directly. Su Yu looked dignified. The giant lizard-shaped monster's defense exceeded his imagination, and he immediately realized that these monsters may be more difficult to deal with than they thought.

Alas ~ At this moment, there was a howling sound in his ear, and Su Yu turned around and punched.

Su Yu's fist smashed onto a machete, making a huge sound, sounded like gold iron and iron attacking sound. A thin figure was punched away, slamming on the cliff in the distance, turning into a pool of meat.

Su Yu felt a pain in his hand, and he was shocked when looked down at his own hands. There were a deep wound and its bleeding.

"Sharp scimitar!" Su Yu's pupils shrank.

You know, Su Yu's physical body is now very tough. It may be a little harder than ordinary steel, but he was still hurt by a scimitar. Needless to say, how sharp the machete is!

"Be careful of their weapons!" Su Yu shouted to remind Xuan Nv and others.

At the same time, Su Yu fiercely lamed on the giant lizard-shaped monster to the ground, the next moment, it died. Then Su Yu rushed out fast like a wind. The blue halo and electric arc appeared on Su Yu's body at the same time. Two super powers were used simultaneously by Su Yu.

Su Yu fisted, punched above the air in front of him, the force of humming and pulsating, the crackling sound of crackling glass sounded, the dense cracks spread out around Su Yu's fist as the center.

The next moment, the air collapsed and rumbled, and the void began to oscillate. A dozen little monsters rushing towards Su Yu were swept by the shock power. Before they reached in front of Su Yu, they shattered into crystal minced meat in the air.

Su Yu started killing monsters, and Xuan Dian and others also had no mercy in killing these monsters.

Xuan Dian's thunder rolled around him, a thunder cloud condensed on top of his head, and thunders of various arm thicknesses fell down, turning all the monsters with tens of hundreds of meters into coke.

Xuan Jin's body is filled with golden light. A metal sword with a handle rotates around him quickly, forming a huge storm of blades. Wherever Xuan Jin passes, all monsters are hanged to pieces.

Xuan Nv's side also had two kinds of super powers erupting. The monsters close to her were either pressed into meat pies or frozen into ice sculptures.

Suddenly, hundreds of monsters died under the four's attacking, but not enough, there are more monsters.

It sounds like its been a long time, but this is just what happened in just tens seconds.

The Scarlet Lizard found that Su Yu and others were killing its subordinates, then it roared. "Humans? Hiss ~ you look for death, hiss ~ kill these humans now ~"

Chapter 81 Powerful Weapon

Hearing the words of the Scarlet Lizard, Su Yu and others' expressions were a little stunned, and then Xuan Dian said, "Catch it, and ask where Professor Yang is, I can't sense Professor Yang's breath!"

"Let the perfect me catch it!" Xuan Jin said, countless metal swords converged, converged into a large steel hand, and grabbed towards the Scarlet Lizard.

"Huh!" The Scarlet Lizard leader didn't move when it stood on the giant lizard. It just snorted.

When the large steel hand landed above the head of the Scarlet Lizard, a light beam shot from a distance, and the light beam passed through the large steel hand, and then the large steel hand suddenly broke apart.

"What?" Su Yu and others were shocked when they saw this. Then they looked at the place where the light beam was emitted.

The beam emitted by a giant lizard-shaped monster, holding a similar weapon on its hands, with a gun tip and a spar, there is a crystal stone in the middle of the gun tip and the gun rod.

When the spar flashed, a beam of light flew out. The power was so great that Su Yu and others felt threatened.

"Be careful, their weapons are weird!" Xuan Dian said, "Don't be hit by it!"

"Ah ~ Damn, it ruined my perfect attack!" Xuan Jin said angrily.

"Kill!" The Scarlet Lizard pointed his weapon at the place where Su Yu and others stand.

The giant lizard-shaped monsters moved, with their spears in their hands as if its a gun, firing.

The next moment, beams of light burst out of the weird weapon, making a rustling noise.

Su Yu and others did not take the attack directly, they evaded.

A beam of light passed by Su Yu's cheek. It slammed on the rock wall behind Su Yu just now.

With a snoring sound, the beam light left a deep hole in the hard rock.

It wasn't finished, the hole continued to expand, the hard rock was eroded by a strange force, and it turned into fine gravel in a blink of an eye.

Su Yu inhaled. If he had been shotted, he would be smashed to dust?

Boom ~ The ground was collapsed by Su Yu, and his body rushed out like a bombshell, killing the giant lizard-shaped monster closest to him.

These giant lizard-shaped monsters themselves are not so powerful, but the power of the weapons in their hands is extremely threatening.

These giant lizard-shaped monsters with special weapons must be removed first.

Xuan Nv and Xuan Dian had the same idea, both of them start to kill the giant lizard-shaped monsters close to them.

As for Xuan Jin, he continued to battle with that Scarlet Lizard.

Su Yu stepped in front of the giant lizard-shaped monster and raised his fist to attack.

Bang, a loud noise came, the giant lizard-shaped monster raised its gun to block Su Yu's fist. Normally, Su Yu was able to break the steel with his fist, but there was no mark left on this weapon this time.

Alas, a steel whip-like tail was punched towards Su Yu, and Su Yu leaped back, and the attack missed.

"Human, ha ~" the giant lizard-shaped monster said, and its corner of the mouth twisted as if it is laughing at him.

Uh ~

Su Yu starts to fight back, he fiercely punching the head of the giant lizard-shaped monster that is trying to biting at him. Su Yu was very upset that he was laughed at by a monster.

Alas ... A beam of light kept coming towards Su Yu, and Su Yu flickered to hide from the left to the right, moving forward in a 'z' shape.

When approaching the monster, Su Yu's legs swept out like a steel whip, and a bang came against the lizard's steel whip tail.

Su Yu stepped back, and the giant lizard-shaped monster was punched out by Su Yu's leg.

However, Su Yu was not happy about it. Instead, his expression became more serious. These monsters cannot be treated as ordinary monsters. In addition to having powerful and special weapons, it is also very strong and has sufficient combat experience.

The giant lizard-shaped monster shakes its tail, uses the inertia of the tail to shake and stabilize his body quickly, and then continuously shoots at Su Yu, and a beam of light is directed towards Su Yu again.

Su Yu turned sideways to the right, dodging attacks again.

However, the giant lizard-shaped monster's attack was really fast and numerous. After avoiding more than a dozen attacks, a beam of light ran straight towards Su Yu's chest.

Su Yu didn't panic, reached out and caught a little monster that attacked him, blocking it in his chest, while Su Yu took advantage of this moment to move his body horizontally.

There was a loud bang, and the little monster hit by the beam of light was cavitated into a pool of crystal meat.

Su Yu tipped his toes, the mob's scimitar was picked up, Su Yu grabbed it in his hands and then threw it out fiercely.

The machete turned into a light streamer, blasting towards the lizard monster.

This set of actions by Su Yu is so coherent and smooth. The giant lizard-shaped monster did not expect that Su Yu would use its companion to block the attack, and I was a little bit confused and very angry.

It was the slight confuse that made it lose the chance to escape. The scimitar coming from the whirling spin slammed into its body.

The scaled armor on its body was immediately shattered by the impact, and the body that had not landed was again impacted and flew away.

So the giant lizard-shaped monster can not hold tight the spear in its hand and throwing it into the air.

Alas, a tall leaping figure grabbed the spear.

It was Su Yu! Su Yu had quickly followed when he threw out the machete.

After grabbing the spear, Su Yu didn't stop. He lamed on a lizard's back, then the lizard died. Su Yu rushed out like a boomshell, and continued to kill other monsters who were hitten by the machete.

With only one shot, the spear pierced the giant lizard-shaped monster's chest.

Su Yu stopped and turned, grabbed the giant lizard-shaped monster, in one go, and threw it vigorously, with the inertia, slamming the monster toward the ground.

With a loud noise, the giant lizard-shaped monster was severely hit on the ground.

The land collapsed sharply, the earth and rocks rolled, and a huge pothole appeared above the earth.

The giant lizard-shaped monster was smashed into pieces by Su Yu's huge power, and then died finally.

Uh ...

Su Yu hadn't had time to be happy, and beams of light came from a distance.

Su Yu raised his spear and wanted to shoot at it, but then realized that he doesn't know how to use it at all.


Then Su Yu immediately to avoid the attack, but the light is too fast, he subconsciously raised the spear in his hand to block!

With the sound of a clang, a light beam hit the spear and made a crisp sound.

Subconsciously, Su Yu wanted to throw away the spear in his hand, but then found that the spear was not damaged at all.

Su Yu's eyes flashed sharply: the spear can block those beams!

Hold tightly the spear and waved it, clanging, clanging sounded, and beams of light are blocked or reflected.

"Hahaha, Xuan Dian, Xuan Jin, leaders, grab their weapons, their weapons can resist the beam!" Su Yu laughed and shared his findings.

Chapter 82 Su’s Marksmanship

Although Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, and Xuan Jin are powerful, this time they fight very embarrassingly. The giant lizard-shaped monster's weapon is really powerful. The beams emitted by the monsters' weapons are hard to resist. The beam of light can penetrate their super power defense layer.

Many times, they were almost shot by the beam.

Now they heard Su Yu's words and saw that Su Yu holding a spear to fly or reflect the beam as if playing ping-pong ball, their eyes suddenly flashed.

They looked at the giant lizard-shaped monster, with a strange light flashed in their eyes, and almost scared all the monsters.

"Hahaha, give me the spear!" Xuan Dian yelled. The thunder and the electric current flowed around his body, and the tens of meters were all turned into thunder hell. All the little lizard monsters nearby turned into coke carbon.

At the same time, Thunder turned into several big hands to grab a giant lizard-shaped monster.

Xuan Jin has already changed target, not that he wants to change, but that he has to change. Xuan Jin couldn't get near the Scarlet Lizard monster all the time. Whenever he attacked, there were always little monsters, and the giant lizard-shaped monsters block the way.

Sa ~ Steel swords were drilled from the ground, like a forest of the sword, and spread out in all directions as the center of Xuan Jin.

The giant lizard-shaped monsters were pierced by giant steel swords like a sugar gourd, with blood flowing ~

Xuan Nv's gravity power broke out, and the land collapsed with a radius of tens of meters followed each step. She holds the long sword in her hand, and the sword body was completely frozen with ice.

Under the pressure of the gravity power, a giant lizard-shaped monster lay down on the ground and then turned into a meatloaf.

Xuan Nv leaped and grasped, and the spear was held on her hand.

Seeing this scene, Su Yu was stunned and almost wanna kneed down, thanks for her not killing him.

Su Yu remembered the situation in the training room where Xuan Nv was pressing gravity power to him for practice. If she exerted such gravity at that moment, Su Yu didn't know what else he could have left, another meatloaf?

Alas, a beam of light came in, letting Su Yu come back from his thought, shook the spear in his hand, picked it up, and yelled, "Look at the spear!"

Stomping at his feet, the ground shattered, and then Su Yu killed another lizard monster in front of him.

"His ~" The giant lizard-shaped monster hissed in its mouth, it didn't even hide or avoid the attack.


At the same time, a beam of light is shooting for Su Yu directly from the tip of the spear. No way, they had a difference in height.

Su Yu immediately turned around to avoid the shoot and reached out his spear to attack again.

With the sound of clang, the giant lizard-shaped monster's spear pressed down and fell down, colliding with the spear in Su Yu's hand.

Huh! Huh! Huh!

At this time, the sounds of the weapons breaking air came, and little monsters were on time and threw their machetes towards Su Yu. At this time, Su Yu and the giant lizard-shaped monster were fighting each other. Su Yu stood slightly unstable.

Facing the scimitar rotating in all directions, Su Yu didn't hide or escape. He held the spear in his right hand, slammed his fist in his left hand, and slammed it into the air.

Hum ~

The shock power surged, clicking, clicking, the sound of glass shattering, and the dense cracks spread out in all directions around Su Yu's fist, and then the air broke apart.

Bang Rong ~ The air and the ground shook at the same time, all the scimitars near Su Yu were shocked and flew away, and at the same time, many little monsters were broken apart by shock power.

Within a few dozen meters of Su Yu, all the lizard monsters fell to the ground, and even the giant lizard-shaped monster was constantly stepped back under the shock power.

Bang~ Su Yu stepped on his feet, he rushed out again, appeared in front of the giant lizard-shaped monster, raised his spear and hit, and he screamed in his mouth: "Ugly monsters, let you taste the master’s Su's marksmanship, Su's marksmanship In the first style, one-shot through piercing the heart! "

Clang ~

"The Su's marksmanship second style, two-shots raising the sea!"

Clang ~

"Su Family marksmanship third style, three-shots, and six-holes!"

Clang ~

Lizard Monster: "His ~ His ~% #% …… # ¥ ……”

The lizard monsters are speechless. Do you call it marksmanship? You are only shot blindly, ok?

"When did Xuan Zhen come up with Su's marksmanship? What the..., it's only a blindly attack!" Xuan Dian heard Su Yu's words, couldn't help but take a special look, then felt speechless.

But Su Yu's attack at this moment was really fierce. He took the spear as a stick to smash.

Although there is no rule, each hit is extremely heavy. The giant lizard-shaped monster lifts its spear to block, but they can't resist and could only keep retreating, and the scales and muscles on its arms are shattered.

"Dead!" Su Yu suddenly changed her tactics, changing smashing into a stab. A piercing hole penetrated the heart of the giant lizard-shaped monster. At the same time, the shock power surged, breaking all its internal organs. After killing the other party, Su Yu immediately retreated.

It seems simple to say, but in fact, Su Yu used a lot of power to kill these giant lizard-shaped monsters.

For a long time killing, Su Yu felt tired for a while. Looking at such a great number of monsters, Su Yu couldn't help scalp tingling for a while. No matter the little monster or the giant lizard-shaped monster, their strength was not so strong, but not weak.

It is not easy to kill these monsters and prevent them from rushing out of the Barra Mountains.

Hum ~

The shock power surged, breaking up a piece of air, and emptying a group of monsters. Su Yu did not fight again but gathered towards Xuan Nv and others. The three also consumed a lot.

Although they have super powers, they are still human, not tireless machines.

"Leader, we can't fight like this.  We don't have enough energy to kill all the monsters. What should we do? Should we retreat or continue?" Su Yu blasted out a little monster in one shot while facing Xuan Nv said.

At this moment, the four guarded each other back to back, and at the same time beheaded the monsters who besieged them.

Looking down from a high altitude, you can see that in the valley, four of Su Yu are surrounded by heterogeneous groups, just like a mound flooded by large water, looking solid, but the water flow is more rapid, and it will be collapsed.

"The Scarlet Lizard Monster was meant to consume all our power. You see, It's looking at us. That's its tactic!? " Xuan Dian sneered.

Then Su Yu turned back to look at the Scarlet Lizard monster. It stood on the back of a lizard, with a smirk on its face. Its eyes were indeed full of mockings, hissing, and it waved its spear to direct the attack from time to time.

Every time it waved a spear, the monsters who besieged the four sent out a fierce offensive.

"Damn annoying monsters, my skin not so smooth now after a tiring fight!" Xuan Jin said, and the monsters were slashed and killed by metal swords.

"There are still three minutes, support is coming soon, I hope he hasn't overslept!" Xuan Nv looked at her watch and said at the moment.


Leader, when did you call for support? Why do I not know? Su Yu immediately encouraged.

Chapter 83 Cannonball

After hearing the words of Xuan Nv, Su Yu and Xuan Dian were excited, and just a few seconds, hundreds and thousands of monsters kick down by them.

At the same time, a door of space opened outside the Barra Mountains, and Xuan Kong walked out of it. Then a young man with glasses and yawning, like an ordinary college student, came out.

Xuan Kong said: "Xuan Qi, Xuan Nv and others are in the Barra Mountains in front. Xuan Nv just sent out a request for firepower support, the rest is up to you, be sure to strike accurately!"

"OK!" Xuan Qi yawned and said, "Let me investigate the situation in the mountains first!"

A light shining from Xuan Qi's eyes, and a drone flew towards the Barra Mountains.

At the same time, something constantly appeared from Xuan Qi's body, and then these things quickly combined together. After a few breaths, Xuan Qi disappeared and replaced by a huge steel fortress. All kinds of thermal weapons can see.

Xuan Qi's super power is a weapon bank. He can fuse hot weapons and some high-tech items. In terms of firepower alone, Xuan Qi may be the fiercest among the Xuan School.

However, Xuan Qi generally does not directly participate in the task, because his power is a bit defective, he is very easy to sleep. Most of the time he sleeps, and only wakes up when he received the firepower support request.

"Well, I've seen Xuan Nv and others, hey, why are there so many monsters? " Xuan Qi's voice sounded: "Mr. Xuan Kong, I'm going to fire.  It might cause a big noise, so please cover your ears."

Xuan Kong nodded and covered his ears. The next moment Xuan Kong felt that the ground began to shake. Numerous bombshells ejected from the steel fortress, drawing a perfect arc in the void to attack to the depths of the Barra Mountains.


Om ~ Su Yu punched the air with a punch, the shock power surged, the sound of glass shattering constantly sounded, the air and ground collapsed within a few tens of meters as the center of Su Yu , and more than 20 little monsters became a pool of meats.

At the same time, Su Yu picked a spear in his hand and reflected beams of lights.

"He's here, ready, we're going to retreat!" Xuan Nv's voice sounded in Su Yu's ear.

Su Yu heard what Xuan Nv said, and was ready to retreat at any time. At this time, Su Yu saw a drone flying from a distance, and then circled over the valley to leave.

When he saw this drone, Su Yu knew that this was for long-range fire support and that the drone was used for reconnaissance and positioning.

What Su Yu doesn’t understand is that the signal here has been blocked. How does the drone operate and transmit the message?

"Boom!" Suddenly a beam of light burst from the ground, smashing the drone into pieces. This was an attack launched by the Scarlet Lizard Monster.

"Go!" Xuan Nv shouted, grasped Su Yu flew in the air, Xuan Dian Xuan Jin followed.

"Kill them, don't let these four humans run away!" The Scarlet Lizard monster shouted, thinking that the four of them wanted to escape.

Alas ... A series of attacks shot at the four people.

"Yeah, firepower support!" Xuan Dian said, looking at the sky outside the mountain range, "Xuan Qi's ability is gorgeous every time I see it!"

"Yes ~ His power is so beautiful and perfect, I think Xuan Qi's power is more suitable for me!" Xuan Jin said.

Su Yu looked at the battlefield. In the sky outside the mountains, there were flares, one or two, dense, countless flares appeared. Those were tail flames, and missiles of various sizes and shapes were flying fast.

Su Yu was shocked. Does the Monsters Detective Bureau have such large firepower?

"This is a person's super power?" Su Yu asked in curiosity.

"Well, yes, Xuan Qi's power is able to integrate all kinds of thermal weapons, and one person can reach millions of modern military forces!" Xuan Dian nodded.

Su Yu shocked, looking at the various missiles that were flying. The Scarlet Lizard monsters in the valley there, and other monsters, all looking at the fast-moving firelight, and they realized the deadly crisis.

The Scarlet Lizard monster looked at the flaming sky, and all the scales on his body stood up, hissing loudly: "Defense, defense ~ hiss ~"

However, at the same time, the first missile had already landed on the ground, a blast exploded, a flame shock swept away everything 100 meters away, and a small mushroom cloud rose.

However, this is just the beginning. The next moment, the missile falls like a raindrop!

Bang Bang Bang ...

The blazing fire engulfed the entire valley in an instant and couldn't see anything else. Su Yu and others stood on the air, watching the shocking scene from afar.

Su Yu swallowed, and he was extremely shocked. This scientific power, ah, in front of such firepower, what kind of super man can resist it? All these missiles are even not the most powerful missiles.

After a long time, the smoke and dust gradually dispersed, and the flames gradually extinguished. The entire valley was collectively sunken for a few meters, leaving only a piece of scorched earth still emitting amazing heat.

As for the monsters, little monsters, and other monsters have disappeared, leaving only a pile of coke, like a hill bag more like a grave bag standing on the scorched earth.

"Is it all solved?" Su Yu said.

"Not yet, there is still alive!" Xuan Nv frowned slightly.

"Do these guys have the characteristics of ants? They sacrifice most of them and save a small part survive!" Xuan Dian said.

Su Yu: "???"

Click ~ after Xuan Dian said it, and a strange noise sounded, and soon, the sound became dense. The scorched ball began to crack.

Sa~ Then the light beam pointed from the ball, and then the ball quickly disintegrated into a fine dust.

Exposed the surviving giant lizard-shaped monster, holding a spear.

With a loud bang, the most central lizard appeared, growling out of a large pit, and the Scarlet Lizard monster stood on its back.

"His ~" Su Yu took a breath and said, "This isn't dead? They are ... Damn, are these lizard monsters sacrificing other little lizard monsters and using them as meat pads to block the attack?"

Su Yu looked at the huge ball and suddenly understood.

"Well, yes, it's true!" Xuan Dian nodded.

"Ah, these ugly monsters are really tenacious, no matter what, let the beautiful me give them a perfect way to die!" Xuan Jin said, and then rushed down from high altitude.

"Humans, you damn it!" The Scarlet Lizard monster roared in the valley, directing the lizard under its feet to ran to fight with Xuan Jin.

Chapter 84 Eagle Catches Chick


The two collided in the air and made a huge roar. Xuan Jin flew back at a faster speed. He found that he was not the opponent of this Scarlet Lizard Monster.

"Be careful, this monster is different from other lizard monsters. It is very strong." Xuan Dian frowned.

"Damn, the ugly reptile dared to pump me with a dirty tail?" Xuan Jin was so angry. He felt shameful to be pulled back by one tail.

"None of you is allowed to fight with this Scarlet Lizard, this guy is mine." Xuan Jin screamed, his body was filled with golden light, and the super power of the metal was surging. The metal within a kilometer was affected by it and continually gathered towards Xuan Jin.

When Xuan Nv sees this, she knows that Xuan Jin becomes very serious, and knows Xuan Jin's determination, saying, "Okay, the Scarlet Lizard Monster is yours, and we will handle the rest of monsters! "

Xuan Jin didn't reply but stared fiercely at the Scarlet Lizard monster. Countless metals continued to merge into his body. Xuan Jin's body continued to swell, and then his weight reached a certain level. He landed on the ground.

At this time, Su Yu, Xuan Nv and Xuan Dian have to kill the remaining lizard monsters.

Excluding Scarlet Lizard Monster, a total of twenty-one lizard monsters survived.

Then each of them needed to solve the seven lizard monsters.

Su Yu grinned, its a difficult task, these lizard monsters are not weak!

But what can they do?

Only kick them down!

Su Yu landed to the ground and strode forward towards the lizard monster.

The lizard monsters are very crazy at the moment. They had sacrificed so many companions before. Now they can't wait to swallow Su Yu and others, screaming and rushing towards the three of them, alas ... beams of lights are intensely shooting towards the three of them.

However, it was useless. Su Yu and others, who had the same long spear in hand, turned the long spear in his hand to block the beam one by one.

Later, the two parties come closer. In this melee, Su Yu discovered that these lizard monsters seemed to be weakened. When he uses his shock power, Su Yu can sweep out the monster with the spear in its hands.  The lizard monsters would fly away, and spit blood, can not even hold the spear in its hand.

Seeing this, Su Yu understands that although these lizard monsters survived the intensive artillery fire just now, they were all injured. Nothing different in the surface, but the internal organs were all injured by shock waves.

At this moment, the injury appeared in the head-to-head battle. Su Yu did not stop to fight, fast-moving as a "Z" to avoid the attacks of the lizard monsters, and rushed to the lizard monsters.

Su Yu's eyes flashed a cold light, and then he keeps shot out with his spear. Three lizard monsters were killed by Su Yu.

Then quickly turned around, reflecting the attacking beam lights away, and rushed towards other lizard monsters again.

In less than ten minutes, twenty-one lizard monsters, all killed by the three. Su Yu killed five and Xuan Dian killed six. Xuan Nv even killed ten.

This is not to say that Xuan Dian's power is weaker, but the reason for its different super power. Xuan Nv's gravity power is more suitable in this fighting. Her power is very easy to deal with visceral injured lizard monsters at this moment. Xuan Nv only needs a gravity pressure to crush the lizard monsters into meatloaf.

At the end of this, the three of them cast their sights on Xuan Jin's battle, where they were still fighting fiercely, but Xuan Jin almost had prevailed.

Infused with countless metal, Xuan Jin, at this moment, incarnate into a metal giant more than 40 meters high, a little movement may cause a landslide.

The Scarlet Lizard Monster was sitting on a giant lizard, but its expression was a lot worse than Xuan Jin at the moment.

Xuan Jin can hit the Scarlet Lizard Monster to bleeding.

The  Scarlet Lizard Monster can only leave a tiny scar in Xuan Jin's body.

But that's all, this injury can't hurt the body of Xuan Jin.

As for the beam attack of the Scarlet Lizard monster, it can bring a lot of damage to Xuan Jin at the moment. The place hit by the beam is immediately disintegrated into a large hole.

But that's not much use. As soon as Xuan Jin uses his super power, other metals will fly to make up the hole.

"Ah, abominable humans, I will kill you all." The Scarlet Lizard Monster roared. It saw the death of the twenty-one lizard monster. Though unwilling to accept the truth, it knows that it was defeated, an awful defeating.

The Scarlet Lizard Monster had the idea of retreat in its heart. Now is not the time for desperation. What it needs is to run away. As long as it is alive, it can do anything.

And when it's more companions come to this world, they will be stronger, and the world will eventually be destroyed in their hands.

Thinking of this, the Scarlet Lizard Monster immediately conveyed an idea to the lizard monster, and the lizard monster understood immediately. It roared to spit out a sticky flame against Xuan Jin.

Without waiting for a result, it turned and ran away with the Scarlet Lizard Monster, so embarrassed.

Xuan Jin is furious. It would have been very shameless if the Scarlet Lizard Monster had run away.

Xuan Jin's body was burning with blazing flames, and part of it was flushed with red, but Xuan Jin ignored it and strode up to catch up, grasping the tail of the giant lizard with a large hand.

"Come back!" Xuan Jin yelled, with a metal vibrato, and then flung his arm, smashing the lizard towards the ground.

With a bang, the ground broke down, a huge deep pit appeared, the lizard wailed, and the blood and the scale armor covered the bottom of the pit.

This is not the end, Xuan Jin picks up the tail of the lizard, and the other hand grabbed the dragon's head, his arms tearing hard to the sides.

"Roar ~" The roar resounded through the Barra Mountains.

Bang ~ Bang~

The giant lizard's two bodies dropped on the ground and made a muffled sound.

Then Xuan Jin chased deeper into the Barra Mountains, because the Scarlet Lizard Monster escaped while Xuan Jin is tearing the giant lizard.

However, it did not escape far away and now it was held in the hands of Xuan Jin. Although Xuan Jin's violent fall did not hurt much about the Scarlet Lizard monster, but the spear in its hands had been threw out. The Scarlet Lizard Monster couldn't escape the palm of Xuan Jin at all.

Xuan Jin held the Scarlet Lizard monster in his hand and looked triumphantly at Su Yu and others.

"How is it? Am I perfect?"

"Well, it's great!" Su Yu nodded and said, "The eagle catches the chick!"

Xuan Jin: "???"

Chapter 85 Leader, Your Sword Is Broken

"You tiny human, let me go, otherwise I'll make you die!" The Scarlet Lizard Monster couldn't escape and kept roaring. For it, being caught by humans is a shame.

"Shut up!" Xuan Jin pinched, and the Scarlet Lizard Monster's mouth and nose bleeding, and said, "Now I ask you anything, and you answer what you obediently. Your destiny is doomed to death. If you wanna die without any torture, answer honestly. "

"Haha, are you guys looking for that old man?" The Scarlet Lizard laughed. "You will never find him, he is dead!"

As soon as these words came out, Su Yu and others' faces changed. Although all the monsters were wiped out, this task was not completed successfully if Professor Yang did not been rescued.

"You bullshit!" Xuan Dian shouted, "Where is Professor Yang? If you want to kill Professor Yang, why bring him here?"

"You can guess!" The Scarlet Lizard monster opened his mouth and smiled. "You will never find him. He will wait for you in endless darkness. The time will not long."


The blue electric light flickered in Xuan Dian's eyes, somewhat angry, and can't stand the crazy words of this Scarlet Lizard monster. When he wanted to kick the Scarlet Lizard monster, he stopped at the next moment, because at this moment the breath of the Scarlet Lizard Monster suddenly disappeared. It is dead!


Their faces turned wild. Why did it die?

What the hell, they were stunned by sudden changes!

"I didn't kill it!" Xuan Jin said quickly.

"It seems that this Scarlet Lizard monster committed suicide. In order to avoid suffering!" Su Yu frowned.

"Would rather commit suicide than say where Professor Yang is going?" Xuan Nv sighed softly.

"What do you do now? I don't believe the words of this monster. Professor Yang may be alive!" Xuan Dian said, he didn't believe that Professor Yang was so dead. Moreover, if the Scarlet Lizard Monster wanted to kill Professor Yang, It is not necessary to bring Professor Yang here.

Xuan Nv thought for a few seconds, and said, "Choose several complete monster corpses and seal them, and bring them back to the bureau for collecting these monster's information data. These monsters have never been encountered before. The monster database needs to be updated the information about these monsters.

As for the remaining monster's corpses, we need to burn them here. We must find Professor Yang!

Professor Yang was brought into the ground. It is very likely that Professor Yang was somewhere underground. "

"No, I'm here, Keke ... I don't have much time!" At this time, an old man's voice sounded suddenly, scaring them.

Follow the sound.

The Scarlet Lizard Monster has lost his breath already, but its voice has completely changed, as well as the look has also changed.

The half-headed lizard's head also changed into another look, its an old man's face

"Professor Yang?" They were shocked. Is the Scarlet Lizard Monster Professor Yang? They are stunned, what is going on?

"Ahem, I ..."

"Professor Yang, don't talk, we'll find someone to come and treat you now, Xuan Nv, Xuan Jin, you bring Professor Yang to follow me. I will go ahead to find Xuan Yi!"

Xuan Dian was about to fly after said that.

However, he was dragged back by Professor Yang.

Professor Yang said: "No, I don't have much time. I have something very important to tell you ...

This demon occupied my body, my organs were broken inside and I could feel that I was going to die.

Listen, this demon race is the alien, called crocodile-lizard. It is a very brutal race in space. They have no fixed home. They wander in space to develop themselves by plundering the energy of other races. It is like a locust. Nothing will remain when they crossed one place. They will only bring destruction to the earth.

This demon came earth 20,000 years ago ... Kaka, but there was a big mistake when their spacecraft landed. To protect themselves, they sealed in the stone plates by themselves, and I accidentally unlocked it. Released these demons.

I am ... a sinner, it has sent the coordinates of our earth back to its tribe, and the army of the crocodile-lizard is on its way, and our earth is facing a calamity. "

Su Yu and others were shocked by what Professor Yang said. "Professor Yang, what you said is true? These aliens are all creatures in outer space? The army of crocodile-lizard is coming to our earth?"

Professor Yang nodded slightly and gasped for a few breaths: "Well, it's on the way here, but the time is uncertain. cough ... There is a spaceship that the crocodile-lizard has crashed in the past. There are many high technology devices in the spaceship. Can help you ... "

Professor Yang hasn't finished his speak yet, passed away. Fortunately, he explained some important things.

"This ..." Su Yu felt a headache. Is the earth in danger of extinction? Why we cannot live together peacefully?

Xuan Nv's expression was extremely serious, and she said, "Xuan Jin, the monsters and Professor Yang's body will be given to you. You leave first and report everything to the bureau.

Xuan Zhen, Xuan Dian and I stayed here to dig underground spaceships and wait for the arrival of related personnel! "

"Understand!" Xuan Jin responded quickly, and then returned to his real body. The metal became several coffins, and the monsters' body and Professor Yang's body were packed into it.

Xuan Jin rushed into the sky with a few coffins and rushed out of the Barra Mountains.

Watching Xuan Jin disappear, Su Yu said: "Leader, will there really be any crocodile-lizards to destroy our world?"

Xuan Nv glanced at Su Yu and said lightly: "Are you scared?"

"Afraid? Not afraid. Although there is a danger of annihilation, leaders, you stronger people will stand in front to defend the enemy!" Su Yu said, "I just feel a little incredible? For the first time, I know that there are really aliens outside the earth.  But they wanna destroy us. It's a strange and complex feeling. I can't explain it for a while! "

Xuan Dian rolled his eyes, and secretly think that Su Yu dare to say, stronger people will stand in front to defend the enemy? If there is a danger of extinction, no one can escape.

Xuan Nv is domineering, said: "If the crocodile-lizard really exists, let them come, if they are not polite, let them taste the sword in my hand!"

Su Yu scratched his head and said, "Leader, your sword is broken!"

Xuan Nv: "..."

Xuan Nv was so annoyed. She really wanted to kill Su Yu with a single shot!

Chapter 86 Spaceship

Xuan Jin left, and Su Yu and others did not waste time and immediately started to act. Xuan Dian used the thunder power to handle all the monsters' bodies on spot.

Then the three began to dig underground spacecraft that Professor Yang said was buried.

Su Yu is the most leisurely one among the three. His power is only suitable for destroying things in a large area, but not suitable for meticulous work. The same as Xuan Dian's power, so only Xuan Nv's power more suitable to dig the spaceship.

"Come on, leader, you can do it!"

Su Yu stood up and cheered for Xuan Nv. The angry Xuan Nv almost wanna kick him.

Xuan Nv's gravity power was released, and countless earth and stones on the ground began to rise, one layer after another, until the spaceship that Professor Yang said appeared in a large pit more than a hundred meters depth.

This spaceship is very large, the size of which is equivalent to several huge aircraft carriers, and the surface is black, like a black giant beast lying quietly there. From the overall appearance, this spaceship is a bit like a combination of a crocodile and a beetle. It has a strange appearance.

The hull was somewhat damaged and should be caused by a violent collision. The three quickly found the door leading to the interior of the spacecraft. The door was damaged by violence and there was a large hole.

The three entered the spacecraft, which was very dark and had a strange smell, very bitter. The three were worried about poison gas and immediately covered their bodies with super powers, while also using themselves as lighting tools.

"Ew, this crocodile-lizard alien's aesthetics is not good, the space is too ugly. If Xuan Jin is here, he wouldn't dare to come in!" Xuan Dian said it after a glance at the appearance.

"Xuan Dian, sense, are there any other monsters in this spaceship." Xuan Nv said.

"Okay!" Xuan Dian nodded, the arc flickered slightly, and a special wave emanated from Xuan Dian's body.

Five seconds later, Xuan Dian's expression changed: "There are still aliens in this spacecraft, and there are many, no, it should be constantly increasing, but now they are very weak."

Xuan Dian took the lead and said, "Come with me."

Su Yu and Xuan Nv followed behind Xuan Dian, limping around in the dark passage, and walking for nearly ten minutes before coming to a gate, which was ten meters high and was made of an unknown special metal of.

"The alien biological electromagnetic wave is just behind this door. Do you want to break it?"

Xuan Nv groaned and said, "Xuan Zhen, you can open it, control the power, and shatter the door!"

Su Yu nodded, without a word, used the shock power directly.

With a bang, Su Yu's fist hit the metal gate, the shock power surged, a buzzing sound was heard. The sound of cracking and crackling of the glass continued to sound around Su Yu's fists as the center, and the cracks began to spread. In Su Yu's control, the crack just covered the gate.

The next moment, the metal gate shattered, and the metal blocks fell on the ground and made a huge noise.

Uh ...

Before the three of them entered, beams of lights came, and the crocodile-lizards hidden inside launched an attack on the three.

The three had been on defending state before entering this gate, so they immediately counterattack, while blocking the attacks. When they entered the gate, they had already killed dozens of crocodile-lizards.

Behind the gate is a big factory. Su Yu and others are looking around here.

There are lots of huge glass culture tanks. In each glass culture tank, there is a small monster or giant lizard immersed in an unknown liquid. It is growing fast in liquid.

Clone Warrior?

Seeing this scene, the three words appeared in the minds of them. This factory exposed the reason why there are so many alien species emerging in this spacecraft after 20,000 years. They were originally cloned and quickly ripened.

At this moment, many small monsters and monitor lizards were cloned and picked up by a robotic arm and placed to the other side.

But seeing Su Yu and others, these little monsters and monitor lizards did not even react.

"What's the matter, are all these guys cloned from a fool? Why didn't they react at all?" Su Yu saw this, asked in curiosity.

"They didn't no input a command to activate, I think!" Xuan Dian said. When he came to the virtual imaging screen, the characters above were incomprehensible, but he could understand the picture. It was the schematic diagram of the production clone warrior. It's a fool-like operation.

Those aliens that have grown up now only need to enter a program to activate and move them to become new fighters.

This is the last step!

Of course, it is impossible for Su Yu and them to perform the last step. They stopped the clone warrior soldier production plant and destroyed the plant.

In addition, the three also destroyed the monsters that had been produced and grown. These monsters are factors of instability and must be removed on earth.

In addition to the culture tanks that produced little monsters and monitor lizards, the three also found culture tanks that cloned crocodile-lizards.

"It seems that the Scarlet Lizard monster took itself as a sample and produced its own clone, and then new crocodile-lizards will appear. Otherwise, it would not possible that those crocodile-lizards can live for 20,000 years." Xuan Dian stands in front of the light curtain of this part of the facility, what is shown above is the description of Professor Yang (Scarlet Lizard monster) using itself as a sample to clone the crocodile-lizards.

"This spaceship hasn't been activated for 20,000 years? Where does the energy come from? It takes a lot of energy to clone those aliens!" Xuan Dian said suddenly.

Su Yu froze slightly and thought for a moment and said: "Remember what Professor Yang said? Crocodile-lizards survive and develop by plundering the energy of other planets. Judging from the technology shown by this factory, the way of plundering energy is absolutely not as simple as mining. "

Xuan Nv blinked and said, "Xuan Zhen, you mean, this spaceship is plundering the energy of our planet in a way we haven't seen?"

"We need to find it out!" Su Yu shrugged.

So the three began to look for it on the spaceship. In a huge cabin in the center, the three saw a device for plundering energy. It was a huge device that extended a huge metal probe directly into the ground, to grab the energy of this planet.

"This ... No wonder Professor Yang said that this crocodile-lizard can destroy the world. In this way, the underground energy is captured, and sooner or later, the entire planet will be cooled, its rotation will stop, and natural-disasters will occur!" Xuan Dian shocked.

Xuan Nv said in a serious face: "We must not let these monsters hurt our home!"

"Oh! Don't just say it, turn off the device first, and then talk about it. One second more, Mother Earth will be in pain for one more second!" Su Yu said it and he shut down the device, withdrawing the metal probe from the deep underground.

Xuan Dian, Xuan Nv: "......"

Chapter 87 Muscle Man Returns

"Leader, what are we going to do next? Are we just waiting for the boss here?" Su Yu clapped his hands and said.

"Go out and remove the spaceship from the big pit!" Xuan Nv said, turning and leaving.

Not long after, the three appeared on the edge of the big pit. Xuan Nv's gravity began to surge, and the ground was shaking. Tons of huge spaceships slowly rose from the big pit.

"Leader, you are so fierce, does your family know it?" Seeing this, Su Yu further realized that Xuan Nv is a powerful woman.

Xuan Nv: "..."

Xuan Dian rolled his eyes when he heard the words. Xuan Zhen is still a young innocent boy, he did not know that Xuan Nv's family members are more fierce.

Xuan Dian frowned slightly, looking out of the Barra Mountains, and said, "They're coming."

Su Yu looked at the sky. There was a helicopter flying towards here. Soon, Xuan Laogua and a group of people who had never met appeared in front of them.

"Boss ..." The three just about to say something, Xuan Laogua interrupted: "I know what you are going to say, Xuan Jin has all reported the situations here. Professor Yang's sacrifice is not your problem, we will deal with the rest things. You guys have experienced a big war and need to take a good rest. "

"???" Su Yu was surprised and frowned immediately. The boss looks like he was trying to drive them away, so Su Yu felt a little unhappy.

Xuan Laogua then continued: "Next, the relevant departments will take over the case and here will become a military secret zone."

Su Yu smiled. After hearing the following words—the relevant departments. Su Yu's unhappy disappeared immediately. No way, the relevant departments are too powerful.

"Okay, boss, we'll go back now!" Xuan Nv said, grabbing Su Yu's arm, and then board on a helicopter, Xuan Dian followed. Then the helicopter took off and flew out of the Barra Mountains.

At this point, the case has come to an end. As for whether any crocodile-lizards will come from outer space to invade the world again, or even the time when will the crocodile-lizards come, no one knows.

In this way, the day has returned to peace, and even the cases suddenly become less. Su Yu's daily life is filled with training tasks. The days seem to be flat and even boring.

However, when you are bored, life will always surprise you, this is life!

One day, Su Yu returned home early from work, the moment the key was inserted into the door. His skin suddenly felt pinching pain like a needle.

Su Yu was shocked. Is there any dangerous??

"Good alertness, boy, it seems that your progress has not been small these past days!" A rough voice sounded, and a majestic figure did not know when appeared in the stairwell, holding his arms. He watched him, wearing a half-smile.

"Muscle Man?" Su Yu stunned and asked. This was a dangerous guy!

"Very surprised? Didn't I say I'll come back to play with you again, why be so surprised?" The muscle man laughed.


Su Yu looked at the muscle man and couldn't help yelling. You said that, but I'm about to forget it!

Su Yu is really about to forget.

More than a month, although not long, but he experienced many things.

Su Yu has long thrown away some messy things from his mind.

At this moment, when he saw the muscle man, a little dusty memory appeared immediately. Looking at the muscle man, he felt very bad. At this moment, the muscle man exudes an extremely dangerous breath all over his body.

"Boy, I hope you can satisfy my wish, but I have endured many geniuses to come to you. If you can't satisfy me, I can't control myself and kill you!" The muscle man continued, slowly go towards Su Yu.

Su Yu sweated. As the muscle man approached, the oppression of the muscle man became stronger and stronger. Su Yu realized that though he was improving, the muscle man was improving too, and the progress was even more terrible.

"Hit here?" Su Yu sighed secretly, forcing down the fear rising from his heart. At this time, he could not step back, otherwise, he was absolutely finished.

"?" The muscle man sniffed a little, then said: "Boy, what do you mean? Oh, I see. I almost forgot that you are still a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau, and it is your duty to protect the safety of ordinary people.

Fight here, you must not dare to use all your power, and our battle will not satisfying enough. Then change place, how about dimension space? "

Su Yu's pupil narrowed slightly, feeling the absolute confidence of the muscle man.

"Okay, just fight in the dimension space!" Su Yu took a deep breath and nodded, and took out the enchantment ball to start, and the scenery in front of him shook slightly. Although the surrounding scenery did not change, the two were already in the dimension space Now, here is the phantom of this world.

At this moment there is no one other than the two of them.

"Boy, you have no worries, and you have quietly sent a distress signal. Now we can start fighting?" The muscle man moved his body, making a crisp sound like a firecracker, smiling.

Su Yu's pupils have shrunk again. This muscle man has a strong observation ability!

He grinned: "Oh, how could it be! I didn't send a distress signal!"

"It doesn't matter. You just need to make me satisfying. We can continue to play." The muscle man laughed, and rushed towards Su Yu, the muscles unlocked 10% directly.

Su Yu's face is all black, thinking in his heart: please, watch your words, otherwise, others will misunderstanding our relationship.

It was not Su Yu was distracted, it's his way to relieve stress, his body was surrounded by jumping with blue arcs, his muscles swelled slightly, and blew his breath, then punching toward the muscle man.


Monsters Detective Bureau, except for some people who left work early, most of them have not yet left.

The staff of the Intelligence Department collecting various intelligence sent out an updated piece of information about the black coffin.

The message reads:

The muscle man of the Black Coffin collided with other members of the Black Coffin at noon, Bao Po, Mi Xin, Snake Girl, and Ci Shou.

The muscle man broke out and easily defeated the four people. When Bao Po and other people were almost been killed, the black coffin leader appeared in time and rescued several people.

Then a battle broke out between the black coffin and the muscle man. Both sides wounded and no one wins. The black coffin took the Bao Po and other members disappeared without a trace. The muscle man also lost his trace.

There are only six sentences, but it is extremely shocking. After the people in the Monsters Detective Bureau knew the news, they were all discussing it.

Xuan Nv became very solemn after she knew the news.

The muscle man was a little stronger than she thought.

At this time, Xuan Nv's watch suddenly rang. When she saw the above text, she suddenly bounced from her seat and said, "No, Xuan Zhen is in danger. The muscle man is together with Xuan Zhen!"

Before the words fell, the figure of Xuan Nv had disappeared!


Chapter 88 Muscle Man, WTF!

With a loud noise, Su Yu and the muscle man's fists collided together in the air, as if two cannonballs collided.

The horror of power suddenly broke out between the two, spreading out in all directions, like a steel knife, splitting the ground and the wall into a deep trench.


The ground under the feet of the two could not withstand the force of the two's collision and broke apart.

"Good strength!" After Su Yu collided, his eyes widened violently. The muscle man was too strong! It felt like a punch on a high-speed train, and his arm felt a tearing pain in an instant.

Su Yu didn't feel wrong. The muscle man is indeed much stronger than before, but the same degree of unlocking as the last time, but the power is more than ten times stronger than the last time.

The muscle man's eyes were also brighter, and he laughed, "Yes, yes, I didn't read you wrong, kid, you really are someone who can bring me joy, ha ha ha ha, interesting, so interesting, I won't be bored in the future! "

"Sick man!" Su Yu gritted his teeth. "Who wants to play with you? Get away!"

Su Yu kick out, banging on the muscle man's stomach, and the muscle man flew out in response.

With a bang, he knocked the wall directly out of a large hole.

A successful blow seemed to have the upper hand, but Su Yu didn't have any complacency at all. He could feel that the kick just flew out the muscle man, but it did not cause any substantial harm.

Sure enough, the next moment the muscle man clicked out of the big hole and twisted his neck, and laughed: "This kick is okay, but it is a bit difficult to hurt me, and the way you kick is a bit wrong, I'll teach you ... "

Alas ~ Su Yu's word has not finished yet, Su Yu feels a shadow in front of him, the muscle man has appeared in front of him, and said, "This should be the way to kick!"

Alas ~ the next moment Su Yu felt a tremendous force acting on his belly, a wow of blood spewed out, but he was still in place.

Su Yu was a little confused and didn't understand why he didn't fly out. The moment he was kicked, he was ready to fly out and hit the wall.

"Don't understand why you did not fly out? Haha, hitting people isn't need to fly them away. It's a waste of power. Hitting people should be like me!"

Bang ~ Su Yu felt a stun in his head, and the buzzing sound sounded, feeling that his head was hit by the siege hammer.

"Haha, did you learn it? Didn't you learn it? Then come again!"

Huh! Huh! Huh!

The sound of punching to the flesh continued to ring in the corridor. The muscle man punched Su Yu with a punch, but at this moment, Su Yu had no power to fight back and could only stand there and be beaten.

But strangely, no matter how much strength the muscle man uses to hit Su Yu, Su Yu has never been beaten to fly away.

Bloodstained Su Yu's clothes. At this moment, Su Yu was a little bit unclear. There was only one question circling in his mind: why? Why is his strength similar to the muscle man, but he is not an opponent at this moment?

Alas, another punch was hit on his head, and blood flew from his mouth and nose, but Su Yu became sober at this moment. Time seemed to slow down slowly, and it seemed like a flash of aura in his mind.

Su Yu understood where the gap was. At the moment, the two are comparable, but the skills are too different.

Su Yu found out that most of his strength was wasted, and only a small part of it was on the muscle man.

In contrast, most of the power played by muscle men is on Su Yu, and only a small part is wasted.

With a fist of the same strength, the damage caused is different.

The strength of his fist was too scattered, and he had to concentrate to feel the pain caused by the muscle man's fist. Su Yu compared with the way he punched to find out his shortcomings. At this moment, under the pressure of life and death, Su Yu is like a dry sponge, desperately absorbing water to enrich himself.

Su Yu is undergoing a rapid transformation at this moment.

Su Yu fought back, and gave a punch to the muscle man. Su Yu was obviously stronger, but the power caused was much lower. Su Yu was beaten and spit blood.

The muscle man snorted and pushed far away, as if there was no difference, but the muscle man's eyes brightened and he noticed the change of Su Yu.

The strength of Su Yu's fist was concentrated a lot, and the force acting on him was much stronger.

The muscle man was not shocked, and laughed: "Ha ha ha, yes, this way, I really did not read you wrong, come on, let's fight, let the fight be happier!"

Uh ~

The muscle man appeared near Su Yu, and a strong punch banged on Su Yu's chest.

At the same time, Su Yu also made a move and hit an upper-punch on the muscle man's chin.


The sounds sound at the same time.

Su Yu was punched and bent into a prawn, bending over and retching constantly. While the muscle man leaned back on the beaten head, his neck bone almost turned, and blood and teeth flew from the muscle man's mouth.


Su Yu suddenly punched in air and hit the air. The terrible punch hit the wall like a bombshell, leaving a hole in the wall.

"Huh?" Su Yu froze, looking at the muscle man who was quitting far away, puzzled, why suddenly didn't he hit? Could it be that the muscle man noticed that he wanted to give him an unexpected attack?


Su Yu has learned a special power-handling technique on the muscle man's fist, so he decides not to go against the muscle man stupidly, and does not want to hide the second kind of super power, ready to use the second super power to give muscle man an unexpected attack!

"Oh, boy, I suddenly feel that you are very dangerous. Do you hide any special attack methods? Hey ~ Do you want to use it to punch me now?" The muscle man looked at Su Yu with his head crooked.

Su Yu was startled in the heart. The muscle man's sense was really strong. The moment as Su Yu just thought about it, the muscle man felt it.

Su Yu calmly said, "How is that possible? How can I do this? I am an honest person!"

"No, it doesn't matter. I'm looking forward to your special tactics. If time is enough, I don't mind trying it, but time doesn't allow it!

Boy, I am satisfied today. You did a good job! I am looking forward to meeting you next time! "

With that said, the muscle man leaped up, hitting the enchantment ball with his fist, and immediately the enchantment ball broke apart, and the surrounding scenes shattered like a mirror, and the two returned to the real world.

"Goodbye boy, get stronger, hahaha!"

The muscle man laughed and jumped out of the corridor window, his figure disappeared quickly.

During this process, Su Yu didn't respond. The muscle man came unexpectedly and walked unexpectedly.

In the end, Su Yu could only swear in his heart: muscle man, WTF!

Chapter 89 Su Yu Is Showing Off, But There Is No Evidence

Alas, several figures appeared next to Su Yu, not others, but Xuan Nv, Xuan Mu, and others.

Most of the people in the detective who are more familiar with Su Yu are here. Looking at Su Yu, who is covered with blood, Xuan Nv's face is cold.

Xuan Mu and others also looked around vigilantly, still able to feel the remaining breath of the muscle man in the corridor.

Su Yu watched Xuan Nv and others appearing. Instantly, he understood why the muscle man would suddenly retreat. It turned out that he noticed the breath of Xuan Nv and others.

"He has run away, maybe he noticed that you guys are coming!" Su Yu said, "As for me, it seems to be OK!"

"Abominable, one step late!" Xuan Huo grunted a fist.

"Meow Meow Meow!" Island Turtle followed the crowd and said to Su Yu.

Su Yu's mouth twitched, and Island Turtle told him not to die, otherwise, no one can read the story for him!

"Come on, brother, let me check your body!" Xuan Yi looked at Su Yu's blood and her eyes brightened.

Come again? Su Yu's little veins popping in his forehead. Xuan Yi hasn't given up on his body. He smiled: "Sister Xuan Yi, I think I'm fine now, so don't I need to!"

"Are you sure?" Xuan Yi tilted her head and looked at Su Yu with a smile, then stretched out a finger and clicked on Su Yu's body slightly.

"Huh?" Su Yu surprised, what is this? Hit me?

The next moment, Su Yu's face turned wildly, and a painful pain broke out from all parts of his body, popping ... The dense sound like a firecracker explosion erupted in his body.

"Ah ... it hurts ..." Su Yu rolled in pain immediately, screaming in his mouth, and blood spurting from Su Yu's pores.

"Fuck!" Xuan Shui and others were startled.

Xuan Shui said: "Is this the punch left by the muscle man in Su Yu's body? Worked until now?"

Xuan Yi nodded solemnly, stepped forward to heal Su Yu, and said, "Well, this muscle man may be stronger than we thought. The control of punching power is too horrible. The person who has such a super power does not know whether it is good or bad! "

"Woohoo ..." Su Yu panted, was healed by Xuan Yi, and became a lot easier, but there was still a sense of collapse, and he realized the horror of the muscle man, thinking that the muscle man would come again, Su Yu had a great sense of oppression.

"Okay, Xuan Zhen's body will be great after a short rest!" Xuan Yi smiled, and touched Su Yu's body again, leaving Su Yu speechless!

"Thank you, Sister Xuan Yi!" Su Yu thanked him sincerely.

Xuan Nv said at this time: "Xuan Zhen, tell me what happened, what did the muscle man say?"

Su Yu groaned for a few seconds, organized the language, and spoke all of his encounters with muscle men.

Xuan Shui said: "Is there a problem with this muscle man's brain? What is he thinking about? He wanna kill Xuan Zhen, but now he is teaching Su Yu's punching?"

Xuan Nv said: "Maybe he is training a strong opponent of the same or similar type of super power for himself. Su Yu may be just one of them. Think about it, there are already a lot of strength power men died in the hands of the muscle man! "

Speaking of this, Xuan Nv looked at Su Yu said again: "Xuan Zhen, it seems that the muscle man is really looking at you now. He may appear at your side at any time and launch an attack on you. Once he feels that you cannot achieve his purpose, It is likely to kill you. You, be careful! "

Su Yu stood up and nodded solemnly, so there was no need for Xuan Nv to say that Su Yu felt the same way.

Su Yu said: "I know, leader, I will be careful, right, leader, did you seem to have information about muscle men?"

"Well, you want to know?" Xuan Nv nodded slightly.

"Of course, since the muscle man is already following me, I think I need to understand the muscle man deeply!" Su Yu shook his fist, and the muscle man put too much pressure on him.

This time it seems that the muscle man did not intend to kill him this time.

Although the fight is powerful and fierce, it is far from the true strength of the muscle man.

"Okay, let's go back to the Monsters Detective Bureau with us first? Tonight you should stay in the bureau to prevent a muscle man from returning!" Xuan Nv said.

Later, the group returned to the Monsters Detective Bureau. Su Yu first read a chapter of the novel to Island Turtle who had pestered him, and then read the information about the muscle man.

Su Yu was shocked when he saw the first information about the muscle man first, and said, "Well, is the muscle man so fierce? He almost killed the black coffin? How strong is this muscle man? No wonder I felt there is something wrong about the muscle man, it's turned out that he had just finished a battle! "

Xuan Shui was not far from Su Yu. He heard Su Yu exclaim and pushed the chair to Su Yu and said, "If you divide it according to the danger level, the muscle man's super power level is likely to have reached the Black level. It is said that the black coffin is also at the Black level, muscle man can fight against the black coffin and hurt him. The danger level of the muscle man would not lower than the Black level.

Of course, it's not easy to reach the black level. Maybe it's a rumor that the black coffin is at a Black level. It's likely he is at Yellow level one which can erupt the strength of the Black level. "

Su Yu nodded silently, and then curiously said, "That Xuan Shui, what about you and Xuan Nv, which level?"

Xuan Shui glanced at Su Yu and said, "Why, just want to know our power level?"

Su Yu frowned and smiled: "Hehe, it's just curious."

"Okay, then I'll tell you, if our power is calculated according to the danger level, we are at Yellow level one, but sometimes we can erupt Black level power after the outbreak.

Of course, according to various factors such as the type of super power and the degree of the outbreak, the power that can be outbreak is also different. Some are relatively strong after the outbreak, and some are relatively weak. "

"What is the case of that muscle man?" Su Yu said.

"It should be a relatively strong one after the outbreak! To be honest, the muscle man gave me the same feeling of danger!" Said Xuan Shui, patted Su Yu's shoulder and said, "Xuan Zhen, you have to be careful. "

Su Yu exhaled, "I know, Xuan Shui, I will be careful, yes, Xuan Shui, can you analyze what level I am now?"

"You?" Xuan Shui looked at Su Yu, "Your current danger level is at best Yellow level eight!"

"What? Am I so weak, and the gap with muscle men is too great!" Su Yu said uncomfortably.

Xuan Shui was speechless after hearing the words. How long did you have super power, no more than two months?

He felt that Su Yu was showing off, but there was no evidence!

Chapter 90 Shapeshift

"There is one last question, Xuan Shui, why are your levels stuck in Yellow level one?" Su Yu asked.

Xuan Shui glared at Su Yu and said, "You think the super power man at the Black level is everywhere? Easy like buying cabbage, and you can buy some with only a few cents? There is a huge bottleneck between the Yellow level and the Black level. There are many people are stuck at the Yellow level one?

However, we are already at the entrance of the black level, not to mention others, I have explored the trick to step into the Black level, maybe I will enter the Black level tomorrow! "

You can say such big words, your family knows?

Su Yu thought in his mind, but his mouth said: "Then I would like to congratulate you in advance entering the Black level, and by the way, what is the level of the Skull King in the Bone Land?"

"Why are you still having problems?" Xuan Shui said: "Did you said just now, it was the last one?"

"I treat you dinner, and the place was free to choose!" Su Yu patted his chest.

"Well, Xuan Zhen, I don't mean that ... The Skull King, according to your description, the lowest level is also at Black level three. At this stage, it is qualified to be king in a group."

Su Yu took a sip of cold air: "I haven't died in that land, I'm really great!"

Xuan Shui said calmly: "No, you have already died once!"

Su Yu: "..."

Su Yu asked all the questions. He continued to look at the information of muscle men. There was not much information about muscle men. All of them were after the muscle men joined the black coffin. Before that, they were all blank.

The muscle man is a ruthless man. From the record, the super power men who have died in the hands of muscle men have exceeded two dozen.

And all the dead super men have the same characteristics. Those super men all have approximate strength enhancement power. Some are strength enhancement, some muscle reinforcement, and some bone reinforcement.

Before these men died, they had contact with the muscle men for a period of time. This is why after the muscle men contacted Su Yu, Xuan Nv and others asked Su Yu to be careful of the muscle men.


The next day, Su Yu's injury caused by the muscle man was almost recovered.

It was overcast, and some of the people in the bureau was out to complete tasks, but Xuan Nv and Su Yu did not receive any task, they can only continue to stay in the bureau.

At eight or nine o'clock in the morning, Jisong was completely covered by overcast clouds, especially over the Songan River, and the area was even darker.

The sky was thundering and thundering, and the storm was a big storm. Thunder like silver snakes thundered in the sky.

Banging ~

The thunder rang through Su Yu's ears constantly, shaking the whole building.

At this moment, a flash of thick lightning fell into the sky, shining in the dark sky.

Island Turtle at this time glanced in the direction of Songan River, "Meow" and then spit bubbles in the water.

Su Yu watched the dazzling lightning disappear, and the thunder gradually disappeared, and smiled at the people who were still in the bureau: "How does the weather feel so familiar? Shouldn't another dragon fall?"

"The dragon species is not that fragile. That corpse dragon degenerated because of being calculated. There are not many dragons, and the shadow of the dragon will not be seen for several years." Xuan Huo took a sip of hot tea and held a newspaper Look, it looks like an elderly person!

This heavy rain lasted all morning, and it didn't clear up until noon. Su Yu and others went to the cafeteria and brushed the news with their mobile phones while eating.

"Fuck, Xuan Zhen, you jinx it! Did a dragon fall again, just in Songan River!" Xuan Tu looked at a news on his mobile phone, and others also looked at Su Yu with strange eyes. You jinx it!

Su Yu smiled awkwardly and didn't answer, nor did he think that there would be a dragon falling again.

Although the news on the Internet is blocked quickly, most people will not believe that there is a dragon in this world even if they see it. But Su Yu and others are not ordinary people, and at a glance, they know that the news should not be faked.

This means, they might have a task now, and everyone returned to the office after lunch in the cafeteria.

As soon as they entered the door, Su Yu and others saw a group of people in black standing in the office. On the open space in the office, there was a huge box.

There are seals on the big boxes.

Beside the box, a man in black was talking to Xuan Laogua, and Xuan Laogua nodded from time to time.

They didn't bother their conversation, but just watched. Until five minutes later, the black man left, leaving a large wooden box here.

"Come, come and have a meeting on the spot!" Xuan Laogua claped his hands and call the people in the office.

"Boss, what's in this box? Oh, I see, it's going to be a holiday next week, this box has the welfare for us?" Xuan Tu said, looking at the huge box. Xuan Tu calculated it, this is the Mid-autumn Festival gifts, Ah!

Xuan Laogua rolled his eyes and said, "You are thinking too much! I pay you so high salary, and still want benefits? What do you want to buy yourself?"

Xuan Tu scratched his head and said, "If it's not welfare, what would it be?"

He lay on the box and sniffed. "How can I smell a fishy smell?"

Xuan Dian said: "Is there a living thing in this box?"

"Okay, don't guess. Do you see strange news about the mission objective? It is in this box!" Xuan Laogua patted the box and said.

After hearing the words, everyone looked at each other and Su Yu said, "In the box?"

"Yes!" Xuan Laogua gave a thumbs up to Su Yu.

"How is that possible? Boss, the dragon's paw is bigger than this box!" Su Yu said, unbelieving.

Xuan Nv frowned and then she thought about something, then she said, "Is this dragon Shapeshifted, caused the heavy rain this morning?"

There was a hint of envy in Xuan Nv's eyes.

"Well, Xuan Nv, you're right, so, this dragon has just completed its Shapeshift in the morning!" Xuan Laogua nodded.

"Shapeshift? What's that?" Su Yu heard it a little confused. He felt that Xuan Nv and others are a little gasped after heard this news.

"Shapeshift is a heterogeneous statement, meaning that the original shape can be Shapeshifted into a human shape. Usually, the monsters that succeed in Shapeshift, the danger level is all from the Yellow turned into the Black level!" Xuan Shui explained beside Su Yu.

Su Yu heard the words clearly, and understood why the Xuan Nv and others showed envious expressions. This is envious that the dragon inside can enter the Black level.

If he were them, he was stuck in the bottleneck for so long, and he was also envious of others when someone crossed the bottleneck!

But Su Yu didn't understand it, it all succeeded, why was the dragon packed in the box and became the task target?


Chapter 91 Ao Tian!

"Well, you can discuss it later. I will now announce the content of this mission. Before that, I will designate the person who will participate in this mission, Xuan Kong?" Xuan Laogua waved and interrupted the discussion.

Xuan Kong: "Yes!"

"Well, for this mission, you will be in charge of the team leader, Xuan Nv assists Xuan Kong, and the team members are Xuan Zhen and Xuan Tu. Your task content is to protect the dragon. Until the dragon has completely shapeshifted, and has the ability to leave and return to the Dragon Nest alone, or wait until another dragon from the Dragon Nest to picks up this dragon.

The dragon itself is of treasures. Many people are staring at this dragon. We must keep it safe. "

Xuan Laogua asked loudly.

"I see, boss!" The named people looked at each other and yelled loudly.

"Ok!" Xuan Laogua nodded his head with satisfaction. "Yes, very energetic, good young people. Come, let's see what the mission goal looks like."

Xuan Laogua bent down, tore off the seal, and then picked up the crowbar and began to pry ~


With a sound, the lid of the box was opened, and a faint fishy or watery smell came through clearly.

But no one cared about the smell, all looking at the creature in the box.

Inside the box was not a dragon, but a person, except that a pair of coral-like horns were grown on the head. It was very similar to the dragon-man in the film and television drama. He was wearing a white robe, wet and full of water stains. He is in a coma.

"This is the shapeshifted dragon? So how did the big one shrink to such a small one?" Su Yu asked.

"His, I haven't studied the dragon that can shapeshift, I really want to dissect him!" Xuan Yi looked at the shapeshifted dragon, beamed. This is the second body that Xuan Yi is interested in now.

"Wow ~ so cute!" A female colleague screamed with both hands holding her heart.

"Hey, the dragon horns look good. After the shapeshift, the dragon horns look much better than the unshaped dragon horns!" Xuan Tu said, then stretched out his hands and grabbed the dragon horns.

However, when Xuan Tu was about to touch the horn, suddenly, a bright light illuminates the office area.

At the same time, coercion began to permeate the air, and everyone seemed to have been shocked. Fortunately, the coercion passed away and quickly disappeared without causing any adverse effects

Dragon coercion!? Su Yu raised an eyebrow. During the corpse dragon incident and the bone land incident, Su Yu felt two dragon powers, but this time, the dragon powers were more deterrent.

That light was emitted by the dragon, who awakened from the coma, a pair of bright golden eyes staring directly at the Xuan Tu, and said, "Human, what are you doing? Want to touch my noble dragon body Huh? Delusion! "

The dragon said that it didn't even look at Xuan Tu's face. It got up from the box and glanced around: "Human, why am I here? What is this place? Who put the noble me into this dirty wooden box? "

Everyone heard the words and looked at each other, and they all realized that this shapeshifted dragon is definitely not an easy to get along with, and it has been emphasizing that 'noble me' is enough to show that the other is proud.

But it is understandable, after all, it is a dragon, and the dragons are proud!

Xuan Laogua coughed gently, attracted the attention of the dragon, and said, "Mr. Dragon, I am the director of the Monsters Detective Bureau, and now I will explain to you the situation! Oh right, How should I call you? "

Hearing Xuan Laogua's words, the dragon brow bounced, a memory in its head popped out, and said subconsciously: "Here is the Monsters Detection Bureau, the former name is Xuan School?"

"Well, it seems that Mr. Long, you know that you know our bureau, it will be easier, and I don't need to explain it anymore!" Xuan Laogua clapped his hands slightly exaggeratedly.

The next moment, the dragon immediately tightened his face, and said blankly, "I don't know!"

Yo ~ This is still a dragon that says yes and means no, and everyone nodded tacitly.

The dragon continued: "Don't call me Mr. Dragon, it's not my name, my surname is Ao!"

"Surname Ao, are you called Ao Bing? Hey, where is your little Nezha?" Xuan Yi asked.

"I'm not Ao Bing, my name is Ao Tian, who is Ao Bing? Who is Nezha? Who are you? Why are you talking nonsense? Are you sick?" Ao Tian frowned, its eyes slightly disgusted. Looking at Xuan Yi.

What the FFFF!

Xuan Yi immediately froze, what is this look?

Staring at Ao Tian, Xuan Yi said, "Hey, you long worm, believe it or not, I will unload you eight pieces and study you thoroughly?"

"Bold!" Ao Tian was angry. Dragon coercion flashed away again, and said, "You, a human woman, dare to insult the noble dragon, are you wanna die !?"

"No, no, Mr. Ao, you must have listened wrong, Xuan Yi said nothing!" Xuan Laogua came out to say, winked at Xuan Mu. Xuan Mu understood what boss means and pulled Xuan Yi away from the office.

Xuan Laogua coughed quickly and broke the topic: "Mr. Ao, now I will tell you about your current situation. You are now in our Monsters Detective Bureau.

You have just entered shapeshift and have not completed the process, and now your power is not available, so before you have completely shapeshifted and restored strength, your security will be guard by our Monsters Detective Bureau. "

At first, everyone thought that Ao Tian would say something to express its disagreement and so on, and stay proud.

But the next moment, without waiting for Xuan Laogua to finish his words, Ao Tian said, "Okay, I promised that before I regain my strength, you can guard safety for noble me!"

Su Yu and others are very surprised. Ao Tian is absolutely very clear and thorough understanding of its current situation.  

"Hahaha, Mr. Ao, that's good!" Xuan Laogua laughed: "Come on, Mr. Ao, I will introduce our members to you now, and the detective colleague responsible for protecting you. He……"

"No need!" Ao Tian interrupted Xuan Laogua.


Xuan Laogua didn't quite understand what Ao Tian meant, and Su Yu and others were very confused.


Chapter 92 Su Yu, You Can Chat With Ao Tian

Ao Tian was finally willing to stand up from the wooden box at this moment, and said, "You don't need to tell me their names. Their names are not enough for the noble dragons to know."

(╬ ̄  ̄)

Hearing it, Su Yu, Xuan Nv, Xuan Kong, Xuan Tu are all angry, this guy can easily make people angry!

Xuan Laogua feels a headache. Why are these dragons all the same when they are young? It's too easy to make people angry!

Xuan Laogua looked at Su Yu and others with an angry expression, and quickly said, "Mr. Ao, take a rest here first, and I need to chat with my staff members!"

"You can go now!" Ao Tian waved his hand gently, looking extremely proud.

Xuan Laogua smiled and didn't care, and pushed the four out of his office. On the outside, he said, "Xuan Kong, you have to bear with Ao Tian. They were all the same temper when the dragons were young. Be patience, it does not take a long time, only a few days! "

"How to bear? Boss, how long is this task? I'm already angry now. What is it proud of, what's so great about the Dragons?" Xuan Tu complained.

Su Yu also said unpleasantly: "Boss, explain in advance, I have no other meaning. But you are so kind to that Ao Tian? Are you afraid of the dragons? The dragons are strong?"

Xuan Laogua laughed and said, "Fear? Oh, the human race is now the master of the world. Our human race is no need to afraid of any other species. I'm just polite to Ao Tian. The Dragon race is bad temper. They can be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force.

I don't have so much time to explain with the dragon, just need to lower the attitude, and endure the patience, then the task finished. So you guys also endure, it will go away in a few days at most!"

Xuan Tu pouted his lips, not to mention a few days, he felt unable to get along with Ao Tian for several hours.

"Yes, we will listen to you!" Xuan Kong agreed first. He didn't have such a feeling of resistance. Although Ao Tian is very annoying, Xuan Laogua is able to bear it.

Xuan Nv nodded, her face frostily. She agreed, but no one knew what Xuan Nv thought.

Xuan Laogua looked at Xuan Tu and Su Yu and knocked on the table. "Xuan Zhen and Xuan Tu, you have to take a correct attitude. This is a task. You have no reason to refuse. You only obey the order. Now, do what I said before, protect Ao Tian's life, and endure it until the end of the mission. Do you understand? "

"Yes, boss!" Su Yu immediately obediently agreed.

"Yes, boss!" Xuan Tu reluctantly agreed with a long voice.

"Go out, the mission starts now!" Xuan Laogua said after rubbing his temples.


Outside the boss's office, the four stood and Xuan Kong said, "I will be the leader of this task, and I will listen to my arrangements for a while. I have no other requirements, just do what the boss said. Xuan Zhen, you are good at social, the task of communicating with Ao Tian is left to you!"

"Ah? Give it to me?" Su Yu heard the words startled, "Xuan Kong, are you kidding me?"

When you hate a person, the best way is to ignore him and not communicate with him—although he doesn't know who said this, Su Yu believed it. Su Yu had already planned it. Do not communicate with Ao Tian, so that he can shield Ao Tian's annoying index to the lowest, so as to spend the next few days that may be difficult.

But now Xuan Kong even pushed him the most difficult front, which made him a little bit surprised.

"I am not kidding? You look at the four of us. If you don't communicate with Ao Tian, who can? Would you let Xuan Nv go or Xuan Tu or me?" Xuan Kong said.

Su Yu listened to Xuan Kong's words, looked at Xuan Nv, Xuan Tu, and Xuan Kong, and then nodded with a bitter smile: "Well, it looks like only I am suitable for this job!"

"Be happy!" Xuan Kong stepped forward and patted Su Yu's shoulder. "This time, it's hard for you. When the mission is over, I invite you to eat. You can eat whatever you want. "

How does this sound familiar?

Su Yu tilted her head and said, "Okay, that's it, I'll go to chat with this dragon, Ao Tian. Here is our place, although it is a dragon, you have to be polite to me! "

"Good!" Xuan Kong gave a thumbs-up to Su Yu: "Let's go, don't let Long Ao Tian leave our sight for too long!"

Anyway, the four people walked towards the office area. The office area was quiet, except for the sound of the Island Turtle blowing bubbles from time to time, there was only the sound of the host computer. The most lively place in the bureau was empty at the moment. There is only one dragon.

"What is Long Ao Tian doing?" Xuan Tu whispered to the others.

When the four of them walked into the office area, they saw Ao Tian, uh, Ao Tian was about to put its face into the computer screen at this moment, its eyes bloomed with brilliant light, full of surprise.

"Su Yu, go!" Xuan Kong pushed Su Yu to go ahead.

Su Yu shrugged and walked towards Ao Tian.

When heard the footsteps. Ao Tian stood up straight, look neither right nor left, turned and stretched a face, proudly said: "What's going on with you guys? How can you come back so late? How can you let noble me waiting for so long? "

Su Yu rolled his eyes in his heart but said with a grin on his face: "That's really sorry. What are you looking at just now? This is a computer, hasn't Mr. Ao seen it?"

"Haven't seen it? You just said that I haven't seen com... computer? Of course, I have seen it, I am a noble dragon. I just don't like to use it!" Ao Tian seemed like a cat whose tail was trampled. Immediately jumped up.

Seeing this, Su Yu smiled, even said: "Yes, yes, you are right, noble dragons have seen everything, I said something wrong, have you played computer games?"

"???" Ao Tian heard that, this is the first time he left Dragon Nest and came to this world. It was also the first time that he saw that thing called a computer, let alone a computer game.

Ao Tian wanted to ask what a computer game was, but when he saw Su Yu's smile on his face, he felt so depressed that he couldn't ask, humming: "Game? I've played enough, I'm tired now, I want to sleep, where is my dragon bed? "

"Come with me, and now I will take you to your Dragon Palace to rest!" Su Yu laughed and led Ao Tian towards the staff quarters.

In the distance, Xuan Kong gave Su Yu a thumbs up, and after several rounds of confrontation, Su Yu took the upper hand, and his heart feels extremely comfortable.

Chapter 93 Ao Tian Wants To Go Out

"Mr. Ao, are you going out?" Early the next morning, Xuan Kong frowned and looked at Ao Tian. In his heart, he wanna refused Ao Tian's request.

"Why? Can't I go out?" Ao Tian raised his head slightly, squinting at Xuan Kong.

"Of course, but I don't recommend you go out now. You should know your current situation. You are powerless now, but you are a treasure for many ordinary people. It would be better if you can stay at the Monsters Detective Bureau until your strength is completely restored! It is the most sensible choice! "Xuan Kong said.

"What if I have to go out now? I don't want to stay in your little bureau box until strength is restored, I want to go out for a walk!" Ao Tian stubbornly refused his recommendation, he was very eager to look at the outside world.

This is the first time that Ao Tian left Dragon's Nest and came to this world. Time is not much. He doesn't want to stay until the strength recovers. By then, he must return to Dragon's Nest.

"Mr. Ao, for your safety, I think you ..."

"You human beings are gabbling, and I'm going out. Can you stop me? You don't wanna or you have no ability to protect me at all?" Ao Tian said: "I am now Go out, you can't stop me! "

"You ..." Xuan Kong felt some blue veins jumped on his forehead and his blood pressure rose.

"Well, Xuan Kong, leave it to me!" Looking at this, Su Yu stepped forward and patted Xuan Kong's shoulder.

"Xuan Zhen, did you see and hear it just now? You advise Mr. Ao, for safety reasons, it is best not to go out!" Seeing Su Yu stepping out, Xuan Kong was relieved. ​​He felt that he would be mad if he continued to talk with Ao Tian.

"It's useless, Xuan Kong!" Su Yu shrugs his shoulder and said, Su Yu could feel Ao Tian's determination to go out.

"Yes, it's useless, you can't stop me. If you won't let me go out, then I will sneak out by myself. If something goes wrong, you will all be responsible! Today I must go out to play!"

"You ..." Xuan Kong was so angry that his neck slightly swelled. He pointed at Ao Tian, ​​couldn't speak for a long time, and then shouted at Su Yu: "Is it reasonable? Is this making sense?"

Su Yu rolled his eyes, why you shouted at me.

"What's wrong? Do you want to tie me up? Okay, anyway, I will recover my strength just a few days later." Ao Tian once again straightened his neck yelled.

"Well, Xuan Kong, didn't you asked me to chat with him yesterday? I came to talk to him." Su Yu said, holding Xuan Kong walked to aside, and said, "Xuan Kong, it looks like, we can't stop Ao Tian's determination to go out to play. I think it's better to follow his wish. If he wants to go out, let him go out to play. ”

"But ..."

"Xuan Kong, do you really want to tie him up? We can't! If he sneaks out, the problem is even bigger. He will go out to play, we will follow, at least he is under our control.

If he sneaks out, we can't see him. If something is wrong, we might not be able to save him even if we want to. "Su Yu whispered.

"I know you're right, but I still don't think it's good to go out! Maybe it's a good  idea to tie him up!" Xuan Kong said.

When he heard that, Su Yu said it secretly: Brother, you're so stupid. In fact, he was very willing to support Xuan Kong to tie Ao Tian up. So that Ao Tian can't go out. Those who stared at Ao Tian didn't dare to rush into the Bureau, Ao Tian at the Bureau is absolutely safe.

However, I was afraid that Ao Tian would sneak out, which would make things in a very bad situation.

After contacting with Ao Tian yesterday to the present, Su Yu has seen that although Ao Tian looks like an adult, his mind is not very mature, a bit like a rebellious child in adolescence. If you don't let him do it, he just does it.

Therefore, the chance of Ao Tian's sneaking out is extremely great.

The thoughts turned quickly, and Su Yu wondered if there were the best solution for both sides.

"Forget it, let him go out if he wants to go out, Xuan Zhen, and you communicate with him!" Xuan Kong suddenly gave up his insistence at this time, he also knew that he could not really tie Ao Tian up. Rather than let him Ao Tian sneaked out, it might be better to go out with him.

As for going out, what will happen? Xuan Kong smiled, he knew in his heart.

"Huh?" After hearing the words, Su Yu was a little surprised, but Xuan Kong was the first to give up, wondering: "Xuan Kong, aren't you insisting not going out? You know, I support you!"

Xuan Kong rolled his eyes and said, "Come on, when Ao Tian recovers his strength, he will hit me, not you! For my own safety, I compromised."

"Well, I'm speechless for this reason!" Su Yu was surprised, so you are afraid of being beaten!

"Okay, don't talk to me. Go talk to Ao Tian and talk to him more about the conditions!" Xuan Kong took Su Yu's arm off his shoulder and said.

"Oke, leave it to me!" Su Yu said in a strange tone, then walked towards Ao Tian, looking up at the ceiling from time to time.

"What? Humans, you are here to persuade me not to go out? Tell you, I am going out today!" Ao Tian glanced at Su Yu with a squint.

"No, no, you misunderstood me, Ao Tian, I didn't come to persuade you, I came to tell you that you can go out to play, and Xuan Kong also promised to let you go out to play!" Su Yu quickly said.

"Huh? Really?" Ao Tian's eyes opened widely and almost jumped up, then immediately realized that something was wrong, and coughed softly: "Emm, considering his compromise, I will forgive him a lot!"

"Yes, you are really a kind dragon!" Su Yu said immediately, but secretly silent, very curious how Ao Tian grew up in the dragon's nest. He did not been killed by other dragons, really a miracle.

"Huh, human, you are a good man, I like you!" Ao Tian hummed.

"Oh, my pleasure!" Su Yu smiled, and then said: "In order to ensure your safety, however, I have a few requirements and I hope you can agree when you have to go out to play."

"Okay, you say, as long as it's not too much, I can consider agreeing!" Ao Tian groaned, shake his hands, and then tidy his robes, thought that he would have to have fun when outing. When he was in Dragon Nest, he heard that the human world has a lot of fun things.

Consider about it? Su Yu's mouth twitched and said, "First of all, if you want to go out to play, you need to change your clothes, and your dress is definitely not appropriate in this time."

"Why? Is there anything wrong with my clothes? I don't want to wear your human clothes and your clothes don't deserve the noble me!" Ao Tian heard the words and looked at the robes on his body.

You pig head!

Su Yu can only scold secretly, but with a smile on his face, "Your clothes are so eye-catching, we have never worn them this way, and your dragon horns must be covered. This is my condition. I hope you agree, otherwise, I won't agree with you going out. "


Chapter 94 Scam

Although Su Yu's face was smiling and polite, his attitude was very tough.

Ao Tian silently looked at Su Yu for a few seconds, and then said impatiently: "Okay, okay, I promised you this request, what more requirements, hurry up."

"That's great!" Su Yu smiled from his heart this time: "The second requirement is that you don't leave us too far, tell us where you want to play, and tell us everything you wanna play, can you?"

"Okay!" Ao Tian simply nodded this time: "Okay, can we go out and play this time?"

"There is one last request!" Su Yu stretched out a finger.

"One more? Okay, say it, let's think about it!" Ao Tian frowned.

"Finally, you shouldn't touch it if we ask you not to touch a thing!" Su Yu said.

"Okay, okay, I promise you all, shall I go out and play now?" Ao Tian said impatiently, like an impatient child.

"Of course, you can change clothes with me now, let's go out to play." Su Yu grinned, and gave a few thumbs to Xuan Kong.

Ten minutes later, the new image of Ao Tian appeared in front of everyone, the gorgeous robe was gone, but ordinary clothes, and a hat that was buttoned on his head, which perfectly blocked the two dragon horns.

They are quite satisfied with Ao Tian's look now. He definitely does not be eye-catching when he goes out. Only Ao Tian's face is impatient. These clothed are not deserve wearing in his noble dragon body. But when he thought about going out to play, his impatience disappeared.

They did not break their words, and immediately took Ao Tian out of the Bureau, drove to the city center, wandering with no purpose.

"Wow, what is this?"

"Oh my God, is this your human toy?"

"Oh, you humans really like play."

Along the way, Ao Tian's exclaiming sound continued and was curious to see everything, and felt very funny. There was no pride or irritating words now, and he is no different from a child.

Su Yu introduced to Ao Tian from time to time. Xuan Kong, Xuan Nv, and Xuan Tu were alert to the surrounding situation and did not relax at all.

Soon after the four Su Yu left the Detective Bureau, actually, they felt that someone had been following them.

But they just remain silent.

"Huh, there are a lot of people who stare at Ao Tian. These people are more courageous than before. Is it that our bureau has hit them too little recently?"

Feeling eye-sights staring at us coming from the surroundings.

"Ao Tian is more attractive to them than we thought, but it is also good. The more people who stared at Ao Tian, it is also good for us. We only need to protect Ao Tian. They will restrain each other's actions. No one dares to shoot at will! "Xuan Kong said.

"I hope so!" Xuan Nv said coldly.



In a building, several Raven members stood silently on the top of the building, overlooking the street, and saw the movement of Su Yu and others in their eyes.

"Hei Yan, shall we start?" Asked the ghost spider with a flower rope between her hands.

"No, we don't need to. Let 's take a look at the chaos today. Dragon core is of no use to us. It can only get dust in the utility room. Today, the dragon becomes the target of all the people. A lot of people! "Hei Yan smiled and said.

A figure appeared out of thin air and was transparent. He said, "It's quite a lot of people. I looked around just now. At least fifteen forces have followed this dragon."

"Oh? That's quite a lot, but so many forces are restraining each other here, and they probably won't act. No, this is very bad, I may not see a drama of chaos!

Hei Wu, you go to kill those weak forces. Don't let them disturb us watching the drama. "Hei Yan pinched his chin.

"Okay!" Hei Wu nodded with a smile, his body receding into the black mist and disappeared.


"Can you feel it, the sight staring at us was disappearing? Did they give up and leave?" On the street, Xuan Kong frowned slightly, wondering and asked.

"Maybe, it's also possible that those forces are killing each other, kicking the weak ones out, and then battle against us." Xuan Nv said, looking around: "We should be careful!"

"This Ao Tian really will give us trouble. How can there be such a mess in the bureau?" Xuan Tu yawned. He had a bad rest last night and was in a bad mood.

The three of them whispered and followed closely behind Su Yu and Ao Tian.

At the moment, Ao Tian was playing Doll Catching. He was so excited that although his technology was too bad, he was full of excitement.

"How? Am I terrific !?" A box of coins was thrown into the doll catching machine, and Ao Tian finally succeeded in grabbing a dragon-shaped doll.

"Yes, yes, you are very good!" Su Yu said perfunctorily, feels something wrong, is this mall so lively? There are too many people here.

And the number of people seems to be increasing, walking towards the doll catching machine.

"Ah, there is a doll catching machine here, I want to play it, darling, I wanna play it!"

"Son, go, Dad will take you to catch the doll."

"Grandma, you want to catch the doll, okay, let's go over here, excuse me, let my grandma get a pass, she is eighty, but the body is not good, be careful!"

Various conversations sounded, and more and more people surrounded the doll machine.

Something wrong!

Su Yu felt very wrong, and grabbed Ao Tian's arm and went out, and said, "Ao Tian stop playing, we should go home for dinner!"

"Ah ?? I haven't played enough!" Ao Tian said unwillingly: "Ah, that man, that machine is mine."

"I said, we should go home for dinner, you said you would be obedient." Su Yu stared at Ao Tian said.

Although he was dissatisfied, Ao Tian still said, "Okay, go back. Our dragon clan can obey our promise, let go, I will leave."

Ao Tian shook off Su Yu's palm and strode out of the crowd with a big stride.

"Oh ~"

A painful cry suddenly sounded, and on the way of Ao Tian, a gray-haired old lady slipped to the ground.

"Grandma, are you ok? Who hit you?" A young man shouted beside the old lady.

"It's him, my grandson, the young man in the hat hit me, eh, my thigh, my leg, it hurts me! Grandson, you catch him, don't let him run away, eh ~ "said the old lady, raising her finger pointed at Ao Tian. Ao Tian did not understand this situation and showed a blank expression.

Chapter 95 Mi Xin's Power

Pa ~ Just listening to the crisp sound, the young man grabbed Ao Tian, hugged Ao Tian's thigh tightly and shouted, "I caught you, don't want to leave, and hit my grandma, You are responsible!"

"Yes, catch him, why are young people like this now? After hitting an old lady and still want to run away?"

"Oh, the world is getting worse. I don't even want to talk with those young men now?"

People around him began to condemn Ao Tian.

Ao Tian finally came back from his thought, frowning, "What are you talking about? This old lady fell down on her own, it has nothing to do with me. And you, let noble me go, you can't touch me!"

"Oh, you listen to what this young man said! You see, this young man is so shameless. He hit me and don't even dare to admit, whoops, who will justify for me, I am just such an old lady!" The old lady was crying, but no tears shed.

"Well, what a shame, how do those young people study? What books do they read? Don't know respect for the elderly? Social scum, this young man is definitely a social scum, you must not let him run away!"Exclaimed an old man.

"Yes, you can't let him run. We won't let him away. I don't believe that so many of us can make him run away?"

The others were in anger and grabbing at Ao Tian.

As soon as Su Yu get in the crowd, he saw this scene,

Looking at the young man holding Ao Tian's thigh, and the old lady who kept humming on the ground, he knew what was going on, Its a  fraud.

"Ao Tian, what's going on?" Su Yu asked beside Ao Tian.

"I don't know, this old human lady just fell down by herself, and then she framed me that I hit her. This man was holding me by the leg and don't let me go!" Ao Tian saw Su Yu, he breathes a sigh of relief, but he was quite angry. He was shocked that humans had such an ugly side.

Su Yu believed Ao Tian's words and said, "Okay, just wait, let me deal with it, we have encountered fraud!"

"Fraud?" Ao Tian asked a question.

Su Yu didn't explain it, but said to the young man holding Ao Tian's thigh: "Could you loosen your hand first? So many people are here, he can't run!"

"No, I can not let him go, you are with him!" Said the young man. "You don't give a good solution, otherwise, I won't let you leave."

Su Yu heard this and sneered. He didn't have any good feelings about these rogues who committed this fraud, and he didn't have much patience. He grabbed the young man's arm and pulled it off. The young man looked at Su Yu with wide eyes, as if to say, why are you so strong?

"Thank you for your cooperation!" Su Yu smiled and patted the dazed young man on the shoulder.

Then he looked at the old lady and smiled, "Ma'am, are you sure he hit you?"

"Yes, he hit me, and he knocked me off all of a sudden. The big guys saw it. You can't deny it. You can't leave before explaining how to deal with it!" Said the old lady.

Su Yu frowned and looked at the crowd around him, "You all saw it?"

"Yeah, we all saw it!"

"That's right, he bumped the old lady, but doesn't admit it, it's really annoying."

Hearing that, Su Yu was shocked. The scale of this fraud group was a bit large. Su Yu did not see what happened but still believed in Ao Tian.

"Did you really see it? Don't lie, this is a shopping mall, there is monitoring!" Su Yu said.

"What happened to the surveillance? He hit her, and you want to harbor him? You are also not a good person!"

"Well, I think we should catch you too!"

"What they said is reversing black into white, Xuan Zhen, are you humans so abominable? Make me feel nauseous!" Ao Tian looked at the crowd around and felt disgusting.

"I also hate these nonsense guys! But, don't be partial, most human beings are good people, and these people you see can not represent the whole human race!" Su Yu whispered beside Ao Tian.

"What do you mean?" Ao Tian asked with an eyebrow raised.

"What's the matter?" Xuan Kong and the other two crowded into the crowd and came to Su Yu and Ao Tian aside. Xuan Kong asked with a frown.

Su Yu immediately said briefly, the three understood the course of the matter immediately, and Xuan Kong said: "Those people have already begun, is she?"

"Except for Mi Xin, I don't know who else has this skill!" Xuan Nv said, her eyes glanced around, looking for the figure of the woman.

"It looks like, the muscle men didn't hurt them badly, and they came out to do bad things every other day!" Xuan Kong rubbed his forehead with a headache.

"The woman of the black coffin? Are these people under her control?" Su Yu remembered the beautiful woman who had appeared in the corpse dragon incident.

"Most of the people, right? It's a troublesome ability!" Xuan Kong said unsurely.

"How to lift Mi Xin's power? If we don't lift this power, these people won't let us go." Su Yu asked.

"Should we just forcibly rush out?" Xuan Tu said, glaring at Ao Tian, ​​think that they wouldn't have such trouble if they did not come out.

"No, we can't use super power here. It's difficult to forcibly rush out. Didn't you see it? No gap of the crowd was left for us. Because she knows that we will not harm ordinary people.

I think if we dare to rush out by violence, Mi Xin will control people and block us desperately. We are right in her trap if we rush out by violence. "Xuan Kong shook his head and was not recommended this solution.

"Excuse me, let us in, we're here to catch people." At this time, a shout came and a few people in security clothes separated and walked in.

Several security guards walked directly in front of Su Yu and others and said, "We have all seen the situation here in the security room. It really happened that he hit someone. Let him go with us and go to the security room and wait for the police to come! "

A security guard reached out and grabbed Ao Tian, but Su Yu grabbed his wrist and said, "Did you really see?"

"Of course, you think I am telling a lie?" Said a security guard.

Su Yu, Xuan Kong, and others looked at each other and understood that these security guards were also controlled by Mi Xin.

They made eye contact and Su Yu said, "Okay, we can accompany him to the security room, but please don't grab him!"

"Hmm!" The security man snorted, and took out his wrists and rubbed, "Since this is the case, just follow us!"

Chapter 96 Great courage

Soon everyone followed a few security guards to a huge room, not a security room but a warehouse.

Xuan Kong looked at the storeroom and said, "Good place to battle, and not afraid of being seen by the police."

As soon as Xuan Kong's words came to an end, the security guard in front stopped, and so did the followers.

Then these people crooked their heads and looked at the five of them, then rushed to the five like crazy, each of them had pink light flashing under their eyes.

Xuan Nv snorted: "You thought that you controlling ordinary people to attack us so that we would not dare to counterattack? Huh, are you too disdainful of us?"

"Gravity field!" Xuan Nv said. She spread out her gravity field.

The rumbling sounded, and they immediately pressed these people to the ground. Xuan Nv said: "Let's go!"

Su Yu lifted his thumb, that's awesome, this control is so good! Su Yu can see that Xuan Nv only pressed these people to the ground without hurting them, at most slightly bumping.

Mi Xin controlled those to do it here, although it was for their own convenience but also gave Su Yu and others the conditions to use super powers, and the situation was instantly controlled by Xuan Nv.

Immediately, they were about to went out, but just a few steps away, a woman lying on the ground looked up and said, "Giggle, I really didn't expect that the Xuan Nv of the Monsters Detective Bureau would use super power against ordinary people.

Hmm, this is really a bit overwhelming.

However, are you so dismissive about my power? It's not so easy to walk away!"

This woman was not Mi Xin, but it was Mi Xin to speak through this human mouth. After she said it, the crowds who were pressed by the gravity made a low roar, one by one began to struggle to get up from the ground, and their faces turned red.

Xuan Nv was snorted, and gravity increased a little bit again and pressed those people to the ground again.

"Xuan Nv, stopped, damn it! " Xuan Kong yelled suddenly. Because he saw a person's arms were bent, blood had leaked out, already injured, but still struggling to get up, did not feel the pain, like crazy.

The woman giggled again: "It's not my fault. You should blame Xuan Nv. I just gave an order to these people. If Xuan Nv didn't use super powers, how could they be injured? You say, right? "

"Despicable!" Xuan Nv said coldly, and at the same time slowly withdrew his super power. Those people stood up from the ground and continued to attack on the five.

"Act, knock them down!" Xuan Kong said, his body flickered and appeared behind them. He knocks them down with a hand knife. Su Yu, Xuan Nv, Xuan Tu, and the three were also used their hand knife to knock others down, stop them close to Ao Tian.

Although there are a large number of people, they are ordinary people after all. In the face of Su Yu and Xuan Nv and etc. they can not close to Ao Tian at all.

At this moment only the woman has not been knocked down. Seeing those people, she smiled and said, "Oh, sure enough, I can't beat you down with only this little trick. You guys resolved these people so soon. Even I, Mi Xin is kind of fall in love with you guys! "

"Mi Xin, what's your idea? What are you going to do?" Xuan Nv said.

The woman giggled and said, "Guess, if you guess, I'll tell you, well, it's time, my dears, goodbye!"

Then the woman fell down, and Mi Xin's spirit had left the woman's body.

At the same time, in a room not far from here, she opened her eyes, and there were other members of the black coffin in this room.

The moment Mi Xin opened her eyes, Bao Po asked: "What about the situation?"

Mi Xin shook her head and said: "It really didn't work out with this little trick, but it's ok. We have planned, now the people in the Monsters Detective Bureau should take that the dragon to the Bureau!"

"In this case, let's go. Follow the plan. This time, you must get the dragon core, even if we have to start a war with the Monsters Detective Bureau!" A man shrouded in a black robe said, this man is not someone else. He is the leader of the black coffin organization.

"Yes, boss!" Mi Xin, Bao Po and others, all shouted.

A huge black coffin appeared in the room, the coffin cover opened, the members of black coffin rushed in, and the black coffin disappeared.


On the other side, after Mi Xin leaving the woman's body, the five of them went back to the Bureau.

In the car.

Ao Tian asked: "The one you said, Mi Xin is staring at me? She is weak, can only use some small means. If my strength is restored, a breath of the dragon will burn her."

"Well, Mi Xin is indeed staring at you, but she is just one of them. Don't underestimate this woman. I don't know how strong you are, but this woman is definitely not weak." Su Yu said.

"What do you mean? Do you mean that I'm not as good as that timid woman? Our noble dragon is the strongest!" Ao Tian said uncomfortably.

"Yes, yes, you are right. Your Dragons are the strongest. I did not say that you are weaker than her. I just let you be careful of her. Mi Xin's power is very special and it is easy to be fooled. You saw it just now, so many people were controlled. "Su Yu said quickly, be quiet Ao Tian.

Ao Tian did not refute this time but nodded: "The power of mind control is indeed not easy to deal with. If you cannot find the ontology, it is not easy to defeat the other party. If you are firm, you will not be controlled. The will of our dragons is beyond her control! "

Su Yu heard the words stunned, and did not expect that Ao Tian would say something like this, if he did not say the last words, it would be perfect.

Under the driving of Xuan Nv, the car was moving steadily and quickly. It was already possible to see the drug store where the Monsters Detective Bureau was located. A few people were relieved. In the cognition of several people, even if they were crazy about the dragon core, they would not dare do anything near the bureau!

But at this moment, the sudden change happened. They underestimated the determination of the black coffin this time.

A huge, uncovered black coffin appeared on the ground. Xuan Nv had no time to brake. The car had been carried into the black coffin with five people on it!

"What bravery!" Xuan Kong angered, and did not expect that the black coffin and others really dared to do it here.

Chapter 97 Firepower

No matter how angry Xuan Kong was, their reaction was slow. They underestimated the black coffin and got trapped.

The car plunged into the huge black coffin, and when the coffin lid closed, the huge black coffin disappeared.

Su Yu and others felt that the sky was turning, the eyes were dark, and the feeling of weightlessness swept through.

I don't know how long after that, with a bang, the vehicle fell heavily on the ground, the window glass was all broken, and the five were dizzy and fell.

"His ~ It hurts!" Su Yu shook his head, quickly waking up, and saw the high-rise streets on both sides disappear, and replaced by dense forest.

Xuan Nv and others also gradually sobered up and looked at Ao Tian are relieved. Although Ao Tian has no power, the physical body is still much stronger than ordinary people. Such an impact did not cause him substantial harm. He was just a coma.

"What is this place? We moved to another place?" Su Yu asked.

"This is the power of the Black Coffin. He transferred us here. The environment should be a tropical area, but I don’t know where it is. Be careful. People of the black coffin may launch attacks at any time. I will try to open the space door and teleport us back! "Xuan Kong said.

"Yeah!" A few people nodded gently, kept alert from the surroundings, and waking Ao Tian at the same time.

After a while, Xuan Zhen shook his head and said, "No, the space door cannot be opened. It seems that the members of the Black Coffin are fully prepared. Blame me. If I can realize the intention of the black coffin in advance, we won't be here now! "

"What's the use of talking about those? Now it's not about who is right and who is wrong. What we have to do now is to find out what the place is and how can we go back!" Xuan Nv said.

"Be careful, jump!" Su Yu suddenly felt a palpitation and shouted, and at the same time grabbed the still-dizzy Ao Tian and jumped out of the car.


Just after jumping out, a rocket bombarded the car and exploded it into pieces.

The shock wave lifted the four of them out of the ground and fell to the ground. At this moment, Ao Tian was waked up and yelled, "Who? Who dares to attack the noble dragon, how dare you!"

Idiot! Su Yu heard that he rolled his eyes. They want to kill you now. Who cares if you are a dragon?

He was speechless, but his movement was not slow. He grabbed Ao Tian and dragged it to his side. After hiding in a bunker, he shouted, "Shut up if you don't want to die. Your body can't bear the bullet now. "

Da da da ...

Then a bullet hit the place where Ao Tian was just now.

"Are you okay, leader? Who is attacking us?" Su Yu asked Xuan Nv and others beside her.

The sound of gunfire continued, and bullets hit the bunker, striking large swaths of dirt and dead leaves.

Although these bullets can’t injure them, at least, there are more than a dozen machine-gun bullets, they can still resist the attack, but when they are shot, the pain will still hurt, and no one wanna bear the bullets.

"I don't know, but these people definitely are together with the black coffin people. Their goal is very clear. Knowing that we will appear here, and attacked us immediately after we appear!" Xuan Kong said.

Huh! boom!

Another rocket struck, bombarded the bunker, exploded, the earth shuddered, the bunker disappeared within a short while, and countless dirt was blasted into the sky.

"Xuan Tu, you protect Ao Tian. You have the strongest defense power, and at the same time cover us as much as possible. Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen and I fight back. We cannot be beaten like this!" Xuan Kong quickly ordered.

"Yes!" they responded, and Xuan Tu didn't hesitate to deal with Ao Tian's safety.

As for Ao Tian?

At this time, no one would care about his opinion, a protected guy, this time should only be obedient.

"Stonewall!" Xuan Tu's palms slap the ground, and the ground shakes. Stonewalls appear in front of everyone, blocking the enemy's fierce gunfire.

At the same time, Xuan Kong, Xuan Zhen, and Xuan Nv rushed out from behind the wall and rushed towards the direction of the fire.


Su Yu punched in the air, a buzzing sound, the shock power rushed, the sound of cracking and cracking of glass continued to sound, dense cracks were densely scattered in the air, and then the air broke apart. The ammunition's bullet was immediately shaken off, and a rocket bomb exploded in the air.

At this time, all three of them heard the exclaimed sound from the dense forest, about three or four languages. Su Yu did not understand what the other party said, but these languages ​​were a little familiar.

Xuan Kong and Xuan Nv both had their eyes brightened, and Xuan Kong said, "I know what is here. It should be the poison triangle. No government can control this chaotic zone, it's fine. The black coffin actually transported us here! "

Su Yu raised his eyebrows, but the name of the poison triangle is like a thunderbolt in his heart. This is a very chaotic zone, a place outside the law, where a large part of the world's crimes is breeding.

"No need to be kind! There is no good person here!" Xuan Nv said coldly.

Just now they don’t know where it is, so even in the face of attack, they were mainly defense, not attack at all, fearing to hurt innocent people, but there are basically no innocent people here in the poison triangle, especially those people with weapons.

Xuan Nv's voice dropped and took the lead, and the sword came out and slashed out in the direction of the firepower place.

Gravity Slash!

Om ~ the gravity wave is pushed out horizontally, crushed all the way, the moment when the rocket bullets bombarded the gravity wave, they are crushed and crushed by the gravity wave.


The gravitational wave finally hit the dense mountain forest, making a roar, and it became bare all at once.

On the sides of the gap, many people with guns and slightly darker skin carrying bazookas, opened their mouths and looked at the blank space next to them.

The intense gunfire at this moment stopped for a moment, and they were a bit dumbfounded by Xuan Nv's attack.

But just for a moment's pause, more intensive gunfire struck again, and rockets flew out of the dense forest and blasted at Su Yu and others.

Xuan Nv's gravity chop cuts out again, chopping the incoming bullets and rockets.

Boom boom!

The explosion sounded continuous, the shock wave was heavier and heavier, the power of Xuan Nv and was continuously retreated by the shock.

Rumble ...

The ground was shaken, and armored vehicles were launched from the dense forest. The muzzle of the artillery muzzle pointed at Su Yu and others.

Boom Boom ...

The next moment, the terrifying firepower net shrouded four people and one dragon!

Chapter 98 Chase Battle

"Fuck ~ These guys are crazy? Do you need to attack us so badly?" Su Yu scolded as he watched the armored car driving out of the dense forest. These people even used this heavy weapon.

No one answered Su Yu's words, because the next moment the horrible firepower net shrouded everyone began to struggle with defense.

"Retreat first, discuss later!" Xuan Kong laid a layer of space barrier in front of himself, and all the attacks hitting it was wiped out by the force of space and disappeared.

But Xuan kong's defense is not invincible. It can be seen that when machine guns, artillery, etc. continue to attack him, Xuan Kong's face gradually turns white.

The defenses of Xuan Tu and Xuannu are also gradually hard. In the face of such fierce heat weapons, people even at the ranks of Yellow level one are also a bit difficult.

Su Yu is even worse, his level is Yellow level eight. If it were not for his shock power, Su Yu would not have been able to survive from this firepower. Sweat had completely penetrated Su Yu's clothes.

Hearing the words of Xuan Kong at this moment, Su Yu breathe a sigh of relief, and quickly merged with Xuan Nv and others. Xuan Nv and Xuan Tu erected an ice wall and stone wall behind them to block the enemy's attack.

They also took advantage of this opportunity to plunge into the dense forest behind them.

"Yeah ~" The enemies shouted from behind. The enemies seemed to be celebrating their victory. Xuan Kong, Xuan Tu, Su Yu's nose almost crooked because of angry.

However, they did not turn back to fight with the enemy again, but went directly to the deep forest. Their super powers are not endless. The fighting power just consumed a lot, and each person's super power consumed at least half.

"Damn, those desperate have come after him!" Xuan Tu ran all the way with Ao Tian, ​​feeling the earth-shaking, and he didn't need to look to know that the enemy had not given up on them.

Da Da Da ... There are constantly fire guns coming from behind, and Su Yu and others use trees as shields to blur enemy attacks.

A jungle chase started here. It's clear that these enemies were very determined to put them to death. Various attacks continued along the way. There were even tank cars on the way to join the pursuit. Although a tank loaded with artillery shells could not kill them, it was enough to bring some harm to them.

With the addition of tank cars, the enemy's firepower has increased, and Su Yu has consumed more power.

"No, in this way, our power will be consumed by them sooner or later. We must change the plan. You two, Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu, are responsible for protecting Ao Tian, ​​without launching an attack.

Xuan Zhen and I will attack the enemy to contain them. Xuan Zhen, we need to switch to ensure that our super powers are full. Our real enemies are not those in front of us, but those members of Black Coffin. They do not appear now, they must be waiting for the opportunity. "Xuan Nv said, while retreating.

Xuan Zhen nodded slightly and agreed. "Okay, just do it!"

"Xuan Zhen, follow me!" Xuan Nv heard the words and immediately turned, rushing towards the enemy: "Kill the enemy with me!"

"It is good!"

Su Yu gave a quick response, and he was a bit of depression before because they can't fight back. Now, the idea of Xuan Nv coincided with him.

Alas ... the two broke out their super powers, they speed-up and turned into afterimages. They rushed to the enemy who was chasing them down. At the speed of two and the reaction speed of ordinary people, they couldn't hit them at all.

However, the enemy's gunfire was too dense, and some stray bullets would hit them.

Dangdang Dangdang!

There were constant stray bullets hitting Su Yu's body, and the sound of metal impacts was heard, and countless sparks rose from Su Yu's body.

"Satu Rumanda!"

"Satu Rumanda!"

A speech that Su Yu couldn't understand sounded. They looking at Su Yu's eyes a little frightened, and then attacked even more fiercely. Endless bullets shot towards Su Yu as if these bullets are for free, and the tank opened fire at the same time.

Boom boom ... A metal cannonball blasted towards Su Yu, passing with Su Yu with scorching airflow.

The hot heat curled Su Yu's hair, giving off a scorched smell.

Su Yu flickered from the left to the right, constantly changing direction and moving forward quickly, approaching a tank in the enemy's exclamation.

"Dead!" Su Yu punched it with his fist.

With a loud noise, Su Yu's fist banged on the thick armor of the tank.

Immediately, the tank's armor was deeply sunken, and the entire tank was crushed and deformed.

At the same time, the huge force smashed the tank high, and Su Yu hugged the tank of the tank. In the horrified eyes of the enemy, he lifted the tank and smashed it to another tank.

Dangdang Dangdang ~

The roar sounded, and the two tanks smashed together, and instantly became two scrap iron.

Su Yu didn't stop, jumped up, and the blue halo and blue arc appeared at the same time, and his body fell like a meteorite to the enemy's densest place.


The ground was smashed into a large pit by Su Yu, and the surrounding enemies were blown out.

"Hahaha, try this trick!" Su Yu laughed and punched the ground.

Humming ~

The moment the fist hit the ground, the shock power surged, the sound of cracking of the glass continued to sound, and the dense cracks continued to spread around Su Yu's fist as the center.

Then crumble!

The earth cracked, shattered, and bounced in a moment. Within a radius of a kilometer, as if a large earthquake had occurred, the enemy instantly beat down, and vehicles such as armored vehicles and tank cars were overturned and trapped in the ground.

The shock power swept past, and the enemies vomited blood!

However, there are many enemies, and Su Yu's fist only solves less than one-tenth of the enemies!

Su Yu fought fiercely, and Xuan Nv was even more fierce. Gravity power was bloomed, and a tank-armored vehicle was controlled by Xuan Nv to fly high into the sky and then fell to the enemy.

After some big moves, Xuan Nv resolved more than one-tenth of the enemy.

However, at this time, Su Yu and Xuan Nv both looked at each other and chose to retreat. This time, the fighting cost them much power, and it was not wise to continue the fight.

The real enemy, the Black Coffin, has not yet appeared. Now if their super powers are exhausted and then meet the Black Coffin members again, they have really no resistance.

Alas ... the two turned into remnants and chased in the direction of Xuan Kong, Xuan Tu and Ao Tian retreat, preparing to switch attacking and defense roles with Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu.

The enemies quickly installed themselves and chased Su Yu and others again. They were not scared by the attacks of Su Yu and Xuan Nv. From this, the cruelty of these gangsters in the poison triangle is needless to say. They do not take life seriously at all, whether it is their own life or enemies' life.

Chapter 99 Ao Tian's Wrath

"How's that?" Xuan Kong asked, as Xuan Nv and Xuan Zhen quickly joined the group.

"Some of the enemies have been killed, but there are still many, and new enemies have joined. I am afraid that not all the gangsters in the poison triangle will come and besiege us!" Su Yu said, then looked around without seeing Ao Tian. He asked: "Where is Ao Tian?"

"I'm here, let me go out, abominable Xuan Tu,  you dare to lock up the noble me, you ..." Ao Tian's voice sounded dull, Su Yu looked at it, grin.

A two-meter-diameter earth-colored yellow ball floats over the top of Xuan Tu, moving with the rapid movement of him.

Ao Tian's voice came from the clay ball.

"What's going on?" Su Yu said in surprise, so why did Ao Tian get inside the earth-colored yellow ball?

Xuan Kong smiled and said, "This is to protect Ao Tian's safety. There are too many stray bullets, and he can't keep her hands to himself, so ..."

"So I put him in the ball!" Xuan Tu grinned, his face full of smiles, in a good mood.

Hey, boom!

In the distance, a missile flew at a high speed, bombarded not far from Su Yu and others, and exploded.

Xuan Kong glanced backward and said, "Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, Ao Tian is handed over to you this time, and I and Xuan Tu will play with the enemies!"

"Okay!" Su Yu answered, and Xuan Nv nodded slightly.

"Su Yu, then!" Xuan Tu threw the earth-colored yellow ball to Su Yu, then turned and rushed toward the enemy with Xuan Kong.

Su Yu catches the ball and suddenly feels as if he is sinking, fearing that this ball will be more than weigh thousands of kilograms.

"Let me out!" Ao Tian's voice sounded from the ball: "What do you mean by keeping me inside the ball?"

Su Yu smiled and said, "Mr. Ao, Xuan Tu doing this is for your safety! You would be safer in this ball!"

"Huh, shit, I know that Xuan Tu is taking the opportunity to retaliate against me, Xuan Zhen, quickly let me out!" Ao Tian shouted.

Su Yu grin and think secretly that you were not actually that stupid! He said, "Ao Tian, you have to think about it. Without this layer of the ball to protect you, the danger is greatly increased, and I will let you out when you can leave it! If you out, I can only carry you along the way.

But if you are in the ball, at least I can hold you on my way!

You think about it yourself, there is only one chance! "

"Ah, no chance, I don't need you to hold me!" Ao Tian pissed.

Hey ~ boom!

Another missile landed near, exploded, and the smoke billowed!

"Have you considered it? Only you say you want to come out, I will break this ball!" Su Yu said loudly.

"I, I, I wanna stay in the ball!" Ao Tianji said, his face turned into red.

Su Yu almost laugh. Although Ao Tian was a dragon, he still knew that he has to compromise in this situation.

Su Yu did not go to laugh at him, holding the ball to take a big step and started to run.

Behind him, gunfire and explosions kept ringing. Obviously, Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu were already fighting the enemy.

About ten minutes later, Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu came back panting, Xuan Tu cursed: "This group of people are really tenacious. They are not afraid to fight like this. How much commission is this Black Coffin to these bandits in the poison triangle? What makes them so desperate? "

Xuan Zhen's face was gloom, and the fierceness and tenacity of the enemy surprised him, guessing that the black coffin should have given a huge amount of benefits to letting these bandits attack them so hard.

Of course, the possibility of being controlled by Mi Xin is not ruled out.

But the latter may be very small. Mi Xin has just controlled so many people in Jisong City, and now it is not so easy to control other people. Mi Xin is not God, and her super powers are not infinite.

Even if Mi Xin can still control some people, it will never be able to control too much. It is impossible to control all the bandits in the poison triangle area. None of the people who can become the poison triangle bandits is simple. Willpower is absolutely super strong.

Even if the people can be controlled, it is at most one or two. The poison triangle is not an easy place to live, and these bandits are not easy to be controlled.

Xuan Kong thought about it. Only enough interests can make these bandits so crazy.



The black coffin could not come up with the money that made the bandits heartbeat. These bandits did not lack a small amount of money, what was missing was big money, and this is exactly what the black coffin couldn't get.

Then the remaining benefits ... Xuan Kong looked at Ao Tian in the ball dragged by Su Yu.

The dragon is full of treasure, and the dragon core is chased by people such as the Black Coffin. The black coffin people will certainly not let them take core away. Then the rest of Ao Tian can completely seduce the bandits in the position triangle.

Xuan Kong felt like he had figured it out, guessing that his thoughts were infinitely close to the facts.

"Xuan Kong what are you thinking?" Su Yu asked when he saw Xuan Kong's face changed constantly.

"Oh, I'm thinking why these gangsters are so crazy!"

Xuan Kong didn't conceal his thoughts and uttered his thoughts.

Su Yu nodded and said: "Xuan Kong, you are very reasonable, but I think there are other things that can make these gangsters so desperately attacking us. Think about it, these gangsters are ordinary people, even if they get Ao Tian's body, how can they use it? Just eat it directly? "

"You humans, shut up, how dare you! You, you are so greedy, I, I want to go back to the dragon nest!" In the ball, Ao Tian heard what Xuan Kong and Su Yu said.

The group of humans is really too bad, too greedy, and too terrible, even all of them ... Ao Tian feels full of malice.

Ao Tian was so angry that he wanted to give a dragon breath to blow all the humans who wanna kill him.

Hearing Ao Tian's voice, Su Yu remembered that Ao Tian was still here.

Feeling Ao Tian's anger, Su Yu quickly said: "Oh, Ao Tian, don't be angry, we are just analyzing it, it is for your safety considerations. Just understand what benefits the black coffin people drive these gangsters' actions, we can find ways to undermine their cooperation!

As long as the cooperation between the two sides is undermined, at most we only have to deal with the enemy on one side, Ao Tian, do you think it makes sense? "

Speaking of this, Su Yu winked at other people.

Three people understand in seconds!

Xuan Kong said: "Yes, Mr. Ao, everything we do is based on your safety."

Xuan Tu said: "Rest assured, we will never let those bad people hurt you."

Xuan Nv blinked: "Hmm!"

Ao Tian was silent in the ball for a while and said, "Okay, okay, you're right, you continue to analyze!"

Chapter 100 Calculation

Su Yu and others smiled when they heard the words, Xuan Kong said: "Su Yu, you continue to say what you haven't finished just now, I feel like I have a new idea!"

"Okay!" Su Yu nodded and continued: "What I said just now is that ordinary people are useless to get the dragon's flesh and bones. More accurately, they don't know how to use it, and it's like a trash ... a furnishing! "

"Hum!" Ao Tian snorted loudly.

Xuan Kong smirked abruptly: "Su Yu, I know what you think. You mean that the person of the black coffin must provide additional methods of using the dragon body."

"Yes, only in this way can Ao Tian be more valuable!" Su Yu said with a loud voice.

Xuan Nv said at this time: "It seems that the black coffin has mastered the means of artificially creating super power men!"

"Huh?" Su Yu asked in curiosity: "Leader, artificial?"

"Yes, yes!" Xuan Kong took the conversation: "But such technology is difficult, the success rate is very low, and some methods also violate some taboos, such as the use of dragon blood to create dragon blood warriors, once found will be subject by the Dragons, of course, the people who use this method will also not be forgiven by the dragons.

The Dragons do this to deter others and let others don't dare to kill ​​the dragons. "

"Is that so? Ao Tian." Su Yu asked.

"Well! If someone wants to build a dragon blood warrior with dragon blood and other things, he will indeed be hunted down by all dragons!" Ao Tian said.

Su Yu nodded, but he did agree with the dragons' idea.

Buzz ...

Just then, dozens of black spots in the distant sky came quickly, making a humming sound.

Then a blaze of fire burst out from the black dot!

"Crane, gunship? Are all these things used?" Xuan Tu could not help but cursed, and then ran away.

The same is true of several people in Su Yu, sweating coldly.

Boom boom ... One after another fireball rose in the jungle, and a series of explosions happened beside Su Yu and others.


"Hahaha, blast, blast, damn blow them away, these guys are really resistant!" In a huge camp, a special uniform with a beard in the center's military account looked at the screen, laughed.

There are other people wearing special military uniforms. These people do not look like soldiers, but instead, look like bandits.

These people are also laughing, these fierce bandits are exactly those who are the gangsters of the poison triangle. Today they are all gathered together because of an interest they can't refuse, that is, they can become super power men and build a super power man groups of their own.

There are other people in the camp. If Su Yu and others are here, they will be able to recognize at a glance that these people are the black coffin organization. In addition to the muscle men who betrayed the black coffin, Bao Po, Mi Xin, etc. are here.

The bearded man smiled for a while and looked at the black coffin that had been shrouded in black robes: "Black coffin leader, what do you think of our people and their equipment?"

"Although the equipment is not the best, the subordinates are the most fierce warriors. If they can get the dragon blood, they must become an invincible team!" the last words are faked, the dragon blood fighters are powerful, but they are only better than ordinary people.

Invincible? Hehe, the black coffin was said just to the bearded man and others.

From the perspective of the black coffin, when the bearded man and others created the Dragon Blood Warrior, they were basically sentenced to death, sooner or later.

In addition, the Monsters Detective Bureau will not let them go.

Cooperation does not exist. The black coffin is just making use of the bearded man and others.

A group of gangsters who can only fight, only the value used by him, the black coffin glanced at the bearded man and others, sneered in his heart.

"Hahaha!" The bearded man laughed again, feeling very happy. In the current situation, it seems no problem to kill Su Yu and others. Su Yu, four super power man, that dragon, they can get them all!

As for cooperation with the black coffin? Hehe, the bearded man smiled, and the method of creating the Dragon Blood Warrior was already in use, and he will not cooperate with the black coffin, of course, he will kill the black coffin.

If it were not for the black coffin members to have super powers, the bearded men would like to do it now, and then the black coffin will be destroyed here. Then the other bandits here will be killed, and they will directly be the king in the poison triangle.

"Congratulations!" The black coffin smiled.

"The black coffin leader, how long do you think we need to kill the four?" The bearded asked again.

"Kill?" Hearing this, the black coffin leader smiled.

The beard frowned and said unhappily: "What do you mean? Black coffin leader, what's so funny on earth?"

"Sorry!" The leader of the black coffin said, "I hope you don't mind, but what do you seem to have misunderstood? The super power men are not so easy to kill. They can escape.

Although your members are powerful, they are still a lot worse for the super power men.

If the super power men are easy to kill, there is no need for you to create Dragon Blood Warriors.

Those with super powers are very different from ordinary people. "

The somewhat angry bearded man and other bandits had heard the words of the black coffin and pondered for a while, all agreeing with the words of the black coffin.

If the super power men are not strong and are easy to die, then they really don't need to build any Dragon Blood Warriors.

The bearded man laughed: "So how can you kill them and grab that dragon?"

The other bandit leaders in the military camp hear the words and looked at the black coffin and others.

The black coffin smiled and said, "Oh, when the time comes, we will naturally attack!"

When speaking, the black coffin stood up and said to Bao Po: "It's our turn now!"

"Yes, boss!" Bao Po screamed.

"Giggle, I am looking forward to it!" Mi Xin smileed, the bearded man and others in the military camp couldn't help but swallow a spit, this woman is really a fairy.

Ci Shou frowned and said, "I didn't have a chance to fight last time, this time I can finally have a good fight!"

Snake Girl smiled and didn't say anything, but her forked tongue stretched out and licked her lips.

"Come on, surprise the people in the Monsters Detective Bureau!" The black coffin waved, and the black coffin turned into a stream of light before the bearded man and others, who did not even notice how the black coffin and others left.

The bearded man saw, this light flicker in his eyes, no one know what he was thinking!

Chapter 101 I Think ... I Want You To Stay Away From Me

Buzzing ~ The sound of the split air of the spiral wing is clear, the armed helicopter is floated ahead, and heavy weapons are fired as if fire snakes.

The gunship roared, pouring firepower at several people at Su Yu.

Balls of flames bloomed in the dense forest, and Su Yu and the others fled in the forest.

Xuan Nv glanced at the gunship in the sky, and said coldly: "Xuan Zhen, you go first. I have to destroy these gunships, otherwise, it is impossible for us to get rid of enemy tracking! "

"I'll go too!" Su Yu groaned for a moment and said, "It's not safe for you to go alone."

"No, you can't fly!" Xuan Nv refused flatly.

Ah, Su Yudun felt that a steel knife had been inserted into his heart, and his heart growled, it was not my fault that I could not fly.

"Haha, Xuan Zhen, you stay here with Xuan Tu to protect Ao Tian, Xuan Nv and I will destroy their helicopters!" Xuan Kong laughed.

Xuan Nv groaned slightly and nodded in agreement with Xuan Kong's decision.

Immediately, the two men braved the rain of gunfire and flew towards the gunship.

Su Yu and Xuan Tu continued to take Ao Tian to run. Su Yu watched Xuan Nv and Xuan Kong who had flew to the armed helicopter, and said unwillingly, "Xuan Tu, how can I fly?"

"If you want to fly, at least you must have Yellow level four.

Of course, except for some special super powers, some powers can also fly when they wake up. "Xuan Tu thought for a moment.

Su Yu's expression darkened. His power was far from Yellow level four.

"Oh, by the way, for some special super powers, they also can't fly no matter what level they are, even though awaken super power. I don't know what your super power type is." Xuan Tu continued.

"No, really? Can't fly? Isn't it pitiful?" Su Yu grin, and sympathized with those who were awakened and could not fly.

As for the words behind Xuan Tu, Su Yu ignored it directly, and he believes his power can fly.

Boom ~

At this moment a huge explosion came, a huge firelight bloomed in the air, and a helicopter was blasted by Xuan Nv volley.

Xuan Nv and Xuan Kong gave full play to the advantages of small size, flexible movement, and fast speed, and they quickly shot down five helicopters.

Seeing this scene, all the bandits were heartbroken. They ordered the evacuation of the armed helicopters, and the loss of one was a huge loss. They didn't want to lose all.

The most important thing is that the people of the black coffin have already started, and the bearded man and others feel that there is no need to do fearless waste, so they begin to order no more chase and prepare to retreat.

These people are shrewd.

The armed helicopters retreated, but Xuan Nv and Xuan Kong did not go after them, but let these armed helicopters leave. Now the most important thing is to protect Ao Tian and leave the poison triangle instead of fighting with the enemy.

Xuan Kong and Xuan Nv quickly reunion with Su Yu. Su Yu said, "Leader, do you think there is something wrong? The enemy's pursuing power seems to be much smaller, especially on the ground. After those gunships appeared, all seemed to retreat! "

"Stop first!" Xuan Kong suddenly said, and everyone stopped immediately, Xuan Kong sense it seriously, a moment later, he said: "Those enemies are going away, they are retreating!"

There was no joy on everyone's face when they heard that, things were strange.

Xuan Tu said: "What are these gangsters doing? Obviously they have the upper hand! But now, they choose to retreat. It makes no sense!"

"They're not retreating, they're replacing!" Xuan Nv said, slamming a long sword out of the sheath, and suddenly chopped off towards the air ahead.

Hum ~

Gravity Slash!

With a click, a deep, huge crack appeared on the ground, and a huge black coffin appeared out of thin air.

Boom ~ Gravity chopping bombarded the black coffin and made a huge sound.

However, the black coffin was safe and sound, without a scratch.

Seeing this, Su Yu, Xuan Kong, and Xuan Tu all looked solemnly. It's time to come.

Squeak ~ The coffin board made a harsh frictional sound, slowly opened, and the black coffin and other members came out.

"Sure enough, you are the one. Do you really want to go against our bureau, black coffin?" Xuan Kong's eyes narrowed slightly. They have five people, and we have only four people along with Ao Tian. It's not a good situation.

"I don't want to do this, but dragon core, we have to get it!" The black coffin enveloped in a black robe said.

Xuan kong: "Then no other way?"

Black coffin: "No way!"

"Hit then!" Xuan Kong took a deep breath, and then shouted, "Go!"

Our fighting strength is weaker than the other party, and it is not appropriate to fight hard with the black coffin. As long as we get out of the signal blockade and the space force blockade, we will be safe.

We can choose to fight back or retreat as our wish!

However, at this moment, it is still important to retreat and protect Ao Tian's security.

It is the smartest choice not to fight with the black coffin.

Hearing Xuan Kong's words, Xuan Nv and Xuan Tu followed Xuan Kong's action without any delay.

As for Su Yu, he was dragged away by Xuan Nv, and somewhat dizzy.

Originally, when he heard the words of Xuan Kong, Su Yu thought they were going to fight.

But did not expect the last moment, Xuan Kong came to a turning point, almost broke Su Yu's waist.

The black coffin and others were also stunned, and watching Xuan Kong and others who were fast run away, a little surprised.

"Oh, it really is the person of the Monsters Detective Bureau. Everything is the best choice to complete the task. Let's chase it!" The black coffin smiled after realized. Then he moved to chase.

Bao Po, Mi Xin, Ci Shou, and the Snake Girl quickly followed,

A new chase began in the dense forest. There was no dense smoke, no bursting gunfire, but it was more dangerous than before.

"Hahaha, don't run, do you guys of the Monsters Detective Bureau only run away? How disappointing! Why didn't Xuan Huo  come? I still want to settle my personal grudges with him!" Bao Po laughed.

Mi Xin is chasing and giggling, "Xuan Nv, don't run so fast, I will soon be unable to catch up with you, hey ~ Xuan Nv, why are you still so cold? Let me melt you!

New brother, don't run so fast. I'd like to get to know you. What do you want to talk about? We can talk everything, or we can talk about life now? "

"Really, everything?" Su Yu asked.

"Well, everything is OK, I will make you satisfied." Mi Xin said with a charming smile.

Su Yu: "I think ..."

Mi Xin: "What do you want, little brother? You say it boldly, don't be afraid of your leader!"

Su Yu: "I think ... I want you to stay away from me!"

Mi Xin: "..."


Chapter 102 Battle

Lol, ~ Xuan Tu and Xuan Kong laughed loudly when they heard what Su Yu said. Xuan Nv also laughed.

Originally, they saw Su Yu talk with Mi Xin. They thought that Su Yu was fascinated by Mi Xin.

And they did not expect Su Yu to be like this.

A little naughty!

However, it feels very cool. Should the woman behind meet this kind of person for the first time?

Xuan Kong, Xuan Tu, and Xuan Nv all looked back, Mi Xin's face was indeed extremely red.

"I want you to die!" Suddenly, how Su Yu dared to joke with her.  She is so charming, no one treats her like this.

"Don't you, don't you said I can say anything?" Su Yu replied, running faster, this woman goes crazy.

"Xuan Kong, you can't run away here! Haven't you found out yet?" The black coffin shouted at this time, while calming Mi Xin's anger.

As the words came out, Xuan Kong asked, "What the hell did you do?"

"What did I do?" Black Coffin grinned and said, "I made a lot of arrangements to prevent you from running away. I know that you will go in the direction of Hua once you run away, so the road to Hua was blocked. On the ground, including the blockade in the sky, there is no way for you to run away.

Of course, you can also choose to change your way. But your super power is not enough to change to another way, right?

Therefore, you now have the only one choice, fight against us, fight for your life, and the winner will leave.

Or, if you hand over the dragon, we can live in peace. "

The black coffin is getting to the point. It is the worst choice for Xuan kong and others.

Xuanzang's face turned gloomy. In fact, he had noticed it before a long time, but he didn't expect it to be true. He should change the retreat plan when he noticed it.

"This is not your fault, Xuan Kong. We have no choice. We can only go back to the nearest road. Keep alert, there must have traps on this way, we have to choose to go this way, right?" Xuan Tu said it when he perceived Xuan Kong's regrets.

"Well, Xuan Tu is right. We are already in the trap, and I would choose to go back.

If we choose to go in another direction, the situation maybe even worse. We are not familiar outside Hua.

Although the gangsters before were fiercely hunted down, it was obviously a tactic forcing us ran in this way. If we did not choose to go in this direction, they would force us to go in this direction. "Su Yu said.

"There's no need to blame yourself, it's a tough battle!" Xuan Nv said coldly.

Hearing the words, Xuan Kong's eyes were shining, and he smiled: "Yes, you are right, we have never been afraid to battle with anyone in battle!"

During the conversation, Su Yu and others have traveled a few miles in the dense forest, and more than ten kilometers away from the state border of Hua.

But Su Yu and others stopped here because they realized that the danger was hidden ahead.

Xuan Tu uses his super power. A bulge appeared on the ground tens of meters ahead.

The next moment there was a big bang there, a huge flame rose, and numerous earth and stones flew up.

"There are a lot of mines buried in the road ahead, and they are very powerful. They should be intentionally made." Xuan Tu said.

"Can't fly away, they blocked the skyspace, and the black coffin is not lying." Xuan Kong looked up at the sky and said, "It looks like you have arranged a lot for the day.

Ha hahaha...

The black coffin and others appeared not far from Su Yu and others, and the black coffin said: "Of course, how can we not make arrangements if we want to battle with the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau?

"So, should we feel honored?" Xuan Kong's tone rose with coldness, knowing that this battle was inevitable.

"If you can feel it!" The black coffin spread his hands, his movements, and tone of the limbs showing his arrogant.

"Little fat man, how powerful are the mines I made?" Bao Po laughed. The field ahead was laid out with mines made by him. In order to get these mines, he started to generate them long ago.

"Just so so!" Xuan Tu snorted, but he knew for sure why the power of the mines was so great.

"Kill!" The black coffin screamed suddenly.

"Kill!" Xuan Kong also yelled and fight with the black coffin.

Xuan Nv's long sword came out of the sheath and directly faced Mi Xin and Ci Shou. She needs to handle the pair of two. Only in this way could the two sides' combat power be leveled.

"Little fat man, let's play!" Bao Po blasted the ground, and the ground hummed to the blast.

Su Yu set the ball aside, looked at the cold Snake Girl, and took a deep breath: "Want dragon core? Defeat me!"

Uh ~

Su Yu stepped heavily, a big pit appeared under his feet, and his body rushed towards the Snake Girl like a bombshell.

Snake girl hissed in her mouth, her lower body quickly deformed, her legs turned into long snake tails, and she pulled toward Su Yu like a steel whip.


Seeing this, Su Yu punched and collided with the tail of the Snake Girl, making a loud muffled sound.

Su Yu's body was directly pumped out by the huge force, and he flew out ten meters away before falling.

The Snake Girl was the same and blown out by the huge punch.

Of course, this is not to say that Su Yu and the Snake Girl are comparable in power. It seems that they are evenly matched, but only because Su Yu's power is pure strength power. So Su Yu's power greater.

However, after this attack, Su Yu also knew that the Snake Girl was stronger than him and would not be much better than him. The rank was at most Yellow level three, and it would not be higher.

This is still several levels higher than Su Yu, it is not easy to offset the gap.

And Su Yu also felt that the Snake Girl's injury did not seem to be cured.

Su Yu guessed that the injures left by the muscule man were not recovered. After all, the muscle man nearly killed the Snake Girl not long ago. Such an injury is not easy to heal.

"Snake girl, are the injuries left by the muscule man, right?" Su Yu laughed, and rushed towards the Snake Girl again, his fist broke, and he hit the Snake Girl like an air cannon!

Hearing Su Yu's words, the Snake Girl's face changed immediately, a flash of fear flashed in her eyes, and she said, "Don't mention him!"

The Snake Girl flicked her tail to break Su Yu into the air and evacuated.

Su Yu's eyes lit up: "You are afraid of him? Did he almost kill you?"

"Shut up!" The Snake Girl shouted again, her body swimming quickly approaching Su Yu, her head also changed into a snake-like creature at this moment, and opened a mouthful of poisonous mist to spray towards Su Yu.

Su Yu tipped to the ground, and quickly retreated, avoiding the area covered by poisonous mist.

Zizi ~

The area covered by the poisonous mist even the air emits noisy and corroded sounds, showing the strong toxicity.

Su Yu frowned with a headache, not sure if his skin toughness can withstand the poisonous corrosion.

The battle with Snake Girl is not easy to fight-looking at the poisonous mist, Su Yu thought so.

Chapter 103 Change

Bang ~ A huge explosion occurred, and a round figure flew backward from the exploding black smoke.

"Haha, little fat man, you can't beat me down, you are far worse than  Xuan Huo. If you are killed, don't complain!" Bao Po stepped out from the smoke and dust,  with a smile on his mouth, then punched to Xuan Tu, his fist flashing spark.

"Hum, only after you can beat me, it's too early to claim the winner and loser!" Xuan Tu said, a thick earth shield condensed in front of him.

However, when Bao Po hit the shield, the shield exploded. More accurately, where Bao Po punched will be exploded later. Bao Po's power is an extremely dangerous power.

"Huh! Fine, I'll kill you. I haven't killed anyone in the Monsters Detective Bureau ever!" He snorted.

"Then you can try it, but the chance of being killed may be higher, Dragon Rock Pillar!" Xuan Tu said, hooking his fingers upwards, and a huge dragon-shaped rock pillar rose from the ground where Bao Po stood.

Bao Po was aware of the danger in advance, and the body sideways avoided the attack, while sweeping one leg away, sweeping the stone pillar.

Bao Po holds the broken stone pillar and smashed into Xuan Tu: "Go to hell!"

Dangerous red light bloomed on the stone pillar, and then exploded, and the shock wave of the explosion was shrouded to Xuan Tu.

Bang ~

A huge blaze of fire appeared in the jungle, engulfing an area of hundreds of meters around the jungle.

The fire and smoke dispersed, and a soil cover with a diameter of about five meters appeared on the ground, covered with cracks. The soil cover shattered the next moment, and the figure of Xuan Tu appeared from inside, and his face was a little pale.

Obviously, the explosion just brought a lot of influence to Xuan Tu.

However, Xuan Tu did not choose to retreat, but launched an attack.

The palms of Xuan Tu were closed together, and a pair of huge stone palms appeared from the ground and shot towards the blast from both sides.

Xuan Tu shouted lightly: "Big Buddha!"

With a loud noise, Bao Po was closed between the palms.


"Small space stripping technique!" Xuan Kong shouted, and opened his hands in an eight shaped, forming a rectangular hollow cover to the black coffin.

"Empty coffin!" black coffin pushed in the palm of his hand, and a black coffin appeared in front of him, stopping Xuan Kong's attack.

Alas ~ The two made a harsh noise when they collided together, then both disappeared.

The figure of black coffin moved, grabbed Xuan Kong in a void and yelled, "Buried coffin!"

When the sound sounded, a black coffin appeared out of thin air, and filled Xuan Kong.

The next moment, the black coffin broke, and Xuan Kong stepped out of it. He turned his fingers into claws, scratched against the black coffin, five claw marks appeared out of thin air, and the split void went towards the black coffin.

The battle between Xuan Kong and the black coffin is not as fierce as the battle between Bao Po and the Xuan Tu, but the degree of danger is more severe.

The damage of space super power is absolutely powerful. If one move failed to deal with, either died or disabled.

Therefore, the two are extremely careful when fighting, so the fighting rhythm seems very slow.

In a short period of time, no one knows who will win.

Of course, it may also be because the black coffin did not give out all his power. After all, there are rumors that the level of the black coffin has reached the Black level.


Unlike Su Yu's seemingly evenly matched battle, Xuan Nv's one-on-two battle is showing a trend that Xuan Nv is in an upper hand. Xuan Nv's one-on-two battle is overwhelming.

Both Mi Xin and Ci Shou are angry.

It is not that the two are too weak, but that the Xuan Nv is too strong, and the Xuan Nv broke out in the beginning.

Xuan Nv is extremely skilled in the use of two super powers, and has played a combat power of 1 + 1 far greater than 2.

In addition, Ci Shou's power cannot be used in the dense forest at all. Ci Shou's power is similar to that of Magnetic King. Only in the place with metal can a powerful combat force erupt.

But here is the tropical rain forest, there is no metal at all, and the power of Ci Shou almost becomes a decoration here. But it still useful sometimes, if it is not Ci Shou's power, from time to time, can control the metal sword in the hands of Xuan Nv, and make Xuan Nv strong attacks missed many times. Maybe Mi Xin and Ci Shou were defeated by Xuan Nv.

At this moment, Mi Xin and Ci Shou can only maintain the battle with Xuan Nv.


After avoiding the poisonous mist, Su Yu took a chance to glance at other members, watching the situation of Xuan Kong and others, and breathe a sigh of relief.

At least on the surface, the two sides are now evenly matched as a whole.

However, Su Yu knew that this might be an illusion, because everyone had consumed a lot of power before. In terms of the current fighting intensity, everyone might not be able to persist for too long.

If you want to break the situation, one side must have one win in a battle.

Xuan Kong?

Xuan Tu?

Or Xuan Nv?

As long as one triumph in one battle, the situation can change a bit.

But Su Yu looked at Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu. It was too difficult for the two to defeat the opponent!

Especially Xuan Kong, form looking at the ground and trees that were erased from time to time, Su Yu secretly worried about Xuan Kong.

Xuan Nv's chances of defeating the opponent are the greatest among the three, and Su Yu can only hope at Xuan Nv at this moment.

As for himself, Su Yu has no confidence in himself, and a draw with Snake Girl is already the limit.

Even if the Snake Girl is injured, it is extremely difficult to defeat the Snake Girl.

This was just a few seconds of what Su Yu saw and his own analysis, and then Su Yu quickly returned to his battle and fought with the Snake Girl.

The poisonous mist of the Snake Girl is a great trouble for him, he dare not fight with the Snake Girl in a close distance at all.

Su Yu dare not bet his skin can resist the poisonous mist of the Snake Girl.

Just in case, if he can't resist it, his own life may be ended up here.

Su Yu think, it's okay to die here. But he can't let the Snake Girl go to join any battle, it will break the balance at this moment, which will directly lead to the defeat of the whole team.

As a result, the mission fails, and Ao Tian will be killed by the black coffin!

Therefore, Su Yu dare not act rashly now.

Su Yu himself didn't find out that somewhen, he was caring about not only himself, but began to think about his companion, thinking about the task, thinking about the whole team.

Just when Su Yu was struggling with the Snake Girl, Xuan Nv called Su Yu's attention lightly: "Xuan Zhen, exchange opponents!"

"???" Su Yu heard a word. Exchanged his opponent? Which one to exchange?

The next moment, Su Yu knew, and saw the Xuan Nv suddenly waved with a sword, and a gravity shroud on Ci Shou. Then Ci Shou spits out blood, flying towards him.

Su Yu understood what Xuan Nv's meaning, and after a hard fight with the Snake Girl, rushed towards Ci Shou.

The Snake Girl naturally won't let Su Yu do what he wants, swimming and chasing towards Su Yu.

However, at this time, Xuan Nv shot again. While fighting with Mi Xin, she grabbed a void against the Snake Girl and yelled, "Gravity! Mi Xin, come here!"

Chapter 104 Human Bomb

Xuan Nv grabbed a void against the Snake Girl and yelled, "Gravity! Mi Xin, come here!"

The next moment, the Snake Girl screamed and flew towards Xuan Nv, caught by Xuan Nv's gravity.

The Snake Girl apparently did not expect that Xuan Nv could spare her energy to attack while fighting with Mi Xin.

"Xuan Zhen, Ci Shou's power is not great here, I will hand him over to you to end the battle at the fastest speed, seal it, and then bring it back to the bureau to convict him for his crime. "Xuan Nv said while battling. Snake Girl was dumbfounded.

Su Yu felt very joyful when he heard these words, Ci Shou's power was useless here, how much combat power can be left after fighting with Xuan Nv?

Su Yu saw the hope of victory in this battle and immediately rushed towards Ci Shou that had just landed on the ground.

Ci Shou spit out blood again, it was purely because of aggrieved, and he was totally powerless in this fight.

"Ah, damn!" Ci Shou yelled in depression, and think that participation in this battle was really a wrong decision. The most important thing is, when was his turn into a weaker?

Well, Su Yu think so.

Ci Shou looked at Su Yu who was running excitedly towards him.

But no matter what Ci Shou thinks, how angry, Su Yu already start to battle with him at this moment.

Su Yu didn't want to die, and didn't want Xuan Nv and others to die. Then he had to choose to defeat the enemy. The blue halo and blue arc appeared at the same time on his body. The dual powers erupted, jumping up, throwing his fists at Ci Shou that had just stood.

With a muffled sound, Su Yu's fist fell on the arms crossed by the magnetic hand. At this moment, Su Yu used the skills learned from the muscle man.

Huge power exploded on the body of Ci Shou, there was no unnecessary waste of power, and the force penetrated through the physical body of Ci Shou, and Ci Shou was spitting blood again.

This is not over yet. With a buzzing sound, shock power surged, and the sound of cracking and crackling of the glass sounded, and cracks began to spread around Su Yu's fist as the center, covering Ci Shou.

The air broke down the next moment, and Ci Shou's entire hand was blasted up. Bloodstains appeared on Ci Shou's body, and blood flowed out.

"Ah!" Ci Shou screamed in pain, and then fell to the ground. Ci Shou was very powerful, but at this moment, it was of little use here. Su Yu directly penetrated his defense.

Although the physical strength of Ci Shou is also much stronger than the ordinary people, it is still far worse than the strengthening super man in terms of physical strengthening.

Under the outbreak of Su Yu's dual powers, he hit Ci Shou with a single blow!

From the time Xuan Nv and Su Yu communicated and exchanged opponents, it seemed a long time, but in fact, it was very short. In total, it was less than two minutes. Therefore, Black Coffin and Bao Po saw what happened here.

They saw that Ci Shou was severely hit by Su Yu, and they all changed their faces. They knew that the balance had changed. Ci Shou can't lose this battle. Both Bao Po and the Black Coffin began to break out. They wanted to get rid of the entanglement of Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu to rescue Ci Shou.

But Xuan Tu and Xuan Kong laughed, obstructing the two with all their power.

"Black Coffin, you lost. Have you thought about this situation?" Xuan Kong laughed, and the force of erasing the space attacked the Black Coffin.

Although he could not see the expression of the Black Coffin, Xuan Kong could still feel the anxiety of the other side, which made him very happy.

Xuan Kong continued: "Why not speak? Is it already speechless? Even though there are a thousand tricks, you can't win!"

"Xuan Kong, you talk a lot? Do you think that this will shake my determination, or distracting my mind?" The voice of the Black Coffin came from under the black robe. No one can read his mind.

"You are wrong, Xuan Kong. Before we started, we had made expected the worst situation, no matter how much we paid, we got the dragon core!" the Black Coffin continued.

Xuan Kong heard it, frowned and avoided another attack, and said, "Oh, how do you plan to solve the current situation?"

"Ci Shou, do you know how to do it?" Black Coffin suddenly yelled at Bao Po that was entangled in Xuan Tu.


Hearing Bao Po's shout, Xuan Tu, Xuan Nv, and Xuan Kong all heard the words. Is there another trap awaiting?

Su Yu naturally heard the roar of Bao Po, and he was also confused, and he knows he should be careful in his heart, but he still rushed towards Ci Shou, and the seal stick appeared in his hand.

Regardless of his conspiracy?

Must to seal Ci Shou.

Ah, Ci Shou fell to the ground, splashing a lot of dead branches and leaves. Naturally, Ci Shou also heard what Bao Po said just now, and his eyes suddenly became fierce. Looking at Su Yu, he showed a firm look again.

The next moment, Ci Shou bounced from the ground, and did not retreat. One hand grabbed at Su Yu and one hand grabbed at the seal stick. He grinned and said, "Haha, Xuan Zhen, go with me!"

"Su Yu retreats!" Xuan Kong yelled as if he understood something.

But it was too late, because at this moment, Ci Shou's right hand had caught Su Yu's left wrist, and Ci Shou's left hand caught the Seal Stick

Su Yu was also aware of it. A dangerous breath permeated from Ci Shou, and it was uploaded from the right hand of Ci Shou.

Ci Shou's right hand now emits a weird red light and is expanding rapidly!

"Let go!"

Su Yu shouted. He responded very quickly. When he saw this, he kicked him out directly. This time, Su Yu didn't use the muscle man's power skills.

And just after flying out, Ci Shou's right hand has swelled to a limit, and then a blast exploded, and a cloud of fire enveloped Su Yu and Ci Shou.

"Su Yu!" Xuan Nv, Xuan Kong, Xuan Tu shouted.

"Damn, the Black Coffin, you guys are really cruel. They turned their part of the body into a bomb?" Xuan Kong screamed angrily, looked angrily at the Black Coffin, and launched a fierce attack on the Black Coffin.

"I said, we will do whatever it takes to get dragon core!" The Black Coffin said coldly.

"Black Coffin, you better hope that Xuan Zhen is okay, otherwise, you fled to the ends of the earth, and our Monsters Detective Bureau will arrest you." Xuan Kong said.

"Ah ha ha ha ha ~ Xuan Huo, did you see that, then my latest masterpiece, right, after you hurt me, my ability mutated, can transform a human body into a bomb, Xuan Huo, I would like to turn you into a bomb too! "Bao Po laughed, and a loud blast smashed the huge palms on the sides of his body.

Xuan Tu was so angry that he shouted, "I'm Xuan Tu, a fat man, your brain is really damaged by Xuanhuo. I will kill you and revenge for Xuan Zhen!"


Chapter 105 Strokes

Ci Shou exploded suddenly with itself as a bomb, and the explosion swallowed Su Yu. The tilted balance once again restored its balance.

The billowing smoke was permeating, and it was impossible to see the situation inside. The hearts of Xuan Nv and others were hanging, and it was unknown whether Su Yu was still alive.

Hearing Bao Po's mad words, Xuan Tu was extremely irritable, and roared, "Bao Po, go to the hell ... stab!"

Xuan Tu's palms pressed against the ground, the soil super power erupted suddenly, the earth surged, and stone cones rushed out of the ground and rushed towards Bao Po.

Bao Po continuously punched on top of a stone cone, breaking it apart.

"Cough ..." At this time, a cough sounded, and everyone was stunned. Looking at the billowing smoke, who can still alive?

"Hiss ~ It hurts, why are you guys like to explore? Why don't take life seriously? Life is so wonderful!” The sound came from the smoke, all at once recognize who is speaking.

Bao Po and other people of Black Coffin's faces became gloomy, and the attacking move of the Black Coffin was incoherent at this moment.

On the faces of Xuan Kong and others, a look of surprise and happy bloomed.

Because they had seen Su Yu stepping out of the smoke and carrying the unconscious Ci Shou.

At the moment, both of them were in shattered clothes, bloody on their bodies, and looked miserable.

However, everyone present could feel that the only miserable person was Ci Shou, and the vitality seemed to go out at any time. As for Su Yu, it was only a flesh wound.

"Abominable, this can't be, how could this be?" Bao Po saw Su Yu stepping out of the smoke area completely, and he can't believe it.

When Xuan Nv saw this, she was relieved, and her tone was still cold: "Since it's okay, seal Ci Shou, then come here to help!"

Speaking, Xuan Nv fought with Mi Xin and Snake Girl again.

Su Yu curled his lips and said in his heart: this woman is really not tender at all. Didn't you see that he was almost killed?

No matter what he thinks, Su Yu grinned on his face: "Okay, leader, here I come!"

Su Yu acted swiftly to seal Ci Shou, and then rushed to the battlefield of Xuan Nv.

"Hahaha, Black Coffin, it looks like your calculations have failed. Do you still have hope?" Xuan Kong smiled at the Black Coffin, and Su Yu won. The balance is leaning towards them.

At this moment, as long as Su Yu restrains the Mi Xin, Xuan Nv will soon defeat the Snake Girl.

In fact, Su Yu act as what Xuan Nv said. Mi Xin is stronger than Snake Girl, but not too much. The reason why she was able to entangle with Xuan Nv for so long was that Mi Xin's super power had a great influence on Xuan Nv. So Xuan Nv can't end this fight as soon as possible.

"Ms. Mi Xin, aren't you going to play with me? I'm here, ha ..." Su Yu laughed, rushed to Mi Xin, and raised his fist.

Mi Xin is very mad. Are you here to play with me?


Mi Xin waved her whip towards Su Yu, and at the same time, the whip danced like a snake and attack towards Xuan Nv. But a large hand reached out and caught the whip.

"You ..." Mi Xin startled, not even seeing how Su Yu grabbed her whip.

"Miss, it's wrong to be half-hearted!" Su Yu laughed, and at the same time, he yanked hard, and the huge force directly lifted Mi Xin forward, and at the same time, Su Yu's other hand fisted into the air.

The buzzing force of humming, the sound of cracking of the glass kept ringing, and cracks were scattered in the void around Su Yu's fist, and then the air broke apart.

"Huh ~" A sullen murmur was sounded, Mi Xin stunned and flew out.

She turned over in the air to release Su Yu's attacking power, and squatted down on the ground, charming eyes stared at Su Yu and said: "I underestimated you."

Bang~ Su Yu squeezed the whip in his hand firmly. But the next moment, the whip turned it into a pink mist. This whip is transformed by the power of Mi Xin. According to information, this whip is called the whip of infatuation. As long as someone hit by the whip, the one will quickly be controlled by Mi Xin.