Chapter 99 - Zhang Li's Collapse

"Very Good! Zhang Li! Three of the four votes cast you, so congratulations, you will be the one killed!"

When Zhang Li heard this sentence, she collapsed to the ground.


Zhang Li looked at Yang Yuan and the other three boys resentfully, yelling: "Do you just want me to die?"

Li Xinyu frowned and was about to speak, and Qiao Cheng took the lead: "Of course, you are poor, ugly, and annoying. Of course, you are chosen! Are you convinced? This is life! Do you understand now? In the eyes of the rich, the lives of poor people like you and me are so cheap! "

After a pause, Qiao Cheng sneered: "And you are also the best choice to die. Because you are poor, no background, the death of a student without background is the greatest shock to the people outside, especially when I still holding four students with a good background. "

"Well, all four of them have family backgrounds. Once one of them dies, their family must be furious and maybe they will do something irrational. But you, it doesn't matter, you die, because you are worthless. Your family doesn’t have that ability even if they want to make trouble, so you are really the best choice! ”

Qiao's voice seemed to be a devil. He stepped towards Zhang Li step by step, and said with a smile: "Rest assured, I am very stable, I will make you feel no pain at all, just die!"

Zhang Li watched him approaching step by step, stepping out every step, seemed to step on her heart fiercely, she finally collapsed.

"No! Please don't kill me, I don't want to die, as long as you want, I can do anything!"

Zhang Li cried a snot and a tear, no beauty at all.

In fact, she was not a strong person at first, otherwise, she would not hold Li Xinyu's thigh all the time, because she knew that she would not be valued by herself.

Zhang Li is of average qualifications and family, but she also has a heavy vanity and enjoys the feeling of being looked around. Especially after becoming a girlfriend with Li Xinyu, she really feels more honorable. Therefore, she believes that in her capacity, she can command others.

But Qiao's words were like a hammer, cruelly crushing the shell she woven for herself over and over, shattering all her dignity.

She doesn't want to die.

She doesn't want to die.

She doesn't want to die!

As long as she doesn't die, let her do anything!

And she hated it at this moment!

Why did Li Xinyu leave when they voted, but she had to die? !!

In fact, Zhang Li didn't look at anyone when voting to the person who leaves, and she bowed her head because she didn’t want to vote anyone except herself!

And when she voted for who died, Zhang Li already had a bad hunch in her heart, because she knew that she had fallen out with the three boys before, and their biggest possibility was to vote for herself!

Sure enough, they chose her to die!

Zhang Li didn't know where the strength was at the moment, and madly shouted, crying, "I don't want to die! I don't want to die! Please change someone, don't kill me! As long as you don't kill me, Whatever you want me to do! "

Qiao's pace stopped, and Zhang Li begged.

There was a smug look in Qiao Cheng's eyes, and he said, "Are you really willing to do anything?"

"Yes yes! I'm willing to do anything! I'm still a virgin! Whatever you want me to do!"

After hearing this shameless words, Li Xinyu was furious: "Zhang Li! What are you talking about ?!"

"I don't know what I'm talking about?" Zhang Li shouted back with a louder voice, "I only know that I don't die! I don't die! Any of you can die! But I don't die!"

"Very well," Qiao said with a smug smile and twitched Zhang Li's fingers. "Come, crawl on your knees!"


Zhang Li kneeled and walked to Qiao Cheng in front of her, looking up at each other, looking like a puppy.

Li Xinyu closed her eyes in pain, she really didn't want to see such a disgusting scene.

"Call my master, stick out your tongue and lick my feet!"

Zhang Li didn't hesitate: "Yes, master!" And then did as he said.

Qiao Cheng was even more proud: "Learn dog barking."

"Wang Wang!"

Qiao Yan spit in front of her, "lick it clean!"

Zhang Li obediently did the same.

Yang Yuan really couldn't stand it anymore, and said angrily, "Zhang Li, what is the difference between you and a dog now? You don't even need dignity in order to live?"

"Zhang Li. He's a murderer. He can't easily let us go. Don't ask him that way. We have to have dignity even if we die."

Zhang Li shouted angrily: "You shut up! I am not the same as you! Where do you people like to know the pain of my origin? Do you think anyone can have dignity?"

She seemed to have completely collapsed, shouting at Li Xinyu: "Including with you! Li Xinyu! I know you have never regarded me as your true friend! I have been pleasing you. I do what you want me to do! Do I have my own dignity ?! I have always been a dog! Why I can’t be a dog now?! At least I can live! "

Li Xinyu shivered, and she didn't expect Zhang Li to say something like this: "I never asked you to do anything excessive!"

Zhang Li laughed wildly. She didn't know why she said this, but she just wanted to say that and wanted them to understand why she didn't want to die!

"With your high eyes, of course, you can't see others inferiority. Do you know how hard I work every day in order to maintain my relationship with you? From the day I became a girlfriend with you, you have practiced yourself every day, When did you really pay attention to me? I give you some fun and help you drive away from the annoying flies. Do you think I don’t know why you let me approach you is to use me as a fly swatter? "

Li Xinyu closed her eyes in pain and said, "Zhang Li, believe it or not, I never thought of it like that!"

"You don't have to pretend to explain to me that I know I'm not worthy of you, but what's wrong with me trying to get the status I want? Why do you look down on me!"

"Like now! You all want to kill me, but why can't I live for myself?"

"We didn't want to kill you!" Yang Yuan exclaimed. "I put my head down and looked at the ground in the last round of voting!"