Chapter 97 - The Murderer

"Who am I? Who do you think I am?"

Qiao Cheng squatted close to Li Xinyu, a face with obvious scars clearly appeared in front of Zhang Li.

Li Xinyu saw Qiao's face clearly, the cruel eyes of the other side made her tremble.

She could feel that this middle-aged man must have killed someone, because, in his eyes, she did not see the slightest respect for life.

Just then, the sound of the broadcast suddenly came in:

"Attention all students! Attention all students! Because there was a fugitive fleeing into the mountains, this exercise was immediately suspended! All the students returned immediately after hearing the news! Return immediately to the exit!"

"Please note! The fugitive is extremely brutal! Extremely brutal! Once you find your classmates, you must return as a team! If you find a suspicious person, do not provoke him, remember, do not provoke him! Immediately release the flare! Immediately Release the flare! "

Several people in the cave were frightened: "Fugitive ?!"

Qiao Cheng laughed: "Yes, I am a fugitive, and extremely cruel! How about it, are you afraid ?!"

The hearts of Li Xinyu and others sank. Although the accusation was not announced in the aircraft broadcast outside, two "extremely cruel" broadcasts, which must not be ordinary fugitives.

Li Xinyu took a deep breath and said, "Who are you? Speaking out, let us know before die!"

"You are a little bit interesting!" Qiao Cheng laughed, "Okay, let you Know! I am Qiao Cheng! You don’t have to hope anymore, seven years ago a wealthy merchant's extinction case was the one that I did with my brothers! "

He grinned a little, with a bit of aftertaste and cruel expression on his face: "At that time, the family of seven was killed by all three of our brothers, telling you a secret ... they all were killed by me!"

Everyone took a breath of air.

Frankly, they can't remember things that happened seven years ago. After all, they were less than ten years old. How can they remember it so clearly?

But now they know he killed seven people ...

Such people are inhuman!

Li Xinyu frowned, "Impossible! In such a large case, you killed a family of seven. This crime must be sentenced to death on the spot. How can you live to this day?"

A funny smile appeared on Qiao's face: "Little girl, are you curious?"

Then he laughed and said, "I'm not afraid to tell you that this case where we were brothers and three people committed together, but their role is mainly to monitor the surrounding environment, everything is done by me alone! But unfortunately, I left some clues, we were followed by Kung Fu Association, and they chased us for more than half a month ... "

"My little brother was killed by them on the way to escape, and the rest of us were also seriously injured. At that time we hid here, yes, this cave..."

A look of nostalgia on Qiao's face: "It's right here, there are people of the Kung Fu Association outside. What a resemblance to today's scene! Both of us were injured and it was impossible to run out, so I... ... "

His eyes flashed fiercely, and he said fiercely, "I killed that brother! Then I took his body and surrendered! I told the group that in this case, I didn’t kill anyone, and they killed the seven people! I am not the principal offender! "

"I wanted to surrender, but he didn't allow me to surrender, so I killed him in a panic! And ... In order to make them trust me, I stabbed five swords on myself! So, I surrendered meritoriously, and not an offender. Of course, I will not be sentenced to death, but only sentenced to life imprisonment! "

"What about life imprisonment? I was imprisoned for seven years! I still found a secret road and ran out!"

"So, what about being arrested for a while? As long as I am not dead, I have a chance to come back!"

After a period of giggling, Qiao Cheng squatted down and looked at Li Xinyu with interest. He laughed and said, "Little girl, I explained, are you satisfied?"

Li Xinyu sank directly with a heart.

She asked these questions not because she was curious, but because she wanted to explore the person.

It turns out that the person in front of her is not only brutal but uncompromising. Although his performance seems to be a lunatic, his logic is very clear.

This kind of person is the most difficult!

Li Xinyu closed her eyes, lamenting in her heart, it's not easy this time ...

However, it is not completely desperate, because he seems to be seriously injured. Although he has been trying to make himself behave naturally, the heavy gasp and the bleeding belly, still betrayed his true state at the moment.

He was seriously injured!

The backpack they stored was thrown on the ground not far away, and the contents were scattered in a mess, apparently rummaged by him, because he needed medicine for the injury.

But this is life, right?

Li Xinyu knew that there were no herbs in their bags, only some prey—because finding herbs was very laborious and required a lot of patience, it was not their team's strength.

The strength of this team is tyrannical, so when they entered the mountain from the beginning, they decided. This time, they mainly hunted prey. The herbs were picked when they encountered them. Therefore, if they can break free of the rope and take Qiao's current physical condition, they will have a great chance to defeat this murderer!


Li Xinyu quietly tried to break free of the rope, but the rope that tied her hands was too tight, and her fingers were tied in a special way, which made her unable to do anything at all.

This is uncomfortable, she must find a way to create opportunities and delay time!

So Li Xinyu said in a deep voice: "What do you want to do when you catch us?"

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