Chapter 96 - The Right to Speak

From the beginning to the end, Song Deqiu directly started the meeting without consulting Lu Wu.

Lu Wu didn't say much about this.

The meeting table was silent for a while, and a teacher soon said, "The principal, for me, the most urgent task is to rescue the more talented students first. Other students can put them on for a while."

"Joke, these students are human lives. What is the priority? I think we should still inform their parents in advance so that in case of an accident, they should be prepared."

"Do you think things are not chaotic enough? Notify their parents, what will happen to them when they come to trouble school?"

"I don’t think we should notify parents first. We organized Kung Fu teachers on the scene to continue up the mountain to find them. They often participate in the training and are already very familiar with the Twin Mountains. According to our teachers’ strengths, maybe they can catch Qiao Cheng. "

Everyone has own ideas, and can't reach a unified conclusion for a long time.

Lu Wu's brows were getting more and more frowning, and these people really didn't come in handy at the critical moment. What's a bad idea of them all, did they want to destroy the reputation of Anping County No. 1 High School for decades?

"Okay, it's ok, and it will only be a waste of time to discuss it further. I directly talk about my point of view. Immediately send all Kung Fu teachers who appear in the school to Twin Mountains to assist the police, and ensure the safety of all students."

Song Deqiu objected: "President Lu, send all the teachers out, what about the other students' lessons? For our elite students, the delay of one day in Kung Fu classes is a huge loss. With the progress of their practice, are you taking this responsibility? "

Lu Wu was annoyed, "Do you understand Kung Fu or do I understand Kung Fu? What effect does an occasional day off have on students' practice?"

He had already seen it at the moment. Song Deqiu was deliberately opposing himself. At this time, the man wanted to fight for power, and he really wanted to beat him.

"Even if there is no impact, but what about the parents of those students? In short, we cannot afford such a risk. Tell Li Chenmin that they will immediately organize Kung Fu teachers to go up the mountain to rescue, especially with Li Xinyu and Xiong Bo. If other students do not encounter danger after discovery, they can leave them alone. "

Lu Wu shot at the table and looked at Song Deqiu angrily: "Very well, let's see how much your solution can do. If a student loses his life, I see how do you deal with it!"

After speaking, Lu Wu angrily left the conference room.

Song Deqiu ignored him, but his heart was a sneer.

The school always cares about the students with the best family conditions or the most qualified students. As for the others ...

Does n’t the school still have death indicators every year?

In addition, Lu Wu can not work long in a high school, this is the confidence that he dares to turn his back on Lu Wu.

Because he has been informed, Lu Wu will be transferred to another high school as headmaster in the near future.

Sor Song Deqiu, he doesn't care what the future of Lu Wu is, what he cares about is that he should take this opportunity to make school become his own place!

No one can challenge his prestige!

So, the meeting obtained the best plan, and the school leaders immediately gave important instructions to the Kung Fu teachers in the field according to the school plan.

But on the phone, the school leader was scolded by Liang Jinfeng!

"What does it mean that the lives of other students are not important ?! You tell me, this is the result of your discussion? Tell me, who proposed this method? Where is Lu Wu?"

The school leader in charge of the message is just an ordinary person. Even though he is on the phone, he can't hold the arrogance of the big fighter, and has to be wronged: "Vice President Lu and the principal disagree, and he left midway!"

"That's what Song Deqiu did ?! What a bastard!" Liang Jinfeng cursed. "Tell Song Deqiu, I will settle with him after this incident!"

After speaking, Liang Jinfeng slammed the phone with a bang and looked at the others in the tent of the command post with a speechless expression:

"A bunch of dumbs are still fighting for power, and calculating the gains and losses ?! If we really listen to them, I'm afraid those students will not be saved at all."

Someone sneered: "It was Song Deqiu that proposed useless ides? These old stubborn, still take the set of the last era as a treasure? If not the Kung Fu Association let them go, they can only pick up garbage! "

Liang Jinfeng sighed: "You also said that they can only pick up garbage... How can such a country allow this to happen? To put it bluntly, this is a group of people who have been eliminated by the times, and they themselves are holding the glory of the past and do not want to give up … Ignore them for the time being, wait for this matter to understand, and then find them! "

The command post's tent immediately stopped talking, and everyone began to study the map, check the real-time photos sent by the aircraft, and continue to find clues.

As for Song Deqiu ... most of the people in the command post just ignored him-only Li Chenmin, his eyes rolled around, but didn't speak.

In fact, this is also no way out.

These two decades of rejuvenation have been the world's biggest changes.

Many traditional things have been swept into the rubbish dump of history, and in this age, the Kung Fu fighter is the most respected.

But in an era of change, there will be a group of people who cannot keep up with the times and standstill.

Especially people like Song Deqiu who like to play with power, they can't keep up with the new era, and they hate it, they want to live in their own comfort zone. In fact, they already know that they have been abandoned by the times, but they will not admit this fact, so they always want to stand up and show their sense of existence.

In fact, the number of such people in the first ten years of rejuvenation and national reform of Kung Fu was particularly high. At that time, almost all of them were opposed.

After only a few major events, these voices gradually faded away, and then gradually disappeared ...

Because the newly recruited warriors were fighting for the right to speak with the traditional forces at the time, they were severely criticized by those cultural people, and those people also had the right to speak in public opinion, so they looked high.

As a result, the powerful fighters at the time said directly that those people were not protected by them.

This incident triggered a chain effect, and many fighters directly stated that they would not associate with those people.

So that the famous opinion leaders at that time, even if they had money in their pockets, did not invite any Kung Fu fighters to work for them.

As a result, opinion leaders continued to criticize online. As a result, the incident became more and more serious. Finally, the current president of the Kung Fu Association came forward and directly refuted it in one sentence:

"Fighter, if you can't even understand your thoughts, how can you break your shackles ?!"

It happened that there were several incidents of space crack formation and beast invasion at the time. As a result, those opinion leaders really couldn't find any fighters to protect them, and the end was extremely miserable.

Gradually, there are fewer and fewer so-called opinion leaders, and the right of discourse is gradually shifting towards the Kung Fu fighters.

And then the fighters showed more and more powerful strength, and even with the development of the body, the brain has evolved. This is all-round crushing, so some people have changed their minds and started to move closer to the future.

But there is also a group of people who are unwilling to step out of their comfort zone, and these people are gradually ignored.

When the rules are revised a few times, as long as the fighter has sufficient evidence, he can challenge those who insult his dignity. The challenged person either accepts the challenge or apologizes for compensation ...

So now, the "Keyboard Man" is almost extinct. The existing group also hides deeply and dares not to criticize casually.

It's just that such people will not disappear all the time. There are always some people who want to jump out and show their sense of existence.

For this kind of clown, there is nothing to care about and settle it after the matter is over.